On Tinubu and a Global Franchise (Part B). | THE COVENANT II


September, Saturday 3, 2016. | S2-of-S21.

Spiritually, the greater the demonic Franchise at play in every Age/Era, the greater the chance of God’s boast (Job Chapter 38-41).

“… By such moment in history, Heaven draws a battle-line. He becomes God, The Almighty: You can’t be all-mightier than Him, not today, not tomorrow.”

Ace-The-Case: The Muslim Affair

Being thrown into a beautiful city like Calabar should mean nothing more than the ordinary. The interesting thing was that as soon as I got there for my second missionary journey in the divine 2014 year, the queen of the coast – the female demon in charge of all the marine water powers in the world – knew I was in town. I remember forcefully giving this demon the Holy Communion only for her to flee. That single moment began a clearing away of powers that could stop Christ’s globally profiting DOX: Inclusive Dominion© for all nations of the earth from where satan headquartered himself in West Africa. In that #Divine2014CalendarYear alone, God tested Himself on earth once more: There won’t be anything called APC (a coalition-cum-political party) had Tinubu not camped to listen to all those teachings; there won’t be President Buhari had God not forced me into a vigil with Tinubu. You might want to ask Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu or any DOX teaching beneficiary, globally. I’m made to know that if revisionists edit what God did for them (so that generations to come might learn about His ALMIGHTINESS), that He would by Himself rescind their “progress”, and make them go back to square one.

Gratitude; the wise don’t urinate in the well they daily drink from. We have a lot to do; humility is only bankable at this point in history. This was because King JESUS, spiritually, came onto the earth by opening His “Dominion Portal”. It was from this portal I saw God dispatch His angels to many streets across the world. They were rescuing souls plagued by demons on their landed Franchise. It was an experience likened to parting the Red Sea. God was shaking the world from the landed Calabar Franchise, yet all the demons/gods in the land couldn’t do anything. Demons-and-Angels knew: In rage, satanic forces cladded in black and red clothing faded away at one swipe of my right hand. You would need to awaken your identity to confirm this event from divine Angelic forces in the spiritual. Anything short of this is opinion. No — I’m not talking of being awakened by self-interest to replace someone with a “heavier baggage” only to stop at Day 1 of a 40-days fasting and prayers.

“You can’t be using the move and counter-move of Machiavellian contents and still serve God. God and satan stand at antipodes; they can’t be best buddies!”

 You can’t re-invent the wheel of God’s Ancient Landmark victories set over earth’s catastrophic social contexts in all the Eras: Which started with the first 2000 Years in Age of Man then the second 2000 Years in the Age of Torah cascaded down to the Church Age which ended on July, 20, 2007 ushering in this nightmarish Buffer Age© also called the Age of Fear (which started on July 21, 2007).

God is not weak opinion-laden philosophy; God is power and wisdom.

In Genesis Chapter 1: …

“For in the first page of Creation, the beginning, the energy of God’s Spirit of Grace (not just grace) selflessly – with no strings attached – CRUSHED/DOMINATED darkness and there was light!”

It was this same energy (i.e., The Holy Spirit) that showed me the land of Calabar in the Bible (i.e., Earth’s manual). America is in the Bible, beloved; my country is in the Bible… come on.

Not only was the risk enough in the first mission, the second missionary went again with the force of the Word of God which created the government in my country today. [Remember, she is not yet a nation – we teach this as we go on].

Also along these teachings, I would tell you how God had to kill me in 2013 when I refused to take this mandate given me 6 years before then [on July 21, 2007] then woke me up with His identity because of a critical year so special to Him in reforming His earth – the year 2014 (the 7th year). Nobody owns this earth more than Him; not even the FIVE territorial Princes in-charge of this earth’s governance – earth’s Franchise.

It’s a brand new day – a God-kind of order to END terror and economic tremors despite the manifold Intel on ground. This Age-of-Fear would soon become a thing of history for our children to study. By July 21, 2017 this Age-of-Fear would be 10 years. We call it the “The Buffer Age”; an Age before rapture – an Age that would give the world a taste of Christ 1000 years millennial reign; an Age Apostle Ayo Babalola who appears to me often prophesied on July 21, 1959, 5-days before his own known death seen in 1958.


God’s prophets are His historians. They know the past, the present and the future.

From Moses till date, all GENUINE, not counterfeit ones know God’s timeline. And by that are responsible for orchestrating God’s calendar. Neither Moses, nor Adam, were around when God created the earth, yet God transferred His creation’s manual to him lest we are confounded/confused by dark inconsequential teachings. We’ve got 990 years more. God owns this earth; let’s wait it out.

This was why The ALMIGHTY forced This Mountain to do a vigil with the Islamic Tinubu when harassed by the former administration (that was kind enough to allow Democracy reign). [I wonder if the APC would be that generous come next election].

But, why this Muslim[?] and not a slumbering Christian? Can Donald Trump and his “heeby-jeeby fearfuls”(sic) among some of his wise supporters learn from this Right Hand of love? We hear more from God, The Harasser of the harasser in tomorrow’s Part C.

You shall not be confounded!

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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