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September, Friday 9, 2016. | S9-of-S21.

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[The succeeding is a riveting insert to the original].

 Is Donald Trump satan – the devil – you can’t forgive?

I have seen the Miracle nation’s election campaign, its debates and existing policies. The supernatural-humanist in me finally concludes: If I have to drag Democracy’s capitalism to Heaven so as to save humanity from self-destruction, I must.

I have my reason… it’s personal. And that is why this post is going to be one of my most personal posts. It’s above and beyond secular humanism; it’s a transfer of the “humanitas” of my Spirit of Grace: The spiritual and political ideal that formed the intellectual basis of this posts/treatises. The joys of Christmas came earlier than expected. Here, I become accessible. [At the end, I would give out my contact sitting on a secure touch-point. We have a lot to achieve together].

Supernatural-humanism must trump radical-humanitarianism!


It is written: …

“Trust in the LORD with ALL [not some of] thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In ALL thy ways ACKNOWLEDGE His supernatural person and He shall direct thy paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

“Thus saith the Lord GOD – The Almighty; I will give them one undivided heart, and I will put a new spirit within them; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and I will give them an heart of flesh.” – Ezekiel 11:19

“… But His Word is in my heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones.” – Jeremiah 20:9b

You can’t be doing humanitarian work and at the back of this thing be joining the occult to cover your tracks. This radical life only leads to hell. It doesn’t work.

Welfare and social reform with idolatrous worship of satan don’t go together. Until you become a supernatural-humanist, you would keep living from the outside in; not the “inside out”. And the world is tired of that. Anybody can, on the face value, be a humanitarian yet still hold the totem pole of the occult. Such life is beastly and prodigal. Therefore, course correct….

What is Supernatural-humanism?

First off, this darkest age demands God’s brightest light.

This is the comprehensive reform of culture on an evangelical dimension that projects God’s humanitas from the individual unto the civic arena. This transfiguration on over 8 billion humans would deliver the world from the seductive and diabolic imaginations of satan that has turned us into ignorant meal for the devil.

Why Supernatural-humanism not Radical-humanitarianism in this Buffer Age?

Head start: Humanitarian hand-out donations, welfare checks and initiatives to prove we care can’t save modern civilization. This because behind it are stony-heart deceptions: Sham business dealings designed to feed the establishment through backchannels tied in to humanitarian efforts, stony-heart politicians doing pay-for-play speeches and favours through their charitable(?) Foundations, and many more.

Though sounding alike, supernatural-humanism and humanitarianism are two distinctive ideas. One is light and the other is darkness.  The Supernatural-humanist walks in the light; the radical-humanitarian consciously regrettably walks is the dark.

The Supernatural-humanist looks at himself in the mirror of life (that is, God’s Word) to question his mortality then disciplines himself till his spirit takes over his nature by asking for God’s help to transform his philosophy, his logic and his art which ultimately distinguishes him from the beast of the earth. For only a beast can walk without a Maker and without its TRUE usefulness on earth. Only a beast can be tossed to-and-fro without reflecting deep about his/her life in prayer, fast and the Word of God. Alas, only a Supernatural-humanist can super-impose the rediscovery of his spirit (her real self) on modern civilization not just to keep it alive from the many Al-Baghdadis in philanthropic rescue endeavors, but crush the devil’s stranglehold on people. Now, she knows what she was created do!

The humanitarian, by contrast, denies the claim that the wo[man] needs any improvement on her spirit or put a check on his lust by positing: “We don’t need to check ourselves – we are the symbol of intelligence and can bring out the best ideas and wisdom.” Like the philosophes of the French Enlightenment who regretted ever creating Voltaire’s Napoléon Bonaparte but quickly rejoiced at influencing (via the English Enlightenment Deists) the Deists’ founding fathers of the U.S. Constitution, the radical-humanitarian exalts the “god-of-reason” (i.e., satan) – if they live in a “one God worship” monotheistic U.S., Europe, Saudi Arabia, and hybrid nations; or the “god-of-nature” (i.e., the same satan) – if they live in a “idol-worshiping” polytheistic India, South American countries, African countries, et al.

Welfare and social reform with idolatrous worship of satan don’t go together! It means anybody can be a humanitarian and still be an occult. It means the demon-controlled humanitarian for satanic reason believes that the God of the Bible is dead. Therefore s/he advocates for the sham solution of all man’s problems by physical therapies and materialistic/Utilitarian methods to drown-out earth’s dependency on a God whose doctrine doesn’t make them practice same-sex marriage and other beastly things. The results…? Egalitarian hostility and division where the Super-power nations create silent and/or loud violence world over for materialistic/Utilitarian gains.

Listen; beloved created by God, you can’t be doing humanitarian work and at the back of this thing be joining the occult to cover your tracks. That prodigal life only leads to hell. It doesn’t work. Until you become a humanist, you would keep living from the outside in in depression and sorrow. To make matters worse, the world is now tired of your good intentions.

The Church made grave errors, but her mistakes are not God’s mistakes. Can you forgive us? If yes, move to forgiving yourself; you’ve been in prodigality.

 The Trump Card

Let’s move away from the intellectual dialect. Enjoy.

Trump might say and do stupid things yet I know he is one of the most passionate persons about America’s comeback. How do I mean?

In 2014 at God’s #DOXRevival (i.e., God’s Inclusive Dominion Revival), the sharing economy made me know of a freely uploaded resource document; written years ago by an author on geopolitics. Ideally, the revised Copyright law of 1831 grants the intellectual works created by citizens and legal residents of the United States “an extended sole right and liberty of printing, reprinting, publishing, and vending” their works for a once-renewable term of 28 years. It means after 28-years it goes viral and free. I was doing my research when I stumbled upon this remarkable content. Intentionally or not, this document was made free before its time. I posit that if it were not intentional, the author’s publishing company would have taken down the websites hosting this document. I also state that the task of taking these websites would be demanding, therefore, the Supernatural-humanist in me say you should not download any free book not publicly stated as free. Either way with the sustained presence of the book still giving nothing away about the publisher’s motive, I applaud the author for penning down revealing ideas on forecast knowledge about his country’s decline: which is the United States of America.

For spiritual death knell making, I could have finished the book in two days for the exact reason that it tallies with what God had told Kenneth E. Hagin in 1963 (before the downward slide of The American Dream) as well as my humble self that: “America would decline.”

Here is the gauntlet: As usual, go ask any seer in the land. Run round the blocks… consult who you can, especially God’s genuine ones as well as the “updated” ones. They would tell you the same thing: “America would decline.” Despite our best effort for this land we love, it won’t reverse this free fall fitted into God’s plan for the earth. And contrary to some funny voices, you can’t confess America’s deliverance away. It is horrendous hearing this kind of method as the ONLY solution to the United States’ problem in the face of terribly laid down 1787 foundational curse. I just can’t understand this. You don’t put the cart before the horse. It would be laughable. We are talking about God being brutally honest about the military commander over the transatlantic and pacific losing its grip and all you hear is confession alone. Have we forgotten that righteousness [fair justice], faith by confession, peace, prayer, and love are ingredients of a far better solution called “profession”?

Like the Venetian empire, this “Miracle nation” is ebbing away; and ebbing fast.

Finally, God gave me a breather after all the many “Wait… wait” responses to my inquest on who would become the next leader sitting in America’s oval office. I couldn’t get through Him, so I tried another question.

Beloved, when you keep getting the same response from God and He isn’t caving in, try another question – a similar question. He is YOUR Father; He can’t deny you neither bite you.

As such I asked Him this: “Father, do you have a good plan for the United States of America, going forward?” Hear Him in His own Word: …

“I have good plans for them, but they don’t love Me; because their economy is good they think I am unimportant. What they don’t know is that My blessing is what helps them. My blessing is what covers all places of the earth, and Americans don’t know this. Son, they would reduce.”

And that’s what I heard; not who becomes the 45th President that jumpstarts the “reduction” or “reduce – not stop – the bleeding”.

But what does God mean by the word “reduce”?

  1. To reduce is to shrink something big to a small size
  2. To reduce is to diminish an hopeful incremental or exponential progress
  3. To reduce is to make a high object which is the centre of attraction a reproach by making it very low.
  4. To reduce is to make something that is great decline
  5. To reduce is to trim down an over-bloated experience to fit a small size/constituency because there is little left to produce the big next experience
  6. To reduce is to falloff from a Superpower status to “super-powerless” status; as sympathizers watch on helplessly.
  7. To reduce is for an object of standard to deteriorate or decay, taking along with it every imitators

The times are ending, and satanic policies have only aided it. The fabled and seen “American Exceptionalism” is going to go no matter her military investments as the “police of the world.” It appears that position [was either intentionally or un-intentionally] eroded in the past years. Whatevr the case, the government of the day is fulfilling “the reduction” prophecy. And like the Roman Empire, she is going to decay from the inside. The same we study the rise and fall of the Roman Republic-cum-Empire is the same way our children’s children would look at her and study it. Daniel said it and it would happen.

My President Obama, know this: Daniel didn’t sell fiction. Your SOTU patriotic statement won’t change prophecy. You, the Greek and Roman Empires were not born before God told Prophet Daniel this prophecy.

Let me say this Mr. President [Obama]: You were not born a mistake. You may have lost your path to God but that does not mean you weren’t created before the Greek, Roman, Persian, Egyptian back to the Babel Empire. You, like every pharaohs, emperors, kings, queens, sultans, caesars and czars that has ever walked the face of this earth were created before satan distorted the “star” of your before-Genesis IDENTITY. Get it back!

Should I surprise you, sir – Mr. President…? You were created before Adam. Adam was an experiment. Why this kind of life?

People, let me surprise you on why I love Obama. The answer is the supernatural-humanist in me.

I don’t play politics. Whether you are Blue or Red, when you suffer I suffer. Why would you for Heaven’s sake call a man an anti-Christ? Whether he is or not, you don’t deserve the right to call him that! What sought of churches do we have in America these days? Little wonder we have a nation destined to “reduce”.

When people don’t pray they either enter into ignorant indoctrination or hateful and divisive teachings.

It is written: …

“Owe no man anything but love for them!” – Romans 13:8

Isn’t it humanist as a pastor to know that though like Hillary and Obama’s destinies both which has been diverted by dark powers can be straightened? It’s problem-solving: When you have life you have hope! Diverted destiny is the key here, not the persons and their actions. Of what use is Obama’s life in hell? Where is love here? Most Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Catholics, and Pentecostals have got be very very careful with spreading hate. I say, “Be careful.” God isn’t happy! And you know the consequences that come with enraging him.

You did a word-play on someone as “degenerate” yet same-sex legalization broke your back, right in your country? We need revamp this Western Christianity. No knowledge of spiritual warfare prayer is why this nation is destroyed today. You just seem unequipped to deliver these liberal folks! Their spirits, drowned, by demons holding their soul captive is still crying out for help, but you can’t see it. Rather, you kept criticizing “warfare prayers” so as to make the ignorant audience feel your “star power” at the expense of losing America’s greatness. Haven’t you noticed that if your ancestry controls you unto divisiveness, what you would notice is that there would be a limit to your influence in the successful and inclusive policy direction of nations despite your humongous resources? You would try to be inclusive, but that voice in that root would keep crying woe. Think DOX: Inclusive Dominion.

Darkness has been going on since the Mid-18th century and you didn’t ask God to see what was coming. Only the obscure Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin saw it and walked towards raising a people with spiritual ideas to save this “Miracle nation”.

Friends, one of the things that destroy people is that zeal to stay in the spotlight.

Not long ago, God appealed to my spirit-man, audibly, to pay a visit to one of Bro. Hagin’s disciple here in my country. God did a great convincing on this matter. It was a hard sell from God; a very hard one. I had everything under my control not to do what God was asking me to do at this stage of our ministerial giant strides, but I had to OBEY God. This was because I needed the world to feel and know what this God’s SPECIAL grace can do, yet God gave an instruction to be obeyed to the letter. It was a hard sell. Friends, obeying God can be very hard sometimes when flesh come in between it. The concept with putting your fate in your own hands doesn’t apply when God demands His place in your life. For me, I’d focused on the task at hand and won’t allow anything stop me. It took me deep strength to get going and be where I am to do what God wanted. I alone have the right to choose the nation and the people I want to relate to. I’ve travelled around this country of over 150 million people and have seen obscure people God is raising. These minds are God’s “pure breed”. I want to think of these people and ally with them; a nobody can be somebody. Humanly speaking, I’d had enough of former characters. Your heart doesn’t need toxicity. As such I have a destiny and can choose to relate who I want to relate with. But the person (i.e., God) that owns my mandate and life was saying: “Do _______ whatever his ancestry maybe.” God has spoken it, and I must obey. Not the sweetest of instruction, but my opinion is irrelevant; my opinion does not count one bit when God counts. Forget your spiritual-status!

And while going back, one of my profound protégé said something that: We humans have a problem. We always want to be seen doing something. Look at this man… In an obscure area yet doing well. We often think going to where ‘other people money’ (OPM) is concentrated is where the opportunity lies not knowing that the more we are praised the more we chase the wind.” It was an epiphany for him. I smiled. I know this already. God told me something as we began our offline ministerial work. He said: …

“In quietness and assurance is the cause-effect of the judgment of My righteous working in your midst.” (Isaiah Chapter 35 verses 15-20).

That is why God enabled us to trounce existential demonic working in such a space of time. Too short a time. God didn’t send us into irrelevant banters, but rather, to STOP the world’s problem on its track. And this is one of it. To slant into sniping in the heat of chasing fame is often most likely. Don’t chase fame.

I share the opinions of left wing folks that most, NOT ALL, right wing have irritable passion for divisive ideals. This does not mean liberals have it easy too. As for them, satan loves weakening their minds till he introduces diabolic witchcraft and plagues into their lives. Who can deliver them?

My years in the integrated marketing communication world – (IMC), specifically the BTL Advertising – down to the financial sector (particularly the banking industry) then the corporate strategy field [all summed up to almost 20 years career], gave me opportunities to brainstorm with people one might ordinarily disagree with but had to. This is because, what matters most is the company’s bottom-line: employers or Clientele. In the end, we all must come out with something that represents the personal ambition we want for the growth of the company or the Clientele. I mean, you can’t go to work if you are not passionate about the success of your GMD’s vision or your own Client’s vision. Get this: If you’ve lost zest due to exhaustion with company politics and company fraud from others, resign.

“The Next 100 Years,” authored by George Friedman of the data foresight-driven company – Stratfor was the book I came upon. Policy recommendations-upon-recommendations made the free e-book the favourite of all the books I had then on my iPad. I mean, I left others for it. It was as if the universe wanted me to see it. And from that God-given privilege, I set out teaching on Twitter key ideas that resonates with America’s decline foretold. I couldn’t but imagine how someone would use data to come close to what God was saying about this one-time blessed nation. I know foresight planning back in my consulting days but I almost felt this man was mystical. It was a modular treatise. I embraced it and laced it God’s prophetic gifts, and friends, God created another Age!

Listen; the devil would never attack any nation’s incremental progress but her growth. Watching progress become flippant in nations is taxing, especially when they know what to do. That was the compassion that ate me to teach geopolitics within the framework of the Gospel. It was unseen! That episode created God’s supernatural-humanism! And as God’s humanist, I came sent by Him not to feed humanity with pretentious humanitarian help for people, but to wear the power-glove in His Hand to crush hell’s dominion. Yes – hell’s dominion. Satan felt it.

(Smiles…) My feeling is irrelevant. Right under the devil’s watch and fun mockery, This Mountain created a political party that won my countries election using one her many teachings. No ministry has ever by God’s supernatural ethos created a political party to win the Presidential election in my country. We are talking about diabolic powers here. We all remember that ahead of this fledgling party oppression, a vigil was conducted and they won. You see, Tinubu might be Tinubu on his “foundation”, but Tinubu is my Tinubu. I love him. However, if I have it again, I would vote for any party that would unsettle his dominion in Lagos till he finally submits to God. This is because my country isn’t going to be a polytheistic nation-state.

Prepping The Winning Candidate

Despite God’s instruction [revealed later], I hope against all hope Trump and Hillary are taking note.

I don’t watch local news. Tweets…? I don’t bother. I can’t remember the last time I did. I come in very late. The international news…? I don’t believe them; where were they when the greatest news of the decade (the Mossack Fonseca Papers news story that rocked the political class) broke out? Not one single heavy weight News outlets reported it. It’s a Cabal. Wait it out and the forgetful masses would watch reality TV or something, so the strategy was and it worked. However, with the U.S. election and debate dominating the airwaves, I had to at 1:00am GMT inject news update into my hour of prayer and work to catch up on global event. On local news, my gate man knows more about that than I do. So much work on the table. He’s been most valuable. When we occasionally sit down on shawarma, fries, suya (i.e., sourced meat), rice, chicken, and even garri (i.e., cassava flakes) and groundnuts I brought downstairs, I find it most blessed to know more about not just the news but about his family and the spiritual challenge this wonderful is going through then pray for him and build his spirituality.

Friends, “relatablity” [sic] is the mark of those who would end terror in this world. As a supernatural-humanist, you must appeal to the humanity in people by the power of God. They would respond. Take this: You must never marry a snub or someone who doesn’t like you relating with a lower class. “A lower class”… where is that coming from among men and women these days?

From him and others, I got to know that there had been a fiercely contested dispute between Buhari’s biographer and Tinubu’s representatives on who spotted and picked the Vice President of my country for their formed from this mountain party. A grim on my face said gave them my response and they knew why. And some of you would know why. You will also relate that I love both aforementioned characters. However, you still need to understand how much I specially love Tinubu. We are not related and not a dime from him or any soul when God’s DOX brought This Mountain on the global stage can be linked to us. We took nothing from anybody; that’s why we can say all these testimonies with confidence and without prejudice. I didn’t solicit for fund from any when expected. Hallelujah! Rather, I recommended three third-party ministries people should donate into so as to get THE BLESSING God was pouring from This Mountain. I obeyed God not to take anything. It didn’t make sense. He giveth bread to the sower. No corporate seed yet I was doing tireless corporate giving. It’s unsustainable. Where was the seed coming from? Even the devil’s messenger stood as a beggar of bread on this matter. But thank God our integrity is still intact. Thank God it’s one of the ultimate sacrifices, and Apostle Paul himself came down to super-impose His anointing as reward for service well rendered on behalf of God. What a test! However, I would never advise anybody to do what I did. Don’t do what I’ve done if God didn’t tell you. Please. I was too secure to tirelessly and loyally, celebrate at my own expense those third party ministries. And you all know how my soul felt like almost being torn as if a lion was at its best….

If we were in ministry for money like the Jupos, we would have long been like them. God saw this eventuality and stopped us. Indeed, God is The Master Strategist!

Let’s respect Tinubu.

You may not love him, but you owe him like every human being on earth respect. In fact, respect his meekness – teachability. Street politics is a different ball game. Know this: One of the key ingredients in life is listening. If you don’t have it either as a leader or a follower, you won’t last long. Always learn to take advice [even from a gate-man]. When thugs, invincible mafias, business titans, local royalty, labour unions, civil servants, and the “green” masses know you listen to them, you would be highly revered and watched out for. Sometimes in a polytheistic street politics dedicated to the devil, everything is not charms: Where the might of your charm started is where others’ begins. Meekness (which means please teach me) is key in life. Humility (which means I am teachable and wish to follow) is also key in life.

His meekness was so real that God told me to do a vigil with him. This was January 2015. I was wondering why would God want me to do a vigil with such publicly known diabolic person. He kept telling me, “Son, this man has been listening to you. Do it.” I didn’t know he was reading this post. This was because at the #2014DOXCalendarYear, Tinubu was listening to the Voice of God’s Prophet on forming alliance with even your enemy to create a party; Tinubu was listening to the Voice of God’s Prophet when the political ethos of earth (which is the 3Rs) was being dished out in sweat and coughing out of blood without collapsing…

Friends, God can find you. Just be meek. As such, I went meeting older people in ministry who can get me to him. He sent me and that was it. But these people were afraid. Then between February to March 2015 God by-passed protocol and I did vigils with him.

Hear me: I was blessing someone and wasn’t happy blessing him, but God was answering my prayers. (Smiles). I have labored for this earth when it seems as if humanly speaking, God was wicked. I didn’t ask for this life! I had my life planned out and worked out. You think God won’t see that and physically bring a future President of a certain nation to come under me for discipleship till his time of appearing. You just heard me. (Smiles…)They are coming one-by-one. (Laughter)! Hallelujah! Glory to God! We shall see…

God is not a joker. He would never lie. If He lies about His covenant, what would you do? Arrest Him? (Laughter…). He said “X” and “Z” would happen, but all you need do is “Y”. So, why are you doubting Him? You must go through the shame to validate your glory. The bigger the stage bigger the shame, and the more the GLORY. Are you ready?

Your life is a Mona Lisa painting. [Quote and unquote].

The détente between my disciple-President and I is striking! [Tongues…]. Retrospectively, God took me through this to know how to handle and groom needed great Presidents and leaders in every nation tomorrow. [No offence taken]. Added to the fact that I can’t treat people badly, God needed to put a finishing touch so beautiful on His work than any eulogized Renaissance artists.  The world is too precious for God to destroy it. The world should be a better place.

Beloved, mockery is manure. You need it. Don’t fight it and get bitter about it. You were chosen for a purpose. The sweetest part to This Mountain’s mockery was that it’s done globally not in obscurity. It’s unprecedented. You didn’t get me: Today’s actively genuine prophetic ministries were mocked in obscurity in their early growth but mine was done in the public glare of a watching world and I had every opportunity to stop, but God didn’t allow me. Cynics had other job to do, but the result was too much to help their dead spirit for them to say no. II didn’t team then. Not even musical instruments to our name talk much of being on TV. Friends, let God work on you so that you “become” like God by His “Spirit of Adoption”. God’s Spirit of Adoption is the sovereignty of God. What God owns; I own… God owns Heaven; I own Heaven. I can create anything because God can create anything.

Listen with your eyes: Failure not to get God’s Spirit of Adoption for several millennia (since the idolatry and fall of King Solomon’s reign) was where the Enlightenment Deist trounced the modern minds. Whether cynics see or not, thank God, today is a new day… The Spirit of adoption!

The Spirit of adoption makes you walk with certainty and grace that God is has you. Nothing can undermine anyone with God’s conviction about His earth. God’s conviction becomes your conviction!

Exhibiting manners when someone is pulling you into the gutter is grace. (Smiles.).

This one time, I heard God tell me about a about a certain Jupo saying, “He is a boy.” Simple… A boy? It was when I asked it meant I knew where this fellow’s anger came from. I heard God say: “He is VERY FAR from Me.”

To be VERY far from God as a pastor is to be under dark teaching and gradual initiation of satan. What are you doing there in the first place?

One bad apple can spoil the lot. When anyone undermines you, sweep it off. The task is too precious. When you are man, “a boy” can’t get at you. When “a boy” envy at being very far from maturity, it shows clearly in his lack of grace.

Envy can block your eyes and ears for 20+ years making you far from God. This is because when the Spirit of Adoption is lacking, the infestation of demons in the spirit of cynics sets the, as enemies far from God. They can’t sustain God’s GLORY… It would burn them and their Machiavellian gods.

You see, This Mountain had tireless rescued these Jupos for years, yet they’ve added no result to their 20+ year. Instead of sitting down and thinking and asking, “Where did I fail?” They go about boasting that they are successful. Funny… smiles. Humans are naturally wicked. I can tell you, first hand. All these condemnation of Trump has got to stop. I’ve seen wicked ministers – that are meant to be the conscience of the people – in this short time doing evil before the entire world, but appear on TV and their congregation cool. All staged. Why two time people to become disenfranchised from God?

Thank God, something in me can’t fellowship with these Jupos.

Global leaders are coming one-by-one.

It’s already happening: raising national Presidents as well as global politicians, country-by-country with DOX prophetic mandate. (Laughter). You shall see. Ah… Jupos, you shouldn’t have asked for this life. Listen to me; Pharaoh was created to destroy himself so that God would be glorified. Mockers are simply doing free adverts down for this dispensation and many generations to come. When history is read, you need mention these Datha and Abiram. God knows what He is doing. I didn’t just see Moses for nothing! Same way the Red Sea parting is mentioned is the same way many generations shall mention this impact. And the rebellious also shall drop their demonic policy positions on This Mountain.

It is written: …

And it shall come to pass in these lastest culminated days of the Buffer Age, that The Mountain of the LORD’s Temple shall be established in the top of mountains of Jupiterian governments; it will be raised above their Capitoline hills, and all nations will FLOW into it. – Isaiah 2:2

If there is one thing this Mountain didn’t teach anybody and even satan can testify is that I didn’t teach anybody how to be betrayal – a traitor. I tell my team that wherever they are, that they should never ever betray their master even if they are on the receiving end. Never ever stab your masters at the back when you’ve got the chance. God showed me the eventual collapse of that Pastor Jupo. I won’t say it. Their eventual fall like a dry tree SHALL be a lesson to those that would rock the boat need no place in inclusivity.

People do mistakes based on the evil voices in their ancestry, granted. But when God knows our heart is like His, He would forgive you time and again. That was why when Bro. Hagin appeared to me telling me that one of his disciples should be forgiven because …. At first, I didn’t know why God kept sending Heavenly messages about this minister that he is “a man after His heart”. Why always this person…? Why is God deliberating making me to remember this person I’d totally forgotten in visions and audible instructions? I must tell you I had forgotten about him. [Part of the steps of leaving your past behind is not think about those that offended you. No malice but a different walk – a different phase]. To make matters funny I wasn’t [and still isn’t] checking Twitter. I couldn’t believe it when I knew why God kept bringing his fondness back. God is indeed a genius. He knows what He is ALWAYS doing!

As for that Dathan-and-Abiram scapegoat, such unfortunate satanic life they’d chosen should have been rejected. Unfortunately, they don’t ear God or know His voice. Remember the name JUPO. The Ecclesia would in the future use him and his friends as scapegoat for others to learn how to end that demonic betrayal in her midst.


I pray: May Heaven not use like a Jupo you to destroy yourself for because of its dominion advancement.

To set the record straight, it was on This Mountain Tinubu learnt about the current Vice President. A man I personally know and raved about. Please, beloved, if you can make The Ecclesia’s interest supersede yours you won’t be worried about making Heaven. That’s the Spirit of DOX: God’s will – His Inclusive Dominion.

Say: “I would make Heaven!”

Now, let’s put this confusion between Buhari and Tinubu to rest. There’s greatness ahead for this country.

You all would remember that I was in that #2014DOXCalendarYear talking about a man I knew years ago as a model person for governance. He was a Pastor, the chief justice as well as Attorney General of Lagos State. We’ve dined and had extended time on God’s role in the civic arena. His name… then, Pastor (Professor) Yemi Osinbajo of a local church whose leadership I’m deeply fond of. Today, he is the Vice President of my country. I recently checked my archived contact and saw his phone number. I smiled. I said, “This man didn’t know that This Mountain brought him into limelight to the recognition of my man – Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.” I smiled remembering when I organize program he would promise attending and if he can’t, he sends representatives based on the rigorous distance. (Smiles…). When one of my disciples saw the phone contact, the desire pressed on me by them was to call him but I rejected it. I don’t run after interesting profiles. I’m too dignified for that. I’m too on an assignment to be chasing people. For what…? Except I want to know about your welfare or God told me do, I don’t call people. And God has not told me to call the Vice President of my country. You don’t milk the cow to death! Because This Mountain praised him such that Tinubu saw him as a candidate for the Muslim-Christian ticket doesn’t mean I should kowtow to the existing pattern of using interesting profiles to validate a programme. God is my interesting profile. Look at me: I told my team that my face would never be on the flyers our ministry designs. JESUS is who the people came to see and that is it! It is touch-and-go. Ministry is not about posing the GQ way on flyers yet without God’s power to SOLVE the problem people are facing. Life is bigger than adverts. It takes 60 seconds run for TVC Ads (that is, TV campaign advert) but it takes 1 second to run it down with a scandal then change people’s impression of you. Therefore, focus on building substance. TVC Ads are not fancy new toys you play with.

No ministerial shenanigan. I’m not calling Osinbajo, and I’m not calling him until he’s done with government [except God says otherwise]. It’s that direct. Friends, place standard on yourself: It gives God confidence. It makes Him relax that you can handle His GREAT mandate for earth’s survival then dominate the devil’s Capitoline hills set over nations. Have standard!!!! As a man not married, you must not kiss a woman until you get to the wedding altar. That’s standard. What would kissing do for you? She’s definitely not your wife if she can’t wait. Your mouth is too anointed to speak God’s prophetic laws into nations and let kissing numb the Holy Spirit. Standard blocks sin – yet, it’s not sin consciousness. Start with that. I decree before you finish this draft every anti-marriage spell over you and your family shall BREAK. The barren shall have children.


Shout these: …

  1. In the name of JESUS…, I BREAK and LOOSE myself from every anti-marriage curse issued upon my family!
  2. You the strongman over my marital breakthrough, be knocked down, in the name of JESUS!
  3. Backwardness at the edge of my marital breakthrough, scatter by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  4. Ancestral embargo from my place of birth in the waters, the stream, rivers, and idols contending with breakthrough, my life is not your candidate, I break myself loose from you, in the name of JESUS!
  5. Evil covenant made by careless speech with any witchcraft power concerning my advancement, I REJECT you now, in the name of JESUS!
  6. Witchcraft mirror, monitoring and magnetized to my marital destiny and fruitfulness, what are you be defeated and BREAK by the blood of JESUS!
  7. Every woman, shout this: You the curse of chronic sickness programmed into my life and
  8. Prostitutes, shout this: Collective curse of evil gang sitting on the altar of evil priest I’ve consulted, today is my day of deliverance, I BREAK you by the THUNDER of God, in the name of JESUS!
  9. Curses of evil priest and prophets that damaged my womb, I command you to die by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  10. Poison and yokes eaten in my dream and in strange places attacking my progress, I vomit you out by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  11. I return back to the sender every arrow fired from every witchcraft coven over my life, my children and my family, in the name of JESUS!

[Tongues…] Thank you JESUS!

More in 3Rs’ THE CAPITOL post. God bless.

From obscurity to fame: This Mountain has famed many people and you think God won’t bring the future President of a country my way to disciple. [More on this as we go on]. When I said God is raising leaders in obscurity, satan himself knew what I was saying. Though lost in self-delusion, he knew what my assignment is, but the masses didn’t. If you don’t chase God you would regret. Now is the time to chase. Start chasing.

The Card to Trump

Ever wondered why Trump keeps heckling insults on some of the Mexican immigrants with ulterior motives and fighting over border control? I’ll tell you today. What I would tell you would make you understand why Trump spent almost a million dollars to research if running for the Presidency was a viable option for him. Friends, nothing you do is without cause-effect. Both God and people are watching you. Therefore, put your best foot forward in sweat and blood, not fraudulent PRs/adverts in the name of personal branding. Be authentic and dependable with God’s conviction. Be real… show compassion. Stop stealing…, you are pastor. Stop being controversial on who is better and who isn’t: Tell nations of how God loves people, and how he wants to transfer His BLESSING on everybody. His BLESSINGS are hanging in the heavenlies but nations are so symptomatic on how to crush satan out of their territory. The god-of-reason/the god of nature is drinking coke on the human souls. Therefore, be a humanist for God.

Here is the answer: I saw in that Friedman’s recommendation that Mexico, not Russia, not North Korea, not China is America’s greatest threat. The book’s author gave posers on whether America would be alive in the next 100 years [and counting since its publishing], then gave detailed facts on why it could collapse. The reason: By its unsafe borders, the unchecked Hispanic immigration integration showed that America would get outnumbered and overrun by some of the nationalist Mexican that feel they own America better than the Whites and the Blacks later in the future. I found it (using that famous word) a bigot resource. No – drop that. That statement isn’t and you know that. To become great in life, you’ve got to stop acting like the world is against you. Take charge with deep faith in God. There was nothing like witch-hunting Mexicans or Americans with Mexican heritage or Hispanic community in that book and in all of Trump’s statements. If it was, why do you think some Hispanics are still supporting Trump? Yes, he was careless in not communicating his policy recommendation well. You don’t expect him to say you should read a book that advised him. The borders are unsafe and admitting folks who aren’t well checked isn’t security. The wall won’t drug cartels and smugglers. The wall won’t stop drug violence already around the borderline states in America. So why would this man build this wall? The wall is a symbol – a talking point. Therefore, he shouldn’t build any wall. Trump’s idea of building wall is what I’ve not grappled with. How is he supposed to build it when Mexico says they won’t offset their debt to America by building a wall for them? America is not my nation. I was simply teaching and he was reading. If he now wants to apply that bizarre method I don’t approve, you hold him accountable if it doesn’t work. But I believe he can change his position in the immigrant integration. Mexicans are nor bad. Nobody is bad because they came from Iraq, Syria, Russia or anywhere in the world. People are bad because they chose to. For instance, that stealing-Jupo and his friends are “holy pastors” from my country but does that make my beloved country bad? Am I bad? You can vouch I’m not. Think through this, Trump/Republicans.

Think through this people. Don’t just read only your Bible, Quran or Twitter/Instagram feeds, read books; read substantial materials. Stop watching reality TV shows with nothing pivotal about real life. The masses have got to stop being the masses. Read wide on everything except demonic books. Cross the Ts and dot the Is on policy recommendations to see anything that doesn’t add right. That Stratfor owner’s document may add right. And perhaps he is a liberal. Most of his foresights solutions titled towards liberal ideas.

You need wide knowledge of this earth you are living in. There are questions this earth would ask you that you must answer. Privileged, God started guiding me decades ago by aligning me with institutions, places and resources that would make me discerning on trends in the social, economic and political arena. As such, I owe it to Him to be at my best interpreting my environment in the light of Scripture. That’s why I wasn’t surprised why God brought a certain nation’s future President my way. Definitely, I was alarmed at God’s speed but not surprised.

Listen; if your vision is DIVINE, this earth does not owe you devotion. You are to lead earth with God taking the Driver’s seat, they follow. Who wants to join, joins. God knows who is needed. When you are too hot to handle, no witch would come infiltrate your ministry or inner-circle to change God’s laws and times. [I would show you how to do this in my upcoming book].

The way a bean seed grows is different from the way rice grows. Beans grows on the surface of the soil, rice grows above the soil. The intricacies of bean growth demands continual clearing away/removing of the weed around it before the plant comes out. If you don’t do that, it would choke the bean growth away. So it is with economic development and all government stimulus packages initiated to sustain economic growth. But the seed itself is a different ball game. Just as how lack of growth in a bean seed goes so is the decline of America’s, not just economic growth alone goes.

Satan is always after our national growth not development – not “good economy”. THE BLESSING of the LORD that maketh rich and addeth NO sorrow is REAL GROWTH. Proverbs Chapter 10 verses 22.

It is written: …

“The LORD, God – The Almighty killeth, and maketh alive: He bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up. The LORD, God The Almighty maketh poor, and maketh rich: He bringeth low, and lifteth up.” – 1 Samuel Chapter 2 verses 6-7

America has never had growth in her life. Yes, boom with the Industrial Revolution but not growth. Both the soil (that is, the foundation) and the bean-seeds matter for there to ever be growth. Growth – then development – must exist before you talk about sustainable growth.

Worse off, if there are no good beans in the soil, there won’t be growth. That is why it’s unfortunate for every President since the “founding” of the U.S. Constitution (i.e., the bean-seed) [except for that healing Woman Evangelist son – President Ronald Reagan] to successfully right the wrong (i.e., the development). Each time they try it, they meet a civil war, experience the assignation of Presidents, and loss of Presidential hopefuls that had purpose in mind, despite bigot, misogynist labels – even on that humanist famous neurosurgeon his fans love.

All Bets are off: To Play or not to Play?

This sub-title wasn’t a word-play. Before typing it, I heard God clearly say, “Don’t play with him.”

I and God have been on this for weeks now. I don’t know who to pray or campaign for. As such, in the final analysis, I won’t pray for either Trump or Hillary.

Don’t play with him IS NOT don’t love Trump. What God means is that this one won’t be my child until he changes – which means, someone I would be fond of.

Trump, you have an outsider chance to win, but your insistence in this negative “political lexicon” would bring a free-fall for you like a Jupo/Dathan unless you spin it to tackling how “globalization” crippled key industries’ factories in your economy. [Blue collar workers are worried about the economy, and you can’t sweep them away for Millennials. They must be alive. Statistics shows people are living longer]. Rather, create another industry within existing sectors or create a different sector entirely. America has the power to THINK, but no – their dalliance with sin has crippled their God-led chutzpah. They churn ideas and innovate on novel works: great intent on solar power, accumulated knowledge, 3D printing, drones, artificial intelligence and fuel-less driving cars, editing the human genome, digital IoT (internet of things) and codes substituting atom. Despite all these and more, Americans can’t still bring about economic growth but “slower growth”. What went wrong with the brilliant minds? What force is “blocking” their exalted mind power than the Bible?

Friends, the U.S. is living in a backward economy. Big data economist have concluded, using economic forecast tool, that America’s decline would keep going down till the next 25-years and probably pick up after it. (Smiles) Would China be sleeping while this is going on? Obama knows this and tries encouraging Silicon Valley startups. But fantasy of innovations won’t save America! This is not the industrial revolution Era. Bro. Hagin saw that Era’s decline as a young man and they thought he wasn’t serious.

The path Corporate America is towing won’t help matters either. The solution to this conundrum is God’s HUMANITAS approach. We devour it at the end. Till then, there must be changes in polices about the education of the middle class and their infrastructure. Corporate America must co-operate with Government in a re-do of the demand-side” Reaganomics, not the “demand-side” theory. There’s no purchasing power amongst the masses that don’t believe in seed-Faith. To do seed-faith, you must TRUST God – YOUR Father, but most Americans don’t trust their FATHER, God – The Almighty. As such, when Government does reduce tax, the upper income groups should trickle down the fruits of growth. They must cut through absurd regulations on licensing. All these and more should define the campaign not disastrous drag-into-the-mud naming and shaming campaign. These politicians know what they are doing with these scandals. Go back to the Bible! The Bible is the financial formula. Trust God more than economic growth and see the finances come. It’s in the TRUST.

[P.S. Globalization is not bad, but the undertone is in using people at any damaging cost to win].

The central idea here is “play” NOT an all hope is lost scenario. Your being tried in the court of public opinion doesn’t change my opinion of you. I’m a clergy.

Every sinner has a future and every saint has a past. Your best days ahead.

It is written: …

“Seest thou a man that is hasty in his words? There is more hope of a fool than of him. But he that delicately bringeth up his servant from a child shall have him become his son at length.” – Proverbs 29:20-21

I saw where the Clinton Email dot com showed were she and her team tried using Barack Obama’s earrly cocaine in the past as a a tool to destroy him in the 2008 election. Friends, that water was a dirty water to test. But the trust is the man (love or loathe him) became the U.S President. I love him and Hillary same as Trump no matter what. Asiwaju Tinubu has his fair share of mistakes in the past and maybe today but that’s not reduce why I can’t play with him. I love him deeply, same way I love the aforesaid. Yet, Tinubu knows he has to stop his “land franchise engagement” and un-heavenly politics. I love Him and it hurts. We sometimes get hurt by those we love. I love him but see his struggle. If only he can see that these progresses he’s had by obeying This Mountain is not God’s ultimate plan for him. His soul making Heaven is the ultimate.

Light can defeat darkness. Trump is redeemable. What we are saying here for you beloved Trump is this: “You are feeding the fox instead of the chicken with this political lexicon. You are not connecting to those undecided voters this way. I still believe you and Hillary can get God going to stop America’s bleeding but you still can’t see it.” A disobedient child is simply hard to play with. For instance, I and my children [in the LORD] may not be in the same plane, but we play a lot. And like you know, I play[ed] with policy makers and Christian ministers who have listened  God’s voice at their advantage. When you are sent you are sent; forget any rating. You discount my God, you lose Him. Ask those that have lost and still losing. Praise God This Mountain has never been a poor wise man that can be despised (Ecclesiastes Chapter 9 verses 14-17) or given humanitarian support out of pity. That idea has been crossed out from the FIRST day I trusted God to go into a partnership with Him. If you present seed faith before me as humanitarian donation, I reject it. I’m God’s Prophet for this Age sent to PROFIT you, not to be pitied. You are to get God’s $ROSI© (returns on your seed-faith investment) not boast around you helped someone and was not given a special seat or worse off, lose out on God’s BLESSING. The cultural ethos of our ministry is too aligned with this reality. We are God’s Defensed City – a template! We don’t lack; we’ve never borrowed. Why? Our faith had long graduated to TRUSTING God in the little things. I boast about this God; not man. And that’s what He wants! You see why we can’t be obscure like that wise man? We are the perfect peg in God’s hole. We attract the right hearts.

For instance, our ministry’s inner-circle operates in the prophetic because we are a TRUSTING-IN-GOD prophetic ministry on an apostolic mission. It’s no surprise therefore that some are teachers of the Word, prayer warriors, seers and counselors. And guess what, I didn’t call them; they came by themselves telling me God said they should come. And when I confirmed it with God; it checked. Even that nation’s President came to me by God’s instruction. [Tongues…]. Right men are wealth. C’mon!

Relax and be patient, friends. Faith doesn’t worry and labour to fulfill mandates. It rests. Isaiah Chapter 49 verses 14-26. You may not understand God, but TRUST Him. God never ever forgets! Kings and queens are coming. [Tongues…]. You don’t have a part to play in doing God’s part. You just have to do yours IN obedience. That’s God’s bet with you.

Listen; You only play with your child or those that you see as a father. I pray it’s not too late to remold Trump [and others] into God’s best. God knows I wanted to do it, but He knows when not to play with him and when to. Yet, this doesn’t mean America would go into senseless war when they vote him as being unsubstantiated. You can’t tell – I can’t tell. The only thing we can tell is America would reduce. Is folding your arms the solution to America and the world’s safety and growth? The U.S. and the EU aren’t doing anything in Syria and Iraq. People are dying and crying. We are talking of America strengthening her outdated weaponry here in military investment considerations. Yet, don’t play with him [or Hillary]. I and today’s politicians can’t strategize on the same playbook. They can’t bring it forward. I am too honest to be bought. Their campaign and policies has proven to be too dirty to play.

In Psalms Chapter 106 verses 16-22; …

“They envied Moses also in the camp, and Aaron the saint of the LORD. Then earth opened up and swallowed Dathan; it buried the co-conspirators of Abiram. Fire blazed among their followers; the flame burned up the wicked scapegoats. At Horeb they made a calf and worshiped an idol cast from metal. They exchanged their Glory for an image of a bull, which eats grass. They forgot the God their saviour, who had done great things in Egypt. Wondrous works in the land of Ham and terrible things by the Red Sea.”

Stated, the above verses show that every eschatology prophets always has traitor who wants their influence. In the end, the traitors’ are just a dot/a word when history is read for future Ages to learn from.

How do I mean?

If you’re an obedient person when God is talking with you, he doesn’t rage. He knows you would obey Him. When I hear Him talk He doesn’t rage. He only rages at disobedience. Which happened once when I was in the bank; wondering whether to serve Him or not. He shouted and I resigned quickly. Well deserved; it took me a year musing on whether to play or not to play.

Have no part with the disobedient. The company/co-conspirators of Abiram were domestic prophets same as Dathan. Yet, God’s rage destroyed them. They couldn’t stand Moses staying in the spotlight orchestrating their Exodus and going as far as hearing God’s Word about how He created the World.

Let me let you in on a key concept; please don’t ever forget. It would serve you well in the future: When you are before a genuine prophet, before you finish asking a thing or even ask it, God is already telling him/her what you already know but have doubts about. Friends, your FAITH in God is the most important thing in this life. God loves you and your obedience. He won’t kill you. Don’t come before a Prophet afraid that he/she would expose you or something. Let your heart be at peace. Let’s enjoy this process. The purpose of this post as said is to birth humanism – not the in the end, humanitarianism – in every human on earth.

Domestic prophets always see for individuals and make quick buck. Mesmerized by their consistency, the wealthy/politicians run after them. Nothing bad about it… only that they majorly depend on their gift. And when you do that, you veer into using your gift to demand unnecessary money from people. Stop that… Be very careful, you would lose this gift. In the same vein, frontier ministry also see for individuals but aren’t consistent; their strength instead is in seeing for the world and are commissioned to orchestrating it.

Herein lays the problem: Because the domestic ones are not visible, they agonizingly desire the influence and command of the Frontier ones. If they have to see, God limits them to Oshodi, Ikorodu, Lekki, et al crises… nothing more. While frontier prophets, instead of patiently focusing on their task of shaping the course of history forever on a macrocosm level with God’s Word per time desire the person-to-person consultation consistency of the domestic prophets. Funnily, Frontier prophets aren’t friends to wealthy politician stealing from the masses. They are the ones you call judge. God expects a high standard from them. Moses was one. This is why my heart gladdens me when Tinubu obeys everything I say. He is gradually forming into what God wants Him to be before he came to Madam Mogaji’s compound.

Listen brethren; Your gift is not who you are. You are not powerful. There is no powerful man anywhere on this… you only have a POWERFUL God – The Almighty behind an ordinary man. Your IDENTITY in Heaven is who you are. Focus on that and your ministry would be going from one dominion to the next. Stay with the teaching of the Word, not in priori speculation. [More in THE CAPITOL epistemology down below]. You don’t build ministry on gifts, but the Word – the Rock that never fails. For instance, if as a woman you are Seer, the moment you start giving birth, the gift starts dropping. Ask any chosen servant of God. What happens is that you’ve entered your true purpose of raising nations from your womb. Manifestations of one or more God’s twelve spiritual gifts are not signs of His five ministry gifts. Same goes for your boardroom dominion. You know you won’t allow anybody make you get me wrong that your career is in the kitchen. You know what I mean is that your ultimate role of a woman is to be a “Proverb 31” woman nation world over is praising. You’ve not met my mother but know she raised a giant. You see, those Christian songs and prayers you do for your kids now would pay off later. You are doing the right thing; building their stamina ahead of a MUST persecution.

My dearest beloved – God’s joy, things are falling in line for you, and it’s my desire that you become the best you can be as a spouse and parent. Therefore, don’t give up. Make Heaven proud. You know we are delaying the saints who are sleeping: [in my retrospection] from Moses to Hagin and more?

But the crux of Chapter 106 of the book of Psalms is in verses 23 of why can’t bet on today’s politics is: …

“So he said he would destroy them—had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before Him to keep His wrath from destroying them.”

It’s easy to say Trump and Hillary are disobedient folks; which they are. But, I want to see a supernatural-humanist in them. Is it that their Church pastors don’t preach well or the American society just created these people as a reflection of who they themselves are? Their minds would take a lot of renewal for God to play with them. I wonder why pundits complain about these two. Don’t they know that these two are the product of their humanitarian system?

Friends, I have a confession: It’s just so tough being “blanked” by God on this matter. I mean who becomes America’s 45th President. God, restricting me to clues is torture. He knows me very well. He knows what I can do. God told me one of the ingredients behind why He told that domestic prophet to tell me I’m His “prophet above prophet”: He said it’s because I have been GIVEN His SPECIAL Grace to overturn His ruling. He made me know [the moment I accepted His supremacy and DOX plan] that He Himself ordained me to use my compassion to negotiate with him, like Abraham did, for the souls of humanity; much less America’s “reduction”/decline.

Humbled, I know my ministry is a reconciliatory ministry. Yet, I know that there are some waters I don’t chart. I don’t tempt God with rebellion to save people when He doesn’t want any.

God knows I put my body on the line. Buhari was going to die this year (2016) and all He had to do was make me see the urgency of his death on a News bias station and thwart it when every prophet in the land saw his death. That’s reconciliatory; that’s inclusivity. Ha d He not told me to watch the news, I wouldn’t have remembered the man leading my country. I don’t debate about any who is leading well and not. I don’t join people in that. Not once.  I don’t have time for baseless gossip on news and the TV about the economy. “What’s that supposed to add to what my mandate?” I often ask. To join the “nagging-fest”? The economy of my country was going to be given a recovery boost via its subsidy removal and was seeing the Presidency’s negotiation and deliberation in the Federal house. Friends, don’t joke with your time.

By God’s Spirit of Adoption, God is your Father. Like you, He knows me better. No matter the news and social label and deliberate PR attacks, God knows you better. Yes – YOU. He knows who lies and who isn’t. He does it by checking the “innocency of your heart” (which is, your conscience) to see if you’ve still got His love. There are many things about most people God told me that my personal take didn’t align with. I have seen witches that I had already dined with in the past who I didn’t know until God told me. They started playing hide and seek the very moment I knew they were going to kill their spouse and kids. So, how do you now cause deliverance without making the husband/wife also run? (Smiles…). I can only but pray to stop their planned eventuality: death on their loved one. Until their victims cry out I can’t save any. Some witches called “Emere” know how to use good fortune, progress and nicety to choke you till you become defenseless and set for eating. Don’t mistake it: Witches are meant to eat people. They are called eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood. The “Emeres” – the supposed good witch – are the ones governing the monotheistic (the worshiper of one God: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), while the “Eleye” – the bad witch – are the ones governing the polytheistic (the worship of several gods/demons: China’s Confucianism, religious, Daoism, and Buddhism, African many gods, and India’s over 33 million Hindu gods; that is where the devil’s SMK is). *Satanic Marine Kingdom, SMK.

God has spoken it and made it clear: The gulf between people that worsjip the idol of the sense in monotheistic corporate greed and those are Supernatural humanists is so wide nothing can make them play. Let’s cut to the chase.

It is written in the “Michtam of David” (that is, the golden psalm of David): …

Their sorrows shall be multiplied that hasten after another god: their drink offerings of blood will I, David, not offer, nor take upon theis Deistic god’s names into my lips.

David had the opportunity Solomon had but didn’t leave God, The Almighty dead on the track. Resolving peace conflict and having a better world does not warrant compromising your sonship in God. That prodigality is unreasonable. If a demon of seduction person or teacher or business partner or government aide tries to rock the boat, depart from them! This is why I keep telling you to remember the fictional [but existing character] name: JUPO.

If you must govern for Christ, you must depart from using religion to deceive the masses and stealing. No middle ground: It’s either you are for God or for satan – the god-of-reason.

Look at it this way: The reduction prophecy God spoke of can’t save everybody in America. That’s the fact. You can’t pivot such eventuality. It’s a storm-roller. It would cost lives; it would cost money; it would cost a lot of adjustment since there’s no RIGHT Presidential candidate on the plate in this election to deliver this one time “Miracle nation”. I refuse to believe America has exhausted her extra-ordinary humanist leaders. And certainly not the one the elite are choosing with media influence. From profiting on a candidate’s rise to smearing the same candidate doesn’t take any intelligent person to see that the owners – part and friends of The Establishment.

Donald Trump or anybody would never have this again. To catch the media by surprise, that would take another 100 years.

This “decline” is bigger than these candidates and their dirty laundry: One candidate has been in it for 30 years with puppeteered [sic] “crony interests” pulling strings behind-the-scenes yet can’t solve anything, whilst the other is just too unconvincing from his own mistakes. This is a lesson for every stubborn Jupo pastors we’ve ever had to preach to but never listened. You’ve got to be smart in this life. I’ve been away for months only to come back and see so much foolishness in Trump that people who wanted him to win practically begged him to stop assailing people with insult. Six month, just six months of closing your mouth to win an election didn’t stop come into your head. Look at these messes. There are times even the mad-man in the castle would tell himself: “This perception would go away.” I don’t know about this. How would you convince everybody that you are a good person? Why didn’t you let some fights go? I’m disappointed. I am. If you have to knpck on their doors and beg them, beg them, especially the Hispanic community that didn’t hear you well. You are trying to close the door that brouh=ght in thgeir ancestors and can’t pitch it well that you want to secure the borders to bring down crime? Wake up. No Democrats would close the border. The more the illegal immigrant (good or bad) the higher the popular vote electorates. And the Republicans that fought against slavery have not branded itself as the REAL party of the masses. Their hyprocrisy is why I dislike their appeal. If you must stand for the TRUTH, do it well without being a divisive Party of Evangelical, Fundamentalists, Catholics, and Pentecostals. You are losing your kids to sodomy and demonic rebellion.

I can’t play with Trump and Hillary. Not yet. Our mandate is too important to be stained by these individuals. Give or take, these folks have 15-20 years left. We are talking about a thousand years’ foundational laying of INCLUSIVITY here.

To be supernatural-humanist is not about being born or believing in a monotheistic religion (Judaism, Christianity, Islamism or whatever) to have an higher edge over a polytheistic anathemic religion, but about being of God by the BLOOD of JESUS. A supernatural-humanist is GLORIFIED in Christ. It’s about understanding that I need to get back to God again. He knows you have His heart. Obedience becomes a natural play. And when you obey God, there is a special love He gives you. He gives you Himself!

People should be able look at your supernatural-humanist story and see their challenges, greatness and story in you away from some Nirvana and Deist philosophy. That’s why you must strive not to be any candidate’s statistics. Becoem God’s rod on earth.

Your vote is your played card: Whether by direct popular vote or the Electoral College. Therefore, what voters should focus on in deciding who to play with is asking a question like:

“Who is lying about being able to deliver America and who can truly deliver America?”

You would in “3Rs’ THE CAPITOL: Re-Scripting the Goat Diary,” see the errors political science did from the 17th century down to today to dull the brain of humanity into not knowing what voting really is. They have ekectoral cards but pilfer it away on wrong candidates. Same with “biased journalists”. You would think this segment in journalism is genius, but they aren’t. Most of these “biased journalists” don’t know the mind of God concerning the direction of their country. That is why I’m not surprised they “play” dirty politics with the minds of the proletariat (that is, general public). Playing “deceptive politics” so as to put food on the plates of your family is evil at its best. Your country – America – has helped the world’s politics. Why model this devious trick? When you are well read, it doesn’t take seconds to know when a news outlet is becoming cynical. You are supposed to be clean. Save America!

Betting on America

Like the rest of the world, I got to know God more through the help of ministers who came from your nation. It means I’m more American in philosophy and rhetoric than any nation in the world. It could have been Britain were it not for Hitler’s World War II abandoning the Transatlantic trade route to you – “U.S., The City Upon a Hill”. From the top of my head, I remember the wonderful steely woman the British Smith Wigglesworth loves dearly – Maria Woodsworth-Etter; I remember the Azusa street’s black-America reveialist – William Seymour (whose tracts along with other white colleagues of his time added to what God personally taught my Apostle Ayo Joseph Babalola); what of John G Lakes, and the miracle man – William Branham (who mistakenly got it wrong later in life but sought God at the last hour); the great Billy Graham… mighty reach won’t be missing on this list; I remember Oral Roberts who tried his best to do his best; Oh c’mon… I remember the Kathryn Kuhlman; Branham’s protégé – the mighty T.L. Osborn; the great Derek Prince and Lester Sumrall and wow… my one and only deeply obscure and eternally living in Heaven Kenneth E, Hagin [my heart thumps mentioning his name] amongst many people. What about America’s role as the world‘s greatest technological provider. Without NASA’s generosity, there won’t be internet explosion. [Please, don’t just browse. Know why you browse]. The great American nation – this “Miracle nation” has secured and is still securing the world’s seas with trillions of dollars spent on her [now outdated] military might. All thanks to President’s Reagan’s “peace through strength” foreign policy – bolstering America’s already existing defense system. The questions these journalists need to be asking is: Why is America’s defense system weak? Acknowledging this question, people have got to start looking at themselves as supernatural-humanist and seeking for that candidate that will deliver the right calls [not done in decades]. You might be surprised you could be the one in 30 years’ time; before America evaporates like Venice in Year 2100, that book said. [By then, my daughters should be getting married].

Somebody has got to look beyond his/her sentiments and focus on this “American reduction/decline” thing. Always know that most media houses cannot be trusted. How do I mean? The power of incumbency in the White House towards election rides on media alteration, not brutal poll rigging seen in sham-democratic system in most parts of the world. Therefore, the greatest rigging starts before the election on all The Panama Paper-like cartel controlled news media channel. Unfortunately, some of the masses aren’t aware of this. If it’s conservative government, you see a conservative news bias reporting. And definitely if it’s a liberal government you see cryptic liberal news truth inconsistency.

 The Card Players: The Fraternal Order Parties Vs. The Outsider.

Ever heard of: “Key to the White House” forecasting model?

Well, that key isn’t opening any door to the White House in this U.S. Presidential election. This is because all the indices to determine who wins this ekection have tron and thrown into the tempest seas of confusion and uncertainty. This is an Era when no political class saw BREXIT coming. Welcome to Pandora.

A historically-based prediction geophysics methodology, this model had accounted for popular-vote winners of every U.S. presidential election in the past (since America’s Civil War to the 80s), and ever since then forecasted/predicted who will win only by popular vote, NOT Electoral College the U.S. Presidential election. However, its popular vote prediction missed the outcome of the Bush-Gore result. This is because the masses wanted Clinton, but his Monica Lewinsky scandal and Al-Gore’s green ideas made the industrial political elite disband themselves from their Vice President. “What is this guy saying that would line my pockets?” They mused. And that musing showed what the Electoral College can do. Electoral College are not spirit, they are humans. And the fraternal order party (the Republican and The Democrats) members influence who becomes President in a right election by the Electoral College were the supposed issue of “faithless” elector changes his/her pledge on the candidate he/she was supposed to vote for. How is the masses not supposed to cry wolf on this and voter fraud? The system is rigged against the masses. Electoral College must stand, only if American pastors finally wake up to speak four things into the humans that form this Electoral College: which are Grace, Faith, Peace and Joy, otherwise, satan keeps ruling and running American into “decline”.

Changing The Game

Thirteen (13) keys are rated against the incumbent party’s ability to get re-elected. And if the incumbent party – say The [now coasting media influencing] Democrat miss out on six (6) out of the thirteen indices which leaves seven (7) index not favouring them, the challenging party – The Republican wins. But when eight (8) indices favour this incumbent Democratic Party, leaving out five (5) or less to be scrambled for by The Republicans, The Democratic wins.

But this year is different: One woman supported by The Establishment (strange bedfellows) of the different party and one weird Outsider dragging his Party by the hook of the “authoritarians” existing in his Party. [Why name people bad because they don’t support you].

It’s like tearing the cards in the card table and saying you want to play Ping-Pong. The game has change. Onward, we are seeing a fight for continued reduction or emergency “obstruction” of the seepage.

Very well, let’s still play with these cards.

What are the thirteen key cards?

Key Card 1; Party mandate: After the midterm elections the incumbent party holds more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than it did after the previous midterm elections.

Key Card 2; Contest: There is no serious contest for the incumbent-party nomination.

Key Card 3; Incumbency: The incumbent-party candidate is the sitting president [and can influence the media].

Key Card 4; Third party: There is no significant third party or independent campaign.

Key Card 5; Short-term economy: The economy is not in recession during the election campaign.

Key Card 6; Long-term economy: Real per capita economic growth during the term equals or exceeds mean growth during the previous two terms.

Key Card 7; Policy change: The incumbent administration effects major changes in national policy.

Key Card 8; Social unrest: There is no sustained social unrest during the term.

Key Card 9; Scandal: The incumbent administration is untainted by major scandal.

Key Card 10; Foreign or military failure: The incumbent administration suffers no major failure in foreign or military affairs.

Key Card 11; Foreign or military success: The incumbent administration achieves a major success in foreign or military affairs.

Key Card 12; Incumbent charisma: The incumbent-party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.

Key Card 13; Challenger charisma: The challenging-party candidate is not charismatic or a national hero.

Prejudice and the Old Politics you say? No – the human minds when untrained can always forget things. Time and again, the masses have always made decision on this model. Whether you like it or not, when a Candidate gives you a reason about his opposition, you begin a journey into rationalizing why you are voting for your Party when their policies are demonic. You start building hate and with hate spreading, you make it a violent campaign laden with smearing the competition. Election is not about one party enters today and the other enters in the next. C’mon… You are a supernatural-humanist. You are smarter than most of these guys. They are there because popular government puts them. And today’s popular government is Democracy. I know you can do a better job! THINK about it. But first pay the “DOX: Inclusive Dominion” price. Do you think you can? (Smiles…). Your family won’t have it easy when you pay it. Now, PRAY and fast about it.

Therefore stop voting on emotion. Emotion is never the best form of judgment. You end up regretting it. If I know Gore would do better, I won’t look at Clinton’s failure. For instance, Bill Clinton’s scandal with Lewinsky as an incumbent gave rise to George W. Bush despite his NAFTA success which somehow Americans believed destroyed their economy. Well, Hillary [for Bernie Sander’s pressure] believes it to be so, and that we must see as fact. It wasn’t a tiny vote in the Electoral College that denied Al Gore. It was those aforementioned factors. In the same vein, George W. Bush’s Short-term economy and Foreign or military failure cost John McCain a chance, the Electoral College had a consensus: Time for the other fraternal oder party candidate not to show up. If I were McCain I wouldn’t have ran. VP, Dick Cheney knew he couldn’t have won. That was a [then Senator] Barack Obama’s certain victory.

What about today? Do parties hold the card? I mean, do pragmatic American electorate choose a president based on the consequential events and episodes of a term, such as economic boom and bust, foreign policy successes and failures [in Aleppo, Iran, ISIS, et al], social unrest [with lone wolf terrorists and shootings], scandal [which in none existing] , and [domestic and foreign] policy innovation. It’s amusing; stating on This Mountain weeks ago that we as God’s children are judge over the violent hellish dominion of satan doesn’t equate to entertaining a bill which would make 9/11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government. It’s innovative but what about the backlash? The world doesn’t need fault-finding. Besides, it too late proposing it [for some legacy reason]. The time is too short to flesh out this bill. Mr. President, you’ve done your best but still, you didn’t deliver. Same sex legalization isn’t a domestic policy innovation. You and your VP (Joe Biden) simply fast-tracked America’s “reduction”. Mosul is a Johnny-come-lately case. The foot shouldn’t have been taken off the pedal since 2008. Intel showed that it would drag on for months. This entire last minute thing is the seed of satanic confusion when you leave God out of your governance equation. Satan is not credit worthy; don’t listen to him. He is as confused as when JESUS didn’t come on July 20, 2007. Stop believing his lies. We hope, I don’t pray – but hope, that this doesn’t drive become election propaganda. We also hope that this Government crushes that terrorist stronghold and finally get to show they “delivered”.

Ditto, it’s believed that Presidential campaigning either by the challenging-party candidate (Trump – whether the GOP likes him or not) or the incumbent-party candidate (Hillary) has little or no impact on results. (Smiles). It’s also believed that according to the long held “Keys model” that nothing that the candidates have said or done DURING a campaign, when the public are suspicious of the whole process, has changed that Candidate’s prospects at the polls (i.e., on the day of election). It went further stating that debates, Ads, TV appearances, bias consistent news coverage, and campaign strategies count for nothing on Election Day.

Does it mean that Obama’s failure to deliver is the one that would drag Trump into the White House or Hillary’s wrong campaign [backed by strange faces] would once and for all defy this “Keys model”? Does it mean the Establishment are going to unite to stop a weird Outsider and alter the game played since 1861?

There are many questions to answer. Only a supernatural-humanist, that is YOU, can answer it. [A fraternal clique can’t ever answer it. They know it]. And lest we get excited, are you that humanist Moses, Elijah, David, Apostle Pau, Apostle Babalola, Bro. Hagin, et al are banking on?

TONIGHT is your night!

Nobody likes change. Therefore, we now have the two main Candidates: Parties Fraternal Order Candidate (Hillary) Vs. The Outsider (Trump) [Sanders].

This takes us back to the question in the minds of America, no matter the dirty campaign played: “Who is lying about being able to deliver America and who can truly deliver her?”

Written off by the pundits, the “Keys model” anticipated Vice Pres. George H.W. Bush’s victory in the spring of 1988 when he trailed Gov. Michael S. Dukakis by nearly 20 percent in the polls. In the end, he won. Why? The Reagan Factor!

Reagan was so loved that if he does wrong, Americans would forgive him. [Why not Trump and Hillary?]. Americans knew Reagan wasn’t healthy yet, they wanted him. If Reagan had himself in his son, they would still vote for the Reagans. Unfortunately, the son is an atheist. Friends, you don’t dine with satan lying about policy and you think he won’t enter your household. You can’t come in with conservative ideas then easily fall for an “alternative ideas” your Party establishment’s cabinet members and policy advisors sold you in on. Have conviction based on God’s voice and stick to it. If you can trust God’s voice on marriage, why not on governance? Trust in God is NOT a one-time affair. It’s a forever thing.

For instance, knowing that that my disciple-President would lose his gifting when he starts having kids by sex in marriage [as needed], I started training him on other essentials. He would travel and I know his nation’s days are going to be better, so teaching him to maximize God’s audible Voice and FAITH was only indicative of a mentor. Secure in my skin, I am making the little he has is being given a direction in philosophy, art and logic. In the end, imagining the future President of a nation hearing God audibly like Daniel is stuff of legends; stuffs of trophy! Yet, God said, “You are the one that would train him. More are still coming.” Did you get that? More a still COMING. It means I can’t stop raising THE STANDARDS. I raised it in my marriage by Him… I raised in my ministry [the un-Jupo way] by Him … I raise in my discipleship by Him… I raise it my governance by Him… and I raise it in ….

More a still COMING… (Smiles). I said this thing online then and it sounded like I was begging. I was saying what God told me. He told me that many of His children that would govern their nations are in obscurity and that I would raise them. (Smiles…). Friends, if you let mockers change your chutzpah from that God-led conviction, you will regret it for the rest of your life. Regrets doesn’t’ have second chances. Live this life to the FULL!

The Bush Men’s Card: Saving The Fraternal Order Parties

I got to know that this same son of that lady Evangelist preacher – President Ronald Reagan often called the Establishment Republican [still alive in today’s GOP] “the fraternal order Republicans.”

God is amusing: I not too long now just had a vision about this group whilst writing this epistle. I saw God show me Reagan’s Vice President – President George H.W. Bush, his wife, his family, esp. his son – George Jr. (President George W. Bush) seated inside a church. A closer look, I saw George Bush – the Elder – standing on the steps of the altar with a microphone trying to re-write his wrongs. He had with him a Bible then opened it, and started reading a page called: “DAVID’S PSALM. After reading, he poured out his heart weeping on the behalf of his dynasty then made atonement for their unintended consequences and… the vision ceased.

I knew what God meant; the vision came from a compendium of policy draft He’d given me. The world shall, in my lifetime, know God again! This I swore ti God!

Hear me and hear me well: Any preacher that says that God is wicked and you are irredeemable is a demoniac-preacher. God is ever merciful to anybody who would repent. That impenitent demoniac heretic that wants to weaken your supernatural-humanist soul in purporting that there is nothing like Old Testament and nothing like Prophet can also be saved. But he won’t bow to God by reason. He would only bow to God by power. There is what you call “POWER pass power”. In his father, the devil’s kingdom, he has a throne of his; quite lower than that occultic Grandmaster title he hunts for. Therefore, what you are offering him on earth is irrelevant. Until you disgrace his master before him, he won’t change, Change is not his DNA. They’ve diverted his destiny from birth. He was assigned to take the totem title of his clan. I know this man. If I were a pastor, I wouldn’t.

Despite a cynic insulting my mother, the Supernatural-humanist in me asked God about this “Abiram” man hoping he has changed his evil ways. I strongly do hope. [That desire to be an occultic grandmaster is a dead-end, literally]. What I discovered was a damnable report. We explore the outcome in one of our post. The moment he opens that last seal, there won’t be turning back. There’s no denying he knows what ‘am saying, except he wants God to remove this last minute grace. You see why my wife can never be calling him her favourite for fantasy seductive reasons he teaches on those demonized letters? She doesn’t yang. She’s too intelligent to be swayed by populist demonic rhetoric.

With all sense of humility, God one time in the #2014DOXCalendarYear, specifically told me that my name cannot be mention in the coven of witchcraft. They dread it. Yet, that doesn’t mean I should stop raising THE STANDARDS. I didn’t get to this level by happenstance or luck. It took pressure. I can work and you would be tired… because I can’t drop.

So, this David’s Psalm didn’t just come. It came several months ago. I said I’m studying law related course and that didn’t change. It has begun. Friends, again, don’t joke with your TIME.


God told me all these greatness happening to me in Isaiah Chapter 49 Verses 8-12: …

“This is what the LORD says: In the acceptable time of My favor I have heard YOU, and in the day of salvation I have helped you; I will preserve you and make you to be a covenant for the people, to restore the land and to reassign its desolate inheritances. That you may say to the captives in satan slaughtering abyss, ‘Come out,’ and to those in his dark darkness, ‘Be free!’ “They will feed beside the roads and find pasture on every barren Capitoline high place. They SHALL neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the heat or the sun beat upon them. He (My supernatural-humanist servant) that has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water. And I, God – The Almighty SHALL make all My Mountains into roads, and My highways SHALL be exalted above every satanic hill. See, they will come from afar—some from the north, some from the west, and some from the inhospitable governorate regions of the earth.”

God can’t open the two leaved gates for you when you don’t understand how to summon the powers of darkness into God’s stone of fire and crush them.

Beloved, I had already chewed this scripture before I entered into its practice. I keyed into it with my all. Seeing it manifest is no surprise. I am never surprised when God births His Word ENCOUNTERS. The joy is this: Nobody can claim glory over it. You don’t know how joyous I am. I would name one of my daughter JOY. No question about that.

Take this to the bank: There is no way you can ever fail under God’s divine direction.

Listen; faith is when Rhema comes from THE COVENANT you mined from The Bible and put a date on it. The day you do that is the day Heaven graduates your faith to TRUST.

To bank your lungs on the written logos that caught the FIRE of God whilst in His presence is FAITH. Rhema is beyond FAITH.

That’s the price tag!

Rhema is God’s voice. I have never seen a prophet that doesn’t have faith. And like we said, a Prophet’s Grace is what you call special grace or Spirit of Grace. And anybody in that ministry has his/her level of Faith. That’s what JEUS called the mustard feed faith – which is little faith. The next is great faith, while the last kind of faith is the Spirit of Faith from God’s Spirit of Grace.

It is written [of God in Apostle Paul]: …

“We having this SAME Spirit of Faith, according as IT IS WRITTEN, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak!” – 2 Corinthians 4:13

Watch this: Paul did not have to write anything but because he Word-practiced what was written in the Old Testament, it became his lot.

Until then, Paul was just a teacher –the best Jew and the best Pharisee of his generation who sat at the feet of Rabban Gamaliel in the Sanhedrin, (which is the supreme Jewish court). Acts 22: 3; Philippians 3:4–6; Galatians 1:13–14. And it showed. Take a look at this ability to interpret the Torah years after he was engraced by God’s Spirit of Grace. His background added flavor to his epistemology.

From book of Galatian down, specifically Chapter 1 verses 11-15, Paul wrote what the Jewish call the Responda. The responda is a response to an inquest from the people in the churches and ministries he had founded. In short, responda is a Q&A. Upon his departure from building the Greek churches in Galatia, certain envious cynics called the Judaizers had started destroying his reputation for fun. He cursed them (Chapter 1 verses 6-9) You mean Paul that says we should love our neigbhours could curse not one, not two , not three, but many Jupos?! He called them “false brothers” who came to spy on him and back-stab him with set bondage traps (in Chapter 2 verse 4). But why would these “echos” attack the Voice that blessed them? They wanted his spot. Why not end this desire for the spotlight so much they became an accursed. This was because Prophet Paul was the best apostle of Christ (as stated in 2 Corinthians 11:22–3; 1 Corinthians 15:9–10)—though he attributed his excellence to the God’s Spirit of Grace – God’s special grace.

Thank God – The Almighty for the works of cynics in your life. Were it not for these cynics reduced to a paragraph, there won’t be anything called the book of Galatians. I realized the following in my study: …

  1. It is in the book of Galatians we learnt about his purpose, about the administrative offering/financial support to the Jerusalem Council for the mission work to continue (in (Galatians 2:1–10). [This he learnt at the feet of Rabban Gamaliel].
  2. It was in the book of Galatians an account of JESUS appearing to supernatural-humanists on a mass scale, where he condemned that despite JESUS coming down in the spiritual realm to them, they still fell under bewitchment and doubted him in Galatians 3:1.
  3. It was in the book of Galatians Paul broke the fence of the law which inspired the protestant Martin Luther to destroy the idolatry and hero-worship creeping into the Catholic Church: The just (YOU) shall live by FAITH in God in Galatians 3:11.
  4. It was in the book of Galatians Paul retracted his attack on the Law (Moses’ 613 Mitzvahs + the 7 rabbinic laws, totaling 620 Mitzvahs), given by the good God as evil [as stated in Romans Chapter7]. Remember, the Jewish Mitzvahs are not the fences of the law. Upon realizing the demonic spell of absolutism (that his the authoritarian NEVER the good authoritative desire) to see any hindrance to the Gentile integration into the Commonwealth of Israel leading him to become an heretic, he quickly stopped by saying in Galatians 5:14: “For ALL the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Had he not said so, The Ecclesia would never prepare herself to for JESUS’ second coming by doing God’s “DOX: Inclusive Dominion”; God’s will. We could have disenfranchised the entire world. And satan would laugh!
  5. It was in the book of Galatians we learnt about the fruits of DOX: Inclusive Dominion on earth that the battle from the root of our ancestry is causing us to be useless and divisive to a world that needs succor. Galatians 5:19-23

This aforesaid only reinforced Paul’s teachability (i.e., his meekness) making him the best as stated above among his pair in Gamaliel’s School of taught in the middle class Pharisaic Jewish sect and also loved by the Hellenist Jews (that is, Greek-Jewish political elite called the Sadducees). But when God’s Spirit of Grace assigned to him from before His mother’s womb (in AD 8) ENTERED him in his THREE YEARS death knell adventure in Syria and Arabian Peninsula [not the House of Āl Saʿūd and Wahābī’s 1929 Saudi Arabia], God’s Spirit of Faith came upon him. There was nobody to impart it on him. He paid the price in an “Aleppo Crossfire”. That encounter alone, made Paul “the authoritative” apostle to the Gentiles, chosen for the task from his mother’s womb (Galatians 1:15–16; 2:7–8).

Spirit of Grace is paying God’s price in the “Aleppo Crossfire” of your life!

It was in that THREE YEARS seclusion Paul saw the all the Bible characters in the book of Hebrew which gave him that SAME Spirit of Faith in CONQUEST.

Listen; The Syrian and Arabian Peninsula was a violent satanic territory for Paul. It was there he wrote the book of Hebrew to the third Jewish sect – “The Essenes” The Essenes who knew about territorial powers bought into Paul’s book of Hebrew because they saw a physical demonstration of Paul CONQUEST delivering them from the demonic violence already felt in that territory. What was it? The Essenes folks knew that the Syrian and Arabian Peninsula was/is where demons and Angels converge. Historically, accounts shown in the Dead Sea Scroll of the Essenes reveals moments where demons and Angels warred. Their war affected the politics and economy of those idol-worshiping-political leaders then, and still affecting those living in that MENA region. MENA means Middles Eats and North Africa,

That was why it was logical for Islam’s Mohammed to say Angel Gabriel empowered him. The territory was too polytheistic like India and fertile for doctrines of supernatural reality. Satan was/is always having a feast in that dry/desert region, and it’s evident. It’s not the scotching sun, but the fallen angels in that region; controlling the soul of humanity.

It is written: …

“When an unclean spirit/the demons is gone out of a man/a woman, the demon walks through the dry places/deserts seeking rest; and when he finds none he says, “I will return into my house (the human host) where I came out from. And when he comes finding it not occupied by the Word of God and prayers, goes in and takes along with him seven other wicked demons stronger than himself to dwell in the man’s soul. And the state of that man is worse than he was in the first instance.” – Luke 11:24-26

Never forget this: Every bombing, every violence, very human right abuse is the fault of divisive Christian preachers who are comfortable in their country and influencing their government’s foreign policy to go into senseless wars.

We still have a lot to do to help humanity from the violence of satan, rather than being divisive. Until MENA region become like the Garden of Eden, we are not Christians.

The Spirit of Grace is the embodied weapon in God’s servants that conquers hell; the Spirit of Faith is the transfer of God’s kind of faith from His servants.

You can’t understand this without celebrating THE THREE YEARS work of Paul. It was in this same Aleppo crossfire and the Arabian Peninsula Paul made humans (without violence) worship their fellow humans – Jesus of Nazareth, and they didn’t argue with him. Did you just get what I said? I said it was in this region Paul beta-tested his Spirit of Grace gospel to the Gentiles (us) and humans in that region. Not one mob killing as a convincing tool.

Listen; until Paul, humans have been worshiping idols in the MENA region. It was Paul that changed the landscape. The followers of JESUS had been struggling in Jerusalem to bring JESUS out of the cult personality the two key Jewish had placed him. Each time the earlier Apostle preach about His messianic worship, people either derogatively called them the “Nazarene” or kill them. But when Paul (not any other Apostle) stepped on stage, humanity world over started worshiping JESUS as God! Not one death sentence if you didn’t. The most amusing this is that Paul went convincing humans down to Rome and down to your country yet our ancestors’ intellectual brains didn’t argue with him. The proof was in the pudding. All done by his supernatural acts then later supported by his epistles. That’s what is called Spirit of Grace.

Friends, stop fighting for JESUS with some military might. With or without you, JESUS’ plan for the earth would come to pass. If He can defeat death at the cross what is tiny satan/” god-of-reason”/god-of-nature/et al and his kingdoms he can’t defeat? Beloved, stop chasing fame, stop chasing fame… stop chasing relevance… stop chasing relevance!!! Life is too sweet to be a customer to satan’s seductive fame and foolishness. Stop saying irrelevant controversial things to remain relevant. How come the Obama you called an anti-Christ listens to This Mountain? Answer: Build grit in obscurity. Your problem is that most folks hatched too soon without building grit. And instead of going back to get the ANCIENT LANDMARK of the Faith of your Fathers, you kept on coasting afraid of people leaving you. You just love so much. That’s what is doing you.

Governments don’t joke with what we say here. We came from the crucible of fire and have never stopped increasing. Look at what God is doing bringing prophesied world leaders my way to train them….

I’ve mentioned Hagin down to Paul, and I want to believe you should change your self-destructive stance by now.

Spirit of Grace taught Paul all he knew. God had already been teaching me this and many more before Paul appeared before me telling me he has come to super-impose his record on mine. I wasn’t surprised. Why? I was/is doing God’s work without care about anything from any man. If God would ride me till I die, let him do it. That’s me. But thanks be to God: The labourer is worthy of his hire.

Beloved, it was the MENA territory of satanic worship that created Islamism NOT the other way round. Therefore Muslims are NEVER your enemies. Stop harassing them… They didn’t ask to be born in that region. Same spiritual territorial conquest Paul had to transfer his “Spirit of Faith” in that territory is the same Mohammad had an argument to convince people in that territory about Islam. So, stop seeing Muslims as evil because they come from MENA and other Islamic regions. For instance, it would be ungratefulness to see my countrymen as terrorists because some of them are Muslims. Be grateful. I was born in that country for a purpose though I’m all Western in my philosophy.

That is why any politician labeling the people in the MENA region as dangerous isn’t wise. Would you say that of India and her 33 million gods? I repeat: Muslims are not dangerous; it is the spirit that warred with their Islamic foundation (i.e., ancestry) that is dangerous. You would think they are wicked, but they aren’t. They want to do good; and wanting to do good only to have your ancestry attack you is a bad romance. And if you enter into ministry without your ancestors/lineage dealing with it, before you know it, God cuts off your no-fruit of INCLUSIVE DOMINION (i.e., DOX – Matthew 6:33) bearing Tree that brings people together.

Handle that and see if they would still remain your enemy. How do you handle it? Ask Apostle Paul.

Prayer is the master key! Prayer is territorial conquest. Can we pray? This does not mean that as a country you go out to negotiate with terrorists to prove you can deliver. You only made matters worse giving them what to bargain with, thus setting a terrible precedent for future conflict resolution. You don’t do that; you peacefully convince them. And we all know that an idea of utopian resolution is a dystopian fantasy.

Healing Muslim’s Violent Ancestral Bondage

In the selection towards the best Hadith (i.e., the sayings of the Muhammad) by his later followers because he died early and wasn’t as educated as the earlier Paul, same way Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t, his top aides were said to have fought three female territorial demons in the Arabian Peninsula and cut off their heads, physically. [This is where Al Zarqawi’s ISIS throat slitting Jihadist-philosophy came from]. In revenge, the demons vengeful spewed the toxin of hate into Muslims causing them to be more violent forever. And when Mohammad died the first Caliph that took after him – that is, Mohammad’s father-in-law, Abū Bak gave Islam a military flavor by creating the “office of the Caliphate” after the Roman Byzantine Empire so as to expand it. This is where ISIS’ current leader got his name and caliphate ideas from: “Abū Bak Al Baghdadi”. Do you now see why ISIS/ISL are interested in creating the an “Islamic State” after that ideology and mock mainstream Islam as well as the Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis version? Until you change the minds of the followers to see a spiritual dominion of satan in the MENA no matter their physical rule, terrorist would keep recruiting themselves into ISIL. In fact, the reason why they are going there is because they’ve been promised a better world away from your corrupt government’s policies to steal from them. These groups are the cause of terrorism, violence and uncertainty in nations. And I won’t be deluded to ask why they can’t be humanistic or compassionate. At ISIL, these kids believe they would finally enjoy the good life. Have you seen a bigger picture on why I dislike greed by “special interest groups”?

I know satan’s game in nation, His dominion is coming to an end!

Victimized by the Roman rule, this new monotheistic religious group in the Arabian Peninsula violently went on “evangelistic rampage” to either cut off the throats of infidels (Christian and Jews) or convert them if they willing follow Islam. This victim mentality was what those female demons latched on to make Islam very violent. This was the spewed revenge from hell. With its many jihads (holy war) to create a Caliphate/Arab Muslim Empire which extended from Spain across Central Asia to India by the hands of the four caliphs (Abū Bakr, ʿUmar, ʿUthmān and ʿAlī), these demons change history in that region by creating schism to dividing Islam into two main factions: the Sunni and the Shiites Muslims.

There is a saying in my place: When the Elephants fights, it’s the grass that suffers. The people suffering from these many centuries of religious wars between Christianity and Islam (from many violent rage down to Iraq, Syria, Yemen and many more places still coming) are the Christians and Muslims respectively. Was it a mistake they chose this two monotheistic “opium of the masses”?

This is a case of territorial rage of satan in places initiating ancestral reign and controlling the generations born from that region or belief system. Same goes for every region of the earth including America [and we get to know why with these two Presidential candidates as read on].

I challenge Christian politicians that as FIRST DOMINION saints to take the road less travelled and initiate peace. How? Stop fighting them and denying them entry into your countries. What destroyed Rome was terror from within not without. Your country’s apostate policy is nuclear weapon to destroy you. I smile… Outsiders won’t “reduce” you. Far be it. You are already reduced by your Jupitarian demonic governance.

Note to Christian clergy: Your fear of Muslims because of Jihad has got to stop.

A caveat for Islamic clerics: Jihad is not a doctrine. Jihad was a phase much like the Roman Empire rule under Constantinople and other Christian religiously influenced Empire reign was a phase. Therefore, eat the humble pie and get over these evil wars for peace sake! Yes – your egos would be affected but radicalizing the naïve minds only makes you a free servant of satan. The world is changing, so change.

It’s everywhere; I once knew of a messenger of satan online – a wolf in sheep’s clothing in the Christendom who radicalizes our youths and their parents; even Jupo ministers who see his confirmation bias as proof that Heaven recognizes them. (Smiles…). Well, his time journey to evil’s highest title is coming to an end….

Conflict resolution is in win! Who is ready for peace?

I don’t know how the head of demons can be physically cut off, but what I do know is this: demons in territories can be crushed by the BLOOD of JESUS. And that mystery [aside other mysteries], Paul mastered. And that’s were Paul got his Spirit of Faith in trials and pressure. This was why when he got to Jerusalem, spending 15-days with Apostle Peter and one of JESUS’ five blood brothers – Apostle James; they forgot Paul was once a murderer/a gang-leader. They saluted him – he was another man. [Chew: Galatian Chapter 1 verses 6-24].

Therefore, any Christian prophet who hasn’t defeated Hell’s dominion (not Lake of Fire dominion) in territories isn’t a Christian prophet. This is why the Spirit of Faith is not hero worship; Spirit of Faith is incontestable. Don’t let any distorter let you misquote me: “The Spirit of Faith is honour for the ‘Voice of God’ in His chosen vessels assigned to you per time.” Satan respects God’s Spirit of Faith in territories (even the American demon-controlled Deist’s Jupitarian “god-of-reason”), how much more mortal man. Spirit of Faith has proof.

Any prophet laboring for you without strings attached is your prophet. Do you care to look at Tinubu and those who obeyed and did what God’s Voice told them? It’s your turn for proof; it’s your turn to re-imagine history INTO greatness. Say: “Amen!”

My heart is very clear about Muslims. We’ve explained that in Part C and Tinubu’s relationship with God’s global franchise. Therefore, follow my lead. This is because we must stop this hate and suspicion on Muslims before JESUS comes back. Of course, the demons in their ancestry would make them violently divisive but their deliverance is always in God’s hand. If God can tolerate ministers with Islamic foundation despite the demons of sudden violent divisiveness in them, why can’t we tolerate the MENA region? If they can’t control it, what makes you think your bombs can control Muslims? Little wonder Iran enriched itself with nuclear weapon. It’s a tit-for-tat; a game at which two can play.

[Deliverance for Muslim’s Violent Ancestral Bondage would be done in CRUSHING TERRORISM].

Ditto, “the Bush-men” war-mongering politicians as well as the greedy progressives are meant to be wise, but when a Pastor encourages Governments to go into warfare because they feel MENA region is of the devil, ask them: “Did you pray about this decision? And if you did, what did God say?” Every part of the earth is God’s property. Twisting the Bible for political gains or from fear of terror isn’t the Bible. Go spiritual. We’ve got over 33-million of demons that are worshipped in India. Are you ready? There’s so much at stake… we’ve got much at stake for the world. You can’t afford not to forgive. And you don’t forgive because God would recompense you for harms done to you. That’s a demonic Machiavellian doctrine. Only a Jupo can come up with this demonic concept. We clarify what forgiveness is and what forgiveness is not after right here in: THE HUMANITAS OF FORGIVENESS: A CASE FOR THREE.

Spirit of Faith in God’s engraced Prophets!

For instance, if I say, “Take a copy of my signature and touch any dead thing in your life, even a dead person, hear me: They shall – not would – rise up!” Did you get that? Hear me: I heard God say it in a vigil, and quickly an Invisible Hand holding a belt lifted my people on the spot as they practiced it. Today, they are high fliers. It’s your choice: The SAME Spirit of Faith I saw in Moses, Elijah, David, Solomon, JESUS, Apostle Paul and Apostle Babalola.

Therefore, sign over that deadness [sic]!

[P.S. Endeavor to send your testimonies to DAVIDOMOAREGBA@GMAIL.COM. Our UK correspondent would let us know. Don’t let satan take your progress gotten thus far from you. Ask those enjoying proof in The Ecclesia. Thank you.].

Friends, anything God says to you in His Word would come to pass. Don’t you ever forget this; never, as you walk this earth forget this thing I’m telling you. Don’t please.

You see, alcoholic wine is both a mocker and a destroyer (Proverbs Chapter verses 1). This was what the “created-to-mock” Jupos/Dathans must have been drinking to divert God’s Mountain from helping them when Moses had the time. Why did Obama and Tinubu in their “strange altar imaginations” see this and their religious minds didn’t mock it?

Ace-The-Case: Helping the Alcoholic Ragnar

There is this particular foreign French-speaking nation our mission work is going to and where one of my disciples comes from.

One time, a church service was going on there when God opened the eyes of the Catholic Bishop to see an “evil stranger” putting in a donation in the offering/donation basket. Perhaps he wanted to give to God’s work… No – this was not the case. He had other plans. Right there, the priest announced: “God just opened my eyes to see that there’s an evil person here to test God’s power with strange money. Please, don’t put the charmed-donation into the offering. Please.”

Warning to ministers: If satan knows that money is your weakness, he would use money to seduce you and ultimately destroy you. Be wary of the leaven of the radical humanitarians. Avoid freed.

With donations collated and then presented for prayers, the Catholic priest blessed it. Church service was going according to order when suddenly a man started rolling on floor to much hubbub in the church, shouting, “Fire is burning me oh! Fire is burning me oh!! Fire is burning me oh!!! Fire is burning me oh!!!”

It was a scene for the helpless Congregants. But the pastor knew what to do: He called for an usher to bring an ordinary water to be prayed on. The water was blessed then sprinkled on the man. Without being told, the fellow began confessing that he was the exact person the Pastor spoke about in that word-of-knowledge. He gave his rationale, which was that he came to test the power of the pastor as the leader of the witchcraft power in that community. Why him not one of his lieutenants? Well, they’ve all tried but failed. [And that’s what failure look like]. He said he came to teach the Priest a lesson because ever since he came and started praying all his members were coming late to their midnight meeting. Well, the teacher became the student. To God’s glory, the man had a new birth experience in Christ. What about The Priest? Unfortunately however, life’s twist and turns often takes a different shape if you allow external cares and worry take you out of the game: He pitifully lost his power and church to the spirit of alcohol. Yep.

When prognosis was done, it was discovered that the spirit of his ancestry had followed him into ministry. This was a man that even the mysteries God gave him in ministry then written down in a parchment/book. And when a protégé stole it to make copies from it, the places he protégé took this book either Xeroxed/photocopied a blank page or had the city’s electricity shut down. Each attempt to make those copies where mysterious indeed, and indeed the Catholic charismatic priest was a powerful man. He would be holding alcohol whilst counseling you yet warning you not to try it. No matter his activity, that alcohol would not fall from his hand. This was not hypocrisy; he didn’t hide it. This was the ancestral demons of alcohol in his lineage creating room for demonic content (alcohol) to batter his conscience and destroy him off his community’s radar.

Friends, the diabolic books you read to mind-control your organizations are first a mocker then a destroyer. Ask JESUS in Matthew Chapter 24 verses 48-51

Here this: Any content (ingested or subconsciously philosophized) that controls your conscience/mentality is the seductive “demon of alcohol”. The demon of alcohol’s goal is to make you unaware of your every endeavor till you become justified to take the “mantle of Judas”. Be very careful, I’m telling you. Be careful. This waste is not worth it. You – only you can overturn this vicious cycle. You have the power to say: “Satan, leave me alone and let me go to God, my Father!”

If you don’t do it, you will realize that satan knows how to feed the Jupos with strong poisons till their Helpers are diverted. Don’t be one. Then, it would be too late. Same way their Machiavellian books made them spiritually blind is the same way their overshadowed by God’s humanist awakened them to either sit up or let their secret stealing habit drown them. Instead, they chose the latter, triggering the beginning of their end.

I look at the Bush dynasty and wonder if they know that greed would destroy them.

Look at me: I didn’t collect a dime whilst online because I know a better world awaits us. God told me not to and I didn’t. I doubt any radical-humanitarian soul that can do it. It was a frustrating and trying time for my loved ones. Nobody in my family had gone into ministry. I couldn’t convince them. The person that did the convincing was God. He just kept appearing to them – especially my Mum. My risky God-led trips and obedience gave her midnight tears and almost HbP .  In fact, I had to stop seeing my parent for a while because I saw her tears and complain about their being old each time I came around. All this was going on whilst online from that #2014DivineCalendarYear onward. You never could have known this had there been no need to get you into PAYING the price to a great destiny. I was getting sticks with ministries and nations I was blessing as well as from my loved ones simultaneously. I fought for peace. The worst part was they kept asking the same question: “What sought of ministry am I doing not collecting a dime – stating God said I shouldn’t solicit for such.”

Friends, logically, it doesn’t make sense, humanitarianly. Where was: “… the LORD gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater?” (Isaiah Chapter 55 verse 10). No human prone to boast about their “success” and “progress” can survive it. How I survived was by that SPECIAL Spirit of Grace. I look back and wonder did I just do ministry without end in mind? (Smiles…). When you have God’s Spirit of Adoption, disobeying God your Father becomes impossible. No end in mind… no Church membership integration and discipleship in mind. I was doing it for the world for almost three years (since 2013) yet some “Machiavellian-drunken Jupos” believed and taught passionately that I was selfish. (Smiles…). I gave my all and the people that suffered it were my loving family. They weren’t happy that an upward mainstream projection was cut off by some vision and voices I said God told me. I knew this was satan! He threw his best weapons to discourage me but no. I deflected them. My heart felt like tearing… No one to encourage me because I needed none! I couldn’t blame God because I was/is enjoying him. Today, my heart can take anything. Thank God for persecution. So, when God says He has packaged His vengeance for these Jupos and my forgiveness was a prerequisite to complete His judgment, I quickly gave it. Mark this: The worsening emotional disorder of “a boy” traitor-Jupos would beg for clemency and God would close His eyes on them.

Hear me beloved; your forgiveness is a small price to pay, give it. You will be backstabbed as you bless, time and again. Don’t stop blessing. However, follow God’s direction. If you listen to cynics’ humanitarian demand for your input at an inopportune time God didn’t mandate, you would go into waste. And guess what… they would be the first to spit on your grave and use you as an example to justify their Machiavellian drunken doctrines of satan. Ignore them, I say; they are neither here or there. One day its “hosanna,” the next day is “crucify him.” Rather, I charge you to walk in the foot-step of your master – King JESUS, and then wait as God deals with the Judas/Brutuses one-by-one. When they are mentioning selfishness, you laugh because you know they can’t stand without praise for a second much more for almost THREE YEARS [Paul and I had gone through]. This is why they lack the majesty of God’s power for almost three decades and counting. Should I give these Dathans a well-deserved curse same way Apostle Paul did? You find my response below in THE HUMANITAS.

Friends, be patient: The heavier the persecution the weightier the GLORY. I can’t give you money, but I can give you my humanity. I went through this and didn’t drown nor got burnt. God was/is with all the way.

Yes, women are extra-ordinarily persuasive. That’s why you must have and solidify your vision before you marry. And know that if its frontier ministry, you’ve got a lot of solidification to do. Thereafter, as love birds, you both must have an agreement that there is no turning back in serving this God. Thank God for my wife. Thank God! She’s a gift God Himself gave me. Indeed we are the FIRST DOMINION couple. As a wife, she deserves the best joy in the world. This is because her husband paid an immense price to keep THE COVENANT of a needed global franchise that had been elusive for millennia alive. Definitely, satan isn’t happy.  I’ve suffered all the suffering she would ever go through: She would never suffer! She would never die before her time! Not perfect, she’s my “Proverb 31” position on how God’s kind of wife and mother should be. She can’t wait to meet you. (Smiles…) You’ve often heard me say the number of children God Himself told me I would have. I was saying this ever before knowing my wife. I didn’t meet her because marriage is all about children. You know better that marriage is all about love. God planned you and your spouse down in Heaven ever before you came to this earth; even to the influence of your dynasty. Think on this, no.t the negative idea that one marries because of children. You are smarter than this concept

I DECREE: You shall not raise a dynasty for trouble in the name of JESUS!

Stay the course; stay steady. Stay away from drunken demonic contents.

Paul was speaking in the prophetic about the eschatology God showed him in 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1 verses 3-10: …

“We are bound to thank God for you always, brethren, as it is meet, because that your faith GROWTH EXCEEDINGLY and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing. Therefore, among God’s churches we go, we boast about your patience and faith gotten in all the PERSECUTIONS and trials you are enduring. All this is evidence that God’s judgment is right, and as a result you will be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are suffering. God is a just God: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled and to us as well. This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from Heaven in blazing fire with His powerful angels. He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the Gospel of our Lord JESUS. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of His power on the day He comes to be glorified in His holy people and to be marveled at among all those who have believed. This includes YOU, because you believed our testimony to you.”

And in 2 Timothy Chapter 3 verses 12-13, he continued;

“… Yes, and all that will live godly in Christ SHALL suffer persecution. But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Beloved, without persecution/pressure, the seed of your Faith won’t grow.

Therefore, you won’t have it easy. Having it easy in the walk of faith is not the grace gospel. This doesn’t translate to God using sickness to teach you faith. God, your Father, is not wicked. Your not taking your inheritance is what brought about sickness and misfortune. That’s humanitarianism. It means that witchcraft powers are dominating you already. Have you ever wondered why Americans have cancers? Is it the doctrine of devils in humanitarianism instead of the doctrine that makes God’s humanist conquering hell?

Your faith grows in the crucible of God’s fire and stormy Red Sea. Embrace it. God won’t make you go through it if He knows you won’t survive it.

Ace-the-Case: The Vendetta

There is a saying in one local language in my country and I translate: …

You are complaining that the load on a person with knot knee is bent, then you struggle so hard positioning the load aright. Don’t do that, rather, focus on the resolving the root of the problem: his knot-knee, then the problem would go.

The time is ripe for God to take back His earth!

God told me one time that the backstabbing Jupos/Dathans are vanity before Him. I was shocked. Revealing, I saw that some of them are bound for Hell. It was one of the most direct talk God had with me. Their time of clemency is gone. Judgment shall start FIRST in The Church. If America must reduce, The Church must be judged FIRST. On reasoning why such ruling, I realized that God gave these folks that should know better several chances, but they chose to sweep it away. You would notice that instead of repenting completely, they would keep doing the same evil. I saw this whilst online: Where they repent today, they do evil the next day. Isn’t it logical for someone to get over his folly and build on the repentant fallow ground he broke? But no – when satan want to take someone to Hell, he does it well. This is the mystery of a “cursed Jupo” and “echos” God placed a spell on.

The “fraternal order Party” form of selecting national leaders is under a curse. The rotten collapse of their nation started from the top; they themselves.

  • You are under a curse when religion becomes a cloak to appeal to the right-wing neighborhood you grew up from lest they see you as a backsliding left-wing liberal, whilst you steal in the background.
  • You are under a curse when you fund Christian mission work with stolen fund
  • You are under a curse when you should repent, God’s curse keeps making you stubborn and divisive to The Ecclesia
  • You are under a curse when instead of spreading Biblical supernatural-humanist ideals, all your motive streaks of someone with a vendetta to Hell
  • You are under a curse when God wants to make you a scapegoat

It’s a brand new day!

Friends, God told me the exact date to take this writing and do a social media version. I was too hungry to do it to save humanity, but God delayed it till now to finish His plan to make a scapegoat out of the Jupos. Do you wish to repeal the curse God placed on your cynics? Be His supernatural-humanist.

If you lay a foundation of stealing down for your dynasty and one of your seed wants to go into ministry, s/he would have difficulty in ministry. They would have assassins killing the heirs and have people hating them long after you are gone. What has assassins and Pastors got to do together? You are selfish to think your stealing is what only you can bear by your extended networks/cabal. What about your kids after you? Don’t you have children? Would you come from the grave like that Lazarus’ rich-stealing-master (elite) to save them? Stop this.

If Cheney can get it right with God I know most Fraternal Order Republicans would do also.

Listen; America is KEY to the governance of the earth if they would just for once mend their ways. The big however/but is that their egalitarianism is eroding away. When did America start trading blame with Russia about them hacking their servers…? This is not peace through strength – it is weakness.

The world’s liberty not liberalism is simply out of this nation’s hands.

Why on earth would Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, Catholics, and all the “ists” see themselves as endangered species because of satanic encroachment in their community and government houses? Yes – SCOTUS has made a witch out your defiance, but you investment in military might to fight this spiritual outside is your problem. Course correct by thwarting evil policies in the spirit realm, not throwing petty fights and calling someone anti-Christ. When you have spiritual strength, demon-possessed politicians know! They listen to your policy recommendations and push some. This is because you conquered the might of their master – satan, the devil. Do this and your fellow countrymen won’t see you as a bigot and misogynist. Imagine; all the sins of the nations are suddenly packed on the Republican Party. A sad fairytale ending!


Shout this: …

  • Curse of self-destruction in my blood, I refuse to go to Hell, I break myself loose by the BLOOD of JESUS!
  • Curse of family destruction and strife, my family is not your candidate, BREAK!!!! In the name of JESUS!
  • Curse of vagabond spirit, MY DESTINY REJECTS YOU, I tear you by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!

Behind every copy-and-paste foreign policy are Cheney-like Halliburton favouritism and damaging wrongdoings the world is simply tired of. The William J. Clinton Foundation has got to stop this demonic direction. [More on this as you read on in THE FOUNDATION]. The U.S. needs go back to the drawing board. That was what Obama should have done, but he didn’t. Had he known this God we’ve been teaching I sure knows he would do better. By the way: Well-done on implementing that Cuba integration This Mountain taught in the #2014DOXCalendarYear. The Castros dynasty and their people were really getting tired. No human deserves such isolation. That nuclear-trigger happy kid in P’yŏngyang if ready to drop that “messianic façade” over his people also needs inclusivity. Forget what some bitter minds are saying. One man’s prejudice, without God’s direction is no foreign policy proposition. It was about time Cuba gets a Reagan-like “peace through strength” carrot. That’s a god-like direction. And Mr. President Obama, that’s your only legacy. Others were zero. If you had it in mind to revive the economy, you would have cut tax and stop making the government bigger. Government as an entity is already the biggest industry in the world: Too expensive and waste-prone. There is a reason why I wasn’t around. No regrets on not resigning years earlier from the bank when God said so. 2014 was the target. That’s what we call divine acceleration this Mountain lived out then taught last year. Remember?

When the bitter traitor “Kim Philby(s)” in my country weren’t happy I love America, I simply laughed [and still laughing]. They expressed their bitterness and I understood, but it’s too late. (Smiles). Not only are these bitter folks ignorant of their benefactor’s help (which is the United States of America) though she’d had to influence unrest in fledgling Superpowers so as to maintain her superiority, these folks are the perfect example of “hungry-men”. If you are short-term, you would find yourself fighting against the fear of hunger with whatever divisive and murderous means. This envy of theirs has made them so naïve to God’s plan for their country – my country that He doesn’t consult them on policy issues. Spiritual blindness is destructive. Is it hard to see that God wants humanity back? You’ve got to know that God loves humanity. That fact alone that God’s will is far important should in normal sense supersedes their “asinine progressive ambitions”, but no – it must be them shinning above JESUS or nothing. These folks don’t know anything and its best you don’t bother about them. I can’t remember the last I knew and pity their rebelliousness. Almost 3 years of appealing to their sensibility was enough. Their integration into The Ecclesia becoming something bigger as prophesied down in the book of Revelation as one indivisible unit of peace producers is not my task. My beloved Apostle Paul couldn’t save Alexandria and I can’t either a Jupo. That people are dying to error and God has a solution doesn’t move them. It’s the spotlight or nothing. Great men don’t chase the spotlight; they chase crushing problems.

Black, white, whatever colour and race, God loves this earth. He is OUR Father. Well, eventually, if you have hate in you, you would become outdated. I know their end and don’t listen to them. Besides, when you are skilled on global issues and the “puniness” of Church fiefs, you don’t remain in the cycle of religious lies.

  • This is why any politician can play on their intelligence to get votes.
  • This is why these politicians don’t listen to them on policy directions.
  • This is why God doesn’t talk to them on the “what next”. You don’t ask God “what next”; He shows you “what next” when your heart is contrite like His.
  • This is why God brought the future President of a nation my ministry’s way to disciple and guide him ahead of time.
  • This is why you must transcend all those child’s play. You must be inclusive in thoughts and directions.

The real authentic gospel shall silence the “progressivism and materialism” boast of the Jupos with folly on their laps.

Smiling…, I remember receiving sticks because I dared to go beyond simple teaching of the gospel to lacing God’s prophetic gifting upon mainstream ideals – which is satan’s forte. The breakthrough was/is a miracle: God didn’t disappoint! I also remember a key cynic leaving the stage didn’t still ward off the “goatish Jupos” and a certain Impenitent heretic [I still want to give a “little motivation” and deliver from his secret society oath with satan]. Let’s all save him… If you are close to him, know what to do and don’t save him, God would demand his blood from your hand.

These cynics wouldn’t have those American motivational texts and characters to read had America refused securing the transatlantic and pacific seas. They would go hungry! Must envy becloud saner judgment a kid knows to be vindictive?

Beloved, envy can make one irrelevant. Don’t miss out of love else you miss out on the “best things”. Love is power and power is praying; love is praying down the blessedness of a person or group. Same way you pray for your spouse daily – even though you’ve not met her [again] but God had shown you – is the same way you pray for a country. You keep praying for her till she enters her destiny. Tell me, if when you get married she won’t obey God’s direction for your dynasty without coercion.

Listen; I pray for every nation on the surface of this earth, including Haiti! [Tongue…] When those minds were chasing food for the belly in their country, we were then in obscurity praying for the blessedness of humanity. You don’t blame people for your lack of foresight. That’s a grave error. You build foundations, not wood-planks, before erecting Skyscrapers. Prayer is power – prayer is the enforcement of spiritual LIGHT over darkness! And this is why our ship has sailed, and has no room for these stubborn, traitor “Kim Philbys”. Humanity is too dignified to waste T.I.M.E (Time Information Money and Energy) on focus-less and profitless endeavors. We are raising national leaders, world over without breaking a sweat! This love… (Smiles), God saw and entrusted us with their destinies. C’mon… [Tongues…] in our little timeline?! You need open my heart to see what God sees. Seek God and become His Supernatural-humanist right here on earth, I say. Seek Him.

I’m not a fan of anybody that steals and deem it fit not to repent. I’m not a fan – not today, not tomorrow. Worse off, a traitor “Kim Philby-pastor” who steals for fun! It’s not in your place to steal it if it’s not yours. It’s that simple. You are supposed to know better. A new convert knows this why not a pastor? Again, remember the name – JUPO: God is your source, not stealing.

A Case for Trump: Saving The Outsider.

I’ve never gotten it wrong on what my protégés should learn to say lest they become like Trump or do lest they become like Hillary.

That makes me muse deeply about a certain American political dynasty– The Clintons. I love them but would they finally have the grit to refuse becoming “rogue actors” to special interest groups? Hillary has refused her match to her real identity. It was as if I wanted her to win. Don’t mistake it. Her winning the election is not my objective. Neither is Trump’s winning. If I knew who would win, I won’t be writing this epistle if I knew who would win. The uncertainty is simply set to open the minds of these candidates, their support base and the watching world to GET God back again! And that’s why I say that that the reason the world been watching this family self-destruct itself for 30+ years in politics; always at the edge of breakthrough is because many don’t know how to help them. The majority are clueless while the rest 1% world over are profiting from their downward fast trip to Hell. Nobody is helping them but stoking their failure. You think I would stay silent when I see evil. My DNA is not configured to tolerate hypocrisy. I don’t tolerate satanic reign. You think I would love you allow satan use you? Even my presence around you would make your dagon-god fall. God’s glory in me would destroy your darkened witchcraft businesses and enterprise. You won’t be wondering what’s happening. You would be seeing me in your dream telling you why your charm is your downfall. Be careful. A supernatural-humanist is not being that can be corrupted. I’m LIGHT in darkness. I crush because I’m God’s REPRESENTATION on earth. I didn’t return form death to joke with hell. I’m hell’s nightmare. I’m satan’s worst fear! So Mr./Mrs. politician, stay away from me if satan is your master and god. I labored in giving you God’s correction- at a set time He permitted- yet you refuse to obey? (Smiles). The vessel is different from the content; the messenger is different from the Message. That my words were laced in modern lexicon doesn’t warrant you disobeying God’s hope for you on earth – not Hell. Hear me: Some of us Prophets are emissaries of Heaven with divine instructions on the global stage. Therefore, Challenge your greed to OBEY God for once. Choose toady: Hell or Heaven. Tell these cronies to let you go! They are too tiny for God. Hell does not have return tickets for you and your political dynasty!

Never forget this: I don’t care who you are what you know, if God-The Almighty punish you on earth, He won’t perish in Hell if you learn the lessons from His reprimanding. Who God loves, God punishes/chastise. And to still be unrepentant despite His chastisement/punishment has no other name we can’t call these JUPOs.


Same way I upbraideth Trump in “Part A” down to “B” is the same way I would upbraid Hillary in this last part – Part 3. Unfair game when polled – 2:1, but I believe that men, as the head, deserve more reprimanding. Now is Hillary’s turn. I hope she learns and see that rescuing her nation’s decline from her Superpower status is far more important that that “dark web”.

I also hope this election teaches men what the cost of treating women badly means; a lesson to the Bill Clintons and Donald Trumps.

And you all know how I raved about Hillary Clinton all these while. I felt she was the victim. Women are not meant to be victims no matter what. This demon-controlled Boko-Haram should know this.

Hillary was stainless before me. It was later when I started reading other facts about her did I realize that I got two-timed by her autobiography, just like how several politicians deceive the Proletariats. Yet, I didn’t bother. This is because in politics, your image is your number one asset: manage it well or you go out of the game. She didn’t manage her mistakes well. Besides, there are territorial powers over the Capitoline U.S. affecting her behaviour then and now. So, I knew better not to leave her behind suffering. It was when she did the most terrible thing I backtracked: She started acting like a saint and slamming her opponent’s misdeeds with dirty campaign and rhetoric [as started in the first debates] despite the warning I gave her in Part B of this epistle. We said it in specifically in Part B: “Don’t open your opponent’s can of worms,” but her speech writers and campaign lead suddenly changed the tone of your one-time obedient approach. Her opponent did obey but she didn’t. Women aren’t stubborn but why is her case like that. Simple: When speech writers can determine your hate speech, we certainly have issues with negative group who would control her decisions government. This is a pointer that Hillary has not gotten back her before-Genesis IDENTITY. Imagine for a second, negative groups controlling my decisions were I the President of my country [which is never going to happen because that is not my destiny]. (Smiles). It’s just impossible deceiving me. I have conviction and it’s very clear. You can’t afford to marry and set goals without FIRST having conviction of God’s mandate over your life. That is why the traitor “Kim Philbys” can’t in their wildest imagination influence This Mountain. Did Dathan and Abiram influence Moses? Questions that should not be considered are not needed around you. We are talking about ministers in hastes going to hell and one that came from Heaven to return back home.

If you dig shit, you would eat shit. Stop fault-finding.

Trump who was expected to attack her didn’t for once bring her past before her in the first debate yet Americans glorified her attack as victory. I simly don’t understand. When did America’s value go down into the pit of decadence such that the Proletariat were too bored to differentiate between fantasy and reality?

Trump is therefore the victim here. If you can forget Hillary’s past (not her executive decisions), why can’t you forgive Trump. The concept that a human being is irredeemable is still shocking to me. II can’t still get how this phrase came up. How is possible for a human to think this in her mind and declare it that a fellow human is irredeemable. Oh… come on. This is the statement of the decade. It’s a one liner I would frame and think through to remind me that the culture of this generation has reached the crescendo height of destroying humans.

This is no more politics.

And as you all know, Trump is not a politician and is living an open real-time biography. His life is visible: his mistakes as well as his some of his sound judgments (like raising those lovely kids) are out there for us to see. That is why I am never shocked by Trump’s mistakes and statements because if he knew he would be running for the office of the President early in his life, he wouldn’t want to be the controversial “The Donald” we all know him as. You see, that strategy of staying controversial has always worked for him. Now, it isn’t. People should think in this line. It’s common sense. I dislike it when empathy isn’t on the table of discussion. This man like Hillary is being vetted by his past. Please, be reasonable. Trump never knew he would be running for President, but Bill Clinton always knew that and unsuccessfully or successfully still struggled to cover his “tracks”.

Here is the million dollar question: Does this man who claims he would save America have an Outsider chance to win? Does he have a chance like candidates from the “Fraternal Order establishment”, trained from their childhood to win? Worse off, does he stand a chance now that the selfish Fraternal Order leaders in has abandoned him? Does he have a chance like Hillary? Hillary did some of the greatest mistakes known to man that cost lives yet the DNC Fraternal Order cliques didn’t abandon him. Hillary is just like every politician on earth. The Hillary in her autobiography isn’t the one I saw running for election. Nobody should play perfect here. Of course I know that the context of biographical writing changes with better reflective world views. But on the flip side, thirst for self-glorification like one of those manipulative political operators of the past to give narratives that don’t just exist also account for the creation of biographies. This is why many biographies (past amd present) have the penchant to lock in the delusion of lie rhetoric that won’t save a “declining nation”. You just hear future generations quoting sources whose allegiance to satan (the “god-of-reason”) is covered. How is that nation’s poltics and economy meant be free from satan’s spiritual Capitoline debt slavery? Civil war – there; Jim crow laws – there; loss of leaders – there; central bank control by vested interest – there; and these and more are satanic stranglehold destroying for Heaven’s sake this “Miracle nation”!

And seeing all I’ve seen so far on that biased news network, I know those Journalists who vehemently support her don’t know this. Because if you know this you won’t be so intentionally bias swaying the minds of most naïve proletariats (the masses) to do what they would regret later. Regret doesn’t have second chances. This is not Pulitzer journalism. This is a fight to keep enacted demonic policies (like same-sex legalization) to become a Pandora’s Box that ultimately decline/reduce America’s growth permanently. I say this: America is not going to reduce for a while; it is going to reduce forever. Ask any servant of God. The bounce-back may not be in our life time.

Rather than focus on what to do to reduce America’s Superpower decline which would be replaced by another Superpower, these journalists are focusing on irrelevance. As I write this, I keep hearing a question: “Didn’t God make this Obama’s administration to stubbornly make America useless on the global stage to PUNISH them?” It just keeps coming. And this approach is how God often starts talking with me: Questions. When God asks questions, I know He wants to talk.

God asks you questions because He wants to increase your mental assent. We’ve been so used to praying and expecting answers that we don’t sit down to listen to God. The same way satan asks question is the same way God asks questions. This is why I wonder who is asking majority of the journalists in America questions. They ask questions, but who is asking them question? Is it God or something else? Because if it’s God, why it that a foreigner like me know about their nation’s spiritual direction and they don’t. I want to believe that if they know, they wouldn’t devote much time to play dirty politics in order to put food on their table or have access to the Elites’ clubs.

I don’t think you know me. I’m very honest person. I have standards. I tell THE TRUTH. I don’t play games. And the truth is finally out in the open. That news network is a liberal TV station. They keep confirming why people dislike their journalism. They report the news on trivial events but can’t read the mind of God on certain things. They play catch up, not solve anything. Their news is dramatic but biasedly tiresome. I prefer others.

I watched the last two debates. Yes, I did at midnight. I’m always awake at midnights working and praying. Their sham poll showed Hillary won when in essence, the respondents in the first debates were 70% Democrats. Where is objectivity? And in the second debate, the respondents were all Democrats, yet she won. You are not helping matters on why most folks have for decades disliked you guys. As I speak, I just joined them. I never knew that this was what they’ve been doing. I came late to the party. The U.S. election made me know these folks better. Even a baby would see that this is not journalism.

Now, hear me and CHANGE: I would hold you – journalists – responsible if this William J. Clinton dynasty fails in life and destroys nation it has interest in. I would. I would put your case before God. Both you and your employers…. If your employers are compelling you to be biased and do dirty politics, resign and sign on to God! It’s that simple.

How on earth did Trump’s alleged scandal got more airplay than Bill Clinton’s allegation? Worse off, Clinton’s allegations were dismissed as lies since the court dismissed it. But in the court of public Press review, the media was Trump’s advocate, Jury and judge. What sought of double standard journalism is this? Yet you complain about injustice in Aleppo? It’s a stench. How can this News network Correspondents be seen reporting on Bill Clinton’s accusers who sat with Trump that: “The audio is not good… and what they are saying is irrelevant.” Come on… What’s all these? If we could hear Cameron’s jibe of my country and Afghanistan in a badly recorded setting, how come we can’t hear Bill Clinton’s accusers in an open Press call? Can we then ask if the same station that refused reporting on Cameron’s family involvement in The Panama Papers scandals aided his smear on my country? You all saw what mistake caused… You don’t use my country as an insult-leverage. Don’t; I am in it.

Since I saw what they did for Hilary, I stopped believing them. The power of incumbency – especially in a liberal society is powerful. The world’s liberty is not liberalism. [We explain this in 3Rs’ THE CAPITOL section].

The share amount of TV time dedicated to tearing Trump is unbelievable. Why make Bill Clinton’s victim inaudible, but kept playing repeatedly Trump’s accusers? These Bill Clinton accusers were not allowed to talk. Women were not allowed to talk. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Look, people are wiser now. This is the 21st century.

These Correspondents kept overlaying commentary on the video till we didn’t hear anything. And towards the ending, Trump sign out was clear, but why not the women. Till date, I have never heard what Bill Clinton’s accusers said, again. Rather, Trump’s accusers have dominated the airs waves more than Aleppo’s crises.

Is this station the life and destiny of these journalists? Imagine if you leave that station what people would think of you…. Do these folks and their employers think people are not watching? When your journalism becomes lies you become a boring news station. Your dramas to keep the people’s attention won’t hold waters again. The majority have grown so tired of the same deceit and unfair journalism. In fact, you’ve succeeded in making yourself a boring News station. By nature, lies are boring and also self-destructive. For instance, you can be a TV preacher and preaching well, but when people know you are Jupo-thief, you suddenly become despicable. This is because human soul has the capacity to get tired of lies because God doesn’t give up on the human spirit. You can’t Ctrl+Alt+Del God out from the spirit in a man – that is, “the Candle of God – The Almighty”. He put it there. Block TRUTH and darkness would remain in man. Thankfully, that’s impossible. JESUS is alive… He is THE TRUTH; the LIGHT of that “Candle in man”. The more THE TRUTH of God’s GOODNEWS (i.e., The Gospel), the colorful the life of any man/woman, any boy/girl, any commonwealth/nation-states. Mainstream’s News lies and deceit can’t stop the truth. THE TRUTH is what holds the water. People are watching. This news network needs to sit up.

Try this experiment: Lie one more time and see what would happen.

Of course I was disappointed in some of those one-time News favourites. I was…  But, there’s hope. I got so irritated in my stomach that I just said, “Enough of this!” However, it’s just an irritation. It would always go. When you are inclusive, stomach irritation and any form of sickness won’t near you. Therefore, stop your irritable journalism. THINK. Life would ask you questions and that’s why God wants your mental faculty super-imposed from encounters He’s had with your spirit-man in the spiritual realm. It means that when your spiritual life becomes your reality, you DOMINATE anything!

Look at me: God gave me the skin colour of my wife, her address, her parent and her name. Now, you are wise: You know that God is not a racist neither a bigot. Don’t ever entertain that thought. Rebellion is not cool – it doesn’t make you an activist. You only get to live your life in regret. What God was doing with that scenario by His Spirit of Adoption was simply not to look anywhere else otherwise I would miss the wife He’d prepared for me before creation. Today, it’s a reality. You see why I can’t divorce a wife I came with from Heaven? We are forever glued. We came to this earth with divine mandate to meet ourselves in a decreed way. The devil knew this then killed her, but she woke up. Are you seeing the blessedness of Heaven concerning this FIRST DOMINION couple? I’ve died, she’d died; we’ve both conquered death! Our come back is what makes satan is as mad as hell. We are in this journey for a lifetime. And guess what… We are leaving earth today at 140 and above 140 respectively. Emotional love is not enough. Don’t be like that “cultic Abiram” that says he is a Romantics but behind was having fun with a concubine for 6-years only to throw his wife away like a toothpick. Be a supernatural-humanist. You all know a Supernatural-humanist is a lover of humanity. Love is beyond sacrifice, love is joyful OBEDIENCE. You can lay down your life and still not love. A witch knows this. They are very very good at covering their tracks with nicety. God’s SPECIAL grace has made me know what is real and what is not.

That is why satan dreads my wife and I. He knows that God’s kingdom couple is in-town. One is a terror to him, imagine two who becomes one. Logically for no reason he took us out of this earth, but God brought us back. [Tongues…].

So, God knew this all this while. Laughter!


Sing these melodious songs with me: …


Eru Olorun bami

Eru Olorun bami O

Ohun to bat ti pinu lo’okan re ko si esu to le daduro.


I dread the magisterial beauty of God

Oh, I dread the magisterial genius of God

Whatever He has planned before Genesis from  His heart no satan can stop

What is my father’s house Father?! Thank you JESUS


{Mimo O!} 3X

Oba ti ko yi pada, Iyin lo ye O oh


What shall I say unto the LORD? All I have say is: THANK YOU LORD!

PAUSE: My strength in the prophetic is in melodious and warfare songs. Whenever I sing, I see more visions than whenever I pray. This is because Angels with your packages are around and I’m seeing their blessings and deliverance handed to you.


Ese ese O o o, Baba Oluwa (echo) Ese ese, Baba Oluwa

Ese ese Baba wa… Baba ese!


Ose temi O Baba se ti re lowo


Obuliwo melu… HIGHER, HIGHER


Wonder wonder wonder, wonder wonder… I wonder!

Somebody say, BABA (echo) BABA!


Baba baba baba Baba mi loke… Baba!

Baba oju eti ese mi… BABA!


Mi o seni jo, mi o se ni jo… Baba mi pa mi lerin ayo, mi o se ni jo?

[Tongues…] We won’t finish what we’ve started if we continue. However, more on this in “our love story” in 3Rs’ THE CAPITOL. You shall get married this year! You shall have your pregnancy settled this week!

Fear God!

The bad news is that the Hillary these journalists saintify isn’t a saint. This is because no public opinion can make anybody a saint; not even a prophet’s anointing. Only God makes saints out of any human.

I asked God who Hillary and Trump were on separate occassion and God said the same thing in a local language: …

“Eyan buburu ni won.”


“They are both bad people.”

I pondered on that Word and came to a conclusion: One may be humanitarianly good to the people in words and deeds but bad to God. Bad does not mean good; good does not mean bad.

There is this minister that preaches the power of success somewhere, but cryptically often uses the success message to slam a Revivalist that fed him that he is a failure. Not only that, he often enjoys slamming prayers in The Ecclesia with much laughter. Then I wonder where his character messages went to. Down the drain? I don’t think this category of ministers know what they are doing. Because if they do, even a kid would explain to them the stranglehold of the powers in their environment. As such, I asked God about this fellow lest I misread them. God said: …

“His works are vanity, but he is a good person. He has to stop doing wicked things and do well.”

You see what I’ve been saying about how people can be wicked?  We shall see who is a true success.

Friends, There’s never a cold day in hell, but most braggart on earth today don’t know this because of some “success”. Why not shut your mouth if you know you can default on and divide? I saw all these whilst online. He happens to one of those Jupos/Dathans, but not the devious master-minder. I would tell you in the next few epistles what the real JUPO is and hoping he changes. He has gotten a taste of his own medicine from but doesn’t know it. Yet we all know he won’t change. He is redeemable but won’t change.

When you know the state of a person or thing, no matter how irredeemable they are, they have a fighting chance to become GOOD. Therefore, Trump and Hillary are redeemable!

God understands our “ordinary humanity” and frailty. He blends with us to HELP us. For instance, when you don’t know your ancestry is your problem but have God’s heart, His mercy would be saving you yet you won’t go far even in the face of many resources under your belt. Someone with little resources at his phase would be commanding nations more than you. But when you know and still continually do evil because you feel you are indispensable, well to reality: God would just raise someone that would replace. So walk circumspectly! Go back to your FIRST LOVE or keep it burning. I am commanding global audience and national leaders’ attention not because I deserve it but because I still have my FIRST LOVE; and won’t for anything drop it. If I drop it, you will know. Too late for satan – I won’t drop it.

Both these guys know what I’m saying. I have never missed my prophecy. They know that the spiritual powers in their nation are stronger than the Christianity in their nation. You can’t govern there without presenting the eagle to Jupiter. And this is where I ask why did for cheap wins American preachers sat down not countering the darkness in their nation? Heaven knows that ever since Hagin and Osborn left I have no adoration for those around. Respect – yes, but never adoration. There is nothing adorable in inefficiency. You mean I would be in America and I won’t pray away darkness out of that country?

This God also knows that I won’t take this “legal outcome”. God knows I won’t sit down and watch these two candidates destroy themselves and their constituency. He knows I’m too convinced about this. Anytime I watch humanity misbehave, they destroy themselves. What’s the essence of ministry if we can’t make bad people not just good people but God’s Supernatural-Humanist?

I must right this wrong! My preaching since you’ve been reading has been in this direction.

This Madam Secretary has never in her 30+ years political life apologized and that is why there’s sustained attacks on her person. Her chance to apologize should’ve been in the Clintonmail scandal. When you are wrong you apologize. Yet, this news station gave an unfair take on this. Journalism has been long thrown out of the window, I just got to know. What of insincerity about Benghazi… Zero airtime. Her double stance on justice… Not reviewed. She was subpoenaed by the DOJ then quickly deleted thousands of emails. Why that against the authority?

You’ve got to stop and unclog your spiritual channel. God wants to make your before-Genesis IDENTITY your reality on earth. He wants to super-impose it and you’ve got to refuse and reject satan. Desire to be THE FIRST at the expense of becoming God’s enemy and labeled as bad only keeps you in nested in evil cycle.  Reject satan. This is what satan does: Satan uses demonic questions to seduce, lure and divert many destinies away from their ordained purpose. Be careful, beloved.

For instance, my wife’s destiny is not to be in the kitchen. Don’t get us wrong – the human mind is prone to finding errors. Let us get some things straight here: Long before I met her for “marriage”, God was telling me that she can cook. [This is the weirdest thing about God’s “Spirit of Adoption” which qualifies YOU as His Supernatural-humanist!]. God showed me that she can cook which she can to a great standard. Therefore, cooking is good for marriage. If she can’t cook, teach her or pay for her training. Granted; her destiny is not to be servile. Rather, I want to be her best fan. (Smiles). If I can be the best fan of people wanting them to climb on my shoulders to see far, how much more my wife and kids….

Friends, by this heart-exchange, God has made you know my supernatural-humanist character better by now. I am created to make people shine… I lift up the standards and you too must rise up to the occasion: from Baby-boomers down to the Millennials. Standards must come back to the society. Unfortunately, that News TV has lost all the liberal standards their Joseph Pulitzer set. There’s widespread political dishonesty in today’s journalism.

A standard is to give objective journalism to repair a broken culture. The spirit of the times demands THE TRUTH. For instance, the baby boomers generation did a lot of bad sexual assault on women that if not reported accurately and fairly would give a lot of young men and women in this Era the idea that if you are an Elite/Fraternal Order politician, the Press would speak less about your wrongs that this generation must right their wrongs, but if you an a Outsider-street elite like Trumps, you would get reviled. These guys have got to get it right else we would see another decade of young folks forming decision based on their elitist exemption in the dark. It’s going to be: “After all, my Daddy and Mummy would buy me out and pay the press.” That’s wrong. I hope at the end of this election, no man has more right to be free from the court’s judgment on sexual harassment than the other. You know what I mean: Bill Clinton isn’t holier than Donald Trump because his past is recent.

If we can stop the public reprobation of Bill Clinton, we can Donald Trump. Be a supernatural-humanist for a change! To be a supernatural-humanist is not to be a religious person but a person who has the heart of God. Have God’s heart.

This media onslaught is no more about exposing him or fighting for women but an attempt to stop this Republican from winning the incumbency and repealing some demonic policies that would reduce America ultimately.  Caught on camera not knowing he would run for presidency so soon after only reading what we taught on America’s decline in 2014, Trump only made sexism louder, but Bill Clinton if you have to tow this line. Why would you be in the White House and destroy the sanctity(?) of the Presidency with aggressive sexism? This is a plague in Democrats Presidents. JFK, Clinton, et al. The spirit of seduction sits on these people. Stop treating women as shit. Trump’s past is simply a reminder of Clinton’s folly. That’s my “legal outcome” on this matter. In the end we hope that women would be free from the sexist attack of men.

Get back your HEART with God. And how? JOY!

One evidence of being on God’s side is tireless JOYFUL melody. It doesn’t drop. JOYFUL MELODY is saying: “Father, THANK YOU for what you’ve done!” And God saying, “Son… What do you want that I may give you?” And you replying, “But God, I’ve not exhausted the one you gave me.” He still repeating it a million time, “Son… What do you want that I may give you?”

It’s time to make God–not your employers and elite network–your source. Are you ready?

Friends, when men become you THANK YOU, your failure and crash like that betrayal Jupo becomes imminent. To betray is to depend on the affirmation of people who bow to your Masters. You want same influence? Ask Judas dirty politics before the Sanhedrin.

Get your dignity back! Get your HEART back! Welcome to a brand new day, distinguished men and women of the Press.

That [YOUR] Pulitzer.

You are too important to God to throw it away over a morsel. Subscribe to God’s passion and see a different world. Use these News channels to train the masses in making the right judgment calls since they are not all prophetically gifted to know people for what they are and how to make sound judgment. Societies that are full of “omnicompetent” [sic] majority who can’t sound decisions are controlled by territorial powers. And the media cabals are the cause of this societal beastly un-humanistic “outcome”.

Right “judgment calls” are what comes from your head when decisions must be made in the darkest situations. Darkness can’t light up darkness. So, is your ideas dark?

Let me let you in on something: 98%of anything written here came from my head not from any looking at any books. The rest 2% were Biblical and formulaic references. The supernatural-humanist in me, created by God’s Spirit of Grace, always knows the deliverance content to preach. A supernatural-humanist is not known by gift alone but by his “heart-romance” with God. I refuse to be an un-learned Prophet! This is why God keeps bringing His spiritual-Generals for me to build. This one time, my team was wondering how such large content can come out from me without looking at books. It’s called God’s divine energy. As such, I wasn’t surprised when God told me that I would leave this earth when I’m 140 years minimum. I would still be teaching and working. Not tired of showing me they care and nudging me to be human and avoid breakneck duty to my assignment, they complained about my exhaustive work ethic because at 3:00am, I’m awake calling them as agreed on what needs to be done. They feared for my health. Beloved, when you do what you love, you don’t get wearied or depressed. I love my Father so it’s impossible not to love His work. “Father worketh hitherto I worketh.” – John Chapter 5 verse 17. It was whilst in Calabar, God deem it fit to give me His strength/zeal/energy to stand in one place and preach from dawn to dusk. This is why getting tired isn’t a lexis in my dictionary.

Passion for people and God’s own conviction can give you divine strength. That’s one of the many formula to what gives me God’s same energy.

“It’s unhealthy to work this way,” they said. I smiled. I smiled because I have always had this work ethic whilst in the mainstream. So, passion is not a spiritual phenomenon. Having it under God’s cover makes it a spiritual phenomenon. But first have it.

My bosses then in the bank would breach compliance regulations to give me access to their “checker” passwords so that I complete the task at hand. I never got anything denied me. They would be having dinner or be on their bed at mid-nights and I would be calling them right from (not my home but) the office. They would resume and still see me working and closing with them. Sometimes I don’t feel like closing with the team again because every seconds count. What about my breath after such a long stay? I had minty chewing gums to clean me up.

Beloved, you are “un-sackable” [sic] if you stand with conviction working day-and-night on your task, all things being spiritually equal. You are an asset. I’ve had to let go well deserved promotions: My bosses have had to beg me, “Please allow others that have been in the business before you accept promotion.” My humanity was appealed to because many older than I am in the department/group have never received promotions but I had such offer on more than one occasion in a calendar year. Passion, not food for the belly! You couldn’t buy me. I made the bank revenue close to a billion Naira and didn’t steal when I should. I didn’t expense some of my flight tickets and hotel accommodations. As such, I had some my salary left for the bank. And that is meaningless. How do you use your salary and have no cash at hand yet don’t expense some of it? Work! I was so busy I didn’t consider some of these needed money. I could have chosen to lay low and be ordinary or get away with millions like a few faces. I’m telling you that some of them have filling/gas stations, Telco servicing companies, mansions, cars, landed properties, et al. I didn’t because an internal sensor was telling me: “A good name is better than money.” I always knew I would be doing this someday. I knew many shall invoke the God of my name to get result someday. I paid this price! The then semi-manual third party Switch Company and the central bank’s weak regulations and checks weren’t smart enough to detect anything had I wanted to. I knew the intricacies front-end to back-end and know how to get along with people to make them trust me. It means I could have cashed in on that trust, but Hell would have rejoiced that God has failed again and that humans can’t be trusted! I just couldn’t afford that.

The bank’s failure was my failure; that was my philosophy. That was my Pulitzer.

Passion…. My first day in our departmental meeting, the moment my [almost] executive director (ED) – a central working committee lead of the bank – heard me, he couldn’t believe his eyes. I didn’t know he was beyond himself. I was simply ready to jump into the Red Sea if winning was what it takes. I saw a vision I could key into! He thereafter called me into his office telling me that my candor reminded him of his younger self: visionary, dedicated and strength of steel. All from just translating and embodying what He said into simple concept so as to energize the people and make my job responsibility a “key decider” of that overarching goal. Who was I to be rallying everybody. (Smiles). I love those days. Routine job can kill your initial passion, especially when bureaucracy is hindering your ideas. For him, he saw a zest in me that won’t drop no matter what. And it didn’t “We must be Number One, never Number Two,” I said. And that I held on to. I could almost swallow his saliva after our conversation. I was committed. I believed in him and was ready to make his pain my pain. What a man! He wanted the banking sector dominion; I wanted a part of that dream. No more, no less. What a life… There were days I would look back then and celebrate the fact that God wasn’t doing a mistake bringing to that department/group. Then I was a young staffer, but most Unit lead would take me to meeting my other younger colleagues never imagine going; and I posit, never gone till date. God calls that it “divine favour” – all, not by my power. Of course, there was envy. I’m used to it.

It was so easy to get their audience because most of these leaders were already getting tired of the politicking. So, I was a breath of fresh air. What happened was that I saw that after our e-banking domination, our bank can use such milestone success as a focal point to dominate the West African market. They had vision, I was simply one of the catalyst with God’s energy. My office was my pulpit. I’d already seen David prior to this after an 18-month fast; so needed no one to motivate me on the essence of deliverance in mainstream.

Friends, I have a clear understanding and firm of how I would partner with God to help mainstream. All this is thanks to God!

Man, I was coming from more than a decade years of experience in best practices and I’ve read banking forecast reports from foreign consulting companies [I was certain most organizational capability units/department in most banks didn’t have access to then. When they had, I had already fleshed it out. It was one of the freshest ideas. I mean, it came out on Day 1; I sat on it on Day 2]. So, why would I settle for business unit (BU) level tasks? My immediate bosses where operating with BU-level strategies but I, by God’s Spirit of Grace, on corporate level strategies. And they kept asking me: “Why are you always reading corporate level cases and “acing” (i.e., solving problems examinationally) them?” They didn’t know what God was telling me: “Life would give you exams one day. Therefore prepare.” C’mon… I was re-developing the bank’s key strategy directions, then forwarding them to the then GMD (group managing director) of our financial institution for just passionate reasons [Tongues…]. Little did I know that the bank’s five year strategy was at the same time coming to an end (during that period of intense day-and-night strategy re-designing). I didn’t know. I was working as if I was mandated to do it, but no! My friend of close to two decades – the CMO of one major Telco company – over here would take a look and wonder why the interest. I even went as far as denying myself meals, fancy wears and cars so as to buy rare realistic management books for some of BU leaderships in different departments (or groups you would call it in other banks). Working was fun.

I understood the might of nimble culture in a company and how it can beat big size organizations. I know the Elephant can’t dance.

The Humanity of YOUR “Fourth Estate”

When my immediate bosses were fighting over fiefs with these other department bosses (sometimes for one of them getting promoted ahead of them or for benefits that could deny them a take in the pie), I would be the one settling their differences. That’s conflict resolution… it’s relevant everywhere. Funny: They would each be reporting themselves to me and all I could do was take from A, B and C then appeal to their honour and passion for the interest of the bank. You’ve not seen anything. Projects would be delayed for months and years all because of ego. I had to resort to buying the lunch separately to engage them on initiatives that could stay within the confines of the rules and regulations of the company to get the job done and beat the competition already imitating our ideas. Of course we lost grounds because of the slow pace of our “first ideas” frustrating vendors who designed these solutions for us. No third party partner was taking us serious again. They had to go to other banks. Imagine developing their solutions with us only to give it other banks. Painfully, we were recruiting new ideas but never implementing them the moment that my ED-like boss jumped ship at our snail-paced movement and “backward politics”. I felt like leading the way forward, non-positionally [sic]; you know that would be a hard sell. You need position.

Highly positioned than I am, these BU-leaders love me. They knew I wanted them to plug-in to the corporate strategy direction of our hydra-headed bank. We were a merge an acquired structured bank via M&A (merger and acquisition) strategic move. So, knitting those culturally diverse banks takes a little bit of humanity. A little candy, a little cake, a little tie, a little cuff-link, coffee, and a little “Thank you sir/ma” would beat a hydra-headed culture and intelligence any time, any day. I’ve had to micro-wave meal for one of my boss before. What about acting as an errand boy amongst other disciplined selfless acts…. Your performance appraisal would drop if you don’t know how to be nice. Nicety doesn’t kill. Saying: “sir or ma” won’t kill you. Prostrating won’t either.

Some of these leaders had a way of making things hard for me whenever they come over to our department to make speeches or introduce their department/group’s solution or ideas. In an already tense environment, they would start referencing me in their lecture then somehow bounce ideas off me. Do I ignore them because there was strife in the air? No. As seasoned leaders, they knew what they were doing and I played along: They were simply connecting to their friend (I) who knows them better. I mean, I can walk into their office unannounced, even in a meeting and still be given a top priority. I can take any edible stuff I wanted without permission yet still engage them in a tête-à-tête. (Smiles…). All they needed in those meetings was confidence boost and all I had to do was give them a smile back without assumed strife and misunderstanding from my bosses.

Note this: Change transformative integration in companies fail because of lack of corporate acculturation intelligence. And because one of the indices of buying over the company was on talent ground, you need appeal to the best in these folks to succeed in unity and expansion. No one would accuse you for not trying. Trump should communicate this aspect. Humans aren’t spirits. Despite the fact that the “brain” is the warehouse of the soul: the mind, the will and the emotion, the human brain can’t read the mind.

Humans aren’t mind readers talk much of spirit-readers.

The house of spirit is the “heart”. Nobody, not even satan can read the heart. That is God’s expertise. This is why you’ve got to love yourself so much you give that enjoyed love away. You mustn’t ever franchise this right to love yourself. Sacrifice, yes. However, be the best you can be both personally and organizationally. This is because humans do not have the capacity to deal with anybody who outspends his/her soul. That’s God’s forte.

Picture it his way on one of the F1 (Formula One) sport cars: The car and its engine is your body, its fuel (Nitro) is your soul and the Driver is your inner man (i.e., your spirit). But the sport fan doesn’t see or cares about the car owner, and the care owner don’t care about you seeing them in the spotlight either. To the fans car owners don’t matter in that one moment in shaping records. As well, all the owners care about is the Driver’s welfare, his supporting cast, his winning and the endorsements that validates their supremacy and financial power. Ditto, God – YOUR Father – takes a back seat watching you win the race of your life. He believes in YOU; He knows your HEART.

It is written: …

“But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected these ones from becoming Israel’s king: for I the LORD, God – The Almighty – does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance to make judgment calls, but I, the LORD, looks at the heart…’ So he sent and had him brought in. He was ruddy, with a beautiful soul and handsome features. Then the LORD said, ‘Arise and anoint him; for this is he.'” 1 Samuel 16:7,12.

In other words, God, The Almighty, does not look at input – no; He does not look at men – despite their intellectual review. He knows their mind can’t think presidential head-to-head with satan and his “evil empire” (SMK: satanic marine kingdom).  He doesn’t look your process but empathizes with you; neither does He look out your output. What He looks at is your outcome; the condition of your heart after all said and done. That is why He keeps forgiving those that don’t by human standards deserve forgiveness. God didn’t send ministers into ministry to watch them self-destruct themselves like that nauseating Pastor Jupo. He isn’t that wicked a God. God is love.

This is why “feeling” is not the best form of judgment. You might have already acted reactionary to kill someone before realizing your mistake. That’s feeling. Settle down. Think through the data… Invite the Holy Spirit to breathe on them and come out with facts, then act [vote, call… whatever]. That’s how to reach an outcome like King Da’vid.

[Smiling…] I can tell you I had a blessed time whilst in the bank because I had time to both do my specified job description and experiment my deep knowledge on corporate strategy. Those were days when I would look at that bank’s financial reports over some years and invite the Holy Spirit to breathe on it. The result? An eagle-eye-view of the bank’s hard dysfunctional and fragmented parts. Yet, that was not part of my job description. (Smiles…).  I had the blessedness to compare those old and dusty financial reports with other similar industry data in the financial sectors in my country and those abroad. I saw discrepancies despite the not using the standard financial reporting format. Thus, I knew inclusive dominion was what would move us ahead. It was a great dream for the bank. This is because I believe that if the leadership gets better; the fruits of the progress would cascade down to everybody in the company down to the office cleaners (that’s if the leader isn’t snobbish and ungrateful to God).

See, what you practice in deep study and prayers cannot be taken away from you. You congeal into it. I studied Computer Science almost 20 years ago and nothing close to my depth n mainstream came from writing line codes using outdate programming language like Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, QBASIC, et al. Funny, my kid sister – who ‘am close to a decade older than her, married, and living in the Western Hemisphere and comfortable in her skin to go head-to-head with her husband in Ph.D award is more commercial in her study than I am. There’s nothing this princess of mine doesn’t know. She brings me so much joy. Any leader intimidated by the divine wisdom and growth of his ward is no leader. She’s proud of me. Vast and trained in most fields. In Art: A trained baker, an Afro centric chef, a trained hair-stylist, a trained fashion designer, a self-trained Guitarist. In Logic: A trained eco-science researcher (Darwinism couldn’t change her), accounting, advanced project management, et al. In Philosophy: Faith and prayer, pro-family, and not surprisingly politics who was a one-time strong student body leader. An “A” student governing amongst her pair? We on this side of the divide know it takes a lot of risk to be a student body President. She’s the complete package: virtuous before marriage. You see her you love her.

I didn’t know when I started praising her until now. I can’t praise her and not praise her mother, and still want to praise every woman struggling to stand upright. Beloved, develop yourself so much you don’t need a man fighting for you. Imagine a scenario your husband can’t pray for you in conquest over satanic onslaught…, would you wait for satan to send evil on your entire family hoping your husband would be ready “one day”? There is what is an idiom my country: “It means the travail of a mother who nursed her children only makes her a fighter of her children’s destinies.”

If you’ve ever breastfeed your children, you would know the pain of fighting for their progress in devoted service with prayer to God.

Women can do GOOD too in a built grit to be THE BEST they can be. That is why it is off putting to resolutely want to be a “radical humanitarian” in this Age of great darkness assigned to dull your spirit. Avoid it. Nobody owes you devoted watch. For my kiddo, I didn’t see her growth coming. She just became. I sometimes wonder if this was the little girl I once cleaned her pooh, assisted in changing her diapers, bathed, then later [as she set for her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, … day at school], prepared for school. I smile as I remember those days. I really love this my kiddo. Now, a woman, she is the second funniest person I’ve ever known – after mum. Committed to God’s will, she “received” her husband from God. Received? Yes – We have a mother that keeps praying: “God don’t let my kids marry wrong spouses that would come between them to divide them. You know they aren’t many.”

You see, we didn’t have it easy going forward in life. We each paid sacrifices for the family to grow. Thanks to the builder of our home and our Chief Evangelist – our Mum, we knew family comes FIRST; nothing like individualism. Both Dad and we worship this woman. We adore her. We are a band of visionaries, yet, we stick together. That is why my sister never played any Jupo victim card. She’s a woman not a “a girl”. We are not the finished goods, but we are always chatting new course to become better. We are pro-family. How many children did your parent give birth to for you to be divisive? You are too special to be the odd one causing chaos. Should I surprise you? The task set to add a field on law to God’s mandate for my life had begun. Praise God! That Ph.D I hunt for is a small thing.

Friends, work doesn’t kill. We must do all it takes to be “a man” not a “boy”. For instance, we mustn’t have no-God-led-conviction activist judges who in their judicial whims, along with bad leaders easily manipulate the Constitution to invoke God’s “other side” on the innocent Proletariats. How do I mean? It’s common knowledge that the SCOTUS of today, though small in size is an active minority bizarrely re-defining the law of the land. That’s rottenness from the top. Our praying and fasting, singing and attending Church to get blessing aren’t enough. Neither is tame-less motivational/success messages of the wicked Jupos. What is needed it the needed grit to have God spiritual eyes of as His stakeholder so as to thwart the powers of darkness in your community. You’ve got to become God’s Supernatural-humanist to get to this level. Feel the passion of the people and become a GOOD journalist.

[THE URGENCY]. Get this: To increase the scope and power of the Federal government as well as to ultimately separate it from God and Biblical principles deduced by priori speculation, all you need is a demonized President in power who would pander to radical elements in the Supreme Court by convincing them of the demonic benefits their judgment would mean. This in turn (my friends) would set humanity into decades of judgments/ruling by just simply allowing unconvincing mere moratl in legal cloaks to set events by their judicial whims. That is why you mustn’t ever find yourself in the position saying: “How much I wish the right judges are there.” That’s calamitous. Do something constructive about it. At least vote if you can’t cover yourself in the pages of legal documents to understand that without God’s Prophetic Word integrated into the Constitution [and Bill of Rights or amendments], there won’t be an anchor to hold this little, yet powerful minority groups from “misbehaving”.  You know, power corrupts. Don’t get drunk by it. This is why there’s a difference between your spiritual role as a judge and a lawyer. A lawyer would look for what you said and use it against you, but a judge gives “legal outcome”. You don’t get into catfight when you can Judge with God’s power.

Until you show “THE REBELLIOUS ALSO” wolrd leaders that God is superior to their content meshed in occulticism, they won’t take you serious. What This Mountain is enjoying her ability to mix the supernatural LIVED-OUT in countless proof with PRACTICAL scholarship. This is the next brand of Christianity.

It is written: …

“… For out of Zion SHALL go forth the law, and the Word of the LORD from Jerusalem. And He SHALL judge among the nations, and SHALL settle disputes for many peoples. They SHALL beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation SHALL NOT take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.” – Isaiah 2:4

My God’s Dearest – God’s Jewel, God’s finest, please hear me: If you must make the world better than how your ancestors in The Ecclesia did, you must do it excellently and quietly to justify your eligibility. Now is not the time to boast about “puny comic successes”. We are not there yet. Every leader in the World knows that. They are not into infrastructure thing; it’s about the soul submitting to the Capitoline “god-of-reason”

You came to this earth to do an exquisite work than your fthers before you, and so must future generations after you. To sit relaxed is to display the laziness and wasted life of the Jupos. And get this: You didn’t come to replace anybody, but to do a continuum. Stop beating the air. David down to Apostle Paul has severally told me that they are in Heaven praising me. I’m blessed. They want me to do better. I didn’t resurrect from my death bed to play “politricks” [sic]. You didn’t come here to just do “sameness” and loaf around boasting you are successful. That’s never sensible. Ask any preschool infant. You were created to bring something unique to the table and change the game. Hear me: I didn’t come on stage by chance – I came from years of “inclusivity”; I didn’t become privy to disciple a particular nation’s future President because God is unfair – I came because God sees that my heart for the world is the perfect peg in the round hole of His heart.

TONIGHT is your night!

In the end, did the overall bank leadership team follow my strategic recommendations? Check for yourself: The bank was recently depressed by the central bank into “Number Zero.”

Friends, it’s in the little prices you pay that God deem you fit to handle His global task, not in the hunt for fame. We’ve seen that only “a boy” would be the only one that doesn’t know what God prioritize, even if extra 20+ years is given should he be around. Don’t be like that. This is because: If you chase fame, you would fight hard to keep it. If you insist, a time would come that you secret stealing would come out in the open and everybody would know you are stealing Pastor Jupo who hacks and steal to remain relevant, despite the faith messages you preach.

You can change it. Simply obey God when He says, “Take another tour.” You are not wiser than God. Integrity sells! It always sells. I don’t believe in laziness much more amongst idling Pastors. Your constituency are doing their private businesses/careers yet volunteering for you; therefore, you can’t afford to be lazy not working and praying into the nights. Your mind would strategize on how to be more controversial and devilish. You can’t be devilish and expect to be leading aright. This teaching, like every other teaching since God’s #DOXRevival, were done at nights and days. They were spine-altering. So to do evil does not exist in our itinerary. Beloved listen: Laziness and hard-work are choice not a spiritual exercise. When you chose laziness ahead of loafing around you would steal like a Jupo, and become controversial looking for irrelevant gossips to banter on. You might even go about harassing women and molesting them in your office. What sought of life is that? Answer: The curious case of an ancestrally bondaged [sic] life. Seek HELP before it’s too late.

My mother created an indelible mark in us as kids. She said her mother (my late paternal grandmother) called her aside and told her, “My daughter, the body one uses in working doesn’t tear like clothes. Therefore, make work a delight.” What a woman!

I deliberately laced this [Hillary] epistle with the beauty of these three women that have shaped and still shaping my life; my mother-in-law also inclusive. It is important you know that these women don’t lie. Because women are not supposed to lie! You are too angelic to be seen as a victim. My baby sister can’t ever imagine herself a victim. Imagine a female version of me… that’s her. She’s a go-getter and an influencer of God-led progress. At such a young age! She makes me have hopes for women becoming the best. Ladies, life has already seen you as a victim, so why lie? I can’t understand it. It disturbs me when a woman lies. My daughters can’t lie. Granted; people make mistake, but when a Prophet is telling you something God has warned you of in private, you obey. Why such rebellious witchraftry [sic]? If I were an American, what I did for my Tinubu in Lagos is the same I would do for my Hillary – a woman: I would campaign against her till her confidence in dagon and men drops. You think I would enable people to hell because they have favour to give? All these idolatrous greedy men and women know that they are going to hell if they don’t repent and that is why they are crying out for help.

Hell is not an estate!

The Outcome of a Wrong Card: There is no bank vault in hell!

Listen; you’ve got to personalize joy. It’s JOY all the way! God’s JOY doesn’t struggle…. Wait on JOY! Joy being one of my daughters’ names is definitely predictable. This is beyond election but on Hillary’s stance. Until she straightens up with her backers and tell them: “Leave me and let me go,” I’m confident my daughters can’t ever see Hillary as a role model; neither my son sees Trump as one. She’s got to rescind those vicious supports when the stakes are high as example for history to note; not when she retires into oblivion with that “special interest” foundation then not useful to humanity. Top women are not supposed to lie for fun, except in Russia. If you were trained in Russia’s KGB for instance, you are expected to lie shamefacedly to the masses from morning till you get home then take another saner personality. Given; every secret service in the world lies, but when you allow it to distort your reality, you create a fantasy only you live in. In fact, when as a leader you lie in Russia, the political elites around you would be praising you for deploying one of their tactics the masses don’t know. Therefore I ask: What vested interests’ system transformed Hillary into something else. We are talking about a political position beyond character.

For Heaven’s sake; in selling anything, you’ve got have sincerity. If you are not, posterity would find out. All it takes is a commitment: “Satan, leave me alone and let me go to God, my Father!”

Say this with me: Nothing can stop my OBEDIENCE to God! I am God’s Favourite! [Again].

It’s human to have one iota of integrity.

You must not be found playing around the greed of these “bad” men and women. They are daily surrounded by people that are not brutally honest with them. Get it: Even a thief still looks out for those he/she can trust.

Stop it: stop condescending so low to the greedy taste of these men and women. Get out of their way so they get saved. Have conscience – “innocency of the heart.”

Stop patronizing Hillary’s weakness and let her work on it. It’s a political bent. All she need say is: “Satan, leave me alone and let me go to God, my Father!”

If Hillary is humble enough, she would think more on becoming less snobbish to the middle class than she is. This would win her Elitist bent the election. Today’s elitists can’t read the mood of their people; they don’t think in modern times. Their minds are very Victorian in setting: They see people as numbers. That’s alarming! I’m not seeing pompousity here but a confidence in something other than God – The Almighty. A smuch as we know this, the masses of today are somehow caught in delusion try to create a fantasy that looks like that pomposity on social media. Not only is it funny, but irreconcilable with reality. Behind those numbers are people with blood in their veins, beloved. This is why stealing and lying can’t be changed overnight until the confidence she depends on are broken. This is why I pity weak black church leaders sulking on THE TRUTH This Mountain warned them only to stop because she gave them praise at the first debate. (Smiles…). Secrets hurt more than THE TRUTH. The secret dealing of satan of your nation is what would finally affect you the black churches. And when the U.S. declines, there won’t be social welfare checks to help your people. You are not performing you are not performing, simple. The rich black church culture is only patching up. Look at your community and their esteem…. We must become God’s supernatural-humanist. This stuff is as simple as ABC. Stop allowing your need for applause and funding of over-delayed community/ministry projects colour-blind your sensibility like that “boy”. It’s not working and is both disgraceful. Why not be like some of those serious black churches.

Same way Hillary is not her Fraternal Order Party before birth is the same way you must see you identity and contend to get it spiritually. You are not hypocritical politics and hypocritical politics is not you.

If not for the new entrant Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party would still remain out of touch with all the races they claim they represent. The times have changed and these races are not represented. They need review this claim. I can’t imagine being gifted these constituencies and arguing with Trump. These elitist snub is the Democrat’s problem. Bernie can’t even solve it! He is too weak an outsider to be trampled upon. If one swipe of the DNC can make him lose, chances of him running the nation can’t come to pass. Besides, I knew he won’t win the primary from the onset. This didn’t require any prophetic inquest. This Democratic snobbishness is God’s thorn in these liberals’ flesh. It means if Hillary can snub you now, she would when in the White House. Can she save women if she’s having a hard time being a woman I should admire? Is she redeemable from the clutch of cronies? Ask God. Women are supposed to be who we adore. My mother can’t do all these. Thanks to her spiritual growth, she knows that seductive demons are one of the spells of diversion. Seduction brings confusion because in the end, you would have to answer to ending the reign of terror. Are we going to bribe Al-Baghdadi and promise him a Caliphate enriched with nuclear weapons to remove this “American shame”? We can only but save those we can. Even though it hurts, we can’t save all.

To crush the power that can stop Hillary in life and eventual eternity choice, we have to CRUSH her disobedience.

I’ve been told I wear my heart on my sleeves. And that I suffer when I see people suffer; grieve when people are grieved. Glory to God! Not too long ago, I poured my heart before God on this political election’s candidates with regards to the decline of their nation – America, and all God could say was, “Son, stop pleading for them. I won’t hear you.”

Bothering on this deposition, God had to tell me that I have the penchant to reverse His judgment and that is why He made such statement. I cringed. I cringed because while these folks are continuing in their evil, the REAL colour of their “ordained destiny” was being negotiated but no effort on their side to tilt the balance of favour on their side. And true to form, I have noticed that there are some things many prophets would do to alter God’s plans which deserve punishment that I do that He doesn’t punish me for. He made it clear that the He needs me to negotiate for humanity in an Era when His judgment would be widespread both to the individuals and their nations. In a century where the times are hurriedly changing, God is repeating a striking word: “Vanity!”

Ace-The-case: Jupo’s Eventuality

There was this fellow who had gone on to preach in a community so anti-Gospel of Gospel. Nevertheless, the preacher went on about his business until he was arrested and brought to the king’s palace. The king ordered the guards to whip him till he felt the king’s lesson without being lectured on it. Unfortunately for the king, the man was a Prophet. Quickly, God spoke: “Thus saith the LORD, ‘You would die from a terrible disease in a matter of months.’”

The king laughed it off then dismissed him. Exactly at the set time from that sentence, he succumbed to a mighty plague. He retorted to his diabolic gods/demons – no cure; he tried every religion – no cure; he went as far as the Christians churches he persecuted, yet no answer. Then someone told him of a certain preacher with healing might (a subset in the power gift category of God’s twelve spiritual FREE gifts) living in Lagos. He got an invite and came forward. He healed the man and everybody cheered. He was rewarded. Regrettably on his way, He heard God clearly: “I wanted to punish this man so that his people and other kings would learn never to touch My anointed, but you went there to reverse it. And since you went there without my permission, you would take his place.” This was Friday on his way back. He died on the Sunday he preaches. His call was gone.

When God told me to wait, I didn’t like it one bit. I couldn’t dislike him because I don’t have the stomach to dislike anybody. But what I do know from the aforesaid opener that whoever sits on the 45th throne either jumpstarts the “reduction” or reduce the bleeding. The latter is a tough ask. This is because God doesn’t do “double standard justice.” He is God. You can’t jail Him if He lies; He can lie if He wants to. Yet, He is saying He won’t lie or alter His justice.

If I like I put myself on the line, God won’t hear me. America is redeemable but must be judged by Him. And I won’t push my luck too far standing on His way. Had I not know this, I would still be reversing His justice with my compassion like I did in 2014 to 2015. You need to see how God and I debate on policy, especially whilst in Calabar. It was one of the greatest negotiation man had with God same way like Abraham’s. I know what my Spirit of Grace does. I know I either block His moves or delay them. Risky, but He’s my Father. Back then, I was quiet unaware of what He had in mind for this amusing Buffer Age.

Listen; if God didn’t judge Pharaoh, the civilized world wouldn’t have known that there’s an HIGHER God mightier than the gods behind the then mightiest civilization of Moses’s Age: Egypt. Moses was schooled on the dominion of “Re” – the sun god, and “Nut” – the sky goddess. His knowledge of these gods gave rise to earth’s first GREAT VICTORY. Justice served. Watch: A lawyer finds what you’ve said to use against you for cheap wins. That’s weak and childish. A fair JUDGE finds a place in the law to give fair “legal outcome”. Be a judge over the gods in your land and defeat them. Study the law. I ask: What god is behind America?

Beloved, both the monotheistic Deist “god-of-reason” and polytheistic “god-of-nature” instituted in America’s foundation since the Mid-18th century must know God, The Almighty! It must happen. I’m too certain about this. The opposite of certainty is assumption. You mustn’t be caught assuming on who leads you. Naturally to me, assumption is a turn off. I don’t enjoy folks that assume. Every GENUINE prophet knows assumption is terrible, especially being the fact that their job is to be certain. As such, there’s no two way about it. God would make this “City Upon a Hill” know Him again. Painfully not by the hands of these two NOT irredeemable candidates. Would it be in my time? [You learn this in 3Rs’ THE CAPITOL: Re-scripting The Goat Diary].

Welcome to brand new day!


There is nobody that is irredeemable; irredeemable status is the sole preserve of satan, the devil.

I have seen that humans can’t in their fallibility teach forgiveness. Don’t blame them. Having seen too much in The Ecclesia to know that the text of a preacher and his/her real living often diverge, I knew only God need explain this concept to me. I saw whilst online this mishmash and became amused: “Did this fellow just say and do this negative publicly only to in slit speak about love and forgiveness?” Not once, twice, thrice but countless times….

The question is: Why waste the effort being hypocritical by this sort of life?

Your preaching and doing have got to correlate. Throwing your brothers under the bus when you have the chance shows you have so hate in you that only anger brought out. The heaviest betrayal of all is to stand before those who fed you and attack them to pivot it that you got the wisdom yourself. That’s extreme wickedness! Only an angry envious person would deliberately want to kill his brothers.

Bad news for these “Kim Philbys”: Not all Christian clergy can be toyed with. The supernatural backing they enjoy can change things.

The heaviest betrayal of all is to stand before those who fed you and attack them to pivot it that you got the wisdom yourself. That’s extreme wickedness

Imagine for a moment you are working in a soap manufacturing factory; it would be oddity to add engine oil as part of the soap’s ingredient. Consistent failure on this aspect would either affect your promotion or get you sacked. Your appraisal isn’t a testament that they hate you but you have poor skill in attention to details – a key factor in assuring quality (QA). You might be good in other area and be nice to your boss with your relationship skills. But if you don’t have QA as part of your ongoing improvement, you chances of using your over 20+ years’ experience in the industry won’t get you the job position of your dream. Words go around quickly. And when the news says you are slacker, you can’t be anything other than a new entry staff.

This is why I posit that most preachers should volunteer in mainstream work to know organizational ethics and efficiency, and close their mouth for at least 24-hours a day to know stuffs about efficient performance. Perhaps they would not take their preaching for granted to stoke strife and plant evil curse into their ancestry. Media control is not ministry. People eventually come around to what matters and in the end you get to know what is called “real” failure. As a “boy”, stop chasing the wind of controversy. The spirit of a man always seeks its best IDENTITY. In the end, you are working down for those Masters you throw under the bus. (Smiles…). The world would eventually seek their IDENTITY. Doing evil in the limelight is you working down for those Masters you betrayed. It’s a sharing economy and words go around quickly. Those you taught how to betray others would end up betraying you. It’s an unconsciously laid-down ministry culture. I saw this anomaly in my many years of studying ministerial scandals and swore never to be disloyal. Ask even satan, he knows I am loyal. Consistency of peddled attacks doesn’t stop me initiating this reconciliation by “playing god” FIRST. It’s not lack of independency; it’s obedience to God. Anointing won’t give you this. This is one of the reasons God loves me specially. You have two choice: Let God tolerate you for disenfranchising His ONLY asset (humans) till He matures a replacement or let God love you till YOU plant His DOX: Inclusive Dominion on earth. I’m not surprised I entered into DOX-on-Earth in that #2014DivineCalendarYear .

Friends, don’t look down on people. The more you do it, the more your TRUE legacy erodes. Though ancestral bondages can stop one from knowing those that genuinely love you, awareness of this fact is the first step to entering into glory by the instrumentality of uprooting this evil ancestral root(s). I want people to sing of the name of your God and you appear in their midst like Apostle Babalola and Bro. Hagin. It is well….

This is one key reason many women are not yet married and can’t stay in marriage. Not that the “romantic” love withered away, but the voices in their ancestry terminated their joy.

Have you ever wondered why God did not take you (“a boy”) away for doing 1000 times attack of God’s Elect than that fellow Bahamian? (Laughter…) He left you to work down for His Supernatural-humanist(s). That’s why you don’t see me pray for my “sworn-enemies” to leave this earth. They would gnash with their teeth. Not every minister would tell you this, kid. I shouldn’t be telling you this so you would be gamed and lose, but I’m not like that. Of what use is your failure to me? Nothing! I’m God’s Supernatural-humanist. Your story doesn’t add me. I operate from the inside-out.

Friends, failure to be honest are why politicians and mainstream business owners and executives can game most us Pastors. You’ve got to get to a level big city boss and others know they can’t bring dishonesty to the table of your ministry. Don’t play with them. Some things can’t just be entertained around you. For instance, I don’t listen to messages that distort facts as well the Bible on the whims of a few ministers’ emotions. When you THINK PRESIDENTIAL you can’t ever be a Proletariat again. Even God would be saluting you and confirming it with messages from supernatural saints in the Heaven.

There is something off-putting when there are discrepancies and no sequence in the humanity of a preacher. I’m a preacher, so, it irritates me when I see the energy devoted to such waste. Repulsed, I had to go to God with all of my gifting to hear, see and demonstrate what FORGIVENESS really and truly is and what it isn’t. In the end, I embodied three of them in real life. The benefits after it are just proof that God’s tutelage doesn’t fail.

Friends, if we get it right, Muslims and Christian nations won’t be engaging in senseless wars.

If you are a Supernatural-humanist, nations won’t be enriching themselves with nuclear weapons. The world would always want peace not strife so long as you are on earth. Your every 10,000 hours count.

Let’s face this reality. We in The Ecclesia have allowed our rift and laziness miss this clear goal. And now, the world is begging for Supernatural-humanists. We should have been doing this a long time ago. The stubborn powerless and “vain” pastors should have had something in their brain telling them those motivational books and their trip to the Western Hemisphere doesn’t mean that those nations are blessed. A reset should have been done in their first 5-years, but no – still in their more than 20 years yet still inefficient. See what’s happening. Instead of sharing values, the demons in the books they read make them share fraudulently staged Bible values; instead of inclusive dominion mandate, they share victim tears about not being praised; instead of peace, they share controversy; instead of love, they share murderous hate; instead of raising Supernatural-humanists, they raise divisive authoritarians. I saw one of his authoritarian unconsciously behaving like him. Then I had to advise him on why such behaviour makes open to satanic destruction. You can’t build anything substantial on controversy. Let’s fear God. The awe of God would make you not humble. Wonderment at the majesty of God is what would make you never to stand on any altar, including yours, to attack people. If you still insist after close to three years of appeal, well you can do it till you are filled and belch then continue to feed that masquerade on your altar.

Also, the powerful ministers should have expanded their intellectual width and stop waiting for hero-worship. This “pull strategy” is why mainstream leaders and Western ones see these set of genuine ministers as schemers; which they aren’t.

Now is the time for another identity: God’s Supernatural-humanist! Lift up your hands and shout this: …

“Father, make me Your Political-Moses, in the name of JESUS!”

The Tripod of Forgiveness

There are no spare parts in life. No second return. Below are the tripods forgiveness to become God’s Supernatural-humanist sits on.

  1. The Spirit of Atonement
  2. The Spirit of Inclusivity
  3. The Spirit of Adoption

The Spirit of Atonement

Forgiveness is a precursor for God’s atonement; and God’s atonement simply means His judgment by the mystery of the blood.

Therefore, clarify this: Atonement is not and never forgiveness.

Ace-The-case: Quenching the Witchcraft spell of reputational damage

Towards leaving the bank some years ago I had an encounter with a witch. Yes, a witch. I never knew she was one until she, by herself, out of outburst gave me a hint to scare me. I laughed. A witch in the financial sector… in the mainstream arena? (Smiles…).

Whilst in a prayer session, God’s prophetic word-of-knowledge (an on-the-spot) fished out a classy lady who was infected with HIV/AIDS. Radiant lady you would say. Unfortunately, satan had set a timely arrow of death upon this lady. It happened that as she entered her office and about taking her seat, something prompted her and she looked underneath her table. She saw a live bird. Alarmed, she staggered back then took the dead bird and burnt it. No prayers, no decree of the Word…, before you know what was happening, this cautious woman was sacked for her HIV/AIDS status. All this knowledge by God’s on-the-spot ministration! She confirmed all that was and prayer of faith was offered. To God be the GLORY alone, she was delivered.

Friends, evil sits in your work place. Therefore, you must move from just being exempted to becoming God’s Supernatural-humanist ORDAINED to take over demonized territories (mainstream franchise) fearlessly!

My smile towards that Christian lady was not a plea so as not to be devoured. I love laughing at satan’s minions dare. If I can deal with satan, how much more these little kids…

Get to a level Angels salutes you: “And one Angel said, ‘Oh Daniel, a man greatly beloved in Heaven!” (Daniel Chapter 10 verse 19).

Imagine 500 plus more Angels saying it rhythmically? Please wake up… This is the hour to get it right.

My smile to her back was a statement that had this “little girl” known me she wouldn’t dare challenge my living on this earth. They know you but you’ve not started living in FAITH! Witchcraft powers see you, they see fear.

Unassuming lady who goes about sharing one famous local young and modern ministry’s devotional and then goes about speaking in tongues (that is, Glossolalia) to depict her service for God. Unknown to many of us, up her sleeves was not just a jealous streak but a lethal blood-sucking vendetta. Seeing my record had surpassed hers and much older colleagues, she went on a vengeful “Jupo” job of destroying my reputation before my boss and some of my colleagues. I mean she would stand up from her seat and start her daily unassigned job of bad-mouthing me before people. Satan made their shared hate their glue. But guess what, I was too unaware to know this until the last minute. You will remember that as stated in RE: HILLARY’S MATCH TO HER IDENTITY, I was just too busy to know this petty stuff. Idling away was just beyond me. It was when I started seeing my boss’s reaction I got a clue that a Pandora’s Box has been set for me. Of course, I was as humanly possible, pissed but still maintained formal relationship. [A “hello” to your sworn enemy keeps malice from you; give your greetings to anybody whether it’s received or not. This does not mean you guys are friends or acquaintances. It only shows civility].

She was having the fun of her life: Her effrontery to rub it on my face and make a public mockery before me didn’t shake me. Then one night… always one night of the King’s judgment, God did the unusual. At 4:30am, He woke me up and showed me who I was really dealing with; she’s no ordinary person. She was a person who specializes in eating and destroying people in their witchcraft coven; she was a witch. God presented her case before me to judge: Clemency or justice? I didn’t answer God. He waited and I didn’t answer Him. Had I replied God it would be fatal justice. Then He caught off the vision.

Friends, forgive people. Forgiveness is a small price to pay for the Hand of God to work.

I got to the Island’s headquarter at about 6:40am to resume for the day. Blessed my seat and sat down, only for a snitch (a colleague who’d mastered the art of taking what I said and didn’t say to her) to come before me in gossipy swagger. Interestingly he was a man. A man! I remember I was too focused to know their “snitching-enterprise”. Guess what… this snitch is a strong disciple of that loose-lips controversial Pastor Jupo. I pity constituents caught in the web of strife the Jupos have sown.

A snitch would always produce a snitch. Retract going down that road.

It was still this same fellow (her friend/loyalist) that still gave me an early morning scoop that this lady had a terrible miscarriage right in the midnight and wasn’t coming to work. News travels faster than we know.

Quickly, I heard God say to me that that was His judgment on that witch: It was either me or her priciest possession. My supernatural-humanist mind rushed to the generator room to drown my tears for this saga. I cried on why God would do that. I wept for her. I continued until what God told me sank in: It was either me or her priciest possession. Her blood-sucking and flesh-eating self was the target, but her loss was a collateral damage and a warning. Watch this: I later learnt that had I said anything that judgment night, she would never wake up again. Because that night was a night in their witchcraft coven they decided I either stay alive an imbecile or die.

Friends, you are too important for God’s DOX: Inclusive Dominion for this earth to be left undelivered. Hear me: God has a timetable on your life. And no man, no woman can stop it, in the name of JESUS!

On her return this woman who in her magisterial walk and scorn started bowing before me and greeting me before I greeted her, honoured me before people not because she loved me but because God gave her a little motivation.

Forgiveness is power!

Witches won’t ever be compelled by your compassion but by YOUR power. Witches see their fellow humans as foolish, because they have a mirage kingdom under the earth – that is, the devil’s SMK (satanic marine kingdom). Witches understand me very well. You can taste any man’s passion mile away. A man/woman with God-led passion is too convinced about God! There’s no witch or satanic powers that can mistake/doubt my passion. It looks like their hardened dedication to their master’s kingdom. The differential is that mine is for God, theirs is for satan. Be alive friends. There is world beyond the romantic The Eiffel Tower, Paris or this city I’d for years long for: Venice.

Beloved, it’s the Yuletide season, package forgiveness down for people [and Trump], in advance, so that God can take over the reign of judgment. If you don’t forgive, the curse meant for the offender would also be upon you. When I saw hypocritical Jupos preach forgiveness, I laughed. You see, when forgiveness is used as a game theory card, even a baby can call it what it is: Fraud. You did wrong and you are using the Gospel’s key tenant to “saintify” [sic] yourself as the first to “move on”. (Laughter). You don’t know punishment awaits you. (Smiles…). THE TRUTH of the Gospel is fun, you know. Hallelujah! (Smiles).

See, the blood of JESUS Christ won’t give you amnesia to forget evil done to you especially when there is no public apology done [so their students learn on the dangers of God’s punishment]. You can forgive, but you can’t forget [easily]. Scars would always be scars. Listen; the humanitas within me told me that if I don’t package forgiveness down for people, many nations would suffer tomorrow. That President of that nation would too.

Friends, forgiveness is indicative of the colour of your mandate. It’s what adds colour to your mandate even as a politician.

Should I surprise you… God was telling me clearly by His prophetic that His atonement is different from His forgiveness. He said, “My atonement is My judgment, not forgiveness.” He went further explaining to me what He meant by saying that, “When I see the blood is when I pass over.”

Atonement is God’s Passover; Passover is God’s Judgment.

And God’s judgment creates a dividing partition between THE BLESSING of the LORD for you His child and the curse for those that attack you.

To be cursed by God is to be punished. Don’t ever for\get this. If you are always in the supernatural, you would see that God punishes those He loves. That the BLESSING of the LORD outweighs His punishment does not mean God tolerates His children’s destruction of humanity. God is your father; you are His child. He would upbraid you. Every day is not candy and ice-cream, you must grow up.

You are NOT fatherless: When God’s children – Israel were in Egypt during the ten plagues, the spiritual realm created a partition between Egypt and the Israelites living in Goshen, yet in the same land: THE BLESSED and the cursed. And when atonement came by the blood of the symbolic lamb [of JESUS] Prophet Moses told Israel to apply it on their doorposts. This was so because God wanted to recompense the hurt done on His children by the royal House-of-Pharaoh for over 400 years. Insane instruction it was, but a foreign policy tool appended to the supernatural “Right Hand of God” on earth’s governance at that time. What was going on, unseen to the masses and Pharaoh (the messenger of satan), was a battle between the gods the Egyptians worshiped: “Re” – the sun god down to “Nut” – the sky goddess and God’s Angels. It was a battle, and legalizing same sex marriage wasn’t going to flip victory for Pharaoh. God was/is in-charge! Thank God we have a better blood in JESUS which speaks better than the blood of those lambs in Egypt.

Beloved, Atonement is the final straw that would break the devil’s back. Therefore, quickly forgive and let God judge. Your forgiveness is delaying God. Package forgiveness down and see if God won’t place His curse on them. Got that trick? Punishment comes when you are under a curse. Therefore, run away from that tabernacle of curse into the tabernacle of blessing. No human taught me this concept. I heard God. In my research, I found that the epistemology on this subject have all but been hypocritical opinions. You see someone teaching love and forgiveness getting jealous. It doesn’t tally. It’s nasty and wrong. You live out what you preach. Your words are supposed to be taken as holy. Remember, satan is strategic and intentional to create division.

When you don’t forgive, the doorpost of your HEART won’t have the atonement of the blood of JESUS, the lamb of the world. And that is dangerous. So, the punishment reserved for the cursed is also balanced on your head.

Atonement is God saying, “I want to fight for YOU”; forgiveness is you saying, “God, I’ve stepped aside, fight!”

(Smiles…). Hallelujah!

Which devil now wants to fight God’s children? (Smiles…).

It is written as God’s Edenite Agenda: …

“… Cursed be everyone that curseth you, and blessed be he that blesseth you.” – Genesis 27:29

Play your part in forgiveness and let God play His part in atonement. Simple.

You forgive lest the curse swallows you: THE COVENANT, God’s Edenite Agenda, answers to atonement of the blood of JESUS! Forgiveness is a small price to pay, not necessarily because you are fan of the wicked, but because you are THE BLESSED of the LORD. Blessed people don’t fight. That’s petty.

How many of you want to relate with Israel? _________________. Good. Also correct her when she is wrong. You all know that this Zionist Israel, with the Red-shield’s influence, is not the right Israel stated in the Bible. Any “money changer” that wants to open a vault in hell cannot lead Israel to her glorious destiny and her Messiah. Another Christ is anti-Christ. What we need in the White House is a government sympathetic to the MENA peace and global equality. Unfortunately, the American masses are clueless about the times, seasons and laws satan is heavily invested in.

When a witch kills your spouse, children or take your job from you, you don’t fight. In fact, you might be fighting the wrong person when the real witch is far away. Even if your guess is right, you don’t use physical weapons or engage in insults. That’s you fighting the battle God should have fought then losing or extend the mercy of the offender. Instead, what you do first [remember] is to forgive. Then go into warfare prayers and/or fast.

It is written: …

“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother as something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar.First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift. ‘Settle matters quickly with your adversary who is taking you to court. Do it while you are still with him on the way, or he may hand you over to the judge, and the judge may hand you over to the officer, and you may be thrown into prison. I tell you the truth, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.” – Matthew 5:23-26

Why God wants you to forgive who offended you is that you’re already under a curse that need delivering.  When thy brother offends you, go and reconcile otherwise both of you share in that curse.

Un-forgiveness hands you over to satan’s curse meant for whoever offended you. Forgive and don’t be entrapped!

Your prayers and confession in His BLESSED presence won’t work if you come in cursed and unrepentant. Already a curse is on folks for 20+ years that denied entering the majestic presence with hate in their inside. To partake of the offender’s hate equates you with the curse God has as justice for him/her. It means, when you don’t forgive, the curse meant for who offended you becomes your lot.

The Spirit of Inclusivity

We were created to love. That is why we seek love and want to give that love away.

This means people have the innate ability to forgive Trump, but for Heaven’s sake, if he wants people to stop remembering all his deliberate wicked rhetoric, he’s got to have self-discipline and stop behaving like one demonized by his ancestry and deliberate deeds.

Trump has done a lot of bad things, but like I keep saying: Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past. As for Hillary, she has never for once asked for forgiveness in her life day and yet her Elitist mind is claiming she’s higher. That’s deceit to the masses. But as for you, the hurt, be the FIRST to forgive; be first to transmit aura and grace. This is because forgiveness is a tool for conflict resolution. It heaps coals of fire [from God’s altar in Heaven] on their heads and God shall REWARD you. Proverbs Chapter 25 verse 22. Only an irredeemable devil would resist this effect.

Forgiving FIRST is no ecumenical steps but Inclusive Dominion (DOX) of the 8+ billion people on earth over the chaos and uncertainty of hell.

It is written: …

“But seek ye FIRST [not second, not third], and His righteousness; and ALL THESE [progressivism and materialism] THINGS people are dying to get shall be ADDED to you.” – Matthew 6:33

If you are FIRST than God you are privileged. For unto you shall be THE FIRST INCLUSIVE DOMINION. [Both you, your family and ministries].

  • When you are FIRST, you don’t fight. That is why anybody that fight in my ministry is automatically suspended into at least 3-months of deliverance to know why being a demon-possessed Jupo is NEVER a culture we accept or entertain. [Rules are for people with no self-discipline in spirit and in conscience].
  • When you are FIRST, God would ADD and entrust you with global leaders [that would take many disobedient children to die for]; knowing YOU are going to take care of them in His absence.
  • When you are FIRST, FIRST DOMINION reality becomes your natural habitat. You realize that you don’t struggle and waste funds away in controversy.
  • When you are FIRST, God would personally take interest in fellowshipping with you, such that you and onlookers would see that you are living in the Bible times.
  • When you are FIRST superiority becomes your character and that’s the ultimate character; not faked character demonstrated on the pulpit and TV.

Apologizing FIRST does three things:

  1. Apologizing first shows you are superior, while the hateful one stays inferior.
  2. Apologizing first and sincerely, you stay high while the other stays low. From recent ongoing, Trump and Hillary are both low. And they’ve both always been low. Apologize and let the world see your humanity.
  3. Apologizing first shows you are NOT insecure. Therefore you can’t ever entertain any conspiracy theory that if you do, the wicked person might use your “humanitas” against you. Yes – evil people have no good in them to do good things. They might burn their self to give you their entire “success”, but because evil lies deep in their soul, they can’t do good. That is why know how to use apology as a game tool/card against you.
  4. Apologizing first shows your heart is a forgiving heart; pure, seeking for peace – not witch-hunts. For instance; if your wife does ANYTHING, won’t you be the first to apologize so that your family works? If it fails, it is you God would hold responsible.

Don’t ever forget this: Every father has a duty to take every members of his family to Heaven; while a Pastor has a duty to lead at least 20,000 to Heaven. I heard this sharp and clear and confirming it in His Word in Psalm Chapter 68 verses 17. Go teach it anywhere and see result.

It is written: …

“The chariots of God are twenty of thousand, even thousands of Angels driving each chariot: JESUS, the Lord, is among them, as He was in Mount Sinai [then no Zion], He made an Holy place.” – Psalms 68:17

The above-mentioned showed 40,000 plus. Do the math: One chariot carries at least three: one driving Angel, your spouse and you. Please, don’t divorce.

Friends, as a pastor, you still have a lot of work to do if you have a billion Congregants and not all of them are making Heaven. It’s better to dedicate your T.I.M.E to 20,000 quality “disciples as of old” than have quantities that are contributing to the world’s terror and uncertainty. The problem of The Ecclesia is their boast about the crowd. Don’t they know anything about the concept of “mixed-multitudes” again? In later series I would tell you of the danger of praising yourself about mixed-multitudes. Why even praise yourself in the first place?

Before these mysteries, I always knew that forgiveness births aura. This I learnt from my mother whilst growing up as a kid. She didn’t say: “Son, today’s lesson is on forgiveness. Take a note and learn.” NO – her authenticity is just too tangible to believe. The woman is angelic. I could almost see her face as I think of her. And friends, my parent are the most forgiving person ever on earth. Their authenticity is compelling. For instance on my mother [in this Hillary series], I grew up seeing people betray and hurt her deeply, yet she quickly forgives them when they apologize. In most cases, they won’t apologize, therefore forgive. [God always has a lesson to teach these kind of folks].

I have travelled and met several people, many amongst whom are ministers and I’ve never seen a human with this heart of God. Contrastingly, I have seen ministers who lynch people with their hate. This woman can’t hurt a soul. I grew up seeing people betray this woman. It was later I understood why: My destiny! She used to say something to us as kids, “Those that always say: ‘I’m sorry don’t ever change’.” With this reality, she reinforced her reason to keep forgiving people in advance rather watch them hurt her any more than they’ve already had. Her hurt comes because she loves the most. She’s a hearty mother who taught her kids how to be hearty. She doesn’t give small love, she give 200% love. This is where I learnt to forgive cynics time and again.

Alas, look beyond the perfection of the “hurter” [sic]. May I ask: “Is it your JOY to forgive the person in hell?”

I rather desire Trump’s punishment by God on earth, never in Hell; I desire Hillary’s punishment by God on earth, never in Hell. There stubbornness is a small thing. Let’s look beyond that. When POWER passes power as seen above, witches obey. A witch has no option but to bow to the power of God! That is the hope and tenets of reconciliation. What a beautiful world that day would be.

Friends, train your children very well. (Smiles…). I remember she often calls me Santa Claus/”Father Christmas” because I always give my all (money and time) to outsiders. I smiled… compared to her I’m still learning. This mother has raised people and blessed them all her life. It was automatic for all her kids to be extremely generous.

I went through this similar instance on a global scale because of you. I can teach it in anointing and in gifting, in faith and patience, in blood and in perseverance. All because ‘am a PRODUCT of God’s special grace. I lived it out day and night for your sake. You must never forget these mysteries. The last thing humanity would learn is obedience. Rebellion can’t crush obedience. I would teach this in 3Rs.

Now, did those people she pointed out later change? No – they are still the way they are. But one thing is certain, they’ve all grown older to realize that she is the only one who truly cares and genuinely loves them. They don’t joke with her. She isn’t the first but all sees her as not just first, but their mother. They can do anything for her. If she says jump they ask how high. Despite all these, her best friend still remains her kids, especially my baby sister – our only sister.

So, when I saw that weak-willed female supposed Republican on that news network act like a paid attack dog declaring Trump as irredeemable I wonder if there’s anything else other than his weakness that can’t match her to his office and tell him to his face. You are not crusading for women tearing one man apart. Are you saying all Hispanic men are saints or that all the fraternal order Republicans that form the GOP or any party in America are saints? When I saw the demon of hate in that woman I knew what’s motivating this woman isn’t her work for the fraternal orders but a witchcraft spirit dominating her. Yet, that News network enjoys it. She’s not in for the cheap wins, but the division. Demons are powerful ONLY in human host. Outside of this, demons are useless. Her hate even seared the party establishment [by recommending her country’s Speaker – a Republican, who had been in support of their Party choice for long] to abandon Trump. And the fellow did.

(Smiles). Demons also give strength. (Smiles…) When someone is resolutely stubborn, there is nothing you can do to save that person. Everything is not about ancestry or witchcraft initiation so as to appeal to people to CHANGE their way. As we earlier said, one of the many instances of demonic entrance to make a person an irritable mentally possessed version is by demonic Machiavellian books. People know what they are doing. When demonically seduced, they read these demonic books that look so sweet in controlling people. It means your study books are your tickets to d=satanic domination.

What brought you Machiavellian stolen “progress” today can’t help you today.

When the mental department of a human soul is defeated, the floodgate of hell possesses the human host. It changes from obsession with demonic content to possession by demons. And this is where the Enlightenment Deist Founders of the U.S. Constitution were soundly defeated. The “god-of-reason” also called The Creator, The Supreme Being, et al finished their minds to create a form of government that disenfranchised God from the polity. That these men created the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights doesn’t make their person saintlier and their brains immune to doctrines of demons [than President Nixon and others].

The world is changing, and you are still FAR from God. Reading demonic contents only clogs the pipe of God’s supernatural flow into your life. Well, it would become clearer to Americans when they vote in the wrong person. Regrettably, Americans would lick their wounds for their flirtation with demonic syllabus. [More on the academic expose in THE CAPITOL epistle. Get ready].

American citizens as well as the world have got to live by the forgiveness doctrine they feed their kids on TV/radio/social media, synagogues, church, and mosques.

We already know I can’t ask why didn’t that woman take her “grievances” to Trump, privately. We also know that we can’t ask why didn’t she reject that News biased TV opportunity to spotlight on a person that has asked for forgiveness for the first time in his political life as irredeemable. We’ve now established that getting people to hate is part of the today’s dirty journalism.

What we need ask that woman is this: “After asking for forgiveness [again] for an utterance he made 11 years ago, should Trump appease you with a goat for you?”

Room633: Staying Together

Her attack is no more conservative politics I know Reagan “managed” to do. If it is, you’ve to question the doctrine in the churches these folks attend. This is why you must always remember that…

The Spirit of Inclusivity is the Spirit of God’s Kingdom on earth, without violence. And God’s will is His kingdom.

The Spirit of Inclusivity is God saying, “I’m going to give you whatever it takes for you to become whatever I have ordained you to do.

The Spirit of Inclusivity is God’s heart transfusion in you: God thinks you think, Go dreams, you dream, God speaks, you speak

The Spirit of Inclusivity is God confirming that He believes in you because you are too inclusive. He knows you can help man to come up to Him.

When you are FIRST, you look for inclusivity.

“Me lo ni wa ti JESU bi ti ama ja?


How many are we that God begat through the death, resurrection and ascension of JESUS for us to for Heaven sake be divisive??

The Church is not one bit ready for Christ’s return. Can we all (8+ billion folks) have a beautiful heart again?


Sing this song: …

{Hallelujah for the LORD our God, the Almighty reign!} /21X

The Spirit of Adoption

In this part of the world, if your parent offends you, you would be the one to forgive them. Now, this sounds un-Western and definitely off-putting. You can’t radicalize inclusivity away. This is where the West misses it. Respect for your parent does not make you authoritarian. Rather, rebellion to your parent is a witchcraft reality. No matter how dysfunctional or functional they are, you have no right disrespecting them. Otherwise, your children would do same to you.

If you beat your father with a belt, your children would in the future beat you with a baseball bat. It’s not an assertion but a laid down curse you, yourself, created.

Prayer of the soul is better than prayer of the mouth. And satan knows this. If it’s not FAMILY FIRST, know your nation and everything around you would decay. The fall of family is what is leading to institutional failure and legalization of same-sex marriage dysfunctional parents are helpless on removing from their ward. Instead, their fallen arms is made them rationalize the situation and given up on their children entering THEIR before-Genesis IDENTITY. [There are so many things the next epistle – The 3Rs has to explain. Hallelujah!]

I once heard someone said I don’t want to vote in anybody that thinks they can pray away same-sex legalization. Her fans celebrated her every of her sentiment. But looking at this lady, I realized that she is even a Gay but struggling to have true love. She doesn’t have God’s Spirit of Adoption. She’s lonely and doesn’t know the love of God. And that is I made sure I pour out the following encounters/cases. I know that at the end, she and those that share this rebellious sentiment manufactured by satan would run to God saying: “Satan, leave me alone and let me go to God, my Father!”

Friend, if you want to make Heaven have God’s Spirit of Adoption.

Spirit of Adoption Third and lastly, forgiveness is a guarantee for God’s into Heaven.

Ace The Case: The Morning Post

You know what God calls me? “My prophet… and so on,” but “My son…” takes it all.

Recently, I heard God audibly say to me: “My son, I have punished ‘A’ for your sake for that evil done against you. Now, for the sake of My ordained ‘XYZ’ I told you on December 28 last year, do 1, 2, and 3. He is thinking of you right now because I told him XYZ is My plan. I am with you. I would never stop talking My son… I would never stop talking My son… I would never stop talking My son….”

You mean God reprimand? Yes – He does, and in a mysterious way. Who God calls His son/daughter He reprimands.

Again I heard God say, “Now you see that there’s both an anointing and a personality that joins you two.”

But prior to that I heard God but resisted it for months. Why go to such person? I’m already a force God made hell to recognize. I had everything going on to tell the world He alone did it, yet God wanted His plan. The “I am not getting any younger idea” went out the window. JESUS’ joy stepped in. How do I mean? Simple: My times and seasons are in God’s hand. Listen; whoever or whatever you are, don’t follow your machismo like that vile Jupo. Follow God’s direction instead. It’s very clear and a child can see it: Your time and season are before God. Being independent is sweet. My cerebral brain desires it and is it. However, of what use is that brain when it blocks God’s time and season. You know what; we humans are by nature too selfish. When next you blame Hillary and Trump, take a look at yourself in the mirror…. Would you do the same?

Beloved, until you become childlike, not childish, is when you come into your Heavenly DOX inheritance on earth. May I ask, “How did we grow up forgetting God behind?” We learn more going back to the Mid-18th Century in this “THE CAPITOL: Re-scripting the Goat Diary.” The fall of satan – the “god-of-reason”!

“… I would never stop talking My son… I would never stop talking My son… I would never stop talking My son….”

I heard this clear, super! The higher you go the higher your worth before your spouse. Think about it: Your spouse is God’s child. God won’t give out His daughter or son to someone who hasn’t allowed His Spirit of adoption to aid their ordained purpose. Without the divine direction as God’s adopted son/daughter IN Christ, you would walk from Timbuktu to Alaska running around chasing the wind and destroying the destiny of your spouse and kids.

To not do God’s DOX for personal ministerial goal is beyond being a Debtor to God; it’s a fatal loss in glory and His eternal legacy.

Listen; You have a relationship so deep with God that anyone who does evil to you becomes a debtor to the justice in God’s Spirit of adoption. Why? Because they are debtors to His DOX will. To be a Debtor to God’s DOX will is better than being a debtor to the flesh – that is, satan’s progressivism and materialism/utilitarianism; if you fall into the latter you die a second death in hell. Therefore, avoid it.

No matter how powerful and established you are, if you don’t have God’s Spirit of Adoption, you won’t make Heaven. I know I’m going to Heaven because He calls me His son by His Spirit of adoption. Spirit of Adoption is for sons and daughters who don’t practice witchcraft of progressivism and the idolatry of materialism.

For instance, when starting the journey to getting my wife by seeing her parent, I had planned to go on Tuesday but then I heard God later say, “Go on Thursday.” As the week drew closer, I saw that that Tuesday I’d logically planned was not even feasible. I was still busy working until Thursday midnight. The littlest time I had the prior day – that is, Wednesday was when I had the time to groom myself. Now, imagine I’d gone with my reason looking rough on Tuesday….

It is written: …

“Therefore, brothers, we are debtors—not to our sinful nature, to live according to it. For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if become a debtor to the Spirit which raised Christ from the dead, you automatically put to death the misdeeds of the body; therefore, you will live; because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons/daughters of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage to fear; but you have received the Spirit-of-sonship/daughtership [sic], so that by this Spirit of sonship/”daughtership” you can like His child cry, “Abba, which means Father,” and He will [not would] listen.

— Romans 8:11-15

This is why there was clemency for that “X” minister [and much more benefits coming his way]. We have a lot to bless the world for! There must be détente amongst ordained powers – never amongst the Brutuses/Jupos. There must be détente in The Ecclesia. Hillary and Trump must learn to get along no matter what. You need not fight anybody. Rather, be a friend of God’s “DOX will” for your Era and step into GREATNESS. To be reprimanded by God – YOUR Father – is better than what satan has got to offer. Many are in ministry for almost 30 or more years and aren’t God’s sons and daughters by deliberate acts. That’s tragic. If they aren’t, what were they all these decades?

God knows His children, His gift asides. God has favorites. And that’s why I would say, my dear beloved, God wants to call you: “My son… My daughter…” He is YOUR Father!

Ace The Case: The Evening Post

Long time ago, one busy Sunday night for us I got gotten home almost 11:00pm. Went to bed afterwards when kid brother stepped in. We were both deep in sleep, when exactly at 2:00am, not 2:01am, not 1:59am, but 2:00am God woke me up with a dream about a fire burning in the Nazi death camp. In it were the abomination done to Jews. I saw this on goings: Some lost their lives and God pulled many out. I woke up heavy in my spirit why see such startling vision. My experience prior to that never had anything to sitting down to study about that unfortunate historical event until this writing. I then walked out of my room to the kitchen to get water from the refrigerator only to see the gas cooker burn down the soup my brother and I had just made two days before: Saturday. The soup burning was not it; the fact was the house was going to get burn down and we the two occupants didn’t know.

Glory to God!

Beloved, our destiny is to be called into the Commonwealth of God’s children in the Abrahamic Covenant by the mystery of the blood – The Blood of JESUS. Humans lack the capacity to meet God half way and God had to kill His only begotten Son (a God) JESUS to fulfill that mandate. How come a young man who is efficient didn’t simply put it in the refrigerator to warm it when he wakes up? (Smiles). Same way witchcraft hold their meeting at that midnight hour is the same way they held their meeting to determine the number of people that would stay alive in the Nazi elimination camps.

Holocaust is a satanic environmental domination from Hell. Hitler was just the devil’s tool – an occultic grand-master.

Thank God for foresight; thank God for God’s Spirit of Adoption. Real sons/daughters are masters of delayed gratification. They aren’t clueless about God’s Governance. God’s DOX isn’t something you can’t make a head or tail out of. You are His son/daughter! God doesn’t speak in the dark. Of what benefit is your confusion to Him? That is why the manifestations of the sons of God in a time the world is groaning for answer won’t come being rebelliously Goatish. Half the world’s map from my Country to Pakistan is at war. Columbia recently signed a peace treaty with the FARC rebels, yet it doesn’t mean the perception of terror has been quashed. Living in hysteria about is worse than the reality of terror.

How God brought that would be President under my tutelage is unbelievable. It’s called Spirit of Adoption. Spirit of Adoption is God meeting you half-way.

Spirit of Adoption is the most crucial blessings any man/woman, government leader can have.

This means when you have God’s Spirit of Adoption, you won’t be stranded, confused and endangered. Not every Israelis were rescued from Hitler’s grip. For instance; the alternative to justice is not military might or governmental devious policies. The alternative is a spiritual invocation of God’s might on who has held your nation hostage. You don’t need to sue Saudi Arabia or anybody. That’s a negative policy. America, like every nations of the earth, needs to make God and His Angels assigned over them walk this earth again. You heard me say it that my ministry has 500 Angels. We need more. Imagine such number in America…. No need for nuclear enrichment. Americans and the world need to go back to God, their Father. When you give witches where and what you are in God by adoption, they bow!

[We learn more of this in 3Rs’ THE FOUNDATION].

Your life is too important that killing a God – King JESUS was what was needed to be adopted into God’s sworn covenant with Abraham. He wants to meet you and your nation half-way. Are you ready to forgive and be forgiven?


But now, whatsoever you are, quickly enter adoption into it by repeating after me:

“Father, I am home. Father, I am here to meet you half way. Accept me as your son/daughter today. I have disobeyed you for decades. Now, I’m home. Blood of JESUS do a new thing in my life. I am ready to OBEY You forever. I DECREE: You spirit of rebellion in me come out by Holy Ghost’s FIRE in the name of JEUSS! No more rebellion, in JESUS’ name I pray! Satan,I am no more your candidate for oppression. Ancestral bondage over my life and destiny speaking woe into my life, summersault and die, in the name of JESUS!”

I would be watching this last debate hoping that both  Candidates are adopted in JESUS.

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank and God bless


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