iStore’s «The Studio Effect» — February Edition

«’Enlarging’ Your Creative Confidence, in Ventures.»

| 2nd Saturday—09•02•13
| 3rd Saturday—16•02•13
| 8AM
| FINICKY, Jibowu, Yaba (Yabatech axis), Lagos.

Get Insights into how to build a truly revolutionary company.

Inspiration * Business model * Financial Model * Brand strategy * Collaboration

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What’s In It For You?

At the start of 2013, a certain social media giant’s stock jumped to a high at 19 percent, closing at a good figure—$31.72; since its rock-bottom low figure on Sept. 4. In business terms, that is success.

The trend afterwards became clear; investors have found a new love for that social giant because of the rumoured innovation the company has developed to boost its revenue in a dense market segment—mobile.

This means that in 2013, wealthy investors are on the hunt for creative ventures [start-ups, small or big] that would give their investments a ‘safe bet’; irrespective of its type and industry vis-à-vis a calculated risk.

The insight here is not about a Qtr.1 early bet in safe investments, but about the crux of the matter which is—”The Future of Money.” As such trend forecasters, the world over, have plotted scenarios (and are still doing so) for keen business minds looking for insights on how-to succeed in their ventures in 2013 and beyond. However, while a few have been spot-on, the majority have given rise to companies or ventures that would not be ‘built to last or succeed’.

The February edition of «The Studio Effect» would be looking at this issue with a perfect eye so as to help searching minds go beyond the on the surface results to answers that lies deep with a type of innovative and growth strategy that build coys [or industries] that last.

See you there.

Chris Omoaregba,


Innovation Store [iStore]


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  1. yemi says:

    how much does it cost??

    1. The best things in life are FREE; free air, water etc. This is FREE, also. Thank you 🙂

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