THE BLESSING: Reimagining Eden, its Order and Dominion in an Uncertain Age. Part 2 of 5


Strange Rebel Christian Caryl

By David C. Omoaregba
In a dramatic rescue from this ship-wreck, a huge hand stretched forth from space and lifted me into another scene to see an event that could only be imagined in a supernatural world.

In the midst of these pandemonium and uncertainty, I found myself kneeling and resting my hands on the floor; a few meters away from a huge feet, laced with sandals. Scared…, really scared!!! I nervously lifted my head to know what this creature could be. But as luck would have it, it was the proverbial King Da’vid!

THE SECOND DAY (Hosea 6:2a)

Just like how we’ve always imagined him to be, his stature was sturdy to his feet such that the laces on his sandals were wrapped to his ankles. His upper body was a work of art, his height was breathtaking; I was at the feet of a fearsome ‘god’!!! The cultured positioning of his head made it easy for me to draw my stare into his bright eyes – they were as diamond glittering into an open space. His golden curly hair was something I have never seen a human adorn. His appearance was like that of an angel who has so much strength in him to crush enemies that stands in his way to victory. He was King Da’vid the great!

Perhaps to ease my nerves, he stood smiling at me, and there I was again star-struck to another part of his body – His teeth. They were silver, befitting of a god-like creature. Then as I stood still watching in awe, I saw seven more men that had the same appearance as King Da’vid. They were like warring angels; warring soldiers I say! The seven of them, along with King Da’vid had on them this unusual ‘scent of victory’; these men radiated a total confidence in God. And as if this was what they were born to do, the eight men looked northward, then blew a trumpet of war and matched fearlessly like mighty-men-of-war towards the direction of a waiting battleship to do what I believe they were made for.

They immediately took charge of the ship by ‘leaping’ over it like a hurdle; it was beyond Olympian! They even piloted it in a way that showed they meant business. They were battle-ready for some showdown that laid ahead of their ‘mad quest’.

Internet Technology Era: No Time to Observe. Switch!

Because of what I had seen, my anxious self struggled to note anything meaningful with the writing case I had earlier been given. Then, King David himself beckoned at my direction gesturing with his hand with a charge that I join his team in an apostolic adventure. And so my wimpy stature dragged itself up and ran, yet couldn’t provoke speed and strength. But just as I drew closer to the bank of the sea where the ship rested, I suddenly saw my skinny body astonishingly gaining a strange agility that afforded me the unusual power to leap over the ship; like a trained ‘angel-thief’.

The atmosphere that these eight warriors created in the battleship gave no room for weariness, neither was there any for weakness. I was made to stand in my own battle formation, and taught to break no rank. I was shaped into their kind of soldier-player [Why? Because only the hard and strong can call themselves ‘the mad conveyor of hope’ to the people of this world]. It was right in that battleship I super-naturally learnt how to assume the role of a free-dead-man; that is, I learnt to be selfless.

Instead of getting star-struck like before, I became mission-focused. I somehow realized that the mission of our assignment was to take on the king of commerce and the god of bills (2 Cor. 4:4) on the ground of saving the many slaves (lost sheep) caged in the his abyss. Friend, we were lost to our cause!!!

In a fast paced movement, our ship suddenly bumped into land and plunged deep into that enemy’s slaughtering dungeon. I could recall that no moment of sleep or slumber dared slip through our eyes, neither was there any sign of emotional paralysis; but rather as we got closer to our destination, our countenance revealed some of the finest values I have never seen in any group, here on earth (maybe the military have something just close to it). They were



With JESUS’ joy, DAVID C. OMOAREGBA is “perfectly” painting the beauty of God’s adventure for mankind (for the next 1000 years); as far as a generation can chew.

Twitter @DavidOmoaregba.



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  1. This is very attention-grabbing, You’re an overly professional blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks

  2. Thank you 🙂 Professional blogger? This is my first blog, and from the several typos, I think I still need some learning. I appreciate your comment and your blogging [on squidoo], I could learn a few lesson there. Thank you

  3. sammyeffiboy says:

    the end-time army in Joel2. This is just the clear defination. God bless You sir.

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