THE BLESSING: Reimagining Eden, its Order and Dominion in an Uncertain Age. Part 3 of 5

Defeating the dominion of darkness.

The Same Spirit of DOMINION: The Invincible wise geniuses/reformers are coming!!!

In a fast paced movement, our ship suddenly bumped into land and plunged deep into that enemy’s slaughtering dungeon. I could recall that no moment of sleep or slumber dared slip through our eyes, neither was there any sign of emotional paralysis; but rather as we got closer to our destination, our countenance revealed some of the finest values I have never seen in any group here on earth (maybe the military have something just close to it). They were…

Faith, Passion, and Agility; Innovative tactics and a Fearless roar.

With maddening speed we plummet deeper and deeper into this abyss, I knew we were drawing closer to what our mission has in stock for us. My mortal mind could have considered it a suicide, but the leadership of this captain – King Da’vid – demanded full implementation, and that we must do! Right about a sharp bend, I saw this shadowy reflection of a monstrous creature that was vehemently and angrily moving its hands back-and-forth as if giving something the beating of its life. I may perhaps have looked at the face of our captain to see his reaction; because we all suddenly became interested in the freedom of that battered being.

It was really infuriating when in full glare at the base of this evil slaughtering dungeon, we saw caged in large numbers, prisoners ranked in differing status weeping and begging, calling for help! I was sad. Any normal mortal will be…, it was a massacre!!!

I saw all kinds of humans held in bondage ready to be slaughtered; the poor and rich, the honoured and dishonoured, the famous and the unsung, and many I can’t remember. My God, this was wickedness; a demonic genocide!!! Their countenances were very very unpleasant. I saw dressed on them stinging rags. They looked beaten, bruised, restless, frightened and tormented. They were in a sorry state, the lowest a human could ever be!!! They kept crying for help and nobody was available to help – help was far. They just kept crying hoping for a miracle.

Each tear strolling down their cheeks provoked an annoying pleasure from these inhumane tormentors; I was mad!!! As I write this, I wish every pint of blood in my vein would end it once-and-for-all!

The Illuminant, as gods: Unquestionable Victory

Upon spotting us, these monsters cowardly ran away like puppies!

Yes, they ran away from that which is greater than them: They ran away from us, the ILLUMINANT — John 1:4! While there, the nine of us didn’t for once pray against any sickness, debt, chaos and darkness the devil planned against us. But instead, rode on a wave of insight/revelation of “whom we are”; as light that must burn-up the sickness, debt, chaos and darkness plaguing those victims. We were just too full of light/revelation of the Word (which is Jesus Christ) such that the devil could not show up, even right in his dungeon.

Listen, it’s one thing to see God’s Word/the Bible/Jesus Christ as a typed Bible story (logos), it’s another thing to possess your purchased covenant rights in it (rhema), and then another thing to be (zoe) what it says you are before conception.

For duty’s sake, the nine of us in unison, offensively in a confident mood, landed on the basement of this satanic deep hole; we immediately went about delivering every slave held as captives [for whatever reason we really didn’t bother to ask].

We showed great signs of possibility to make a wimp out of these devils. They dare not wait to test their immortality and pedigree as destroyers; for we stamped our authority as the invincible reformers.

    • Listen, you’ve got to run with hungry people; spirit-filled black-sheep that are ready to take your cities and turn them ‘right-side up’; like a locust! I mean people that are relentless and won’t give up until they achieve it and become it! For instance, King David in his lifetime didn’t bother himself looking for how to pastor the rich and famous but was mostly fired up to work with the ‘black-sheep’ like him (people that can’t be stopped like a leaderless band of locust). Come on, stop being unexcited, be relentless and you’ll see people going in the same direction nudging you! These types are less concerned about what they see of you today, but more interested in what they see in you tomorrow; just like King David. You see, what you’re about achieving [like the leaderless locust] hasn’t been preached before, neither has a book or manual been written about it. It is brand new! It’s in your spirit! Listen to me, nobody in your family, in the past, now and tomorrow, has ever dreamt of it! The world needs you because your innovations would change your dispensation (period) and also outlive you for more than a thousand years. My friend, get this; to build your creative confidence, you need to be sensitive like the locust who knows how-to propel itself when the wind comes. You see, your deal with earth is time. That means that you’re only as hungry as your time! As such seeing you cannot control the season, you’ve got to be sensitive to the time meant for you and move when it’s time for you [to jump at the direction of the wind] and not when it’s time for that neighbour that pollutes you with toxic fun. Those toxic relationships are from the devil. You see, the devil cannot stop our seasons, but he would do anything to stop you from your time so that you end up doing the wrong thing at the right time and that is what sin does. Sin dulls your [locust] senses to not know when your time of glory has come, that is, your time of jumping with the wind like the locust. The wisdom of the locust is their ability to know the revival of the wind and jump at the right time. Isn’t it a puzzle about the open source system? You see, no man can send a wind of revival that makes people hungry for information on the web, but God. I know I have made mistakes before but not this time and no more!!! Why?


    • The GOOD NEWS is when the wind blows, your deepest sins, doubts, fear, homosexual habits, cigarettes, lovers, drugs, extramarital affairs can’t stop you.

You can’t go with the spider; you’ve got to go with the locust.

    • Stop getting angry with God about your lose and move with the wind [of revival] that God is bringing specifically for you in your time.

Get out from that sin and those relationships. The wind of forgiveness and instant change is blowing!!! And I now decree to the devil, “Let him / her go! S/he is free from your abyss forever in Jesus name!!! S/he is NOW the invincible reformer in Jesus name!!!”

I tell you a truth, I would go into my closet to cry if you miss this wind.

Now is not the time to applaud me because I’m sensitive to my time; I want you to jump in your time, also and applaud yourself that you didn’t miss it!

    • Friend, God wants to put a new song in your mouth, right now! I love you, but He loves you more. His love for you is beyond your sacrifice—He loves you.

I careless what happens to my mortality, and as long as I live I would continue to be a strong advocate of man’s creative ability, more so the wise genius in him / her (that is, his/her never-before-seen Eureka). It started the moment I saw man the way God sees him / her. How do I see man the way God sees Him?!

When God wants to evaluate a man He looks at the ‘hidden person of the heart’, the layers of the subconscious mind.

In 1 Samuel 16: 7, “For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

You see, at conception, we all inherit basic genetic traits that consist of both our strengths and weaknesses. And from birth to adulthood, we develop character that which is the combination of those inherited traits, childhood training, education, beliefs, principles, habits, attitudes, and moral values. They come together to form ‘the hidden person of the heart’—the subconscious mind. That is why God does not bother Himself with the outward expression of ourselves, for that is only a ‘tool of deception’ of man. It is therefore important you know at this point that no ethical teaching, religious or secular, can produce good results unless it accepts man as they really is. Improvements can then follow only when man recognises the laws of his mind as laid down by nature (which sits on a balance of nobility and bestiality), and also laid down by the one who created nature — God; who gave us Jesus Christ as the solution to man’s mental jam and spiritual and emotional imbalance (often revealed as sorrow and emptiness) on earth.

That is why it is important you escape that wrong association and “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23).

A.W. Tozer once said, “A man by his sins can waste himself, which is to waste that on earth which is most like God. This is man’s greatest tragedy, God’s greatest grief.” To be totally free and be aligned to download wise ideas from His kingdom, I like you to accept the offer of the wisest genius to ever live on earth – Jesus Christ – today, by making Him your King and Saviour.

(Inspired by God from the message, The Wise Genius: Becoming the genius you were created to be (Vol. 1) By Davies M. Echegwisi, at the time of re-writing this post ).

The nine of us created a spiritual history, but…



With JESUS’ joy, DAVID C. OMOAREGBA is “perfectly” painting the beauty of God’s adventure for mankind (for the next 1000 years); as far as a generation can chew.

Prophet Omoaregba

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      This Is my first and still got a lot of learning to do. I’m fascinated by comments about them. I didn’t see this coming. But one thing I know for sure is that I want to die empty and would keep writing, traveling, working, speaking (not just to make my passion – affected by this series – visible and encouraging) until the world become better.

      Thanks again

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