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Michelangelo's The creation of Adam analized by X-rays
Michelangelo’s “The creation of Adam” analized by X-rays

These days I write about how my experiences can help a generation innovate better.

The 70-weeks was the longest wait I have ever had in my life. I never thought that I would survive this un-natural act, considering the biological evidence on such demand to our body. To my natural mind, this was insanity!

But as the day drew near with just less than 48-hours to go, I became unusually excited. So many thoughts flew through my mind. I found this indescribable sense of joy popping-up on the minute. And because of this, I had on few occasions danced in praise, expecting what God could possibly give a small black boy like me, on his last day of wait (that ended on 23 July, 2007). I could remember how I naively said to myself that, “this is the day I would prove many of my peers wrong.” I was in what you’ll call a jolly mood; just within those 48-long-hours.

And so the night before ‘D-Day’ saw me wake up with a revelation. And thus we go in another journey…

But, just before we go into the finer points, I wish to say that my very good friend, Elijah [Shokoti] Lamb and me had gone to Lagos TV to attend a Music and Art event (a few days before the ‘D-Day’). And what emerged is somewhat necessary to get you well informed about this heavenly vision.

I had woken up with what I believed to be an opening to what my day could have for me, as reward for my obedience.

Again, I saw my friend Elijah — This time, he was holding a framed painting with an image that would be difficult to interpret for a non-artistic eye (that is, someone like me). And in my recently developed impatient and tough brutally honest temperament, I said, “Why are you holding an artwork?” With a loud voice. “Have you forgotten the testimony of Olufunmi (the Gospel singer) at the event in one of Lagos TV recording hall, where she told us of her own experience on how evil spirits tormented her dreams through her collection of artworks? Now drop it.” I demanded harshly, even in a revelation. That was unfair and un cultured.

Son, don’t ever lose your Joy.

This my friend, Elijah, then appealed to me to take a second look at the picture. I casually agreed to do so and saw an amazing motion picture in 3D.

Upon taking that second look at the frame, I noticed that the 3D event portrayed a background of Martian scenery where no living creature [on earth] would survive a second. Suddenly an outstretched huge right hand appeared from the atmosphere. I saw this huge right hand burrow through the soil at one dig, then continuously mashed the particles of the soil in a short mix, like a Porter, until it formed the shape of a man. Then a BREATHE blew through the sky into the man, and he came ALIVE. Still rested on God’s right hand, this new [tiny] man on this huge hand was then tossed as a roller dice onto the floor to form what would remain fresh in my memory.

It happened that as soon as this man rolled on the floor, he immediately took the form and shape of a fruit producing tree! I knew what I saw was definitely the creation of man, but found myself pondering all day on ‘why’ and ‘how’ that man got transformed into a ‘tree’.

I started my day not as usual, because I was still expecting that huge reward for going on that one-and-half year-long wait. So, as I was walking along the route I often take on my way out, yet concentrating on steadying my balance just to avoid slipping on the uneven track, I suddenly heard His usual voice saying, “SON, DON’T EVER LOSE YOUR JOY.”

As delighted as I was all day, a sudden outlook sprung up from my inside; I became paled. I was disgusted and seriously angry with God. Why? It was because I didn’t get that miracle phone call neither did I meet the complete stranger that I had expected would hand me a billion dollar. Well as hard as that ‘feeling’ was I realised days later that such nonsense is what sums up the intelligence and emotions of man’s complex mind. How stupid I was to equate «God’s secret — divine wisdom» to a [temporal] paper. Even with my obedience, I was still an enemy of my assumption. But thank God for His fatherly nudge.

    • Where it’s a common say in motion picture industry that you are only as good as your last work, non-such say can ever be attached to a man connected to the spirit.

A spiritual man is the original man (that is, a supernatural man that has got the backing of God)

    • . A man loaded with heaven’s divine ability; a supernatural man is God’s investment; a supernatural man is a man that defies the natural law of limitation – a man fully charged with the entrepreneurial energy of the Holy Spirit; a man that has got death under his palm; a man that can control ‘the subject matter’ on the tables of kings or politicians or businessmen or scientists or any decision-makers.

That man is a “man of excellence” who sees what the ordinary eyes cannot see; that man is a fruit producing tree!

(Mark 8: 23. KJV)

23. And he [Jesus] took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes and put his hands on him, he asked him if he saw ought [anything].

24. And he [the blind man] looked, and said, “I see men as trees, walking,”

(Matthew 7: 17 – 19. NLT)

17. A good tree produces good fruit, and a bad tree produces bad fruit.

18. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit.

19. So every tree that does not produce good fruit is chopped down and thrown into the fire.

We saw a glimpse of it when Daniel and Joseph interpreted the exact content of the dreams in the memory of kings of their leading empires and solved their horrors, to the folly of their decorated magicians, counsellors, strategists, and soothsayers. There’s an era bursting forth in a few years, get ready for it!!! This is not rhetoric; we are going to see this era of unprecedented innovation, using a God-led chutzpah! It would be a never-before-seen era and if you are reading this, you’re perhaps one of the fortunate few #blacksheep created to provide leadership that would make even the trade and works of your hands dissolve hard things in societies, governments, homes and the economies.

Ref: Psalms 1: 3; Jeremiah 17: 8; Ezekiel 19: 10; Numbers 24: 6; Job 29: 19; Matthew 3: 10; 12: 32 – 33; Mark 13: 28 – 30;

David C. Omoaregba has by the supernatural grace of God, been shown how the next 1000 years for the world would pan out; it would be glorious — a never-before seen illuminant era for the Church.

He is the ceo of Le Convoyeur. You can read his visionary post on the wisdom for the next 1000+ years — — and follow hid recent ideas on Twitter: Prophet Omoaregba

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  1. Hadas-sah says:

    Dear Chris,

    This is an interesting piece. I want to be a part of the innovation store team. I stay in Lagos Nigeria, how do I get in touch with you? This is in relation to my business plans. I want to apply this creativity thing to my business.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hadas-sah,

      I would be exploring a subject;

      “The Four Fears That’ll Block You from Great Ideas in 2013.” This saturday and next, 12th and 19th respectively. Time: 8AM. Venue: FINICKY Jibowu, Yaba.

      Can you find time between those days and let’s see after the session.

      Thanks 🙂

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  16. sammyeffiboy says:

    This era has started already, but according to the revelation I got early this year I think the church has not realized this yet….. Rather they have grossly abused PRAYER. Praying and waiting for God to make things happens, but I believe the church has also come into the era of KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM cause Isaiah60,61,62 is about to be fulfilled by the church but how prepared are we?

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