The Venture Strategy Update #001

In all humility I want to say a few things. We may not like it, but it is for our good.
I have always liked our passion and morals. We’ve got what it takes to be the ‘salt-of-the-earth’. But the broadcast on ‘Obama RFID’ stuff is getting weird. You see;

1. God can fight for himself and has already won the battle, not even the devil can beat him. So don’t try to help Him. Even the devil’s naïve plans will work for His own plan. Instead, intercede.

2. We’re beginning to look stupid before non-believers; we’re getting weirder by the day. The message of the gospel is “Jesus is the saving King of kings”, and not “Be careful oh, the world is evil hide.” Please, let’s try to stop this and be more sensitive to God’s leading, as watch men (Ephesians 5: 1-11)

3. You’re not going to heaven now. Why? Because you’ll be use-less there. There’s so much to be done here for Him, so that you’ll be rewarded with your own ‘crown of righteousness’.

I don’t think God would like us to be speaking in tongues with empty pockets and spreading panic? You already have the passion required, so let’s ‘Restart it’ by duplicating God’s ‘kingdom culture’ here on earth. (Isaiah Chapters 51-55)

Thank you and God bless


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