Crushing The Enemy that could stop Hillary and YOU. (PART B). | FAITH OF OUR FATHERS II


THE SOCIAL MEDIA EDITION | September, Thursday 8, 2016. | S8-of-S21.

Don’t play man when you are sinking. Ask for help.

Quote and unquote. That is not my one-liner. Focusing on REAL work than dwelling on fantasy to quench boredom is REAL strength. After boredom comes decadent society: terrorism, same-sex legalization, economic productivity growth decline, climatic threat, nuclear war and diabolic imagination. Therefore, take control of what you don’t understand. If you understand the dynamics of online sharing technology, you would realize that time could pass you by and you won’t know it. The sense of achievement online and achievement as given by God isn’t the same. And ever since the social contract replaced the family status, people feel lonelier. Estranged from their family in a bid to achieve individual progressive goals and material gains [away from them], which you can’t fault some on considering the dysfunctionality(sic) and idolatry of their families, they now need to connect with happy faces lest they die of boredom. But for almost a millennium, both the ideologies of progressivism and materialism have defined society; people have become strangers to themselves in fulfilling their individual goals. As such, disconnection, boredom and decadence are now THE NEW social contract; especially in the 21st century, worse off future centuries – NO TURNING BACK! Everybody wants to make it by selfish interests and envy.  That’s no news. [Jealousy is: “He has anointing, influence, God-kind of success… Why not me? Nonsense!”Envy is: “He has these things but I have to destroy him and replace him.”]. However, both mainstream lifestyles as toxic as it they are have come to stay. And the longer it stays, the longer earth’s violence (her Pandora’s Box) sits still. “Why not ask for help and carry your cross in deep prayers, Word study and charity without strings attached?” That’s no magic-wand-like question. Such appeals can’t change the violence in man. What would? God’s strength! Ask for it.


Thinking of the political fall around the idea of learning to stand on the shoulders of those who are already playing in the league of God’s extraordinary game of CRUSHING Pandora’s Box is a snare to keep you sinking.

Ace-The-Case: Crushing Pandora’s Box

God had taken our leaders of this organisation into a demon controlled territory for a special training. It was an adventure! Though there was resistance in the spirit realm, we established a mystery given us in planting His GOVERNMENT. Forcefully, God’s fresh fire came down – that we all saw in the spirit. I urged the team to express their ability to contain God’s FRESH strength in crushing the territorial powers in that environment. Thus, we started praying for the people of that community. As expected, God opened our eyes to see all the locked and hidden certificates (BLESSINGS) collected by witchcraft powers in that territory. Then we saw a mat where their enterprise is carried out on persons, families and businesses; even ministries. Marital certificates, financial certificates, landed properties, jobs, businesses, health, fruitfulness of the womb, forward advancement, and many more. All the blessings were stolen by the spiritual wickedness in “high places” dominating that environment.

This is not a Google Map affair; this is spiritual.

If you see where someone is practicing homosexuality, know that wicked powers have swapped the person’s destiny with “diabolic certificates”. Placed on his/her hands is another IDENTITY contrary to what God wants for him/her; same with a pastor that can’t help himself from stealing. What is happening in this case is that the territorial powers in the air have attached the wickedness penchant in his/her foundation to use him to re-write the script that a pastor can steal. Never in the history of the church have we seen such yet openly boasting in their wickedness that they are successful. What you don’t get to see is the mystery of violence spewed from witchcraft coven’s mat of darkness to distort the value of such ministers. What we are saying is that satan has released the latest witchcraft weapons that coerces/or coaxes a weak pastor; his family; ministry members and nations all work for him.

That is why in today’s Popular Government, no matter how the government helps its nation, if certain powers aren’t defeated in the spirit realm by the government of the day, they would bypass the government seat and harden “the will” of the masses to become reclusive, unpatriotic and a liability to the nation. The masses can even make their elected politicians unsure of their conviction. Such is the territorial might of demons in nations over people.

For instance; in the 80s America, even with martyred voices of the politician, Harvey Milk, nobody could imagine legalizing same-sex marriage in America as well as in other nations was going to be a reality. Well, I saw it a year before it – in 2012. God showed me. Since God broke His agreement with man, God began looking for men to tell His DOX©: Inclusive Dominion” mandate. He’s tried it with Noah and almost giving up on man with Abraham’s idolatrous father – Terah – who almost stopped Abram. Had he followed his Prophet son and not stuck to the demonic philosophies and ideologies of his days and not given up on God’s DOX©, we would be saying Terahic Covenant not Abrahamic Covenant, because he was the father of Abraham’s prophetic mandate. Since Abraham’s disciplined success to make God gain earth’s control again, God has been in the business of telling “certain specials” His plans whether they like it or not. If most things must happen I know. Before Paris was bombed, I went telling the “wrong ears” so we prayed, but no – he didn’t. Before you know it terror landed in #CharlieHebdo. I turned my back on the world as instructed by God to build structures offline and a lot has happened in just 8-months. I didn’t even know what was happening in the news until told.

I beg you with all sense of humility: The way you take your life is the way God would take you. How is it that many are called but few are chosen? Please, take this one shot at life serious. Be God’s ENERGY/STRENGTH on earth.  You can’t crush Pandora’s Box without ENERGY/STRENGTH. Oh… how I’m looking for a President that can crush terrorism and save mankind!

Look; this ministry is the world’s #ProblemStopBusStop ministry. Ask God the day He Himself registered’ it in Heaven or any “non-envious” divine [prophet] seer on earth.

Three things: You meet God’s FIRE, it burns every devil around you; you meet God’s FIRE, it purges you; you meet God’s FIRE, you become God’s FIRE! National leaders have got to stop playing politics with the gullible, wipe off their tears, and get the job done by God’s FIRE.

You can’t waste your “T.I.M.E©: Time, Information, Money, and Energy” saving people and nations that don’t want to be saved.

What happened, in the spirit realm as God showed me, was that at the turn of the Age, millions of brains were substituted and eliminated on the satanic witchcraft mats before the end of 2012. Satan was having fun, and still is.

Too late to cry wolf; alas, if you can’t stop the damage, control it. That is why God is taking This Mountain’s territorial prowess online to help governments once again. This world is ours, not satan’s!

Same-sex legalization is just another lethal means for satan to increase violence in nations. And most humans don’t know this. If you understand the mermaid spirit [of the devil] behind this phenomenon, you would know that many homosexuals see SCOTUS’ demonic legalization as a license to go on wild sex. Same-sex marriage is a struggle; gays haven’t been able to handle it well. Without [the unacceptable in any way] homophobic violence, same-sex partners are struggling with the demon of envy to kill their partners. This constituency needs REAL help; not some legal protection. No law can protect evil… Laws like this only ramps up crime rate. I know satan’s tactics very well. If you constantly dwell in God’s presence, you would game this weakling of a devil. God’s strength in me has often dealt with this abhorrence/disgust to humanity, and knows how he looks when in rage.

“Violence is the colour of satan’s rage! “

That is why I pity many humans whose destinies have been replaced on witchcraft mats uttering words like: “You don’t want people that love each other to be happy.” Please, I appeal you stop. I’m not a clergy that debates; so, I won’t enter that solution-less discuss. I speak as I see. There are ideas in the spirit realm you don’t understand and don’t want to embrace. In the spirit realm, you see three types of spirits by God’s gifts of discerning of spirits [not discernment]. You know you are extremely smart to know that God’s gifts of discerning of spirits are not “spiritism” (sic).

  1. The first, in no particular order, is the human spirit: You get to know people for who they really are, and not get swayed by rhetoric and sham compassion of the Gospel. You can use it to know who to marry or do business with as God reveals it to you. The gifts of the spirit are not on-and-off switch, but you can provoke it through prayers, fasting and study of the Word into Rhema.
  2. The second is angelic spirit: By its name, you see divine angels in the spirit realm.
  3. Thirdly, are the demonic spirits: As it goes you see demons – angels of light who fell from Heaven to become ugly beasts – even satan. Satan is dualist; he can transform to demon when in rage and a cool, fun, and angel of light when he wants to deceive people.

You see why this same-sex subject is not a discourse for populist intellectual talk on tolerance and an end to homophobia [that of course does great harm to this constituency]. Tolerance accepted; homophobia, a mindset that must be flushed down the drain doesn’t come near the violent reality in the gay community.

Most gays see same-sex legalization as an enforced marriage. Not all of them want to marry. They still want to experiment with other gay partners and other sexes – which is called bi-sex. This is not Selma match or #BlackLivesMatter.

When most gays aren’t given outlets to be “sodomic” (sic), the demons in them makes them either become planners of their own suicide or secret murder. That is the violence you’ve got to deal with as a government; self-destruction. You don’t know what you are dealing with going about these “extreme leftists” concepts. If you do, you would ask God for His STRENGTH to help them. I believe the Republican Dick Cheney could do same on his beloved. Both the right-wing and left-wing possessed by the devil victims of the demons of same-sex need your STRENGTH. Demons have names. If you call them out during exorcism, as inspired/revealed by God, they respond. The devil is wicked; he in the spirit realm rewired their brains to carry another certificate.

Listen: Your intellect is no match for satan’s highly mechanized demonic underworld sagacity and over 6000 years intel. His demons don’t sleep. They leave in billions of humans that allow them today; including pastors. I guarantee you, satan’s human agents – his errand kids – aren’t happy we are revealing this.

And as God showed us those collected certificates, we called down God’s liquid fire; and saw it melting away those evil mats from under those certificates we’d already extracted by force.

Listen; this ministry is living the script given her to HARASS the harasser of humanity in his abyss then extract both the victims and their title deeds from his slaughtering dungeon. We are destined to shut down the slaughter house of hell and make humanity the beautiful ones – political dynasties – written BEFORE Genesis. We won’t count casualties. That’s why we would be as blunt as the tough quest we see in the spirit. We’ve been in the business of obeying God and He confirming it. I desire same for you; don’t watch us.

Unannounced, God’s flaming fire as of His Ancient Landmark victories over Israel’s then idol-worshiping social contexts surrounded the community’s map we’d earlier erected inside God’s #12KingdomStonesOfFire.

Of course, these people didn’t know what we were tirelessly doing for them, but that is what is called the Adventure-of-ministry.

If there is any culture you must allow your organization practically embodies, it is SACRIFICE. Organizational culture comes from the head, not the mouth. You must embody it day-in, day-out; even in your sleep. You cannot clothe humanity and not be clothed with GLORY.

Now, on that side of the experiment, a witch knew what we were doing. A fire had surrounded our mysterious #12StonesKingdom Mountain. To wrap up our meeting, God as always showed us something, and we saw five hundred (500) twisting-on-every-side flaming swords-of-fire surrounding our ministry. Then He said, “This ministry has five hundred flaming swords-of-fire.”

For on this Mountain God shall wrath ECONOMIC DELIVERANCE! (Remember Isaiah Chapter 25 verses 6-11?). Thank you, King JESUS!

A fledging ministry by all human standard.(Smiles). Satan cannot be a “joker”; he knows he can’t think that way. Satan never underestimates carriers of God’s power because he knows when he belittles them, they destroy him. He has been known in every Age to take them very serious. That is why The Church Universal is grossly weak, today.

Beloved, one, just one, of God’s twisting-on-every-side flaming sword in the hand of one of His Angels chased away Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden for life. How much more 500 swords?

We have Heaven with us… the devil knows this! You don’t need any mortal being as god over your ministry. Please, let me tell you that over 7 billion humans can’t stop devil and his Pandora’s Box of terror. Satan is powerful – you must accept this fact, otherwise you won’t increase in Faith; you would simply think we are on vacation – a reason why the earth was not ready when he hit them with terror and “economic somersault”. Satan is also extremely very hard-working; he is disciplined, determined and dedicated to take everybody to hell. Therefore, a human over-dependency doesn’t cut it in pursuit of God’s ministry. Understand: The longer you try to depend on people other than God, the farther God draws away from your ministry. That is why God said in Jeremiah Chapter 17 verse 5: “Cursed is any man [Trump/Hillary] that trusteth in man, and maketh vested interests his/her STRENGTH.” But verses 7-8, God thundered: “Blessed is the man [Trump/Hillary] that trusteth in the LORD, and whose STRENGTH is in the LORD….”

To do otherwise is to experience dryness. At the end, you realize that you can’t validate your faith, success and healing preaching with tangible DIVINE proofs. What you find yourself doing is going to be PR/publicity stunts to prim and defend your ego. Respect humans, of course, but understand that ministry is about helping people; not the other way round to build a nasty image.

By the time we were done helping that community in such a long and risky rescue adventure, one of my comrades told me of a witch standing afar looking at us and reprimanding him. Now, you don’t call people witches or wizards or devils because of their colour, old age, and squabble. Have you seen a 2-year old molesting an entire area with witchcraft manipulation? This exceptional team member knew better. An associate must learn to watch his Master’s back. That is why it is called “inner circle” of leadership; same way JESUS had. A global leader must know how to invest his energy to each leadership cadre. As such, your inner circle is – “Other could go; these ones would stay.” I mean, I was the one being led by God to conduct those territorial breakthroughs in that community, so my attention was on what God was saying and showing. By compelling, he understood that I do not have eyes behind my head. I was made to know that the witch reprimanding was a church going kind of woman. Hearing that made me wish I’d given her a “little motivation” totally different from her diabolic motivation in her church, work and community.

Power must confront power to DELIVER any devil seared in wickedness. That is why most witches and wizards run away when they meet an HIGHER power.

But, what was she doing there in the first place? In order to get promoted, witchcraft powers (witches and wizards) and personalities (occultic grand-masters) often hunt for people (ministers and the laity) that carry God’s power so as to bring them down. If they succeed, they get one level up.

Now, this witch dared to reprimand/upbraid my inner circle member. This fellow was not JESUS that reprimanded/upbraided the cities where His mighty works were done, yet they still doubted Him. (Matthew 11:20). Only Heaven endorsed saints are entitled to reprimand/upbraid nations they push the gospel to. So, where did this come from? Why didn’t she wait around for me to be aware? This holds true: If a witch/wizard wants to test God’s DEMONSTRATED power so that they can be promoted, they move closer, but when they run, know satan has ran ahead of them.

“The fastest runner on earth is satan!”

He knows how to take to his heels when he meets a stronger force mightier than his. I will like you to be a threat to satan. One time, God told me that I’ve gotten to the level that my name can’t be mentioned in the cauldron of darkness. That was at the mighty DOX Revival that tore Heaven’s portal open.

There is nothing like permanent spirituality.

Many ministers are dwelling on old glory. What is God saying TODAY? That is why it seems many pastors are scandalous and powerless. You need God’s fresh fire to keep fanning your inside, beloved. But, when you fan yourself with demonic Machiavellian and Bentham philosophies/ideologies, be rest assured that satan is delightfully happy to see you work for him for free. Everything must not be about you. Let JESUS take the shine in the Governance of the earth. If it is not your ministry that would usher it in, at least your ministry can build on it. There is a difference between Frontier ministries and Domestic ministries. Frontiers go in the apostolic might of The Great Apostle – King JESUS to harass territorial ghost protocols so that domestic/local ministries can “house” the harvest done by the former. But HOW-TOs on defeating hydra-headed demon of selfishness and envy often makes many powerless ministries go out of their way to compare themselves with those getting results. Why this satanic spell of confusion is made existent in The Ecclesia isn’t a mystery. That is why you would see a domestic minister with baseline resources (from the “housed” members made possible by schooling given him by Frontier minister) thinks he can use them to help his selfish interest to replace the solo Divine Hand that once fed him in a 40-days fasting and prayers only to stop at Day 1. (Smile). That’s shameful. If as a Domestic minister you don’t have the energy of a Frontier minister, ask for his/her help; don’t sink in that rag-of-shame. Twenty plus years of no result when added to that his stubbornness no more has a name to describe such “satanic-filibuster” against God. If such minister can’t hold satan hostage, he can’t hold God hostage or even dare. It’s too shameful to be gamed by the devil. Satan knows those that can demonstrate God’s power and those that claim they can, but lack it completely. The latter are inconsequential to him.

You ask: “Why is it that witches/ wizards don’t learn from history?” Answer: By make-up, witchcraft personalities were low self-esteem depraved humans. With their stars and future temperament seen before birth, satan goes after them and diverts it by promising them power at initiation. With every test on sucking and eating people immediately or gradually (through weakening them), their confidence grows. Before you know it they have satan’s high-mindedness/pride. Unfortunately for them, their “over-estimation” of themselves makes them aim higher for the highest office a human can get in the underworld/the realm of darkness – Occultic Grandmaster; a dream too tall and one they never achieve before they meet the most powerful being ever known – God, Almighty. To be now naïve these witches and wizards still have their childhood in them – this is childish, not childlike “Danielistic” (sic) innocency.


Your results tell how good God is on earth.

The Idea: Jupo’s Victim Card

I was in the spirit when God showed me an array of decision-makers arrayed for an exam in backward setting; somewhat in an Era where man was behind time into collapse. Amongst them were pretenders and contenders; snakes and lions. All stationed in a demonic building and environment that has got great dark powers.  Each was given planks to build a foundation on. Everybody went about it. Then God brought me to inspect a fellow that was already “progressively” fast ahead of others. With readied occupants, he had a building set on planks alone. No cement, no gravel, no pillars. Then suddenly, everybody in that building collapsed. Dreadful as that sight was, he alone survived it living to lick the wounds from the ruin and also seeing God’s Contenders build their people out of darkness into tough legacy works.

Don’t be a victim.

The timeline of God is so critical. And everything in this Era points to the fact that we can’t wait for Machiavellian and fame-hungry ministers like this. This is why Prophets are God’s historians. They know times and season.

Pretenders simply don’t know that when people become too familiar with their fraud, they suddenly hate them or see them as people who can’t help them. So, they constantly remain in a “victim mode” believing someone is after them.

Contenders rather, would faithfully and patiently BUILD their foundation for many generations to be blessed by it. And guess what… They become spirits of just men made perfect who come intermittently to earth to confirm their works.

Listen God can’t abandon this earth without past victories over social contexts similar to a future generation’s critical junctures so that they learn from. That is why a Contender doesn’t fall for cheap wins. We are not going back to Moses’ Era or Babalola’s. Hagin (born in a Traditional generation) for instance, though in a remote and obscure territory of Tulsa Oklahoma and away from publicity, was patiently OBEYING God till he left earth. Today, nations live after his teachings. In fact, I see him come often to confirm his work despite the fact that I have never met this man.

You came to earth to improve works done by God through vessel. It’s called LEARNED ALIGNMENT.

Progressivism and materialism… Why we do what we do are the invisible motive men don’t see.  And that is the basis upon which God would determine who goes to Heaven or not.

  • Have you been to preach at a place and strange spirits open a locked door only to stand at your back to make you fear?
  • Have you been to where you are to minister and on your bed at midnight in a very tall building, God’s invisible Hand tapped your chest to make you look at a masquerade standing at your window, spying at you?
  • Have you been to a city and suddenly a terrible ailment you did not bring [haven done all checks before coming] just struck you?
  • Have you fought spiritually but almost like a physical fight with a territorial beast over a city?

Don’t be a casualty.

Those aforesaid instances are what happened to lovely ministers that have been to the same place I had been.

Before many minsters would be rejected by King JESUS, go to hell as prophesied by Prophet JESUS Himself in Matthew 7 Chapter 15-23, instances on earth would deal with them to warn them of The LORD

As a Pastor, you’ve got to develop the habit of obeying God to go to “sordid territories” to spread the Gospel even if the community and position is beneath you. In life, you must in most cases, stoop to conquer.

God had gone ahead of me in a place with so much darkness – many there are not seeing with visible sight. Here, in that territory lies a domestic church I have never stepped foot on. How did I know? God showed me. There are many fanciful churches there but God chose to give me the exact address and building description. At the base of the Church, you would see an education facility.” God was saying. “The building is a very tall structure. That is where I want you to revive.” He concluded.

You don’t sit faith out, you dive in; you don’t watch faith for proof of waters in the pool, you dive in; you don’t tip-toe Faith into the water to see if it has rocks underneath, you dive in with full trajectory force.

“Faith is acting God before understanding God. A New Convert, Tinubu, can raise the dead! Therefore, be God over earth by FAITH.”

I uprooted myself from my far location to that territory. Lo and behold, I saw the exact church building matching the same description God, The Harasser of satan the harasser told me. Prior to this, God had been showing me the witchcraft powers molesting the people in that area. It is in that area I saw mothers sleeping with their sons and fathers sleeping with their daughters. Amongst many bizarre things I saw, I saw where the dark secret places witches and spiritualists gather to frustrate the destinies of souls in this same Lagos. You are living in Lagos and don’t know that there are territorial altars in your junctions, also called HIGH PLACES? We taught this thing last year…, and I pray most of us are doing something about it because as much as I know many things in places as revealed by God and as satan mistakenly exposes himself by approaching with test of God’s power within, I know that my schedule can’t permit to live everywhere. Please, develop grit.

I walked in to meet the Pastor – a total stranger. I quoted what God told me. Now, it was my word against God’s Word and God wasn’t around to speak for Himself. Of course, with many local networks across my country and bureaucratic reporting line, the branch would be skeptical as do every human under authority. And that happened. He spoke of fears of the signpost of his church not changing to mine. I smiled… knowing it took me an established “stomacher grace” to bypass many fanciful churches before coming down. And besides building I was coming from result-laden trips that preceded a global and tangible DOX influence God had enabled. He has every reason to be, as I listened to his blow-by-blow accounts of traitors/false-helpers that have done such to many of his friends in over 20+ years of ministry. One thing is for sure, however, I confirmed all the mid-nights’ attacks he’s been having. Given time to brood on it, I became a friend of the ministry, faithfully obeying God. And He never disappointed confirming His presence with His Right Hand till it was high time His “Right Hand” said my Frontier missionary attention was desperately needed in certain continents of the world. Interestingly, he confirmed it by prophetic decision; showing that association can rub off you – I Samuel 10:11 – we are who we attract. I didn’t want to go… we had plans to shake the demons of Lagos from that dark and molested territory, but God had a better idea: It is each continents of the world. I’ve stooped to conquer and God is done double-checking.

Don’t make people blame God for preparing you and your family to die an untimely death all in the name of being called to serve Him.

Obedience to God [with your entirety] is not a demonic and powerless social contract of progressivism and materialism popped up from the heads of false philosophers and ideologues. If you allow greed and stubborn individualism [devoid of God] into you ministry, your wife and kids are going to be harassed and possibly killed. You’ve got to stop giving God a bad rap. I’ve seen old (Baby -Boomer Generation) ministers that have lost their spouses to mission works set in dark territories. Yet it was God that sent them. Power is what satan knows. That Era of lack of spiritual warfare has passed. The darker the earth, the relevant the light. And that light is the knowledge of God, The Harasser of satan – the harasser, set in this Age to cover her as the waters cover the sea- Isaiah 11:9.

“That LIGHT is God – The Confounder of the cofounder, confounding earth with violent [spiritual and physical] terrorism! America, Belgium, Turkey and all nations of the earth needs a jolt of that LIGHT!”

God was telling me in a gentle way yet showing me in Technicolor a certain minister that was struggling to do one single sign and wonder over a respondent of his. This victim needed help.

He said, “This minister cannot help the victim and he is blaming it on the faith of his respondent.” He continued, “Can he for a moment reason that the teacher of faith needs showing samples of His faith works by asking for My power first?”

Faith is multi-purpose; Faith is all! It carries proofs.You can’t sell what you don’t have. When you are empty, you are empty.

That minister had in the physical realm given nothing away to suggest he is not powerful; reason being that he covers his powerlessness with teaching on faith and success. In the end, the soul withered away, and the “biggest victim” was the scandalized minister with shame on his lap.

Satan knows real ministers that come to preach not those that do not are quite irrelevant to him.

Beloved, if as a pastor you are powerless and a witch/wizard nears you, know they are definitely vacationing on you with witchcraft manipulation. They are experimenting different styles in the over 6000-years archive of satan on you. Satan knows how to deal with ministers: Powerful or not, he has record of how he has destroyed others. Satan is great at record-keeping; he knows all your weaknesses. That is why I pity ministers that don’t do research on history as well as spiritual mapping into their foundation. Satan empowers his children with ancient knowledge and you do not do yours.

  • To be powerless is to be daily bathing with your clothes under the “shower of the blessings” of water.
  • To be powerless/strength-less is to be a salesman laboring day-and-night selling bottled water but do not know the profit around using water.
  • To be powerless is to manipulate people with water like a tyrannical “immortan” (sic) Jupo.
  • To be powerless is to promise a future of water-load blessing and delay the hope of the people because you can’t provide even a cap of such for yourself.
  • To be powerless is like seeing water as your enemy; you detest those that have the power of God, because the shame and mockery you’ve suffered for over 40 years in ministry they too must suffer.

Therefore, what’s your first step to becoming powerful?

Expose the “evil blocker” IN you and place God at the TOP of your life.

For instance, if you are drenched in pride, your pride is simply the easiest thing he would use to bring you down or make you an eventual dry tree. This is how he does it;

Satan would just come to his earth’s kingdom (SMK©; satanic marine kingdom), ordering: “Bring me Case file XX1234 done in 65AD Early Church Era by that pastor, Alexander the Traitor to Apostle Paul. I see that there exists in this Age ‘Pastor Jupo’; a traitor pastor in the mold of Alexander the Traitor to Apostle Paul. Jupo checks on all our evil traits: pride, low self-esteem, and envy, ruthless greed, obsessive compulsive disorder and betrayal. Let us send the demons behind the foolish controversial traits in him to divide The Body of Christ, and then finally throw him away like toothpick as we did Alexander the Traitor.”

That “learnt hopelessness” in Jupo is a satanic projection from hell to destroy such a life. You feel like grabbing him and saving him from himself, but no – you cannot help a man who is at war with God and His Will to END man’s harassment by the devil. To not ask for help when already sunk isn’t wisdom.

Therefore, let’s try. You don’t want to be a Jupo.

Paul gave nothing away in 2 Timothy Chapter 4 Verses 14-15 that Alexander- a onetime other than he wanted to be the “Cinderella man” [hugging Paul’s famous influence] by all means thus shipwrecking the faith that once saved him and his Ministry from ruin in 1 Timothy Chapter 1 Verses 17-20. Did he last? No – satan had the back of him. Lies and deceit can bury the truth. At best, it would only survive so long as the phony is alive.

However, let’s give every “Alexander” a reprieve from this man’s Brutus/Judas spirit as we end this spirit in The Ecclesia – The Church Universal, The Body of Christ so that we don’t waste away as God’s TIMELINE reads on.

The “spirit of betrayal” in the Ecclesia MUST end. But people still bear that name… as such, a name was researched, and we came to a final conclusion: one no one bears… much like Hitler. It’s called Jupo. So who is a Jupo?

  1. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper whom Apostle Paul handed over to satan in a spiritual negotiation.
  2. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that satan is having a field day on.
  3. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that is out of touch with reality in the many landed franchises of his and as such is lost to fantasy.
  4. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that is selfish and greedy than his teacher, Machiavelli as well as other influences.
  5. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that is powerless in the land/franchise of the powerful, and wants to discredit the powerful with Machiavellian demonic imaginations/magnitude.
  6. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that is ruthlessly soaked with the spirit of betrayal.
  7. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper whose joy and central idea is to be controversial as well as steal to “progress”
  8. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that witches and wizards love to manipulate so as to create strife and division in the United Body of Christ and by extension this already chaotic world.
  9. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper is an insecure individual who won’t stay on his/her lane.
  10. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a goat in the spirit realm and as such won’t change.
  11. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper who is always having a chip off shoulder – he revenges when loved.
  12. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper who in matters of spirituality isn’t reactive, not active.
  13. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that witches and wizards loves to manipulate so as to create strife and division in The United Body of Christ and by extension this already chaotic world.
  14. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper who comes to steal
  15. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper who loves drama and washes the dirty linen of the Church Universal in the public for private devious reasons.
  16. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that doesn’t understand history but wants to re-invent the wheel thus set humanity BACKWARD.
  17. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that is a Waster powerless in the land/franchise of the powerful, and want to discredit the powerful.
  18. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that lacks conviction; so when a messenger of satan fights on his behalf, he unknowingly starts singing a swansong that spreads the wind of dryness to his garden.
  19. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is false-helper that loves to take the shine off King JESUS. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a Waster who the depression of “learnt hopelessness” grabs to be extremely “revenge-FULL” (sic).
  20. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a victim of packaged shame attached to his/her ignorance of spiritual warfare.
  21. Who is a Jupo? A Jupo is a false-helper that won’t live a legacy for future generation to study, despite attempts to create one not knowing that people gravitate to what matters only for a season then outgrow it.

Can Jupo be saved from himself? It would be a tough ask; everything boils down to the choices we make. The way nobody would name their child Hitler is the way nobody must name themselves or envy a man that does not want earth’s peace, wants earth’s war; even if it means holding on to fame at the cost of human souls.

Do you want peace? Expose satan out of your inside.


The greatest word on earth is: “IT IS WRITTEN.”

The reason why the Bible is called the Word of Faith is because God spoke it and men wrote it. So, when you read a scripture in deep meditation sanctified by the Holy Spirit, you are “hearing” God talk! Take this to the bank, it would deliver.

Faith can buy you anything, Sir/Ma!

C’mon… A close friend of Bro. Hagin built the FIRST Pentecostal Christian University “hearing” the mourning of King Hezekiah written in Isaiah Chapter 37 Verses 3.

For IT IS WRITTEN in Micah 4:8; “Unto YOU shall be the FIRST dominion!”

Why are you last? Why are you last for 20+years despite preaching faith? Stop delaying God’s “DOX: Inclusive Dominion” for this violently harassed earth?!

IT IS WRITTEN in Romans 8:18-23; “THIS Buffer Age and its inhabitants waits for the MANIFESTATION of God’s ‘DOMINION Illuminants©’ (effective in #2014DOXRevivalCalendarYear)… The groaning and nightmarish pain of this Era was created by God to make satan shed tears that you might become FIRST-FRUIT inheritors of His political dynasties!”

The “groanier” (sic) the earth, the heavier God’s “Inclusive Dominion” (DOX) to set them free and make them “FIRST-FRUIT” inheritors of political dynasties. You are God’s “DOMINION Illuminants©”! If you dare backslide from the faith now, you would live to regret it.

Tomorrow, I would tell you who would replace you if you backslide.

Apostle Paul prophesied you down… C’mon. Paul wasn’t a powerless result-less “theorist”. We are talking about a man that saw this Era; a man I saw appearing to me handing me the next agenda this 2016. C’mon!

Listen; You and anybody whatsoever that would obey God (even Tinubu) were prophesied into a life of FIRST called “DOX©: Inclusive Dominion”. At this point I want you to remember that in the future series, I would tell you why the likes of Pastor Jupo have been made “last-dry-fruits” so that you might know you are not supposed to extend this violent terrorism in nations than it has already been.

Friends, you were written down by God before doing earth a favor. Don’t joke with destiny! You were prophesied down to leave your marks in “your world”. Therefore, don’t be surprised about your arrival. You were dispatched to complete an unfinished work others in God’s timeline had done to fulfill His will.

Beloved, jack-up to your LEARNED ALIGNMENT birthright. Mine is a re-imagining of a Babalola’s 1959 July 21st prophetic instruction God told him 5-days before he left this earth; a death God told him of in 1958. I’m not surprised I see him often.

If you take any teaching TODAY serious, you would repay your loans; raise the dead; rebuild your ministry and chase out the confounder in your midst; call back your runaway spouse and children; end poverty; create a political party; molest violence in your nation, and crush hell! Ask any grateful pastor and politician how God took centre stage thus far.

Just don’t break that seat you are on.

Prophet-King David was shouting at the top of his voice, haven seen his IDENTITY;

It is written: …

“I am here, [Tongues…]; I have come: it is written of me in the volume of the book of GENESIS that XYZ. Therefore, I delight to do Your will Oh my God: yes, Your law is within my heart sine GENESIS.” — Psalm 40:7-8 AND Hebrew 10:7

Ace-The-Case: The Genesis of Strength

From birth to death and being awaken to wrought His special work, indeed I am a product of God’s “Special Grace”; the one He told me at the  2014 DOX Revival He calls, the Spirit-of-Grace©.

Never ever you say you can’t do a thing! Why? God gives everybody grace; everybody! However, if you ask Him, He would tell you He gives special grace to His Prophets and Apostles. Now, confirm what I just said by asking any GENUINE seer. They would tell you exactly what I said. Better still God Himself spoke it through the inspired writing of Doctor Luke spoken by God in Acts Chapter 19 verses 11-20;

It is written: …

“God did special/extraordinary miracles through Paul: so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them. Some imitators who went around driving out evil spirits tried to invoke the name of the Lord Jesus over those who were demon-possessed like Paul. They would say, “In the name of Jesus, whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.” Seven sons of Sceva, a famous Jewish chief priest, were doing this. One day the evil spirit decided to answer them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but WHO ARE YOU?” Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked (in shame) and bleeding. When this became known to the Jews and Greeks living in Ephesus, they were all seized with fear, and the name of the Lord JESUS was held in HIGH honor. Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed their evil deeds. A number who had practiced witchcraft brought their demonic books together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the demonic books, the total came to over fifteen million Greek drachmas [as at today’s exchange rate]. In this way the Word of the Lord spread WIDELY to far frontiers and grew in power.”

Is that not a Jupo-like “learnt hopelessness”? Perhaps the day the Sceva boys became traitors was when the apostolic cover of Paul vanished from them permitting the demons to “bleed them out”…. How can you be having a counter-move hate-violence in you for someone blessing you? That is why in Jeremiah Chapter 17 Verse 9 said: The heart of man is deceitful ABOVE all things; and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Evil or not, there must be consequences. To every action, there must be reaction. Therefore, watch what would happen to these Brutuses’ boast to war against God’s DOX© plan for humanity. You would be begging God for them to be restored, and He won’t listen. There is a prophecy about this earth and you want to partner with satan and his kids to stop his because of Esau’s porridge of Machiavellian/Bentham’s definition of success? We don’t matter! As God’s representative on earth, we don’t matter. Who matters is God with the Embassy we represent. The longer you stick to building result-less reputation, the sickening Heaven becomes about your usefulness on earth. That is why many “Jupo-ministers” are vacant, but yet, don’t know.


Most people on social media know this. I can’t stop praising this “woman-of-steel”.

If you had an idea of how God warned satan he dare not stop me from coming to this earth, you would know that my strong mother is one of my joy – my pride.

I was to be aborted by my jealous Aunt who was angry mum had child before her. Humans can be amusingly wicked/ruthless. Had she accepted that the “grace of FIRST” was at work, she wouldn’t have kept throwing those heavy punches on mum’s stomach till she had miscarriage (?); no –it didn’t work. No woman could have survived it, yet this “Steely woman” did. Undaunted, mum did the most bizarre thing a pregnant woman should never ever try: She jumped down from a storey building to avoid losing her baby. I didn’t die! Running…running; she ran as fast as she could into an uncompleted building in the dark, quite dangerous in a city like Lagos. She could have been kidnapped and raped…, but the Angel of the child in her womb secured her! Naïve trustfulness in this young woman made her believe that her evil sister still had her back. That’s a negative love. Giving unto death and not getting? Even JESUS with His love for you still demands you confess and show you love Him from the depth of your heart. Held hostage beside her will, the innocent woman – mum – was forced to drug me out; yet, it didn’t work. The charade was going to continue until God bypassed protocol to use the same local priest of their family to warn my aunt to stop her attempt else… That was it. But before ending the warning, it came with a caveat: “This one is going to be used greatly on earth.” My musing till date is where was satan when his priest was ringing the bell?

Say: Special Grace – God’s “coupe d’Grace” on hell!

[Song] …I’m forever grateful that You have been faithful to me LORD, but for your amazing Grace….



I decree: …

God’s Spirit of Grace – His special grace that has been my backing, humbling me, I GIVE to you, with my entirety, in the name of JESUS!

Sir/Ma, YOU are a threat to satan!

I understand envy. It’s not new to me. This fellow here has been envied from the womb even till date; yet still standing. And you think like Apostle Paul prayer won’t be my lifestyle?

Again, you’ve been dispatched!

If as said by the devil’s errand kids that there is no more need for Prophet (since the dawn of the new dispensation of Grace), why is it that there is a need for Apostle Paul? A “baby Gen-Z” (that is, the tween version) can brood on this question and silence this apostate forever! Paul’s education and good upbringing didn’t birth his calling into the office of the apostle. Just like you in God’s “coupe d’Grace. Paul was dispatched from Heaven 8-years after Christ realized the old order of the Apostles can’t take him out of the Jewish circle. Christ ordered his steps.

You are ordered!

SAY: “I am ordered by the special coupe d’Grace” of God!”

It’s a waste of time to envy — a victim card peddled by the demon-molested “Pastor Jupos” and satan’s low self-esteem minions. Why not you ask God for same and stay in yours? Imagine teaching a pastor on grace and exemplifying it for him to hold a faith conference only for this pastor to betray you….

It is written: …

“Know also, that in the last days (before and after July 21st 2007) perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their OWN selves, lover of money, proud, abusive, disobedient to parents (i.e., rejecting the idea of family and substituting it with individualistic social contracts to succeed, thereby creating a lonely and terrorism-recruiting decayed society), UNGRATEFUL (even if you burn yourself at the stake), unholyboasters of their devilish progressivism’s successes, without real love, unforgiving using Machiavellian counter-moves to break truce, slanderous/false accusers, brutally and deadly vampirous to weaken and waste their fellow humans, despiser of the good, traitors, rash, conceited/high-minded with cloudy over-estimation of themselves; unfortunately deceiving the weak-minded, lovers of seduction rather than lovers of God, having a form of Christianised godliness but don’t have one ounce God’s validating power. From such turn away; have nothing to do with them and their diabolic magnitude. They are the kind who warm their way into homes and ministries and gain control over weak-willed women that are loaded down with internal sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil hidden desires their husbands don’t give them. They are always learning but never able to acknowledge THE TRUTH.  Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose THE TRUTH—men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, ARE REJECTED.  But they will not get very far because, as in the case of Jannes and Jambres, their folly will be clear to everyone [in this Buffer Age©].”

— 2 TIMOTHY 4:3-9

And Hillary’s enemy – satan – is out. She can be restored; she too can be a threat to satan. You can only be a threat to satan whilst on earth; not even in Heaven. Hagin, Babalola, Paul, Solomon, David and others are no more threat to satan one bit. I have seen all of them. They keep coming saying the same thing, paraphrased: “You can do it. We are your fans… you are on track. We were like this when alive. Heaven is watching you as if you were in a theatre of faith. You can do this, You can!” This is about the same thing I said in 2014… Theatre of Faith; Theatre of Dream. We are watched by Heaven. We’ve got an unusual crowd chanting our before-Genesis IDENTITIES. It’s God’s Spirit of Grace. (Hebrew 12:22-23).

Please wake up to it; be alert to it.


God was telling us as usual, audibly, that this Era is the time to get more of His power. He said it in a local linguini….

I quote: “Igbayi ni ki eyin omo mi ye ki e ma bere fun agbara mi bi esen’se se tele.”


“This is the Era for My children to be asking Me for more of my power than they were, because the devil has increased his vengeful terror as the world comes to an end.”

Know this beloved: You can’t buy anointing; you serve God into it with wisdom. Yes –sow/donate seed-faith into God’s carriers of His anointing (with expectations in your heart) as led, but never ever listen to anyone using that Elisha-and-the-Widow narrative to let you pay them so they give you anointing. It is not in their right to do that. For “It is God that giveth you POWER/ Deuteronomy 8:18, not man….” What are we talking about here? Paul is dead and God’s special grace made me have God’s STRENGTH in him to be more territorial…. Beloved, please wake up. Don’t allow anybody limit your destiny. Sow seeds out of desire to have same impact, not to get their power. You might be surprised you would get a negative or outdated anointing along the line. Your mind determines your lot most times. This abandonment of political dynasties by humanity is why my compassion probes why The Church/The Ecclesia who is supposed to save the world is becoming weaker by the seconds, while satan is seriously working hard.

It is written: …

“Don’t be slothful in pursuit of your DIVINE purpose, but be followers of them who through FAITH and PATIENCE inherit the promise.” — Hebrews 6:12

And you will remember as we taught at the “DOX Revival” that Holy Spirit is THE PROMISE – THE COVENANT – our fathers had. (Galatians Chapter 3 Verses 13-18). In Verses 17-18 of Paul’s same Chapter 3 to the Galatians… “What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside THE OLD COVENANT/TESTAMENT previously established by God and thus do away with the promise. For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on a promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.” Paul, the Apostle, was not a powerless theologian. He had strength/grit. It’s an anathema. Called saints have encounters. You can’t represent who you DON’T know; you can’t pastor if you don’t have encounter. You would spineless and make a mess of things The Church stand for. Please, ask God for at least one encounter… I advise you BURN those [over fifteen million sum-totaled] demonic books while at it. Paul knew the powerful Moses; same way I’d seen Moses and many Bible saints. He could go to Heaven and come back, at will. (2 Corinthians 12: 1-5). Moses was also an apostle over Israel.

It is written: …

“Truly, the signs/evidence of an apostle were wrought among you in all PATIENCE, in signs and wonders, and MIGHTY DEEDS.” — 2 Corinthians 12:12.

Apostolic ministries are prophetic ministries that have moved from the office-of-the prophet to global responsibilities by Heaven. They are frontier ministries, not domestic ones, carrying God’s EVIDENCE. IT IS WRITTEN in Ezekiel Chapter 24 verses 24: “And Ezekiel is unto you a SIGN/EVIDENCE.” If you wake me up in the wake of the night, I would tell you the aforementioned scripture. I chew it daily, because that is God’s lot/Rhema for me. I heard Him from “the spirit” of the Old Testament, not the logos (i.e. letter). This one time, the LORD showed me showed me an interactive laptop connected with its charger connected to a power source. With it was a compatible screen stylus pen given me as a gift. Based on the task at hand, I was meant to SIGN on the laptop’s screen so that my signature would be used for a breakthrough work. I was about doing the laptop’s battery drained. Without electricity whilst working in the dark, we looked on… then suddenly and forcefully, electricity came and the task was completed. God was saying to me that I am His SIGN but the environment (the world) I live in has determined to cheat us humanity from our BREAKTHROUGHS/REAL SUCCESS by tampering with the social dependencies/institutions around us. We need to sear our ties with it, lest we are left stranded for another 2000 years This Age is a dark Era, You can’t afford to work in the dark. That’s dangerous. You must operate as the Right Hand of God; You must become God’s signature standard on the earth. Therefore, you must be GOD over the powers controlling the [territorial] “power-systems” governing the earth. You must become God’s TRUTH and FAITH! “The letter killeth, the spirit giveth life! Christ made us EMPOWERED ministers of His NEW COVENANT.” – 2 Corinthians 3:6 Listen; the letter is too dull to react to every challenge is each Era; down from Moses’ time till date. The scripture is not to entertain your brains. Ask yourself: “Have I ended the world’s violent terror and fear?” Satan’s minions want to dull your spirit till your souls bored seductive and diabolic imagination to spark you up often, then suddenly decay. What make the Old Testament different from the New Testament are the characters crushing Pandora’s Box of witchcraft violence/terror with God’s ALMIGHTINESS. Switch Moses and Paul for each Era both would dominate hell according to the social contexts befallen them. However, what links them is JESUS’ Spirit of Prophecy, their testimonies regardless. “And the testimony of JESUS is the Spirit of Prophecy!” – Revelation 19:11 You have to know your IDENTITY TRANSFER. Mine is in the prophetic as taught in this link; DAVID, The Harasser of satan, the harasser. JESUS was prophesied down by Moses according to God’s instruction and a mere mortal worshiping satan is peddling a drop of truth in an ocean of lies that there is nothing like prophets and the Old Testament? (Smiles). Child’s play… In Deuteronomy Chapter 18 verses 17-19, God had had a sweet SECRET social media-like chat with Moses in response to Israel’s complain, so Moses was ordered to tell them. He gave them the scoop;

God: Moses, concerning My children’s dread the other time I came to Horeb to show Myself so as to make them equal like you… Moses: Yes sir… it was an encounter to live for God: They rejected seeing ME; satan’s fear gripped their souls Moses: many nations would have killed for it. God: I even had to cover myself with darkness so they could come closer Moses: Sure, I saw that one. God: Perhaps the land and the seas crying was what scared them. Moses: Err… God: A combination of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, wildfires and all the climatic tremours happening at the same time was quite unfair to them. They have a point rejecting My ALMIGHTINESS sworn to Jacob. Moses: Just as You said, Sir. God: That was their one shot to have My Almightiness sworn to Jacob their father, and CRUSH satan for life. I was about doing the “Edenite Agenda” I showed you and told you to write in Genesis Moses: Wow! God: Now, Moses… Moses: Yes Sir! God: I God, The Almighty, SHALL raise up for My children – Israel – a prophet like you, Moses, from among their brothers; I SHALL put my words in his mouth, and He SHALL tell them everything I command Him. If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name, I MYSELF will call him to account. Prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded him to say, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, must be put to death.”

I sorrow for false prophets and teachers. By God’s Spirit of Judgment/Matthew 7:15-23, their portion is on earth and in hell. God, The Almighty was CRUSHING earth each time He came and had to find a solution to it by transforming Himself into a micro-chip and placing it INSIDE a human in the same mold like Prophet Moses called, Prophet-Teacher (Rabbi) “Jesus of Nazareth”. In verses 18b – 19; “… I SHALL put My words in his mouth, and He SHALL tell them everything I command Him. If anyone does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in My name, I MYSELF will call him to account” And then, Prophet Jesus of Nazareth was saying to the consternation of his fellow humans in John Chapter 6 verses 37-40; … “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away. For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me. And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”

The Jesus IDENTITY Transfer

Seeing earth’s labeling can change his identity forever, which also rubbed on His ministry almost 40 years after He left, despite the manifold prophecy (Luke 22:29) God demanded Mary, the mother of JESUS was charged to always call Him: “Emmanuel. Meaning, God, The Almighty is with us!” So, that He knows His identity and don’t mistake it, though earth’s dark presence wiped away His memory. Your task is too HEAVY and NEEDED by Heaven for you to allow earth make you to forget. You can be uniform to certain reasonable lifestyles, but NEVER your “divine mandate”. Be very careful what you compromise on.

Uniformity is not a new deal. Throughout history, envy had always been the seed behind uniformity.

JESUS recalling that earlier social network-like chat between God and Moses spoke to the Jews and their political authority… “I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him. How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God? But do not think I will accuse you before the Father. Your accuser is Moses, on whom your hopes are set. If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about Me. But since you do not believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?” – John 5: 43-47 If you must franchise everything out of lack of confidence, never you franchise your “title deed” – which is your “spiritual identity” given you from Heaven before landing here. Mothers, you have an HIGH CALLING to give your children self-esteem. This world is becoming more useless by the day. My mother keeps telling me things about myself. When God speaks to her, she calls me to come over and give me the download: “I had a vision this week and God says I should tell you XYZ.” Mothers, you just can’t be pregnant with a baby(ies) and not know their destiny or DECREE into their lives before birth. As a woman, you are more than a sex object or handbag. There’s a king/queen inside of you! My mother has always been a seer from birth. That’s grace. As time went by she lost it, but she didn’t lose me. “Those that have mothers don’t die.” – An adage.


  • I DESTROY that barrenness in you,
  • Every lost womb becomes restored, NOW, in JESUS’ name!
  • I DECREE the next thanksgiving song is yours!
  • You over there saying you have a terminal disease and can’t experience the JOY of motherhood. I speak to that devil that he is a liar! RECEIVE your health back… RECEIVE your glorious destiny back… RECEIVE your kings and queens, in the name of JESUS!
  • Any devil planning death for your child out of jealousy shall end up in their plan!

More at our #NOW vigil at your homes this Friday, September 16, 2016, virtually. Thank you JESUS!


I had a great destiny but God had to GIVE me my identity. Your fruitfulness is tied to your identity.

Ace-The-Case: The Two-way Street

I had forced my way out of the bank haven being delayed beyond my outlined exit strategy. I gave a 3-month notice, but was delayed for a year. “Where are you going by wonderful bosses and HR leads,” had asked me. I kept saying, “I’m going to work for my Father.” They taught he had some conglomerate or something, not knowing it was God I meant. I left the bank leaving behind a revenue close to half a billion in amount. Not a dime was taken… I was the marker-checker of a difficult e-solution, yet trust was given beyond banking practices. Hard-work is both sweet and colorful.   But, why work for God applying such risk? One of the perks of my trip involves flying and lodging in beautiful hotels. I was at an Airport when I had to make a call to an instructor at our training school that wanted me in his team anytime I’m available. He loves my intelligent facilitation amongst my peers and charisma, so he said. Now, I was available. This was 2012. We trained all sorts: foreign banks, oil and gas government agencies, Telcos and many more. Then was the traveling… it was fun. I was progressing so I assumed. “None of my colleagues would think I made the wrong choice… my material gains would show them I am wealthy,” so I assumed. “Stop this nonsense this instance or I kill this man then kill you!” I knew God wasn’t joking. [Have you seen this LOVING God thunder His rage?]. Immediately, I canceled future trips then stopped working for him. Embittered I stopped; he didn’t know that I still wanted him to get home under the embrace of his wife. What is “Plan C”, God?   You know why the current crave for altars without God’s power is thriving in this under-developed part of the earth…. The reason is because poverty has dealt with the minds of the people. So, if you preach progressivism and materialism’s success or sandwich spiritual clichés with those witchcraft doctrines, the masses would buy it. (Smiles). The day any of them can teach Tinubu success and faith is when I would respect them. Do you know Tinubu has power in all forms, but NEVER near that we dispense? Do you know how many people he has told hardened city mobs not to touch? Can you teach him how to succeed? These ministers can be really amusing. This is exactly what fantasy creates. When your entire make-up is unrealistically jaundiced, you won’t know you have the might to command the Angel (Revelation 10:1-who has one leg in the sea and another on the earth with finger lifted to the Heaven to harass all demonic powers in the land so that your country would begin a MATCH to her destiny in an election. Do that and see whether the Tinubus won’t understand you. Strangely, the developed world wants God’s power – His STRENGTH. Though deluded in fantasy, most of them still know that politics has never been about rhetoric or Abraham Lincoln had a dream. I’ve, in the past many years ago, read the established biographies of Abraham Lincoln and the innovator – Thomas Edison and realized the political institution though in limited extractive means had to be “edited” to fulfill their goal. Today, the tremours in Africa is same in America and Europe. If you are not in the 1% establishment, you can’t be there. The times have changed. To lack STRENGTH is no more selling. Even “my” Obama can’t solve terrorism since he came into government. Which biography would he write and I would read? No proof aside Osama. Get STRENGTH! Before that exit at the bank, my long-term fledgling businesses were fall-back options. I’d conceptualize and co-created two companies and stuck to it, yet still serving God. [Now, I’m more like a friend] Everything was going on well when He said again, “Stop doing this!” I mused at it then wondered what else this God want from me. Haven’t I resigned? Haven’t I left business opportunities? If I stopped this, what would I say I’m doing? I’m a hard-worker; I can’t afford to waste my time. I grumbled then disobeyed; waiting for clear confirmation. I thought I was still in God’s will not knowing I was in darkness. Before long, I was shipped to my family house almost dead. I was dying, there was no cure. Why did I leave the bank…. Why did I obey this God? Why this mistake in life? All medical assistance couldn’t diagnose what was happening to me. I was left to count my days at home. Then in the midst of wakefulness and uncertainty (that is, life and death) on my death bed, I had an encounter with the Voice of God. I heard; “DAVID, You shall serve Me in your generation.” The cloud of death spread over me (one my mother had one time seen whilst in prayers) lifted. A sudden STRENGTH entered me. I stood up like a giant, stopped every medication, and then demanded for food. My family couldn’t believe their eyes. And that was it. My first name changed from Christopher to David, forever. It was later whilst studying the Bible I realize that Word was in the Bible.

It is written: …

“For DA’VID, after he had served his own generation by the will of God, fell on sleep, and was buried with his fathers and his body decayed – saw corruption.But King JESUS – the one whom God raised from the dead did not see decay.” — Acts 13:36-37.

Ever since, if I am in the spirit and not paying attention, God would mention a scripture audibly so I stop what I’m doing to hear Him.

“Saints don’t die, they sleep.”

Apostle Paul, LeTourneau, Hagin, Babalola, Solomon, Da’vid, Moses, and others didn’t die! I saw them all. You are not supposed to be alive yet still decay by boredom of your generation/Age/dispensation/Era. Obedience to God is the gateway. Better than sacrifice and “lastier” (sic) than serviec. I could have been a dot in history were it not for this same special grace called God’s Spirit of Grace. Joining satan’s foolish secret societies is a ticket to hell. An idol worshiper can never come back to confirm his/her works on earth. Hell does not have the spirit of confirmation. Is that the life worth living? It was later God told me that my not being in the centre of His will gave satan ample opportunity to confound me. Why me? I was told my task in delivering to earth His prophesied 2014 “DOX Revival” was a threat to his kingdom. Beloved, you don’t know what you are missing out on. Do you want to waste away till you more than 50 years old? Why not obey. Had I continued with my perceived “success cards” etched on progressivism and materialism, I won’t be blessing humanity today. There won’t be Obama, there won’t be Trump, there won’t be Putin, there won’t be Hillary, there won’t be Buhari; there won’t be Tinubu; there won’t be YOU and there won’t be devils! I am living on a borrowed life from Heaven – my REAL identity. I won’t for any reason toy with it. I didn’t come back to life to play the politics seen in ministries. I didn’t. I have seen ministries by deep research and vision in God’s set LEARNED ALIGNEMENT encounter and don’t ever want to be irrelevant to mainstream with powerless grammars and eccentric scandals. I’m a perfectionist, but don’t delay in implementation. I set HIGH standard for myself because God commands I place that STANDARD on nations. I can’t listen to another identity other than my STRENGTH reformed in God. This world needs God’s STRENGTH to stop satan’s boast! We all know that the spineless stealing “Alexander the Traitor to Apostle Paul”can’t do it; satan would crush them! They have all it takes within them to enrage him should they change allegiance. No surgical operation. Many might not survive it. Until they remove their internal demon-magnetizing witchcraft, they would remain the way they are. Thank God there is hope: I have seen women who survived the shame and disgrace of their past to become GREAT Sisters on daring mission for Christ. They rave with JESUS’ joy, “If God can still give me a second chance, He can do it for anybody.” God is not done with you!

The Surgical Operation

That is why the like of the traitor, Pastor Jupo must be reprimanded/given a little motivation as demanded by Apostle Paul here/ 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15 This is how it works with God. God was one day telling me through a clear vision… He said it and I was seeing His text: “Sanctify your HEART; don’t leave a person hanging in the prophetic. What you see in that person is what you must keep calling out till what you see in the spirit realm about the person’s identity becomes your own physical REALITY.” I would never forget that day! President or not, Trump and Hillary can never be called loose lips or impostor. Far from it! When Saul was king, he knew Da’vid was going to take his throne, the moment Da’vid’s identity started manifesting in the place of his son – Jonathan. Every assassination attempt Saul did was to secure the throne for his son – Jonathan; Da’vid’s best friend. He fought the wrong battle and lost his soul to witchcraft and hell. Indeed, the mighty do fall. The identity of Trump and Hillary must be GIVEN to them, away from what earth already labeled them to be. If you notice me, I’m always seeing the good in these people because I know what it is to have surgical operation of identity. In prayers for instance, if you say, in the name of Emmanuel – Christ’s identity it won’t work. Why? Answer: Because that “identity transfer” – that is, God’s title deed of Jesus’ dominion on earth – belongs to Mary. It means JESUS had already been soaked from His conception with wisdom and power such that at age 12, he was already teaching the established and outdated institutions/ministries of his time; things none of them taught him. When asked by his anxious parents, after missing for three days, what he was doing, causing the problem, he replied: “Why were you searching for me? Didn’t you know I had to be in My Father’s house?” What a rude kid? No – he wasn’t. The boy-JESUS became suddenly confused that what His earthly parent had prepped him was being questioned. The Bible in Luke Chapter 2 verses 45-52 says, the boy-JESUS went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them.” But along the way whilst Joseph was still offended, Mary, musing on JJESUS suddenly remembered and started singing that her many years of “spiritual mouth” exercise on her child as God amongst His people – Emmanuel – was already happening. She never forgot that day. The day you see your IDENTITY, you become a force Heaven and hell recognize. JESUS – The Word personified – was teaching and the leaders of His Era were saluting his 12-years-old stature. Why? The NO weak-willed Mary had saturated His entirety with His “Edenite Agenda ©” IDENTITY as Emmanuel (God with us)! Thanks to Mary, His intestine was already oozing out God. This is why He couldn’t wait till 30 to become GOD, The Almighty on earth; by age 12. By the gravitas of Mary his mother, He knew He is God!

It is written: …

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… The Word became flesh by realizing He is EMMANUEL (God with us) FULL of God’s Spirit of Grace and THE TRUTH.” — John 1:1, 14.

Then at a wedding in Galilee whose wine had finished, Mary triggered THE EMMANUEL in JESUS even when His ministry set-forth had not yet come. “Servant, whatever Word EMMANUEL, this JESUS; your friend, my son tells you to do, do it.” and there was PROOF.

You don’t go into ministry at age 30. You go into ministry when your “Edenite Agenda ©” IDENTITY becomes FLESH.

Listen: Your insight of the Word is not what births miraculous proofs. What births result is your IDENTITY away from the Niccolo Machiavelli and Jeremy Bentham’s demonic identities. Materialistic bent of the Gospel can never make you happy. Worse off, it can never make the advocate of such doctrine happy. This is so because the more he/ greedily seeks for more, they more he gets zero answers from God. In the end, he becomes an envious competitor. Oliver Twist got some more why not a clergy? How can such be preaching and teaching faith for 20+ years yet not one single testimony wroughted through his own hand? How can such be organizing conferences yet his country is under terror siege and economic wreck? Beloved, the day you take on the identity of satan’s messengers via their philosophies and ideologies is the day you and your nation become a damnation on upon the surface of the earth. A waste! Nations have sunk by the wrong identity(ies) contrary to their at “the beginning” of earth’s creation “Edenite Agenda” IDENTITY. You think I would allow my country to crash to satan – the Waster? I went to the beginning and God gave me her IDENTITY amongst the international community. A Prime Minister in a bid to divert the news behind his wrongdoings linked to a Panama account looked for a country to shame and disgrace openly and in his reasoning he chose my country. In less than 2-months after that shaming, God, The Confounder of the confounder made him sack himself. [More on this in later epistles]. Not yet there, my country’s role to earth’s survival is critical. Of all the countries on earth, God rightly placed me in her. He didn’t do a mistake. Why? I got her IDENTITY at THE BEGINNING, and stopped praying for some fire-brigade reprieve. I’m relaxed; this country the world is laughing at would DELIVER their earth. Beloved, until you recognize the EMMANUEL in a GENUINE Prophet of God, you remain where you are; wasting [individual, corporate, and governmental] resources for decades (two or more). See, God at Pentecost dispensed Himself in humans as by His Prophet, JESUS. Were it not for the death and ascension of JESUS–Prophet of all prophets, God wouldn’t have multiplied His ALMIGHTINESS in human through the Holy Spirit. Let us thank God for the cool and gentle HOLY SPIRIT, the third person. You can’t kill this one. He isn’t JESUS; He is Spirit. He is now “God with us” revealed as the Abrahamic Covenant. Know; not everybody back then on earth was able to handle God’s presence like Abraham. Earth couldn’t handle God’s ALMIGHTINESS; as such He had to make JESUS come to the earth. The promise/REAL COVENANT of the Father is His ALMIGHTINESS locked up in us humans. Therefore, if you are not shaking hell, Heaven does not recognize your ministry. [I would tell you of how God showed me a ministry so famous but practically and pragmatically “dead” to Him]. What we call success is not God’s success.

It is written: …

“When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?” They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the other prophets.” ‘But what about you?’ he asked. ‘Who do you say I am?’ Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, a the Son of the living God.’ Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell SHALL NOT overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be e bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be e loosed in heaven.” Then he warned his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ — Matthew 16: 13-20

There was no rock besides Peter or did JESUS carry a rock. It was the Word of Prophecy that came out of the “spiritual mouth” Peter as INSPIRED by God, The Almighty that created THE CHURCH you are seeing today. It is called God’s Spirit of Grace! It is not in copying-and-modifying messages you become a force to reckon with, it is in getting results by standing on the shoulders of those who are already playing in that league of the extraordinary. Your “spiritual mouth” has got to be trained in HARASSING the devil.

It is written: …

“I have put My words in YOUR mouth, and I have covered you with the shadow of My Hand that I plant the heavens, and lay the foundation of the earth, and say to Zion, ‘You are my people.’” — Isaiah 51:16

This was the Rhema my EYES “heard” after I woke up from my death-bed. It preceded planting DOX (that is Heaven’s will in this harassed Age of Fear) long before I ever heard about anything called planting Heaven-on-Earth. This was the year 2014. I was demonstrating it – not just teaching it, standing on King JESUS’ shoulder, and lives using it were blessed. Beloved, your “spiritual mouth” can create a government and PULL DOWN from Heaven the GLORIOUS DESTINY of a country or countries. Know this: Since when God told me the GLORIOUS DESTINY of my country I stopped putting on my lips the demonic name given it by its colonial master’s representatives. Listen: This earth has had its terrible share of being harassed. I came, FULL of God’s Spirit of Grace and THE TRUTH (that is my IDENTITY as DAVID, The Harasser of the harasser) to harass satan out of it. If you check all our post from S1, you would notice I didn’t mention it for once. I am addicted to this land’s BLESSEDNESS. It must never divide. The devil and his hell is a liar! Beloved, JESUS, The Prophet of all prophets is Heaven-bent on YOU being His god on earth! He wants you to have “proofs”. Satan knows this and wants to set doubt in you. Don’t give him and his babies that right. He knows can’t try it with me; our 20 years in ministry would be after the order of Paul. Do this and avoid “cryptic envy” tomorrow. FOR IT IS WRITTEN of King Da’vid prophetically in the Old Testament/Covenant and echoed by Apostle Paul in the New Testament/Covenant; “Thou, JESUS, hast ascended on HIGH and at the same time led satan’s captive FREE, and RECEIVED ministry gifts [of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers] from God for men; yes for THE REBELLIOUS ALSO, that God, The Almighty might dwell with them.” — Psalm 68:18; Ephesians 4:7-16. And when King JESUS knew he was going to leave earth He commanded in the New Testament: “If I, Prophet Jesus of Nazareth be lifted up from the earth, I would draw all men to Me.” / John12:32 Have steel. I don’t know about others in The Ecclesia, but when you see me, you see the God once hidden in JESUS. He is called, God, The Harasser-of-the-harasser! This is not Psalm Chapter 82 verse 6 [lest it becomes an Old Testament claim], but in Acts Chapter 3 Verse 1-6. Bro. Peter and Bro. John went to PRAY (not watch) at 3pm and then met a lame man from his birth, asking them for “profit”. Most people think Peter first responded by saying, “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth RISE UP and WALK.” No – that is wrong. Modernity has helped our minds to like quick answers, even if they are useless. If it is not fast and drama-laden to quench our boredom, it’s not. This Era is NOT patient. It’s progressive and must do all (even stealing and killing) to claim success. Patience has been thrown out of the window. What these one-time fishermen FIRST said to the leper was: “Look at us!” “What an arrogant response from this ‘authoritarian’ working class local fishermen; how dares they?” That, unsurprisingly, a today’s modern mind would say. This Era has become the worst version of the city of Babel. We like labels and also destroying people’s life work. United on social media, we enjoy destroying people who don’t have spine. Is that the life you want for your children and grandchildren… Would you like strangers to destroy an unborn child’s destiny because they are “puppeteered” (sic) by witches/wizards? Wel, what do you expect from a popular government like the very still useful Democracy. Be careful; be very careful how because of ending your boredom waste away your “T.I.M.E©: Time, Information, Money and Energy.” You might live to regret it. Please, “change”. One “Look at us!” decree from the lips of Peter, exalted his office then surgically transfused God’s kind of faith INTO the “spiritual eyes” of that lame [from childbirth] man to HEAR his long awaited miracle (in Verse 6), “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth RISE UP and WALK.”

NOTE THIS: Faith makes your EYES to “hear” and your EARS to “see”. [That’s not a typo].

Faith is a two-way street: Faith speaks to the spirit man of the hearer.

By virtue of the CERTAINTY of Peter’s prophetic faith, Peter’s “spirit-mouth” was speaking to the “spirit man” of the leper while his natural eyes were looking at Peter. Then suddenly with great respect for Peter’s office, the leper heard God speak by His PROPHETIC Spirit of Faith IN Peter: “Silver and gold have I none; but The God I have IN me I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth RISE UP and WALK.” Faith is IN the spiritual hearing. Peter by His Spirit of Faith – his “spiritual mouth” – super-imposed the spiritual identity (THE TRUTH) of that leper back INTO him. THE TRUTH – yourEdenite Agenda© IDENTITY from the beginning before coming to earth is the force that can bury the lie of satan via the mouth of God’s sent messengers.


  • You’ve been listening to the lies of satan and his minions, I DECREE, your brand new IDENTITY at Genesis restored, NOW!
  • I TEAR that veil over you! RECEIVE your miracles…
  • It is a JESUS day… I DECREE an emergence of the force that makes stars to fall upon you!
  • Nations shall be on the lookout for you!
  • You are blessed!
  • You won’t betray destiny. RECEIVE grace.

[More this Friday, September 16, 12mindnight]

“For FAITH cometh by hearing/Romans 10:17 and hearing the Rhema/mouth of God through His prophets.”

That was why Hagin’sRhemaisHagin’s prophetic mouth; his CERTAINTY!

It is written: …

“Have faith in the LORD your God and you shall be STRENGTHED; have faith in His own prophets and you shall be PROGRESSIVE THE GOD-WAY.” — 2 Chronicles 20:20 Remember as taught and demonstrated over the years that… “God’s prophets are God’s mouth!” They don’t doubt themselves. The devil’s minions are too small when contrasted to their master – satan. That is why a prophet that doesn’t pray is a casualty.

Note to God’s Prophets: You are God’s Capital Asset Helpers to humanity at such a time as this. Let it be a no-holds-bar! Shut down hell! Your words must carry weight for faith to respond. Hagin’s spiritual mouth is his Rhema, yet I’ve never met this man but know this. The reason why the Bible is called the Word of Faith is because God spoke it and men wrote it. So, when you read a scripture, you are “hearing” God talk! A close friend of Hagin built the first Pentecostal Christian university “hearing” the mourning of King Hezekiah written in Isaiah Chapter 37 Verses 3

“I wished that all men should prophesy; for greater is the reward than….” Paul said in 1 Corinthians Chapter 14 Verses 5.

Listen; You are the FIRST prophet over your life. The gift of prophecy is your birthright. It’s like your car, drive it! However, that give does not make you a Prophet in the prophetic ministry. A driver of a President of a nation does not replace the President except granted the right. For instance, Buhari were to grace a beloved’s wedding as the special guest of honor. His driver would be making a mistake appearing at the wedding alone, leaving the President stranded at Aso Rock. Are we getting what we are saying here…. Buhari comes bearing gifts and appeal to the wedding. So are the revelational gifts of prophecy are Buhari carries. What are all these gift things? Let’s go back to our past teachings whilst on social media. The Driver – the simple gift of prophecy– is just one of the TWELVE “spiritual gifts”of God, but yet very important; same way the Driver is in the presidential escort team. Yet, he can’t qualify to be President – that is, called into one of the FIVE“ministry gift” office of the Prophet. We said that to be a prophet, you must have all three (not one, not two but all three in the) categorized revelationalspiritual gifts (from the Holy Spirit’s twelve spiritual gifts) working in tandem.

These are;

  • Words-of-knowledge (i.e., an “on-the-spot” spiritual – not mental – ability to take views about event/people’s past and present from the “knowledge bank” of God).
  • Words-of-wisdom: That is, a “foresight” spiritual – never strategic scenario – ability to take view about event/people’s future from the “wisdom bank” of God.Why this one is different from human tenet of corporate strategy management and economic forecast – not getting any global financial forecast right these days – is because we have two of kind of God’s “foresight”: Conditional and Unconditional prophecies.

Conditional prophecy is an “IfThenElse” For example: If Hillary cleans her acts with the Wall Street and special interest establishment milking America into trillions of deficit, Then ‘the City Upon a Hill’ would be her home for 8 years, Else Trump becomes the people’s President at a time they need STRENGTH crush the terrible Pandora’s Box of violence. — Unconditional prophecy is just as it is – unconditional loss or profit from God. In this case, no prophet can beg Him. Example, he prophesied down this Buffer Age© to bring everybody onboard to His STRENGTH. He created this Era to mock SMK©’s plan to take 7+ billion people to hell with them.

  • Last of these three revelational spiritual gifts needed to be in the office of the prophet is the discerning of spirits. Like we earlier said of this gift, you SEE “divine spirits” (angels and just men in Heaven), “human spirits” for who they really are, and “evil spirits”

Prophets don’t struggle to turn these three on. Though not a switch, God uses His SPECIAL grace to tell them SECRETS/MYSTERIES. REAL Prophets don’t bother about the devil’s confusion. To envy and denounce this office doesn’t compare to the sacrificial demand needed to help humanity; it far outweighs the benefits. The diligence at work is just too engaging to drown“petty-noises”.People are looking for God’s STRENGTH at each consultation. You can’t afford to waste it on silly matters. That is why when a prophets (soaked in deep prayers and Word-study) grabs a topic, he/she comes out with DEEP Rhema that can drown satan’s headquarter on earth – the Sea. Governments shifts when a disciplined, determined and dedicated prophet is engaging God’s STRENGTH in his/her Era. As such, to be in “the office of the prophet”, you’ve got to have ALL three operating in Christ’s unforced rhythm of the Spirit of Grace. I mean, the fact that everybody can run on wheels does not mean everybody can have the luxury of having [Trump, Hillary,] Obama with Buhari, Merkel, Hollande, Theresa May, and “the G8th president” – Putin – in their car at the same time. But thanks be to God that the gift of prophecy is God’s grace for speed and divine acceleration (one we taught in 2015) so that God plan for every of His children can be fulfilled, like having the FIRST Pentecostal university. It means YOU can cheaply have it. It’s one of the categorized gifts of utterance, not in any of the revelational gifts. Whether it is Category A or B or not, use it to change any verdict concerning your life. Listen; this “utterance gift” can ONLY become your birth right when you train your “eyes” to HEAR and your “ears” to SEE. Beloved, life would ask you tough questions no matter your status in life. As such, God wants you alert at all times so as to be on the winning side. He needs your spiritual to boast of His Him so that hell submits its power. There is ongoing CONQUEST inside this Pandora’s Box of Violence. We are at a crucial stage in history. Are you ready?

It is written: …

“He replied, “The knowledge of the mysteries/secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been GIVEN to you, but not to them. It’s a profit: Whoever has will be given more, and he will have more profit. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. This is why I speak to them in parables to obstruct the obstructors (sic): ‘Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.’ In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: ‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving. For this people’s HEART has become calloused/stiff-necked/tough-skinned; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.’ But BLESSED are your eyes because they see, and yourears because they hear. For I tell you THE TRUTH, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.” — Matthew 13: 11-17 Far be it from Peter he used devilish philosophies and theology. The day he tries it, his spiritual mouth and ears becomes clogged. He did it once and never tried it again. Had Peter’s natural brain, susceptible to progressivism and materialism, betrayed him to tell the lame mans: “Receive a car,” immediate embarrassment would dog him for the rest 20+ years of his ministerial life. That’s why you need to drop and burn these useless ideological doctrines packaged from hell. That is why I wonder why as a pastor, you have a philosophy that ministry is a boxing match against your fellow Christian soldiers whom Christ dispensed God’s ALMIGHTINESS to. Because you lack such Spirit of Grace doesn’t mean you should end up on “the ringside of disgrace”. If you think this way, you are like that traitor pastor – Pastor Jupo whose definition of success has been “kwashiorkored” (sic) by demonic teachings soaked in the seductive and diabolic magnitude/imagination of the harasser of the Age – satan. It means, the longer you remain addicted to these “demonic contents and authors”, the longer you become spiritually irrelevant to the comity of nations and work for satan for free. Of what use is a car to a leg that is not yet restored? Not being able to read the spiritual mood of your people’s need to experience God’s signs and wonders is because your ears is SEEING the devil’s ideas. This is why most disrespectful ministers like that “traitor pastor” —Pastor Jupo are deficient of the tiniest miracles for over 20 years. Listen; when God is having a hard time getting past the dark veil of your contents, your mouth would unconsciously be chanting: Machiavelli!!! Bentham!!! into the souls of your listeners. That is why your constituents are motivated/inflated on greatness but not DELIVERED into GREATNESS. Many are simply bidding theirn time and committing sin by the side. You know this, and afraid to tell them their wrongdoings lest they leave you. The shame awaiting your boast is too dreadful a sight you can’t preach THE TRUTH.

It is written: …

“Although the Lord gives you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, your teachers shall no more be hidden; with your own eyes you will see them. Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it, and perform signs and wonders.’” — Isaiah 30:20-21

God’s anointing cannot fall on goats!

Peter’s HEAR “saw” a path where the lame could go. Stiff-necked, the Machiavellian books Goats have on their reading list in order to control their people is a “blocker”. That is what is scattering their brain neurons, thus, setting them into a vicious cycle of “confusion of faith utterances” to the receiver.

Ace-The-Case:The Gravitas of a Leader

There is a certain ex-convict who has had it rough. His release from prison was a miraculous one; although by pardon. Each time he’s given a chance to minister, the debris of his past as an assassin rubs off on his teaching. [What you don’t know is that God’s anointing – the Holy Spirit’s gifting in you, takes up the form and nature of your past and temperament; not character]. “That murder along XYZ bank in City A…  I did it.” “I took the man and his family out.” That was him talking. Gripping accounts…. At this point in time, you know he needs help. Who is up to the task? A spineless “traitor Pastor Jupo can’t mentor him. You can’t save any with confusion; you can’t use demonic texts to teach smart criminals. They might not be talking but they know what you are doing. There’s nothing like the smartest guy in the room. That people aren’t talking doesn’t mean they are dumb. A goat can’t lead a sheep; it is directionless. People always gravitate towards strong-willed leaders like Mary. God’s COVENANT is always available to confirm His presence in the midst of His people. So why are the “Pastor Jupos” still hidden/deficient? What is happening is that this kind of minister STUBBORNLY lacks the spiritual eyes to HEAR and spiritual ears to SEE what their people need. Goats can preach word of faith to thunderous applause, but Goats can’t perform God’s Rhemas. In the end, no results! Miracles that their church gate-men should be testifying they did are what they boast of. No single sword-of-fire. You association with “strange/odd bedfellows” won’t avert this shame. Only politics makes strange bedfellows: We are talking about can a Clinton (Bill and/or Hillary) deliver these molested same-sex witchcraft’s victims by the STRENGH of God. Can God trust them and their bedfellow, Trump, with America?

Witches Bows to Power

Faith is in THE RECEIVING, but Holy Spirit doesn’t work where there is confusion. What is happening is that when they speak the word-of-faith, the “heavy spiritual embargo” of fear IN these confused ruthless preachers blocks the spiritual gateway (called, “the mustard seed faith”) which the recipient uses in RECEIVING their miracles. When a product is bad, no advertising would sell it. You can’t sell satan with the name of JESUS and think that experiment would “succeed”.

Satan is fear productized.

When you can’t make a head or tail of God’s power, satan’s confusion would trail you for the rest of your days, unless reversed. That is why no matter the preaching, there is a “blocker” with Jupos. Stubbornness to internal wickedness is why these “Jupos, the Traitors” won’t listen. When God wants someone to be destroyed for adding strange idol and/or best practices to their ministry, nothing can help them. If you like stay with them every seconds for more than 2-years, appealing to them, they won’t listen. There is what is called God revealed to me as “the boiling pot of Heaven”. This is the mercy weapon God releases upon ruthless workers of the devil who delights in/enjoys perpetrating evil. When this weapon is in place, they would beg God and God won’t listen; He won’t until they confess their evil ways. No drugs or medical help would solve their issues. For long, God has looked at these witches as they do evil for years, enjoying it; saying/Psalms 94:7-9, “God shall not see it neither ear it.” Are you saying that the God who planted the EARS on us can’t hear or He that formed the Eyes can’t see? But when judgment sits in the wilderness, these ruthless humans would know God to be beyond limit in their game. When you allow your controversial ways stand as a rebel against God’s move, He simply groups you as a witch/1 Samuel 15:22-23 and give you the “boiling pot” judgment ideally reserved for satan’s errand kids. To be stubbornly goatish is to make-up-your-mind in the wrong direction no matter the known consequences. Power does not argue. Not today, not tomorrow; not even yesterday’s Old Testament victories. You were born to live history. Sometimes, if evil strangers are arguing with your prophetic special grace, God can go as far as making you to give the names of their co-conspirators. Power doesn’t argue. Haven’t you noticed that coming to programs is not enough? Everybody with similar crippling leg cases might be in service but not all would receive the lame man’s miracle. It takes simple respect towards the minister sent to be God over your problems. Just give it and go your way, if you must. Listen, God’s Capital Asset Helpers: If you are a GENUINE Prophet who for doubt made by possible by messengers of satan or old prophets’ obstructionism don’t exalt your office as a DOX Prophet, you’ve only succeeded in cheating the nations you were sent to of their profits/wealth and deliverance (if God trains you in it) respectively. Turning your back against the world to lick their wounds has got to have a limit. Flow with His move per time. God can’t come to earth lest His LIGHT destroys our darkened nature. That is why He MULITPLIED Himself in you and others. You are not ordinary; you are extra-ordinary. You are god! A saviour/Obadiah 1:21 after your Master, King JESUS!

God’s DOX Prophets are Multipliers

I have over the years seen that Peter’s kind of CERTAINTY does not come to disrespectful ministers no matter their muscular “neuro-exercise” (sic) prep ups to replace God’s Multipliers. Such lusts are delusions package by hell for them. Confidence is God is what does it. That is why I dare these kinds to drop their “progressive and materialistic ways” and trust God then see if He won’t engage them by His mercy. Man can be deceived but not God. God doesn’t read faces. He reads hearts before entrusting His power. For instance; the same way you can’t trust your wife and kids with a known psychopath is the same way God can’t trust His power to the ministers who has made up his mind to remain an usurper-Judas for the remaining days of his life. Come to think of it, to delight in mainstream’s label of being controversial and disrespectful is sickeningly psychopathic. That’s how far lust for praise and pleasing people can get someone. You become color-blind to what matters most: God, family and selfless duty to humanity. Get to work and silence the devil!

Ace-The-Case: THE TRUTH is The Law

I got my convictions/THE DOX (amalgam of old and new) COVENANT of God from all means God communicates “my IDENTITY” to me; especially The Word of God (and including Mum’s earlier narrative). There was a time I had to test the chemistry between myself and a fellow I had just met; he is a sure prophet. I can vouch for him based on what God has told me of him, as well. On second thought, I shouldn’t have asked him. It tilted the scale of balance of our friendship. Because from that moment on, he started talking less when I’m talking; a cold chill falls upon him when I talk. Although, I’ve appealed to him to stop. To even call me Brother David is a concern. However, I want that name, just like Brother Hagin. I deliberately dress urban to be accessible – whether the human eyes and my culture respect heavy apparel or not. My prophetic office isn’t me. Besides, many have bastardized the office and “limited God” with their short-term thinking. That doesn’t in any ways change the identity given me before I came to this devil controlled earth. He told me what God said: “DAVIDis a Prophet above prophets to the nations. He is highly beloved. I have made him My sign. With him, I shall plant Mykingdom… He should be patient for My move in his Era.” I wasn’t surprised by what God told the fellow to confirm. This is because his confirmation came as a rejoinder to many Word-encounters, visions and audible voices God has been doing.

It is written: …

“But JESUS answered them, ‘My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. Therefore, the Jewish movements sought the more to kill him because He not only had broken the Sabbath but said that God was His Father, making Himself equal with God. — John 5:17-18

The way to invade hell and beat past satan’s“identity crises poison” in you is to constantly stay in the womb of prayer and the Word, surround yourself with inner-circle OBJECTIVE accountability partners that have got your back. You are done for if you try an usurper Brutus/Judas – this kind aren’t hard to identify, except you want to tell yourself a lie. Most times, “the Cinderella men” aren’t who you think they really are. The last thing you must add to it is: INTENSE PENETRATING FOCUS. You must be done with pleasing everybody. This foolishness might not make alive to hear everybody score you 101%. It took JESUS over 40 years to be The Messiah He came on earth to do. I mean, despite dying for all of us on earth,  one generation after the other still reject him. The hypocritical ones, in the name of selfish greed for power, joke with His ALMIGHTINESS by mixing their satan’s secret societies allegiance with His. Beloved, FAITH and PATIENCE are the twin inseparable siblings a man needs to fulfill a GLORIOUS DESTINY. Be patient. No Era is newer than the other; humans didn’t recover from dullness as the Age grew. In fact, this Era’s GDP is taking us back to the medieval times productivity growth rate, despites our humongous innovations. So who is now the dullest? It is written “Great peace have all they that LOVE HIS LAW.” What’s your controlling law? You can’t keep everybody under you in check using all those evil manipulation contents to maintain praise. Eventually, everybody would know you are a fraud if you don’t have THE TRUTH. In John Chapter 6 Verses 28-71, JESUS was hard-pressed by His remaining mainstream Jewish followers (an estimated > 15000; men, women, and child) on how to have the “same” ALMIGHTINESS of God. He just couldn’t help Himself by playing a real but funny joke on their desperate minds. He had to tell them THE TRUTH straight, whether they leave him or not. Remember, not one Gentile follower except for the Centurion soldier. He was in a hard-sell market space; the environment was not good for him yet he stood there because of this.

THE FUNNIEST TRUTH: A Blow-by-Blow Account

He did their discourse justice by at first by being dismissive of their progressive and materialistic unquenchable appetite; telling them in Verses 32… “Jesus said to them, ‘I tell you THE TRUTH, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is My Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. For, the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” Remember he had by His POWERFUL ability to bring “relief”, lifted approximately more than fifteen thousands of them out of the doldrums of hunger. Seeing breads and fishes falling down from Heaven with their very own eyes ramped up their “me too” minds to want do His works. This sudden desire was not going to hear any postponement; they’d heard Philip the economist say that a country’s eight (8) months revenue would not feed them. This people know hunger. By the domination of the Roman Empire and the puppet house-of-Herod destroying what they stood for, JESUS’ promise of an ECONOMIC DELIVERANCE was a sure to have a stake in the Franchise. Judas Iscariot needs no convincing the priests, elders and legal experts that JESUS is for real. They saw with their eyes that His claim as messiah was true. Finally, the prophecy is fulfilled. Had they gotten it, there won’t be the [prophesied by JESUS] fall of Jerusalem and the mass suicide at the siege of Masada. Conflicts can be avoided if only men can obey prophetic instructions – God’s mysterious prayers. And for the first time in their lives in Verses 34, they accepted that JESUS of Nazareth came from Father; that He is equal to Him. “Sir,” they said, “from now on give us this bread. We accept you are from the Father.” (Smiles). See humans… They just desire what they want. Note this, dear ministers “called” by The Father: People won’t believe your call if you don’t have offline proofs of POWER. People by nature are self-interested. They didn’t come because they love you or something. They came because of the offline supernatural impact you have. They only stay so you could disciple them. However, if God can’t entrust you with His power because of your ruthless internal witchcraft, they would eventually leave to somewhere else, even if you do a periodic conference that invites outsiders to increase your PR praise. To now feel like a demi-god seeing those multitudes only gathering at the program to listen to invited guests is foolishness. This is September – the ninth month. Eight months is just too much for people to be hungry financially, spiritually, martially in their homes, fruitfully in their dynasty, physically in their health, “securingly” (sic) in their nations, et al. Don’t bore their spirit out with “negative rhetoric” masked as faith and success teachings. Not one testimony in 8-months is a failure when appraised by Heaven. Why teach all these things and God isn’t validating His presence. Check the wickedness in your heart. Eight month is too much. Only a wicked father can deny His son his daily bread ration for eight months or more – 20+years. God, your Father isn’t wicked. Then in Verse 35 JESUS messed up the faith already in the atmosphere: He declared, not chicken out, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” What was their response? In verses 41-42, their brains just ceased; “At this the Jews began to grumble about him because He said, ‘I am the bread that came down from heaven.” They said, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph the Carpenter, whose father and mother we know? How can he now say, ‘I came down from heaven’? (Laughter). They’ve forgotten about their earlier praise seconds ago. JESUS went on and on, from verses 43-51, about Him being the prophesied [by all the prophets] that He is the Bread of life. But all these guys could hear JESUS say was: I want you to eat me.” Verse 52 gave their funny reasoning: Then the Jews began to argue/debate SHARPLY among themselves in a social media manner, “How can this man give us his flesh to eat?” (Laughter). In the presence of God, there is laughter, men. Your TRUE identity must create a stir. Simply laugh on. Regrettably though in verses 60-66, many of his disciples, not the inner core, left Him also because of the crowd mentality. It was about time. In the end, if you want the ALIMIGHTINESS of God, THE TRUTH must be your identity. That is what would stick with you forever, whether mainstream likes it or not. You should know this, social network (that is social media and messaging apps) is citizen journalism; you join journalists/historians/pundits to contribute to content curation for generation to read. And in journalism, THE TRUTH is a thorough balanced view of events. You must give THE TRUTH. Un-supervised sensationalism leads nowhere. Why not look beyond the now. None of alive, except the Gen-Zs have effective today, extra one hundred and fifty years to live. And if you take that from 990 years remaining, we’ve got 840 years. That’s the 22nd, 23rd centuries and beyond. Why deflate your Tyres in the 21st? Don’t you know you’ve got a legacy ahead of you? In verses 70-71, JESUS pruned His organization till only Judas (a traitor Brutus) was deliberately left behind to fulfill scripture: “Then Jesus replied, ‘Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!’ (He meant Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot, who, though one of the Twelve, was later to betray him). By this time, Judas was already angry that his supposed messiah would die. Go, he didn’t. His role as head of treasury of a booming ministry was so alluring and beneficial to his pocket. Indeed, the office of the prophets and Old Testament are not outdated. To out-date it is to out-date your identity. It was the GENESIS scripting that ruptured the inside of Moses to become undead. Moses ate God so much that God had to bury him Himself. How can a man sit down with God to know how The Almighty created the world and still be normal? However Moses’ 613 Mitzvahs/Commandments, which was introduced 430 years after God swore His COVENANT/THE BLESSING with Abraham and the 7 rabbinic laws (totaling 620 Mitzvahs), ARE NOT the Old Testament. They were the Government charter/Constitution made by men for God’s sovereign state at a time when worshiping was as fun as using social media. Another name of it thousands of years later by the liberal wing of the pharisaic movement is: “the fences of the law”. Even Abraham obeyed it making him free from burying his idolatrous father – Terah – before he died. How did Moses know about that? God! It the same God that wrote the New Testament/Covenant that showed him. For instance, you can’t use a human meat to make Pizza. It’s carnivorous and witchcraft-driven. That’s a fence of the food-law if you want to put it that way. Thus, God gave Moses those Mitzvahs in that Era; and some still hold true. So, when you now see a devil’s minion say there is nothing like prophets and Old Testament, you know he is only fooling himself replaying an old trick that has always made his master – the devil – and others before him fall flat on their faces so that you become blind to God’s timeline as His “DOMINION Illuminant” MANIFESTION OF HIS ALMIGHTINESS/ Romans 8:18-23 on earth! You know what… the devil knows how to discard humans like toothpick when done with them; he wouldn’t be the last. Even the Bible isn’t the Torah. The Torah has THE COVENANT that created the earth revealed to Moses before the book of Genesis in it. In fact, it was The Torah – God’s Word spoken to Moses that created the earth. And that Word is JESUS Christ! You should understand scripture lest any wolf-in-sheep-clothing devil engrossed in diabolic imagination make the already “endangered species” – that is, The Church – more wasted in self-destruct. You, yourself, know that Genesis IS NOT 613 Mitzvahs. Can we understand this? By God’s special grace, I’ve studied history and realized that never has a messenger-of-satan for once won the battlefield of humans’ minds. Of course, they succeed into turning many into monsters but NEVER all. That is why you must allow their tricks make you a statistic. What tricks? We know this is the same trick both the Florentine Renaissance Machiavellian disciples and 1789 French Revolution’s cultic Jacobin cultic Open Society – students of Mazarin did till God was totally out of the mind of political affairs of nations. God must be back in the polity of nations again and that would crush terror. God was telling me in the DOX (Inclusive Dominion) Revival of 2014 when JESUS came: “Son, if there is anyone that can end terrorism, globally, you are the one!” we would put God back and CRUSH Pandora’s Box molesting nations and their economy with politics. King JESUS reigns again!

 Internal Enemy Within; External Enemy Without

Internal Witchcraft isn’t disagreement or anything you want to call it. Disagreement is: “I respect your difference in opinion… let’s still be friends” But Internal Witchcraft isn’t it. This spineless fellow’s violent-hate phenomenon is repeat of history but with a religious bent. How? It is one thing to have skepticism for religion with a generous tolerance towards not being an enemy of religion by advocating for it to be the remedy to an ugly-bad-beautiful “Freedom experiment”, and another thing to claim to be a part of religion only to deceive the gullible religious minds. In plain term: If the devil comes with a pitch-fork your defense mechanism would ramp up, if he comes as a suave Angel-of-light, you could make a messiah out of him. Why this sad truth? Devoid of intelligence by being locked up in fanaticism and excessive “fence of the law” of their spiritual leaders through the Ages, most religious people flock to “satan’s messengers” who offer a breadth of fresh air contrary to the bondage they’ve been exposed to, almost all their lives. Every child doesn’t want to repeat the sins and foolishness of their fathers. Unfortunately, taking this type of stance unconsciously tears off God’s Ancient Landmark (a compendium of God’s GOVERNANCE written in both the Old Testament and New Testament). What these crusader minds don’t know is that… Disrespecting God by having the effrontery to question His right in the governance of His earth’s affair only makes the conscience of politicians and the citizen they govern more devilish. That ladies and gentlemen is the double-edged sword of violence. To end this monster called violence is to get God back into governance of with His spiritual sword-of-fire. Let’s face it: The international community can’t handle satan’s double-edged sword of violence and witchcraft. “But I didn’t question God’s governance of the earth,” you say? Yes, you did. The Church has gotten it wrong, but it doesn’t mean you should join that low self-esteem messenger of satan to bring down the solution centre of the world – which is The Church global. We don’t question things, but we think we do. You’ve got to know that there is always a means to an end. Haven’t you asked yourself, away from his online initiation: “To what end is this devil’s radicalization?” Do you know the unintended consequences packaged for you to become radical you to hate God’s Ancient Landmark (His LEARNED ALIGNMENT)? You need a leash on your lust for change if you don’t study history. I suspect not all the ladies in that reality TV family are clueless about history. Someone among them must know and educate their fans. These fans would thank them forever. Your ignorance of governance played down the years is a currency for messengers of satan like that fellow. How? This was what both the Renaissance Machiavellian disciples and 1789 French Revolution’s cultic Jacobin “Open” Society did. Theirs was even worse. They said there’s no more God in governance (Da’vid created) claiming Cardinal Mazarin useless Westphalia treaty to separate God from politics should also go into our souls. They wanted to take God from you. Same way the devil’s children want to bore you with letters and the debate of religion until you totally forget God entirely. Eventually, politics became more vicious than ever, though carrying a form of liberty on the surface. If you must end aristocracy why divorce God from politics? Is it an impossible marriage? Yes – The Church’s involvement has destroyed humans in the past, but things have changed. God is at work. God is working and this anathema to humanity is confounding ignorant minds (be they old time clergy with interesting profiles and the many urban minds). I must deny this fellow and his cohorts this chance ruin humanity! For instance, tithe, first fruits, and other forms of divinely led offerings are God’s financial rescue plan for the earth. Why attack it? The mystery of anointing oil isn’t a sham, as alleged by that evil kid. Why becloud it in the minds of the gullible ministers and the laity? That devil’s kid wants a destruction of the world! It won’t happen under my watch. All these would eventually end. [I tell you how it’s been prophesied biblically and prophetically in this series] Of all the laity, I pity most Millennials who now adopt witchcraft philosophies/ ideologies. This Era was created for them so that Gen-Z’s teen (kids born from 1997) and “tween” (kids born from 2007) can learn of them. Science keeps pointing to this and men are still losing. The game of atheism and agnosticism is a loser’s game. No devil’s minion want to play their and lose like others before them. Though the end of SMK strategy, atheism (that is, I don’t believe in God) and agnosticism (I don’t believe there is a god) were satanic ideologies that came before its time. They were failed experiments. For instance, no atheist (who refuses to be hypocritical for political gains) can ever be allowed to run for President in the U.S. I pity these Millennials who now practice “no religion” as their new religion. Don’t they, like Mazarin, have foresight at tomorrow’s humungous opportunities? This “rebellious Esau lifestyle” to franchise your destiny to the devil has got to stop. The fantasy of being a liberal or conservative is a mockery. There are people ready to obstruct any change to the U.S. Constitution OR ones that believe in God? Therein lays my pity. The heavy force of the prophetic exposes all the powers of darkness: When we pray for people locked in ignorance, we see a battle so large encircling them they’ve never fought against; even if they pray and fast. That is strange. The painful thing is that the more they pray the more the circle keeps expanding and strangely pushing them to the centre-of-affliction. Therein lays my pity.


Shout this: …

Stronghold barricaded against me, be bulldozed by the hammer of God, in the name of JESUS!

It was groups of politicians not spirits that put it in that U.S. Constitution. Same way, man deliberately removed God from their Constitution under the greedy Mazarin fellow claiming the Catholic Church and Protestant movements were manipulated by the Crown to enslave the masses. Isn’t it past midnight already? This is Democracy. What stops us from putting God there all these years? Fear of the usurpers? That’s the beginning of a Constitution built in fear. Why won’t there be violence when fear is its seed…. Always weigh the pros and cons of every populist philosophy before you hold them as the truth; if you take a closer look, they are simply a truth mocking your mental ascent. You should question them and rightly discard them. In fact, wash your head off some of these stuffs. Focus on God. But, what if you believe in God and still are inconsequential to the devil’s SMK©? Beloved, a Christian Apatheist is more sorrowful than an Atheist. Please, choose obedience or disobedience. No middle ground. If you allow your country to crash through the Red Sea, don’t blame Moses. The weaker the strength of the people IN God, the stronger the terror and the many chaotic unrest of satan. At first, this messenger of satan’s fantasy look like a breath of fresh air to remove boredom, but as your soul weakens with confusion (like taking alcohol when your stomach is not paining you), the devil make you starts making you to depend on your government, thereby exhausting it. Depending on them is chasing a fool’s gold. Your Government can’t be everywhere; they need you more than you need them. Anyone doing that [or masking his intentions by being for God, but senile behind] is simply being priming you to rebel against God. And rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, beloved. Obeying God’s compendium of testimonies in both His Old and New Testaments/Covenants does not mean you are stupid.

It is written: …

“OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice… With Me, God, rebellion is equated with the sin of progressivism’s witchcraft and stubbornness/arrogance equals the evil of materialism’s idolatry… You have rejected the Word of the LORD; therefore he has rejected you from being His political-king.” — 1 Samuel 15:22-23

God can’t lie! There is a bright future ahead of you. Fir the compendium of JESUS’ victories in both His Old and New Testaments/Covenants is the spirit of prophecy. JESUS, your King is not a political and economic loser. Who would you say you resemble now? WRITTEN of Da’vid prophetically in the Old Testament and echoed by Paul in the NT; “Thou, JESUS, hast ascended on HIGH and at the same time led satan’s captive FREE, and RECEIVED ministry gifts [of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers] from God for men; YES, for THE REBELLIOUS ALSO, that God, The Almighty might dwell with them. Psalm 68:18; Ephesians 4:7-16. If you read S1 to S4 of the #EconomicDeliverance Governance series, you will realize, Muslims and idol worshipers are FLOWING into God’s kingdom to receive STRENGTH where political and economic men are becoming weak-willed women. That’s the ills of popular government like Democracy. It also produces weak politicians and economic moguls who can’t save their nations.

The Idea: The Buffer Age©

There is never an end to prayer and study of the Word of God. You will remember while courting your spouse that each time you don’t call like you used to do [vice versa], one of you would start thinking the other is cheating. You might even forget those love songs you guys created on the spot. That’s it with God. You must have a relationship Him. Prayer is sweet; so is praise. The leadership was enjoying God in nights of prayers away from regular brainstorming, when in the midst of it God quickly showed two things: One was seeing my team decked in shining and golden “breastplates of righteousness” from their shoulder to their waist. I was scared by what I saw God confirming about out stand as His prophetic force to the nations. Some people would remember what we taught and demonstrated by God’s Spirit of Grace in the past that a prophet’s STRENGTH is his/her shoulder.

It is written: …

“For the GOVERNMENT shall be upon his shoulder!” —Isaiah 9:6

The number two thing is an alarming sight that still grips me. I saw a very huge dam burst-open by some unseen force. The water CRUSHED the barricade round it. [And the envy of Ephraim talk less of the devil couldn’t stop it]. And I heard God loudly: “That is the flow I told you in Isaiah Chapter 2; nations shall flow into This Mountain and learn peace, no more war.” [Just watch].


Shout this out loud: …

LORD, give me the world’s problems to solve.

Thunder this: …

My Father, make me a solution to this world!

[We are almost there].

“The darker the earth; the relevant the light.”

That has been the KEY “one liner” I’ve been singing ever since I emerged on the scene. And the world knows it. Prophecy is not fantasy. It is as REAL as the air you are breathing. Can you breathe it? If I were a Jupo, I would know where its leading and ask God for mercy. Listen; Never ever allow an UNREPENTANT traitor Jupo “life-wastage” define how you invest your T.I.M.E© for God. Look at his 20+years and see if it has saved the world. Peace, justice and conflict resolution won’t come on the ticket of big resultless thesis and recommendation. Cessation of war negotiation terms can change by one flicker of adjustment in a key leader’s head. You think the devil wants peace? (Smile). Satan is terrible. You get PCJR in the spirit realm not on podiums and cable TV. Just get the job done. All these rigmaroling is “witchcraft waste”. We are not into ministry to waste people’s “T.I.M.E©: Time, Information, Money and Energy.” We are too “waster-proof”! Oh… C’mon. You don’t know how God guides us….

“…Yes — The Rebellious Also.”

Many nations’ leaders are “strength-less” (sic). This Mountain’s spirit, at her DOX Revival and onward, created a political party that ushered in a no-chance-at-the-throne government in the hands of Muslims. (Smiles). Some of us are aware of God’s prophecy for the Year 2016; well some of us are … [Later in the series]. Your years in Christianity won’t enthrone you.

It is written: …

“In this Era’s social context, I God see a pattern: I reveal Myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation that did not call on my name, I said, ‘Here am I, here am I.’ All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own seductive and diabolic magnitude/imaginations… Such people are smoke in my nostrils, a fire that keeps burning all day. ‘See, it stands written before me: I will not keep silent but will pay back in I will pay it back into their laps— both your sins and the sins of your fathers,’ says the LORD….” — Isaiah 65:1-7 AND Romans10: 20-21

What a compassionate God! Compassion is what makes God lament. He’s already killed His Son for us – humanity, what else do we want Him to do to OBEY Him? Well, your replacements are already flowing into The Ecclesia. They can relate to how we are exposing their diabolic magnitude/imaginations. You would be surprised to see a lot of Muslims and occult leaders more in Heaven. Why? A “spirit of slumber” has been cast over the EARS and EYES of many believers. This is the end-time. Painfully, they’ve become pharisaic by the “demonic letters laced in religious clichés that killeth”; thanks to the messenger of satan appearing as “bent-mouth” masquerades in churches. Have they no knowledge that if you want to rescue politics, you have to “demonstrate” God’s power to these Constituencies; not most of the masses? Most masses don’t know what governance is. It is food for the day many want, regardless of their high education and resources. Just give them that. But the masses that want political dynasties know the useful of the prophetic. Painfully, God told us not all would be given His Throne’s STRENGTH. I’m okay if Muslims, idol worshipers and remnant Christians are the ones who would save mankind from terrorism, war, and “economic miscarriage”. You have no idea how many continents in one year alone God has prophetically positioned us to go and CRUSH the darkness over their heads. You are seated there offended, and don’t know what’s going on in Heaven concerning this REBELLIOUS earth. (Smiles…). Well, remaining strength-less is a choice. After all, it’s becoming a liberally free world. Far be it from you that you envy a Goat! [Paul was teaching about the replacement reality of the “Churchians” (sic) from the Old Testaments in Romans Chapters 10 and 11]

It is written: …

“And Da’vid said: ‘Let their table be made a snare, and a trap, and stumblingblock, and a justice payback unto them [by God’s ‘boiling pot’]: Let their EYES be darkened that they may not see, and their backs be bend forever.” — Romans 11:9-10

When push comes to shove in the sea of many brands of philosophical arguments down from 1789, you would come to a REALITY in the end that you are getting old and getting nowhere. Losing jobs every 2 years is not change of job to hunt for organizations that could give you purpose neither is staying longer pilfering away your GLORIOUS DESTINY – to live the script of these devils – on alcohol, et al is not “living the life.” Those are “inherited” mediocre lifestyles. What has the living got to do with the dead? You were created for dynasties and you, my friend, are still far. Your business empires and political applause are zero when measured by Heaven. And bribing God, as it is your pattern, is not going to happen. King JESUS had already told Prophet Daniel the timeline (beginning and end) of Democracy. Time is ebbing away fast. Just FLOW into God lest you remain in the vicious cycle of jealousy and murderous envy. The “boiling pot” JUSTICE is so heavy you can’t afford to envy a Goat. Now is not the time. Listen: In God’s agenda, the multiplicity of Governance expanded by democracy was created to crush the duplicity of hell’s world order. Political dynasties were supposed to be as large as our social media accounts before social majorly media came into existence from 2007. If you lose this chance you would have to explain to Gen-Z’s tweens as well as your future kids. Everything keeps pointing to this single road in destiny. Why not prepare the ground for these kids that have come to carry the baton that would herald King JESUS’ Government. Anti-Christ needs a model to copy like he did Esau/Athens/Rome et al on God’s “just cities” – Da’vid’s Zion so he can bring an Anti-Christ to copy “the messiahs”/DOMINION Illuminants (Obadiah 1:21). Satan and his 10-stones-kingdom are never original. Remember, if there weren’t for Prophet-King Da’vid, there won’t be Government. The future is TOO bright to trade it on these recent Esau’s porridge: Machiavelli’s progressivism and Bentham’s materialism/utilitarianism. What you don’t know is that you were created to depend on authority. And if you now say God, The Almighty, is no more your authority, your Government therefore becomes your authority and god! And when this dependency sets anti-Christ steps in, chaos and uncertainty looms large over nations. But GLORY to God, that satanic experiment has failed; God has confounded, satan, the confounder on the 12 midnight of July 21, 2007. The world didn’t end. He can’t prepare his anti-Christ’s reign. Now, he is angry releasing demonic weapons and assault even confusing/confounding his own kind of politician and business giants in governments. Today, they are “omnicompetent” (sic)majority politicians who are not so competent after all. None of them can claim they govern this earth. God owns this earth; not man, not satan! It belongs to God, The Almighty, The Harasser of the Harasser, I am that I am; Ancient of Days; Alpha and Omega; The one called – The Beginning and The End; He is Ruler; FATHER; Mighty God; Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresence! He is God! No one! On my watch, no devil would take His place in earth’s governance. He is The Confounder of the confounder! Stop defending Him… He knows what He is doing, thus pulling strings. You are one of those strings. You’ve got to become an asset not a liability for your government. They should look up to you for guide. The Ecclesia, therefore, must wake up to her responsibilities. That your mind tells you to have seductive imaginative doctrines of the last days does not mean you should teach it to your Congregants. Why are you called a Pastor? You are meant to feed the sheep hay, not poisons. Otherwise is to be dangerous. ABRAHAM by the “immutability” of God’s oath had it and paid tithe to JESUS, The King of Salem (Verses 13-20; and chapter 7); ISAAC had it; JACOB had it — as The Almighty; MOSES had it, and almost died seeing only God’s shadow; DA’VID had it, and had Heaven come to his “just city” — Zion — as JESUS sits beside God… “The LORD said to my Lord, King JESUS: “Sit thou at my Right Hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.” ELIJAH, Jeremiah, Daniel, God swore His BLESSING (The Holy Spirit) on these people. Can Hillary and Trump who are clueless to the REAL governance Heaven wants learn from your ministries? Judge yourself. When you are “cooked” (sic) by God Himself, people of the spirit (even the devil’s kingdom) sense it; though you are on a jean and top to make people relate with God’s power. We are who we are because of who we attract. And, we do it for people to get closer to God. Beloved, the Almightiness of God in you – much more than Moses in Christ’s better/new Covenant — does not depreciate with clothes. It only depreciates in “dead spirits”, no matter the suits. Dead spirits can’t phantom the glory of God. The Almightiness of God had to enter a human — Jesus so that we can relate with Him, lest we cry like the Israelites in Moses’ time. “For the day you see me, God, The Almighty, you shall die!” Can you ask this Almighty for His special kind of STRENGTH and INTELLIGENCE; His help and avert sinking? He gives freely and reprimand/James 1:5.


If you love God, you would have compassions for your brethren. But, you can’t give THE LOVE you don’t have. You need open my heart to see that the only pain in my heart is the sight of how The Church Universal is sinking fast. That’s an exclusive I tried masking for the sake of inclusiveness that we are ONE Body in Christ. Unfortunately, that is currently a lie; even in Paul’s first century Church Era. 21st century after, we are not. Until we do Christ’s “DOX: Inclusive Dominion”, we are going to keep perambulating in a boom-burst cycle that had dogged The Church Universal.

Ace-The-Case: Is Hillary a weak-willed Woman?

Early in the 2015 heavy flow of God’s teaching God showed me something that once created a sad impression on me by opening up to a vision. I saw myself carrying God’s apostolic backing whilst invited to preach at a domestic church with key spotlight in the society. I love dancing in real life, but this time around the dancing placed me in trouble. I found myself dancing to the music being played by the church choirs when suddenly I became half-naked with my trouser pants down and my shoes [shod with the Gospel of peace] gone into the wind. But as God would help him, I found himself coming back to his senses, putting on my once de-robed honorable garments (which mean GLORY) back on – all these in the crowded church. I was once shamed but redeemed. Yes, restored. Because the Senior Pastor on descending from the stage and passing in-between the Congregants towards his office suddenly saw my GLORY shining brightly again. He tapped me amongst my “shoulder” appealing that I see him privately; he needed my help. Both of us left the glittering masquerades-in-the-temple “spiritual-madness” already somehow wasting away the lives of the naïve members, dancing under the same “dark cloud” that once undressed my power away. As we got in, the LORD showed me REAL and actual “spiritual home” of this Pastor: In the natural it look exquisite, but in the spirit realm it looks despicable, ugly and dirty like the dirtiest shanty in Rio or Lagos’ Makoko/Ajegunle. It was a habitation WITHOUT God’s GLORY, in contrast to the beauty that surrounds the ambience of masquerades-in-the-temple. It means as you ignorantly permit the devil to use you to destroy people’s children in the name of progressivism and materialism, your home would be where God’s FURY in this Buffer-Age starts. Your fallings would be a case for bright future stars to ace and avoid. You become an anathema not a beautiful legacy institution. Then I heard God say: “Son, the day you minister in these REBELLIOUS churches, is the day you are gone.”

From the aforesaid, I like you to keep the following to mind;

  • When you see yourself in open vision, trance or dream wearing no shoe, know it means shame and bad-luck.
  • When you see yourself losing your Bible in vision, trance or dream, know it means your calling is lost. You need to get it back.
  • When you see yourself in dream going back to your old school, house of over 10 years, know it means backwardness or God wants you to address something done in your past. It’s not a laughable matter, I’ve seen people begging to be admitted into their primary schools again, in their dream
  • Of course, when you see yourself in dreams sleeping with a man/woman other than your spouse, wearing no shoe, know it means shame and bad-luck.
  • When you see yourself in dreams eating rice, the devil has sown the seed rottenness/ruin in life if you don’t pray; if it is beans you saw, you will see slow progress, unless you thwart it through the instrumentality of prayers; if it is yam, you will walk in directionless paths. Wake up and destroy the evil plantation
  • When you see yourself in dream eating goat meat, and its head starts chatting with you about eating you, know you are under the bondage of rebellious alcohol and sex and all that streaks of Machiavelli and the auto-iconed Bentham. [Why would someone do that sought of witchcraft on himself?].

And many more, later.

Scientifically, your dream is not an Hollywood trick. It’s the last days; addiction to Machiavelli and Bentham doctrines fueling theJupos dysfunctional foundation would keep making a Judas/Brutus out of them to betray “the bridge” that once made them cross to the other side. And this evil behaviour often starts from the dream. Most times, an Ahitophel complex might not make the Jupos know when they would hung themselves. “After all,” Prophet Ahithophel might have said, “I am loaded with good counsel… God is with me; my strategy to destroy Da’vid hasn’t been given a red-flag by God.” Beloved, you might be loaded with goodly counsel yet still be an enemy to God; the way to know whether God has left you for damnation (if the Bible’s simple advice to stop is too outdated for you) is to monitor your dream channel. Is it blocked? If it is, what does these evil dreams mean? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you are dreaming, seeing your past, present and future, thank God. The dead can’t dream. That is why if you aren’t dreaming, satan has made you a walking corpse. And if you are prophet seeing also with your gifts, thank God the most. Many prophets and ministers don’t SEE and HEAR again; worse off, some can’t tell of God ever giving them one single encounter. That is why I have to be modest and by humbly saying: “If you invite me for church conference which mirrors the aforementioned warning, my beautiful feet/Ro,an 10:15shod with the propagation of the Gospel of peace would NEVER go there.” I’m sorry. I love with JESUS’ love. But setting up political dynasties for ALL of humanity is far more important to God, right now, than church managerial activities that provokes Him to anger. I’m sorry… I’m not coming. You know this is not a ministerial non-inclusion thing. Maybe when we get it right God would change His mind. Till then keep re-imagining your seductive and diabolic imaginations with these teachings and others before it. Thank God for Bro. Hagin; he was preserved for decades away from the alluring temptation of the Voice of Healing cycle which was then at its peak. Today, where are they? Say: “Faith of our fathers!”


I decree: …

You shall no more see shame! Evil dream seed sown into your destiny to manifest in the physical while you slept is aborted NOW! [More at #NOW vigil tomorrow, Friday – 12mindnight]

Reverend Hagin kept telling them, God told you people would go, but I would remain because you are building ministry on gift alone. He appealed they build it on RESUL-LADEN faith in the Word and prayers. Same way I appeal to prophets not to build their ministry on their “threerevelational gifts” alone. Should you insist, I guarantee you that in 10 years, you won’t have up to 20 dedicated disciples. The wickedness in men’s heart would keep compelling them to use you and dump you; thus, you end up a rolling stone that gather no moss. Also, I have seen prophets fade away; I have also seen prophets that build on the Word yet “limited” by the bondage in their ancestry despite resources. Of course, we all know the end of powerless Machiavellian preachers who exploits weaknesses like this as preaching fodder to remain irrelevant to satan.

It is written: …

THEREFORE “My son, dig through this wall… go in and see the abomination my pastors do in secret. I saw there stood 70 men in the dark corner round about an abomination — a witchcraft altar. And in their middle was a masquerade-man called Jaazaniah. With every man burning their evil censer, they filled their country with Pandora’s Box violence. Therefore, I, God, shall deal with them in my fury: My eyes shall not spare neither will I have pity: and though they cry in my ears with a loud voice, yet, I will not hear them.” — Ezekiel 8:8-18

We are talking about building STRENGTH for the remaking 990 years, effective 2017 and the devil is doing all he can to make sure we are as weak as the disrespectful ruthless rebellious ministers irrelevant to this Age’s harassing questions The way things look and the way things are are two totally different sets of thought. I know a low self-esteem “dead spirit” Jaazaniah, in the mold of that stealing minister given entrance into The Temple of God by Jupo-like rebellious ministries. Because the Jupos are powerless and lack mainstream corporate world background, they easily get bamboozled by this Jaazaniah’s “incomplete” real life organizational knowledge. So, when he attacks other ministers, they feel they are winning in representing Christ as The REAL Church on earth. (Mockable). You see,ignorance and discouragement go-hand-in-hand; ministers have got to be spiritually trained by God’s encounter to avert discouragement. You must be so cooked by God that your JOY can swallow the bitterness and depression/pain Jupo cynics.

It is written: …

“… And Da’vid encouraged himself IN the LORD!” — 1 Samuel 30:6

As for you with similar over 20 years pain but willing to repent INTO God, my encouragement sincerely goes with you. But that is not enough. Discouragement is demonic spirit. Its idea is for you to resort to seeking help from satan and “satanized” (sic) humans. Watch it: That you are discouraged is gap for satan to be your Ally, therefore make God’s presence your defensed city. Why?

Prayer has aroma; and ignorance is a plague.

Satan knows those that pray and those that profess they pray better. Even if you are unassuming and not praying out loud, satan’s minions know you. Get to that level – “laziness is not a value”. Witchcraft powers consulted on their coven’s mat and must get you and your reputation down. That is why I wonder why disrespectful and mediocre ministers would for just a “feeling” cut down other ministries to make the world see they are better than others. Is that now the meaning of ministry? Doing programmes to pump up ego that shows in refusal to be humble after the programme ends (because you see yourself as some demi-god) is no ministry. Apostle Paul, the creator of this dragged-into-the-mud-Christianity would shake his head about some of our packed in compassion programmes; but behind the scenes are PR programmes to remain famous. For a minister to keep saying, “Praise me publicly,” is one of the many reasons our kids have chosen ‘no-religion’ as their religion. Has it not come to the minds of these seductive imaginative Jupos that The Ecclesia needs no more shaming than it already had since over 2000 years? Why not take the slow but steady path that reads the mood of the people…. We are talking about many doing signs and miracles with God’s gifts yet God not even recognizing them in His Book of Life, because they didn’t do the will of God – which is DOX: Inclusive Dominion, but went their divisive and greedy progressive and materialistic ways, while many powerless ones are discarded by satan. It’s a mockery to be discarded by satan. It’s just a mockery. I can’t accept it if I were these Machiavellian students. It is satan we are talking about – that irrelevant being; worse than a phlegm to humanity. Many ministers are weeping in hell because of this. I categorically tell you this: I’ve been hell and also to Heaven; you don’t want the former. All those vested interests controlling the Clinton so-called political dynasty have a place in hell. And hell is not the eternal Lake of Fire. Hell is where satan keeps his captives after death; right before Judgment Day. I’ve been there and back.  You don’t book return ticket to hell. It is once: It is appointed unto man to die, after this judgment, forever. If you don’t know how to read the mood of God, read this one written in the Bible (Hebrew 9:27-28). The encroachment of evil in these churches can be likened to vested interest harassing the GLORIOUS DESTINY of this woman. Ah… if only this woman understands the dignity of a mother. There are things my mother can do. You could insult her, like a devil’s kid had done in the past, but her respect over many decades is intact. She stands at the gate and her children, husband, siblings, relatives, community, staffer and church call her BLESSED. Her dignity keeps growing by the years. One time, she greeted my arrival with a decree: “Chris, I’m living 100 years on earth. I’m breaking the record.” I replied her: “Mama, now we are speaking the same language.” She can’t give birth to God’s strength on earth yet be strength-less. No — abomination. I want to deliver Hillary from herself. Forget party, this is personal. Same reason I began her case long before she even bought a ticket to run for this Presidential drama you are seeing today. Where did she lost all those teachings I gave her in privacy(?)? I am pained we couldn’t help Hillary because of “external factors” made possible by Goatish fellows. She is so low self-esteem anybody and group can use her to get what they want. She and Trump are not yet Presidential. Can these two UPROOT the FEAR in America? Fantasy! I’ve raved about Hillary and here is the honest truth. By my office I give THE TRUTH; In over 30 years of her political career, Hillary has become a woman made bitter by he and her husband’s many mistakes. Lack of JOY is why many are in bitter sorrow. But GLORY to God, hope is in town.

It is written: …

“Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your JOY will be COMPLETE. Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father. In that day you will ask in my name. I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf. No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. I came from the Father and entered the world; now I am leaving the world and going back to the Father.” — John 16:24-28

If there is one thing you must never permit in life, never ever allow ANYBODY steal your JOY.

I sometimes look at Hillary and pity her because 30+ years in politics has made her unaware that her “negative associations” undress her honour/dignity. You may differ in reason with people but must come to a compromise – that is politic. However, when you allow cantankerous relationships make you dangerous in the eyes of people, you don’t stand a chance at winning. How is it not sweet to support a woman President, if not for all the bitterness around her? By now we should be talking about her flooring the election with only less than 60-days to go. How the Lynch-Clinton gate appeared from nowhere ought to be surprising to me, but no it isn’t. I saw this coming. How? You become a darker version of yourself when bitterness forces you to get helps in the wrong places. That is why I like the outsider appeal of Trump – win or lose [depending on him]. We all know him from the outset as “The Donald”; very comical and spotlight-craved. There is nothing stopping Trump from winning except Trump. Along this teaching, you would understand where Trump got his building the wall from. He is only responding to a geopolitical reality that would happen to America in the next 90 years, and communicating badly. Don’t mistake it; I am for immigrant reform and integration. From my head, based on Trump refusal to straighten up, he isn’t the answer. However, we are in a Buffer Age’s bubble burst vicious cycle. Earth’s governance since 2007 is out of anybody’s hand. In the same vein, Hillary isn’t also. In contrast to Mary (JESUS’ mother), Hillary is so low self-esteemed that anybody can use her to get what they want. I bother if she gets there, the identity that would be at play: Her own or the ones Wall-Streeters gives her. Hillary’s connections with Wall-Street can’t spiritually deliver a people set in homosexual ways, albeit how free and intelligent they are. Only free men and women can lead! They are not free. What about incest? What about their closed heaven? What of Economic boom without a big government deficit? We need go back to Hillary’s “beginning” and get JOY back into her; we need deliver Hillary from herself. God can be humorous: This one time, God for no reason whatsoever started showing me the inner chamber of a certain “ill” President of a nation. I saw the man and the wife’s bedroom. You need not know. What you need know to get your steel back is that anybody that comes seeing him in the bedroom is vetted by her. You could walk round the Federal house but never their room without scrutiny. In life, you need rid out possible Brutus/Judas out of the perks. Love them but never have anything to do with them. Take this advice for free. With respect to this revelation given, I can’t say the same of a Hillary’s First Gentleman – Bill, her husband at the White House. How come everybody has seen his wife’s secrets? Parodies have been made about her for public display. What sought of thing is this? You were meant to protect your wife and not open her to scandals. How was that possible? Can’t we see a Chancellor Merkel? Listen: If your wife’s idea of marriage and family goals differs from a comprised one between you two, know this: she’s dangerous, both to you and herself. Is the “First Gentleman” weak?


Ace-The-Case: The War Chest Musing

Hillary’s$42.5 million to Trump’s woeful $1.3m million, yet losing? One thing is for sure; her lead is slipping because of the grave slip ups of she and her husband. A minister who had spent five years building a great local church had a heated quarrel with his wife. Well, on the Sunday worship service of that week, the woman walked up to the altar and for 5-stratight-minutes started shaming the husband publicly with scandalous juicy details. It was a drama. The only thing she didn’t call the man was that he was an anti-Christ. The church was divided. Some believed while some didn’t. The ones that believed kept saying intheir various cliques, “She could be right…You don’t know the man more than his wife, do?” Now, a Prophet might know details about a fraud and a devil’s child and expose it, but what your spouse know that would damage you, when in pain, carries weightier convincing. Come the following Sunday, a church housing 1500 members came down less than 40 members. Big war-chest money can’t buy reputation. You’ve got to stop being a fraud like that traitor pastor and that messenger of satan. You’ve got to be AUTHENTIC. Bring people into my life; your life is their life. Of course cynics would use it against you. My sweet mother was insulted by that messenger of satan to get at me, but it didn’t work. This is because I knew his true identity. You can’t take my joy. It’s impossible. I can only say that those witches and wizards in the past who had gotten to her to get my attention aren’t available to tell of their exploits. I wish Trump and that “fellow” the endangered specie Christian leaders were supporting to do negative Ads at the GOP Primaries knew this. So, I would be alive to love my enemies when they succeed in making me the next meat on their list after they take her? Timing is crucial in winning. Don’t be a “waster” (sic). Dance with FOCUS and ignore distraction. But when witchcraft powers come to your territory, give them a “little spiritual motivation” and see if they want the next/Exodus 22:16. And as you’ve seen in Fifty Shades of Grey; that someone is around 50 does not mean he isn’t choking on diabolic imagination. To ask: “Why couldn’t that clergy’s wife understand a simple thing like “timing”,” is not to know that the altar is polluted “within”. You must know that the mainstream title of a REAL power-couple is a spiritual transaction that must unsettle envious devils ready to destroy the unity “within” you two. Envy is so rife in this generation/harassed Era. Your displayed love is bitterness to many. After your fans get exhausted with fanning your fame since childhood, something ruthless in them simply want to see you come down on your knees because you succeeded living them behind. They switch from being die-hard fans to psychopathic stalker of every of your flops on gossip news and channels. How do you think TMZ is still in business? They pay your once die-hard fans to get news about your not-so-perfect life failures/scandals. Brutuses? No – this is a devious Age created by devilish philosophers and ideologues to make people (even clergies) thirsty for the drama in your life. For instance, recent research findings shows that celebrity perfume sales are dropping fast not because of the brand’s irrelevance but because fans are becoming envious and are also creating their own star appeal on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al, by counting followership. That addiction is the greatest fantasy that has befallen humanity. Yes – I n the Buffer Age©, men shall be lovers of themselves/2 Timothy 3:2. Nothing wrong with following…. but when it starts clouding your reality; that you are most successful like that “traitor Pastor Jupo” who doesn’t know Heaven has rejected, you therefore have issues to really grind. We are talking about a generation with no single angel holding God’s Sword –of-fire Spiritual reality is what creates physical reality so long as you know the keys to press. One Angel of God is ordained with an ability to use his turning-on-every-side flaming sword-of-fire to kill one hundred and eighty-five thousand (185,000) enemy of God at one swipe.

It is written: …

“I, God, shall DEFEND this just city and save it, for my sake and for the sake of Da’vid my servant! Then the angel of the LORD went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies! So Sennacherib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew. He returned to Nineveh and stayed there. One day, while he was worshiping in the temple of his god Nisroch, his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer cut him down with the sword, and they escaped to the land of Ararat. And Esarhaddon his son succeeded him as king.” — Isaiah 37:35-38

Let’s do the math for just ONE day in this 90-breathtaking-days: 185,000 counts per swipe = One Angelic swing per seconds And if 60 seconds = 1 minutes, … and 60 minutes = 1 hour, … and 24 hours minutes = 1 day Then 24 hours of Angelic swing per day = 185,000 counts X 60seconds X 60 minutes X 24 hours on THISDAY. That is, you have over one and the half billion counts (1,598,400,000) in just 24 hours alone. This is striking! Your “just city” HEAVILY defended. Those that understand politics know that social media is not a “just city” Franchise. No social media count per 24-hours can match this reality when satan tries testing your IDENTITY. Why? It’s a “zero count”. Now, imagine you have 500 flaming and rolling-on-all-sides swords of fire…. Should God opens your eyes to see His assigned Angels guarding you against dark powers, you would be lifting your hands thanking Him for seeing His mercy beyond Hollywood’s sci-fi interpretations could comprehend. Get your IDENTITY by drilling back into GENESIS – “the beginning”. Unbelievable…. Our ministry understands what is called “just city” in political field and wants more. Where is the need to envy…. Most divorces are not just happening because of lack of communication or foundational bondage but also because witchcraft spells have been fired into the unity causing envy in many. Be wise. That is why…

It is written: …

“A bishop/pastor must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, vigilant, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach; not given to alcohol [as opposed to the devil’s distorters demonic teaching to weaken pastors and their members], not violent, not divisive, not greedy with progressive and materialistic success. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect before managing other people’s home. (If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?). He must not be naïve otherwise he may become conceited, arrogant and fall under the same judgment God reserved for the devil. He must also have a good reputation with mainstream, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.” — 1 Timothy 1: 2-7

Women and men who are weak-willed weaken their spouses – ministers or otherwise. They don’t know timing. Listen: You are supposed to talk to your wife respectfully and agree on almost everything. As a matter of fact, if as a minister you are not listening to your wife, you have issues with pride and ego. But when it comes to ministry that God called you to, you don’t take quickly take instructions from her without praying TOGETHER on them, as a couple. Many ministers have started churches on the persuasive instructions of their wives, instead of God’s. That public title as a power-couple is a ridiculous fantasy when within both of you isn’t getting it right. For instance, in deliverance operation, Pastors wives don’t respond to the spiritual anointing of their husband. Others may be moved by the Holy Spirit, but your wife won’t. What you need do is call a fellow “anointed” minister; a friend or trusted ministry associate to assist you. You don’t want loose lips handling your family affair do you? This type of scenario is where men have become women. We are not asking you force her to kowtow to ridiculous ideas. What we are saying is that: You know your weakness in partying, womanizing, alcohol, et al then left governance of your family solely to wife. Don’t you know that an unintended collapse would be placed on the laps of your children? The sins of the father therefore become the sins of the children. Forthwith, your self-inflicted bondage becomes the curse of your children. Stop this curse. If it is not political dynasty within, it becomes scandalous “power-couple”(?) and family without. The very moment I saw DNC’s playbook attack against Trump I changed my opinion of Hillary, like I’ve done for many who tow this line of action. Old age does not mean wisdom. When you have hate in your foundation, you old age won’t be a defense in critical time such as this #RaceToTheWhiteHouse. Many give advice but don’t live by it. Sweet quotes to prescribe but bitter to swallow in the creator. You would hear someone give advice like: “Hate no one no matter how wrong they’ve done you wrong,” but in the next second start fighting. Beloved, that is a foundational rottenness assigned to make you barren for two decades or more. Hillary has been in politics for so such a long time… she should be winning. But, how come the DNC are acting like victims, fighting for her? You are the incumbent but sound like a protester. This is because most of the policy recommendations are guilt-laden. How can you have conviction when case-hardened with what would stir violence long after you are gone? This fear and doubt have rubbed off on Hillary; she’s got no “in the beginning” conviction of hers.This is not about defending a difference in political ideology from the Abraham Lincoln party but a witchcraft wolf-cry because some of these policies are demonic policies created by “vested interests”. I can’t imagine anybody around me not winning The Republican party with strong DOX ideology. And this is why I’ve decided to save Hillary from “hillary” if her husband hasn’t the STRENGTH to do it. I know where a wrong alternative would lead her. Her life is politics and politics is her life. I advise a heaven-bound Da’vidicfifth party for politicians struggling with their conscience to begin with. “Can’t she order that such dirty campaign labeling stop,” you wonder. Hillary knows that demeaning the accomplishments of another person who has done a lot in his life, even if she doesn’t agree with that person isn’t right. Yet, a certain configuration in her by wrong association kept lashing “negative rhetoric and campaign Ads” against the wrong Trump. That’s un-saintly of her. How would someone want to budget such money aside to attack people? That that is the way politics have been since when dviant started doing that out of hate does not mean you should do that. I support no such evil pattern for political gain. People are getting tired of negative campaign Ads. If she did what I said applying God’s spiritual weapon of Confounding The Confounder amongst others, the Tower of Babel over her would collapse; she won’t be a sitting duck. Yet in all of these, where is her husband in all of these? Obama saw this and course corrected his negative rhetoric against Trump. How? I’d in July drafted and saved a skeletal framework of this teaching on my blog. And in one of them, I stated this wrongdoing, that: Obama should forget his legacy if he continues this negative rhetoric, especially on her campaign trail. What you’ve got to know is that Obama as well as key cabinet figure have the right to demand intel from the NSA. Of course you know that all your emails, social media accounts and messaging apps provided by American companies are vetted by the U.S. intelligence agencies through the privacy policy agreement. Same in communist China and Russia, and other nations of the world with stakes in cybercrime intelligence. Your two-step verification log-in process can’t exclude the government from it. The exact line I stated was said by President Obama. Beloved, be useful with your T.I.M.E©. Your T.I.M.E© is what births your “Edenite Agenda©” REALITY. This present script would change. Ask Apostle Paul. Just bid your time with PATIENCE. Your dominion on earth is not in hasty cheap wins stoked by devilish ideologies and philosophies. You are one of earth’s centres-of-gravity. Every force in the universe is aligning itself to fulfill your legacy records in God’s prophesied LEARNED ALIGNMENT. You only need to keep believing the story and telling it (Habakkuk 2:2). Change it not… it is an enviable “in the beginning” IDENTITY. JESUS is LORD! Have you seen Obama peddle insults on Trump again? He could call him to order, but never insult. Alexander or Jupo could be called to order but never insulted. Cheap wins don’t last! You have everything needed to love your wife. You have love in you. But if it is spiritual all the time, watch it: your wife would call that devil’s messenger her favorite instructor because he is filling the vacuum you left. Look: Not all women want to destroy their marriage, but every woman has desires. Some are better at controlling their desires. Some on the contrary who don’t want to be caught up in rush, lust and damage that comes with passionate extramarital affair gravitate to devilish apostate wordsmith to soothe the vacuum you are not filling. How come a minister’s wife keeps listening to a young Casanova’s poetic letters and sweet song laden with words like eating her like a Shawarma only to gradually…? Most ministers’ wives need deliverance. Strong mothers are supposed to train strong children; but when a kid, their children’s mate, starts training weak-willed minds “sexcapades” (sic), we wonder where their husbands were all the while. Same trick is deployed by that messenger of satan. What you already know is that women, in general, by their emotional configuration are weaker vessels. As such you are supposed to guide them and lead them. If a hen can pay obeisance/loyalty/adoration to a Cock for taking care of her need, how much more God’s most important asset on earth – (WOMB)MAN; you and your wife? This is too hard for any minister to disobey. Ministry crash always await anybody that loves his ministry than his wife and kids. Therefore, guide them, be patient with them, provide for them play with them, explore the world with them and pray with them. Divorcing your wife isn’t the love you profess and preach. You are only laying a big bondage your children’s children until the fourth generation would struggle to break. Let me shock you: Should my wife commit adultery one trillion times, I would forgive her because I made up my mind a long ago to do so. If at the trillionth time she is still at it, am I not a failure? In the same vein, aren’t you also a failure if your chase away your spouse whereas you were cheating on her with a “fresh meat” for over 6-good-years, and thereafter lie on her that she is “Maleficent the witch”? You would admit that keeping the younger lady for such a long period is your heart actually looking for another fun adventure. Areyou unreliable this way? Is this the type of mind you want to be, influencing people’s wives, kids and nations? Romance alone is not enough. Any devil created to tell you romance is all to buttress his fake-love for his wife he chased away whilst having nights of sex outside is only increasing your “seductive imagination” with doctrines of seducing spirits/. Hear this: Any ministry where weak-willed women are always the head entertain witchcraft. You’ve not heard witches confess right? Try listen to their account when you DELIVER one, if you can. Seducing spirits are Jezebelic witchcraft deceptive spirits.

It is written: …

“Now, the Spirit of Grace prophesied clearly to us saying that before and during Buffer Age© some will abandon THE TRUE faith and follow seducing spirits and teachings that comes from demons.” — 1 Timothy 4:1

Half-truths would consume many away in this Buffer Age©. The result?A replacing reformation by rejected stones.Don’t join them; leave your Machiavellian postulation for a while. You fathers before you didn’t come into ministry to be gullible, why would you and your wife? Most ministers are no more powerful because they allow a devil to destroy their core – their FIRST love for God. Because they don’t know history and revisionist methods are being deployed by this errand boy of satan to introduce them to “false history”, most of them and their messages are becoming weaker. Their lusts, raised to exponential level by these demonic letters have succeeded in helping them write their resignation letters to God. Yet, they still think they are serving God. Listen; LOVE is power, not public declaration then wickedness in the dark. Preaching love without a power-demonstration to the “Elymases” is a hypocritical love; a bitter expression of not being used by God like His Revivalists to do what you too are reading in the same Bible. The moment you loathe them by mockingly calling them God’s CEO [a fine title by the way], you “reverse back” all your progress and legacy work. It is tragedy: hypocrisy – that is the leaven of the Pharisee/Luke 12:1 – has made many notable ministers with interesting profile to lose their many decades lifework’s strength right about the time when their sun is setting. Heaven should step in… Are they deliberately watching their re-written history? Time will tell.

The Poser.

Can you confess that ‘America would not decline’ then go behind to sponsor Super-PACs and their negative Ads then think God won’t decline the economic growth of that nation? We’ve got to know that now is not the appropriate time to be hypocrites, dilly-dallying with Christ. Our love message muddled up by bitterness really stinks to Heaven, so course correct. The liberal Hillary is not the only one clouded by the bitterness of her mistakes. Christian ministers are too. Spiritual ignorance and envy are not “common values” those demonic books wish well to embrace. In fact, I have seen famous preachers who preach love who are privately fuller of hate than the labeled Trump. Nobody is out of reach from God. But, it must be a partnership: He reaches out to you, you reach out to Him. We are not the first clergy to walk this earth in all its 6000 + 8 years existence with Adam’s seed. If you a pastor who out of envy is saying the prophetic is useless, know you are bringing your unseriousness and laziness to the strategy table of The Ecclesia’s CONQUEST on earth. Others at the other end of the spectrum, serving God, have sought to pollute their altars by preaching “defensive messages” to reply that satan’ errand boy. By doing this, they stir hatred. The Congregants/listeners don’t know what they’ve done to come to church and receive such insults. What the people don’t know is that the spiritual head is expressing internal wounds done against his character. Preaching negatively against another is not the Great Commission. You are not a “Hireling”; go back to feeding the people! Know ye not that the best defense is attack? I know you are smart not to join that satan’serrand kid to lift this quote out of the long “social context”. The best defense is attack means; don’t use physical weapons or injurious words against a person or group, but God’s confounding the Confounder weapon on the devil’s camp. Use it, wisely – never on people that disagree with you. Beloved, you need not reply him. I will suggest what we did for that witch to run away when she saw God’s fire amongst other things encircled around us. What you need do is this: Give that wizard Elymas a “little motivation” of what God’s liquid fire, blindness, boils, et al, looks like when he comes closer. What you don’t know is that this low self-esteem wizard needs to do anything for satan, his lord, so he gets that highest office. Paul was speaking about this type of demonic low self-esteem devils in 1 Corinthians 16:22: “You MUST see him as a divisive apostate.” Now, is Paul no more the Apostle of love? He is – his apostleship was often refreshed on the altar of prayer. That is why it would be weakness to not integrate prayer into the leadership recruit process of your organization. Talent is never enough. We hope you get your first love and peace back by these epistles.


I love Angela Merkel. In Isaiah Chapter 37 Verses 3, King Hezekiah was at war with his greatest enemy. Haven assessed his military strength against his enemy; he gave his final analysis to Prophet Isaiah for help saying; “God’s children have come to birth and there is no strength to bring forth.” It is a painful thing for witchcraft powers to delay the medically written expected child of a baby. Have you seen babies carried on for more than 3-years? Have you seen babies (whilst still a fetus) talking clearly in the womb? Have you seen fetus acting as idol, causing bondage on their family? All these are witchcraft powers that need a “little motivation”. Witchcraft powers have a charter on their satanic mat to divert destinies. When they see the STAR of a baby, they either kill the baby or divert his/her destiny to be evil or imbecilic. Destinies are determined at the peak of birthing/delivery. That is why a man can be pregnant for his wife if she doesn’t have the spiritual strength to deliver. If you know the battle confronting your political dynasty through your children, you would hate sin. A new member of ours was in a meeting with us for the first time, and immediately, I just told him: “Do you know you can be pregnant for your wife and she deliver? NOW, receive it!” Now, I didn’t know this fellow’s wife – a pastor’s son was pregnant and having issue with delay. My “spiritual mouth” was speaking as God told me. 3:00am in the midnight, I was he told his wife is in labour. Minutes later, it was good news. Shed delivered. This fellow does not have any foundational bondage. His father is a deep minister in the art of deliverance. I can say this because I’ve know everybody in that family for almost 10 years. So, you can’t say there is an embargo. What transpired, rather, was the strength of the territorial powers testing the strength of that household. Right there, God needed me to jack-up the might of this family to another magnitude HIGHER than any diabolic magnitude in the 2nd heaven. Listen; JESUS’s destiny was almost being diverted were it not for the territorial warfare of his strong-willed: Mary. The name Emmanuel was the territorial gateway protocol for Heaven to bypass blocks and communicate with sensor on earth called, Mary. Each time Mary was saying, “Emmanuel,” Heaven was RELEASING the IDENTITY of JESUS to him, phase-by-phase; which Mary didn’t know. “You mean JESUS – The DayStar – is coming, and we the kingdom of darkness won’t top him,” satan was ordering. Say: “STRENGTH!” Territorial terror is blind to reason. Therefore, you must respond with force! The world needs God’s strength. You must become mysterious in a mysterious world; a Confounder to the confounder. God told me that this is why the Catholic Church respects Mary; because she “held” STRENGTH on behalf till JESUS got it. The STRENGTH was so presidential that her running mate (Elizabeth) got a jolt of the mandate of God, The ALMIGHTY and won. Had she not gone there to fulfill, Elizabeth wouldn’t have given birth to STRENGTH.

It is written: …

“And Mary arose and went to the house of her long term trusted running mate (Elizabeth), entered and saluted her to take a sit, but not TODAY. For as soon as Elizabeth heard her salutation-cum-prophecy, the weak baby in her womb received THE ALMIGHTINESS STENGTH OF GOD and #QuantumLeaped; and Elizabeth was filled with THE COVENANT FORCE that created the universe – God’s Spirit of Grace!” — Luke 1:39-58

Can you for a second right NOW be a “Mary-of-Steel” to your Elizabeth: your spouse and their career… your sick and runaway kids… your bosses’ mission… your country’s leadership…. your country’s plagued economy and insecurity and the earth’s PCJR (peace, justice and conflict resolution)?


I just heard God say we should leave this blank till our DOX vigil, this Friday.

Permit me: I’m looking for a man/woman, a boy/girl called “Mary-of-Steel” who can contain God’s POWER; I mean I’m looking for DOMINION Illuminant containers that would “hold” God’s STRENGTH and quickly release it to this strength-less world. C’mon… I’m looking for a “Steely-Mary” who will make the world have EXPONENTIAL LEAP; not incremental leaps going round circle, leading nowhere…. I’m looking for a “Steely-Mary” FULL of The Almightiness of God, The Harasser of satan, the harasser only to CRUSH Pandora’s Box of Torment! [Tongues…]

Ace-The-Case: China will come around

In 2015, I was reading the authorized biography of the current German chancellor — Angela Merkel. The title of the book is called: “Angela Merkel: The Chancellor and Her World By Stefan Kornelius”. Enjoying the prose, I found on page 69-of-300 a remarkably innocent one-liner written about this 2015 G7 chair. My entirety stood electrified at that line. My world stood still; I froze…. It reads: “Discipline is a key concept in her working life, punctuality is important; she [Merkel] will drive herself hard … almost to the point of TORMENT, sit in endless….” Friends, I felt like grabbing Merkel, and chasing “it” away! I mused, “Merkel? In TORMENT?No way!” See, there are some things prayers would not do for you. The way you can’t pray way your into bathing is the same way you don’t pray your way into discipline, hard-work and efficiency. You must live and die for purpose! If you cough out blood, so be it. You think I wished my way into God’s favorite label? Three is a crowd; Laziness is a crowd to the twin siblings of Faith and Patience. Dump it; burn it! Being a slothful powerless preacher like Pastor Jupo is not a fine label from satan. Satan would come to test your “love-O-meter” rating to see if you are truly powerful like the author of 1 Corinthians 13 and the key character in Acts 13. Apostle Paul wrote one and lived one. Everything about you, you’re your shadow MUST provoke STEELY STRENGTH. SAY: “Love is power, not theory.” Love is known in the spirit realm: Never did I for once solicit or collect a dime offering for the Revival that brought God’s STRENGTH into this earth once again. Let us thank JESUS for that miracle. I wasn’t selling anything – a conference, a seminar, a church of mine. Rather, I was lifting JESUS up, bleeding out my blood and my T.I.M.E© till humanity see God again and REJOICE. Ha! C’mon… burn them… burn those ideas. Now, do it now. They must be fifteen million drachmas. [Tongues…] Like Apostle Paul, I worked with my hands and did many great works in much hunger, persecution, storms, breakings, longsuffering and torment. I knew it wasn’t an earth thing but a territorial one. You are opening up God’s Portal for mankind in the year of the Four Blood Moon and you think satan would be happy with you? Think again. If you don’t have power like that Machiavellian Pastor Jupo, know this: satan won’t test your love. He knows you are already sinking alone in his lost sea of delusion. You can’t get out until you cry out for help. Satan knows you are of no use to humanity when you are still a disciple unconsciously working for him. It’s too risky to be a pretender in this Age of terror. Why not ask for God’s help? Even a goat would cry out. Torment is torment! No more; no less. Territorial demons oppressing her were silenced. And in same 2015, she won the TIMEmagazine’s POTY (Person of The Year). It’s now left for her to determine if her country’s election would torment her away from winning the next election. Change is constant drumbeat. The world needs DOMINION Illuminants! Trump and Hillary are unfit to be the 45th President until they change. The template has been given, same as this policy doc. This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.

 P.S. That opening one liner came from a famous Christian Hymn.

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