iStore presents » iPlay: The Monologue (Re-write your story)

A stage play.


We don’t risk interactions in order to just spread the word about something unoriginal.[1] That would definitely be a mockery to the human genius.

Therefore, anyone who must race to the top to convince a generation (not with swagger without substance); by leading a people of similar connected stories and struggles into defining the next BIG thing and opening-up interesting frontiers, must put his/her reputation and credentials on the line and re-write his/her story [afresh] on a very strong conviction and authority.

With no manual or rule book, join us with the performance of;

“An head office staff of a financial institution (by day and radio-drama artist by night), who with a message on strength and conviction, once did a monologue skit almost bare-chested in a banking hall.”

Meet the message, the messenger and the ‘transfer of strength/authority and conviction’.

Sunday; 14/04/2013
FINICKY, Jibowu Street,
Jibowu B/Stop,
Yabatech axis,
Yaba, Lagos.

1. Seth Godin


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