Before You Quit…

God made the end of the world before He made the beginning. God loves you so much that He created you to start at the end. It means that you’ve already won. So, that empire already is yours (I’m not talking about that ‘temporal’ promotions or contracts… Those are the means to THE END)!!! And stop comparing yourself, even if the years are passing by. Don’t get frustrated about life; you’re like a butterfly that would metamorphose into a BIG change agent! Listen, those years of ‘behind-the-scene is storing up for you divine strength.

God has something BIGGER; now, submit to Him. You see, submission is not about punishment, it is when your will breaks to ‘submit-to-a-vision’.

If nobody sees you right, this God always sees you right. Even in your mess. Come on, see the bigger picture. Don’t dare go suicidal on me here. Wait!!! Your mess would be turned into a ‘message’.

Perhaps I’m too excited and impatient about what He showed me about you and others (on the Un-Innovation?… series), but guess what, in a short time, He’ll get hold of you and show you your own VISION; of the end.

Try do something for me… Before you quit, at least know where your END is going.

I love you. God bless.


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