THE BLESSING: Reimagining Eden, its Order and Dominion in an Uncertain Age. Part 5 of 5



By David C. Omoaregba

And that was when at his fourth attempt; another flame-of-fire came and took us up into the heavens journeying into a beautiful city called, Zion City. Its streets were of gold, its towering and glittering architectural structures must definitely enhance creative potential and opportunities, its peaceful scenery would in a blink perform evidence of physical healing on sick bodies, everything this city had were as described in the book of Revelation. I desired above all things to stay with the angelic beings forever in a a place magnificent. No place on earth compares, and would ever compare.

THE THIRD DAY (Hosea 6:2b).

All the while I was there; I had this peace within me because for the first time in my life I was having nothing to do with this earth [so I naively wished]. I just wanted to be among them; to be a citizen of that kingdom. But uncontrollably, a sudden force tapped me into an air jump to earth. I really didn’t know how I jumped unto the earth, but it wasn’t a sky-dive. Such was the ease and might that I sped without struggling towards the earth in confidence gaining a perfect balance (as if I was coming home). I stood still in one place, still with that celestial body. As I stood, it appeared I knew what the next task was.

I immediately found myself drafted into a group with whom I would later ‘collaborate’ (not only co-operate/co-ordinate) with till we achieve what we are ‘assigned to do’. I landed into the company of three people, and as if waiting for me before they begin what it is they were told to do, we immediately held hands to form unison. However, whilst still in this process, I stopped to turn my neck to the left and saw who was holding my hand. It was Elijah Shokoti (now surnamed Lamb); a friend I had met in a local Church, long time ago. He had always been more like a Jonathan with whom we shared common interest (Check the post “Edenite Agenda’ to see one of our [spiritual] ventures).

ORDER: The Company of Men That’ll Build The [Power] Zone

As soon as the four of us held our hands to complete a cubic balance, a sudden transformation immediately turned our mortal bodies into something generation-to-generation have long hoped to see – an heaven-like structure. It was like FOUR PILLARS deftly constructed. It happened that the distance between our hands amazingly started creating a construct of bricks that began setting itself brick-by-brick until it formed a royal palatial building. This building stood strong and beautiful. It was a perfect semblance of one of the building in that city in heaven, called Zion.

I must say that a striking note during this transformation was that the FOUR PILLARS that stood at each end were our company of four. I don’t know how it happened, but I could tell what I saw afterwards; which in a most dramatic way shaped my philosophy forever. I saw what made the world stand; something of a glorious force/presence within us four (which for years took me time to explain – that force was Jesus Christ). It conformed our image into what looked like four ‘perfect’ cornerstones. I understood that the transformation itself was a mystery, but what happened afterwards was more different from what I had seen all through this apostolic venture tEphesians 1: 17-23; 3: 14-21; 4: 1-16).

    • Extreme concepts have always drawn my ire. I have had to distance myself from groups who don’t hold the Word of God and His Holy spirit as their guide. I explain myself.

The knowing that no referee is awarded a competition’s trophy is a wise counsel for me to ‘run own my race’ quietly.

But my attempt to draw a ‘collaboration’ theme out of my understanding with this urgent vision is not to officiate the world’s event, but to communicate this vision to discerning [God-led intuitive] hearts, as fast as I can; it’s like fire burning in my bone.

What God has done with this piece is to reinforce His stand that He would by Himself in this era/’end-time’ create opportunities to bring His people together for a face-to-face demonstration of the kind of UNITY He has in heaven.

With ways best known to him, He would connect His people and make them THINK together in-line with His template, make them value each other’s Faith perspective/level and spiritual power zone/strength contributions, in order for creative new answers to emerge.

Why answers? Why creative new ones?

I tell you a truth: Our world with its scenario planning has offered mediocre or no ‘real’ answers to what people really need, right now. Nothing is practically working without having people with ulterior motive showing up. This nudgery goes beyond the recession and LGBT talks. My ears have been close to the ground lately and I must say that people can no longer stomach the saw dust-like solutions from these existing strategy tools and its resulting answers. This thing called solution is out of our hands. The world is confused… and needs ‘creative’ solutions. I mean, we’ve got no idea on ‘how-to’ solve it. Nobody can, except a God-led intuitive heart whose heart beats for God. What I’m saying is a company of God’s Elijahs/Steves (Reformers) conveying His ‘creative’ answers round the world; filling-up today’s empty wells. These are men/women that would stay in the womb of prayer [in the marketplace and ministry-place], with God’s Word, and then move beyond speaking in tongues to ‘waiting on their watch’ till there is an answer. I’m talking about the Steves (Acts 6: 8-10) and the Elijahs (1 Kings 18: 20-46) that’ll reform all that’s not working, using ‘creative’ answers from the Creator of the earth!

You see, the Word of God and the movement of the Holy Spirit is the most powerful thing that has ever happened to this era/’end-time’; with respect to ending this madness. These two tools in the heart (the inner man) of any man are like a thunder that silences fear. I’m sure you know when thunder sounds you can’t doubt it existence… That’s what it does!

You see, when we talk about micro- and macro- problems and what the power of God can do, your intelligence has no place in the matter. It is too cheap, give it up! Now is the time to submit your skills to God instead and let Him re-imagine you into His Steve/Elijah! Listen, only a person that lacks conviction would hang-on to what isn’t working; don’t be. The current state of your home, Church, community, government, and economy can’t be left to chance and to the cliché, “one-day”. Never must you ridicule your intelligence to this ineffective approach! I ask you a question, “Who created the world?” Could it be you?

I tell you a truth that you need what would ‘instantly’ melt all these problems. What you need is God’s power and wisdom! If I have it, tell me… do you think I would be in haste to go back to that Zion city (Heaven)! There’s much to do here… There’s sickness and chaos to mock here!

It means that with His Word and the direction of the Holy Spirit, I can (already have) re-discover the same peace I had whilst in heaven; with it, I can spiritually paint in my heart faces that need rescue from the devil in strategic places my network and qualification(s) divinely places me (I’m joyfully at work in it); with it, I can form in my heart accountable structures that would benefit mankind (currently doing so); with it, I can poke the devil at will (having fun doing so). But most importantly, I can with His Word and His Holy Spirit constantly hear (already heard through this vision and confirmed with His Word) that there’s going to be a company of men/women whose collaborative efforts (not only cooperation and co-ordination) would create a foundation/bedrock of ‘creative’ answers for this era/’end-time’ – a time not to go about doing nonsense but a time to delay the coming of the anti-Christ in order to rescue people caged the devil’s abyss – until Jesus comes to rapture us.

Now, imagine at least 12 Steves/Elijahs re-imagining the earth? Can you imagine what their ‘collaborative force’ could do? It would be earth-shaking and turn the world right-side-up!

The world would further sink into darkness and all the brilliant minds, in all nations of the earth, won’t have an answer. What you would see would be nursing of wounds. Then would the Elijahs emerge, with the Spirit of love, trading the “how-tos” as a rescue team saving a dying world.

After seeing the replica of that temple-like building in that Zion city here on earth, I didn’t know what nudged me to lift up my eyes to the heavens. And when I did, I got what was an approval of a smile, a type a teacher gives his best student. With my eyes lifted up, I saw this huge hand rolling away the clouds like a blanket and to my delight, it was the familiar face that had ‘ventured’ with me into the smoky dungeon and seas that never flowed with water; it was King David, again. He gave that smile and also uttered, in a most kingly voice a more ‘sure word’ of prophecy. He said,


“Wisdom is the knitting of success at each end.”

And I woke up. Woke up studying God’s Word and understanding (by His Spirit) that the kingdom of God isn’t in stories but in receiving supernatural grace to replicate His supernatural wonders/greatness like the Elijahs/Steves/Moses/Cyrus did while in their [power] zone (Ref: Ephesians 1:22, Acts 6: 5-8).

P.S. Please read THE BLESSING series (Part 1 – 5) for a complete context.

BE blessed.



With JESUS’ joy, DAVID C. OMOAREGBA is “perfectly” painting the beauty of God’s adventure for mankind (for the next 1000 years); as far as a generation can chew.

Prophet Omoaregba

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