iStore’s «The Studio Effect» — March Edition

The Elijahs/Steves — Wigglesworth, Babalola, Hagin and Idahosa (Acts 6:8, 10, 15)

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No Stories, But Works: Tapping the genius of God for Innovation

Chris Omoaregba
2nd and 3rd Saturday; 09/03/2013 and 16/03/2012
FINICKY, Jibowu Street,
Jibowu B/Stop,
Yabatech axis,
Yaba, Lagos.

What scares the devil most is a productive believer. That said, it would be unwise to jump onto the road and waste/weary God’s investment on you; there won’t be result at the end.

For example, the overwhelming result in the marketplace can melt the confidence of a believer. But like David who was as inexperienced as you are, God will show up only when you’re on the frontline adopting His innovative tactic.

That’s why nobody can help God but God. He wants to take over the world.

The faith of our fathers must be ramped up: With a good heart for saving people who are almost going to kill themselves because of failure, we often think we can make the church safe and great only by mimicking ‘the results’ of trail blazers in the Christian faith. Well, we have dropped the ball and that has made us to stop making God’s kingdom on earth ‘perfect’ (Ephesians 4: 12-13). There’s much to this God and what he has to offer; He called it, “greater works”.

Rather than struggling to finance His kingdom plans and adopting trial and error approach to implementation (something we’ve all at one point in our lives done), God want to make us sit on His tables prepared in the presence of the un-covenanted.

That is why this event is God’s urgent attempt to build a support system that would nudge His children to bridge that gap between the lost and the saved. This broken hearted God is building a support system that would engage believers with intuitive innovations that would cause a revival in the land. As such, this month’s edition demands you quickly understand and accept God’s plan for you, a family of His in the ministry and marketplace, and ‘intuitively’ multiply what He had already divided at the beginning — Genesis 1: 4, 28.

We tell you a truth, with regards to this generation and its time, through a prophetic foresight given to us by God that the success down the ages would be turned into lucky physical elements that would be used to build His kingdom; right here on earth.

This means that more than ever, today’s ailing system need the believer to do his/her foreknown works without confusion and anxiety: This can’t be left to chance and toothless scenario plans. You must become the creative custodian of these resources, by using His genius to make increasing growth and leadership a kingdom reality!

What’s In It For You?: Become The Man/Woman Who Made the Kingdom a Reality

Their precision wasn’t evidently great at that time, but these men understood the ‘divide-and-multiply’ genius of God and today, humanity hasn’t been the same. How?

1. A woman brought into a meeting in a coffin, slapped Wigglesworth’s face after being raised up by him, stating that she had had a far better time in the hereafter. Wigglesworth was said to have raised between three and twenty-three persons from the dead [1]
2. The revival began with the raising by Babalola of a dead child. The mother of the dead child who was restored to life went about spreading the news around the town of Ilesa proclaiming that a miracle working prophet had come to the town of Oke-Oye. This attracted a large number of people to Oke-Oye to see the prophet. According to Pastor Medayese, many of those afflicted with various diseases who came to Oke-Oye were healed [2].
3. He related that he was not expected to live and became bedfast at age 15. In April 1933 during a dramatic conversion experience, he reported dying three times in 10 minutes, each time seeing the horrors of hell and then returning to life. He also claimed that he was raised from a deathbed on August 8, 1934 by “the revelation of faith in God’s Word” (Kenneth Hagin, I Went to Hell and What Faith Is). [3]
4. As a young Christian, I once heard my pastor say during a morning service that Christians could raise the dead in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I believed it with all my heart. And flying around on my bicycle in those days, I went through the city of Benin in search of a dead person to raise to life. After about five hours of hard searching I found a compound where a little girl had died a few hours before. The corpse had been cleaned and prepared for burial. I walked boldly up to the father of the dead child. “The God whom I serve can bring your baby back to life,” I told him. “Will you permit me to pray for the child and bring her back to life?” The man was startled, but he agreed. With great enthusiasm, I walked into the room and up to the bed. The child was cold and dead. With strong faith in the Lord, I called on the Lord to restore the child back to life. I turned to the corpse and called it by name, “Arise in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Oh Glory to God! The corpse sneezed, heavily, alas. The child had come back to life! [4]
I am pro- ambition. I believe in it because when all your business ventures fail/succeed with heavy debt/lack of peace, a certain sensor suddenly gets forced out of your heart asking you, “Is this all there is to life?”

I tell you a truth, this kind of question helps you to connect the dot [backward] into days and nights that this God had come to you showing you who you’re; even when you’ve never read the Bible in your entire life.

Friend, this shows how much lucky you, I and these four men are.

Join us and become productive;
» Ramp up the Holy Spirit’s works with innovations that runs counter to fads
» Collaborate with kingdom like minds to make God’s works ‘perfect’
» Position yourself in strategic place(s) for dominance

Registration from 08:00, the event starts at 08:30am and finishes 10:00am. This is a para-church ministry category event. For early FREE seat booking:





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