Create Your Luck[y #8 in August]: Create 2014, NOW!

We sift out the best brands not because of the spectacular entrance its late TV/Social media commercial or PR brings, but because they meet our needs — which if perfected to customer satisfaction is called “jobs to be done”.

For instance, I was watching the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Tv advert on CNN, and thought to myself; why is Apple not advertising…? Not only did I become conscious of their global advert, I was also conscious of its localized ones; where BankyW and Henshaw’s endorsement ran the national dailies (this is understandable), yet the same question was, “Why is Apple not advertising?”

Well, Apple don’t need to. They only did one advert—from the 1997 “Think Different” ad campaign—and didn’t need to do another (except they are in a near bankruptcy scenario). WHY such Audacity? Isn’t it risky? Don’t they owe us a 60 seconds advert that would keep us nodding? No, they don’t need to: Apple has an interdependent architecture that smells the danger of commoditisation and the politics that breeds hubris (excessive pride that leads to nemesis).

Can you imagine that they are less concerned about Android and Samsung’s low-end disruption. That is because Apple disrupt themselves even before others think of hurting them with cost advantage plans (that could steal their high-end customers). You see, Apple’s brand communication is not the regular dry message but a brand aspiration story that make us aspire to achieve what we’ve always dreamt of doing as kids; and that’s one of the reason we love them. Even greater is the love we have for them because they create products and supporting services (iTunes, iCloud, et al) that sells one thing well — SIMPLICITY; a sharp contrast to their competitors who are left in a loveless forever loop of version 1-to-infinity technology products.

In the same vein, I sifted out a Prophet and interestingly found an imperfect man, but yet a PERFECT SPIRIT. The searching eyes and deep insight of this one-time stammerer is striking; how does he do it? This fellow teaches close to 200,000 people, every sunday: have they all been brainwashed to wake-up as early as 4:30am, shower, get ready, and come to his church?!? He doesn’t force them; they come freely. Well, there’s nothing this guy could have done to force me, Karl Marx’s twisted and popular idea [religion is the opium of the people] couldn’t have helped him. I came because the Big Daddy upstairs — God, said I should watch him closely and follow.

Today, he is the envy of his peers, because he is driven by His love for God and mankind; you could almost touch it. [Perhaps a certain Steve Jobs has that touch of love for mankind. Read Isaacson’s biography of him — the authorized one, and Lashinsky’s ‘Inside Apple’]. This fellow runs his race with maddening focus and discipline, much to the admiration of critics who can’t even inspire 2-people to greatness in a tiny-room, but yet can spur controversies.

Stop gambling your life away with nonsense association: It is too toxic a relationship to be in; get out of there. Admire what is good, and follow it hard! If you don’t want to follow his teachings, at least follow his organisational model design, innovations and awesome results. The reward is the journey: If you invest/sow into your today, you shall reap a great destiny tomorrow. Where are his mates that started with him?!? Drinking their brain away? Puffing their lungs away? Partying their sorrow away, yet finding it impossible? Poisoning the next generation with criticism of him—a path you, perhaps, have been misled into.

This broadcast might be coming late to you, but guess what; this fellow’s God-led prophetic utterances would meet your needs — especially, at this “last sunday in July” called: Covenant Day of BUSINESS and CAREER Breakthrough w/ Dr. David Oyedepo.

August beckons, and the “job to be done” is for you to have AUTHORITY on every side! Every pity in your life shall be converted to envy! Your life must not end ordinary; you must not go the way of bandwagon of sorrowful critics, with no power and defense!!!

Don’t wait. Find a way to be there: It shall be a PROPHETIC encounter; because what God puts on his lips always comes to pass. He’s not a self-styled prophet and that I know, first-hand. This man doesn’t speak foolishly; he speaks as enabled by the Holy Ghost. Would I see his type again? Well, I don’t know. But I know that I would go there to “suck” all the Holy Spirit virtues inside his inner spirit (not his nature).

Of course you don’t need to say “in Jesus name” before our skills collide towards a project, but to maximize your life and dominate the marketplace with me through prescient innovation, you need Jesus Christ. Come along, let’s start with this God and give accurate forecast that would make industry leaders ask, “How did you know it would happen?”

So, join Dr. David Oyedepo for FOUR Super-Sunday Services (Today, 28/07 and in August — 6:30AM • 8:30AM • 10:30AM • 12:30PM).


Faith Tabernacle (Canaanland)
Km 10, Idiroko Road
Lagos/Ogun axis.

Visit for details on how to connect to all of August AUTHORITY worship services.

See you there; receiving your Business and Career testimonies that would dwarf any before you [perhaps the two guys on this Forbes cover]!

Prophet Omoaregba

target problems - wealth street deliverance with prophet david omoaregba Dangote Franchise cover INSTAGRAM



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