#whereissteve — Beyond ‘The 7 Billion Talent Innovation’

What Happened on Friday Night?

It was definitely the last night (a Friday night). I’d actually told her a fortnight ago that I don’t think so…, but she insisted!

And with barely two hours left into that night, I closed my eyes and immediately my Bishop told us to dance our way into victory (as an ‘act of Faith’). Anyway, that’s what I’ve gotten used to; simple stuff. So, I ignored the massive congregants that had come from all over the world [with their own needs] and danced myself happy.

The fact is that with Shiloh comes an overflow, and 2012 wasn’t going to be an exception. Instead of getting awed by the crowd and the unbelievable testimonies, I ignored the people inside and the massive overflow outside (I don’t think they’d noticed me anyway, but it was my right to be selfish for at least that Friday night). I cared less about their dancing style (Azonto, Etigi etc). I was more concerned about ‘worshipping’ God over what I had to give Him through one of His corporate larger body (Winners’ Chapel); I came prepared.

I danced till my ‘Ankara’ attire got soaked. With my eyes still shut, I kept dancing worshipping and glorifying God when in a rare moment something prompted me to open my eyes and look at the ceiling of the 50,000-capacity cathedral. That I did. I did and then I saw the familiar face of a man, covering a width so wide on the ceiling.

It was not up till my late 20s I stopped getting embarrassed at the rate at which I see all these rare invisible being. It wasn’t a cool thing then for an upwardly mobile guy. Can you imagine that it got to a point I had to beg God to stop showing me all these ‘spectacular’ events, but rather to let me see from His Word (a more sure word of prophecy) just like others key insights for breakthrough. And being a perfect gentleman, He toned down on it a little; except for a few times that He urgently needed my attention. Talk of a man, his gift and his race. I must say that this foresight gift is more of a blessing than a curse, these days.

As I stood looking at this man; I noticed a Yoruba tribal mark on his face and the ‘Aso-oke’ attire he wore along with his hat, which was sewn from the same material. I knew who I saw: It was Joseph Ayo Babalola. He gave a broad smile that was beyond inspiration. What could be more inspiring than seeing a citizen of heaven (an Elijah) whilst I’m still alive in my body? It was if the smile was confirming what God had told me in 21/07/07; before the Shiloh 2012 event. (See Un-Innovation? Click on my Head – Part 5)

You bet I had increased my kindergarten dancing move afterwards. You know what… I asked a friend to confirm what I saw. But the response was, “No.” And guess what… With that simple obedience, this God went as far telling me what the theme of the event was just (as soon as we entered one of the viewing centres). I knew that Shiloh 2012 was the real deal because neither have I heard it on air, nor did the usher/protocol at the centre give us a flier, but instead God told me first when He said, “Double of The Elijah Portion.” It is really humbling.

You see, if I had missed it due to my ‘own’ plans, it would have been a regrettable miss. Thank God I didn’t miss that opportunity to receive the grace for a ‘perfect’ spirit – Hebrew 12: 22-24*

It was the South American narcotic kingpin, Pablo Escobar [of Colombia] that gave a Caesarian-style quote saying, “All empires are created of blood and fire.” As misguided as he was, he understood what a foundation is and laid one (an evil one though) that inspired his generation; obviously the wrong way towards building an empire of murder, irresponsible fathers and/or mothers, rape, crime, corruption and several evil events. You see, the foundation you build (good or bad) is the legacy your generation and those unborn live off. And that’s why they call key characters in the past – our founding fathers/mothers.

And your addiction to fads and trendy events or things (that defines how we live) aren’t the raw material needed to achieve that foundation either. Life is more than today’s ‘hashtag’ living (don’t get me wrong). It’s more than being a consumer or being an innovator; it’s more about laying down a God-led foundation for your families, companies, businesses, government, structures, organisation with a passion to make them better. It’s more about the passion to feed the hungry; to empower the youth; to clean the street off gang-banging; to enter government and stop corruption (I mean it); to research and develop [bio-]technology breakthrough solutions; to enhance the justice system by first asking God the right way; to append to existing management practice a more excellent way to manage talents for corporate growth and leadership.

Above all, it’s about the details in the passion to serve a ‘perfect’ God and His ideas/plans for a time as this. It means making this era belong to the company of men/women who’ll ‘perfectly’ reform the earth by His standards; by men/women called The Elijah Company of Reformers.

I had earlier this week almost jumped out of my seat when I heard a different South American confirming that we urgently need to start laying ‘perfect’ legacy foundations that’ll spur a generation to go beyond inspiration and enter into its abundance. He didn’t give much rhetoric, but I admire how he ‘perfectly’ made his point by making us to understand that God is holding us responsible for the earth:

“Without the cross, we’re just a pious NGO, not the Church” — His Holiness Pope Francis [of Argentina].

Alas, nobody on earth can change God’s ‘perfect’ ideas/plans for the earth. It’s better to ask Him ‘what next’ and not ‘how-to’; better to ‘dream BIG’ with God like Steve than to go up against Him. (Acts 6:5-10); better to be His David — a man after His heart.

See you the day after this Friday night

Chris Omoaregba

* “There’s no perfect man anywhere, only a perfect spirit [communing with a ‘perfect’ God].” – Dr. David Oyedepo, my bishop.


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