Crushing The Enemy that could stop Hillary and YOU. (PART A). | FAITH OF OUR FATHERS II


September, Wednesday 7, 2016. | S7-of-S21


In Q2 (the second quarter) of 2015, I was telling Hillary in a closed session which was programmed to be private until if I can remember, a certain web of deception and treachery stealing “changed” on the dichotomy of why her family (an adjudged political powerhouse) always fail at the edge of breakthrough. It sounded like a joke until from nowhere like a great wind taken off under her campaign sail, her husband created a “political disaster” that increased more distrust in her 20+ political career. Her surrogate (the hypocritical ones and otherwise) were having a role heckling Donald Trump with the Democratic party attack playbook when a 30-minutes madness at a Los Angeles airport gifted the Republican party a chance to expose her. Skeptical liberals were already looking for signs of betrayal, and you gave them a #ClintonEmail-gate scandal. Before that were the Clinton foundation financial ties with strange faces. The political world has not forgotten the Monica Lewinsky presidential lie scandal. Forgiven – definitely yes, forgotten – no. This is because ever since the Nixon Watergate scandal, America’s trust for the presidency simply disappeared. Until then, Presidents were seen as some representative of unstained character. Character is not enough. Quite often, I have seen character preachers publicly do contrary to their messages. You can game man, not God. Out of the many weapons God showed me, there is one KEY weapon He calls: “Confound the cofounder; confuse the confuser!” (Genesis 11:7, 9; 2 Kings 19:20, 26; Psalm 83:17; 129:5; Isaiah 24:23; 41:11; 50:7; 54:4) When the battle is tough for God, God uses his weapon of confusion. Babel was too tough for God and He had to consult the Trinity and all three individuals agreed to confound the earth’s language. We all spoke one language until Babel. Babel can be likened to Extractive-Governance that unifies all the government of the earth. Government waste (which many call corruption) is the single unifying language these days. And in wastage by “the waster” is witchcraft which comes from a demonic seat. Bel was The Prince of the just City of Ba-bel; who is satan.  The first worship of satan dared God into space. The Soviet’s Sputnik 1 spaceflight was not the first time man’s technology orbited the earth. Man built their way up into space, brick-by-brick; metal-by-metal. What sought of science is that?

It is written: …

Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to theheavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building. The LORD said to the Heavens, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confound their language so they will not understand each other.” So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. That is why it was called Babel—because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth.” – Genesis 11: 4-9

Man has always wanted to be rebelliously goatish. The ideology of the ideologue at Ba-bel was to do what Lucifer tried doing as an angel of light but failed. How come he thinks he could do it in darkness, and with un-divinely led mankind in the then first 2000 years Age-of-Man. Satan was God’s target. The humans were just “collateral damage”. Nobody came to this earth with a language. But as soon as we entered earth, the weapon of Confounding the Confounder changes it automatically. You start speaking Mandarin and the fellow speaking English can’t understand the person until he learns it. What a frustration and confusion. So, anybody that thinks she/he wants to be smarter than God’s plan should think twice. “Big-big” grammar doesn’t cut it; you are simply confusing people that didn’t come to this earth with that Anglo-Saxon language the more. Low self-esteem is why people speak big unreasonable grammar to feel they’ve silenced their opponent. Why would people want to do that? It’s a tactic in legal parlance. People that use this approach know the power behind its confusion on minds that aren’t well read. This is why most un-educated ministers gravitate towards the deception of the shamgod’s minions. One of the poor signs of inequality in Anglophone countries is poor English, even in England. That doesn’t mean those God used in dispensing the gospel back then were useless. They were the available “foolish things” of this world God used to CONFOUND the wise-devils. The hardship of poverty is a recruitment ground for God to change your world. However, it would damnable to inherit poverty passed down from your lineage. BREAK IT! Our idea is to end global inequality laden in this class-driven earth. We are on track and must balance the economy and politics. Eras before the Medieval Age got it wrong; Democracy is our chance to even the percentile. However, education can’t buy favour – God’s favour. Senselessly mocking the education of once working class men the likes of Reverend Keneth E. Hagin, Dr. T.L. Osborn, Apostle J.A. Babalola and R.G. LeTourneau is simply mocking their governments, don’t you see? This public affirmation dilemma, same in Trump, often comes if you are from a royal line/a political class. You just can’t get enough of praise. You badly need it. It’s in you; you can’t help yourself. If you don’t get it, you feel like dying. Your whole make-up and goals are always towards that direction. When lost in unrestrained praise, you never get to see satan coming when he desires to finish using you and those dark influences: contents and vested useless powers; he always runs away like chicken. The chant you are enjoying for perpetrating “desperate wickedness” today would cost you terribly tomorrow. “Confounding the confounder; confusing the confuser” is when God sends confusion into the camp of your enemy. Throughout history, no matter how careful they try, their demonic diabolic magnitude/imagination ends up setting a trap for them. Even God sends confusion to anything that “hates” His plan for humanity – even to the moon and the sun (on the last day). Beloved, “confusion of the LORD” is a terrible weapon against the works of darkness. That is why our doctrine of “progressivism” and “materialism”, which fully got heavyweight innovation in 1789’s French Revolution is satan’s unifying worship of self and greed, certainly without God. Gradually, society is decaying into Sodomy, terror and fear. Fellow humans and earth’s resources per time are now toys/pawn in our game until we get bored with them and look for another set. People are both selfish and murderously envious at the same time. Jealousy is harmless, but envy… Forget it, it’s the highest INTERNAL WITCHCRAFT known to man. When you can’t rejoice with others but want to take their place, you are an unconscious witch. In the end, nobody cares. Ahithophel has been serving David loyally, such David assumed. It was until he had the ticket to the throne he became worse than Judas. Nearness to power reveals character. No matter how you preach character, the devil in the speaker would come out when close to “the heat of power”. That someone is brash today does not mean the person is not Presidential or unstable. The person’s nuances are as far as you see him/her. But when you see a cryptic person, you don’t know what they could do. I know of preachers that are as greedy and selfish behind to key staffers but cool on the outside. Ahithophel was cool, until he had the shot to betray his master. The strange thing is that the Bible called Ahithophel’s policy strategy a good counsel. God even saluted him. International politics was at play here. In fact, because he was an “Oracle of God”, he got it from God. God is mysterious. “Confounding the cofounder; confusing the confuser” is a mysterious weapon God uses each time man wants to stop His plan. God has favorites. No matter your gifting, resources and years of experience, if you don’t do Mathew 6:33’s DOX: Inclusive Dominion, your chances of making Heaven is zero. Let me just tell you the clear truth now before it is too late. When God says I don’t know you on the last day in Heaven, it means He has already made self-interested pastors, diviners and seers mad on earth. God said, “He that doeth my will; not he that is seeking his own fame or something.” Progressivism and materialism is the territorial spell sent into the “air” to make many boast of their successes. In the minds of depraved souls, it can kill people that stand of their way. It is not I want to progress, but progress at all cost. It is brutal and vicious. That is no strength. I’ve seen and used strength.  Sometimes you smile at these dangerous souls to humanity – even most pastors. The will of the father is DOX: Inclusive Dominion, not some selfish humanistic missions. God’s will is strength. So mysterious is God’s will that He could send the spirit of just men to confirm that you are on the right track. I remember Heaven giving plaques…. Saying: “We award you.” This one time, I saw one of my spiritual father – Bro. Hagin of blessed memory – stand on a pulpit before a great army of today’s Ecclesia/The Church global and staring at me then back to them intermittently and saying as if briefing them with warning: “If any man has the heart of David, The Great Commission would be fulfilled!” I have seen ministers simply in the physical coming to celebrate with me, not because I got married or something. But because they saw God’s crowning glory on me. Beloved, your future is so bright you need God’s weapon of “Confounding the cofounder; confusing the confuser.”     David, though a Prophet—king, needed Ahithophel more than he needed himself, but David was God’s favorite. He didn’t know that. God loves your loyal-no-strings-attached-service for him. In the day of battle when you call the weapon of “Confounding the cofounder; confusing the confuser,” Heaven releases it from His armory to fight for you. He knows you love Him. Stop seeking approval. Trump was just too unwise to know this. That is the problem with having Binary candidates the voters are limited to voting for. Forget the Libertarian and Green parties. Your opponent is already sinking; all you need do is get out of the way so they self-destruct. Trump should have gotten out of the way for the FBI to finish their investigation, but the man’s weakness – pride – got the better of him. Both the double edged spirit of the Age-of-Fear: the “seductive magnitude”/imagination and “diabolic magnitude”/imagination ate up his inside. He overrated himself so much so that he needed to feel like the winner with cheap wins. He had not yet won and he is singing his praise. The thunder under his campaign was already dissipating… to him, the Hillary nightmare was an opportunity to bring back the drama – something that has always worked for him. The aura of invincibility was going back into the tire and most of his supporters were having fun at. Then, the foolish comments started coming in. One of the memorable ones… “Obama is the founder of ISIS.” The louder the crowd’s chants, the more he kept saying unfounded things. It’s like seeing being praised on Twitter and saying things to express your ungratefulness to authority that fed you.   Listen, ungratefulness is normal for those who overlook their daily blessings. If you are praying to be in someone’s shoes of GREATNESS, learn to ask them for help and learn how they suffered to get to that level. Responsive crowd/followings doesn’t guarantee winning. People often at first gravitate to the image of power, but when they get close to you, and finally realize that you can’t deliver them from satanic assault, your PR/image would eventually be a fraud. You become a shamgod’sboy-toy”. Get substance. Don’t let the society prescribe how you live your ONE and ONLY God ordained life. This attempt is worse than witches sidetracking your destiny. Anything short of God’s will is a satanic remote control. Get substance. If you don’t have it, they would leave you. Crowds don’t always guarantee winning. In politics, millions could like you and you could still lose in a landslide. I smile at the outsider Trump. Contrary to negative labels, this man is fit to be U.S. President. Both he and Hillary are the product of the failed American Extractive Capitalism that left God out of GOVERNANCE. When he gets there, he would do what all Presidents know how to do: make decisions. Presidents don’t always know right from wrong all the time, but he/she can’t be indecisive because the strategy/policy isn’t popular. Most smart people know that a President’s key decisions are made in the dark. You can’t afford to tweet them or something to score points. And that is what leadership is all about. But for now, “spiritual insanity” has been temporarily projected into his brain. You want to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall and you think some folks who feel like the ground under their feet isn’t solid would watch you? When you DON’T believe in spiritual warfare only done in the spirit realm, your picture, your hair, your clothes, your money, your name et al is the delight of witchcraft manipulation. Witches have stolen husband from so many women through this kind of spell, then go on choice vacations, have mansions built for them only for these victim-women, who suffered with their husband from the outset, to become “wasted goods”. Trump’s misogynistic utterances always make me pity him. Why? Demons have been confusing his brain for so long that it’s affecting his business and family. He should check his ancestry. I could tell him the root cause of his problem. I already know that but won’t say it here.

 Ace-The-Case: The Dual Person of Paul

One adulterous sex can wipe out your entire dynasty. Sadly, a man had extra-marital affair with a very beautiful woman in one of his trips, and mistakenly had a child with her. Were it HIV/AIDS he got transmitted into him, the consequences could have been curtailed; at most his innocent wife would have been the victim, but no suddenly in a particular year, his family started having misfortune. The first born was fired arrow of vagabond spirit. The second handsome boy had epilepsy, the 3rd one epilepsy, and the last child, misfortune and bad-luck. So saddening was this “confusion” that the run-arounds to cure this epilepsy not only drained this happy family into poverty but killed the man; this husband that brought this problem died of HbP (high blood pressure). Sometimes, your heart can’t handle enticing Machiavellian lust you want to go into. Why not withdraw and face destiny. After so many struggles, the wife also died of HbP leaving the four kids. The 2nd second child with epilepsy also died when the vagabond first child got tired of treating the fellow. A hit of head on the wall was what the devil needed to take this fellow. Then the third child, suffering from epilepsy, once a model has now become gaunt. Why all these? Answer: “The strange woman.” After the death of their mother, the Uncle now told them that their father slept with a strange woman then abandoned them in a particular year. And since that year, the family never had one peace. In fact, the children confirmed that each time that epileptic seizure wants to come, the strange woman would appear as a strongman to them and turn them upside down. You see how this life is… fantasy would waste you before you know it. Become REAL with real teachings. You see how Confounders can be; therefore, you should be tired of your confused bearing in life by now. Imagine, the woman didn’t know. Of course she would know in eternity, after spending half of her life suffering here on earth. Knowing would have made her know what to pray against, but no, she didn’t. Perhaps you are sitting there looking into the Heaven for help, well, it won’t come. You must take your inheritance by “spiritual force”. That strange woman MUST go! Anything stronger than you is your strongman. You must bind that strongman and chase it away. You’ve got the mysterious weapon of “Confounding the cofounder; confusing the confuser.” Well, I love my enemies. That is your choice. The “speech” of Apostle Paul that wrote 1 Corinthians 13 is different from the “action” of the same Apostle Paul in Acts 13 in confounding Elymas, the wizard-confounder with blindness. “But sir, love does not give madness.” If only you know what Apostle Paul showed and told me to do that day he appeared unto me. I am surprised that what he ordered me to do was in the Bible all this while. [That mystery is for another time in history].

NOTE THIS: Until you prove/master God’s mysteries with great results around associates, don’t preach it.

Beloved, women are supposed to be cerebral and the fighter of their family’s inheritance. Hillary, for example, has so much failed that weeping for her is being clueless. I can’t weep for her. She must OBEY God. Unfortunately, she is the one calling out someone else’s failure. If I didn’t know the witchcraft power behind her huge loss in the recent ratings, even in the battleground states, I could have asked, “Must your ambition destroy somebody else’s lifework.” But thank God we are wiser than asking irrelevant philosophical questions like devil’s messengers do to stir innocent minds to rebellious un-thought revolution which only make these minds “collateral damages”. This kind of violent-gullibility is why people mustn’t claim character superiority over Trump. Ignorance of spiritual matters should be gotten once and for all, when other weak ideas don’t work. For instance, with same-sex spell, hell would take a lot of people. Have you seen the internal violence happening in France and America alone? How can she be dreaming well when telling the whole world she wants to be the Queen of the darkness that ruined Sodom and Gomorrah? When anybody keeps misbehaving, I simply imagine how that person’s dream looks like. This is because your dream life is your mirror. The more urban and fast-paced your thirst to quench boredom is, the more you allow satan to take charge of your dreams and implants evil roadmaps that creates destructions. I don’t do What’sApp or Twitter. Someone does that for me. Every notification, however, are duly seen.  Back then on social media, I remember one satanic speaker, in a bid to stop God’s move like Ba-bel, told many that dreams (which the ultimate landed Franchise God and satan fight over for) is fiction. Even science knows this evil human is confused. Scientism supplanting science is the highest form of confusion satan is using on many people on social media today. You are smart to know better. Only you know what you are dreaming, and you know you want God’s help more than anything. And if you are not dreaming, know that you are a walking corpse. Therefore anybody that wants you to discount your dream wants to kill you, slowly. Such kind of control that has moved beyond what you eat and drink to what not to do dream is Confounder’s confusion on your lovely mind. Resist it! Thank God he can’t teach you to expect him in your dream. That is for local witchcraft prophets and pastors to preach. HOW do you avoid these occultic messengers? Answer: Both categories can argue doctrine with you but never your dream. And because God loves you, He gives you a “spiritual anesthesia” so that your hyper-busy modern self could hear Him about your life and looming danger around you and your loved ones, even people outside it. He knows that your lack of spirituality is a time-bomb. Therefore, you start dreaming. He loves you…. In warfare, when a thing is exposed, victory is certain. When you know the root cause of a thing, you are one knock away from victory. The spiritual world is an interesting place. First off, dreams are for babies, yet, it is a godly medium. I’m sorry, but that is the honest truth. You just need to grow up. And should God open most Machiavellian students, they could kill people, especially when they see that most people they call friends and families are vehemently on mission to kill them. And like you saw yesterday, when you constantly see your dead relatives, know you are simply next in-line for the spirit of death and hell. Therefore, you counter it! Your loving God is not in the hide-and-seek business with you. He is very clear; confound the confounder!


This woman has strong enemies. I told her in that Q2 that her slippery breakthroughs at the edge of success are often projected from the dream world. This is where what is called Near Success Syndrome (NSS) majorly starts from, asides foundational and territorial demonic plaguing. Even the devil’s agents dream nightmare dreams God sends to confuse and molest them. If you ask many saved/born-again Christians who once wielded dark powers their salvation experience, they would tell you of how God confused and frustrated them into surrender. Only the grace of God saved them from being “collateral damages”.

It is written: …

“Every man is brutish in his philosophy and ideology: every founder is confounded by the graven image… They are vanity and the work of error: in their time of visitation they shall perish.” — Jeremiah 10:14-15

Ace-The-Case: The Waiting Game

Along the God-led 90-breathtaking-day, I would tell you of a tragedy I know of in a particular country we have interest in. But hear this: A man had given his life to Christ by force after 30 years of cultic practice. The longevity of his occultism made him a very fortified person with several charms. On meeting a higher power in a “saviour” servant of God higher than what he has known in all his 30 years of satanic boasting, he surrendered to the JESUS the minister serves. He began dropping his charms for burning, one after the other. So much were they that they had to buy gas/fuel down to burn each batches of charms. Praise God every seen charm were burnt. Unfortunately for the man, he had forgotten he swallowed some eggs to give him the power to speak instant death woe to his detractors. By this time, he was already born-again, speaking in tongues (i.e., Glossolalia) and preaching love messages; albeit not hypocritically like it is today in having a political/economic edge in the art of war. However, each time he shouts: “Holy Ghost FIRE enter into me,” some sharp objects chew his organ and he finds himself vomiting blood. Unknowingly to him, the eggs he swallowed immediately became evil birds in his stomach so that when he curses, the witchcraft birds transmit the spell from satan’s witchcraft coven into the victims. This time around, these warehoused birds have made him the victim. So long as he still has the property of the devil, satan the confounder would be making this now victorious covenanted child of God a victim. Prayers were made and by God’s help he vomited life birds to the dread of watchers that don’t know about God’s power. There are something healing can’t do. Healing is simply “the children’s bread”. It means any child of God can be a healing minister; if he/she understands his/her kingdom faith for healing right. I recommend Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin’s Bible Healing Study Course. Come to meaty discourse. Raise your spiritual magnitude/imagination to God’s realm. Doing this would stop removing this chill and suspicion. Fear is the seed of suspicion. To be thrown here-and-there by every wind of doctrine isn’t befitting for you. By the time he was taken to the hospital his intestine was almost gone; the doctors had to struggle remedying what was left. The destiny of a man/woman can be confounded, as seen, into another thing so long as he/she has another god other than God on his/her INSIDE. Because when their time of visitation comes, that idol in them shall finish them. Is your idol your personal brand so much so you need to cut people down? Watch: you only need to be alive to keep it. Long after you are gone, only a stream of tweet can be awarded you in this selfish and envious Age. Remember that purpose preacher God warned but wasn’t listening because he heard the chants of his followers… Why not start by physically taking your people into prolong prayers one-by-one on prayer grounds or on your ministry grounds. Better still, use social media to keep praying for people, night-and-day, exhaust your energy. Tell me if God won’t reward that selflessness. Ministry is rescuing one soul per time. Thank God for stage preaching; thank God for food evangelism; thank God for social gospel to the community. All have their limits. Prayer is BREAKING closed powers over territories and exposing their collective captivities for destruction. Power doesn’t come cheap; it isn’t ice cream and sweets. Drop your “spectacular” rating before you drop. Don’t let praise get into your head. Build grit in HELPING people. We sent that spirit into the atmosphere those years of DOX Revival without a dime and structure. Little wonder Heaven couldn’t understand why a human would do what I did, then alone. There was evangelistic rush in The Ecclesia and growth as the message was freshly delivered from God’s altar and ready preached down for ministers to pick and work on. Be self-less but God-led about it lest ministry becomes a misery. Passion is not enough in ministry; open your ears to hear God speak per time. Now is a SPECIAL divine 90-breathtaking-day. WATCH IT: This election is going to be a display of confounding spell and arrows being traded in the camps of each candidate. Spiritual arrows fired back would happen. Something spiritual is going on there. This was why God told us to wait. In the end, whoever wins would inherit a failed State and [world]. Why not become the saviour of Hillary and many others. I went about it, until a particular Machiavellian stealing,serial lying, mob violence inciting minister, along with a few friends of his, thwarted God’s deliverance for this woman’s. God doesn’t forget. His judgment would come, especially if this woman goes to hell. I foresaw this and from the bottom of my heart wanted to help this woman. I mean, I’ve read this woman’s auto-bio and taken time to study her long before she even wanted to run for this office. I saw quickly that damnable, unfortunate consequences molesting this woman’s political life is because of unfriendly ties with vested interests. How can one person be facing so much attack and mistrust for 20+ years of her political rest? No single rest. She has even lost conviction, she practically “me-too’d” people’s policy ideas these days. I am tired of such thinking! No spine in her speech and decision. How can she be a great President? We need to get this Madam Secretary up on her feet. Cases like this can make someone to lose conviction. Had that greedy pastor and his friends seen what God wanted to do in America rather than a short-term “selfish” greed of having their spot cemented and erected, God won’t be boxed into WAITING. Tinubu was partially delivered and that is why we have the APC today. Why are people always looking for ways to take the shine off JESUS? Answer: The witchcraft positive laws and planning doctrine of Niccolo Machiavelli’s Progressivism and Jeremy Bentham’s Materialism, amongst others. These students-perpetrators want to have satan’s similar boast of saying: “I am a success, and you are not – you are failure. I did it by stealing and negative anointing, but won’t let you know about it.” Is that what success and faith message stands for? Don’t you think witches love coming to a church with polluted altar where pastors cryptically incite mob violence against fellow preachers – brethren in The Ecclesia? You desperately need an UPDATED encounter with God if found with this devilish practices so prevalent in The Ecclesia today of using people as a “preaching fodder” and you think God is “inspiring you” to incite mob violence. Make a U-turn, shatter pride: You need God’s DIVINE plan and purpose for your life and pursue it hard as He guides you Himself per time. God won’t rub you; He is not man. Just wait for it.   “Wait” is often God’s style of response. Humorous God…. You could be asking God about a spouse on behalf of someone and God could be telling you about HisGREATNESS while the person is still lost in the demon of alcohol. Your mind knows alcohol is of the devil. You just want someone to “itch your ears” with detectable lies (that even toddlers can discern to be false). Whether the itching makes your ear’s sensation sweet or not, your spirit automatically becomes weak then moves to the stage of entertaining all the compassed demonic legions of seduction and diabolic imaginations, who are laughing at you for sleeping in their “cage”. You suddenly find yourself being an expert in all kinds of evils which keeps you locked in the “cage” of those satanic-compelling-speakers and influences that desire what satan desires the most: Control of your mind to build a Babel against God. Don’t be surprised you start translating the apple Adam ate from Eve’s hands as sex. That is a Confounder’s confusion; it leads to madness. Watch those signals. GOODNEWS: I shall by God’s Spirit of Grace take Hillary, Trump and YOU out of this kind of “cage”. Therefore, …

[P.S.] Get ready for your personal vigil in your house on Friday, September 16, 2016; 12 midnight till 2:00am.You would be receiving the past teachings’ prayer points ALL birthed from the womb of the Holy Spirit.

You shall NO MORE be confounded in any “cage”! This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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