On Buhari, Trump and Hillary.| THE COVENANT I


September, Thursday 1, 2016 | S1-of-S21

Great prophetic mandate demands great die-hard focus. It’s an adventure!

Chasing baseless gossips and news tabloids is not the stuffs of those meant to be presidential. Away from local and int’l News TV distractions, God’s voice told suddenly me to watch the global news latest update. This was May, 11. As I tuned in so late at night, two key news update came intermittently.

The first was Trump’s rise as GOP’s Presidential candidate. I smiled. This was because nobody saw it coming. But I did. As engraced by God, whilst on social media, I could see any global events God shows me before they happen. One of such was that I was telling Hillary to pray lest my dream of a female President goes into the air. I wanted a template for my daughters.  I told this Madam Secretary to pray because I saw Trump winning the election hours before Obama’s last State of the Union address (SOTU). You would be instructing someone about something and s/he won’t listen until s/he falls. I mean, I saw who was going to be giving the next SOTU address. This was when “The Donald” stood as a joker with no chance amongst more than 11 contestants; even among those the religious conservative groups had sponsored.

Prophetic instruction(s) are for your profiting.

As a dynamic ministry set over the nations, we asked God again, He said, “My prophet, wait.” With that response, I knew God is “limited” to choosing two distrustful candidates for Presidents as proof of the failure of popular government. It means that, “Since July 20, 2007 – which was the day the earth’s 6000 year existence ended; the day man’s co-existence with demons theologically, scientifically, and prophetically as revealed by King JESUS on This Mountain ended, earth’s governance is out of any human’s hands.”

It means Hillary’s connections with Wall-Street can’t spiritually deliver a people set in homosexual ways, albeit how free they think they are.

“Only free men and women can lead!”

What about incest? What about their closed heavens? What about Economic boom with so much big government deficit? We are living in a time when governments of nations do not know what they are doing. The events plaguing nations are putting heavy frictions on campaign promises. Little wonder God says we should wait. The bookmakers, political elites/Wall Streeters, the policy makers are always missing the target economists in this Buffer Age (i.e. Age of Fear) didn’t see the Lynch-Clinton tarmac 30-minutes political mess coming. The game is wide open; Trump has a shot too at the White House. Unfortunately for him, his weaknesses has been targeted by witchcraft powers to remote-control his utterances. No amount of begging would stop him from self-destruction until he is delivered.

Same May 11 on one bias international news network; Cameron in trying to deflect The Panama Papers’ episode, staged a gaffe about my country’s “fascinating corruption”. Quickly, God opened my eyes to see Buhari holding a tense meeting with interest groups in Aso Rock and then, hurriedly removing the country’s oil subsidy. Well, as soon as he removed it, I saw him almost dying. By evening of that day, I learnt he had removed it to stir the Hornet’s nest.

Beloved, this is September and Buhari is still alive. The man went to hospital to fulfill diverse prophecies in the land about his death, yet, he didn’t die! God told me and showed me the spiritual . He distrurbed me: I either do something about Buhari’s secret cry to Heaven or let him go. By God’s Spirit of Grace I was given the instruction to determine how long he stays and become useful to this country’s GLORIOUS DESTINY.

It is written [in a plea for relief]: …

“We see not our signs: there is nor more any prophet: neither is there among us any that knoweth how long.”

— Psalm 74:9

Listen; there are Prophets set over kings and queens because of satan’s desire to control their seats. And any leader so weak to bow to satan is a demonic and dangerous leader. That is why they are always in back-and-forth quagmire of resultless political theories and economic thesis that hasn’t in hundreds of years delivered their nation’s GLORIOUS DESTINY to her people.



President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, SHALL NOT die! I scatter the satanic network/nest fashioned against him!

This is coming from the mouth of one in the order of the Spirit-of-Faith of my fathers whom I never met when alive but see appe ar to me countless times — Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and Reverend Kenneth Erwin Hagin!

Hear the Word of the LORD: …

Whosoever death is harassing… “You SHALL NOT die, in the name of JESUS!”


Ace-The-Case: We Speak as Instructed

Befor you die, you will always know.

I was speaking in the Holy Ghost whilst locked in a perimeter by God for 90-day, telling a famous Bahamian preacher [of Purpose] about his eventual departure from the earth if he does not straighten his ways. [“His ways” are confidential… we leave it at that]. Interesting episode: The more I told him, the more I got his public sticks with same re-tweeted by his fans. I was given an instruction to keep him alive, but no — I was too … to tell him what God had ofetn told him, time and again.

See, be very careful; be very very…. Your fans can lead you to an eventual early grave. Cynics go cynics come; you must be eternal. Think before you go stiff-necked on God. We explain how to “be” tomorrow]. Painfully, I was the last voice he heard before a plane crash publicly took him, his wife and his daughter.

Destroy the shepherd and the sheep would flee [to another].



There is a prophecy: …

God said, “As much as Buhari won’t die, his replacement has been packaged by hell come next election. God revealed that the fellow is an old dog, one the masses would like.” And because the masses aren’t empowered to know what is happening amongst the political power elite, they would follow again.

Remember as said always…

“Economic power without political power is useless.”

God has begun a thing in this Era. He wants to deliver your nations, starting with my country. And satan isn’t happy about it. In 90-breathtaking-days, you would have same ANCIENT COVENANT POWER to “harass” satan and decide on leaders who can “deliver” nations right from Aso Rock, the U.S. White House, 10 Downing Street, Moscow’s White House, et al.

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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