Keeping The Sky From Falling/Contaminated

“In their peak, God used the disciples (not only the Apostles) as His PROOF by using the riches of the glory of “His mystery” (which is CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of GLORY) to nudge them [into greater works than Jesus; in their offices, on projects, in their villages, towns, cities and countries, economy, and government until the N, S, E, W of the earth became aware of THE POWER of God behind this Christianity].” — Colossians 1:27.

So, as long as you’re on this earth, the nuke prepared by Pyongyang [North Korea, in the East] won’t detonate over South Korea, United States [in the West] its ally, and non-ally [in the N, S, E, W of the earth].

It can’t happen and won’t happen! It is a [spiritual] LAW and that’s how the earth is governed (especially when in crises). I’m sure you now know that your intelligence alone can’t solve it?

“I declare an end to this spell! I declare it shall not happen under your watch! I declare God’s grace on you to take up your responsibility!”

* You’re the custodian of the earth…, don’t let the sky fall!

Now your fear ends here!

Jesus is LORD.



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