Good Morning, It’s 5AM: Give-A-Verdict

Pro (of Greek origin) /a prefix/: before in time or order. [Oxford Dictionary]

That’s where the word, ‘Provision’ came from — Pro-vision. Notice the prefix ‘Pro’ comes before ‘vision’.

I want you to do something for me this morning, before you take that glass of water. Wake-up as early as you can before the sunrises and command your morning, calling forth the resources already PRO-vided for; by God. Call forth that intellectual help, people, opportunities, finance, health etc, needed for the actualisation of that VISION.

Because its written…

1. “Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.” (Psalm 19:2).
» Which mean, you get in the day what you say to it before sunrise and you reflect in the night, its outcome(s) at sunset.

2. “The just LORD is in your midst; he will not lie: every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, He will never fail; but the unjust are shameless [that lieing Satan].” (Zephaniah 3:5).
» Which mean, ‘command your morning’ because ‘pro-visions’ are always voice activated. It makes your verdict / judgement becomes God’s verdict / judgement

CAVEAT: God only makes provision for His vision and not yours. Yours would always be temporal and replaced as ‘dust’, and even become a cause for pressure and ill-health; where you might perhaps spend your ageing years wishing you hadn’t thread that path.

‘Your Morning’ is the time to move over from conceptual ‘fine points’ and hope/s into a more pragmatic result with your limited stay here; on earth.

So, don’t just pray it, but command it as a ‘god’. It’s your right as a co-heir of God’s kingdom with Jesus Christ. And don’t allow that devil make you feel guilty about some past sins, because once you ask for forgiveness through Jesus Christ, God takes it away as if you never did it. This God doesn’t have the word ‘mistake’ in His dictionary. It thus mean that you didn’t do anything wrong and never wrong was with Him. You’re a changed person forever, yes forever!

Like Da’vid ( You and I deserve a better today and should be the jury over our VISION. And in the name of Jesus, I join hands with yours to give a verdict over that…

Good morning 🙂


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