THE BLESSING: Reimagining Eden, its Order and Dominion in an Uncertain Age. Part 1 of 5

Alexander, The Great (mosaic)

The Dilemma of a misfit and The Millennium Wonder.

By supernatural grace, God showed me how the next 1000 years for the world would pan out; it would be glorious — a never-before seen illuminant era for the Church.

This was exactly 20-days before the financial crises of 2007/2008 [August 9, 2007]: It was even before an “Obama for president” was ever conceived.

Friend, my nights after that encounter were often met with a passionate cry saying, “God, what is my father’s house you found so much interest in to do this marvelous thing? Why, of all the human race, a black African boy like me? Why me, YHWH?”

Well, I still don’t know why I was chosen for this wonder, but I know something for sure… I am God’s work under construction to be “on-top” of the world for the gospel; showcasing his inventive and excellent works.

Therefore, I wish above all things that this post spurs your FAITH into receiving the last days “power” and “foresights” from God on HOW-TO fulfil your assignment. Thank you and happy reading.

By David C. Omoaregba
t: @DavidOmoaregba

THE FIRST 1000 YEARS (Hosea 6:2a)

As discussed in the last post (The Edenite Agenda —» http://, the 70-weeks of wait on God’s “instructions” ended July 23, 2007. But on July 21, 2007, exactly two-days before that D-Day, He showed me two word pictures / revelations.

Wide Awake. Switch!

It came in the form of a dream where I found myself standing as an observer inside a strange ship, a battleship, in dark stormy night.

In what should be a quiet sleep, I even got myself admiring what I wore – an ancient gown. I was active. I could tell where I sat – the ship’s anchor rope. Out of the blue, a sudden appearance of a notebook and an ancient writer’s pen ‘magically’ placed on my palms!!!

Still startled with the appearance, a roar of a ‘passionate’ army echoed from a part of the ship. Not given enough time to brood too deep on this matter, I saw a fellow running towards me; I quickly stopped him to know what was happening.

“What is this noise about?” I asked. Bewildered, he looked at me, “Haven’t you heard of our captain and how his magnificent plan would lead us – the entire crew – to win this head on combats against our enemy?” More confused than before, I became drawn to really know this captain and the enemy.

I beheld this leader from where the noise came from. This man embodied what both the crew and the ship stood for. He was tall light-skinned and handsome; an imaginary folklore captain! He was ready for war

With my eyes glued to these minute-by-minute events, I saw the captain giving out commands to his lieutenants to launch several cannon balls into a very dark distance in the sea, where I suppose their enemy was. But as if awoken from its sleep by the several hits, a dark, fluid beast rose up from the sea with so much anger – such as I have never begotten – getting ready to retaliate.

    Surprised to see the amazing height and atmospheric spread of this single enemy for the first time, these so called war lords ran into close corners to hide themselves from the roar of that fluid beast. Upon observing their fear and confusion, the beast immediately took advantage of the situation. It imposed itself on the centre stage and shot a tiny bullet straight into the ship with the aim of hitting the captain (who was their chief shepherd and source of their adventure). Then, just as the bullet was on its way to its destination, a lieutenant in his rank ran with a ‘speed of light’ in an attempt to shield his beloved captain from the piercing bullet; amazing! And that he did; he took the bullet for his captain. But unfortunately, the bullet went through his body to hit this guarded captain’s chest. And so, down went this loyal sheep and his shepherd.

Yet undone, it shoots another bullet into the battleship, this time forcing the ship and the entire crew to a ‘titanic’ sink into the stormy sea.

In a dramatic rescue from this ship-wreck, a huge hand stretched forth from space and lifted me into another scene…



With JESUS’ joy, DAVID C. OMOAREGBA is “perfectly” painting the beauty of God’s adventure for mankind (for the next 1000 years); as far as a generation can chew.

Prophet Omoaregba

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  1. sammyeffiboy says:

    Fantastic am getting fresh Rehma from these. Good work sir

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