The Ide(a)s of March.


#SuperTuesday: “Candidate Morris.”

I was discussing with a beloved and said to him, “I would be on social media for a very long time, but God’s priority comes first.”

If your out-of-the world net-breaking input, even in producing the best product/service on earth isn’t churning the best output [not yet in the slightest close to outcome], then re-imagine the task with God’s directionThat’s tackling productivity. The income per person on job done in the developed economies (U.S./Western Europe/Canada/New Zealand/Australia and the emerging markets (the rest of the world with China and India leading Euro-Asia/Africa/the Americas) is a huge concern. Therefore leaders, sit-down and talk to yourselves in clear terms about “big changes” towards policy and institutions. Your people are tired of incremental growth. Tear the playbook!  They want a leap/a jump. That’s effective productivity.

Banishing hell tonight in layman’s terms: How do Lawyers in this current Age work for long hours by adding menial service jobs — barber’s job — one a 13th century British Empire’s Serf can do with a little training then hope to survive? That’s productivity questioned; the fuel for anti-establishment tackle against the 1%: the Corporate America “families” deciding for the political leaders and/or the political party-men/representative playing golf from Super-PAC funding awash from the electorates’ reality.

You owe JESUS your ears. Even JESUS would question your productivity. He wants result over the devil’s satanic marine kingdom (SMK) — “Now, Go ye into the world and selflessly make ‘DOMINION Illuminants‘ of nations!” (Matthew 28:19). That’s effective productivity. Imagine the impact of your implemented to the letter God-led growth strategies in the declining economies world-wide.

“SURELY (not erm… maybe, but a must about JESUS earth’s  ecosystem) the Lord God will DO NOTHING on earth, until He FIRST reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

— Amos 3:7

You owe it a debt to your legacy-story, that deep attention stripped away from man’s carrot-and-stick tactics (you only do that to an employee in your organization), to get JESUS’ secrets. You’ve got one shot at life, declare: “I have a responsibility!” I want a kid in the future to wiki you and see a TRUE, un-doctored tales of your DOX; a global equality.

For one, “DOX: Inclusive Dominion” isn’t divisive.

No one in the Trinity dare shares God’s heart-beats secret and you think its to file it. [C’mon]. You run with it into implementation [with Him already knowing you would do anything for Him]. Listen: With or without my help the next President of the United States (@POTUS) would be known “unconditionally” [or “conditionally” for the sake of the people’s deep cry as He changes it; that’s if they know what they are crying about]. But real productivity demands every opportunity to make earth’s only king and Inventor behind this #GameOfThrones, King JESUS, popular. / Revelation 19:10b.

For example, every part of me disliked going on scheduled vigils to strengthen Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s intimidated and w/out help nationalist political ideas which is anchored on this mountain’s 3Rs model ever before his coalition was created. He meekly learnt what God was saying and his story changed. [Beloved, no devil can re-write this history to edit JESUS out]. God clearly told me this man had been listening to all my 2014 almost 24/day, 365/year #2014DOXRevival teachings. It’ll interest you to know that there was no sign of him and his associates (elected President Buhari and Co.) winning the 2015 Presidential election from a graceful incumbent. I mean, they were harassed and victimized yet God said, “Go help him.” As such, knowing who the next American President isn’t a surprise as the candidate, as I was told and also knew w/out question, was [amongst others] heartily and genuinely by meekness learning from God at the #2014DOXRevival (whose post were deleted and curated for legacy testimonies).

Friends, meekness (i.e., teachability) would HANDPICK you and take you to the top. The earlier you know this the better. This was how God was giving the son of man the DOX: Inclusive Dominion mandate before there was ever any President @BarackObama for President (who is also meekly learning from this mountain — which is why I defend him regardless of his political position). If you are not learning, you are dying. Take it or tell the devil:” Let me go!”

As most of the watching world would know by God’s #SpiritOfGrace at work so far, I like to announce to all of hell again that amongst the category of people I’m sent to release form the devil’s slaughtering dungeon, as prophesied, and productively raise as Christ’s DOMINION Illuminant (even if satan and some stubborn minions aren’t happy) are the merciless 1% power elite.

Little wonder I know a lot about their plaguing events.

Listen: No matter your level in life and years spent there, I want you to “re-dash” God just 3-Years of life. You need to be (re-)trained for the task and challenges at hand.

Dash One: Innovation is decoupled/divorced from economic growth.

The is the time, and NOW (not tomorrow; not in some distant futuristic techno-world) is that time they that hear the prophetic voice of JESUS embodied in “you” in His prescient foresight, on-the-spot and forensic-like spirit of discerning people/angels/demons gifts beyond the human mind’s inability to grasp exponential analytic data SHALL live!

Now is the time to effectively persuade the 1% political establishment and their network with templates/baselines/benchmarks/STANDARDS/wonders to escape the unintended consequences of not heeding to the “ides” that comes their way for not catching up with the challenges of their Era because of comfort (or political correctness) rather than gawking and duplicating their low-hanging fruits/no result incremental slow growth theories and best practices as they weep in nightmares.

Dash Two: The opportunities are humongous!

This is the best time to chew God’s Word into Rhema (i.e., the voice of God thundered in prayer from the Bible to get results, not dead-spirit letter grammar quest in the Bible) then graduate into the prophetic to marry innovation with economic growth. Nations of the world [and their secret society lords] have no issue with innovation! The question is: “Are they deliberate [for profit or otherwise] or clueless about this?” Whatever the thesis, the prophetic is not waiting for run-around answers. The data-cum-atom mineral/agro resources in each nations’ soils and the incremental innovations (affordability in editing your human genome/driving electric car cheaply like buying a 1960s Ford car) boosting the per capita GDP of nations are utopian and distant.

Good morning again this midnight. It’s the fourth leap year in the 21st century — February 29, 2016 — and a long installment in “The Ide(a)s of March” around this #SuperTuesday.

I had got in and was going through the late night news on CNN then saw one of the presidential hopeful of a party in a complex fits with the Pontifex, my favorite Pope, giving him a milder rebuke, I quote, “… a disgrace.” From senselessly funny (probably suspending the fellow and his team into deliverance to end his high-risk perpetual downward tangent or miss-hit un-calculated, un-presidential remarks so as to call him to order) to giving him the benefit of the doubt that his statement could have been stripped of its intent with news media nuances for sensationalism, I realized I was right with the latter. Guess what, he was late and was wrongly de-briefed. I’ve been in these unfair reviews before.

But what got me, which isn’t new was as I’ve seen during that 3-Years of compulsory life-altering ideology shaping adventure with God (which I still desire every soul on earth to genuinely pursue) was the Pope’s statement in response to a calculative journalist, I quote: “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not of building bridges, is not Christian.  I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that.

First off, the Pontiff (i.e., a Bridge-builder in Latin meaning) being the head of Catholicism is a spiritual leader of his flock (about 20% of U.S. electorates). Also, this humble man stands as a political leader [of the Vatican sovereign state]. However, his statement was simply theological. not political. He wasn’t calling this fellow a Quisling or something. What he did instead was to be big enough to resist the temptation to letting this fellow self-destroy himself for whatever passion and/or ambition is driving him [same as I did on a Christian fellow a few days before that same Pope’s underlined statement was made on Twitter]. I hate to see a good thing rotten away: We all are sum total of our best tweets and worst tweets.

Satan is a crude guy. He knows how to raise Quislings here, there and everywhere. This was what nudged me to teach, albeit on my re-discovered blog by an inspiration gotten from one of my newly followed users Twitter allows us to just follow. [Getting a handle on it pretty well].

The Norwegian Quisling in Hitler’s World War II reminds me of “the Ides of March” and the killing of Caesar as he muttered, “Et tu, Brute?” (i.e., “and you Brutus?” in Latin). Note: Vidkun Quisling was not necessarily a traitor/a Judas/a Benedict Arnold, but a student of misfortune who miscalculated the seduction of his ambition which “foreverly”(?) sealed his reputation as a traitor; like many in this dispensation who painfully, deliberately and glaringly do same in this Era [as if the world isn’t watching] to ebb away their littlest legacy, if any. Branding your reputation for some ambition doesn’t cut it: See what happened to Quisling. [Another reinforced reason I have to tackle productivity and make satan shed tears].

Why am I after satan? I remember as a 7-8 year kid (about that time) going into my tall handsome socialite father’s library to pick up an uninviting dusty book to read — one of the Classics on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Yes, I am my father’s son. Thanks to him who then with his Afro haircut and funky wardrobe, also  with a collection of local and foreign music somehow didn’t give me an “ogboni”/free mason/occultic/secret society/and the many related category of Caesars I’m bound to deliver books [as well as my blessed mother — my sweet angel/action woman — who gave me the Bible and the surrounding spiritual atmosphere to know God]. Glory to God! Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was my first grown up book; not ones on the human genome or quantum physics or something else, but on arts, history and politics which showed me, time after time, salient variables I have to confront one day. You see, my dad is the lovable type — you see him, you love him immediately. He’s got an inner-light about him. His jaw-dropping humility, love, gentleness, and generosity is unusual. A man of honour — he would never insult you. [My kid brother shares these features about him]. And yes, I can still sing some songs from James Brown to Bob Marley as well as all sorts of genres. All were subconsciously sang into me. I must say, I grew up seeing those two love birds (my father and mother) dancing often to these beats. [Haven’t done that in a long time, by obedience].

Later in life, as I would discover, I realized that that pre-programmed by God read shows history always repeats itself. I saw that the decline of groups/dynasties/states/empires isn’t fiction no matter ones patriotism. That singular act “foreverly”(?) altered my understanding of the world I live in for such a kid amongst other early life threatening bizarre satanic assaults. Yet God, in what I call the #SpiritOfGrace, saved my family and I, though we lost a sister in the process. Satan and hell realizing that this fore-ordained #BufferAge child — a liberator with Jesus’ DOX: Inclusive Dominion mandate (not just this generation, but his dispensation) was much alive and growing with a divine ideology, feverishly rained satan’s must-win attacks after the other (leveraging on our ignorance). But thanks be to God he couldn’t kill or thwart JESUS in me; I was born to do geopolitics — a permanent adventure, to the glory of the eternal King-of-kings, JESUS Christ.

[But, come on] My family were almost gone because of some before birth prophecy on a usefulness for this Era/Age satan lost out on. Jeremiah 1:5. Satan, very vindictive a fellow; a teacher of many weaklings with quest for power/fame. “Ati jade… Ominira de, esu o pofo.”/Fool’s Gold quest; I’m out of my mom’s womb and now know JESUS… satan has lost! We were at a point often vomiting and also passing out blood as faeces. Our financial fortune suddenly disappeared for no reason. I like you to know that that childhood was in every sense like a formative Grecian Zeus’ Agoge, as God Himself trained my heart to be like His. Friends, you build “indefatigability”(?) and conviction (i.e., God’s belief system) in the cauldron of deep trials. Those events [as well as ones in that adventure with God when He stubbornly wanted to give the DOX: Inclusive Dominion mandate,  ever before the #YesWeCan presidential ideals — which we’ve got to get back before “unintended consequences” with no convictions/belief system decline a nation — were I and my family’s “dry season”] opened my heart to an uncompromising love/kindness for my all of mankind. Beloved, reason one is called a Merchant-of-Hope for peddling prophecies is because those made me develop an heart that is touched by the slightest pain in people/groups/nations. I could cry on and on for man! He, God, stubbornly and rigorously molded that weird Davidic-heart that way.

Like I’ve been saying for years, fatherhood is the “ultimate office on earth”. It means you share God’s highest feature.

The only way you can disenfranchise yourself from this is to deliberately see evil in people (outside your family) for no/wrong reasons. The thing with this is that God is a Father who’s been there from the beginning with His greatest asset — Humans.  Your redemption is to ask: “If I wasn’t there from this fellow’s birth till date (like this case), why destroy him/her?

You will only rise to this “ultimate office on earth” by being great with people if you had a great father behind you. Never had? Meet God, YOUR Father and be one.

Friends, your survival from trial(s) is the passage rite to being fit for your legacy works. Never ever give up on life! Be indefatigable; Be cooked(?) by God. (Metaphor).

Also, I am not easily deceived by hell. I know fantasy from reality, and have got God’s engraced forensic-like spiritual gift to size up anything. Call it suspicion (which isn’t) but if you don’t have a JESUS compassion, you’ll go down a dog-eat-dog path. Be careful.

Please know: It’s not enough mentioning JESUS’ name in prayers or evangelism. The fellow, Elymas the diviner surnamed himself “Bar Jesus” yet JESUS didn’t do anything about it. I mean, many Caesars in top secret society who are business and political leaders take the Holy Communion, toss money divisively to create rift/internal politics and schism [not to talk of drowning the destiny-changing usefulness of God’s “power-toolbox” spiritual touch-points – like Anointing Oil/Mantle/Water of Fire/Stones of Fire/et al – in the Bible], then go back to peddle evil in economic inequality in mainstream to reign chaos on economics and politics. What are we talking about here? The magnanimity of JESUS is beyond comprehension as these power-boasters have refused to emulate other repenting Caesars to tear their one-way ticket to “hell or nothing”. If social media and blogging is baby-feeding you with fantasy decoupled from reality, drop it! If your productivity is minus zero (i.e., – 0.0000000000000000000001), leave social media! You can’t divorce reality from fantasy to take away the boredom of routine or stress of a hard days work. “Won na’yan lo ri mo se mo, oro la san ni”/No one beats you there. Closest to it are darkened senseless divisive words from some people’s personal pain. Therefore, demand for Growth!

Now, which business and leadership seminars would we now do for the devil’s Eletos/Caesars in the 1% to make them bow to JESUS Christ’s baseline “ideas” and drop their stiff-necked opinions? Beloved, there are several forums/institutions masked as people-centric haven but are abyss for these prospective participants/members. I know folks I’ve had to warn (caged in places like this) all in the name of “opportunities”. Friends, Spirit of discernment is Key, always! Ore, je ki Olorun se e”/Friends, be cooked by God.

As time passed by, God made certain arrangements to come to His Throne-of-Grace, whilst as an early teen through my addiction to the Bible mother got me; especially the New Testament (the Old [KJV written] Testament was quite difficult to comprehend), as well as on teachings in a great local church that dad went to — an evangelical-Aladura offshoot Church with little emphasis on the supernatural as they “fail-fowardly” focused inwardly to shield themselves from the world’s decadence away from their ecumenical beginning. They are now learning from this. That same #SpiritOfGrace fired-up my once dusty Bible to vomit out  just “one scripture” (Ephesians Chapter 3 Verse 20) that destroyed that damning life-delaying beautiful family separation [almost leading to divorce] planted in my family. Come one, as teen-ful(?) as I was, I didn’t read the entire Bible to end that “satanic rage of divorce” on my family! Just one verse in a chapter. Your faith has got to graduate to TRUST. I trusted that one Word from God with all my life. Satan `had made my parent to erode the trust I had in them, so I trusted God. Trust God, please.

God is ALL you need to have ALL your needs met!

I DECREE: Every satanic molestation and harassment on your marital life is hereby terminated! In the mighty name of JESUS! The cyclical curse of a broken Home in your family is destroyed by the FIRE of the HOLY GHOST!

Hallelujah to God! Who could have imagined that her gift of several copies of the Bible for a dreamy teen would save her marriage? Thank God she didn’t give her child any witchcraft so I become an Ifa-chosen politician. “I am no devils’ property. I belong to JESUS! / Galatians 6:17.”  It was even in that particular trial I met God for the first time, as He told me His plan for me.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations [even you don’t look it at first].”

— Jeremiah 1:5, paraphrased.

You can’t microwave your destiny; Men are in sizes life is in stages.

I didn’t want divorce and didn’t want it! Beloved of God, that habit of losing has got to stop. Seeking pity-parties following to peddle a culture of failure in marriage is a disaster; a satanic plan for you, my beloved. You are NOT a dead spirit! [You’ve got to check all the failures happening around you].

Beloved, reading the Bible for fantasy divorced from reality is going to make your “utopia a dystopia”. [Come on!] As a teen, I knew what game satan was playing; within 30-days after a long period of trauma, I demanded for my mother! And divorce’s ugly head died in my family forever!

Were it not for God, how could a father give a 7-8 year old kid a non-fictional Julius Caesar book to read? Well the book, as well as the screen adaptation went on to impress upon me [aside my eternal love for a directorial role in film production] certain characters like the loyalist 1% power-elite Mark Antony, Brutus, Cassius, the loyal family related “Decius” and Co., along with the young adopted heir-apparent Octavius – the first Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. But most importantly the highly placed yet not in the political/economic 1% class  Spurinna, “Eleto” (i.e., a Diviner in Yoruba) who uses sheep’s liver to give the idolatry Jupiter (like Zeus who is Satan) worshiping  Caesar the prophecies, including the infamous: “Beware of the Ides of March!

Beware of NO ideas!

You’ve got to have an end game beyond just throwing prophecies as God’s Merchant of Hope. You’ve got to develop competency for productivity sake. No one is going to give it to you. Out-spend for your input; have technical grit for implementation in your field. How can someone look at a sheep’s liver and forecast a 30-days self-imprisonment and fear loathing w/out scattering the works and arrows of darkness? The answer isn’t far from fact; the cryptic [in language and culture] “Eleto” (this time around) Spurinna was a messenger/merchant of satan who relieves you of a trauma for “a moment” only to cage your soul. Now with their audacity in scale, aggregate data and resources to gain in-road into the Church and rig it like they did mainstream (Psalm Chapter 83), the “Spurinnas” with all their “Ifa”/demonic deity-like divination are still clueless on how to build end-game into their satanically-packaged fictional deliverable that should deliver people from devil’s slaughtering dungeons.

First off, the world is a wicked place owed by Cainism’s blackness in man’s heart.

Not a fan of his (Spurrina) works but of his humanity. You can easily empathize with how his “alai gboron”/stubbornness would make him weep: “Ah, esan ti ke!”/Ah, my waterloo!

Why pity him more than the quagmire he is in? By his [not God] prophetic office, Spurrina was hated on two fronts: With the power-elite Senators — Caesar’s political foes, and with the masses. To the self-interested Senators who somehow believe that their profiting interest is the interest of Rome (sound familiar), Spurinna’s polling/forecast to help Caesar’s win territories in conquest and divert sudden death coming his way was a threat to Caesar’s enemies. You don’t want such person around you or in space to make people DOMINATE inclusively if your heart is as black as the devil’s.  To the masses — the Romans, his little Etruscan heritage which grants him the “chosen” by the gods/demons right to the ears of the government of the day was an envious grin. At the heart of the Rome’s [not yet Republic] main foundational gods with her twin founders were Spurinna’s people. They invented the pre-cursor Guardians to modern democracy.

I DECREE: You will not cry in the name of JESUS! Powers that want you to cry shall meet their downfall, in JESUS’ name!

Listen, an “un-trialed”(?) human mind hates exponential growth/favour that isn’t theirs.

Imagine you were on the same level with everybody or perceived to be lower (for some reason) with a difficult to non-progressive number denoted as ‘- 0.0000000000000000000001’, and all of a sudden in one leap you exponentially become ‘4.0’ (far beyond incremental progress).  And while we, your onlookers, were still wrapping our minds around this sudden quantum leap, you exponentially became ‘16.0’, thereafter strikingly a ‘64.0’, won’t we out of jealousy call you a name or something: “Who do you think you are…, CEO of the world? Aren’t you after Caesar’s money?” That’s how partisan politics began in the young American democracy, disheartening new President George Washington as he watched Jefferson and Hamilton divide the union with irrelevant to satan opinions (which “their children” kept digging for difference, attacks and counter-attacks resulting into cold-wars which could lead into hot wars: Civil wars, WWI. WWII and war-on-terror). One day, if you dig shit, you’ll eat shit. The shit of darker-heart consequential behaviour of “outer conflict” — violence prognosis in speech/action (i.e., foundational/historical causes; be it spiritually or organizationally by association) stirred by attitudinal “inner conflict”: hatred [from social media or any offline] isn’t helping your God ordained before-Genesis identity. The consequences are “unmissable” in later life — Matthew 7:2. Hatred is hatred no matter how close the person is to you. There is no soft-hatred, not today, not tomorrow.

Connection before correction: If you don’t want the person to “sunkun l’ojo waju, correct”/lament over a wasted life, correct. You have the best chance at this.

To make matters worse, that hatred wasted that Etruscan culture and her people off the surface of the earth such that the only surviving person to speak their no-human comprehensible cryptic language was Emperor Claudia and his wife. That’s the consequence of “violence by the mob” drowning that people’s political favour out in Rome, yet they didn’t feel it — similar to today’s destructive gleeful culture. Whether by God or satan, the fact remains that that a mob/generation died and died with that favoured community (a just-City/a polis) but their very own communities/cities still exist; among them is a city I had for years planned visiting.

SHOUT this: Voice of hell, assigned to wipe out my memory from history receive God’s blow of death, in the name of JESUS!

What are we talking about here? Satan is a jobber! Witchcraft powers are always after growth (economic or personal). They don’t mind progress, but your growth is their worst nightmare. This devil knows how to pick low self-esteem emotionally needy humans, take them on a spiritual journey to show them a mirage of bountiful opportunities, and boost their courage to with piercing deep wounds by their ribs to make them his messengers in key sectors as reminder that is win or die.

Listen into joyful Heavenly eternity decoupled from hell’s sorrow: True boldness comes from the Word of God — the Bible, Holy Spirit filled teachings from altars set not at shaming people and God’s personal [non-weird] messages to you.  You know what, no matter how good you are, if you enjoy bashing people (what you can `never do to your spouse and kids), people mute you. We have children for God sake!

“Nobody is a maker of people. God, their Maker, knows how to get, lead and prosper His assets no matter their detours.” Before us, humanity exist.

Justifying your violent habit(s) to a mob/sympathizers, under the watchful eyes of God, can’t stop unintended-consequences when they come. The only saving grace to your reputation is Eulogy. It’s normal to let anger colour-blind you to feedback. Nobody reacts quickly to feedback, especially when you’re daily surrounded by sympathetic mob. But know, satan is also a taker permitted by God to take one to hell. Watch it. Not accepting this would, painfully, make you enlist into a vicious-cycle with sad end.

[God made sure I had few following online to chisel/conform me to His image. Little wonder He pours His “secrets” into me on global issues at enviable and unimaginable rate; a fun ride — a “Father-son relationship”! I imagine what my offline impact would be, again…].

That is why, for progressive love and unity sake, I often I demand that those I [intentionally for their visibility, not for anything else] follow on Twitter should respect the visibility given and control themselves. You know what, there are ways to rescind this intent.

Question: Why can’t these “witch grand-masters” find a way to end global chaos (w/out strings attached) after all these centuries? It’s out of their hands; they are waiting for us.

Beloved, it is not enough to see, you’ve got to SOLVE!

There are powers that would make you “gun Iyan laye go ko gba obe Lorun”/ struggle on earth and wish in Heaven you knew JESUS’ Inclusive Dominion to take back to these plagued by hell mainstream. Was it not here by God’s #SpiritOfGrace made me know of Robbin Williams suicide he did it in 2014.  I mean, I couldn’t have said anything about someone I don’t know. Beside I was new to God yaking this foresight scenario projections personal (not newly global) at His #2014DOXRevival when JESUS and a host of angels came to the earth, briefly.

Friends, dash God just three years of Adventure. Contemplating, recoiling into other projects is only going to waste more of your years. But the issue is that you could wake up one day to realize you were old. By that time, your “Inner Peace” would have been blackened-out by attitudinal envy and bitterness which causes terrible diseases like cancer. Not only that, no matter your level and what you’ve achieved, God’s 3-Years can help you from hiding that jealousy as an “Asin”/a Brutus. People make mistakes and there are billion chances to forgive them. Try it. I have come far in spiritual combat with God over devils and can’t allow any calculated opinion of satan’s messenger come near me. Receiving Heaven’s favour isn’t a joke to be wasted off.

Solving chaos is the end game, Caesar.

Some decades ago, a seasoned medical doctor had come back to Nigeria from the UK after very strange happenings that wrecked her life and clinic. Whilst in deliverance-prayer with her, God revealed to a beloved minister whose got a PhD from the UK but with prescient ability saw five trees related to her chaos. He couldn’t make anything out of it but by experience had to ask her: “How many are you, children, in your family?” [#ModusOperandi: Always ask if you aren’t sure about these things lest you make prognosis worse]. She then replied, “We are five.” He continued: Is there any connection with you and five trees? Quickly, Holy Spirit reminded her of this seemingly hidden detail. She said her father planted a tree for each of his five children. She could remember how as a kid, when she and her siblings would send their father running down from wherever he was with raging bull madness for their slightest play near the trees. No matter where he was, he had a spiritual forensic-like charm/magic to detect whoever is close to those trees.

The prognosis was: Actions was taken for this born-again woman (aged by satanic chain-like trials) to go to her dreaded father’s house. As such, she got an “Aboki”/a Go-getter with not too many command of English/local English — pidgin — into a deal uproot the tree and bring it back to Lagos for burning. She put him in the car and onward they got to their destination. Avoiding her fetish clan to see her, she stayed in the car pointing the house and her own tree to the gentleman. Straight up, he got there and started digging. (Comedy). Even in his very old age, her father still knew and raced out. It was war. The man and the go-getting Aboki started a quarrel. How can a tree no one dares near after all these years, a man from nowhere just came to uproot it? Well, Baba (i.e., her father) and his clan/sympathizers couldn’t stop this aggressively driven business man and his tree from going back to Lagos.

^ May you not be a wasted Sympathizer! In the name of JESUS!

As soon as they burnt the tree, beloved, the power molesting that Sister died! Her life changed. Within short months, she built one of the most successful hospital in Lagos. Say, “Power pass power!” That’s tackling productivity. If it is prayer or the Word do it well and change the socio-political landscape that is confusing even power-boasting people amongst us!

This earth is panting for an end to to global chaos. Their #AgeOfFear needs you!

When as a leader your followers pity you because you want it, the chances of delivering them is zero; not to talk of having “Brutuses” contending with you and your philosophy. If you can’t address that, there is no way in life you can lead men and women with spine/grit. “Wo’n fenu se”/It’s not about sophisticated [Anglo-Saxon heritage] English grammar.

Echo this song: …

Ina Olorun… Ina Emimo

Wonu aiye mi… Wonu ise mi

Ko wa tu mi sile!


Fire of the Holy Ghost, ….

Arise with your fire, Purge my Inner man/guts/intuition

And deliver me!

Declare these: …

  1. Oh LORD God of Elijah, arise and sanitize my life!
  2. My star in the coven of witchcraft, JUMP OUT, by fire! In the name of JESUS!
  3. Witchcraft embargo of hell, I am not your candidate BREAK!!!!!!! In the name of JESUS!
  4. My Father, my Father, my Father, my life is available, use it for as long as you want. In the name of JESUS!
  5. Every like father, like son; like mother, like daughter bondage BREAK!!!!!!! In the name of JESUS!

Idea Posers.

  • Is everyone going to be tithe-paying Pastors to strut their progress as some kind of folks close to the 1% or breaking/substituting income inequality jinx?
  • We’ve got to move from posting certain quotes and/or receiving some then move to planting your throne in reality with the 1%.
  • How can optimism alone in the face of chaos to real life boost the economic growth (i.e., productivity per person)?

We are not talking about ideas set at tackling diminishing growth but rather ideas on starting an Era of unprecedented growth! That’s where Christianity is going to w/out having to double-down on quoting the Bible or any spiritually deep Babalola-like/Hagin-like minister’s musings. For all his foresight ability, Spurinna had no end game.

Hope is not enough. Its experiment for 8-Years in a country was wonderful, but are today’s leaders ready to match today’s challenges with ideas, not rhetoric. You know what, you could almost see their campaign staging and say, “Keep quiet!” Deliver your nation from this paralyzing and frightening fears on your knees with JESUS.  Simple! It’s not far-fetched.

Innovations are not enough. I’m not content in advancing biotech and ICT developments. How do we look at these innovations and connect it to economic GDP, reflective of rise in wages and ultimately living standard the world is crying for?

The world is looking for a storehouse of “Ina njo ogiri o sa!”/Go-getters and one-time witchcraft Caesars now for JESUS; God’s DOMINION Illuminants! Decide if you want to keep being unproductive with your misuse of Web 2.0 (blogging or social media) weakened by no conviction, but irrelevant group think ramblings or stand-out with God.

I’ve never been more optimistic about the emergence of a breed of “Answers” to economic decline and inequality.

So much… Leap into second installment with the Ideas.


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