On Tinubu and a Global Franchise (Part C). | THE COVENANT II


September, Saturday 4, 2016. | S4-of-S21.

It takes having political power to belong in the 1% “political class”.

Inequality myth like this is why I believe in a “classless society”; a society where there is nothing like working class, middle class and political class but replaced by the God-Class. Plato and diabolic scholars of “a just city” would slay for this.

MY “AMBVISION”: Can great things come out from Bethlehem?

I don’t know the date I got saved. I do not. What I do remember from the late 80s throughout the 90s was the many times I came out for altar calls. Don’t sweat it if you’ve messed up over the years. Salvation experience is not the end to your pattern; it’s simply a means to an end — and that end is your “DOX: Inclusive Dominion” in Christ JESUS.

Yet, glory to God the Scripture Union kind of church gave me the integrity that would forever shape my life. Because of their ethic formation, I can look into ministry knowing I can never ever steal.

Friends, without “conscience” man is bound to drag civilization to the Dark Age. This, many [self-proclaimed] modern ministers should have had than criticize in order to be famous. Had they had it, their stealing, hate, double-dealing, hypocrisy, eye service, busybody, deception, et al would have been reduced by this “ethic checker” they quickly condemn. Without the law (not the fences of the law), society would become an unjust violent warlords’ city of fear, dread, and tears. There’s what is called “exponential success through unity”: ‘As such, a house divided against itself SHALL NEVER EVER stand.’ — Matthew Chapter 12 Verses 25.

You’ve got to study the historiography and see the charts: You can’t re-create Christianity through division from a local church perspective. It’s an exercise in vain-futility. You don’t shine and get BLESSED by destroying others; much more the whole Ecclesia. This is no sane ambition for a domestic church to engage in. Think of the future of this family called THE CHURCH UNIVERSAL – The Body of Christ. Please think.

In the early 90s, as a book addict however, I had a few collections of books and cassette tapes added to my then library as well as ones I gave away. Those were the days of no internet over here. Your increasing library of books and magazine, the BBC radio service, [propaganda then-led] local TV stations, and literary festivals were all you’ve got to stay up-to-date about the world around you. The littlest book hunt amongst my peers in those days was a great telltale. We all loved to listen to how we got a new entry into our library. (Smiles…). Of my fondest book hunt experience that still keeps me amused was one with my aunt who’d stocked her library with books only from her pastor [that had come from the north to Lagos Hinterland]. Nothing sensational about this highly local pastor and his book prints: dry cover design and repetitive prose… besides, he was [on a face value] too overconfident, loud about his future as if he can travel round the world with a chartered airline at such huge operating cost. Why not just keep quiet? Whatever he had going, I cared less: there were more undemocratic damning events in the land of my birth were even a certain respectable founding Pentecostal preacher couldn’t end. God was not useful in that then militarized State. So, to see another upcoming preacher living in his own world and dragging everybody into it was a drama fit for the Cannes. But my aunt’s devotion was startling. Curious, insomuch, I took a keen interest in what could have caused this awkwardness by adding a few books in her library to mine. It was a battle to release any; eventually, I had my way. You couldn’t be contending with your nephew who is desperately keen on knowing what you know. I look back nowadays with much laughter because I remember her several messages to my family that I must return her books. Apparently, she later saw the need not to.

Having much to read and give away I still see [one of] my favorite book till date as Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho‘s The Fourth Dimension. And as most of you know, that book did something great to bring unity to my family which changed my spiritual outlook. Yet, I still didn’t know the date I had my New Birth experience.

Hear me: You might have been ceremonially called into Christ by a close religious leader like how Reverend Billy Graham did on George Bush Jr. and how Hillary’s teenage pastor – a friend of the family got her to know JESUS yet still be corrupt. Beloved, don’t sweat it. You can have a clean slate. Stay with me on this.

Time had passed and life kept moving my family and I forward when on October 11, 1999 I picked a selection of my books on vision and laid them down to read. I was enjoying a cross-reading of those books when a heavy hand suddenly made me doze off at noon. That was it. I saw myself in a simple dream that would shape my life forever. It was a dream like no other: God took me to a classroom setting where I replaced my teachers and started teaching the pupil of all kinds [which meant this present times and seasons]. And after class, I saw myself driving them in a “white bus” to their homes, and then the following morning, driving them back to the same classroom. Standing beside the white bus then and getting exhausted about the entire process, a huge old man with imposing height decked in shiny and bright white garment touched “my shoulder” with His Right Hand. On looking up I could not see His face. [I later knew it was God]. With that touch, I got recharged and continued working. Then, the vision ceased and I woke up terribly sweating as if I was living in it.

From that moment on, I found myself not being able to reconcile the two worlds of fantasy and reality. That encounter changed my lexicon and my dreams. There was a phrase that ate me up: “As poor as church rat…” Such a shame in The Ecclesia I wanted to end with my Bill Gate-like humanitarian bravado. I studied Computer Science and worked hard as if I was called to end it. Yet, I still didn’t know the date I got saved.

(Smiles…). You might have been saved a billion times and still be in a hole, a brand new day is here. I am one of the Helpers of your JOY. Relax; everything would be alright as God shakes you with His opportunity.

I thought I was going to be a Sunday school teacher. So with time, I went on teaching in that my aunt’s children, teenage and youth church as well as a few church like Apostle Babalola’s church and others. It was funny interpreting my assignment then as that safe bet. Surreal life renovation had come and gone up to my career path. Along the line, I created successful businesses: Funny became fun when my quest to become the Bill Gates of The Ecclesia by giving 90% of my money to global Church mission works side-by-side church services was becoming a reality. [I didn’t know that God was seeing this heart].

Somehow, the imposing encounters and Heavenly messengers of October 11, 1999 and July 21, 2007 respectively kept coming to remind me about my only mandate on earth. I was caught in a quagmire. First, the physical aspect of the call was not clear: Do I set up a part-time ministry or something; I’d asked God but no response from Him. Secondly, the happiness of remaining in the Helps ministry far outweighs the concept of becoming a clergy in The Ecclesia. But God had other ideas. Suddenly, God caught up with me.

Friends, I’ve come to realize that those that God does great things with in The Ecclesia have often had to initially wrestle with obeying God’s Supernatural-Hand. Heaven’s supernatural is a different world; a place of absolute overconfidence in something beyond the human sense; it’s a place where you become god over satan; it’s a place you eat satan’s threat for breakfast; it’s a place God ruptures your system with His prophetic symphony, and then drag you by your hair till you know Him as God — The Almighty… “I Am that I Am!”

[Tongues…]. I am God’s Supernatural-humanist; His super-human because “I Am” is in me!

This is the Age of the prophetic! The Age of the God-class! This is the Buffer Age to crush chaos and uncertainty on earth. This is the Age October 11. 1999 came alive! Yet, I didn’t know when I got born again. Relax. (Smiles…).

My favourite quote as many in the years past know is: When the students are ready, the teachers would come. Re-script that and chew this: Whether the students like it or not, exams have begun. The world’s Pandora’s Box has set exams of chaos and uncertainty you must not fail! You fail, you are gone. Only a Supernatural-humanist that is loud and wide on God’s covenant that would defeat Hell. Are you one?

I’ve run, and can run no more. What about you? Not one book stopped me on my track. Not one book made me who I am today. “I Am that I Am” did that! I don’t care about what you know or who know. If you don’t obey the prophetic instructions of God — the “I Am that I Am”, the rage on Judas is a little idea of what future generations and governments would place on you. This is because you wasted your opportunity; you wasted their profit and joy.

It was God in the adventures of life from one life altering dimension to another in the face of dread and death that made me know who I am. I paid a heavy price. You could read and forget; but God is the final piece to your life. Therefore, I demand that you forget everything you’ve ever read and heard from This Mountain so long as you would face life in the dust, sweat and blood daring greatly on the horse-back of life!

Your REAL life’s opportunity beckons. Go! Time and seasons are going. Years are becoming decades and decades a century you might never get to see it. It’s time to take that risk.



God has lovingly reset earth’s timeline to distort satan’s masterful plan created 6000 years ago. It’s his opportunity! Satan had planned down a Pandora’s Box set-of-plagues for July 20, 2007 only to see that man – God’s GREATEST ASSET – is still “surviving”. He’s gone nuts; both his highly mechanized kingdoms in the 2nd heaven and his base on earth – SMK© (satanic marine kingdom) are angry. How do we Checkmate satan’s mysterious vengeful social contexts?


You too must become a “Mysterious Wonder”.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it would be fantasy to think politicians win votes by speeches alone. The mandate of the 1% “political class” responds only to power — spiritual powers. Some groups use owl, broom, cowries, axes, cats, bats, eagles et al as symbol of their organizations, then you think fighting over doctrine and religious popularity is the main issue on ground…? Stylized and beautifully done, witchcraft powers love using satanic symbols/emblems saturated with satanic powers to inflict bondage on people and wage their war in the toughest of battles.

In this new form of politics for earth’s control earth, one power must bow for another: The old gods Vs. God’s boast. Guess what… the loser isn’t going to be God. God is too HIGH to bow!

It is written: …

“Thou, JESUS, hast ascended on HIGH and at the same time led satan’s captive FREE, and RECEIVED ministry gifts [of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers] from God for men; yes for THE REBELLIOUS ALSO, that God, The Almighty might dwell with them.”

— Psalm 68:18; Ephesians 4:7-16.

You cannot exist in a mysterious world like this Era without being a “mysterious wonder”. For it is in the “receiving” of prophetic instructions like I did with God’s journey that all forms of kingdom-based faith works. And God’s prophetic instructions are tools for His Mysterious-Prayers. Take that to the bank.

YOU and Tinubu & Co. are destined to bow to God and rise with God! A must combination.

Listen; “Mysterious-Prayers” are Heaven’s invasion against witchcraft machination in territories. It’s a Territorial Conquest! Hate preachers causing violence are clueless to this. Despite their fears of being usurped, they are still in the middle class!

“Mysterious-Prayers”, not just prayers, operates in the RECEIVING. If Joshua had just simply prayed when God says He should obey His prophetic instructions, 20+ years or more after, the Wall of Jericho would have crushed Israel into extinction.

It is written: …

FOR… “He that overcometh, and KEEPETH my works unto the end, to him will I, King JESUS, give power over the nations, and a global Franchise with a new name written on it, which no human in their might knoweth except him/her that RECEIVES it.”

— Revelation 2:26, 17; Genesis 31:13; 35: 9-12

Tinubu & Co. recognized it was God’s power that was talking all these years. They are familiar with it. But that recognition is not enough to get saved. Until grey diabolic power in all nations submits to power, we’ve not begun the exploits of the kingdom.

HOW? We’ve got to consistently leverage on God’s part of the deal to win them to JESUS Christ. For instance; I was commanded to help him but was not happy blessing him. With time I got to know why God loves him. Got told me that amongst the cloud of mockers watching, that Tinubu stood his neck out to obey every “prophetic instructions” to form a coalition-cum-political party with a political foe. That is the Right Hand of God – The “I Am that I Am.”

God won’t come down to save Tinubu & Co. You are. That satanic wall of Jericho Franchise over their life and family must fall down flat!

Political class rise, political class fall, but God’s Word standeth sure. Until you confidently walk in your REAL calling, many in this dispensation would “limit the Holy One” by their selfishness and envy, two bile-products of progressivism and materialism.

Global DOX delivering adventure is your destiny!

They call Asiwaju Tinubu, the lion of one “certain location”, but JESUS, the Lion of God – The Harasser of the harasser – needed Himself on stage to show the earth who is the REAL lion. Now, this was when then “Candidate Buhari” had no chance of winning. God had to open my eyes to see that he had been meekly obeying Him for the greatness ahead. Why not a Christian but a Muslim?!

Take it anywhere: Tinubu was prophesied down same way Isaiah prophesied Cyrus down before Daniel later saw his emergence in his Era.

This does not mean the man would give me money and I would collect it. If opening a vault/bank in hell is weightier than accepting Christ’s prophesied government for him (one an “Ifa” deity can’t offer), then I am not one interested in some bread from man; esp. when ‘am still eating Heaven’s uncommonly uncommon bread – JESUS, The King of kings!

Earth’s diabolic Guardians (i.e., Eletos) know “delayed gratification” so as to preserve The Franchise. Plato knew this; India’s Pandit Nehru and Obafemi Awolowo and his “Egbe Omo-O’dua” knew this. King David [on God’s side] knew this; Prophet Daniel who conquered the “prince of Persia” because of Cyrus knew this. Unfortunately, ministers who are students of Niccolo Machiavelli positive laws and those of soul-weakening popularized school of thoughts don’t know this. How do they pass Pandora’s Box exams?

Now, not tomorrow, is the time for God’s kind of global #EconomicDeliverance.

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


The Wall of Jericho fell down flat

The Wall of Jericho fell down flat

The children of God are praising the LORD,

The Wall of Jericho fell down flat!


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