On Tinubu and a Global Franchise (Part A). | THE COVENANT II


September, Friday 2, 2016. | S2-of-S21.


Today’s critical junctures cries out for God’s power. Now, you need it.

It is written: …

“My preaching was not with the enticing philosophy/ideology of men but with the DEMONSTRATION of the power of God…. Once has Heaven thundered itTWICE did I hear that power belongs to God…. For it is God that giveth you power to get wealth to establish THE COVENANT He swore to thy fathers.”

                                                                                                                          — 1 Corithians 2:4; Psalm 62:11; Deuteronomy 8:18

We consistently demonstrated a few years ago on social media to the rapturous applause of Heaven that The Believer’s Authority in the 21st century is not enough. What you need is God’s power.

“Getting God’s power is not cheap either: God’s power comes by entrustment. It is His power.”

If your heart is so Machiavellian, He won’t give you; at this stage of being denied, you need eat the humble pie that: “God isn’t giving you, in 20+ years of ministry, because you could kill people with it.” Keeping evil in-store for someone is your Achilles heel. It means that you’ve in your heart programmed this mission to fail from the onset. This glorious 90+day power-transmission that we held and touched through the crucible of God’s fire mustn’t slip through your hands [again]. For the sake of your constituency the devil loves harassing into cheap death, you re-learn how to take baby-steps into GREATNESS and leave the realm of shame in not fully representing this God you believe you work for. Even the easy healing; healing [like headache, et al] is the children’s bread (Matthew Chapter 15 Verse 26). Don’t disappoint destiny.

Coldness in the name of “progressivism” is a shamgod’s venom.

The “ism” you need NOW is an unflinching dedicated practice of the Faith of our prophetic fathers to say a thing and it comes to pass in split seconds. You are next in line! I was privileged to practice my Faith in territorial conquest with the devil, thereafter activating a deep relationship with Him. To this, ‘am privileged to have God’s entirety. This is because God gives you His COVENANT name as proof of the depth of your spirituality with Him. You need to feel Him say it (smiles)… a hollow hush comes after His Voice. It’s a memorial feel. Conjuring it up to fulfill some PR stunt only draws one into casualty. Be careful; the devil loves racking-up casualties, especially in the battle front.


In Genesis Chapter 48 Verses 3-4…

“And Jacob said unto Joseph, God Almighty appeared unto me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and blessed me. And said unto me, ‘Behold I will (not [a futuristic] would) inject into you My Edenite Agenda….”

In the preceding Verse 2: “And they told Jacob, Joseph is coming, then ISRAEL, The Almighty, strengthened himself from his deathbed and sat up.” Same person, different IDENTITY by Heaven.

So, who are you?

In Genesis Chapter 28 verses 10-22, Jacob met God as The Almighty, and didn’t die. It began an episode! Since then, each time Jacob wants to die, the Spirit of God, The ALL-MIGHTY he saw at Luz-thel(sic) would wake him up, unless he decides he is done with his purpose. Just one of the many COVENANT name of God: God, The Almighty made Jacob (that is, ISRAEL) the un-dead sovereign nation that remaineth eternal (into Heaven) whilst all empires fall.

God, saying to Moses: “The day your carnal un-regenerated nature see My ALL-MIGHTINESS… you die.” Yet, Jacob’s carnal nature saw God in his dream and didn’t die. Why? God’s Spirit of Grace!


The same LORD appeared to me in the “enticing” land of Calabar – a city, headquartering eight (8) globally recognized secret societies in West Africa. I call it sin-city.

For 90+days in God’s ALMIGHTY 2014’s Divine Calendar year – the year of the Four Blood Moon and Ebola, Christ locked me up in a perimeter and blessed me Himself. He isolated me as I stood in one place. Then within those 90-breathtaking-days in one of those teaching that wrought proofs to the heavens that God is alive when the global stage needed rescue from its deep confusion, I went into a vision whilst still praising God. I saw myself in God’s throne room. I saw God sit afar off. I saw His glow, but couldn’t see His face. Then, I heard a grunt from the forceful drag of a prisoner coming from my left-hand-side. The prisoner and his jailer drew closer… closer and closer towards me [for some judgment] until his knees finally bowed and head sank beside me. With bodies extremely burnt to somewhat pale and colorless skin, I heard a voice behind me: “Beat him!” I looked back to see the voice behind that command – it was one of the Angels that drew him into God’s court room. As soon as I did, I heard God thunder out His own name: “DAVID, The Harasser of the harasser”. This climax in episode began a new dawn of swallowing earth’s darkness everywhere by His name – The Harasser of the harasser!

Ace-The-Case: Journey into the Murderous Coven of Hate

Each time we gather, even in the slightest meeting, unspeakable signs and wonders are wroughted. Given His “special Grace” (i.e., Spirit of Grace), yet everything in me dreads God. Early on, the team and I were gathered in a dear beloved’s church for prayers. As led, we prayed outside. Our leadership was only praying about endowment from above when a woman from the next building – a very tall one overshadowing ours, momentarily stopped us. Now, she didn’t tell us to stop praying – she humbly wanted us to pray for her co-wife/sister-in-law who was in delayed labour. It was then we knew that the building was a hospital. We asked her to come join us.

Not stopping her was the greatest mistake satan ever made. It’s one thing to go to hospitals for evangelism on patients and another for the hospital to come to you. I told her to please remove her earrings as we began prayers. Had she kept it on, she would have been a widow if we’d applied “tortoise-prayer” that is spiritually blind to REALITY. How?

Not only did the co-wife have a quick supernatural induced delivery, we, by the hand of God, stood on one spot in prayers and travelled down to this woman’s village to HARASS an established evil covenant of getting wealth which kills all the male children in her husband’s family – down to earlier generations. That was the violent death waiting for her and everybody. Had she smirked, not knowing that demons attach themselves to diabolic earrings, we wouldn’t have seen what followed. It happened that her husband and his male siblings were next in-line would make these young sister-in-laws widows, and no delayed confession was going to save them. The beautiful thing was that each time we kept saying something, she kept confirming them. JESUS, God of the Prophets didn’t disappoint His ministry.  Then suddenly, the mermaid/marine power (i.e., that covenant’s strongman) cladded in a white garment came into our midst with rage and tried to steal her from our midst for trying to rescue the entire family by dragging her. The marine kingdom and hateful occult personality – mermaid woman – were feeling the heat and knew this August woman was the cause. They knew an entire family was going to be DELIVERED, and so they sent one of their own – the strongman in-charge of that family’s case. (Smiles…) Tiny violent threat; we crushed her on her track. What are talking about here? I wished we had preached our love theme to her so that she sees reason. She was on mission! And we didn’t let her complete it; we quenched her violent dare! Why is it that wicked powers don’t wait when a higher power somersaults their boast…, not only that….

[We pause and let this beneficiary continueher victory in our next epoch gathering].

“The devils would not become God’s friend until they see a higher power. Love is power; love gives! You don’t give humanity what you don’t have. Do you have God’s love?”

Beloved, you were created to solve nerve-racking problems which enjoys sending colds chills into humanity. This 90-day is your take-over season! See you tomorrow.

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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