Earth’s Governing Political Ethos – 3Rs.| FAITH OF OUR FATHERS III


Earth’s Governing Political Ethos – 3Rs. | FAITH OF OUR FATHERS III

December, Monday 5, 2016. | S10-of-S21.

1717-2017: The “Old” Political Ethos |
Glorious Reformation vs. Inglorious Revolution: The Conquest of the “New Order” over the “Old Order”; Lock Her up: The New American Revolution; Inglorious Revolutionary Diversion
THE CAPITOL: Re-scripting the Goat Diary; Fishing for America’s BLESSED opportunities; The Judiciary: Lord Cahion’s Seducing “Good men
[Enclosure] THE LIFE OF JOYS:The Final Straw That Breaks the Carmel’s back |ke
WAY FORWARD: The Living Document; Imagination Uncensored: The 1913 Prophet I replaced; THE COVENANT IDEA: Framing the Life of JOYS — God’s Constitution; Shaking Lord Cahion’s Dominance WRT Crushing Division; [INSERT] On Winning the Battle against Divorce

1717-2017: The “Old” Political Ethos

I asked God, “Did Hillary see my tweet on lord Cahion?” He replied me, “She saw it and was shocked I knew about it, but wants to leave their group… because she didn’t win.”

Hearing that, I praised God that Cahion failed her, and she’s joining the “living”.

TONIGHT is your escape!

I love Hillary… We are going to save not just only Hillary but all the members of the four and fifty-five fraternal orders of lord Cahion’s Freemasons.

(Smiles…). I know them. For instance, Trump can’t completely disagree with Obama on all issues. Both should stop leading almost the entire people on earth, who don’t belong to them on. They are the same. They both belong to “The Winggers” [It’s not a misspelt. That’s how God spelt it].

When God— The Almighty said that America would reduce, He didn’t say it because He hates her but because her Foundation (i.e., her Establishment) is [not was] concocted from the coven of witchcraft. These lodges that hold the destiny of America in their palms knows what I’m saying.

For it is written of David to his music ministry about the discourse he had with God in Psalms Chapter 11 verses 1-7: …

In You, LORD I take refuge. Only you know why You said, “Flee like a bird to Your Mountain. Warning… look, the wicked bend their bows; they set their arrows against the strings to shoot from the shadows at the upright in heart. For when the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Now I know… The LORD is in His holy temple; the LORD governs from His Heavenly throne far above earthly thrones. His eyes observe the sons of men [Tongues…]; His more than one eyelid evaluates them. The LORD appraises the righteous with His key performance index (KPI), but the wicked Cahion’s men and the men who love violence His soul hates. On the wicked He, God, shall rain traps, fiery coals of fire, and burning sulfur; and a horrible tempest: this shall be the quota of the cup. For the LORD is righteous, He loves peace, justice and conflict resolution; He stares excitingly at His upright sons and daughter crushing what makes Him sorrowful. These ones shall see His face!

So long as satan has his property in the root of America, satan would keep manipulating the souls of her citizens; even though This Mountain has jailed him for a thousand years on U.S. Election night — November 8-9, GMT+1.

PoserWhy do you think Trump calls Hillary Crooked Hillary? (Smiles…).

Answer: Hillary belongs to “The Mild Crooks” fraternal order.

Listen, I say all these things because I’ve been mandated to say it, after which I’d incarcerated satan by God’s RIGHT HAND in a midnight of conquest, local time (CMT+1).

Guess what, Hillary is closer to knowing God right now than Trump is. I have told God, “Can’t I use my special grace You gave me to negotiate this man’s soul…?” He answered, “He won’t listen to you because he thinks he won by the help of his rebellious clique in his group.”

To have replaced a certain prophet born in 1913 on December 21 — a day after mine, who refused to do the life altering sacrifice it takes to jail satan in exchange for the comfort of that Era shouldn’t be thrown away by this stubborn Trump. The man would have been 100 years this year had he not died mysteriously some decades ago. I came to replace that prophet and can negotiate for the soul of Trump yet God says Trump is too stubborn to be saved. This is why satan—lord Cahion—wanted him dead on November 7, 2016, 24 hours before It would have been a national sorrow for most Americans.

But I hold on to something for his life. God says Trump is yet to see my last Twitter post, but had seen the last post at the Las Vegas debate. I believe he would see this, sit up and change God’s ruling. Therein is where I have hope for his salvation; therein is where I can negotiate for his salvation.

Beloved, sexism, misogynies, racism and bigotry were not the reason why The Establishment men keep calling Trump “dangerous” for America’s mixed Democracy (that is, the Electoral College in the hands of Cahion’s men plus popular Democracy). The reason is because Trump’s existence is a disaster for satan and his governance. Satan knew if Trump wins he would be jailed. Hillary was his best chance of eating 10 more years into Christ’s 1000 years millennial reign re-imagined in 2017. He’d earlier eaten out of it in 2007, the year he should have been locked up in Hell for a thousand years, but that prophet whom I’d replaced was gone and that year was when God delivered the mandate. I was still unprepared though seeing four saints of old — Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah — coming often to tell me my assignment after an 18 months fasting and prayer. And guess what, God allowed satan to continue his reign even though it had expired.

Satan does not have fruits of the Spirit; so are Trump, Obama, Hillary and all the rest Freemasons. None of these men can lie to me. If you lie, I would tell you the day you joined and the place they humanized you into this witchcraft puny Grand Order. As God’s Right Hand on earth, I have a mandate to tell you (these politicians and businessmen) that your confidence in cahion is shattered. I’m not into games. We are going somewhere where the three laws that chained you shall be broken. Satan, I already jailed by God’s Spirit of Grace. Your seduced open societies are no more going to stand. So be humble.

Listen, the reason why most of us in The Ecclesia don’t know this is because most of us talk too much. What you are saying most often doesn’t carry the weight of your spiritual intelligence to the reality happening in the spirit realm. You’re speaking from distorted mainstream facts. Speak from the data God who sees all is dishing out. For instance; if you evaluate all you’ve said in three years, you’ll find out that many of them are destructive and full of hate with violence. But praise God there’s hope: The only way to end talking to much is to pray too much. If you can spend 99% of that time spent on chatting, texting, tweeting and over-talk in conversing with God by His JOYS law, you would be surprised with what you’ve become under His watch. You’ll become a surprise to yourself! See why I don’t do social media…, and not even now.

Satan knew Trump was a disaster right from the start but never knew that the tolerated stubborn ambition of Trump would be his own downfall. Alas, satan (lord Cahion) IS NOT a prophet. God is prophecy, and His eschatological (i.e., DOX) prophets are His mouthpiece on earth.

It is written: …

For God speaketh once, yes twice, yet man perceiveth it not… if there be a messenger with man, an interpreter, one among a thousand to show man his uprightness. Then God is gracious unto that man and said unto His messenger, “Deliver this man from going down to the pit. I have found atonement for him.” — Job 33:14-24

Had satan known that JESUS would be the resurrected King of glory and de facto Saviour of the world, he wouldn’t have killed Him. In the same vein, had he known one of his fraternal sons — Donald J. Trump’s emergence would make Hell is new apartment, he wouldn’t have allowed him run for President [and later win by This Mountain’s saving prayer].

It is written by the Apostle that came to me in person in 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 verses 4-10: …

And my speech and my preaching is NOT with enticing words of man’s philosophical and ideological wisdom, but in the DEMONSTRATION of the Spirit and of power: That your wisdom does not stand on the NEGATIVE “3Rs” wisdom of men, but in the power of God! Although, we speak among divine wisdom about lord Cahion (the lord of shame), his fraternal orders, and the spiritual conquest that jailed satan among them that are spiritually gritted, they were never the wisdom of this world, nor of the The Establishment rulers of this world, that HAVE come to nothing effective November 8, 2016: But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory : which none of the rulers of this world knew: for had they known it, they wouldn’t have killed the Lord of Glory. However as it is written in the Torah, “Eyes has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into heart of man, the secret things (DOX-on-earth for a thousand years — DOX3000) which God has prepared for them that love Him.” But God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit: for the Spirit’s key duty makes Him searcheth all things, yes, the DEEP THINGS of God!

I just heard God say: “Well done!”




There are general one-to-many mysteries for everybody; and specific many-to-one mysteries for you. I’m giving you a never before seen or heard to the carnal mind wisdom that The Establishment who know what they are doing are rattled that I’m giving you. (Smiles…). They are angry! And if you are a member of the Household-of-Faith joining their anger, you don’t know what satan is making you do. Therefore, go on your knees and ask God for forgiveness before it’s too late.

I gave satan a clue on January, this year — Obama’s last SOTU address yet he didn’t know. Why? God blinded his eyes. And when he knew, it was too late. Trump had done a mysterious thing I command everybody to do which he did to the saving of his life from that python that came to swallow him. Had he not obeyed God’s mysterious instruction in the last epistle, God wouldn’t have called my attention to it on the midnight of November 7. Trump knows what he did. (Laughter…).

You are not of this world… you shall not be blind, in the name of JESUS!

Just get ready tonight for an encounter of a lifetime.

Why do you think Hillary and his pollsters were all primed up to celebrate, despite Trump who they knew was supposed to die didn’t go by the help of This Mountain. Yet, they still believe she would win. I believed she would win because I heard God say it, until He summoned me into a prophetic night within 24-hours on Election Day. (Smiles…). Hallelujah! Had she been allowed to win, America won’t reduce this fast; satan would have bought another 10 years into the 990+ years he’d already eaten from (10 years ago). July 21, 2007 (20-days before the Global Recession) could have jailed him, but, like I said, I wasn’t yet into the deep secrets of God back then. That prophet should have stopped this satanic reign before I came to replace him. Little wonder satan did all he could to defeat me in 2013, but I woke up from the dead. God wouldn’t allow me go; I am not that prophet.

Beloved, that 2007/2008 Great Recession was when God by Himself shook the great waters few weeks after that July 21, 2007 vision. The effect was done in the physical. It was there I first saw my identity as David — God’s harasser of satan, the harasser! The one created to jail satan and plant God’s DOX spiritual governance for mankind to govern.

Listen; what you receive from God is revelation, but what you receive from man is information. Praise God! Had I not posted #SheWon, you won’t sit down one day to know how satan was jailed for 1000 years. Friends, we’ve jailed satan for life! Again ask yourself if you are a prophet and/or if you know one.

You need to thank God for Trump’s victory. Trump is indeed a danger to all things The Establishment/Foundation order; an unfit person to govern… who would destroy the witchcraft ethos wherein America’s Deist Founding fathers built the U.S. Constitution upon. The Established/Grand Order knows what I’m saying.

Christian-American patriotic writers and believers would learn to stop believing that the Faith of their Founding fathers was of God — The Almighty. They were Freemasons. And Governance as the Freemasons know it by what This Mountain did before the winner was decided has been torn apart by God’s “scattering mystery” of confounding the Confounder; confusing the Confuser. They know. And Trump’s emergence would decline America fast. Get this: Trump won’t cause this. What would is the Freemason’s witchcraft foundation Tree God revealed wherein the United States is built on to worship the now unfortunate jailed Cahion (the lord of shame). Their master is gone, and God’s strange ants have been sent to eat it into rottenness from the inside till a fresh plant is built on her heaps to plant God’s Tree. This is not allegory. I saw this as God showed me. Keep chewing and heal your land.

The year 2017 is supposed to be a year of UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE CHANGES for all, but Trump’s own stubbornness would wreck both him and America. But it’s needed to start afresh. Every sudden uprooting always causes pain and sorrow to the beneficiaries. Don’t cry. Thank God Hillary didn’t win. Thank God sorrow is now turned to joy. Had she won, her victory could have been a postponement of future eventuality. Trump was just a crazy rebel who stylishly exposed all of his opponents’ cult groups to the goal of winning at the expense of angering satan. Yet, satan thought he was a small thing he could take away. Which is true until, again, Trump did something that made God summon me. Trump wasn’t stupid as the media see him as naming all those opponents. He knew what he was saying. He was simply a loose lip revealing the identity of his Fraternal Order members; through not in close relationship with them. God told me the exact names of their cult order in Cahion’s Freemasons. That is why this election is not about some purported sharply divisive election. It’s a spiritual exchange. It would be unwise to fight a battle you know nothing about. You the masses are the ones that would suffer in the end if you don’t stop this hate.

Therefore, Hillary should kindly please stop crying when her confidence in God was not it from the onset. She should thank God she didn’t further an enmity with God! The latest report from Heaven is that she has every chance to come back again because she feel disappointed the Freemasons didn’t make her win, as calculated and agreed by the locked up lord Cahion.

Poser: But why didn’t she run to The Church (her Methodist upbringing all these years)?

Answer: The risk of obeying The Church almost permanently engaged in the almost permanent great war-of-schism would just be too fatal.

Friends, the greatest war on The Church is the war of schism – a modern Thirty Year War within her. What ruined her were/are the fiefs from certain greedy overtly ambitious characters — students of satan, the “god of reason”. Alas, schism is satan’s inspiration and it shall be crushed TONIGHT!

If there’s one thing that has enabled schism/disunity to cripple The Church…, it’s the lack of hearing DIVINE INSTRUCTION. JESUS talks to her bride (The Church), but they don’t listen because of greedy fiefs. Their reason (the imagination of their heart) simply blanked Him out.

It’s a risk for Freemason’s caged victims (albeit supposed powerful politicians and business men) to obey a divided, dirty and powerless Body of Christ. You want satan—their “Nature’s God”—who created their modern governance to roast them? Why won’t Hillary, Trump, Obama and Co. remain with their “cult of reason” when …

  1. The Church does not have a strong Supernatural Right case (from JOYS law) to defeat their god, Lord Cahion – satan – who is called in transcendent manner [in the U.S. Constitution] as: “Creator of the Universe,” “Nature’s God,” “Supreme Judge of the World,” and “Divine Providence,” as well as “the First Cause,” “the Divine Author of All Good,” “the God of Nature,” “the Grand Architect,” “the Divine Artist,” and [in a phrase used by Benjamin Franklin] “the Author and Owner of our System.”
  2. The Church was chased out of the nation-state because of her hypocrisy and dedicated stealing.
  3. The Church is “supra-llectually”[sic] unfit to bring to churn convincing scientific data from the wisest entity on earth — God, The Almighty; and then formulate “inclusive” pluralistic social contract for governance.
  4. The Church is too religious over their fiefs and blind to lead the way
  5. The Church is divided, shamelessly fight over their daily bread
  6. The Church is like a child that can’t do without short-term fleeting praise. She does not know delayed gratification like the “cult of reason” philosophes and ideologues who planted the formation of the U.S. government, modern France, as well as every nation-state along with the so-called humanitarian organizations.
  7. The Church is already an enslaved student of Francis Bacon’s institutional New Learning. Therefore, there’s nothing beneficial The Church can’t teach these men and women.

Why did The Church doze off for more than 300 years granting these “unfortunate victims” a strong believe in satan as the Creator of mankind? If you sleep for 4 hours isn’t it in-built to say it’s too much? Why 300 y-e-a-r-s?!



Truth be told, We, the divided Body of Christ have really messed up and still messing up; the result being, frustrating the general public. This division, I promised God (when He told me that I have His special grace to unify the Body of Christ in inclusivity) I would end in my lifetime.

The Church in the medieval first century Era wasn’t about a boast of I have a better and successful local church than yours. That’s parochial, and not “glocal” (i.e., global and local). We are talking about governance being at stake here! We were once a united band of long-range ministers. We had convictions that martyred us. The once deeply persecuted Church back then was later by the miraculous RIGHT HAND of God greatly respected among Roman leaders, and much later, respected in Europe. All by JESUS’ hand in their “Glorious “Reformation” through the hand of Emperor Constantine’s conquest, by first showing him a vision of the cross written in sky saying, “In this sign, conquer.”

This exploit in the corridors of powers was the biggest and widest of any monotheistic religion. Judaism, the oldest monotheistic religion ever couldn’t all the more so near that inclusive exploit. How do I mean?

Judaism by default to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was/is a non-inclusive religion: God wanted a “sovereign nation for Himself ” and created folksy heroes like Moses, Joshua, Samson, David, Solomon, Elijah, et al who made the nation hang on to God until they left the scene. [Take this: Nobody is ever going to live permanent on this earth. The task before you accordingly is: Do you want to be institutional or a noise you and your constituency would be known for in history?] These “institutionalized men” (some I’d tirelessly seen celebrating me) held unto God’s prophecy: Hebrew Chapter 11 verse 8, 10: …

“By risky faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, OBEYED; and went out, NOT KNOWING WHERE HE WAS GOING IN AT OUTSET packing his family in a nomadic adventure; but held on to the prophetic mandate, mapping out a city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God — The Almighty.”

The nation of Israel and God: At times, He was excited with them because of their obedience… at other times, He got angry. But something was happening as with every kingdoms and empires during these Ages; the surrounding kingdoms/empires were studying these super-human feats done by these people whose foundation wasn’t built by satan. They kept records to show what the Israelite God was doing on earth through “His people”. [Any one that omits these events are witchcraft revisionist satanic agenda]. These kings studied far; and studied wide. The outcome.? An unfair divine advantage when contrasted with their “toothless” idolatrous demonic-gods’ short-sighted fleeting output. These nations “salivatingly” [sic] watched on, desiring a part of the “non-DOX” Franchise. Then, with much focus, an idea was born: Intermarriage. By inter-marrying the Jews (i.e., God’s chosen children on earth) their dreams came through. But a divine-spoiler came on the secene: Ezra, stating that God rejects this idolatrous integration. And rejection the entire nation did. This single mass enthronement on God’s throne got aborted. All hopes were lost.

Fast-forward into time: My Paul emerged… by single-handedly defeating terrorism’s principalities and powers in the heavens through keeping them under bondage (in his many tours), and then show others how to re-do same grace (in his epistles).

Ladies and Gentlemen, without Paul’s SPECIAL grace the Gentile world wouldn’t know how to defeat terror. DOX (that is, global “inclusive dominion”) was born. By Paul’s Spirit of Grace, kings and leaders were able to do what heroes like Moses, Joshua, Samson, David, Solomon, Elijah, et al could do. Inclusive dominion, he nudged in them in his chronicles to the Essenes community of Arabia, Syria and its surrounding nations, and then down to the Greek and Roman domains.

Think about it: Had Christianity been a theoretical dogma in all these centuries, lord Cahion would have long quashed it long before the Junta English Whig political party members had the gusto to make their secret society an open affair in 1717 modern times; with their the first Grand Lodge made public. DOX, ladies and Gentlemen, is “the answer” to why historians are puzzled by how The Church gained access into the corridors of powers and was celebrated by Constantine’s Roman Empire, Charlemagne’s France, Tudor’s England, and well as the Prussian and other European crown monarchs. All these kings, my friends, testified of God’s divine RIGHT HAND in their conquests.

Solution to the problem: The Christian Gentile priests brought the all elusive God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to mainstream Europe and Asia minor… they became a celebrity. Hallelujah! And that was the error. (Smiles…). As mortal priests came into governance, so was their baggage: idolatrous cultural prejudice and bias with corruption and immorality… all, not pruned under God’s prayer-fire. Of course, spiritual effect not taught then [and resisted by satan]! Centuries later in Paul’s fashion, a distorted version of DOX was born — “a dangerous experiment”: Theocracy with distorted Christianity. European kings and lords by this experiment invented modern “debt slavery” to extract from the masses; an idea along the line of modern culture like Africa where crony leaders wants praise. A break away from all things Christian liberty and ethics by an existing cultural bias and extractive royal government; never in the mold of “Constantine’s JOYS law”.

Then the general public around the English channel (chiefly, Britain and France) got angrier and wanted a break away from Emperor’s Constantine Invention: God-and-State. And the only way to go about it was to use witchcraft stylized as a philosophical concept called “revolution”. In simple ABC, We, The Ecclesia, got beat, and lost to revolution.

Revolution, dearly cherished of God, is NOT a physical war but a spiritual seed spewed out from the “coven of darkness” unto nations.

Listen, Christian kingdoms and empires that lost to this witchcraft revolution were those God stopped listening to because of their “extractive stench”; and not because God — The Almighty was too weak to be walked over upon from the “Glorious Revolution” down to the 18th centuries. If Paul were to live this life again, he would right many wrongs. As you chew on God’s mysteries revealed here, you will realize that the famed Glorious Revolution was in reality an “Inglorious Revolution”. Distorters have succeeded in changing the script of the actors involved. They glorified the Junta Whig party and mummified The [greedy] Church of England. But today, the prophetic time is different… so are the actors. Now, the low is demanding that the high bow to God. Therefore, I am going to as much as possible warn these occultic men celebrating their witchcraft-led victorious revolutions in both war and in mixed governance of the polity till date (by removing God from governance) to think again or be visited by God.

Cahion’s men know what is truth and what is THE TRUTH: Always pretending to be the defender of humanity, these wicked Cahion’s “Freethinkers” know that what is being peddled by the patriotism of the masses that their Revolution was the victory of freedom over the Crown and Christian God’s tyranny was actually God permitting them to punish the greedy divisive clerics for their wickedness on the people!

We’ve jailed lord Cahion by God’s sign. Gone are the days of naiveté by mainstream media lies. God is revealing what mere mortals hid in the dark for more than 300 years! Now is the time to edit their alliance or get judged by God.

Welcome to the antithesis of sorrow… “En-JOY!”

Glorious Reformation vs. Inglorious Revolution: The Conquest of the “New Order” over the “Old Order”.

The World’s concentrated unity and laughter is tangible evidence of God’s JOYS. Go ahead… laugh.

We’ve come too far to not be close to God’s secret in evacuating sorrow from the earth. To this, we are taking down that which steals joy, one-by-one, from 8+billion.


I just saw India…, a sorrowful sight of her economy in the spirit realm. The economic situation of India isn’t just about inequality, but about a retail-like network of gods controlling her. I saw two sides of a world walled off by an invisible barrier: day and night, you would say. One part was physical, the other spiritual. The regular mind could see what was meant to be seen on why the Indian economy is failing: failing infrastructure, poor governance, insecurity, bad health care, et al. I saw India, the physical, as a desert, yet people are the victims. However as I contrasted it with the other world, I saw a manufacturing factory where abominable gods were in-charge producing “debt bondages” for the people; using dispatchers who were men in government to dispatch these sorrows through a distributing chain of networks to the people. And it ceased.

America does not have pure Democracy!

Friend, you celebrate America for having the oldest Constitution. (Smiles…). Would you care to know that the Deists American founding fathers had no other choice but to make Deism monotheism in a monotheistic Christian demography? India occults men had no such obstructionism from a Christian dominant population. For India, it is a free reign of demonic rule: 33+ million gods/demons and counting constitute India’s main religion, Hinduism. Did you just get that…? Americans should thank God for their Puritan culture of repentance which is still crying out to God for help in their [stolen-by-Freemasons] franchise.

How? The Electoral College didn’t just come because the majority Christian demography would within the remaining years of the 18th century (1789-1800) upstage the Constitution by popular votes. All these lies are distortion of what really happened under the watchful eyes of God by Cahion’s media men of the Ages called “The Judges” fraternal order in Freemason! If it isn’t true, are they saying the immigrants coming to America in droves would all be Christians forever… thus, encouraging them to put such permanent document in place? That’s why the limited-foresight pardonable sentiments given these Freemasons Founders for creating such “cryptic institution” is wrong. They knew what they were doing from the onset. They weren’t “un-imperfect” [sic] set of people. They were the implementers of cahion’s governance model prophesied in Daniel Chapter 7. Stop joining Freemasons to create excuse for their perfect behind-the-scene plans. Therefore, no nation in idolatry has pure Democracy.

Look at me, dearest of God; Satan/Cahion can’t afford the earth having pure Democracy. And these Founders knew what this meant to satan! Electoral College came because the “Guardians” of Cahion’s [Zion-like] polis (that is, just city) needed to a model to keep their lord Cahion in American governance. As such the polis idea was born: the United States of America under distorted Constitution.

Putting government in the hands of the masses, by pure popular government (which is Democracy) would have long and quickly chased satan out, but no — revolutionary power was in the hands of Cahion’s men. For all disagreement, the Aristotelian and Stoic school of thought agreed that the interest of Zeus/Jupiter/lord Cahion must triumph all. And so is Cahion’s America. He decides what he wants in America.

So which God’s own country are we talking about? The Deist’s “Supreme God” or “God — The Almighty; the Deist’s “Nature’s God” or Master of the Universe?

What is true for India is true for every idolatrous nation on earth: be it, the one sandwiched with monotheism [worship of one god] or polytheism [the worship of many gods]. You’ve got to know. India is older than America and even Great Britain as superpowers. The deal with polytheism has always been clear: rule forcefully in a polis with reckless abandon because demons decide who govern. Ask Pandit Nehru’s polytheism water worshiping group: “50 Centriquatic of nations.” Also ask Jefferson’s monotheism group: the 455 Freemasonry fraternal orders.


  1. What is God’s solution to the sorrow and guilt from Women’s reproductive right to safe and legal abortion? Solving, not debating, the Roe v Wade and late-term pro-choice ideas is a must!
  2. How does God intend to end the hot war between Russia and “the West” to avoid bringing a sorrowful dangerous Cold war 2.0 with no rules?
  3. How is God going to bring a “must” justice to how the Christian Believers have been duped and misled into fighting the White House for fear of losing their spiritual rights; whereas money have flown (and still flowing) upstream to their bosses/the Party Establishments in “the town” – that is, Washington D.C?

Listen; JESUS is no more the man of sorrow since Golgotha; satan is, and would always be. Therefore, it is by His JOYS law (not Joy’s law) that all the governments on earth shall have all-round progress and positive changes! Lift up your dropped head; it’s a brand new day; a brand new social contract!

Bill of Supernatural Rights: The Glorious Reformation of Paul

A journey from a ragged and bumpy lane to the solution Bus Stop of the world’s problem is God’s testimony; one which I’m indebted to sharing for the rest of days and plant as memorial for generations to come. I’m grateful! This gratefulness got a skin when I visited where all these began to re-do the experience, but didn’t get anything. Nevertheless, I left with a grin on my face.

I’d by curiosity this year gone to the same old lane where I heard God’s voice on JOYS law, almost 10 years to the commencement of jailing satan for a thousand years this year (2016). It was July 23, 2007 the final day of my 1 year, six months fast, when I heard God speak loudly to me as I tried to maneuver the slippery slope, “Son, never lose your JOY!”

He said that knowing what had happened in to that 1913 minister [but I knew not until this year].

Friends, had I long lost it, I would have been in sorrows and simply a statistic; had I long lost JOYS, this world would have remained in sorrow without hope; had I long lost JOYS, that night of conquest that imprisoned satan wouldn’t have emerged.

It is written: …

“Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.” — Luke 15:10

One soul = One Joy.

Were you to be assigned 500 angels who are maximally used in your Mountain as the world’s #ProblemStopBusStop, wouldn’t it be JOYS if not only sinners are saved but nations are enthroned by your Spirit of Grace?

Let’s get Heaven excited. JOYS is all you need to have God’s Supernatural Rights of angelic messengers obeying God’s deep mysteries you un-seal from Heaven’s book.

Listen, the secrets of all the occults gatherings on earth, past and present are in the sealed book.

God, after a divine favour encounter said to me, “… The book is now double before you.” (Smiles…). I know these mysteries because the sealed BOOK appointed for a time and a season is DOUBLE. Now, it’s a law… JOYS law.


I DECREE: You shall be among the elect that shall birth a government of peace, justice and conflict resolution by God’s JOYS law!

For it is written: …

For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the DEEP THINGS of God sealed mysteries in His book. For instance; who among man knows the secret thoughts of a man except the man’s spirit within him? In the same way no one knows the secrets of God in His heart sealed in THE BOOK called JOYS law except the Spirit of God. We, God’s Supernatural Humanists, have not received the spirit of inglorious revolution, but the JOYS law which is from God, that we might know all the things unsealed from God’s heart in confining satan, and then in planting Christ’s DOX3000 on earth. This JOYS law, unsealed, are the specific mysteries we speak, not in word doctored and influenced by mainstream men of letters for over 300 years, but that which Holy Ghost produced in us as God’s Supernatural Rights which compares spiritual things with spiritual. Thank God for this special grace. But Enlightenment occult “law of Nature” men like Francis Bacon, René Descartes, John Locke, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Jean-Jacques Rousseau as well as “positivists” like Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, Karl Marx, et al, receiveth not this product of JOYS law (that is, God’s Supernatural Rights). They can’t know because God’s mysteries are foolishness unto them… their brains can’t comprehend mysteries because JOYS law is sealed and they lack God’s Supernatural Rights. That’s why they rejected it, accepted satan’s (lord Cahion’s) ideology and obstructed God on earth for centuries. But that end has come… Their master is gone. This is proof that he/she that has God’s Supernatural Rights judgeth all the things from God’s heart sealed in THE BOOK. Thus, he/she is not judged by any mortal with ties to the helpless Cahion. The book (JOYS law) is double before him/her. Therefore, no wicked occult man or any man of violence’s secrets/activities is hidden from him/her. To judge him/her is to be an rambling unusable instructor of God’s mind. “Who therefore can read the sealed mind of God and instruct Him? Let him stand up!” But we have the mind of Christ… It’s called the Bill of Supernatural Rights (God’s JOYS law).” — 1 Corinthians 2:10-16

That JOYS, ladies and gentlemen, is the law to draw the curtain of earth’s replacing reformative political ethos over satan’s dark political ethos of revolution in governance since the First Century Church. Our JOYS, friends, is God’s collective bargain to crush satan, the man of sorrow. He has been crushed for the next nine decades so God usher in His global Franchise: DOX3000.

Ace The Case: Constantine’s Détente

With a million thoughts running through my mind in our rare meet in my country, I smiled looking at my protégé then suddenly laughed… He wondered why.

Certain of the good news, I said smiling, “God told me you would be the President of your nation.”

There was this surprise element in his eyes as he laughed back. Full of joy, he was surprised that I could see into his destiny. It was supernatural connection. (Smiles).

With cheerful wide grin on his face he replied me, “I knew this as far back as a kid.”

“I saw the circumstances behind how you won your nation’s election,” I said, still laughing.

“God has never stopped showing me each steps and positions that would lead it,” he retorted.

“Give me the details,” I asked.

Look at me, beloved: I know the Constitutions of Germany and China without ever seeing it or opening one page of it in the physical! I don’t even speak Mandarin language either, yet God unsealed it as preview before me. Come on… Stop this addiction to seeking fame by all means.

Friends, hear me: Until then, nobody on earth dead or alive (priests and family) knew this except him. (Smiles…). I’d not even led him in more than a month before God told me this. When you are not trusted, God won’t reveal your disciples’ destiny to you. We are talking of their existence here.

I remember instructed by God to sign on his palm with my finger as a seal of prophecy fulfillment. (Smiles…). God!

So when I kept on laughing he got more confused thinking God was going to say something else on the sealed “how-tos”. To him, every word I say to him is golden. But no – I was only laughing because better days for the earth are coming. He would be the least person I would think was going to be President of even a club. Better days are coming!

I listened, prayed, and since then, it was as if his ears were popped opened on his destiny. Till date, he never stops telling me with so much laughter in him about God’s updated version of his destiny.

I was asking God if I’m doing well mentoring him, and He replied me: “You are doing it the way I want you to. But….”

Beloved, I’m never surprised when God does a part of the deal – THE COVENANT; the contractual title deed. How do I mean? Excited about his predestined influence and my place in creating a better world, as well as knowing my growing depth in politics and geopolitics, I latched unto this joy-exchange to re-confirm from God concerning my place in my country, whether I would become my country’s President. Hear Him: …

“Son, remember what I told you in My Word and showed you in several visions that: You shall plant my Heaven… You shall lead the Presidents of the world and Prophets shall come to you. You can’t be President… You are a spiritual-President; My defensed city. I am bringing them one-by-one. Take care of them.”

Ladies and gentlemen, hear me: The next batches of Presidents are going to be Prophets who would crush jezebelic seductive and diabolic revolutionary laws on earth.

Say: “Thank you JESUS!”

The great Apostle, Paul was saying in his second epistle to the Corinthian church in Chapter 1 verse 24;

“We have no dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for you stand.”

The greatest THANK YOU God gave me for my lung altering blood vomiting efforts in The Ecclesia are to line up an all-star cast of global protégés of national prophetic leaders before me. (Isaiah Chapter 49 verses 25-23). I’m eternally humbled guiding these beautiful minds; HELPING their joy that they stand on their faith needed to govern the earth. They are famous ones mainstream would compulsorily put on their lips – not me; they are the ones their people would vote into those Federal offices – not me; they are the ones that would lead with peace and justice using God’s prophetic gifting – not me. Therefore he whom THE BOOK must be DOUBLE before must know delayed gratification.

“Helpers of your joy!”

How do I explain this…: Imagine for a moment my disciple-son having to make an instant less than 2-minutes national executive decision and any call made would impact on his governance? Without me in sight, his God would get it done. The earth deserves a “Glorious Reformation” of 8+ billion souls from the abyss of satan’s sorrow slaughtering dungeon by those with God’s Bill of Supernatural Rights (God’s JOYS law).

Ace-The-Case: A Timely Reform

The word “Come” for the tweet to our October tour of #EconomicDeliverance was an authority from the tongue of God. I was laying the gauntlet for all the devils tormenting man to also come.

Prior to the program, my heart had excessively remained in “thanksgiving victory” over who God — The Almighty says He is. This Mountain has never stopped laughing. (Smiles…).

I was going through a study of the Word when I saw where I dated the day God reminded me of a prophecy He told many years ago, but brought forward on October 28, 2014; 6:49pm in His Word from Jeremiah 30:21:

“Son, remember presidents and politicians of nations shall come from you!”

As soon as I saw the date October 28, I realized October 28, 2016, the day of our vigil was divinely timed. So, “come!” [Tongues…]… was the instruction.

I got to the venue and one man was waiting for me. God didn’t wait for the program proper to start before we began. Hallelujah! “Come”….

More than a decade into marriage with no child; God said, “A timely arrow is behind this.” And He told me not to tell him who was behind it. Strange word: A timely arrow. Well, I took the man aside for prayers. Right there, I saw the wickedness of the wicked: Witchcraft powers had weaved the womb of the spouse as a mat such that she would never have a miscarriage say much having a child. [“Aye buru!”/This world is full of terror!].

His philosophy…, very Evangelical. Thus I prayed with some of the volumes of Word already in me automatically coming out. No warfare prayers and songs. I was restricted. Then as we went into it, I started seeing strange strange things. Simultaneously, I saw the mystery God say we should use but we couldn’t do it. This lovely fellow was from a holiness movement church, as such, I tried not go beyond his doctrine, but simply stayed with teaching him. I told him that I won’t lay hands on him. Yet, we couldn’t obey God. Then suddenly, with a God-given on-the-spot (that is, God’s Words-of-knowledge) about him only he knew, he became convinced. Of course God did this. Because [seeing his little suspicion] God enabled me to straightly tell him to crush all doubts. In same hour, I made him know that this prayer would not be complete without obeying what God says we should do. Praise God, God compelled him to listen. Friends, as soon as he got that touch-point (that bottled water); God showed me a “golden certificate” placed on his right hand — exactly where he held that bottled water. Quickly I grabbed the bottled water on that right hand and made him to receive the certificate. Praise God, the miracle was birthed to appear on set date God spoke clearly. The book of His life was opened to reveal a “timely arrow” and testimony was born.

The 3Rs of Nations: Inglorious Revolution.

Violent revolution and blind rebellion was never your identity FROM THE BEGINNING.

When people, in recent reflection think of revolution, they think of the failed Cuban state that the socialist revolution of the Castro brothers and Che Guevara took. No… don’t be involved in such distortion. All of them are the same. Karl Max is no different from all capitalist’s positive laws philosophers. Under the watchful eyes of God, these sons and daughters of lord Cahion made the world a chessboard – their chessboard. Karl Marx is saying socialism; those of the other divide are saying Democracy’s free market system. At the end of the day, it’s now a form of confusion for the people on who is right and who is left. These Cahion’s guys don’t think like that. See what they’ve turned their fellow humans into: observers, watchers and skeptics. You are simply a pawn in Cahion’s game.

Karl Marx is not a fighter for the proletariat as believed. He was an occultic grand-master. His group’s name is “The Legend”. They don’t rank high but they have a devastating task. They are the one in-charge of making sacrifice for people to be rich.

Any politician (the publicly condemned ones and the hypocrites) today knows that I have their “spiritual case files” with me. They can’t lie to me. They can to others, but not me. I am their god! I jailed their master. I know the REAL Donald Trump, the “bean-spiller” on what his occult colleagues are. I saved him; Trump can’t lie to me. Trump is not as stupid as the media (also loyal to Cahion) paint him as. He knows what he’s saying. He’s simply a disaster for making satan lose ground and therefore jailed by This Mountain 24 hours after he was saved. This is why mainstream media owners hate him.

I smile at my wonderful brethren in The Ecclesia. Wonderful, I would say. It’s high time they know JESUS as king! The Ecclesia play with Cahion’s men, eat with them, and invite them as some important figures to stand on [perhaps] God’s holy(?) altar only for these men/women to go back at midnight to call JESUS a derogatory name: “Moloch”. (Smiles…).

God told me that the name the un-lord Cahion’s men label JESUS is called Moloch. He said, “They call Your JESUS a deceiver.”

I did my research and found out that the name Moloch means “king of shame”. Such scathing profane name was given to a Baal god was also given to JESUS! (Leviticus 18:21; 1 Kings 11:7). As a result, to these befuddled men, JESUS—the King of kings—is now the king of shame?! King of shame and the Deceiver… what’s the difference….

Poser: Why can’t these fearful lots call Him JESUS in their gathering?

Answer: They know the ripple and devastating destruction it would cause within them.

Ace-The-Case: Deceiving the inglorious Deceivers

I once said in 2014 at Calabar that JESUS do not need to fight any battle, and that I would do it for Him. I was coming from the name God calls me: DAVID – My Harasser of the harasser. He told me, “Son, they can’t mention your name in hell. If they do, they would shake” Then recently as I began dishing out this mystery as my custom is at midnight, I heard my once first name given me at birth repeated angrily at my right ear in the cool hour of the night, “Christopher!!!!” I smiled… in fact, I laughed.

Listen; your right ear is the where the “voice of reason” penetrates, while your left ear is where the “voice of religion” interrupts God; that is, if you are His prophet. All my growing years until I discovered my calling as a Prophet, if you talk, I only could hear you from my right hear. As such, you need increase your voice or the volume of any played media for me to hear you on both ears. However, the moment I started hearing God, I discovered that I can only hear God talk from my left ear. At the initial stage, it would begin with deep itching before He talks; but as time went by, I got to hearing Him well. Recent enabling [as you keep chewing the chord] did something to make it sharper.

As such, I heard my name by birth on the right ear, and smiled. I smiled because I’d gotten God’s secrets that would expose them… only for that sudden disturbance in a quiet Estate with gated security men. In fact, my house has another security man and my flat is upstairs. Consequently, there was no way noise would come at such midnight hour of about 2:00am. Well, I’d let it slide because I knew these tiny witches were happy…, as well as that I needed to finish what I’m teaching on-time to post. For if I’d engaged in another spiritual warfare for the night, I wouldn’t finish; dragging the time for this post. Then I spoke! [Maybe I shouldn’t have kept mum to show love to the occultic powers that wants to feast on my flesh and end God’s plan… Well, I did]. I thundered one word and immediately saw a devastating crushing in their witchcraft coven. That was not even a testimony in my sight. See, if you are at a lengthen stage in your ministry for decades and ordinary witches are still remote-controlling you and molesting you, don’t near satan with the demand to jail him. He would swallow you.

Look at me, God’s Winner; God experimented my identity of jailing satan on December 21, 1913 before this country of mine was ever formed by that “witchcraft colonial couple” in 1914. What are we talking about here…? Satan is no more a taker. I took him and locked him up.

One of my protégé — a partisan out of fear once asked why is it that I’m documenting these mysterious secrets about those that call JESUS a deceiver/king of shame. I smiled and said, “God told me to do it for a reason… And my task as God’s Harasser is to look for their trouble and taunt them into submission to the same JESUS they mocked.” I also made this protégé understand that since all the ministers in The Ecclesia have yet to convince them, only for them to go back into their occultic gathering and call JESUS the deceiver, God has sent me to undertake the task of breaking their Goliath boast.

I’m to rattle them not pamper them into letting them know that the JESUS they call The Deceiver also knows their evil. I mean, I know about them without joining their weak witchcraft coven. The same Deceiver wants to deceive them, and I’m up for the task. They deceived ministers not to mention the masses for over two millenniums. As such, The Ecclesia is not making it easy for JESUS with such distance from God to know these things. Praise God, the same JESUS they’ve mocked and laughed at for over a millennia is now the one that simply used a citizen of an underdeveloped country to incarcerate satan – their lord Cahion – on November 8, 2016. It’s sufficed to ask: Who is now laughing?

Friends, if you are not ready for the glory, avoid the mockery; if you are ready for the glory run away from it and go for the comfort [posting division on Twitter].

They called JESUS — Moloch, The Deceiver. Justifiably, let Him be. So long as He jailed their master – satan, their un-lord Cahion! He lived up to the label they’ve “stone-facedly” [sic] been calling Him for centuries only for Him to deceive the Established [Grand] Order and their Candidate 24-hours before their staged election with His confounding the Confounder; confusing the Confuser mysterious wonders.

Hours before Obama’s last SOTU (i.e., State of the Union) in January, 12, 2016 indicating a change is power from his term in government, God showed me how the failing Trump among the sixteen (not two) Republican Presidential primary Candidates was coming from a dark background thus bringing a heart-quaking disaster. I warned everybody; including [the lacking in foresight] satan. (Smiles).

Poser: So, if I saw that Trump would win, why did I state Hillary was going to win. (Smiles…).

Answer: JESUS, the God they call The Deceiver wanted to deceive them, and I was ready to do His bidding; even though I didn’t know why. And that’s why He kept saying I should wait!

Look at me: This jailing of satan was mincemeat when it appeared. God made me too ready. How do I mean?

I had already in Calabar gone in the prophetic whilst in praise-warfare jailing a chained satan dragged into the presence of God by a mighty angel and brought before me to be beaten. Great, but I didn’t know what God was doing. I said this before the entire world yet satan was just too relax not to stop me. He knew I would jail him before birth, yet he watched on relaxed that the Jupos are doing his work for him distracting me. (Smiles…). But when I caught him unaware as “the chiefest serpent” wearing a crown where he’d hid inside the sea, he saw me; which was after I had done what God told me to do to make the sea he hid boil. He coiled round a totem scepter of useless-power pinned to the depth of the sea trying not to go when I did a mandated prophetic instruction. He was too arrogant to beg; so was I too obedient to jail him as the Angel over his prison and other angels stood on the sidelines waiting for me to finish this task before they do the next action of jailing satan. The sight is the stuffs of giant-slayers: The procession that saw him led into jail was mighty!

You’ve heard me said it for years that no Angel is permitted to do anything on earth without a human vessel ready to obey God’s instructions. I obediently shared in the shame of my Master only to jail their master! (Smiles…)

Friends, like satan, these tiny men are as evil as their un-lorded jailed master. Let them gather in confederacy, they can’t beat God! They gather to speak great words about JESUS in the public with claims they are more Christianized (DECEIVING everybody) only to go behind-the-scene to mock Him. Are they not afraid? In the end, He got them at their game or should I say He lived up to the reputation they’ve labeled Him for more than 300 years.

Who cares about being a President?! We are talking about thwarting the centuries-long seductive and diversionary letters of witchcraft philosophers who destroyed the world and birthed sorrow taught by satan in his witchcraft coven.

Look at me, God’s favourite: So long as your body is on this earth, you would need “reason” And this is the advantage the Deist Enlightenment Freemasons have over the world. They at day soak your brains—which is your common sense—into believing that mystery (i.e., God’s divine revelations) is not needed; while these Cahion’s liars go behind-the-scene at night to consult their “distant god” — lord Cahion for inglorious revolutionary mysteries — i.e. dark-wisdom to teach you (painted as philosophical or ideological scientific data).

The problem with common sense is that it’s literally equated to “horse sense”.

Be careful. By this singular permissive act of yours stoked to measuring everything God said to your “spirit man” (your heart) through their scientific data (i.e., dark reason), alone, they add more to your burden by consulting satan to churn out more ideas for you. Why? Because you are now their market; a market that consumes whatever it is they’ve had for 300 years. They have years to convince your society and then block God from talking. In the end, you are slave — a prisoner to one: lord Cahion

Same game satan plays: Subject the masses to one pocket of thinking in the polis (Edom…, Athens, Rome, Capitol Hill) so that his devilish children can be his political-kings and he their god (Baal…, Zeus, Jupiter, lord Cahion)! It means, governance since 1717 was all about you being a spiritual slave to their rule. Is that what David – earth’s first political king did in Zion-polis for King JESUS whom these laughingstocks call the Deceiver?!

They are telling you: “Stay in common sense,” but are in their secret societies seeking a super-dark-power to govern you. You think governance is motivational technical jargon? If you are not careful, your common sense would give way to occult sense when presented with opportunities to serve the greater good. You will unconsciously rationalize your joining them as an opportunity to serve God and then naively state terms that you won’t be joining them often in their coven; not knowing you are being deceived by satan, and on-track to Hell.

It’s time to work. Get back!



Dear much-loved of God, see, the writers of the 17th century KJV Bible knew this. Born in the Era when Cahion’s law of Nature (Natural laws) was dominating every literature; just 77 years before the [In]Glorious Revolution of 1688, they stated it clearly in verse 14 of 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 we earlier read translating: …

“But the natural man [soaked in reason] receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God.”

Natural laws are revolutionary laws. Ask English John Locke and French Enlightenment “Voltaires”.

The natural man — that is, the un-supernatural man is a man laden with Cahion’s scientific data over JOYS law. The man with revolutionary negative “Rs” has a common sense that lacks the default strength to open the sealed book — which is, God’s JOYS law.

“The Joy of the LORD is your strength, friends.” — Nehemiah 8:10

I don’t believe in straight academic pursuit without seeking God by practice as well as your calling by pursuit. Your destiny is superior to anything. However, you can do both side-by-side.

Ace-The-Case: Negative “R” for inglorious Revolution

God is prophecy. You can’t delay prophecy; you can’t delay God.

My married Ph.D on-track kid sister as well as Ph.D on-track husband had kept a secret from everybody. Nobody, not even the parents and families of both couples knew.

Then in one of my routine prayer for my family, God said to me, “By this time…, your sister shall in the month of XYZ give birth to a bouncy baby….”

I, later in a visit to my mother told her, and thereafter sent my sister an SMS telling her what God had said, but she didn’t reply. She regularly replies, but nothing was forthcoming. Then eight days later from the time of prophecy before a certain midnight, my mother called me that my little baby has given birth to a health bouncy baby with the exact sex I told her. However, the riddle behind that prophecy fulfillment served as a learning point and a breakaway from imported years of scientific data as final form of judgment.

What had happened was humbling. For nine months, neither my mother anybody knew that she was pregnant. But my spirit suddenly became heavier than usual. As such, I prayed, and that necessitated the prophecy. But 7-days after I’d told my mother, a call came from my kiddo that my mum should pray for her that she has for a few days been struggling to put to bed. Mother became puzzled. “How… Do people get pregnant before putting to bed? How is this possible?” Whatever the couple’s decision, they have all the right to keep people on a need to know. But we are talking about her closest friend here — my ever praying mother, who prays for her children and all and sundry. I mean, she goes in marathon tireless fast for her kids and families till date. But as the saying goes: A woman has no religion until she is married. Religion in this case means that the “two that becomes one” have a legal ground to agree on events around their [marital] Bill of Rights, bearing the unintended consequences. No intermediate comes in-between. God respects covenants made on His altar (even the Bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage); and hates satan’s Bill of divorcement. (Mark Chapter 10 verses 2-12). Even my prophetic grace couldn’t come in-between this blessed harmony until a dark issue arose which need prophecy (i.e., God’s reply of the tongue) plus prayer to end. It bypassed their covenanted protocol made before God’s altar long before the issue. It was supposed to be a surprise, but God saw all these ahead but needed to reply it with His grace.

It was then mother remembered my prophecy and engaged God in the old time proven prayers into the nights. Successively, she had a dream. In it she saw a strongwoman — a foreign white beast standing mightily with my pregnant kiddo locked in her room. Then appeared my mother on the scene commanding that beast to leave her and let her go. The door was opened, and she stepped out. The midnight of that day, my sister gave birth to that “healthy bouncing baby…” God prophesied. Hallelujah!

I was the first person my mother called based on what I’d told her. On reaching my sister thereafter, she said she saw the SMS and was shocked. She and her husband’s “reason” for concealing it was because a “popular norm” says one shouldn’t say it until it’s a Good News.

God said in Proverbs Chapter 16 verses 1, 9: …

“The preparations of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD… A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.”

PREPARATIONS, not preparation: Prayer and fasting is preparation of the heart; Holiness is preparation of the heart; Risky-Faith in the Word is preparation of the heart; tithing and seed faith is preparation of the heart; Praises is preparation; and mysterious instruction(s) is preparation of the heart….

You prepare it and God replies it — God’s tongue is His prophecy. And when God’s tongue meets your heart, you CONQUER! Your heart is where your spirit is and God’s tongue is where His prophecy is. And when prophecy fires up the human spirit, it makes the person God’s Supernatural humanist. You become god on earth!

God is prophecy. I give you an instance: First off, by default, I’m not a Pastor, and would never be transformed into one until God says so. As such, I appeal to my brethren: I am not competing with you as my custom is and always has been. I’m God’s saviour-Prophet; a walking solution: satan’s jailer and God’s peace government planter on earth.

Listen dear much-loved of God; any minister that wants to do great things for God must obey God’s instructions to the letter and be patient in His workings. I know this and don’t join any that count their chicks before they hatch. I’m God’s saviour for a dispensation — a thousand years. And in one of those directions where God says I should wait for my father-in-law to make up his mind to become a member of his leadership in his church, God said, “The next phase is to add Venture [A] to what you are doing.” I asked Him why and He told me. Yet I wondered why such at this moment… seeing it might break the momentum but He replied, “It won’t affect it. You’ve built your ministry to a stage that you could jail satan for Me.” He continued in further response to a preparation I’d done. He said, “Don’t do Company [X]; it’s NOT My plan for you. Company [Y] for a while.” Thereafter, I saw myself in each sector where everyone I meet there were all appealing they have my suit which has God’s recorded mandate along with an ear-piece in it. And when I did give them, their destinies change and their profit jumps respectively.

P.S. Company [X] is the one founded only by me; while Company [Y] is the one I co-founded.

Friends, you must become God’s god with the preparation of your heart using all forces of ministerial exploits; else you would spend years in ministry doing sameness on the same spot [when God wants you moving with the pillar of fire by day and pillar of cloud by night]! I would have considered Church, but I’ve known God too much to disobey Him; I’ve known Him too much to jail satan for Him. C’mon. I have 140 years to plant His DOX3000 and raise prophetic Presidents, PMs, et al.

Young marriages and their mistakes… We laughed it off; thanks to God.

Had she and her husband stubbornly subjected themselves to one of Cahion’s strongman in-charge of the popular philosophy of the Age in that nation, we would be left singing a song of sorrow: “God gives God takes.” Wrong: God does not take anything!

Mistakes are permissive but when you stay not asking for help from the “right source” but chewing weak philosophies, the cause-effect would go beyond that pain to shaping your philosophy as a rebel questioning God on why He watched on as satan took what was/is most special to you.

Dearly treasured of God, listen; the channel between your heart and head is called reason (that is, Glorious Reformation or Inglorious Revolution). Therefore, vacuum it! Your life and destiny is at stake. God needs to talk to you direct. “Reason-quest” goes beyond acquiring information to be the first to teach it and look cool; it’s gathering those data and breathing the Holy Spirit on it to know the REAL secrets of God on it away from mainstream distortions for “sectorial dominance”. There are certain data in mainstream that aren’t real, but have been made real by your artlessness.

Reason does not have respect for Ph.D. The old time prayer to the God never sleepeth nor slumbereth answers to all things in God’s heart in Heaven. I had prepared my heart to get a Ph.D on a law related course then asked God again His position on it. He said, “Go ahead but keep praying over it.” I asked why, He answered, “You know why.” The why are because one: satan has distorted every content on earth with his seducing spell, as such, I should be careful. Two: God promised to open my eyes to “deep secrets” Cahion’s men have covered with their dark wisdom. See, right in your exam, you can use God’s wisdom after you’ve read to answer all questions. And God’s divine wisdom goes beyond answering questions but probing them. This is because some of these philosophies and ideas were cooked up by Cahion’s men.

For instance; God was taking me through a tour by the prophetic on my added task for mainstream dominance. He used an allegory. A master’s bedroom with several bedrooms… At the living room is the frontend where everyone converges with the brand of any company: brand-interfacing staffers/Customers/suppliers. You walk into the room and you get a brand perception. A bad experience would leave a lasting experience — same goes for a good experience. The experience is what matters at the living room that entertains every stranger/visitors. But “internal brand” goes beyond brand communications and everything that comes with Brand strategy. Within each and every room in the house, aside the master’s bedroom is what “internal brand” has to deal with. It means not everybody can enter the rooms, except a family or close friend of the family. Strangers are not allowed without invite. That is where the departmental heads and executive directors who make up the central working committee (CWC) lead from using the skillset and the technical process management guidelines and tools in-line with the company’s direction. This is where Six Sigma, DBMS and product development, treasury, finance, compliance and internal control take place. Brand strategy is zero at this level; you get skilled technical professionals the corporate head[s] (Chairman and/or MD/CEO office has approved). The approval is thus at the master’s bedroom — the Corporate boardroom; where corporate governance opportunities are decided and reviewed. God therefore now said my task is to go straight to the master’s bedroom using my prescient gift to get the job done. A touch and go: Brand Strategy gets us to the living room, corporate strategy takes us to master’s bedroom. How in a world that demands connection, sharing alcohol, women, blood oaths, and what have you? He then made it clear in His power. I saw a corporate head who I’d met going about this approach when I told him to listen and own up on secrets behind the eventual fall of his company. I made him understand that he if he wishes, he may consult all the best hands in the world, but that I’ve come to end his problem. I asked him three questions on his dark alliance with the occult. He answered the first, and then was about lying to me about the second question when I told him to stop otherwise the problem will persist. Before long, he answered everything and needed more because I went as far as going to his deepest dark workings in his family. He would work till thy kingdom come but end up having a destroyed demonic dynasty. And that was satan’s plan!

I know the strategy to give ever before meeting any. It’s not about meeting one bottom line. If I didn’t come to you, don’t be angry. It’s about dominance. It’s not personal. If you don’t have the raw material in integrity, malleability and structure, I can’t come to you. We need to start raising God-led businesses. I don’t get my client based on marketing. I know my client’s strategy and who to meet there before I go there. Therefore, we are not a pitch-based organization
if God did not say I should come, there’s no way I would come. We are talking about sectorial dominance across regions. I’m coming as a saviour to you

Why can’t I hear…? I don’t need to pray. I obeyed and He’s under obligation to talk. A father can’t lead his (not her) child and not talk. I’m hearing Him per time, running His race so, He must talk

Obedience opens God’s mouth to reply your ear. It’s this simple: If you are obedient, He won’t speak to you. It is until your obedience is complete He speaks. Nothing on earth would have made me go into that venture in the first place. Why? Because I’m too committed to a given task when men sleep. If He had not sent me, I won’t be hearing Him step-by-step

It’s time to toss out tokenism: You’ve been struggling and complaining about the government for much of your business lifespan, while most of these occult politicians are every yearly increasing the [economic] pie size, sharing it among their “extractive groups” and declaring year-end profits, but you on the contrary is left with peanuts. Who wants that for his church members?! Hear me: God wants you to reason and get to the living room, but beyond the limits of reason, He wants you in the master’s bedroom to give His “solutions” away from distorted facts — which reason can’t ever deliver. The master’s bedroom is where the actions are. Enough of bribing anybody in the other rooms or giving unnecessary 15% to get crumbs; your faith is at stake! Enter with authority as the world’s walking solution; not as their “mockable” desperate secret society newbie! I’ve jailed satan… what are you doing in a powerless place?! Friends, it’s time to replay mainstream with God’s tongue TALKING unto YOUR prepared heart by day and prepared heart by night!

Operating from “reason” is why most Christian believers are disenfranchised from the pie (even if it’s increased). Not one single reply of the tongue — prophecy, because their leader says God is not prophetic, and that prophecy is dead or priesthood is superior to prophecy. (Smiles…). Have it your way; it’s their choice: to be a loser for 30+ years or to be a winner for life.

Chosen child of God, listen to me: To say God is not prophecy is to cut off God’s tongue.

In my sister’s case, to God be the glory, God replied with prophecy before it came to bear. A loving mother’s prayer prepared in a never sleepeth nor slumbereth heart met God’s prophecy from her son; and prophecy is God that never sleepeth nor slumbereth. As such the God of prophecy answers prayers!

Reply of the tongue is sealed in God’s heart. Guess what: I was asleep as scheduled but the unscheduled God never slept.

Three things make a solution-Prophet in the spirit realm: The Word, the tongue and fire.

I knew even to the name of her child’s name. If I can name my children’s name and the order they are coming… who comes in a particular order, how much more hers. God told me, “This… is name the child would be called, but this… is the name your sister would call the child.”

Look at me: That strange white woman was not any ancestral powers. She was the seducing intellectual bondage over the land this couple lives. God said to me that that “Spiritual strongwoman” power behind the philosophy and culture of the land that gave them the general norm of the day. That’s the seducing spirit of distorted civilization. Don’t say what I don’t know would not affect me. Ignorance would affect you. By default of that embraced philosophy, that beast became god over the franchise. The greatest franchise is your mind, not the land. The fact that you are in that nation only makes the cultic culture to invade your mind. The Spiritual strongwoman became god over them by the “popular norm” adopted. That it’s popular and has visible facts doesn’t mean it’s from God! Scientific data is the bane of modern society. It has no place for God’s Supernatural Rights from the heart of God complied in His JOYS law in Heaven. Little wonder there’s sorrow on earth.

We later got talking, and then she started laughing because she couldn’t hold her joy because I knew by that simple text message. We made it a moment of laughter as we spoke of how God’s greatness. Yet, there was no scientific proof to show that I knew about the baby.

Why was she having that issue? Is she the first to give birth there?

Questions and more skepticism from the musing of scientific data! The god of the soil dreaded the “special seed”, and refused agreement. The seed came from the loins of a great woman – my Seer mother. The beast over the franchise saw what appears as a counterculture to the “revolutionary ideas” that have killed God’s divine wisdom on earth. As such, she frustrated that child! That child was too special, but this being had every legal ground because the parent had done the mistake of allowing scientific data make them consume revolutionary ideas You can’t be a great seed and be active on the wrong soil without prayer and risky faith.. Those data gave that seducing spirit the right to stand at the doorpost of her testimony. But thank God for the God that answers Bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage.

Listen; it’s not until satan attempts to sleep with you using occult personalities that you encounter the spell of seductive spirit; satan can also sleep with your brain. By then, you’ve given him and his minions the legal ground.

Warning: Don’t ever follow evil doctrine — be it enlightened or the traditional thoughts from your underdeveloped nations. The soil of the “imagination of the head” must totally align with the “spirit of the heart” for you to have a great fruit. This is why most ministers are dry Trees. The seed (God’s word) is right but the soil (their contaminated mind) is wrong because of revolutionary ideas to “change” The Church. (Smiles…). Change The Church without preparing your heart in holiness, Word, prayer, faith, praise, love, et al?

The soil is terrible even affecting the ministers of God and we are talking about being a President of my country. Who wants be a tenurial 8-years President!

Listen; for you to have God’s DOX for all mankind o earth, you must have the right soil. As a deliverance prophet, I’m to evacuate the revolutionary soil (the current 3Rs Franchise) so that we may plant the right seed. That’s economic deliverance. The seed planted on the right soil is DOX governance

Satan has a particular group who are in-charge of planting the wrong seductive soil. They are in the number five. It’s not everything that’s sweet to inform the public before competitors do you that is divine. Your awful experiment to integrate the word into mainstream can even take your soul. Be careful.

We are bound to raise kings and queens on the soil/franchise. It’s not about being a spiritual President but a Watchtower for the law and covenant of God on earth. That 140 years is not in vain. So many things to teach tonight….

  • Mighty [wo]man of valour listen to me: You are the light of your family. God raised you up to bring relief to them. That’s the first “R”: God’s Relief.
  • Exalted favourite of God, hear me: You are the light of your nation. God raised you up to bring the restoration of POSITIVE CHANGES to overwrite centuries of darkness. That’s the second “R”: God’s Recovery.
  • Kings/Queen eternal, look at me: You are the light of this earth – not Heaven; they don’t need your light there. God brought you back from death unto this more than 2000 Years forsaken earth to reform earth’s global Franchise of UNENDING PROGRESS called DOX3000. That’s the last “R”: God’s Reform.

Lock Her up: The New American Revolution

Don’t even think about it. Drop such vindictiveness against Hillary. If she breaks the law, well, she should go to jail same way George H. Bush and Dick Cheney should have when they “played” with the law.

Ever wondered why Hillary is the most hated political by the rest despite being in the same Fraternal Grand Order like the rest? (Smiles…). The grounds for this hatred are laughable. I laugh each time I think about it. God is amusing

Listen; God told me that of all the cult order in lord Cahion’s witchcraft Freemasons, that she and her husband’s group is the one with the fastest rise into the Top 10 (which you would know as you read on). They were once the lowest but with no-holds-bar ambition, entered into the elite order. Why do you think others in their clique call her a reckless ambitious woman…? (Smiles…)..

She and her husband bypassed the many old ones by doing all it takes to get to make “The Mild Crooks” share the spot with the existing “Number 7” occupant. To some it’s admirable to others, it’s annoying. And none of them can question the abominable Cahion. Tolerating her husband’s randy behaviour was the least price thing in her head. Satan loves the reckless ambition of The Mild Crooks. But that is his undoing.

It is written: …

“In the Buffer Age of lord Cahion and his Freemason’s reign (that is, from 1717), when rebels (revolutionary men) have come to THE FULL in a new land — the United States in 1789, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding of dark wisdom — lord Cahion, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power — but by riding on the foolish division in The Church. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed and practice in destroying the mighty men and the holy people. And through his policy also, he shall cause innovative deceptions to prosper in his hand; and he shall consider himself superior. When they feel secure with his peaceful governance, he will destroy many and take his stand against the JESUS – the Prince of princes. Yet he shall be crushed without hand (which is human reasoned power: NEGATIVE “Rs” technical jargons).” — Daniel 8:23-25

There’s the general norm: It’s either the cup is not half full or not half empty. (Smiles…).

Poser: What if it’s overfilled?

Answer: It becomes reverse-biased thus over-pouring beyond the fear gauge. In the end, the hunter becomes the hunted.

2016 has been an abnormal year laden with political risk: Brazil’s impeachment, BREXIT, Columbia’s rumble, Thailand’s king death, a decline in U.S. dollar vs. the Mexican Peso and Canadian dollars, and the supposed to be dead by lord Cahion’s hand: Donald J. Trump.

Thank God mainstream definition of success is not success; thank God JESUS is not coming soon… but He’s coming back again. And thank God Hillary didn’t win. Her master was broken without hand.

The Clintons brings certainty and that’s why cahion loves their ambition… thus placing them 7th position in Freemason’s Grand Fraternal Order ranking to share the spot with those occupying that slot.

Please, let this sink: Had Hillary won, her victory would have delayed the terrible punishment that was assigned to befall America for their idolatrous 1717 indoctrination now under Trump’s cluelessness. Satan would have had time to eat four more years or ten into Christ’s DOX3000 had This Mountain not broken him “without hand” (that is, without human strength and might). Thank God, lord Cahion was broken without the physical hand of JESUS but the right Hand of God stationed on This Mountain.

America is not a country but a 1717 Freemason’s idea to replace God’s time and law for DOX3000 (which is Christ’s one thousand years of Inclusive Dominion) with revolutionary governance. Unfortunately, Freemason only had one-tenth of it — 300 as stated by Daniel. Their idea starting from Francis Bacon philosophy down to the English radical Whig party ideological publications came to fruition in the formation of a witchcraft Republicanism that has all the cultist Freemasons lodge members as Guardians of governance over man; starting in 1789.

God showed me a revelation that three things would destroy the 1717 “Old” revolutionary political Ethos of lord Cahion’s dominion. They are;

  1. Racism
  2. Populism
  3. Health decay

It is written: …

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ JESUS to know His mind; who walk not after the violence of in their blood, but after the Spirit that know the JOYS law of Heaven. For the JOYS law in the mind of Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death.” — Romans 8:1-2

And in Daniel Chapter 7 verses 24-25: …

And the ten horns are ten kings who shall come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the Most High calling Him a failed God who is trickery with the Crown using His corrupt Church to subjugate the “tenets of freedom” (freedom of conscience, universal education, freedom of the press, right to properties, and pluralistic religious liberty). And shall wear out the saints of the Most High by separating The Church from state, and think to change Christ’s DOX3000 and God’s JOYS law (sealed in the book): And the saints shall be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time.

What Paul called the ruthless law of sin and death is the mystery of evil diversion — THE NEGATIVE “R”; a seductive law of sin and death institutionalized to fail and destroy the nation-states. The law of sin and death is a seductive spell crafted by Cahion’s men to make humanity lost in endless scientific proof whilst they do wickedness in closed places. They are three NEGATIVE “Rs” (which we would deal with later);

  1. Law of Nature: THE CAPITOL
  2. Positive Laws: THE ESTABLISHMENT
  3. Advanced Law of Nature: THE DIPLOMACY

Thank God Cahion’s men wickedness has come to THE FULL and God did something about it by jailing their so called “Supreme Creator” — lord Cahion. Trump (one of them) is going to wreck America. Satan was just too heedless to accept any talent that comes his way so long as he delays DOX and distort the impossible to be distorted JOYS law of God. That’s why God said in racism; that a lot of people shall be more empowered to divide the root of satan’s governance under Trump. Revolutionary would take a new meaning. Satan would look on from his jail as his kingdom falls; In populism; Trump with his reckless ambition knew what he was doing. God said the world shall use his rise as a model to create a domino effect of stoking violence and isolationism. Again, the root of wicked idolatrous governance shall not stand. All the governments of the earth built on NEGATIVE “Rs” shall reduce. The big whale has gone. God said in health decay; many anti-medical solutions shall become false. And if the saints aren’t close to God, the plague shall hit many.

Again, thank God Hillary didn’t win!

Inglorious Revolutionary Diversion

Now you know Inglorious Revolution, what is “diversion”?

  • In normal reasoning without seductive unwarranted imposition permitted to becloud the reality of the “reasoner” [sic] – YOU, diversion is literally a turning aside from the set course one needs to follow.
  • Also, diversion is a deliberate change of direction to an alternative route when the expected route wasn’t used at all.

Faith is risky; not a loss or a profit scenario, but a divine outcome. Faith is certainty. Why not try that “expected route” in the first place.

  • Regrettably, diversion is a scheme/strategy designed to take your attention away from your blessed main course of action unto another negative one.

Adored of God, you can’t delay prophecy because God is JOYS law; but you can out of anxiety permit satan to help you divert it into bondage. This is because to insist and rebel using revolutionary diversion is to slap God pointblank. And when God is slapped by your set ways/disobedience, He leaves you alone. This is where people think He’s wicked. You didn’t want Him and He left; yet you call Him wicked God for abandoning the earth for 300 years….

Ace-The Cases: The Glorious Calling

I was making my evening meal when I received a call from a far distant disciple beloved I had once met in Calabar; a member of one of the individuals I call the #G3. He attends the one they preach faith. “Hello sir… How are you… How is your shuttle between Calabar and Warri?” After sharing laughter and a few pleasantries about him, his family and friends’ well-being, by the help of God, I gave him an idea about why he was calling. It was about a betrothed who’d parted ways with him, as such, he has shifted his attention away from her and any woman in a year, but somehow he keeps seeing her in his dream. They love each other, and that I can admit. But is it God’s will? As I was telling him I would join him in prayers, God opened my eyes see him going to a dirty well fetching its water only to bring out a black liquid to be drank. Quickly I crushed the well in the spirit whilst still talking to him and pushed him to his God ordained “well” called the well-of-Joy. And that was it… the call ended with a promise I would keep praying.

Friends, I didn’t go into any prayers because I later knew the answer. However, I gave him prayers to get his heart “prepared” for God’s reply of the tongue. How do I mean? This handsome fellow had an accident (somehow in his youth) which makes him lightly limp. Definitely, one of the rarest hardworking and driven man I’ve ever seen! He had this lecturer he was dating until a year ago because her father disapproves of him. Why? His leg situation! He doesn’t want her daughter marrying one with disability. As such, the flippant state came into being: Yes today; No tomorrow; considering two years of her father’s time-wasting as well as she getting old.

Do we now cry? Not at all! It can’t happen. Joseph was never a freeman, but a slave yet commanding the kingdom of Pharaoh into wealth. Never you bite the apple of low self-esteem! Common sense would have demanded a break from a relationship that was questioning his dignity; since the girl’s father chose to become “the wall” between them. Honestly, I went for that idea until God told me this: “Son, that lady is his wife — his well-of-joy.” “How do you mean Sir,” I asked. He said, “That dirty what I showed you is an impure choice for a spouse if he leaves this lady. Both of them are chosen to give birth to one of my pastor. But if he allows satan to divert him, he would enter a marriage of impure well full of sorrows and troubles.”

[The child is to be a pastor not an evangelist, prophet, teacher or apostle].

I told God, “But, the girl’s father is saying, ‘No’… also, she has gone.” He replied, “I will do My work.” Our dialogue ended.

I called and told him what God said and did a few prayers. To God be the glory, God stepped in for His work.

Friends, God didn’t institute marriage to manufacture babies He wants on earth alone. He did it for companionship. And when God grants companionship, there would be romance — you won’t be married to a robot as purported by dark wisdom. You can’t know more than God! Satan is clever, but is as well asinine. God’s choice is a blessed choice. For instance; had I decided to stay single for life, which was my ambition to do God’s work without restrain, I would have missed God’s choice for me. God had to do His work on this matter. There are something know about my wife without asking her because God told me. God told me that her desire is to have two kids; same as mine, but God wants five kids. In this modern times? (Smiles…). Look here: I know all their names and how each would come on this earth. I know their destinies. God said to me, “They are My RIGHT HAND on five continents of the world forever.” Four girls, one boy! Don’t forget that number. But really; why would you want to be an observer when people are making exploits by communing with God?

“Ah… satan would hear you,” you say. (Laughter!) Who is satan? Their father is the jailer of satan and one is talking about satan…. Henceforth, kindly stop exalting satan. You are a god! Do you know how many spiritual personalities have come from India and parts of the world to be angry at me for jailing their master? Yes, I crushed them, but I am insulted. I asked them in conquest, “Are you well to come near me?” I’m insulted to be incensed by these tiny beastly creatures no human words can describe. I’ve begun a prophetic assignment to deal with them into rendering them powerless in 2017 for mankind. Do you think New Zealand’s earthquake just happened out of the ordinary? God Himself told me that a certain group in Cahion’s occult tried to create disaster as [their usual] sacrifice in an attempt to release satan but to no avail. I smiled when I told that. I give you an insider knowledge: I recently asked God, “Now that You’ve jailed satan by Your RIGHT HAND, why are there still evil?”

He answered, “Be patient. Once you jail someone they become powerless. Satan is now powerless.” He continued, “The New Zealand earthquake was a sacrifice made by his servants to rescue him. Nothing would happen.”

Friends, wake up. It’s already dawn.

Now listen to me: God was eavesdropping on a conversation between my wife and her father. The father told her that any man who has the fear of God even if he isn’t handsome but God says he’s the one is who you should marry. Now, she didn’t tell me this. God told me. Asides being resurrected by God’s Voice and she also resurrecting by her father’s faith, tell me why I won’t be enamored by her. The fact that satan dreaded our union is enough romance to be chronicled for generations! That’s the mystery of witchcraft diversion. I had lost her but I found her: diversion thwarted! She’s my life and confidante; she is my Spirit of Grace, my Spirit of Faith; my compassion for humanity, my JOYS law; she is my prophet, God’s minstrel. She came from 1913 with me! Why won’t satan fear that union. I’ve stood [and still standing] alone as a dread to satan, how much more the both of us? She’s my Sarah: my calling, and then my signs and wonders.

It is written: …

“Hearken unto Me, Your Maker, you that follow after righteousness; you that seek the LORD: Look unto the rock from which you were cut and to the political dynasty from which you were cut from; look unto Abraham, your father, and to Sarah, who gave you birth. For [first] I CALLED him alone when he was but one, and I [secondly] blessed him and [thirdly] increased him. — Isaiah 51:1-2

It is written: …

“BEHOLD (which means feast your eyes on this), I and the children whom the LORD has G-I-V-E-N me are for signs and for wonders on earth!” — Isaiah 8:18

It is written: …

“For His seed SHALL be mighty upon the earth!” — Isaiah 8:18

By divine favour, I have prophecy… I can hear God, I have The Word, I have prayer-fire! What are you saying…? It can’t work?! Who told you that? Is it the jailed satan?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please, write this for life: Marriage is a calling, family is for signs and wonders!

[Tongues…]. If the hand of the LORD can come strong upon me in confining satan for a thousand years, imagine my family. Imagine what He can do for your family….

Having to know many of these secrets [and more] about Cahion (as you read on) which took my breath away after I’d jailed him, I was appalled thinking I’ve failed God for not knowing something I should have known from the outset; regardless of my near death services. Immediately, God spoke, “You are on track.”

“Thank you Father,” I said. Then asked Him, “What is my score,” desiring a measurement of my outcome (not output which the divisive stealing-Jupos boast about). He replied, “97.7%.” Seeing I was disappointed, He quickly said “I know you would ask Me about the rest 2.3%. Don’t worry. I would tell you why later.” Which He did. (Smiles…).

I busted into praise: … “Father, it is me You brought to this earth. What have I done to deserve all these… what is my father’s house? I am unqualified in more ways than one to represent Heaven on earth, yet Father You did these…!”

It is written: …

“And the kingdom and revolutionary dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High, WHOSE KINGDOM is an everlasting Kingdom into a raptured Heaven, ALL Inclusive-Dominion (DOX) shall serve and obey Him.” — Daniel 7:27

I can’t wait for 2017. The world is hemorrhaging and only CALLED dynasties can save her. The Church has watched on from the sidelines too long.



Listen, the depth of the husband determines the height of the wife! Take it to the bank. We marry based on what we know. If you know better you marry better, and your children would build on from then on.

Guess what… I dedicated this epistle to her because we are called into this eternal journey of planting Christ’s DOX-on-earth! She is my GLORIOUS CALLING before anything else; not even DOX-on-earth. This earth into future generations would read this epistle and thank God we — the blessed couple came, saw and CONQUERED. At this stage you should know I don’t care whether the kept under lock and key devil and his minions are happy? Do try and know God’s heart and you will know me. If you are genuine prophet or you know one, ask Him about ALL I’ve said. He would tell you I’be got His heart to get His job done.

Your spouse is your mirror: And since two become one, your wife’s depth is your height. If you want to know how wise or unwise you are, check what comes out of your wife’s mouth after 10 years. You marry who you become later. Therefore, be careful how you spew venom onto your church members. Your children, then next your wife would become the first recipient. Don’t be a pastor Jupo.

See God’s darling; God saved my wife for me, and I for her. Had I gone down like that beloved 1913 prophet, she won’t be fulfilled; she would work out her purpose for God but not called to ride on DOX by God’s JOYS law.


I DECREE: It’s your turn for 360-degree restoration, in JESUS!

Look at me, God’s finest: I’m doing two person’s work; the first: keep satan under lock and key (I’d rehearsed in Calabar when I got the name DAVID — My Harasser of the harasser); the second: plant DOX-on-earth.

If you permit satan to divert your GLORIOUS CALLING in ministry and marriage, you are gone like that beloved 1913 prophet never fulfilling the greatness in you.


Shout these prayers: …

  • Every satanic agent using my certificate to set me backward, I expire you by the FIRE of the Holy Ghost
  • That satanic agent with a rod and one demonic religious bead that sat on my glory be wasted in the name of JESUS
  • My life shall not be used as an object of seduction
  • Spirit of seduction in my life, scatter, in the name of JESUS
  • Blood of JESUS, wash me and laminate me from demonic diversion
  • My days on earth shall not be diverted by the power in the blood of JESUS
  • My life, be uprooted from the coven-of-darkness, in the name of JESUS
  • I command every coven of darkness imagining evil against me to be roasted in the name of JESUS
  • Shout this: Satanic strongman over my marital joy hear the Word of the LORD break and wasted in the name of JESUS!

Who is Michael Ogun…? I just heard your marital case is settled! Receive it!!!

  • I DECREE: Your marital peace is settled, in the name of JESUS!
  • Yes… That deaconess in-charge of that marital spell is gone. I destroy your embargo without hand, in the name of JESUS!

Whosoever has vowed with his/her own life that you shall inherit the curse of your ancestry, I command the devastating weapons of God to meet them tonight

Thank you JESUS!

It was this same “inglorious revolutionary diversion” that made The Church lost her Bill of Supernatural Rights (that is, God’s wisdom in THE BOOK — JOYS law) to a dour form of witchcraft governance. Why do you think Trump called Hillary the devil? (Smiles…). This Era is funny. The first to call someone the devil is the saint. In my country, we say: “Look at the kettle calling oven black.”

You’ve heard me say in the last epistle – the last debate that I would campaign against Hillary had I been in America same way I did against Tinubu in Lagos. I would do it over and over again. Her loss is the beginning of her life [not the end]. It appears I love this woman than most politicians. She’s a hard worker.

Friends, that you are old does not mean you are next to leave this earth. You can’t be older than God or those that have walked this earth. None of you active today was born in 1913. So, stop claiming old age. Suffice to say: You are as old you think. #ThinkPresidential; #ThinkDOX. Hillary can still get her divine purpose back. That’s why you’ve got to know why I keep saying, “Thank God Hillary didn’t win.” This is majorly because we have a disaster President in the White House. The man whose foolishness helped God in messing up satan for a thousand years. Praise Trump for me.

At the end of the day satan was kept under lock and key because God fast-tracked to re-do that diverted 1913 destiny. Now, Hillary has every chance to be redeemed. Sadly, same can’t be said of Trump. God constantly keeps tells me that Trump can’t be saved but I disagree with Him on this: So long as I have His negotiating Spirit of Grace, I want this goat-spirited man to be saved. I would try. Little wonder God said I shouldn’t play with Him in that previous post. Trump has far worse kinds of demons of revolutionary diversion in his blood. Funny stubborn man; this man practically disobeyed satan and all the collective agreement others before 1775–83 and after have always given to lord Cahion. He disobeyed His master to the extent that they sent satan’s best soldier – a certain anaconda-like python with strange brown designs to kill him had I not stepped in. He aided satan’s imprisonment. Why do you think The Establishment hate him but now have no choice to but to work with him to save a govern-less kingdom without their abominable Cahion in-charge?

Poser: Why didn’t he allow Hillary win even though election is simply a means to entertain the masses?

Answer: God’s Davidic “confounding the Confounder – confusing, the Confuser.”

As such, if Trump uses my signature again, I won’t step in. I considered the loss it would be on his family before coming to the rescue, but no more. I mean, for God to reject someone reminds me of the hardened-heart Pharaoh. God said Hillary and the Bush-men [even the supposed colossal Tricky Dick] are gradually bowing to God by few steps closer to Him; but not Trump. God says they are reading this and having a change of heart. Who do you think they supported Trump after reading the last epistle? But the said Trump won’t change, and that’s damning. He should even think about God’s judgment. Everybody deserves a shot in Heaven. Just try.

I pray: May you not be used for the fulfillment of evil like the Jupos in The Church as well as others outside of her and be wasted without Hand.

What is this Inglorious Revolutionary Diversion?

  1. Inglorious revolution diversion is satan’s bait appointed to render a man/woman[no matter the status] a victim in the cross-fire of life
  2. Inglorious revolution diversion is a non-premodern scheme from hell to take humanity VERY FAR AWAY from their God and their ordained before-Genesis identity.
  3. Inglorious revolution diversion is a modern Age scheme from the devil’s slaughtering dungeon that opens demonic provision and domination on people.

For instance; instead of a man or a community or nation[s] to go to Nineveh, satan provides abundance for them to go to Tarshish. And doing this puts a man/nations at arm’s length to be molested and dominated by satan. This is why America, just like many nation-states, is molested.

  1. Inglorious revolution diversion is a modern ploy to hold people in bondage with doctrines-of-the-devils so as to divert their Deliverers/Helpers of their joy away, and then ultimately bring in strong demons to take that vacated space.
  2. Inglorious revolution diversion is an Enlightenment strategy that forces Heaven to declare upon a leader: “Remove him” [like that God thundered to Isaiah whilst their seat is declared vacant].

This is why people stubbornly fight for their puny fiefdoms in the face of God’s kingdom that is much bigger.

  1. Inglorious revolution diversion is a pusher of men and nations into spiritual death and eternal hell.
  2. Inglorious revolution diversion prevents people from reaching their goal in life, based on who they marry or associate with into nakedness or who they let influence them.
  3. Inglorious revolution diversion is a cryptic idea that consciously or unconsciously removes people from their place of divine blessing.

That is why the spirit of seduction is one of the greatest weapons that can destroy anybody. The way of escape on this is to tirelessly pray and check your motives per time lest you carry out dangerous personal or executive decision(s).

  1. Inglorious revolution diversion is a sweet weapon. This is a real, not a loose, cannon from satan. Because diversion is always flashy, bright, and sensibly good, many good people therefore become stubbornly bad.
  2. Inglorious revolution diversion is a “resilient fighter” that makes people weak thus causing them put up the least resistance in the face of battle against the darkness trespassing on their space.

If you don’t have conviction about your purpose and pursuit, you would be easily defeated and locked up. This is because the way of diversion is often the way of least resistance. You just find yourself floating along with the “mixed multitudes” without a spiritual-fight for you and your family’s destiny.

  1. Inglorious revolution diversion makes people boast at the point of output when there’s still outcome.

At this stage, they can’t be original; always obsessively looking to steal one idea or the other to remain relevant. Before long, they are consuming satan’s poison into destruction.

  1. Inglorious revolution is a creator of wasted life. It means wrongly using or not using your destiny at all for its assigned purpose.

Dearly cherished of God, the task ahead is too great to settle for a “hold-line purpose” against God. We are talking of a satanic network of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood who know you better than you do. We are talking of folks who have mansions in satan’s spiritual empire. They can tell you that one day…, satan is going to super-impose his kingdom o earth; which is now a fantasy for a thousand years. Thus, they are not deluded. Satan gives them every reason to continue in wickedness with his highly mechanized Zion-like kingdom. We say what we see.

Therefore, get God’s purpose – not positive laws and planning doctrines. We can’t overstate it than it is. The proofs are there to dive in.

It is written:

“The LORD possessed me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old.” — Proverbs 8:22

The moment I got my before-Genesis identity, diversionary schemes from hell couldn’t get me confused about it. Grotesquely, same can’t be said of America in her over 250+ years of existence, exactly 50 years from Freemason formation when the fourth king — “the jailed lord Cahion” created the American Idea.

You’ve got to know once and for all that America, for instance, as a colony in Massachusetts [from other colonies], was initially not a nation but an idea – a Puritan idea. Unfortunately, however, the historical, philosophical and theological considerations on America’s destiny show that the “root-cause” of her problem is the evil spell of diversion. Diversion…? Yes – the evil spell her citizens have had to live with since 1787.

You all know that the United States of America’s destiny has been totally diverted. No question about that; she’s just been patching up. Her road was to become a country without debate and unquestionable glory given them by God Himself.

Ace-The-Cases: The Cross-fire Encounters

Enjoying what the sweet Psalmist of Israel – king David prophesied in Psalms Chapter 26 verse 9-10, I still believe in the glorious destiny of every witchcraft-politician, their “special interest” groups and anybody on earth. Humanity can still be rescued! [Although not all].

In 1986, a woman came to a dearly beloved minister for counseling.

Listen, no matter how powerful you are you need family. From my upbringing and study of the Word, I know you never give up on your family. And like we said, the reason why God gave you the mantle of FIRST is to show inclusivity. God brought you on earth as briefly hinted about that 1913 prophet. You were made young to be needed for the task ahead. There are saviour-kings coming who are the exact “spiritual-copy” of those God Himself took too early in the past two thousand years. They are coming back. A few of them are already in town with deep confirmation God told me. The Era of theorizing Obadiah Chapter 1 verse 21 is over. I’m telling you what my eyes have seen about these set. God Himself revealed this to me. [Keep chewing]. That’s why you can’t be a “physical President”. And when God makes you younger and still be FIRST, the humble around today would know the place of God’s supremacy. Anything short of humility is shame, nothingness and a trip to inglorious revolutionary diversion in this Age.

Submit pride and ego to this thought: Most people came for a purpose when others failed.

Listen, though 40 years older than Paul, Peter was still so humble to salute Paul’s mastery in his second letter to a schism evident in the “fledgling” movement in 2 Peter Chapter 3 verses 15-16 when he knew JESUS told him he was going to soon leave the scene:

“… Even our dear brother Paul wrote these epistles by the Spirit of God’s wisdom GIVEN him in the many crossfires of life he’d survived. This gave him consistency in all his letters to speak of delaying gratification as a ticket pass to manifest God’s glory. That is why his epistles contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable wicked ministers distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction.”

What Apostle Peter – The ordained Prince of the Church Global – was saying here, after Paul died, is that many mainstream Gentiles and Jewish-Gentiles (that is, the Hellenist Jews) who were pissed with the core Jewish group were teaching that the Old Testament was no more relevant for the Body of Christ. They were not messengers of satan but were ignorant and easily seduced men by evil doctrines misinterpreting Paul’s content and context. Peter being an apostle to the Jews had to invoke teachings from Paul – the apostle to the Gentiles (that is, us – mainstream Christians), to explain to the “fledgling” First Century Body of Christ not to listen to devilish distorters saying God’s Ancient Landmark victories over devil in the Arabia and Syrian region (which got recorded in the [New Testament] book of Hebrew by the same Apostle Paul) aren’t important. And as we’ve taught in the previous epistle, Paul almost tried opposing the Torah by the seductive suggestion from witchcraft-diversion, but stopped. He knew that that was satan talking. He later knew, after crushing that demonic suggestion, that to oppose the Torah is to oppose JESUS. And JESUS is the Torah – the beginning. He came on earth to fulfill the Torah and His messianic prophecy. What he did was to question the “fences of the law”. Simple!

Friends, satan talks by suggestion from the outside. He uses people or fills your brains with the same content till you become a devilish rebel. This means that you were NOT created to be a rebel from the outset. Yes, you can flip this script. Yes, You can.

Paul silenced cynics with proofs and Peter saw it.

Listen; perceived justice in service and relationship recovery situations always answers to “emotional mediation” between parties involved if peace and justice must reign. A “FIRST” must take the initiative. Paul and Peter must have ironed out their differences in a respectable manner for this sought of needed reference to later come up in protecting the polity of The Ecclesia when “rogue wolves in sheep’s clothing” tried to destroy it. Justice was defined ahead of time; that was why conflict resolution wasn’t a shameful thing in the First Century Church. The Church Universal’s inclusivity was THE JUSTICE at stake.

A divided Church is an ugly Bride.

It is written: …

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, even running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes. In the spirit realm, it is the dew of Hermon that were falling on Mount Zion. For there the LORD COMMANDED HIS BLESSING, even life forevermore.” — Psalms 133:1-3

Say: “Fair justice is divine inclusive power!”

How much I love unity… Together, we can do better than one. Imagine twelve jailers of satan; just twelve.

Treasure of the Most High God, hear this: The future of this world is in the unity of The Church Universal. The Ecclesia’s place in governance is not a one man affair. The Church was too glorious for Peter and Paul to allow their initial squabble and ego-trips to mix with their HIGH CALLING. I wish I’d seen Peter as well, but I only saw Paul — the apostle of Inclusivity.

God gave His elect certain mysteries in sweat and blood.

I have had this experience that that preacher in 1986 had, but sharing his crossfire experiences is a pointer that any “humble” person can do all these things.

A comfortable leader isn’t afraid of sharing the spotlight.


And as the woman entered for counseling, the LORD told him audibly: “Daniel, you are looking at a spiritual principality.” He wasn’t alarmed. Witch-threats are inconsequential. Bring the best among them and FAITH, not textbook faith, would drown them and their threats. Please, turn around and open your “spiritual eyes” – not ears – to HEAR God. There’s no more time. Then, he asked her how he may help her. The woman replied, “Simple, my husband is a loser. His life is twisted and un-balanced.”

Amusingly, when you know the devil’s trick, you play along till you get at him. This I can tell you. What I can also tell you is that aside the fact that witches can come and test your power with “fraud-humility”; you must have humility so as to maintain God’s power. Someone that is about 70 years bowing to you and calling you sir and you’re feeling pig-headed about it is the worst danger you can put yourself in. What you should do is that as soon as they are about doing that, you go down faster and stop them from doing it. Many ministers have died before their time in pride. Some who out of ignorance are not cautious especially when witches come rubbing their bodies to seduce them and their weak anointing have also become history. The question: Is rubbing an attack on the powerful? No, and never – what necessitate attack is pride in being praised. As such, you attract who you are… thus they getting you. Your weakness can destroy you, beloved.

“Is that all,” he asked. “Yes,” she said. “So what do you want me to do about that,” the minister probed further. She replied, “Pray for my husband for him to be balanced.” He smiled… and asked her, “Sorry, are you saying that you don’t know you are demonized and also a satanic principality?”

The ensuing answer from her was: “What! So you can see?!”

“Yes, I can.” He replied. And that was it….

Exposing her darkness began a tirade of lecture on their modus operandi (i.e., how they operate). She demonstrated how putting legs on the wall can transport her into their witchcraft’s coven meeting whilst her body stays at home. The minister now said, “I’m curious about statements going round the corner… Is it possible to know what somebody would become once they were born?” “That one is very easy,” she uttered out-and-out. “With that knowledge about people’s destiny before birth, what do you do afterwards,” the minister asked. Blatantly she replied, “We divert the assigned journey of the person [right in the cross-way of life] by sending confusion. That is it.”

Well, this minister has a Ph.D in the sciences and is also a chancellor of a University yet not a single content about his academic studies made him what he is in the art of deliverance.

No one was born bad by default. However, God once told me that right in the crossway of life, whilst still young is when most children are initiated. He said that the covenant the ancestors made before dying engages the witchcraft power to continue where they stop. They then come to give the child[ren] sets of demon-infested habits, characters, powers, et al. This is what satan invented reincarnation. That’s why some children are incarnated copy of their ancestors; and not that satan has the power of reincarnation. He doesn’t have it, but his un-original spirit only distorted that Biblical mystery you will know as you brood on.

Listen; satan gave the masses scientific proofs by renaissance laws, law of nature and others—which are the laws of sin and death—only to distort anything called Biblical mystery and divine revelation. He worked hard to tear God into pieces from the mind of man, and the people aided him.

Fantasy you say? Beloved, listen to the next crossfire encounter….


A medical doctor had met her spiritual lead after being touched by the awesome testimony of a woman who’d met this same spiritual lead in the third month of conception to have her baby’s sex changed and had it by the help of the Holy Ghost. The spiritual lead, a Ph.D holder with several honorary degrees, a key holder to the city of Michigan and also a Chancellor, a Newsweek international magazine Top 50 influencer, amongst other things wondered why this intelligent doctor of a woman who should know better is attempting to test God because she heard just one single testimony. Doesn’t she know it could be a fluke? Because what a baby is going to look like (the height: tall or short; the skin colour: black, white, mixed; the weight: fat or slim; the eyes: blue, dark, ____; et al) takes shape within 72-hours of conception.

She insisted, crying that she has four girls already and that the families of her husband have vowed to chase her away if she doesn’t give birth to a boy; even disregarding science. Oddity, you say? Apparently, not one person in the entire family was taught the biology of sex chromosomes or simply won’t accept something that law of Nature has no control over.

Know this: Men by nature have XY chromosomes and women XX chromosomes. And this is the natural scientific law: When a man keeps having girls what is happening is that the germ cell (meiosis) responsible for dividing the man’s X and Y cells into halves is not releasing the Y-bearing sperm (which is the one with boy gene) faster, but rather giving out the X-bearing sperm faster which fertilizes the female XX eggs. It means if there’s no Y from the man, the woman can never have a boy. So, who do you blame? You blame the man – never the woman. How is the woman supposed to change her reproductive system into a man’s and still become a woman? The family ought to have blamed the man and ask him why his meiosis isn’t quickly releasing his Y-bearing sperm so it swims faster than the inherent X to the woman’s XX chromosomes.

Well, they weren’t going to listen to any Natural Rights science. They promised her she’s parking out, and thaw was final… not even considering that she was already eight months into labour; and no left-idealist political party pro-choice idea would even help her, except they want to become that woman in Case 1. “This is humanly impossible,” said the spiritual lead. “Sir, we are not discussing medicine now, we are discussing God.” She cried with faith knowing ONLY God’s Supernatural Rights can change it. Her faith was alive… what was left was her JOY. The Spiritual lead helped her on that and within one month – the 9th month (not the 1st month), she gave birth to a bounding baby boy.

Somebody SHOUT: Hallelujah!

Dearly favoured of God, God is mighty! I know of women that have had babies without womb. I mean, no womb by mistakes of the past or witchcraft swallowing, yet they gave birth to babies.
Say: God’s Power!

Therefore, God or satan: Whose law do you want to swim in?


  • I DECREE: By the reason of the un-sealed book that is now double (JOYS law), you shall have your miracles conceived before the end of this month!
  • SHOUT THIS: “Father, make me shout for JOY, in the name of JESUS!”
  • As satan’s sorrow has come to THE FULL in this Era by his domino effect, so has your JOY come to THE FULL, in JESUS’ name!

When you ordinarily see people, you might never know that evil diversion has been molesting them. Conversely, if you care enough, without chasing fame or boasting of your success when you can’t pay the big sacrifice of jailing satan and planting God’s inclusive [not isolationist[ governance, you might know enough. But what if you never had the chance as a stranger to help?

It is written: …

“These things have I, JESUS, spoken unto you, that my JOYS might remain in you, and that your joy might be FULL.” — John 15:11

You can help people if you have God’s JOYS full law.


At the #2014DOXDivineCalendarYear, no face, no candidate, I was on social media’s Twitter operating under open Heaven teaching in a midnight like this using my then hard QWERTY keyboard Blackberry phone. I’d started from 10pm and was on and still enjoying Heaven’s fresh delivery without typed notes. No time to even draft one. It was a Day and Night session for 90+days locked in a room, except for one day – which I would tell you in CRUSHING TERRORISM. God’s Right Hand was upon me with my hands and attention on the tiny Blackberry screen till past 6:30am when I went into trance (that is, your natural sense shut out completely and your supernatural personality operating with God). Now, I still didn’t know how I kept everybody waiting within those split seconds and still able to get back to typing as if nothing happened. Miracles, signs and wonders are done beyond nanoseconds. If you were to do a slow-mo, you won’t see it. It’s beyond Natural Rights or Human Rights laws. And to God be the glory, most of you would remember and verify how often I went into trance.

As God would have His way that hour as I sat uncomfortably inside that room in a three storey building, I saw myself coming out of that room and suspended in thin air outside the tall building and looking through the kitchen window of my host’s neighbour. I saw through the glass window to see the military officer’s wife cooking, and then see standing beside her a strange man who appeared as her spirit husband looking at her through rose-colored glasses (that is, romanticizing her). I quickly shouted “Leave there!” The spiritual beat husband heard me and looked at me only to run away. Then the vision ceased and I came back to my natural senses.

Now, I’ve never gone beyond good morning greeting to both the man and his wife. I’d only spent less than a week there before Heaven revealed this. I abandoned what I was typing and walked up to that woman’s kitchen as she prepared meal for her child [and a witchcraft niece I later saw often turns to goat to seduce the community’s men in their dream], and with confidence said, “Madam so you’ve been dreaming this kind of dream and didn’t tell me? Why do you then still keep greeting me with the name Pastor?” She was shocked and promised to tell me later in the day. You will realize I didn’t give the detail but she knew what I was saying.

It was later after consultation with the husband that I realized that they’ve been “trying” for a decade after the first and only child to give birth but couldn’t. Until then, the husband never knew about the spirit husband who comes around to sleep with her each time she conceives only for her to have miscarriage thereafter. And she didn’t know that her husband was also mysteriously diverted into another strange woman’s lap due to frustration. Satan was enjoying the fact that secrecy could eat them up into destruction. Had God not revealed this, the family would have been destroyed.

Now, imagine the jailed devil’s minion in a lame confederacy trying to divert my kids… (Smiles…).

Dearly loved, these are the mysterious cases of evil diversion not even one man-made earthly law can solve. If we are advocate of international human Rights laws, isn’t it “reasonable” for Cahion’s men (the man-of-reason and man-of-passion) to include deep-rooted cases like these to help humanity than waste time on the surface? (Smiles…). They know what they are doing. Satan does not have lasting solution for anybody; he always has one string attached to his plans.

You see how these laws can be incomplete and inefficient? They are incomplete because they don’t know how to do “humanitarian” works to deliver many women that are married to spirit husband who have children in the spirit world; same goes for men. And if you are man that loves sleeping around with women, you would end up having bad-luck because the spirit husband of those women would be fighting your progress till you leave that girl; if you are not careful, you might even die. So why is it that some of these rebelliously enacted Constitution and other laws couldn’t save these kinds of persons?

Ace-The-Case: The Snake Tattoo

There was this fellow I occasionally pray for and counsel into spiritual growth. He gave a past testimony of one time falling in-love with a beautiful church girl who’d fought hard not to fall in-love with him on campus. Somehow, she caved in. And with the first sex they had, the guy saw something – a big white written “S” on her pubic hair, but because he was “high” he didn’t mind; he kept on at it. The next time he had it with her, she’d already shaved her pubic hair. So, no big white written “S”… but unfortunately, the “S” was tattooed as a black mark on her pudendum. Yet, he didn’t mind and enjoyed it. From that day onward, this fellow saw what was called real hell on earth. Everywhere he goes, real life python would appear wanting to swallow his head, but people won’t see it. He turns left its snake; right its snake. If he’s walking on the street, they just appear wanting to swallow his head. His dreams were often either about being locked in a room full of snakes or swimming with snakes.

Then something now made him to tell the lady the hell he’s been going through. Suddenly, she started crying. Why was she crying, you wonder…? This was because this fine gentleman was going through the same ordeal her former boyfriend had gone through before dying “from” her room. I mean, leaving her room after spending a night only to die mysteriously as soon as he got home was a serpentine plantation from hell. How do I mean? She started narrating how because her Christian parent waited for child-birth for years, and decided to visit the marine kingdom for “fruit of the womb”. The result was her.

Let’s clarify something here and bust satan’s bubbles. No devil (dead or alive) can give you any baby. That’s God’s forte; God is the baby-maker. Therefore, you can’t be a baby-beggar, in the name of JESUS! Your bout with miscarriage ends now!

Listen; what these demonized evil merchants did with her parent was to simply lose her tied mother’s womb so that Biology could take effect.

Noteworthy; there are times that women conceive without sex by artificial insemination. But in the case of spiritual insemination when all hopes is lost, spirit husbands impregnate women till what was spiritual becomes physical giving birth to animalistic babies that die on the spot. Why? Because satan is always an un-original failure. What happens is that the babies inside them would start talking or straightly be birthed as a strange snake-like or goatish half-human-half-animal creature that can’t survive earth. This rare occasion, beloved, is where the spirit husband divert the glory of many. That is why you know deliverance cases where women are known to constantly moan alone sexually whilst asleep only to wake up with demonic wounds on their bodies.

Friends, these cases are mysteries of inglorious evil diversion that MUST NEVER be feared. I desire all ministers are not afraid to tackle these kinds of satanic onslaught. Fear in them is why they defend diversionary witchcraft philosophies. Don’t fear… Just enter that fire and see what God would do. If you’re really going to swim, you don’t tip-toe into the pool. You dive in. If you are a real minister, you must go beyond positive laws (progressivism and materialism) to using God’s Supernatural laws – His JOYS law. We are talking about a satanic network of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood who know you better than you do.

King JESUS, not Abraham Lincoln, warned: “A house divided against itself by inglorious revolutionary diversion SHALL NOT stand!” (Matthew Chapter 12 Verse 25).

Think inclusive dominion thoughts; not me, mine, I egoistic ministerial works. That’s too backward compared to what God has for the duration of His earth’s existence. Satan doesn’t even take you serious on that narrow thinking ground. I’m sure you’ve not forgotten that God has a calendar for this year….

Think and make deep sacrifices that has nothing in it for you. Everyone that does this is always Heaven’s favourite. [You just heard my secret]. This is why I have respect for the obscure missionaries in areas giving their lives for the course of the gospel.

This one time, one of my disciples asked me a question: “Why is it that every Christians we’ve ever been praying for have one issue or another with their foundation?” I smiled then answered, “The ancestors in our then polytheistic society worshiped idols. Had Christianity not come we would all have remained in darkness; what you see now with Christianity is God removing the evil roots lest He uses His axe to cut off the Tree – that is, we, humans. We are too precious to be swept away along with satan’s choking weed.”


We all know policy can change but laws, theoretically, were meant to be permanent. But because it’s a “living organism” meant for the living, the living can amend it with hard-fought pushed bills through good or bad Party policies. Therefore, I recommend that all left-wing ideological parties should for once wake up to their shed-on-the-Cross Supernatural Rights by conceiving never-before-seen liberal policies to TRULY “help” women and fight for tormented souls, thereafter score an early win over right-wing conservative political parties who eat religious hypocrisy for dinner. Do this and see evil diversion ebb away; of course, without being both in any Freemason lodges or any secret societies. #ThinkDOX.

“Diversionary theologians” who insist that America was not founded on Christian principles are unfortunately right. You need not argue with their facts. Their attempt to hit a final nail on the Christian-American thesis that God is not an American god is somewhat backfiring because This Mountain would expose their folly. Unfortunately for my brethren, though, their theory-laden Evangelical obstructionism to impose the idea of an American Christian nation heritage in defense of God has got to end. Such fantasies are devoid of reality. The reality is this: Inglorious revolutionary diversion by the witchcraft oath which the Founding fathers/signers of the Constitutions entered into molested them into creating a demonic goat diary. That’s why for you to avoid such molestation, you must evacuate if from your system otherwise, you will stubbornly go the revolutionary goatish diverted way of standing against God.

Listen; in that Four Blood Moon encounter of 2014, you will remember that God has released many batches of His best angelic messengers as I stood in Calabar. More are still coming. Angels are not just in Heaven to protect God. Nobody can protect Him; He’s unprotect-able!

THE CAPITOL: Re-scripting the Goat Diary

Thank you Father! Just now, already knowing that this section would centre on the “Christian-America thesis”, I saw a strange woman with the face of a bald eagle painted with tribal marks looking vengefully at me. (Smiles…). Little thing! I did a recollection and remembered that one of the two prime symbol of that non-original worshiped god in the entire Roman Empire: Jupiter (also called satan – the evil beast) is the “eagle”. And looking at the United States, her national emblem created by Deist Jupitarian worshipers is the bald eagle. And as we’ve said in the past and from spiritual encounters, witchcraft powers love using satanic symbols/emblems saturated with satanic powers to inflict bondage on people and when faced with impossible battle with Agents of light (that is, you whenever you are ready), they and satan – their god – engage these weapons.

This is why humanitarian works without being a God-ordained Supernatural-humanist is the ugliest ascendancy in modern politics since the dawn of modern democracy in the Mid-18th century. It means, you just can’t drain the swamp or trump hate with your might, net-worth and network. You and your sympathizers are too unfit as mortals to dare it. Theodore, the Bull-moose couldn’t. “Honest Abe” couldn’t. Reagan, The Great Communicator couldn’t… what makes us think our human breathe can? Fast-forward into today, Obama, Trump and Hillary all know that you can’t “reason out” terrorism. Terror doesn’t reason. Today, terror is defeating reason.

The Deal-maker: God’s Gold; His World’s Gold

God is no more giving hope; God He’s giving answers.

It was sudden, sudden as the dawn; a sudden downpour right in the middle of my planting DOX seeds at a Bus Stop-cum-Garden, the rain came falling nowhere else but the Bus Stop I stood. A portal in the heavens had open to pour down a divine not any kind of rain. Right there, I scurried quickly carrying containing vessels to fetch the rain water. Then suddenly, I saw the waters transforming into a treasure labeled as: the Gold of Ophir. How such a name I caught in God’s Word could become a reality was beyond earth’s words. I looked to make sense of what was happening: I saw the droplets becoming precious stones; topmost among them was the Gold of Ophir. Excited, I rushed out to call everybody living on connected streets to the Bus-Stop. It was a pursuit of JOY. The farther I went out the farther I gathered more crowds to those already enjoying the endless taking of the gold. It was a fountain that never runs dry; there was more for everyone. So, it was. Done gathering everybody in my country, I got back with huge grin on my face thinking I’ve done humanity good… thinking I have a great reward for my desire for make everybody successful. But as soon as I got there, it stopped. I was shocked. Still in shock, I saw the pillar falling on a Bus-Stop. Stopping, it moved to the next, and then the next one and another one till it faded into the distant earth. Then I heard God, “You were supposed to move with My Inclusive Dominion for earth. You were not created to do your plans but my plans. You were created to bring My Gold to humanity. Don’t be like others. Follow My Kingdom will.”

(Smiles…) I remember seeing same re-casted vision back at the #2014DOXCalendarYear revival. To Him be all the GLORY and HONOUR (Revelation Chapter 7 verses 9 – 17). To Him who sits on the throne Merciful God! Follow His will not your will. I know how you feel. You want to reply cynics with what they naively call success at the expense of being God’s lasting institution on earth. (Smiles…). Friends, King JESUS wants you to sit on the throne with Him in His will! [Tongues…] The devil wants you to walk as slave in your own boastful will. What’s it going to be?

Fight the good fight of faith! Faith is for fighting for your TRUE NORTH; not to turn violent against your fellow human.

It is written: …

“Dear servant of God… Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal lifestyle God chose for you, which is what you are called into, and has professed as a good profession before many witnesses.” — 1Timothy 6:12

Ace-The-case: King on barefoot; Slaves on Horse

Quite a long time ago, and done with the day’s work, and then about lying on my bed with my hands on the bed, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see a mysterious thing in an open vision (not trance) with my senses not shut down. I saw a slave riding on horse and the enthroned king walking on barefoot leading the slave. In quick succession, I saw an occultic personality in a dark place with a strangely soaked diabolic leg scrubbing his feet so hard on the floor such that the king would never climb his ordained horse of glory. I quickly prayed a mysterious prayer I heard God say, and instantly, the strongman behind that diabolism perished. Then, the vision ceased.


Shout this critical “mysterious prayer”:

“Enikeni to ban’fiese re ra’iletagbara-tagbara wipe moni gun esin Ogo mi, Oluwa O, gee se enina, nioruko JESU!”


Any power vigorously rubbing its feet on the floor as a sign that I would never ride on my royal horse as God’s king/queen but walk on barefoot for the rest of my days as a spiritual slave, O LORD, arise with your Sword and CUT OFF their strangling-leg, in the name of JESUS!

It is written: … “There’s a great evil I see upon the earth: kings walking on barefoot and servant riding horses.” — Ecclesiastes 10:7

Pray it one more time…

Any power vigorously rubbing its feet on the floor as a sign that I would never ride on my royal horse as God’s king/queen but walk on barefoot for the rest of my days as a spiritual slave, O LORD, arise with your Sword and CUT OFF their strangling-leg, in the name of JESUS!

Say it like this: …

  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, arise and in your great anger, fight for me in the morning, fight for me in the noon and fight for me at night, in the name of JESUS!
  • The razor of God is a weapon you use in destroying the honour of the stubborn enemy that has vowed to rubbish your destiny and your name. It is the weapon that shaved off the head of the head of satan [the king of Assyria] for JESUS to climb His horse of glory. (Isaiah Chapter 7 verses 14-20). It is the weapon God uses to put an end to the battle of the enemy.

The razor of God is the weapon you need to invoke in prayers when you want your deliverance to be quick, complete and permanent. It is the weapon you use in prayers when the enemy has placed you inside their cage and locked it with multiple padlocks. It is a weapon that proves effective for those who have encountered “mysterious suffering” from wicked arrows. This is because it is in prayers the razor of the LORD when invoked wounds and bruises the head of the serpent when serpentine and marine personalities are fighting desperately to subject you to terrible enslaved bondage. The razor of the LORD is multipurpose and effective: It has the power to inflict wounds that will paralyze house-hold wickedness. It will terminate “evil terminators” and invoke a decree of death upon the head of stubborn witches and wizards. The razor of the LORD is so sharp a weapon that it enables you to cut and fight your way into deliverance. Amongst many weapons, the razor of the LORD is one weapon that pours out the wrath of God – The Almighty upon the enemy such that they won’t see Him coming. They didn’t see JESUS coming on earth because of the razor of the LORD.

Will you thunder these: …

  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, CUT to pieces every net of darkness assigned to cage my finances, my marriage and my home, in the name of JESUS!
  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, discipline every witchcraft coven assigned to trouble my life, in the name of JESUS!
  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, CUT through every wall of blockage assigned to frustrate me, in the name of JESUS!
  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, CUT into the dark coven of witchcraft and extract from them anything they’ve swallowed from me, in the name of JESUS!
  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, remove from my days every cobweb power blocking my moving forward, in the name of JESUS!
  • Thou razor of the Lord God – The Almighty, move in great speed and acceleration and disgrace mu Goliath, in the name of JESUS!

It is done. Thank you Father, in the mighty name of JESUS we pray. Amen!

CAUTION: Let no creature steal your joy – your nation’s joy.

The Goat Diary: Daniel’s Revelation vs Deists’ Reason

Reason is the greatest vehicle satan uses to cryptically “mass-destroy” the entire universe. His days have finally come to an end. Why do you think I’m engaged in law related course…? Yet make no mistake, everything here are not what the “law of human reason” thought me. I prepared this message down in spiritual trial and preparedness as a “permanent student” to the given SPECIAL Grace of God ever before I went into it. Law is simply a modular obligation I committed myself to. They don’t study “the law of reason” in Heaven. As such, if Obama and Hillary who studied law and Trump who has law scruples can do “reason” and still be flippant, confused and inconsistent in their judgment calls, why not look beyond their boast by first knowing what they know then and show them a better way since YOU was created to raise Supernatural-giants.

DANIEL’S REVELATION: 2017 – The Year of Unending Progress and Positive Global Changes

Say this before we proceed: “I am God’s GREATNESS on earth… a change in the world’s order. I bring JOY in a world of sorrow and hate. I am His RIGHT HAND on the land… I am His RIGHT HAND in the sea… I am His RIGHT HAND in the heavenlies, in JESUS’ name!”

Praise God!

God gave me a spiritual event – a parable of the world to come. It was about America’s opportunities and a certain bait-fisher.

Fishing for America’s BLESSED opportunities

In this revelation, God made a young known music artiste with a blessed personality and huge talent in R&B, hip-hop, Afro-pop, soul to act as its angler/fisherman. Led to a very small stream to fish, a hook, line, and sinker/ledger was automatically placed on his hand, so was a worm as his bait. With the task ahead, the outdoor recreation turned to an angling expedition for his destiny; the big-game fishing. Somehow, he didn’t know. As such, his expectation was quite low. Tossed into a littlest river so as to catch perhaps a small size fish, this music artiste noticed the tug of perhaps a “little fish” transmitted through the line. Within split seconds, his happiness turned to sorrows as heavy telltale tug of the hook almost dragged him into the stream. Regaining his balance, he quickly used “his strength” to command, at most, part of the fish’s head out of the river. The clearer this catch head became, the scarier he became. What was it? A massive Blue Whale – the heaviest animal ever to have lived (living or fossil)! With both his biggest “opportunity” and survival on the line, he summoned his greatest might pulling the more than 30 metres and 200 metric tons mammal with a simple hook. This was no escapee Jonah, but one who can lay claim to trying to mimic the Goliath-slaying-David. He was ready for the battle: It was “Artiste vs. Whale”.

The winner was decided by prophecy: The whale’s strength broke the line and ran off. The artiste on the other hand was lucky not to be dragged with it. His “Natural rights” though gave him courage, his tools was unfit to catch the opportunity.

That was not the end.

The river got dried as the water drained to a sea called the GREAT ABUNDANT WATERS; a haven where all the whales and fishes of the sea went. A closer look at the depth of the river showed dried little fishes the Whale had eaten.

And the parable ended.

It is written: …

“But THE JUDGMENT shall sit, and they shall take away Cahion’s dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.” — Daniel 7:26

America’s opportunities belong to Cahion and they are gone. God the owner of both the whale and stream has taken His property. Satan needed God’s people all these while, but God wants His earth back for His Son’s millennial reign with His brethren.

As much as ideological Natural Rights from English Enlightenment proponents like John Locke to European Enlightenment like Jean-Jacques Rousseau have come to expand the horizon with the “god of reason”, ideological Natural Rights has in the same vein stifled many nations’ “exponential progress” reflected clearly in their single digit GDP. It means the sea have shrunk to a river-size and ultimately dried up chasing away the whale-size opportunities that comes out of it. In simple ABC term, it means that there’s something amusing to God when He sees modern youths and their parent substitute weed smoking as His joy when instead His JOYS comes from His Supernatural Right.

Satan has left [not just lost] control of the waters in U.S. by his incarceration. That should excite humans — including the wrongly led rebels. God is now in control. As such, the general public’s desire to have a political dynasty would demand going into the great waters of God to go catch the big blue whales – which is their Supernatural birthright.

For it is written: …

“For He has spread forth His RIGHT HAND in the midst of their occult governance waters as one that swimmeth spreads his hands to swim: He has brought down their pride together by His Confounding the cofounder power with spoils (that is, the satanically manipulated wealth and resources) of Freemason’s lodges tiny hands.” — Isaiah 25:11

You are God’s RIGHT HAND; God’s blessing is the great abundant waters which belong to God. God’s BLESSING is the glorious whale in the rivers of each nation. And if you are not yet His RIGHT HAND this is where the problem lies. You need to get ask Him for it and start practicing it on earth.

Years ago, God opened my eyes on His style of… governance, the economy, health and protection. Ever since then, it became the outlet wherein I view the world. [You’ll hear it with time].

Dearly adored of God, listen; you need to have a resolute determination to stand on the Word of God no matter what is thrown at you. What you see is what you see. In the end, people would come around. This I can tell you, but don’t wait to see their coming around. Stay focused on what God is saying. I tell you right now, I don’t know what the Jupos are saying online. Mine is to post and get away. The assurance of peace and quietness all round does not mean sitting idle and bloating, waiting for the next original idea so you could to build on or see an opportunity to be controversial or become a Jupo-like loose lip. The effect of righteousness is peace. I don’t busy myself knowing what the cynical Jupos are. God reveals their hearts to me for FREE. For instance; I know all these things because I work day and midnight and take at least 3hours sleep per day avoiding any distraction physically and spiritually to be under the banner of God to hear Him. Not one Jupos rant is known except God Himself tells me. Assurance of peace also means your home, ministry and ventures are coasting under the wings of God – The Great Eagle.

Knowing about what would happen globally, not personally or locally, is a “JOYS”. Staying under the banner of God is where to be. I speak like the sweat Psalmist of Israel in Psalms Chapter 139 verse 4-7, saying, I want to be there forever! My coming online was God-mandated. As such, I’m not there to make anybody happy, but to transmit God’s now un-sealed JOYS law. I am there to make God JOYOUS. Let me amuse you. God tells me what people who are reading it are thinking even to Saudi Arabia where Arabic is spoken. I can tell you the mark number of a Saudi Arabian leader’s PC who God says He would soon take away because the man is a killer. Be careful. Why would this man not want to repent? I won’t say his name so he could repent. After this post, same way God gave me the PC mark numbers of Top 10 serious people reading this is the same He told me that former American President is making peace with Him. What about you? Along the line because I want you saved, I would conceal your identity but mention your idolatrous secret society or give you a clue to let you know God knows you deeply than the idea you’ve given the general public (whom the mystery of spiritual-cobwebs have sat as lord over their eyes).

I can’t fault you for doing this evil. However, continuing your “Church-anity” [sic] because your pastors and/or prophets don’t see it is very disrespectful to God. Make a choice today. It’s either Christ on earth or satan. Choose the former.

[The only human I can say I had delightfully studied knows what I’m saying].

Alright, God’s style of… governance, the economy, health and protection grew bigger until it became a prophecy that we now enjoy. We stayed on it. On the economy, I saw what He showed me on July 21, 2007.

It is written: …

“I will remember the works of the LORD: surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will meditate also of all Your work, and talk of Your doings. Your way, O God, is in the sanctuary: who is so great a god as our God? You are the God that does wonders: You have declared Your Strength among the people. You have with Your Arm redeemed Your people, the sons of Jacob and Joseph. Selah [That is. Pause and meditate].The waters saw You, O God, the waters saw You; they were afraid: the depths also were confounded. The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: Your arrows also flash back and forth abroad. The voice of Your thunder is in the Heaven: the lightning lightened the worlds; the earth trembled and shook. Your way is in the sea, and Your path is in the great waters, and Your footsteps are not seen. You led Your people by the hand of Moses and Aaron.” — Psalm 77:11-20

And in Psalms Chapter 107 verse 21 –30 God, years ago, opened my eyes on His style of governance, the economy, health and protection all in the great waters. Here is His thunder on the water-of-the-economy: …

“Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing with rejoicing songs of joy. They that do down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep. For He commandeth, and raiseth the stormy wind, which lifteth up the wave thereof. They mounted up to the heavens; they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits’ end. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he brought them out of their distress. He maketh the storm calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then they are glad because they be quiet; so He bringeth them unto their desire haven.”

Freemason’s law of Nature by itself can’t battle with the gods in MENA; because it’s a natural-fantasy.

Theoretical thesis in ending internal strife/sectarian clashes (amongst Arab countries that use religion as a mask for rebellion) is a serious beating around the bush on solutions to end violent religious extremism.

We are saying that the Middle East and North Africa is a diabolic infested region plagued by satanic stranglehold creating violent political and economic sentiments long before Islam came and many are using theoretic thesis and policy recommendations. How is satan — “the great Creator” of reason be taught how to reason? You can’t beat satan or beg him in his own game; he is merciless by nature.

Listen, the provisos set out by these militia groups (particularly the immoral and cowardly over-ambitious Islamic State) can’t be crushed by military propositions and academic speculative hypothesis from any political leader—Presidents/PMs—and industry experts respectively. Their policy directions, as well as those in every nation [that have rejected God from their polity], can never ever give strength to their citizens in getting the big catch from God’s water of governance, economy, health and protection. Natural Rights — the brainchild of the law of Nature can’t fish from the spiritual. Natural Right the entire world feeds on is a trap to put mankind in baseless argument. Satan has succeeded in shutting down the inner spirits of most of us humans with unconscious thirst for scientific proof of God — even that of their family’s love. So, how are these “Freethinkers” [who don’t know what that word really means in Freemason lodges] supposed to hear God talk? It’s either their Natural Rights or nothing. What you see them, sadly, do is a stubborn insistence to the deductions from the “god of reason” made possible the philosophies and ideology of lord Cahion’s minions. Deceived by these men of letters, you consciously reject God; unconsciously embrace satan thinking you are a freethinker and master of YOUR destiny. I’m glad you now know the historical implication behind the term, “Freethinker”. It’s an Enlightenment dark identification. For that reason, do you want to be a Freethinker?

Friends, to be honest with you, you can’t regulate earth’s profitable direction this way. You need to quickly find your way back to the authority of God’s prophetic Spirit of Grace in The Word, not texts from the cult of modern reason. Why not reason? Reason as posited by “idealist law of Nature” proponents of each national Constitutions on earth haven’t been able to do the following in the great waters: …

  • Reason limits you to pond fishing when there is a great CONQUEST in the sea to unseat satan, the Leviathan from. It was in this link I saw how leviathan crushed weak soldiers and their ships like a defeated Titanic ship-fairers; it was there I was engraced to fight Leviathan.
  • Reason makes wrongfully help you to make self-defeatist judgment calls because your opportunities (the blue whale) are often mightier and wiser than you.
  • Reason reduces your strength to catch the big fish
  • Reason, eventually, makes your pond dry by its extractive governance.

God’s BLESSING opportunity is the whale that temporarily came to visit America. Therefore, you can’t use the current “law of Nature tools” to get the blessing back. That the blessing was in America during those period before November 8, 2016 does not make God an American “product”; same as His blessing. Beloved, God’s BLESSED OPPORTUNITIES lies in the great waters – His Kingdom conquest over SMK currently occupied by the devil’s SMK. Therefore, we must eject that dark hydra-head beast’s governance system out of the waters and put it among the living.

Having long entered into Year 2016’s #16ChurchStreet prophetic vision of “Throne and Harvest” personally and magisterially in raising Presidential hopefuls from God’s Spirit of Grace for service well done in His Paul-like and Babalola-like THREE YEARS, God gave the prophetic declaration of 2017 quite early after my three years ended. And He said I should declare it on the 3rd day of November, this month.

In Isaiah Chapter 61 verses 1-11, God showed that everything He does on earth and shall still do through the efficacy of prophecy in His Word rest on time. I paraphrase: “My Spirit is upon My prophets… to proclaim My acceptable year!”

Every year that God reject is a barren year in Heaven’s timeline towards the eventual end of this earth. For instance; Year 2013 was a barren year God watched on as same-sex legalization became rampant. I saw that episode in 2012. Upon studying time, I saw that the number thirteen is a cultic rebellious number. It’s a key period in satan’s kingdom (SMK) to spread evil and make God ineffective when there is weak representation on earth, and of course you know there is; even till date, but gradually to the GLORY of God, His Mountain’s unflinching sacrificial determination defeated satan for fun and created a modus for those saviour-Prophets. Almost none of us alive, except our kids, would see a “13” again until “Year 2113”. Thirteen means disobedience and great rebellion amongst humans. In the same vein, every year that God accept is a fruitful year in Heaven’s timeline towards the eventual end of this earth. 2017 is God’s reset. Therefore, do we want to have a great world with “living prophetic saviours” for our children or an “unacceptable” world satan finally comes out unashamedly to rule them?

Think beyond your now!

It is written: …

“To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day/Era of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn.” — Isaiah 61: 3.

God’s investment, listen; in earth’s creation, God had to step out of eternity to create time, and in time, He created the earth for 7-prophetic days. And you’ll remember in our Biblical, scientific and prophetic deduction of this Buffer Age/world for us and our children’s children till Christ comes. We stated that the Buffer Age is this 7th day of King JESUS’ millennial (one thousand years) reign. And after that is the vengeful “Last Judgment” of Judge (no more Advocate/Lawyer) JESUS.

Ace-The-Case: My Left Ear’s Learned Alignment

This one time, God opened my eyes to a dream. I saw myself pulling out a strange interlocked maize that looked like along Roman Catholic rosary out of my left ear. I kept pulling this almost endless string until it ended when God told me that I can now hear His millennial plan for His Buffer Age clearly. He thereafter said, “That is the voice of religion blocking your ear from hearing Me clearly. The book is now double before you.” Then I woke up suddenly. Knowing what happened, I touched my left ear only to feel the mark of the pull and see the dust from the maize. From that moment onward, I started hearing more than usual. Of course I’ve always been seeing well, then heard faintly. That’s my strength and I hear faintly. But the moment He did this, I started hearing more from both sides each time He wants to talk. God kept my prophetic left ear untainted all these decades. Yet, that last deliverance was needed.

In the prophetic, the left ear is where confusion, doubt, debate around the God-kind of Faith is established to lock you into dogma and block you from hearing God. While the right ear is where demonic ideology, witchcraft powers, ancestral powers, territorial power, like the “god of reason”, and anything that is not of God operates from. But when God speaks through both ears, you’ve conquered all protocols; you become god!

Dearly much-loved of God, the “voice of religion” is different from the “voice of reason”.

The Difference:

  • “Voice of religion” take a pew on your left hear if you are prophet while “voice of reason” takes control on your day from right ear.
  • “Voice of religion” says a prophet can’t hear God the older he/she gets; “voice of reason” says there’s nothing like revelation and mystery.

The above is wrong. God told me, “My son, age has nothing to do with hearing from Me.”

  • “Voice of religion” says the priesthood is superior to prophecy; “voice of reason” in “radicality [sic] says there’s nothing like prophets.

If you really want to see the future of The Church back in governance, you will end reckless competition amongst brethren in the Household of Faith.

  • “Voice of religion” says you can’t switch on prophecy like an ON-and-OFF switch; “voice of reason” says prophets are for Old Testament prophets, and nothing like Old Testament.
  • The Church invented the “voice of religion”; satan invented the “voice of reason”
  • “Voice of religion” says forgive because God forgave you; the “voice of reason” says don’t take off your forgiveness card off the table. Use it as a bargaining chip.
  • “Voice of religion” thrives on priori deduction; the “voice of reason” thrives on scientific data.

Satan knows how to manipulate beads for occultic religious purpose.

Look at me dear God’s favourite: To be radical only makes you a dead-spirit to God. Don’t do it. Why this path? We’ve got to train people to have God’s spiritual intelligence. For instance; forgiveness is a spiritual phenomenon; not a thing of the soul’s feeling. You forgive as taught in THE FORGIVENESS CARD. And guess what, if you don’t forgive, you can’t hear God. Your cluttered mind gets in the way. This is why minsters can stay for decades in ministry and don’t hear God. Forgive! We’ve got to train people to forgive. People don’t know the mystery of forgiveness and that’s why they aren’t powerful. You lost God when your heart is full of strife. A few has God’s ears, while most are being punished for destroying the unity of the Household of Faith.

See, no matter how selfish you are, your selfishness can’t buy God’s earth. These and more is why satan always thrashes the debate on mystery and revelation. But thank God, we’ve jailed satan. Yet, that was just the beginning. We have a government to plant. And until we start obeying God’s voice for DOX, we can’t dominate inclusively for the next 990+ years!

For it is written: …

“A day is a thousand years before God.. and this Buffer Age shall reign for a thousand years counting from July 21, 2007 and renewed #2014DOXCalendarYear, but Moses to Hagin would not rise up throughout this one thousand years for the first resurrection in rapture until we’ve finished DOX3000, then satan that we crushed in 2017 would be released after DOX3000 to deceive [unimaginably] a lot of rebellious souls who saw proofs for 3 ½ years to war with YOUR dynasty’s descendants. This would provoke the Second Coming (Greek: Parousiathat is physical presence) of JESUS as He touches base to CONQUER satan finally then the Last Judgment by the Book of life would happen.” Psalms 90:4; 2 Peter 3:8

It is also written: …

“But you, Oh Daniel, hut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end [this Buffer Age]: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased [but can’t enter the book]… And I, Daniel, heard but understood not: then I said, O my Lord, what shall be the outcome of these things? And He said, Go your way, Daniel: for the Words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end… But as for you Daniel, go your way till the end be: for you shall rest, and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.”— Daniel 12: 4, 8-9, 13

The Bible is now double for us to know the end of the unit measurement of earth (i.e., time).

We didn’t come to do Sunday-Sunday church and boast about membership count. We’ve come to crush satan and bind him for one thousand years by the prophetic Spirit of Grace lest a lot die the “second death” in the Lake of Fire by JESUS’ Last Judgment. We’re the World’s #ProblemStopBusStop… We are prophet above prophets.

He said, “Son, you are not going to two continents 5 countries (two in Asia – India and the other; three in Europe – Germany and the other two) next year. You are going to the SEVEN cities in the United States of America in just one month in 2017. Go there and birth my millennial reign for a global journey.”

Live this out: Effective 2017 till JESUS Christ’s rapture (not His “Second Coming”) where He is suspended in the heavens, the Year 2017 is going to be the beginning of the prophesied 1000 years UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE GLOBAL CHANGES by the prophetic hands of His children.”

If you backslide you will regret it till you leave this earth.

This Mountain [in a CONQUEST stated below] jailed satan — who is also called lord Cahion— for 1000 years! Ask these Freemasons politicians. Ask them!!!!

We CRUSHED [Tongues…] his reign of hate and violence forever on November 8into 9, 2017 — the U.S. Election 2016. The purpose for which Moses, Elijah, David, Solomon and others down to Paul, Babalola and Hagin all paid This Mountain urgent visit is unraveling itself. It is a new world! No more hoping in vain for His Children because We ended the disappointment of unfulfilled prophesied DOX expectations in The Ecclesia.

Hear me: Every nations of the earth shall now know God with “one heart”, all by their selves without coercive “extractive capitalism” and extremist violence.

“What is the Word for this, Father?” His son, myself, asked. He told me [Tongues…] “It is Proverbs Chapter 19 verse 20.”

It is written: …

“Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be WISE in thy [7th] latter END” — Proverbs 19:20

And in shock, He voiced, “Son, you shall first pastor in your father-in-law’s local church to spread this Spirit of Grace.”

We are satan’s nightmare in this latter 7th thousand Year END. We are his dread in this end times. He’s been locked up. Don’t be last in God’s UNENDING PROGRESS and bright sunny political uninterrupted POSITIVE CHANGES. The Ecclesia would dance her best dance before her groom.

God is in town!

Hear me; Trump and all the Deists leaders in the world do not have the Supernatural strength to end Cahion’s “negative reign”. They met it as it was since 1717 and have to tag along.

Look at me: Reason can’t defeat terror. Yes – we are ordained to have political dynasties judging “Jupitarian Mountains” (i.e., the mount of Esau — Obadiah Chapter 1 verse 21) effective 2017, but it won’t happen by sticking with Enlightenment’s Natural Rights’ two mistrustful and verbose concepts called — Reason and Nature.

Far be it from you that you use reason to explain mysterious violence governing the earth. You’ll only end up confused in priori speculation like seen on YouTube by the ignorance of The Ecclesia in the art of spiritual warfare.

I like you to from this moment onward divorce fantasy from reality; fiction from fact. How do you do it? Get soaked in the revelation/Rhema of The Word and engage it in “adventural” Rhema with prayer and “fastings”, holiness, and then listen to the Voice of God. Watch it: God, The Most High, would dim it fit to entrust you with conquering the darkness around you, your family and the earth; knowing with you, He doesn’t need to look down from Heaven to see if you won [or not]. However, if you’re unfit, He won’t. His love for you won’t for once encourage you to be a casualty in battle, yet everything sustainably progressive in life is about taking “the right risk”. God only sends His trained soldiers. You don’t get to the battle front and tell you enemy, “Please wait, let me load my gun to shoot you.” Not one enemy would permit that. As such, America has got to wake up and review the “cult of reason” behind her now drained interwoven systems and her darkened Deist Constitution.

FACT: Law of Nature is simply a license to be violent.

You ask: What would make people still be rebellious in the face of proofs when God’s children are nearing Christ’s INCLUSIVE DOMINION?

If you are rebellious today, without “positive changes“, you will be rebellious tomorrow. No two ways about it. Negative does not change to positive so long as you stick with distorted reasons. This is why your intensified and broadened anger, hate and envious assaults into a thousand years against God’s elect and their dynasties won’t change their UNENDING PROGRESS. It would only be a reactive losing molecular noise since POSITIVE far outweighs negative.

You ask again: Why this rubbishing of satan’s Natural Rights? ANSWER: God’s Supernatural Rights is the child of His un-sealed JOYS law. Therefore, unseal it by revelation and dominate earth now that This Mountain has locked up satan! Don’t watch; match fearlessly.



DEISTS’ REASON: Deciphering the Law of Nature’s Constitution

If we don’t show the Proletariat and the Elite who God is, the locked devil’s idolatrous servants would use “good” to divert a lot away from God’s unending progress for the next thousand years (that is, DOX3000), already counting since 2007.

Poser: Why didn’t God jail satan in 2007 and seven years later – in 2014?

Answer: God said a 69 years old domestic, yet eschatological, prophet from Ondo State then at the turn of the century rejected this strenuous tough mandate of jailing satan. Also, while in 2014, the Jupos damaged His Inclusive Dominion plan for man by creating a reputational damage.

Stay calm. You will become another man tonight. I am blessed by what I am to God, not by the celebrated negativity a mere mortal is enjoying today. I have time… I can wait. [Keep chewing].

Same way, people have unknowingly celebrated this spunk quote by the Whig party politician, Edmund Burke, which damaged Christianity: …

“The only necessary thing for the triumph of evil is for ‘good men’ to do nothing.”

Well, I smile when I see such Freemason’s trickery. Freemasons or any open or secret cult has no place in DOX3000. The time has come to get God over the goodness of a so-called “Supreme Judge of the World”.

The word “good men” in that above-mentioned quote is one of the many Freemasonry intellectual one-liner intended to draft people blinded by satanic-cobweb into their occult.

Let’s go to America’s Declaration of Independence drafted by one of America’s founding father — a Freemason humanized by “the spirit of python” in France (the headquarters of one of the five efficient landed cards [i.e., franchises] of satan) to understand this.

Dear favourite of God, the time is upon us to truly set men and nations free from the cryptic bondage and grip of satan. He’s been jailed, his witchcraft network must crumble.

Let’s review extracts of the two documents created by lord Cahion’s Deist politicians: “The Declaration of Independence” and “The U.S. Constitution”.

The Deist Thomas Jefferson like his fellow Freemason co-Founders as never hid his religion when in reference to God in the Declaration of Independence referred to Him in anonymous terms. How?

  1. Jefferson’s “Nature‘s God” ISN’T God – The Almighty.

He wrote in the Declaration of Independence: …

“… It becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers [the gods/demons] of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them….”

  1. Jefferson’s “Creator” ISN’T God – The Almighty.

He wrote in the Declaration of Independence: …

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [unfortunately not blacks of that Era] are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty [both already given by JESUS Christ but destroyed by the ‘blind greed’ of The Church of that Age and before it; giving the small Deists Freemasons/Enlightenment ‘the opportunity’ to move in on government and govern it for close to 300 years) and the pursuit of Happiness [instead of pursuit of JOYS].”

  1. Jefferson’s “Supreme Judge of the World” ISN’T God – The Almighty.

“We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions….”

  1. Jefferson’s “Divine Providence” ISN’T God – The Almighty.

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Satan — that is lord Cahion was the one he referred to in all four instances. Christian American thesis authors didn’t know this because they aren’t eschatological prophets. They don’t see or hear God’s secrets.

Look at me God’s Generals: Satan is the same person as Nature’s God; satan is the same person as the Creator; satan is the same person as the Supreme Judge of the world Divine Providence, as well as many fraud names those witchcraft men used in covering his identity. Satan is lord Cahion who was jailed from This Mountain!

In March, God made me know that some Americans have vowed that if Trump enters they would put me on their hate list. I smiled. They are blinded by satanic cobwebs. They don’t know what is happening in their country. You think politics is liberals on the left and conservatives on the right? Wake up, and drop reason. Sit still and unlearn the works of darkness molesting your dignity.

America’s foundation/establishment was made on an oath with lord Cahion – NEVER EVER with God. Let’s get this clear and stop debating. Dangerous explosive patriotism doesn’t cut.

When a preacher sees the aforesaid without asking God prophetically and praying he/she can be deceived into thinking that the America of 1776 and 1789; not John Winthrop and the Puritan 1630 Massachusetts Bay colony, was founded as a Christian nation. Don’t make matters worse. God wants to save Americans like He’s going to do in every nations of the earth stoked in idolatry.

Even the U.S. Constitution, an attempt by the masonic order to make America become the first pluralistic society – which France’s violent Jacobin Society beat them to, never for once mentioned God. Everything in that Constitution was all about the “goodness of the good” Supreme Being over [surface] ethical concerns like universal education, freedom of the press, et al as well as the capacity for humans to reason away from God by the “separation of church and state”. [An idea that was right the moment Solomon worshiped strange gods on his altar permitting satan to test his Republicanism in Edom – Obadiah Chapter 1 verses 21]. So, where did the idea come from that America is a Christian nation?

Ladies and Gentlemen, listen, America’s Founders were majorly Freemasons lodge members humanized on Campus by the Deist Francis Bacon’s New Learning method of that Era. They went to Christian school but rejected everything Christian from the outset.

Welcome back to school.

As I say this, all the controlling politicians and business leaders in America knows what I’m talking about. You can lie to any human but not me.

Friends, we have a lot of problems to stop for the next 200 years. And God’s Bus Stop is here to end it. America, I’m coming; my wife and I are coming … our team is coming.

It is written in Revelations Chapter 8 verses 1-5: …

“When he opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.2And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and to them were given seven trumpets. Another angel, who had a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense to offer, with the prayers of all the saints, on the golden altar before the throne. The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel’s hand. Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake.”

Write this: When saints sow their “eight day offering” then pray tirelessly before God over their nations, God hears.

Then in verses 15, God answered: …

And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to slay a third part of occultic men sown to “the god of reason”. The numbers of the army of the four horsemen were two hundred million. I heard their number.

You saw it, not that anyone told you. You will remember I often sowed financial seeds on your behalf (asides the time, information and tirelessly prayer energy to complete TIME) telling God, “Bless the earth, not my church or any church.” (Smiles…). Tell me why God won’t do these unimaginable things.

Look at me: Because God uses history and foresight to orchestrate earth’s survival else satan destroys mankind, God measures “time” in years and “seasons” in months. Earth did not just exist! And before God does anything, He reveals it FIRST to His historians — His eschatological Prophets (that is, His DOX Prophets).

Take it anywhere: God is not permitted to do anything [not one single thing] on earth without FIRST telling His DOX prophets. (Amos Chapter 3 verse 7).

From Adam, Noah, Abraham till date, God comes down to talk to those He’d dispatched on earth to speak on His behalf. In this [divine] discourse between God and man — a type Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Zeus can never have, God gives His DOX prophets an unusual “retentive/eidetic memory” to remember events and circumstances. It is through this ability in spiritual exchange/divine discourse that God banishes the effects of darkness (like terror, crime, division, crime, diversion, et al) for Him to create an Heaven-led progressive world.

The Blessed Eidetic Memory of God’s Saints

Something amusing happened sometimes back; this was regarding the path to my nuptial when the answer wasn’t forthcoming with my in-law. I asked God, “Father, I have done what you say I should… what’s next?” What I heard was amusing. He said it the way a father would wonder at certain questions a mature child shouldn’t be asking, “What is what’s next? Use that special grace of retentive memory I gave you.”

It was upon meditation I remembered what He’d once told me in one of those spiritual encounters.

To ask God what’s next when you know the answer is wrong. Then, to now ask the masses is far worse than asking.

It is written: …

“Blessings are upon the head of the just; but violence covereth the mouth of the wicked. The memory of God’s addicted lover is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot!” — Proverbs 10:6-7

Brother Hagin said something in one of his old time books; a real memorial of a work that spoke of God’s proof. He said God’s Prophets are specially engraced to remember things. And I add to this saying from my many encounters: Prophets remember because they are God’s Historians [from Moses – the Curator of Genesis: of how earth was created till many generations after us]. I later realized that the reason why I don’t forget things all these years is because of this Spirit of Grace. You don’t forget spiritual encounters. Had He not told me, I would be wondering why all these events. Therefore, the concept is not in filling it up with happy memories, but about ensuring that God’s engraced retentive memory by His VOICE aids people to become masters at making the right judgment calls on all policy fronts. If satan can struggle in giving his children his over 6000 years archived records on governance, its suffice enough for God to separate His ordained before-earth-creation lovers (DOX Prophets) to know His mind.

Ace-The-Case: America’ Most Important Figure from the Womb

Windy summer on the dusty street in the Wild wild west, alone she walked running for cover. With no food to eat and a runaway husband out with the other men on the “gold rush”, this young unmarried lady fought her way to her parent for food to eat. She is no Oliver Twist for yet another day. Running as fast as she can away from the wind, a Voice causing the unusual wind called out her name. With her unborn baby still heavy in her young stomach, she found strength to turn back, lo and behold; it was King JESUS – YOUR King JESUS. “Don’t worry beloved. Everything would be alright. I love you. And that child you are going to have shall be greatly used for My kingdom.” He continued as she stood still not believing her very eyes, “His name shall be ____________.” Then the wind ceased.

Blinded by the emotional trauma and fear of not finding love from a father of two who abandoned his family and the hard labour of pre-Industrial America, it was years later she told her first of two children—that baby—boy in the wind story. She couldn’t remember the name she was to keep calling the “baby-greatness”, nevertheless the name she gave him was not what made him great, but rather the joyful love in his heart. His name? KENNETH ERWIN HAGIN. Yet, what is his father’s house?

Caveat: This does not mean you should start asking your family your name God didn’t give them. Your identity discovered is what matters. Never in Hagin’s mother imagination would she have imagined what God said about her son would come to pass. She didn’t see it till she left earth. Let me surprise you: She’d even forgotten that never-to-be-forgotten encounter until his son rose from the dead and started serving God in full force. Be encouraged… how Hagin’s life turned out is a testament to God’s Bill of Supernatural Right! Nobody has two heads. What he made possible for one, He can for others. Simply just follow the footsteps of JESUS.

For what purpose?

It is written in verses 17-21: …

“The horses and riders I saw in my vision looked like this: Their breastplates were fiery fire, dark blue stones, and yellow as sulfuric brimstone. The heads of the horses resembled the heads of lions, and out of their mouths issued fire, smoke and sulfuric brimstone. A third of rebelliously cultic mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke and sulfur brimstone that came out of their mouths. For the power of the horses was in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails were like snakes, having heads with which they inflict injury. Despite this, the rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the NEGATIVE work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their witchcraft, their sexual immorality of all kinds, and their stealing and corruption.”

Effective 2017 of God’s UNENDING PROGRESS, if you are a secret society person or a cult member or rebellious preacher, hear this: God would begin to see you as His enemy – a bad person. Whether it’s a Freemason or any local society, God told me He is sending four beastly Horsemen each with 40 million angels numbering 200 million to fight the negative patterns of evil crippling the world’s REAL progress.

It would be a year of POSITIVE GLOBAL CHANGES whether they like it or not; now that the devil, their master, has been jailed.

Ace-The-Case: The Cipher of Reason

I love the acronym WRT (with respect to). It is one of the many acronyms that made my time back in those banking years. In a stack of mails where barrage of mails were sent about an issue, the subject must have a WRT coined to its title to ever quickly be solved (or referenced to whenever needed). Wise market-interfacing or branch colleagues knew the effect of that acronym in getting their Customers’ request solved.

For example; “FOREX Transfer WRT Isa Ikechukwu Oluwagbemiga” is a distinguishing title anybody on that Transfer desk or unit would see and address. Even if you were copied insistently but not on that project or in that department, you know how to meet the folks in-charge to know why such delay, and then try to help out. Only some weird person lacking empathy would try to “reply all” to shame his colleague, and then “belch” his satisfaction out.

The concept of “reason” for all its evil labeling thrives on ethics. To lack ethic in conflict resolution as a businessman or as pastor on your church altar or social media account shows you lack common sense. No minister would disgrace himself/herself in the public by enjoying hate. But this is the modern Age where so-called modern pastors are preparing themselves for the Four Horsemen. To them, God’s Biblical prophecy isn’t going to happen so long as they are at the centre; hugging violent hate.

Now, being an HQ staff office staffer who travelled often with the inglorious task of working on a dead technology solution made my response time to non-specific mails quite slow. If you expect to have life opportunities given you under the banner of grace, you won’t have grit. What people rejected, I took; I embraced. And guess what…, it stretched me. I didn’t complain.

Life would stretch you: My last job description demanded taking periodic flights to liaise with regional heads/staffers and their clients in near remote places (like where Boko-Haram used to bomb for fun to the dread of my colleagues, compelling my compassion and confidence in God to go). And when I come back, I had to sometimes stay for straight nights not going home, even on holidays; working with third-party partners, different departments (IT, Customer Service, Branch co-ordination, Compliance, Control and Inspection, Strategic brand management, and other financial guys). Glory to God, leading a dead solution, we made huge revenues (quarter of a billion from just a 6 million investment technology). Under my watch, we made profits without this right hand of God stealing a dime. I mean, I was the maker of everything and the checker – the final authority to all key stakeholders: the bank, the Clients, and the 3rd party partners. You don’t do that in a bank. (Smiles…).Everybody earned what I deducted to be their fund, and I did it not cheating the Customers. I was fair under the watchful eyes of God. I knew God was watching. You could look at me and know I can’t be bribed. But thanks to God there is a biblical Prophet Daniel to emulate.

Now, if you don’t have a WRT in your mail, chances are you won’t get on-time response from a busy Exec; still searching for sleep from his many tight schedules. But what if the almost like indispensable employee, in the case of eventuality, goes away and no archive of his style and knowledge to work is in place? Won’t the learning curve that brings with it a delayed turn-around-time (TAT) for the new person become an opportunity for the competition to gain added time to win the market? Why work in panic, waiting for the sick key lead employee to resume on-time or still let him/her work from the sick bed? This did happen to me a lot. As such, I decided to use my many years ago loyalty marketing consulting business experience of points reward scheme [ever before social media came on-board] (like air-miles, et al) as well as my before then several years knowledge-sharing research advertising experience to design a knowledge hub. I mean, Customer contexts are like social contexts, per se, the idea is to have a hub beyond uploading workflow process management slides on the organization’s intranet to having cases grouped according to their outcome and know which is a bad business and which isn’t. We were losing in the field of Customer RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Measurement) [not customer relations], as such needed to know which Customers to activate and those to deactivate, and then build on from there; investing our resources and “indispensable staffers” onto.

This would have been the best “WRT” scenario in Customer intelligence, if adopted. It would been a never-before-seen; so long as you have a God-led compassionate “Daniel” on it. The mined data would have made the organization unbeatable profits where “specialized” solutions and resources are channeled to not just the right customer segment but the RFM-based Customers. So is reason. Reason is the same as WRT. Reason is equal to WRT, but when distorted by occultic people, reason is used as a tool to turn good people into rebellious people. Or as we put it for Freemasons: “good men”.

This is where America and her founders become independent of God — The Almighty. Satan knew this: Turn stubborn men against the foolishness of The Church by seducing them with a new scientific-laden and Natural Rights laden curricula and they would riot against their Universities and the society that created them.

How do I mean?

Enter into Cahion’s attempted distorters of JOYS law and DOX3000 prophecy.

The Judiciary: Lord Cahion’s Seducing “Good men”

To underestimate satan is to lose out fair and square. The English Crown and Puritan America did that at their peril. What seems ordinary built a revolution that squashed their dominance. Satan is the master of operating in the soul realm. This is why man, by nature, can’t do without his seduction in their will, their intellect and their emotion. They helplessly gravitate towards it; either by their ancestral bondage or their deliberate created bondage for their family — like stealing as a pastor, who creates bondage for his children if any.

You will remember as earlier said that the English Enlightenment Freemasons political elites against the manipulative tyrannous Crown of the 16th to 18th centuries had two mistrustful and verbose concepts to unashamedly identify themselves. We said they were Reason and Nature.

Now, to these occultic men, reason is the human ability to know the “state of nature” governing the earth WITHOUT the aid of divine revelation from God – The Almighty. Because they were cultists, they never wanted God in the polity; not because they rejected the Crown as well as the manipulative and greedy Ecclesiastical authority of their Age in England and in the North American colonies. They simply were evil men. Q.E.D! The Church’s blind stubbornness and greed towards domestic relevance only afforded these smart evil men the chance to make God useless before the proletariat (i.e., the general public) as well as before the “obedient Elites” who were already getting tired of the hypocrisy, stealing, division, and parochial fiefs of The Church who supported the extractive governance of English [and French] Crowns.

Look at them: Is The Church standing today or is she the “endangered species”? A house divided against itself by evil diversion cannot stand!

These cult groups outsmarted them. For clear witchcraft reasons since Pharaoh’s assistance by satan’s Third Eye rule (in the U.S dollar and key institutional touch-points), these Fraternal Orders, advocated that Scripture is not the sole authority on governing the earth since the German priest Martin Luther’s priori speculation (which means his Biblical interpretation) also arrived at a moral conclusion that the universal freedom of man (a state of Nature) away from Ecclesiastical authorities only comes with man’s “justification by his/her faith”. What this mean in ABC term is that since the revelation of Luther (1483-1546) showed that all men are self-governing (and never under any Crown or “Popery” — The Roman Catholic Church and anything church) without needing any indulgence, their position that “reasoning” without consulting God or priest is also equal to that same moral conclusion they too on the surface care all about. Thus, they pushed further, that you don’t need any mind of God to understand earth’s Nature. That’s witchcraft! Earth belongs to men only — not God, The Almighty, they said. If God owns the earth, they retorted, why has He allowed such wickedness? God, they believe, should simply leave the earth for man and stick to his fantasy Heaven. (Smiles… My own God?). And God kept looking at them until July 21, 2007, 20 days before the crash of their financial confidence: The Great Recession. They had the effrontery to challenge God! All these were just philosophy that the naïve masses believed, yet ignorant of the fact that these satanic minions were the creators of their evils planted behind-the-scene. Freemasons painted God as evil; the masses believed them.

Beloved, God never harmed the earth since JESUS left. These Deists distorters created these evils and blamed God for it.

Kindly commit this to memory: The year 2017, July 21, would make it her 10th year anniversary of Christ’s 1000 years reign. You’ve wasted time coasting in fantasy enough.

Watch; God’s #16ChurchStreet’s political upheaval (Brazil’s impeachment, BREXIT, Columbia’s rumble, Thai king death, U.S Election 2016, et al) would roll over into the rest 990+ years: Earth’s global DOX Franchise.

Had a Paul-like figure been around after Martin Luther left the scene, he would have made a spiritual case before the Enlightenment lodge members that Newton’s scientific breakthrough concept was part of God’s secrets all these years, But no – The Church of the centuries after that suddenly became un-original. With continuous stealing among the clerics close to the authority, God’s wisdom deserted the church in England and the rest of Europe. God stopped looking for men/women after His heart in science, art, logic, government, et al. as such, Isaac Newton stepped in.

  • ISAAC NEWTON (1643-1727)

A man of prominence who was able to use the law of universal gravitation to defy long held controlling natural beliefs amongst demon-led clerics (Catholics and Protestants) in controlling the masses [that nobody can think on his own without God’s thought delivered through the priests]. The mistake The Church did was to insist on hero worship for over 12 centuries (1200 years since the Roman Empire), while satan allowed science to smash their influence in governance.

Let me state here that Sir Isaac Newton isn’t a Freemason cult member. God told me why he isn’t one of them. Why? Keep chewing. Satan and his opportunist Deist Enlightenment men simply used his skill to further their stance that God is useless to governance. And The Church kept on looking like some funny endangered species. We’ve long been the endangered species… we only just knew this in the 21st Century. We’ve throughout our existence been working for the un-original satan. It’s like working for un-original stealing ministers in The Ecclesia.

Newton’s concept was the missing cog they’ve long been searching for to fulfill their mission of tarnishing God’s image, and then finally SPERATE Him from governance almost forever until This Mountain arrived to do what that old prophet didn’t want to do. Glory! We are God’s RIGHT HAND! His JOYS on earth! His VICTORY on earth!

There’s a saying: When a cat is blind, everything would look like a rat dancing naked before it. It means: When satan succeeds in selling you fiction, you won’t be able to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. The Church and the masses didn’t know when satan won!

Poser: How is it possible for a pastor who slept with a summoned mermaid (half fish, half human) in the physical, and while in the process, the mermaid mysteriously scoops his semen from her part, said a few words on it, and then use the same semen as instrument of power for the pastor?

Answer: “State of Nature”!

“State of Nature” isn’t some advocacy philosophical concept for the authority of reason which impacted the American Founders. State of Nature isn’t a philosophy. Philosophy doesn’t in anyway empower any soul; ideology (good or demonic) is what empowers. Ideology is spiritual; philosophy isn’t. Philosophy is just a tool to quench the Candle of the soul. State of Nature is witchcraft ideology.

It’s time to THINK Presidential; think as if you are qualified to govern your nation. You have to move beyond debating policy issues. We are talking about ideology; something that was birthed way before your ancestors spoke of equal right to voting for all races and genders. Please, be alert.

Don’t think of food for the belly; think of wisdom for the head first! Think presidential and everything would be settled: food, housing, clothing, energy… everything would be settled. Everything: Jobs, career growth, marriage, and many more profitable JOYS – not indefinable temporal happiness.

Listen, for any religion to stand the test of time, it must have a spiritual connection to the metaphysical: God or satan. For instance; Hinduism is what it is today in India’s polytheistic-led governance because it has over 33 Million idols Indians worships, but reason says otherwise.

Reason is a film trick that subjects the brains of the masses and ministers under satanic cobwebs around a concept like “rebellious social contract” and others. Reason is like sugar. You keep licking it till you have spiritual-diabetes. The injurious diabetes in this example is the spiritual might that weakens your resolve to muster the might to fight back, while the toll of diabetic ailment takes its course.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before you graced earth with your presence, you didn’t know anything called the Mid-18th century culture of scientific proof! Don’t allow the quest of gaining the upper hand in receiving information and disseminating it faster make you permanently stoked on the culture of scientific proof. Stop that. If you are not careful, friends, you’ll simply end up a rebel against God for no just “conceivable reason”, by the behind-the-scene satanic métier of evil diversion. Don’t be like that blind cat, no matter the interesting profile that wants you to. Be eternal. Take instructions and THINK Presidential. Failure to understand your before-Genesis birthrights in governance is why you are still under that dark cloud of skepticism created by satan’s “python spirits”.

  • JOHN LOCKE (1632-1704).

A strong proponent of “law of Nature” believed like every English Enlightenment Deist that nature is “the source” of the human mind and human reason. His impact, like the European Deists/Enlightenment Freemasonries (Montesquieu, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, THE Jacobin Club, et al), was in the civic arena that is in governance.

Remember, Enlightenment’s reason is not the same thing as Martin Luther’s reason. Enlightenment’s reason mocked Luther’s reason because: …

  • They emphasized the present over the past successes of God – like rejecting the signs and wonders in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. Jefferson edited JESUS’ signs and wonders out of The Gospel bible for future generation to read, not for any personal consumption as sold in mainstream fiction
  • They promoted reason over revelation in mainstream because God hasn’t for once showed Himself on earth like lord Cahion does
  • They said nature is superior to God since God cannot be seen on earth.
  • They attacked the Old victorious conquest of God knowing that if you master God’s Parousia — His physical presence by surrendering your will to the Holy Spirit to breathe on, you will recreate great historical signs and wonders. And this is where the “modern American preachers” miss it. For in their greedy and un-empowered by God attempt to correct the “hero worship” and scandals of those who once had God’s testimonies, these folks ultimately killed off God’s Parousia.

Beloved, there’s enough blessed Hand of God on Old Testament social contexts of the past Age (that is, a WRT) to permit God to re-do Himself in this last Age – this 7th end of days before earth ends. Which side would you choose?

Listen, our JOYS is God’s collective bargain to first crush and bind satan for a thousand years, and secondly to enter His Global Franchise (DOX3000). He needs us more than we need Him. The devil’s copycat diabolic Hell-bound franchise has nothing to offer.

Don’t let demonic “reason” philosophy let your arms drop. Now is not the time. That the interesting profile called President Thomas Jefferson had the machismo to for many painstaking years edit out the signs and wonders of the King-of-kings, JESUS, in the Gospel of the New Testament doesn’t mean this mortal is “righter” [sic] than God. Please upgrade your identity.

His editing JESUS’ power out of the Gospel wasn’t for any personal use as purported. As the highest executive office holder in America, the Jupitarian Jefferson did that unholy work for his Freemasons brethren. Why so? Their ideology demands a discrediting JESUS as Moloch – King of shame, by rejecting that He’s the risen king of the universe. Isaiah Chapter 53 verses 3-12. That’s the trick. Weaken the deliverer before the people by creating fear propaganda in them and the people would distance themselves away. It took JESUS 40 years to gain traction as The Messiah to be worshipped. Nevertheless, as they on the surface extolled His moral example and teachings, behind-the-scene, they overwrote and still overwrite His Inclusive Dominion sacrifice for mankind.

Breathe in-breathe out, you don’t eat a bony fish in a hurry. Beloved, the devil has always known you were coming.

It was this behind-the-scene Deist Locke in his influence on how government should be that deceived the easy to fleece men and women of his Era stating that the goodness of good through “scientific reasoned proofs” is what should be adopted over the non-visible “greatness of God”. And he had every case to win. Just as it was almost 350 years ago, so it is today. We don’t learn from history thus giving satan’s minions free victories. Back then, it was too telling to abandon God. No signs and wonders. God was simply dead to the polity. The Body of Christ slept off. This sudden quietness from God was because The Great Emancipator — The Great Deliverer, JESUS Christ was seen as a tool to steal and raid the people of their conscience and properties. Therein lies the name (by these rebellious children of the abominable cahion) — JESUS, The Deceiver.

God was separated from the State because the Enlightenment’s inglorious revolutionary ethos packaged the “law of Nature” pushed forward a “good god” (the Supreme Being) that needs to be consulted away from their secret societies. Naively, people didn’t know that to consult the Deist’s “god of goodness” is to consult satan! For he was too convincing to be consulted by all and sundry than the then Ecclesia’s God.

How do I mean? The Church did evil against Nature, so God was hated  by the general public. Satan — the Creator, on the contrary, through his men of letters and politicians advocated a value system of common sense opportunities needed in any Natural world. Opportunities like freedom of conscience (the capacity for humans to reason without the canon laws and controlling civil powers of the Crown), universal education, freedom of the press, right to properties, pluralistic religious liberty, separation of church and state… among others.

All these are commonplace principles in the twenty-first century, but back then in the eighteenth century, they were radical ideas in a controlled society. Yet, they are al in the Bible. So, why didn’t The Church think of these things in those days? Yes – the schools they created though FREE was to further promote education, but were churn out robotic kinds of students whose consciences are never freed from their autocratic governance. Today in this century, no Church dares try this evil. However from what I’ve seen, most of us have invented more ways of mastering evil: They lock their Congregants into a vicious cycle so long as they are available to boost their self-esteem. And guess what… they won’t repent. Nothing would change them.

Like the old Ecclesia who simply gave God a bad rap with their evil and their control of Crown by giving selling them a fiction that they have a divine right as kings to from Adam called absolutism, these greedy clerics made the general public crush God out of the polity. These greedy clerics of their Era are the main reason Freemasons pushed forward a phrase before the masses: …

“Evil thrives when “good men” do nothing.”

The Inquest: How come did The Church suddenly become bands of “the evil men”?

The Outcome: Because stiff-necked rebels in that our Revelations Chapter 8 verses 20-21 made Her useless.

It is written: …

“Despite this, the rest of mankind’s one-third that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the NEGATIVE work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons, and idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols that cannot see or hear or walk. Nor did they repent of their murders, their witchcraft, their sexual immorality of all kinds, and their stealing and corruption.” — Revelation 8:20-21

Seeing the “immoral boast” of Jupos (an anathema to the so-called idealist philosophers of the 16th century), the justification of God and His religion was written off as metaphysical nonsense. An abomination still happening today because of the Jupos. As such, God rightly and finally(?) left government He’d already long abandoned. Did He abandon it? (Smiles…). We see as you chew on. But, thanks to the greed of those ministers, the Master of the Universe became a useless entity.

It is written: …

“The philosophical/ideological horn that has attempted to change laws and times in over 300 years made war with the saints and prevailed on them until November 8, 2016.” — Daniel 7:21

In the aforesaid, those clerics were powerless, and now, were short-term in their thinking – a food for the belly set of clerics. If there’s nothing in for them, they won’t serve God with all their blood. They won’t change and would remain so. This is what you call “demon in the blood”.

Satan can’t war against itself. That is why these have been hidden.

Remember, to defeat satan, you must expose him. No messenger of satan would speak evil against satan unless permitted; this is needed in order to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Scientific deduction is too important to satan to batter mankind in this Age of reason. As such, saatn would do everything to weaken you. Yet, there’s still hope for civilization. We can turn the tide; we can end every evil python spirit doctrine. This error only started almost 350 years ago. We’ve got 1000 years to have JOY, not happiness divorced from God. Watch: There’s no happiness in eternity — both in Heaven and in Hell.

Listen, you are either influenced by what you take from the outside by means of your tied “social contract” invented by devilish men or from the inside by your family’s Bill of Supernatural Rights.

Like running away from home as a teen, rebellion back then was the cause-effect of the New Learning indoctrination that made many Freemasons’ revolutionaries. Painfully, these Founders were once non-rebellious kids that once obeyed their Elders. Rebellion is always fun. The concept of the American Revolution was fun; and rightly so. Had The Church engaged REFORMATION to make the Crown and their dubious Ecclesiastical canon drop the monarchy’s absolutism and their greed respectively, the very revolutionary “saintified” [sic] Founders won’t embrace such Enlightenment’s secret idolatry and public philosophy of rebellion against God for life. This witchcraft defined the scope of the new nation’s social contract. From that moment onward, to be in the drivers’ seats in the public and private sectors of the economy, you must join “python spirit” groups like Freemasons who grieve God. Remember, God was no more running the affairs of man since JESUS left. Enlightenment men like Locke influenced the philosophy of how a political society should be, while the stealing dubious Jupo clerics in The Church were lost to the short-term negative consumption of an earth that can never be exhausted.

Now I ask: What is hard in defining the origins and limits of legitimate government authority that at least one clergy can’t stand up like Paul to conceive? If men like Paul weren’t around for over 15 centuries, what hope have we 21 centuries after?

Greed has a way of colour-blinding its victim: The victim’s brain suddenly becomes narrow, distrustful and defensive entering a survival mode as if everything would become scarce and exhausted. On the contrary, men like Locke were able to delay gratification and embrace obscurity. It was his governmental framework on the law of Nature (never a purported belief by Christian America authors that it was the Bible) that inspired the American Declaration of Independence (1776) as well as her system of government which was engrafted into the U.S. Constitution. Not one Christian document from the Puritan leader — Governor Winthrop, as well as the later Christian North American colonies was used. That Christian painting of America is not only wrong but a fantasy when the real deal is happening underneath. #ThinkDOX! For instance; the Lockean principles of violent-upheaval and revolution found clear expression in France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen as well as in the preceding deadly justifications of the 1789 French Revolution. Would you now say because the “tenant of Biblical freedom” in that document was drafted in Europe is why France is not a Christian nation but a secular one?

Stop extreme patriotism; limit the pain of God’s sure judgment on Cahion’s franchise. Extreme patriotism is why there’s going to be isolationist self-implosion like racism, populism and health decay; a chain of unintended consequences.

Even America’s first President, George Washington (though not a well-read leader) a renowned Freemason and the champion of the American Revolution once described Locke as “the greatest man who had ever lived.” Hmmn?

God is a great God. He knew why He showed me George Bush Snr. crying out for help in his latter days. It’s public fact that Bush Snr. loves and admires Washington, using the spirit of his works into his presidential inauguration. That’s clear. However, thank God, he is now going to be inaugurated into Heaven before he leaves this earth. (Smiles…).

In America, unlike the controversial European Freemason lodges, you could mix Christianity with Freemasonry. [Remember; the thirteen American colonies were majorly Christian colonies, not the direct rule of the monarchy]. Besides, you need the “deeply religious” citizenry; else, you have no chance of succeeding with your Revolution and later Declaration of Independence as well as the U.S. Constitution respectively. This is why the American lodges did not [then] share the anti-clerical perspective of the European lodges. But for your sake, you’ve got to drop the angst you’ve built towards God for using This Mountain to expose the “errors” of your Founding fathers. That the Revolution “saintified” the Founder’s philosophy of rebellion against God for life into Democracy doesn’t mean they are Heaven’s purest bread. Where are they, you must ask. They chose a “negative path” (openly and secretly) all in their covetousness to be the ones to lead the North American colonies free from the Crown. As such must answer to God.

One thing is for sure: Your freedom as a “1776 idea” (that is, as a nation-state, not colony) did not come from God. The foundation of the United States of America came from the Deist demonic oath with the so-called “Supreme Being”. Therefore, there’s nothing like “In God We Trust”. This is why America was not founded on any Christian values. And [if in fantasy] value, how is value supposed to have the stomacher ability to deal with witchcraft? Back then and as today, seeking God in the civic arena was so filled with deceit, hypocrisy and corruption. The arbiters of Hope (that is, the priests) that should lead the way were already entrenched in hacking, stealing and waste. As such, they never had the stomacher ability to show the place of God in the “reformation” (never violent revolution) of the people to birth forth a good Constitution (called “politeia”); never the bad error-prone one existing today.

In the final analysis, the revolution: On one side is the violent stand off against God in the spirit, and on the other side the deliberate subjection of the brains of the masses to scientific proof since they believe the Bible can’t answer Nature’s questions like gravity, freedom and governance.

Advocates of the Christian-American thesis have got to now stop debating over issues like this and find a better solution to the problem at hand. How?

Look at me: Until the American people break this ancestral oath made with “Nature’s God”, the “negative inhibiting altars” speaking woe on the foundation of America’s franchise would keep subjecting the people as sets of scientific proof-driven doubters that question their before earth God-ordained JOYS law. The result? A death of their spirits that impacts on their GDP. In the same vein on a macrocosm scale, globally, if two third of 8+ billion humans, effective this 2017, follow this NEGATIVE “inglorious revolutionary diversion of satan” by their culture of apostasy and rebellion, waste would also meet them to fulfill Revelation Chapter eight’s prophecy. Therefore, run under the canopy of God. Run to JESUS, The Great emancipator and Great deliverer!

Good [reason] is not God; God is GREATER than good.

[Enclosure] THE LIFE OF JOYS: The Final Straw That Breaks the Carmel’s back

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now know that law of Nature is the enemy of JOYS law on civil governance and social contracts. Therefore, priori speculation (i.e., carnal Biblical interpretations) is unfit to deliver JOYS to over 8 billion people on earth. That said; it’s time we take JOYS to the world on an adventure never to be forgotten.

It is written: …

“JOYS to the world a new set of kings and queens are born into Inclusive Dominion.” — Luke 2: 8-10

And here is where we lay down the intellectual gauntlet: We are not going to sit still and see mankind be destroyed by the bad constitution drafted by a few minds that won’t live into eternity in Heaven by their evil association.

Recognize the following as cause-effect of their goat diary fictions.

  • Bad constitutions create envious and powerless Proletariats who can’t be consulted by government to define the functions of today’s modern cultural and environmental direction in this Buffer Age of God-led prosperity and progress.

It means getting disenfranchised by God from mentoring political leaders since satan is out of the picture is far worse than being saved by Him.

  • Bad constitutions creates envious Proletariats who sit still in theoretic debate seeking for truth using verifiable scientific experiences that feels right in the brain but useless in ending terror and advancing humanity as compared to the Higher Force of JOYS law
  • Bad constitutions create envious Proletariats who lack a “command of the sovereign” needed to help the politeia—which is one person, a few individuals, or the many in ruling on behalf of the interest of the whole polis by tossing economic and political carrots so as to gain more power.

It means protesting clergy would be limited to the news media centrespreads while the Supernatural-humanist updated to know the mind of God are desperately needed in the corridors of power.

WAY FORWARD: The Living Document

God’s Constitution is a living document; a GREAT Constitution on any social context. It’s called THE COVENANT.

Let’s bring this home.

One of my favourite chapters in the Bible as most of you know from time past is Ephesians Chapter 3 verse 20. It reads;

“NOW, unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to the power that worketh IN you.”

Listen to me: I couldn’t have totally accepted to go with God about my Heaven-on-earth wife without asking God her favourite scripture; the scripture that defines her essence. Because every vision must be of God; it must confirm with The Word.

You don’t just go look for a lady/guy and bring her/him before God and say God spoke to you she/he is the one. Most likely, the imagination of your head would make you resolutely stubborn she/he is the one.

For me; before going into the business of knowing what my wife’s destiny is, I asked God a question. I asked, “Father, what is my wife’s favourite scripture that only You — her Maker knows.” Immediately within seconds, He replied, “Isaiah Chapter 37 verse 3.” I opened my Bible and saw exactly what God had been saying about her confirming with His Word. The episode began a serious inquest into what she was born to do and how I can help her. Glory to God, I made her affairs my daily prayer.

Caveat: Please, hear me… I’m not saying you should ask God and then meet a wolf in sheep’s clothing Christian brother/sister and start asking the person to confirm if it checks out with what God told you or one you “imagined/reasoned”. If it is God, that person would say it and behave it. Simple… Be careful.

Then as a teen seeing my parent separated by satanic powers, God’s Word for that chaotic social context came out from His Word as I sat with it. Instead of crying for my life, I trusted God on the issue. Here is the story behind the story.

I dissected that study [back then as a teen]: …

NOW” is now; no other explanation about it. It’s self-descriptive. The word “NOW” is not the next seconds or minutes

“…Unto him.” Is… unto God. I got that!

“…that is able“: So, this God is boastful about His ability

“… to do“: Hmm… this loud God can do something about what I needed NOW. [Alright].But how?

He said, “… exceeding abundantly…”

Alright, fresh from school, my eyes went to this. I dissected this one. First off, the word exceeding is an adjective; while abundantly is an adverb. And when you join the object-qualifying adjective with the super-imposing adverb over a given social context, you are automatically over qualifying the said expression. So what was the said expression?

It says, “… above all that you ASK or THINK….

That got me and ruptured me from the inside. I can relate with asking God and He doing something I asked, but to think and He blessing it was new to me.

Wait… Hear the best part.

“… according to the [supernatural] power that worketh IN you.”

This finished me on the spot. (Smiles…). You don’t tell a kid he/she has power.

I’d grown up watching “non-demonic”(?) super-heroes movies. Are they created by demonic movie studios? Let’s make that another discourse.

according to the [supernatural] power that worketh IN you.”

I sat down for a minute and begin to think about my family union; stayed on it for so long I lost count of time. I visualized it till I saw peace at home. I kept seeing, kept smiling and in a moment stood up and prayed till my body shook, was sweating and got a witness in my spirit man/my guts… then I stopped. Watch… (Smiles…)… and ran out of our room looking from the balcony, and across the street hoping to see my mother’s appearance. I stayed there for 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes… and so long a time I never gave up. I left the balcony but never gave up. I kept “faithing” [sic] it. I believe the NOW kind of God. I trusted Him. I did. Day 1, no Mum, Day 5, she didn’t come. Day 10, no sight of her. I had nothing to lose. We’ve had a separated home for a year, so what would the remaining days of the year till December cost having faith….

Day 20, I was unshaken. And Day 30, few days before Christmas, a witch that killed my second sister died… a wizard that buried charm in my father’s house to claim his property and run his wealth down, ran insane. [Tongues…]

All from a then teenager in “Enough is Enough” quest to get back his home.

The Word of God unadulterated became partial yet effective deliverance tool!

Look at me: What I don’t want, I don’t want! Others may accept the dogma, I can’t. I don’t have patience for failure. Because I don’t fail… failure is NOT in my vocabulary.


  • I DECREE by the UNBROKEN LEGALLY BINDING living document of Heaven, you shall [Tongues…. Except the LORD did not make me a prophet above prophets]… You, NO MATTER THE CONTEXT, shall have a Christmas testimony, in the mighty name of JESUS!

Amen! It is done.

(Smiles…). Adored of God, listen, you have power. It is called the power of faith. Yes – not everybody has supernatural powers. Yes – you can confess… imagine and still won’t cure your member’s headache. Yes – you can heal and still have issues with peace at home. But I decree to you NOW, every bondage powers contending with your Supernatural [birth]Right is evacuated by FRESH FIRE of the Holy Ghost, in the name of JESUS! Begin to vomit it out NOW! Begin!!!!!!!! In the name of JESUS!

  • Every blockage in your pipe is shattered now, by the FIRE of the Holy Ghost, in the name of JESUS!
  • Negative pattern in you drops off and is ejected NOW.
  • Evil covenant made is crushed now, in the name of JESUS!
  • I bind, blind and destroy the controlling powers monitoring your progress in the name of JESUS!
  • Satanic voices … [Tongues…] engineering you in their control room are damaged and scattered, NOW, in the name of JESUS!

[Tongues…] God!

Thank you, JESUS. Glory!

I heard the word: “Integration.” That siege is over!

The Dead Document: Backward Imagination

Rescript that Ephesians 3:20 in deciphering the demonic Law of Nature in global Constitutions: …

“NOW [not tomorrow], unto God that is able to do exceeding abundantly WRT ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________.”

Ace-The-case: The Danger of Imagination Uncensored

I’ve met several humble folks in my life.

I’d one time walked into the office of a very old obscure selfless loyal mentor of mine, prostrated. Then in seconds, I uncontrollably busted into praying for as God’s Spirit moved heavy upon me. I saw a precious key tied to a crown laid on his head and him entering a door he’d opened, and then saw big personalities giving him their certificates for him to sign. I didn’t know when I took the anointed bottled oil from his office desk, as instructed, and started praying for him. By the time I was done, I came to consciousness that my mentor was all the while kneeling down. I quickly grabbed him and aided him to stand up and started apologizing, but he didn’t want to have any of that.

(Smiles…). Those that walk with the elders are wise. When I tell you something, I speak as sent. Please sit on it, and chew: The older does not prostrate for the younger!

If you are more anointed than your mentor and still obey, that’s humility. Thereafter, come around and tell me you are humble, and I would believe.

What started this blessedness, one would wonder? At the resumption to his newly transferred funny looking local church one would think his Regional lead did to punish him, God told him that the first thing he must do is to rebuild the altar. Why the altar? It happen that God showed him that there were two Wells on the altar but littered with unseen dirt such that church members couldn’t near the well to drink from it. He came before his people told them he wasn’t going to organize any program to make money, that he isn’t such pastor, but would do one thing: Rebuild the altar.

A financially lacking branch church, as if it were to punish him, he majorly showed leadership and rebuilt it. And as soon as he did it, God revealed to his wife that the altar was no more a strata of two wells but now an overflowing stream where, she saw, people no more struggling to fetch form the Wells but now scooping endlessly. It was a come as you are. [Again, who you marry matters].

To make matters interesting, he took me on a tour of the altar, when I saw a woman already praying therein the physical suddenly climbing a staircase of Glory but was afraid to go further because the opportunity was so big. I told the pastor about it and he prayed. I didn’t know that what God was doing was a response to a sowed she’d already to him and that God blessing her beyond her wildest dream.

Friends, I extremely fear God’s altar more than anything. I mean, I’m in awe of Him. There’s nothing special in me to constantly be on the receiving end of God’s warnings instead of His blessed messages and eulogy. In all my ministerial work, only once did God warn me: which was when I didn’t want to leave an upward mainstream career projectile for ministry. This is why when I stand to preach on any altar’s platform, I have this censor in me that imagine a fire falling down from Heaven on me if I dare try to divide the Body of Christ for careless evil diverted reason.

Think about it: Why would you want to leave blessing people to condemning other ministries on God’s precious altar? Why would you be using a seated member as a preaching fodder to attack who you feel doesn’t love or praise you or isn’t in your clique?

Dear hero of God, look at me: The vision with the Bush dynasty where George Bush the Elder was crying showed he was at the base of the church altar (where he belongs) while I stood the altar’s pulpit. His “ways” made him so. And I say: No demonically oath-laden President/PM/royalty is permitted to stand on God’s altar (much more the pulpit) He lovingly gave His servants to represent. Welcome the interesting profile, then usher him/her to a beautifully designed podium meant for mainstream leaders, until he/she has decided to sear his/her oath with satan.

Never you allow anything that would entertain witchcraft in your midst; not even division. If you deliberately destroy the unity of The Ecclesia – an errand God didn’t send you, witchcraft powers would flock not only to your church’s altar but have a key position in your ministry. And if you are not led by God’s JOYS law, they would deceive you to Hell. Therefore, humility is not temperament or character but the fruit of the “Spirit of God” that must be plucked from Trees whose roots have been uprooted from demonic foundation. This is because a person who has inherited witchcraft but born in a Christian home and is a deacon or pastor can stage humility and you won’t know; even the person might not know. It is until the person destroys that foundational bondage, he/she would keep repeating that wickedness of his/her heart. His/her “mechanical humility” (that is, face-value demeanor in greetings, speech and hospitality) won’t save him/her.

Thus, how do you get God’s “Spirit of Humility”? You get it by sincerely daily panting hard after God in prayers and Word-study saying, “Father, I need my heart to be like yours!”

Imagination Uncensored: The 1913 Prophet I replaced

God loves it when you ask Him deep question(s). The type of question you ask Him shows you are bankable to His cause.

In retrospection, I asked God a question; a deep one. This was after I’d jailed satan on November 8-9 GMT, this year — 2016, U.S. Election day. I was excited about our achievement which no man was created to do. Yet, I know my God is never inefficient! I wondered why prophecy was delayed into 2014 to 2016, since 1000 years confinement of satan has now been reduced to 990+ years. I mean almost 10 years has been chunked out from it.

I mused; why didn’t He jail satan back in 2007… I couldn’t have known how to incarcerate him that year. Why didn’t he plan me down in the 1960s?

So I asked a question with no idea I would get a feedback. I just threw it out there to Him. I said, “Father, I’m curious; did I replace anybody?”

He replied, “Yes.”

[Oh my God! (Laughter…). Hallelujah! God talks! You are not just asking Him the right questions. He won’t tell you major things till You ask].

I was beyond myself. “Who is this person?” I asked.

He replied, “Adeyande Daniel.”

What! I was shocked. Then went full throttle with our conversation.

“Who is Adeyande Daniel,” I asked never hearing of that name amongst the heavyweight around today.

God answered, “He is a revivalist I chose for my assignment like you.”

“Where is he from,” Still demanding answers.

He didn’t hesitate, “He is from Ondo State.”


A remote state and hard to be known… So I asked, “What happened to him?”

“He slept with a witch and died at the age of 69,” He said.

I began thinking through early years 2000s to imagine when he was born.

“Why didn’t You help… watching Him fail,” I needed to know.

He told me, “I told him that he was created to jail satan but must be in obscurity for years where I train him but he refused.” He continued, “He kept disobeying me till I left him in 1979. Three years later, the poison of witchcraft killed him.”

God said, “It was in the year 1979 I made plans for you to replace him before his death.”

[At this stage, words couldn’t describe my numbness].

Desiring to check this fact, I asked, “When was he born?”

He showed me, “1913.” This was long before the obstructionists tiny Jupos were ever considered or created.

Hair-raised by this revelation, I asked God this disturbing question, “Do you use people then later let them fail?”

Quickly, God cleared the air saying, “He was already out of My cover because he wanted his way. But as for you, you can never fail. No man on earth can do what you are created to do. I have a permanent covenant with you so long as the sun and moon exist.”

He then told me the only person that can replace me. He said, “Whether you decide to fail or not…, when you are gone, your family shall be My covenant and law on earth.”

Thereon, God told me that Prophet Adeyande Daniel knew Babalola, and wanted to enjoy the ministerial pattern of open crusades and revivals that dominated that Era. That was the voice of religion. And when God told him he would jail satan for a thousand years, he thought how could that be. Nobody has ever jailed satan! So, he felt it was satan talking. But when God came time and again, he rejected Him. Yet, He didn’t take His anointing from him.

This is tragic.

Friends, you could be prophesying, yet your seat is vacant in Heaven.

Had he obeyed, and not stayed on popular norm’s definition of success from “imagination by reason” he would have jailed satan at age 94 in year 2007, and be celebrating his birthday 100 years birthday this 21st of December. For it is written, “There SHALL NOT be an early death nor an old man that has not fulfilled his days; for a child of God shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be cursed by God.” — Isaiah 65:20

By 2016, he would have been 101; 2021, 115. People would have been celebrating him today.

P.S. God just told me moments ago that Prophet Adeyande birth date was December 21; a day before mine.

Assumption is where people get it wrong: “God said this…, God didn’t say this.” Why not ask God?

Listen, if you don’t want to obey God, God would use a better updated version of you in the future. It would cost Him time, but He would make sure His new messenger’s life is ordered by Him. There was no way Adeyande was ever going to be like me. It’s a concept of: The man and the moment. What’s your moment?



In a way to help your joy, I was close to telling you a few things about my wife and kids so early in our teaching. Stay calm. [Tongues…].

God once told me, “You shall live on this earth for 140 years old minimum.” [Tongues…]

I came to plant JESUS’ magisterial government on earth. I did that in the spirit realm in 2007 as David, but didn’t understand. Now, smiles…, I know better. (Smiles…). Amusingly, there’s something special about my country. Watch her destiny. God gave me the name of my country before His throne. No other person was given it. Ask God! [Tongues…]. It’s been confirmed. Five continents shall run to JESUS by my hand. It’s been confirmed. I jail satan, I don’t fear the devil’s minions that are angry.

He said, “Nations shall sit down at your feet.”

I didn’t give leaders coming to me my address, yet they know how to find me.

Satan – the problem of the world – knew his initial jailer; the man that would stop him… as such killed him. The only price Adeyande should have paid was just to accept the “dustbin life” for a moment. You were to go the messianic way before sitting on the throne. I’m sure he wondered how he would bounce back. (Smiles…). When you work with God, you see far; you become eternal. He personally pours Himself on you for daring to do what no man can do. Jailing satan is not task for controversial divisive Jupo mortals.

Look, I’m a long range person. I had my plans, and then, God suddenly came from nowhere to just rip it off. (Smiles…). Painfully for that man that could have been the Daniel of his time, “imagination by reason” that helps people to figure out their life away from God only made him far from away God and close to satan. Indeed, a mystery of inglorious revolutionary diversion!

If you can present your plan before God and He blesses you, how come He blessed your stealing as a pastor? Does God now bless ministers for stealing? (Smiles…). Stop that; stop using spiritual clichés to saintify ruthless greed and Machiavellian doctrines. You are simply dancing at the gates of hell! When you are done with deceiving the people, you go there. Therefore, check the demons in your ancestral foundation and don’t plant one either.

Envy is of the heart — a bondage planted for future great-grandchildren until the fourth generation. And if he/she doesn’t rise up to end your wickedness, that bondage would continue!

I don’t like failed projects being attached to God. Had he obeyed God, there won’t be radical Islamic groups like Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIL, Boko-Haram, et al, as well as the legalization of same-sex marriage, and many other witchcraft wars, laws, economic crises and natural disasters.

A failed project is an aborted life. That’s why you need the FULL Gospel.

Listen, I needed to defend Isaiah 65:20, intrinsically, I began asking God about saints that left the scene so early. First off, Apostle Babalola… God said, “I took him Myself for a purpose. It was his time to come home” “What was it that happened,” I asked. He replied, “I won’t tell you for now.” [Keep reading to know why]. But He told me about Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Take it anywhere: Idahosa is in Heaven. I’d once seen him in the spirit realm. As such, this inquest only corroborated what was true. Friends, holiness is good. Chase it with all your heart.

God said of Idahosa, “He was entering into sin, but I love him and had to take him. Had he stayed longer, satan would have taken him to Hell.”

Caveat: Idahosa and I came from the same state. As such, I could have considered that before stating this. I owe him respect and I’ve done such at times. But God told me to talk about the aforesaid for the singular purpose of warning His ministers; of course the supposed “eternal Jupos” who are wiser and eternal than God. Wait: imagine the Jupos in Hell for a moment.

Ace-The-Case: DOX3000 > GOG3000

Success is not a place or a thing; success is a spiritual acculturation fitted into God’s learned alignment. That’s why you don’t ask God whether you would fail and expect Him to answer you with a “yes” or “no”.

Listen God’s finest, God’s desire is not for His children to fall. What He wants is for you to walk circumspectly addressing every loophole to defeat sin. He says in Revelation 20: 7-10; 21:8: …

And when the thousand years were expired, Cahion will be released from his prison and shall go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth—the allied Gog and Magog—to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore. They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, Jerusalem which He loves. But fire came down from Heaven and devoured them. And the devil, which deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfuric fire, where the beast and the false prophet/teachers had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. …But the cowardly for the TRUTH of the Gospel, the skeptics, the abominable, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice witchcraft, the idolaters and all liars—shall have their place will be in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. This is the second death.

Beloved, 1000 years reign of God’s “persecuted elect” is not the New Heaven and a new earth that showed a descending New Jerusalem from Heaven with God and Christ governing in it as THE TEMPLE therein stated in Revelation Chapter 21. This would come after one thousand years. Therefore beloved, end saying you want to go to Heaven when DOX3000 is meant to happen first “with the persecuted souls made perfect” at the helm governing with JOYS law. [Keep chewing and you would understand].

You need to be in this Era for DOX3000, and then your ancestry would be raptured afterward; thereafter comes judgment of all mankind (past and present at end of DOX3000) by the Book of Life review at the Throne of Judgment.

Thank God for the light of the Gospel in Africa and most parts of the world including America. Long ago, I’d travelled to Benin City for an assignment. Then at night before going to bed, I engaged God in spiritual warfare prayers, not VIP one; you don’t do that anymore in this Age of defeating inglorious witchcraft revolutions with God’s Supernatural Rights. God, after the prayer, revealed a thing to me: I saw one of my late grandfathers I’d never met or seen in my life appear before me. Of course, I remember him from the photos. But, I saw him standing and motioning a farewell. And it ceased.

I asked God where is Gog and Magog operational, God said, “This country only.”

Indeed, #EconomicDeliverance has just begun.

When I said God gave me the name of this country, I got it not knowing why. When I jailed satan, I did it not knowing why. A little here; a little there. Then I asked where in my country in particular id Gog and Magog. He said they were occultic men but that He won’t tell me other than what He’d revealed.

Friends, we are saying Gog and Magog would emerge from my country in a thousand years and the Jupos don’t believe in ancestral powers… (Smiles…). The Jupos don’t know how interesting their country [not yet nation] is. Gog and Magog are powers but they shall be destroyed without hand. Yet, they are there debating into delusion that there’s nothing like God’s RIGHT HAND when only a small witch can get them. Witches dread God’s mighty Hand in us — His children; but when you are a Jupo, you can’t have anything worthwhile. So, tell me: How are the Jupos’ rhetoric supposed to matter in this Age?

Look at me, God’s favourite: Gog and Magog are not and would never be a location; but are an already existing occultic confederacy of personalities that would rise up in GOG3000. See, no historical anthropology has ever stated Gog and Magog as a location; anything you see outside of it is priori funny deductions. And you and I know that fictions won’t fly in this Age — you need reality to deliver Cahion’s men. And now is that time to grow up with God to know what He knows. He made me know all these things in His JOYS law, why not you?

God said Gog and Magog are occult groups, and these enemies of God who occupy these positions know it to be true. Beloved, witchcraft occultic people won’t take you serious the more you assume; because they know you don’t know what you are saying, as such you are unfit to deliver them! Therefore, be prophetic, not comical.

Another thing I like you to commit to memory is to be careful on the wrong geographical identification of the battle of Armageddon’s going round the corner. It is not any of those deductions. I say this because I know the place by God’s prophetic voice, but won’t say it till The Ecclesia leaves speculations and funny conspiracies into maturity. Would it be 20 years from now? Well we’ve got time: 990+ years to go. There are some historical timeline that are not for your Era. Focus on your place in the next 50 years inside God’s DOX3000. However know, this country’s profile shall rise to much renown by the leadership of God’s DOX3000 governance saints thus causing Gog and Magog’s demonic pan-Africanism to rise feeling they can conquer God — The Almighty.

Thinking about it, it’s a shameful desperate move by satan to ask these men for their help.

The Inquest: Why do “favoured” men fail? [We decided to know so as to defeat GOG3000 ideology].

The OutcomeIf your ancestors are thieves or slaves traders or abuser of human rights, your lineage would go down and be forgotten. This is because bloods were shed. This is why most ministers steal and can’t control their wickedness. There’s a saying in my country: The pest that eats up a Tree is not hard to find if you look at deep the root. Your ancestry’s covenant with your nation’s Franchise is the root-cause of your wickedness. They know how to get you because you are from their bloodline. Let’s bring it home: For instance: You are a pastor stealing from the church dipping your hand into the offering for some extra bonus or unwarranted miscellaneous; you are grieving God and creating bondage for your children to become wayward people who would experience opportunities vanish from them.

See, the blood of JESUS didn’t automatically wipe away that covenant at new birth (i.e., your salvation). You don’t just get saved and leave your deliverance. This is where modern ministers get it wrong. We’ve taught it in the Hillary epistle series. They keep saying the blood of JESUS has made them free but have forgotten that they wrestle not with blood but with demons who continually makes God place the axe on the Tree of their destiny for bearing negative fruits.

Listen to me God’s child; Salvation in fact invites the demons in your bloodline to test your faith. This is because your salvation experience only gave you the Supernatural Right to stand toe-to-toe with these evil covenants and powers. Of course this experience includes your missionary exploits. It means you can be territorial, heal the sick, wrought signs and wonders, and be rich yet when they want to get you; they don’t look at the external but the internal. How? They have a covenant with your ancestors and use it to get you. They know you are the one bringing light to your family by going global. You don’t need to announce it to them at inception because your bloodline communicates to them that you are about coming out. They look at you and wait till when they are ready; even whilst a global force. And because SMK (satanic marine kingdom) is highly mechanized, they know how to receive information down to the unbroken covenant of your ancestors when all external onslaughts against you fail. Therefore, attack these in prayer warfare.

PoserWhat do you now do now you are famous and seeing all these things?

Answer: You keep praying against your foundation. You don’t stop. I say this because when you become famous, is when they bring the greatest molestation on you.

If for example as a pastor, your ancestors are into marine worship (i.e., water spirits worship); you would realize that it’s either you end up leaving your spouse to marry people away from such glorious home or is about to. This is not about some feeble confession (no matter how loud) that you won’t divorce your spouse. This is beyond you, your might and confession. Divorce is a bondage, and that is what JESUS called it in Mark Chapter 10 verses 2-9. Divorce is a witchcraft attack on the family institution that fights vigorously against God’s new breed of kings-priests in DOX3000 (stated in the book of Revelation); by creating a dysfunctional environment for them these kings-priests fail in life. I won’t permit this! [You would soon know why below]. In this marine attack, before you know it, your anointing would be corrupted by strange infiltration; where the marine powers would create scandals. Suddenly, you see confusion and demonic interplay plaguing the ministry. Also, the members would not grow into their DOX-on-earth, remaining unstable, giving you — their pastor problems. You only see them live the surface Christianity. And because of this, the “spirit of jezebel” would then do the worst by molesting you and your church with the spirit of seduction, thus seeing yourself preaching demonic messages. What started well, thus, ends badly. Politicians know this and use it in their favour towards that prophesied tinyGOG Franchise“. It’s interesting they actually believe Gog and Magog can stop JESUS Christ [and us] when He comes to rescue Israel.

Beloved, it’s until you are delivered you are free. And nobody can know you are delivered but you. You can deceive everybody but not yourself.

I like you to use the Blood of JESUS for its DOMINION purpose to the full. For instance; you don’t get bathed clean staring at soap but bathing with it. Let’s bathe with the Blood of JESUS by calling it. Running away from the village or disavowing your ancestry won’t change it until you run to God, the Deliverer. Interestingly, deliverance is everybody in the bloodline for themselves! You can’t deliver your relative if you are not delivered. For, it is when your faith is strong, you can deliver them. (Luke Chapter 22 verses 32). It’s your turn for DOX Franchise.


Caution: Someone from the Muslim North called me and I gave him the first four prayers points here, and in 24 hours a very key government job with exact department and job description and staff number was given to him in a dream. Pushed forward into real life, top leadership of the government agency — strangers he had never met before in his life, started fighting to get him a top level appointment, yet without connection, a poor result on graduation, and no religious affiliation. It’s your choice.

Beloved, what is generated that result and others all these years is that by God’s prophetic Spirit of Grace on our ministry, I often see what I’m praying for; I’m just rerouted in obedience. All these prayers were in motion as I said them. You’ve come to a Mountain where good dreams are not stolen. This is the world’s #ProblemStopBusStop. Therefore, every of your near success syndrome is terminated!

Pray seriously.

It is written in Isaiah Chapter 49: Verses 24-25

Riddle: Shall the prey be taken from the ‘spiritual strongman’, or the lawful captive of the ‘spiritual strongman’ be delivered? But thus says the LORD, “Even the captives the spiritual strongman shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I, God — The Almighty shall contend with them that contend with you, and I will save your children.”

  1. Father, I break myself from every ancestral oaths made by my ancestors
  2. Voices crying woe from my foundation registering a note of victory on me be wasted!
  3. You that evil covenant made on the altar of satanic stones that demands my blood periodically, BREAK
  4. Showers of ancestral curses raining satanic plague on me BREAK and DRY UP
  5. Satanic mouth of the devouring beast, with an assigned mission to swallow me, I CUT you off
  6. Ancestral coven over my head as a chain, TEAR you OFF
  7. I REFUSE and REJECT ancestral curses of satanic rain over my head in the name of JESUS

Verse 26: “… And I will feed them that oppress you with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am Your Saviour and Your Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.”

  1. Goliath — strongman, with a witchcraft bead over his neck saying so long as it stays on his neck that he remains as lord over my case, Sword of God, cut off this Goliath, in the name of JESUS!

TONIGHT, your Goliath shall be buried, in the name of JESUS! This is a night of not just escape but defeating the defeater, in the name of JESUS!

  1. Powers reigning as ancestral lord with a witchcraft signet on his hand as lord over my ancestry’s oath be wasted by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  2. Handwriting on that witchcraft wall that says I shall not eat my children’s food – the fruit of my labour, what are you waiting for…, expire by fire, in the name of JESUS!
  3. Father, pound my bondage to powder with Your hammer
  4. Satanic bloods dripping on my name saying I am the choicest sacrificial lamb, Blood of JESUS destroy that covenant, in the name of JESUS!
  5. You, that ancestral shame that is erected for my ancestry, I command you to catch fire, in the name of JESUS!
  6. Satanic sea that rise to touch you and hurt you is swallowed by FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  7. It is written, “… and I will save your children!” Whosoever from my ancestry that has vowed that my blood shall be sweet for them, BLOOD of JESUS make them drink their own blood and their seed’s.


P.S. To end corruption and cut government waste, you need complete, NOT partial, deliverance from what you or your ancestors did by stealing, idolatrous worship, occultism (including Freemasons), human rituals, slave trade and labour, and other “internal witchcraft” locked inside your blood.

Continuing in my enquiry why God take His ministers home so early, I asked God about Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin, then quickly, I saw him on a wide throne in Heaven seated there waiting for his brethren to fill up the remaining seats. God said He Himself took Hagin home for a purpose stated below. [Thank you JESUS!] I just saw angels holding instruments of celebration and playing them to herald his arrival in Heaven. This is why he had to go after several attempt to stay back.

Nevertheless, I would tell you what God says of Hagin WRT me in two parts.



The fear of God is the beginning of UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE CHANGES. You can’t hear God if your heart treats God as feces; it can’t happen! You will be spiritually deaf. Friends, as ministers of God whom we say we represent…, His omnipotency should give YOU the creeps. God is YOUR loving Father, yet have regard for His INSTRUCTIONS. If you don’t obey God, whose child would you claim you are or one you obey? That tiny satan I jailed? Aim higher!

There was this gentle prophet I liked as soon as I met him. Later, I heard God telling me clearly to leave such beautiful and charming character because he is proud, and that his pride would limit his calling to local influences. I couldn’t understand this irony, but I should.

For it is written: …

Turn thou O backsliding children,” declares the LORD, “for I am married to you: and I will choose you—one from a city and two from a family—and bring you to Zion: And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. And it shall come to pass, when you are multiplied and increased in the land in those days,” declares the LORD, “men will no longer say, ‘The ark of the covenant of the LORD.’ It will never enter their minds or be remembered; it will not be missed, nor will another one be made. At that time they will call Jerusalem The Throne of the LORD, and all nations will gather in Jerusalem to honor the name of the LORD. No longer will they follow the stubborn imagination of their evil hearts. In those days the house of Judah will join the house of Israel, and together they will come from a northern land to the land I gave your Forefathers as an INHERITANCE.” — Jeremiah 3:14-18

Child of God, imagination is good but “imagination uncensored” is the greatest silent danger which comes from the error of reason. And you have to be careful what you feed people: friends, associates, and those you lead.

I’d met that on-the-surface-humble prophet at a get together, and suddenly the first thing he said to me was that I was going to two continents 5 countries (two in Asia; three in Europe) in a particular month in 2017. I looked at him and I smiled then went my way. I already knew I was going to travel the world, but not yet given a specific divine instruction. Something kept telling me he was wrong.

Listen, no matter the prophets, male/female, they are to majorly confirm what God told you; that is if you first know this voice of God we’ve been saying; not what your “uncensored imagination” think God told you. My imagination refined under God knew I would travel the world in global adventure to plant His global Franchise (DOX: Inclusive Dominion) in every nook-and-cranny of the earth. Sadly, prideful ego; the error of defending reason stood as invisible barrier to that prophet such that he “mis-heared” [sic] God. When you hear any minister tell you — I’m not lying, without you even asking him/her, know he/she is lying. Not because the person is bad, but because a lying spirit has gained ground in his/her heart.

Beloved, satan can deceive anybody so that person remain relevant. On the contrary, a prophet with his conscience plastered to God would dare you to confirm whatever He said anywhere.

To God be the glory, God spoke to me, showed me and confirmed saying, “Son, you are going to the SEVEN cities in the United States of America in just one month in 2017. Go there and birth my millennial reign for a global journey.”

Statements labeled to these folks like: “How can one say what God did not say… I will do all it takes to never be like him,” are not it. Be empathetic. This is because reason is seductive. The cause of “imagination uncensored by reason” can be the love of money, secret sexual immorality, drunkenness, et al. All these are mystery of ancestral bondage and/or the ones you created with your own deliberate evil imaginations. God did not raise His children to stardom only to see them fall. The problem is that they got there and feel they are immune to the evil imaginations of their heart. Watch: When people praise you so much is when you should think of yourself less. And the moment you keep doing these evils in the dark corner, rejecting God’s warning, is when God would send a spirit of lying and blindness to you as a prophet, and then make you a false prophet/false pastor you never once were.

For it is written: …

“A man shall not be ESTABLISHED by wickedness; but the root of the righteous shall not be moved.” — Proverbs 12:3

Brokenness: Start Where You are

If you are more powerful than your mentor and you bow to him, believe me, you have humility and your future would be great.

Listen, brokenness – not character – is what keeps you with God. Brokenness is not an eye-service mechanical humility. Anybody can fake character. I’ve seen people that preach character do some of the worst things ever known to man then you wonder how their many decades in ministry didn’t tell them such evil deed is wrong. That’s the hydra-headed mystery of ancestral bondage, environmental bondage, witchcraft manipulation within as well as demonic books intoxication. Be careful of selling a false image. You can deceive man with it but not God. There’s no place in the Bible where deceiving and gaming God took anybody to Heaven. Why is your own different? Be straightforward. He knows you very well.

This is the first part WRT to Hagin and I: When I saw Hagin standing on a podium addressing the entire Church Universal arrayed (as God’s Generals) saying, “If any man has the heart of David, The Great Commission would be fulfilled,” I remember seeing one of the #G3 (generational three) needed for that three years period coming from behind me to stand beside me. Interestingly, we are both David. After the vision amongst certain instructions I’d obeyed God in, I re-ignited my closeness to him regardless of his battle with his ancestry. Nobody is perfect. This I’ve always said to reconcile people, but not everybody is meant to be in your story. No matter how you crucify yourself certain people away from those God has assigned to you can’t come along with God’s mandate for your existence. That is why you need to be in-tune with Heaven to be able to play your card right knowing where this glorious abundance for earth is leading to. Do yours and let God do His. Better latter days are here. (Proverbs Chapter 16 verse 1).

I remember not long ago in Calabar in that second missionary trip of 90+ days that I went into God’s presence by praise and was shown how to beat satan. That was a dress rehearsal with my left hand. Now, an ungrateful Jupo was watching those moments and had to wait for the right time at the beginning of the year in 2015 to call it self-promotion. That madness cleared off what God, by Himself, had ever done in the spirit realm, thus encouraging all the #G3 for the assignment to go rogue on Him. God told me recently, that He loves the three but to the pastor Jupo, He would deal with mercilessly. Nobody would beg Him. Had God been allowed to play His role in 2014, America would have had a 2-year advantage. Now, because of a local pastor Jupo in my country, America – The Great shall feel the suffering in such a hard manner. Justice has started.

That Calabar 2nd missionary moment was re-casted this year on the U.S. Election day, but the time was simply too short, and so, He had to engage me alone. Keep twigging.

What happened with that young prophet that got my next missionary adventure wrong was that he saw my glory at first glance, as do several ministers (old and young) with prophetic gifting. I realize that as soon as they see me, they become extremely happy and turn me to a friend. I realized that was what God gave David; it’s called the Spirit of Grace. Some even congratulate me for no reason. It was at such instances this fellow started seeing global trips. That’s the problem. The moment your heart is seared from God, for whatever reason, God can’t hand you His Constitution (which is His LIVING document). This is true for any minister of God.

Do this: If you stay in quietness away from the applause of the crowd, and then find time to monitor your outcome, you will find out that you’ve been making too many errors for years. And if it’s for 20+ years, chances are that God has long left you. And just one more sin would simply take you out and make God send your replacement. Some can be foundational, some intentional. Do a spiritual prognosis and evacuate it in fasting, prayer and the Word. Meet a mentor or call a ministry friend if you can. Also, learn to play with kids. They can humble you.

God never stops talking. He’s YOUR Father and can’t afford to leave you fatherless. Our problem is just that our education which seeks “scientific proof” for everything has made us either more suspicious of God or “over-think” Him out on our decisions, and then ultimately kill His voice. Try and listen to God on that matter you are facing – not your imagination, and see what you’ve been missing.

Walking on the Living Document

Divine direction is not about the loudest program or famous government, but about frustrating Hell’s dominance on earth with the arrival of God’s presence. You are up against something much wider than your imagination. That is why it seems one can be in ministry for almost thirty years and can’t talk of one signs and wonders. You can’t play satan’s game on his terms. A goatish stubborn unconscious devotion and affinity to satan’s “reason” would end up making you a loser. This was why Hillary lost. Hillary was [the jailed for 990+ years] Cahion’s choice; but a lot were at stake. She should now thank God she didn’t win. Had she won, a permanent curse would be on not only her grandchildren but her great-grandchildren. Remember The Kennedys. The danger of “imagination uncensored”!

Listen, if God for example says, “Son, now that you have global presence everywhere, go to the desert and begin again,” I would gladly go there with nothing, except with my wife and kids. Yet, it’s not reasonable.

Reason is a dead light in the hand of a jailed god — satan. This is why every REAL prophet sent by God through the years is not a theologian or philosopher with non-saving assumptions and cooked up data/polls. As such, now is the time… and more than ever to see God, to hear God and to walk with God—YOUR Maker.

It is written: …

“And the rest of earth’s surviving cult of reason followers from the judging apocalypse did not still repent from worshiping the god of reason which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk.” — Revelation 9:20-21

Reason is a dead light in the hand of a jailed god — satan. This is why every REAL prophet sent by God through the years is not a theologian or philosopher with non-saving assumptions and cooked up data/polls. As such, now is the time… more than ever to see God, to hear God and to walk with God—YOUR Maker.

The U.S. Election’s Spiritual Timeline: How Hillary Lost and Why Trump Didn’t die

I stayed awake watching the result margin where Trump was close to it, and God thundered to me, “I have spoken it and have done it. You shall jail satan.”

He didn’t say I shall do it; no – He said, “I have done it!”

May that negative life decisions on your lap not be used to fulfill God’s justice prophecy, in the name of JESUS!

What has God done?

He brought down the occult’s confidence in their master lord Cahion; that is, satan— the “god of reason”!


You’ll remember I said I would not pray for Trump and Hillary in the last epistle; that they were both the same “bad people” also on the driver seat of who truly governs America in politics and the economy?

January 12, SOTUHours before Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address at the Capitol, God had shown me Donald Trump emerging as President.

I thought warning Hillary afterwards was warning a saint. The vision was to prove that Trump’s emergence would bring to fulfillment prophecy in the book of Revelation 20 about satan’s confinement for 1000 years by the RIGHT HAND of This Mountain (a status meant for Prophet Adeyande Daniel, but he refused).

November, 7This Mountain saved Trump from Sudden Death.

Dear confidante of God, look at me: God gave us the saviour-gene (Obadiah Chapter 1: verse 21) to negotiate the soul of anyone from going to Hell. He called me to thwart Trump’s death! Ask God Himself, any day anytime. Get across your best spiritual leads… pray; they would tell you This Mountain rescued Trump from death on November 7. How?

I was about going to bed early about 10:00pm to wake up by 12midnight and begin work into the dawn of the day (as my custom is) when God told me that I have an unfinished pending business for the day. This was just two days before the American citizens casted their final votes. In a swift open vision, I saw a python – a brown one with big designs on it; crawling at full speed towards Trump with its head lifted high in positioned tangential to swallow him. Its mission? To kill Donald J. Trump!

By God’s Spirit of Grace triggered within me, I didn’t break a sweat in the usual warfare praise and mysterious prayers. I spoke a few words and satan’s murder plan was “botched”. The python busted into pieces by a sudden blow from Heaven. Mission accomplished, and I went back to bed without even praying for myself. I hardly pray for myself at midnight. [My wife does that with God’s joys in her heart; that’s who she is. I don’t have a customary schedule. Night has become day for me, yet, day is still day. The night has nothing to do with sleep. That its night does not mean you should devote it to sleep catching a few Zzzz’s. The night season is my communication hour with God. The midnight is when I labour with God in mysteries taught here. The night is my shield against the onslaught of the enemies in battle for earth’s dominance. I am God’s battle axe. I raid them when they are weak, catching their forty winks. That night, local time, was when Trump was delivered from death.

Had I woke up from my dozing the next morning, you would have heard it on the papers, world over, that Trump was dead. There won’t be one single protest, but street parties. The wickedness in man would have made several caricatures to mock his death. Think about that picture. I know humans well. Why can’t we be merciful when the person “genuinely” bows to seek it? That is why if I say nobody is dying, nobody is dying, except God changes it. I am God’s judge on earth. I am His compassionate heart. [Tongues…]. Ephesians 3:20 in the mouth of people differ by the level of God’s “special call” on their life! I was called to jail satan and prepare a better future for our children’s children into DOX3000 unhampered. Therefore, I asked God why I had to negotiate for Trump’s deliverance given he won’t want to be saved for reasons stated in this epistle. He told me that Trump used my signature. Ask Trump. You know he lies…, but he can’t lie before me.

When God was going to watch on as the man pilfers away into the dust of history, God called my attention to the usage of my signature His own RIGHT HAND had signed! Trump had timidly used God’s asset to save his soul in the quietest and one of the sorrowful moments of his life. It was This same Mountain that saved this stubborn man yet he doesn’t want to know God. God wants you saved and you argue with Him? Every letter punched into these epistles is “savior characters”! As such, God — The Ruler of the Universe had no choice but to listen to me. Know this: No matter how sinful a man/a woman is, so long as that person is on earth, he/she can be saved. I am God’s negotiator on earth! His judge! Who I say stays stays. Next time I won’t negotiate for Trump. Why?

Requesting a latest update of Trump’s salvation, God told me Trump can’t be saved that there’s a dark hole in his heart. More on this as you keep chewing.

Now, imagine the over 8 billion people on earth make it to Heaven. That would be my sweetest testimony, but Trump’s stubborn “imagination uncensored” wants to make me sorrow for man. I pray it doesn’t happen. What a JOY it would be to have 8+ billion people on earth today in Heaven… Sing this song.



Look at me; Trump can never disappoint Obama on key policy issues. In the end, the Grand Order uniting all 455 cult gathering flock together. The Winggers, which both of them belong, are the Number One in cahion’s ordered just city. They are the ones in-charge of his Third Eye.

Wise children of God, listen to me; if you see anybody, for instance, in music displaying the Third Eye with his/her two hands, just know they are in The Winggers. Friends, it’s night, the tares are being sowed…, and you need to wake up.

Hillary belongs to “The Mild Crooks” fraternal order. Why do you think Trump kept calling her “Crooked Hillary” during the campaign? (Smiles…). By benefit of first, her husband rise and later her rising, they’ve helped upgrade their Order’s position to Number Seven; a spot they now share with the occupants — “The Oppressors” fraternal order.

These folks can’t challenge what God says.

Look at me: Cahion can’t control his men/women. He needed Trumps ambition but still couldn’t control his ambition. Eventually, the comical Trump suddenly was disastrous to his plan (a plan that would keep eating into YOUR millennial reign with Christ, so he wanted him dead). As such, he wanted him dead. At the stroke of midnight on November 8-9, his ambition made satan — his lord [called cahion] jailed. Why do you think The Establishment keep selling the idea that Trump was/is “dangerous”?

The masses now protesting don’t know anything happening underneath their nation’s governance. I recently posted, “Don’t fear Trump.” This is because Trump (just one human) is not your enemy. Mainstream media have painted him as bigot… misogynist et al. You are right. That’s not who should govern you. That’s not what the supposed foundation America’s freedom was built upon. But, you’ve had spiritual cobwebs on your eyes for over 250 years on the REAL bondage in your governance. You don’t know what’s happening. Why do you think Trump and his “friends” started that “birther movement” on Obama? They know him and his story because he is also in The Wingger.

Satan is the most useless creature ever known. So much disorder in his “order”! Remember as taught a few years ago in mystery that satan is the master of order in Heaven as Lucifer. That was his role. He was the manager with God’s #10StonesKingdom. But as soon as he landed on earth, his order became disorder, as satan — the beast. Still highly mechanized, anything satan touches ends up in disarray because as soon as he was thrown down, his order became darkened… turning into [fraternal] disorder. His world order became world disorder! This is why he begs for governance — which is JESUS’ #12StonesKingdom (the reason why he was thrown out of God’s kingdom) but couldn’t get it. Just two more stones… He only needed those two different stones to be God, instead, he was thrown out of GLORY. And then, Solomon – a human after God’s heart who could jails demons for fun fell, and his luck came by. You don’t know Solomon one bit. I’ve seen this guy. This was the Solomon that wrote many epistles about how he jailed demons in books thrown away because he eventually started worshiping the same demons he jailed by the help of strange women. [Chew Ezekiel 28 verse 1-19]. We’ve seen God and still seeing Him. Despite these instructive revelations on God’s plan, the Jupos went ahead to attack and destroy God’s plan. They were too proud to fall in line. To them, they brought pride from Heaven and decided to thwart God’s plan to much failure. (Laughter…). The greatest suffering ever known to man would be seen on them and people would begin to wonder how could God be so vengeful on the Jupo-clerics. The Jupo would look for tears and won’t find. And this is where I respect satan: He succeeds in using brethren from the same Household of Faith to attack another till they make it their calling. Give it to him. What generations and nations worldwide have waited for, some black African pastors who should be thanking God that He chose their race and country decided to fight for puny fiefs because they want to remain relevant. (Smiles…). Imagine we’d exported God’s governance template all these while?! Satan killed a minister of God in the 70s and you are there boasting of present success… [Well, we shall see who goes the Nebuchadnezzar way].

God, The Owner of this earth was looking at me as mainstream media kept deceiving me and everyone. He was just looking. You think anything under the sky is hidden from Him? (Smiles…). When I said be patient, I said so because I was cleansed from mainstream’s deceit and violence. Tonight is your night of redemptive clarity, in JESUS’ name!

I no more get my news from mainstream media. I go to God who knows the news before the News, and simply ask Him. And He’s willing to talk. You will hear His latest below. America would suffer under Trump. It’s not a curse but an uprooting of a witchcraft foundation by those occult Patriots at her creation. Who caused it? President-elect Trump’s unrestrained ambition! “Why shouldn’t he, like every human, not have ambition,” one might ask. We need to now to finally ask the locked up satan: “If you get what you want, would you need what you want?” He wanted all his Fraternal Order members to have unfettered ambition but didn’t know that one day, their unchecked greed would further the cause of his confinement.

Had Hillary won, America won’t suffer. We’ve said that. This is because satan would still have been holding God’s opportunities (the big whale) in a governing extractive system he created. But This Mountain saved Trump from sudden death, and quickly within 24-hoours fulfilled prophecy by imprisoning satan, and then birthing God’s Kingdom of UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE CHANGE effective 2017. This would have been Prophet Adeyande DANIEL’s honour. What a tragic end….

Friends, power has changed hands. JESUS is in-town. Watch out for 2017 – Your nations’ #NthStreet Inclusive Dominion beginning; including an new America in America for YOU. Hallelujah!

This reminds me of my country’s #57thStreet Greco-Roman governmental building structure with prosperity. I also remember Buhari echoing this sentiment about his country’s prosperity in 2017 at HID Awolowo’s burial ceremony. We said all these when he was still a fresh-faced “Candidate Buhari” and yet he listened and still partially listening to God, but he needs to complete it and leave “there”. I love him too much to let him sink with devil’s servants.

Except God did not call me, the year 2017 would not become a year of POSITIVE CHANGES and the birth of UNENDING PROGRESS for my beloved country and nations of the world. Again; 2017 is your Independence — YOUR #EconomicDeliverance. Watch out for new world leaders with prophetic grace.

Poser: If satan attempted to kill Trump at the last minute, why didn’t he take him out from the outset?

AnswerSatan is very shortsighted. Unlike David who thinks in long range, satan and his servants think of the now. Had he known, he wouldn’t have allowed Trump and his father into his order. And because lord Cahion is very needy of any available talents, recruiting any interested persons with bright stars and ambitions, he never knew that Trump was going to one day be his wrong investment. Trump came from an uncultured street thug altar and the Guardians of America’s foundation had to do something about it. His friends and he were never supposed to near governance were it not for YOU – the masses, as well as the confounded media owned by the Establishment who mistakenly put him there. Ever heard of Trump saying, during the campaign, that he can shoot someone at the top of the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue and his supporters would back him? Such rhetoric is an abomination to what American politics was meant to be, yet they chose him. Well, this is what God calls “confounding the Confounder – confusing, the Confuser.” They should have, with all his political interviews [against Reagan and Co.] in the 1980s, seen his unconstrained ambition coming.

And I wonder how and where the Jupos think motivational seminars and leadership speeches are what would put someone in politics. I just thought about it for a moment and wondered how that idea came to be. I can understand it for small businesses but not the chord we are presently chewing: politics and big size companies. Currently, the de facto demonic “old” inglorious revolutionary laws governing earth asserts that you must join the occult in order to eat out of the pie or forget it. But, where is JESUS in all these? ANSWER: Messed up by the so-called “modern” Jupo-led version of The Church. These guys don’t know what they are doing.

The Church is not theory; get this for life. Where are the Jupos coming from…? You can’t just come and re-invent the wheel with some positive theories you read from Freemasons authors, and then hail it as the “new doctrine”. Watch it: Every minster that do not have God’s LEARNED ALIGNMENT but satan’s learnt hopelessness by demonic books in a bid to invent a new doctrine always end up in waste. Ask the Fundamentalists who integrated Darwinism into the Baptist Church and failed because they believe scientific data proves that the earth is much older than 6000 years contrarily stated in Genesis. The answer to this is clear: Yes – it’s older. The Bible called it – ‘Darkness was upon the face of the deep’. That Era was a time of demons walking physically on earth. Simple!

I want to believe Jupos have now rejected disobedience; else they would become limited to cheap slots on Newspapers centre-spreads theorizing emptiness. A waste of time and fund! The idea of governance is different from the propaganda sold to the world on how to become a President: “Dream it, do it”.

Listen; Plato and Aristotle were not confused when they came up with the Forms of Government. They knew what they were saying in their respective dialogues. It’s just that, sadly, a lot of us in this generation and the past ones since 250+ years ago have been made to sit under the binding spell of boredom; as such, most needs something that comes with speed. Therefore, no matter how a lot of people read, they won’t get the right answers. The way out, beloved, is to run away from satan’s mental grip by God’s delivering power. What Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were saying in their dialogues was clear: “We need to make [the non-original satan called] Zeus govern as king in the polis (i.e., the just city like Zion City— the one David showed me in a trip to Heaven). And to do that they created [Capitoline] seats for occultic Guardians/Eletos [which is the Electoral College in the U.S.] in a mixed government. These ones would then therefore be the one to select a political-king like King Solomon as President to go to the Temple Mount to offer Zeus sacrifices.” Do you think the Era of Plato to Aristotle like pure Democracy? (Smiles…). Think through their data. Read. You won’t collapse when you read.

In our last year discourse, Zeus as we taught, was lord Cahion whose hope as the king of fierce countenance and dark policy (in Daniel Chapter 8 verses 21-25) has been dashed for more than 9 centuries. We jailed him! Lord Cahion was just too predictable and lost in his obsession to replicate JESUS’ government on earth, and didn’t know when This Mountain came from nowhere to apprehend him. (Smiles…). This was the guy that never wanted me on earth in the first place. How come he lost track of the great battle between us? [Not so much great power I would say]. THE ANSWER: God’s confounding the Confounder, and confusing the Confuser. He became confused at Trump not being dead on November 7.

Friends, you think Democracy (which is popular government) was what these guys wanted? (Smiles…). Democracy has always been a “spiritual Sci-Fi trick” to make the people “happy” so that they stick to pursuing materialistic temporal happiness determined by them instead of God’s permanent JOYS. Study political science to see this thread.

Here is the trick: Had lord Cahion’s men not given you Democracy in 1789 both in the U.S. as well as in France respectively after they’ve opened your eyes to freedom from the Crown and The Church, what do you think would have happened? ANSWER: The masses’ revolt! In furtherance to their decit, they also knew that if they forced their Freemasonry idolatrous “mixed democracy” unto the then majority Christian Americans that they would start a REAL American Revolution between the Christian majority in the then 13 colonies and the Patriot Deists, thus no progress. In hindsight, lord Cahion and the Fraternal Order slaves [who though they were leaders] knew that such imposition would be too dangerous. Also on the flipside, they reasoned, if putting his government in the hands of the Christian majority would thwart his government on earth as lord Cahion [fortunately for him which never happened until This Mountain showed up and jailed him], he injected the Electoral College of his Guardians into pure Democracy to create his systemic mixed form of Democracy.

I have good news for you: Know henceforth that the over 250+ years political representations of the Founding Fathers’ Electoral College are not spirits, but humans. And majority of them are Cahion’s men. You can tutor them into Christ.

Poser: So, how come Hillary didn’t win on November 8 despite his Electoral College depth?

AnswerBecause satan is just too un-original, and lacks depth on how Christ can govern, his laissez-faire opened the floodgate for many of his members to seek an escape. This Mountain influenced the election by speaking forth the deliverance many families in his occult desperately needed.

You think I would stop God’s #EconomicDeliverance… We’ve not started yet!

There won’t be Trump’s victory night had we stayed blind to reality. Trump must therefore never boast thinking he won it by the might of his altar. He should think twice and understand this sacrifice we are sleeplessly making for him. Doesn’t he know that VP-Elect Mike Pence would have been on that ballot had the “python spirit” swallowed him for daring to upstage his 250+ years polis’ world [dis]order?

And I say: Why are we exalting this style of satanic controlled governance when satan wasn’t supposed to govern this earth? Satan is a failure! He doesn’t own this earth! He knows Zion-polis belongs to JESUS! Satan is out and satan is out. Final! A thousand years. You’ll start seeing the gains in 2017.

November, 8You should have seen how God made me defeat satan. He was just too sleepy in the waters when I saw him.

It was when I got home that night before the election was closed for counting did God engage me in a CONQUEST to jail satan. It fitfully lasted hours into the midnights. How?

God had kept mute on what I must do, but revealed that Hillary was going to win. That was satan’s plan to dislodge God’s prophecy. Yet, God watched on… as I posted her victory – satan’s plan to end the millennial reign of Christ. Her victory was a certainty. No question. The Established Order was too confident. Cahion had it under control. Trump’s case was a forgone story, they believed; though he still was alive. But lord Cahion was the most panicky of them all. Something had happened. His script was changed… This Mountain had gotten involved, and he doesn’t know what next seeing Trump had not died as expected. And that was his dread!

Forget it; there won’t be any major shift in U.S. foreign policy with Trump’s emergence. It’s going to be the same. Let’s not have someone on; they are all the same.

However, there was still more jolt to shock lord Cahion, continuing our journey from the November 6 #SaveTrump encounter. I didn’t know; he didn’t know.

For it is written: …

I sware unto the LORD, and vowed unto the Mighty God of Jacob, saying: “I will not enter my house or go to my bed—I will not give sleep to my eyes, or slumber my eyelids, until I find a place for the LORD, an habitation for the Mighty God of Jacob. — Psalms 132:2-5

As soon as I got home God spoke, SAYING….

WAIT… Word of Knowledge: God just said it that I shouldn’t say the method He told me to use in jailing satan till when He says so. He said, “This is not the time. I would tell you when to say it. Wait.”

Praise God! And wait we must.

What I can say to help your joy, however, till then is that I came from a background of men of prayer and the Word, and it showed on that very night of conquest. God said I saw the following Old Testament, New Testament and modern times Heroes-of-faith often thinking I saw all the Biblical saints for these purposes: …

PROPHET MOSES: God said I saw Moses often in 2006-2007 because he is the only man (till date) that walked perfectly before Him with deep patience. God says I can’t be perfect on my own, and that He would help me.

KING DAVID: God said I saw David because He calls me David to build His government on earth.

KING SOLOMON: God said the beginning and middle of Solomon was good but his ending was bad. God now said that the motive behind Solomon appearing to me often in 2007 is to tell me that though my beginning, as a Gentile, wasn’t as good in contrast to his kingly heritage as Jew but that my middle which I’m now enjoying would lead to a great end in planting God’s government for earth. A reverse bias prophetic grace!

PROPHET ELIJAH: God said I saw Elijah early because he was a prophet of fire. He said I rarely see him much because I didn’t then have Elijah’s prayer-fire. But that it is His plan for all His prophets to be seeing Elijah. His word, “Seeing Elijah is not meant for only one prophet but for all His prophets.” Yet, He still wants me to increase in it. There’s never an end to God’s fresh fire — it’s a constancy. [Why don’t you want to see because of your lack of contentment and man’s praise?]

APOSTLE PAUL: God said I saw Paul lately because Paul was a praying prophet in my calling. He said it was time to be helped to jail satan, and he came to superimpose my speed of obedience with his approved outcome from his years of assignment.

APOSTLE BABALOLA: God said I saw Babalola because He wanted me to have prayer stamina, and not to replace him. My task is deep enough.

REVEREND HAGIN: God said I see Hagin often more than any recent human, even more than Babalola, because I walk in the footstep of Hagin. His exact word was, “You are doing like Hagin.”


I DECREE: Your glorious destiny is next in line, in the mighty name JESUS! Receive it!

It is done!

Beloved saints of the same alignment, look at me: I came from the Ancient Landmark of my fathers before me, knowing both their unfinished work and the task ahead. Therefore, I cared less with who wins but rather what satan was going to get from this election by extending his “demonic dominion” on earth’s governance for 10 years. I don’t care who won; what I cared about was who makes Heaven – not Hell. I didn’t care about who won; what I cared about was how to vacate the serpent out of the abundant sea of God and end his dominance on earth’s governance. And thus, God thundered, “I have spoken it and have done it. You shall jail satan.” Before long in that night, satan met his waterloo, indeed! You know we’ve gone beyond the stage of disobeying God, my Father, to tell you things in order to make you happy… we have to wait. Rather, hold on tightly to any instruction you’ve heard hear.

The dark abominable entity This Mountain jailed in a spiritual orchestrated transaction wasn’t Hillary or Trump or anybody but satan, lord Cahion —the beast ambiguously hidden on all of America’s dollars.

THE COVENANT IDEA: Framing the Life of JOYS — God’s Constitution

To sympathize with satan is to disrespect God and en-bondage people by wicked Constitutions that only needs a negative interpretation to create sorrow. Therefore, to wrap your mind around dead laws/Constitutions is to make your soul “deadier” [sic] than what satan had made it to be by the external environment you live in. Case in point: Jim Crow law, Same-sex legalization, et al.

For instance; when you are in the prophetic you don’t talk from assumption; you talk from facts given you by God. From that moment onward, your education and philosophy wraps around His “certainty ideology”. At this stage, the education (formal and informal) that needs to drop drops and the one that needs to stay stays. Why do you think these “cult of reason” members instead of listening to The Church, sticks to their altars till they live this earth [into Hell]? They stay in this bondage because The Church operates in fanciful philosophies with no power. That’s why you need switch to God’s certainty. And when operating in God’s prophetic ideology, you find yourself operating from the eagle-eye-view. You get everything right; it furnishes your judgment calls. Now, imagine such sound judgment on your marriage, family, economy, governance. I humbly ask: Imagine I was your President – which would never happen….

On the other hand, to put your confidence on dead ideological Constitutions [mixed with a grain of witchcraft-salt], puts you in an uncomfortable position of spending 250+ years on chicken-eye-view debates and arguments that can’t birth #EconomicDeliverance for all those caged in the devil’s abyss in just your country alone.

For it is written: …

“The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth. The lips of the righteous feed/nourish many: but fools die for lack of judgment. The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and God — The Almighty addeth no sorrow with it.” — Proverbs 10:20-22

It is also written: …

“The idolatrous nations are sunk into the pit that they themselves made: their feet are caught in the net they have hidden. The LORD is known by the justice which He executeth; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their own hands. The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all idolatrous nations that forget Him.”— Psalms 10:15-17

Proponents of Christian-American thesis shouldn’t kid their selves. America is an idolatrous nation by Freemason’s Deism. And cults of reason are the different witchcraft covens that determines who becomes successful or unsuccessful political kings. This is why it’s important to play your part in OBEYING God and following Him with all your hearts. Grace alone without God’s Spirit of Grace won’t increase you peddled by most preachers of our days are satanic traps to confuse and imprison both you and them. Satan knows what he is doing. Once your ideology is confused, your life would be contaminated.

Ace-The-Case: Uprooting The Tree of Reason

God had prior to this entire thunderous boast about Himself opened my eyes to see a lasting political event. I’d taken one of my protégés on a tour teaching him whilst walking in the command of God in earth’s governance (that is, THE COVENANT) when we got to a Tree that stood as a big barrier before us. This tree was interlocked at its root. Knowing what to do in the spirit realm, my right hand pulled the root of the tree and made the tree lifeless, and then, we pressed on with our journey. Thereafter, we got to our destination; it was a praying tabernacle where as it were, candidates with swollen legs bitten by ants underneath the tree were recovering. God told me right there that the tree was the power of darkness from America’s civilization in families and nations.

After the service, I saw the second of my #G3 whose first name is Daniel embrace me, took me aside and gave me one of his direct line. I saw the number. Then the vision ceased.

I asked God what it means. God said, “That is one of the Ancient Landmark you are coming from and the one you would give to the next generation.” I knew that already, but God need re-echoing it WRT the social context of America’s bondage.

Censored [not uncensored] Imagination

Friends, God loves Americans and the rest of the world lost to a dead document (law of Nature created by lord Cahion’s men). He loves mankind so much. The unfortunate thing is that The Ecclesia’s ignorance about all these positive laws and diverse laws of Nature is preparing God’s people as SMK’s (satanic marine kingdom) Christmas goats.

I was, this one time, having a normal conversation with my protégé around Proverbs Chapter 16 verses 1 and 9-12 on the place of “imagination censored” in a Christian Believer.

Wait; as you know from past teaching, your mind is the warehouse of your soul (which is a composition of three things: your will, intellect and emotion); while your heart is the warehouse of only your spirit — your guts/intuition/sixth sense. We also said that the preparation of your heart is NOT you doing your plan under the guise of some funny “right ears” doctrine. You’ve got to know His plan by knowing Him. Listen beloved; in the prophetic, God can never answer what you don’t know. He is all knowing. You must therefore as His favourite know a little about everything to present it before Him. Please remember this.

As I went through the Word with him, I made him understand that the expansiveness of our mind only adds flavor to our heart glued to God’s heart. Such that if we THINK along with Him, He guides us aright without one single missteps in the boardwalk to our destiny fulfillment. By doing that, we won’t do wickedness or go on a fly doing greedy “me-too” projects to compete with another. This “heart-O-meter” if learnt, I made him understand, would never put us in a position like a Jupo to be drafted into the occult. We got that right! Then I made the assumption of referencing a delayed situation in my marital nuptial because of my father-in-law’s heart WRT his response as fitted for this context. His heart not discerning God’s  intent kept me waiting. As such I said, “Man can delay God’s prophecy because of their heart.” [I would have never on a normal day have said such. However, I should know better that prophecy doesn’t fail considering all God has done for me].

Suddenly I heard a loud, “No… No!!” I heard it twice. It was God talking. He said, “My son, My prophecy never delays. Some I give specific dates, some I don’t. And if I give a prophecy in 2015, it could happen in 2017. But My prophecy can never be delayed. What you need is patience. No man can delay it.” He then ended with a warning I would keep to heart for life: “DON’T EVER say that again, My son. What I said about that marriage would happen.”

Quickly, I bowed telling Him, “I’m sorry Father… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Henceforth, from that our conquest wherein we jailed satan, governments and their people shall seek God for His place in GOVERNANCE. It is now. Just wait for it!

Think about it: God heaves drop on every of your conversation. If its gossip, it’s your choice; if its swearing a secret society oath in your witchcraft, it’s your choice; if it’s tearing people in sleep and out of sleep, it’s your choice.

I’m sentenced as God’s Constitution framer to get it right at all times. He hears everything I say it. And that’s why I run my thoughts and ideas through him. Don’t be a loose cannon working free for satan, taking those demonic philosophies as gospel. Be careful: This world is full of wrong and negative ideas! To be an agent provocateur for satan only makes you close to God’s judgment. Now, time for POSITIVE CHANGES to birth ALL ROUND PROGRESS on earth! No more time to waste.

It is written: …

“Therefore be all the more eager, my brothers, to give more diligence to make your [high] calling and election sure. For if you do this PROFESSION, you shall never fall: and you will receive a wealthy entrance into the eternal DOX kingdom of our Lord and Savior JESUS Christ. I will always remind you of these things, even though you know them and are firmly established in THE TRUTH you now have hard us your teacher taught. I think it is right to refresh your ‘retentive memory’ as long as I live in the tent of this body, because I know that I will soon put it aside, as our Lord Jesus Christ by prophecy made it clear to me. I therefore will make every effort to see that after my departure you will always be able to remember these things. What is it? Again, I repeat: We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and first coming/presence of our Lord JESUS Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty. For I remember the day when He RECEIVED honour and glory from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory of God, saying, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased. Hear Him.” We ourselves heard this voice that came from Heaven when we were with Him on the holy Mount Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah physically delivering the Constitution by talking to Him, and then, His cloth became white as light; his face shone as the sun. We ALSO have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will PROFIT to pay attention to it, as unto a light that shineth in a dark secret place, until the day dawns and JESUS –the MORNING STAR rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation (priori deduction). For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but holy men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” — 2 Peter 1:10-21

Friends, I want you to know something: When God talks to you to correct you, don’t ever think He would slap you or something. Why? You are product of His Word; not any product of the jailed “god of reason”. You are His son/daughter; He is YOUR Father. He can’t touch you because YOU obey. You are a product of Heaven’s living document; not a product of Deist’s Enlightenment Constitution. This is why if you think in the Word, YOU can’t think amiss. If you imagine in the Word, you can’t imagine amiss. The Bible (extracts of the Torah, the Gospel of JESUS, and the Apostles acts and letters) is God’s Constitution from Heaven which was “wakened” upon the ears of His prophets as they SPOKE. It is indicative, therefore, for God’s prophets to get their imagination and “ambvision” right. Selah.

Satan is smart. Why wouldn’t he? He’s been here quite a while until his incarceration. For example; every God-ordained prophet is God’s voice of victory planted for his/her Era, but when these voices of victory start listening to demonic teachings from satan’s messengers, they end up a “voice of failure”. That’s the architect of satan: To derail God’s people out of their destiny and their assignments per time.


I DECREE: You will not fail, in JESUS’ name!

That is why mere mortals’ law of Nature instituted into documents as Natural Rights is NOT God’s Supernatural governance living template/Constitutions. They can’t save you.

How do you get out of this rot/corruption? Get your identity back by listening to God’s voice of Conquest sent to the Era you see before you. There’s a management called succession planning. I learnt this in my mainstream years.

Listen, Peter was already becoming a “voice of defeat” in the defense of the law of Torah JESUS ordained him (as the Prince of The Church) to defend until Paul’s JOY entered into him. Peter didn’t look that he was almost 40 years older than Paul; who of course was not there when Christ made him and the rest 11-disciples His apostles, but yet this younger fellow claims he is the 12th apostle [to the gentiles].

The same way God is no respecter of man is the same way satan is no respecter of persons. He knows how to use people like toothpick and then toss them away.

JOYS Law Framers: 20 Gerahs (not 19.99) makes 1 Shekel

Beloved, if you want to finish a prophet, stop the person from speaking what God clearly shows or “wakeneth” upon him/her to say. Stop him/her on that; stop his/her God. Therefore, God’s servants, be unstoppable… be indefatigable…, be un-stained!

For God said of Himself in Amos Chapter 3 verse 9 that it is an abomination for Him to do anything on this very same earth without FIRST telling His servants — prophets.

I repeat: God can’t do ANYTHING on earth without FIRST consulting the framers of His Constitution on earth; His prophets. That is why any prophet that says what God did not reveal to him/her suddenly becomes an enemy of God.

(Smiles…). The deceived satan should have stopped us from saying God’s JOYS law taking global effect for the next 990+ years effective 2017 before being prepped to go into jail.

Ace-The-Case: Skepticism The seed of Reason

Prior to knowing about Hillary’s actual win which the masses by divine plan overwrote so as to end satan’s plan that tried to eat more into God’s 990+ years for His Children, anything I ask God, He answered. I even on the same day asked God about His blessing for a certain beloved that had already proposed to a lady on Day 1 (November 6) only for God on Day 2 (November 7) to say, “No— their stars (i.e. destinies) do not match”; because the beloved thought he heard God’s go-ahead, not realizing painfully that it was his own imagination that spoke. He was shattered. A man of his word who’d already fallen in-love… how was he supposed to tell her.

When people that don’t have that prophetic grace withstand prophecy because of a long held religious philosophy, I feel pain for them. This is because anybody can fall into this category. When it comes to religious legalism, I came from such background and know its advantages and disadvantages. Succinctly, I also know its suspicion of prophecy. So why am I all out for God’s prophecy? By now, you know why: That your JOY may be FULL. (First John Chapter 1 verses 1-4). An overflowing unending joy is called JOYS.

Then I asked God about his true wife’s bio-data… God gave me the colour, the height, her profession, her tribe and the church she attends, and even how he would meet her. Yet, it wasn’t enough. How was He supposed to tell the wonderful Christian sister he has changed his mind… considering he is a man of honour? God even went as far as begging him, “My son, I would give you a consolation before December. You will meet your ordained wife.” God in one sweep also promised that the other lady would meet her spouse in 2017. Well, God has spoken and has spoken. He’s NOT an author of confusion.

Skepticism is, to recent credit, a 5th century BCE ancient Greece sense philosophy. Here I ask: “Where is Greece’s might in today’s global governance?”

It is written: …

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse yours hands, you sinners; and purify your hears, you double minded.” — James 4:8

You too deserve a shot at a Holy Communion with God. To suspect God is to suspect you. [Pause and meditate].

I often confirm who a prophet says he is as a servant of God or what his/her prophecy is. So go ahead confirm…, He would tell you This Mountain dragged satan into his jail. End suspecting God.

P.S. On no ground must a woman find a husband for herself. Also to both genders, you don’t choose someone and bring them to God for Him to bless. This is just the quickest way your mind becomes closed; setting a blockade on God’s blessed opportunity for YOU. In the end, you choose a wrong spouse, and choosing a wrong spouse is an inglorious rebellious diversion. Don’t play that game of trial on life’s permanent choice. I don’t. See, don’t be deceived; you’ll always have peace around your choice (good or bad), but God knows that that wrong choice is the imagination of your heart. Ditto, initial peace is not always a sign that God is in your decision. Sit still and ask Him for more clarity. Divine instruction often appear as a bad taste when compared to your choice. For instance, I saw my wife by the choice of Heaven. Should I say… my wife was custom-made for me all these years but I didn’t know this until HE TOLD ME. That is, I had no preconceived idea about what I wanted because I had even taken the issue of marriage out of God’s big task until He told me who she was. And even when I knew, it took me almost a year to focus on the concept of marriage again.

Friends, before satan’s confinement, all in one day, God told me that He has three types of Constitutional Framers; His eschatological Prophets. The law of Nature is a dead law created to subject you to bondage. That is why only the eschatological (DOX) prophets who speak as the Spirit of God moves on them can open the sealed BOOK and have it DOUBLED before you.

How do I mean? Demonic servants of the law of Nature and all NEGATIVE “R” dead laws says the God of the Old Testament is dead because they want you soul dead; and when you allow that happens as if you don’t have God’s Supernatural Rights by knowing JESUS, you become a confirmed failure. It’s time to jerk back! Hold your ordained life in your hands and run with it. Nowhere was it written that a Believer failed in the report sheets of the Heroes-of-Faith! (Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 1-40).

Verse 40, the last verse of the aforesaid chapter says: …

“These Heroes-of-Faith are chanting and rooting for our successes because without our success records, their report sheets won’t be perfect! That’s His plan.”

That is why I keep seeing these Heroes-of-Faith!

They are my fans,. They need to praise me because I am the end of their testimony. If I get it right the next generation gets it right. They keep coming, saying, “It is you … We in Heaven bank on YOU. We know YOU can do it! Stay with it. Soon it would be over!”

Don’t you ever forget this: Success is you coming down to confirm your works. The wicked can’t. They are in Hell!

So, how dare most ministers in The Holy Ecclesia glorify cultist Deists as success examples in their NEGATIVE “R” dead laws teachings as admirable folks who failed but rose up? How dare you compare their walk with those with God’s JOYS law assigned with a magisterial ending? Where did that come from? If you’ve got it from success and leadership textbook-lies, stop it. Don’t repeat it again. You think their success is my success?! I am the definition of God’s success!


Say with me: …

“I am the definition of God’s success! I am Heaven’s magisterial GLORY on earth! I am the Voice of God that thundereth in the great waters. I speak and the blue whale of opportunities hears my command. I am the living force that dreads darkness! I am not a victim of satan’s dead laws! I am god to Pharaoh. I am the RIGHT HAND of God! I am the battle axe of Heaven! I am chanted of by the innumerable hosts of Heaven! I am the declaration of the law of God! I am light in darkness! TONIGHT, I unlock the Heaven and plant a new heaven and a new earth!”

It is done! (Revelation Chapter 21 verse 6).



Listen, I had in 2015 been to a School of Prophet to learn only the ethics of my assignment not how to be a prophet. Nobody can teach you your calling given you by God. You only go to a classroom setting to brush up what you could have read in a book and labored in years and toil. What I’ve majorly learnt and still learning were/are things God taught/teaches me in the horseback of life striving days and nights with fasting, denial and risky adventure. As such, never have I heard where prophets are categorized. This is God at His best. He said they are in particular order according to their dominion in their Era/Age by a scale of 200%.

  1. Much Deliverance; Little Prophecy
  2. Equal Deliverance; Equal Prophecy
  3. Little Deliverance; Much Prophecy

You already know what you are in Christ but right now you need someone to tell you your identity. I tell you today. Let your hand be strong again. Distance yourself from the suspicion of mankind. You are their savior dispatched by Heaven, many years ago to help their joy but you doubt it. Soon, God would end the confidence of those that made a mockery of your assignment on earth. Warning: If you fail in your mission, future generations would suffer.

Much Deliverance; Little Prophecy

This is where most prophets belong.

I had to show my protégé where we are coming from, and those whom God once gave me – faithfully and loyally pouring water on their feet no matter what. I kept my end of the bargain obeying God. It was indicative I show them why the Heroes-of-Faith chants a name they heard God calls us: The world’s #ProblemStopBusStop. The end has come to their waiting.

  • The first one goes by the first name Daniel.

He was the one in the abovementioned case you just aced. I love his brokenness dearly.

He is a Prophet-Pastor.

God said of him, “The prophetic grace he came with from Heaven was equal deliverance; equal prophecy but he likes using 120:80 percent.”

Equal-equal means 100 percent deliverance: 100 percent prophecy.

What does that mean? 120% percent means deliverance by the word and prayer; whilst 80% mean prophecy. God said the reason he is like that is because he loves prayer more than prophecy, and that that was not His original plan for him in this area. He said he used to operate with the equal-equal gifting at the beginning but has shifted to only the word and [random] prayers.

Why this tilt in performance?

God said by intelligence, he is a seasoned researcher… and because you need proofs in the academic field, he took same discipline to ministry to the blessedness of The Ecclesia. But something went wrong: Because it appears he was/is the only famous one obeying God in this field of deliverance yet facing attack from the several Jupos-Judas as well as the puny messengers of satan, he shifted to defending his message; thus disappointing God. Science can put the prophetic into assumption mode. That’s the danger of only praying without doing the prophetic gifting given you. To this end, satan is trying to make him ignore the very gift he possesses in defense of his genuineness because counterfeit prophets [out there] have damaged both the office and ministry of the prophet.

Any hope?

Yes! God said He loves him deeply, saying, he has to be careful not to throw the baby with the bathwater in defending The Church. It would affect his measured outcome by God. A clue is but is checking his earlier never-before-seen testimonies at the beginning.

Until he goes back to equal-equal grace, he would find it hard to dispense God’s JOYS to the world as at before. Selah.

  • The Second one goes by the first name David

He is a Prophet-Pastor.

In fact, we are permanently tied together for reasons I didn’t know until late 2015. [Not today]. And when I knew, it took me almost a year to accept the reality. Strange declaration… Well, that’s God’s plan. God said among the #G3 that he is the one with the sharpest equal-equal grace but changed it by himself. He’s currently same as above: 120:80 percent.

We’ve said it and can’t over-flog it than necessary. Nobody is perfect… he has a lot to do. What if he still shows it? It means it’s a battle he’s deliberately fighting with. Even God told me I can’t on my own be perfect except He helps me, so I partner with Him by responding quickly to His instructions (spiritually and physically).

Cry this out loud with me for 2-min.: “Oh LORD, I need Your help… help my weakness, in the name of JESUS!”

The only thing you need do after this prayer is to caution what you say. When one speaks too much, God says, he/she can’t hear Him. Prophet or no prophet! At this moment, you are doing the talking and God is doing the listening. And when contrasted to what you know and what He, God, knows, the scale would be minus zero for you. Think about it: You didn’t come to earth with “excessive talking” whilst coming from Heaven. There are so many things God wants to tell you but you talk more than you listen to Him. The Jupos should add this to the raison d’être behind their 20+ years dry spell. A loose lip sinks Titanic-like ship; God can’t afford to have such in governmental affairs.

Why this tilt in performance?

He knows why. God says He tells him many things but certain things are blocking it. He says he should take a look at a change in God’s assigned prophetic watchword for the year to have a clue. If not reverted, God said, the people would for the first time have a better last year.

Any hope?

Of course, there’s always hope for servants after God’s heart. Maintain joy and it would grow up from there. Where? To the 100:100 stage he came with from Heaven.

P.S. We must avoid satanic messengers’ invitation to go into strife. Don’t take the bait of satan.



Caught in his violent habit and putting God on hold for six months on a “key instruction” he should have obeyed, God got angry and ended an Heaven-sent agenda and dynasty with understandable “generational consequences” as repercussion. [Such, he knows he disobeyed God on, and one that can’t be stated here to lay proviso for the greater good].
Nevertheless, one man’s disobedience stopped what the “sting of death” couldn’t stop in years.
The obvious result…, he made and labeled God a liar for no justifiable, sensible reason. Right there, God told me, this fellow has lost his right-standing in Him to talk about obedience. Thank God for that because I had had to beg God on his behalf for his length of days for stopping what satan tried stopping for year WRT (i.e., with respect to) God’s “once key property” in his temporal custody. Deciding to play the pawn in satan’s strategy, the facilitator. Of course the scenario did hurt God, but in the end, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make any difference to what God wants done; a joyful replacement and provision has been made… the verdict sealed. (Philippians 2:8-9).
Yet, God’s love never fails; He still loves him. That’s the “nature of God”; satan/lord Cahion doesn’t have such. The Deist god behind the Freemason’s founding founders isn’t “love quotient”. Thus, if found in such hellish trap for destroying His plan, know… no matter your status, the Sovereign God won’t live you without “chastisement” lest you go to Hell by the “nature of satan”.
For it is written, “Whom the Father of all saints loves, He chastiseth… if He doesn’t then are ye bastards to Him…” (Hebrews Chapter 12 Verses 6-10).
“… Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.” (Verse 11).
Therefore, take your reprimand with dignity. No amount of mortal excuse echoed by mortal sentiment can stop Him.
Listen, if you live daily in the prophetic, hearing Him in a time His audible voice is scarce, you should know better that one with God is majority. (1 Samuel 1:3; 3:1, 4, 11 – 21). For if Sarah can do same for Abraham how much more us, “a piece”, in God’s puzzle….
An instance… Several reports God tells me, for no reason, about ministers in The Ecclesia as a learning; and instructing me not to say until He says otherwise. [Remember as taught in the past, ‘God has favorites.’ Respect that… nobody is useless before God].
In the past months before the instruction to solve delightsome problems away from the online space [smiles], God had categorically warned me in advance that if I choose to join others to persistently do evil disobeying Him as it exist today with respect to most what “rogue ministers” do, and keep calling out His mercy to the centre stage, that He, God, would take me down. He made mention of names and ministries [He knows I respected] to make “take you down” clearer to me that He does not care who the person is nor their following. God is not human… He doesn’t respect a disobedient person in judgment. This is why the disobedient can’t lead the obedient.
This is why if you insist in doing evil, taking God’s love for granted, don’t be surprised the love of your people won’t be enough as rebound when His “voice” takes you down. God would never relax His principles for anybody.
Be careful: Playing on public sentiment is zero when the voice of God thundereth. It takes every “shedder of blood” along. You can’t be giving the public an image and be disobeying God in private. It doesn’t work that way. We are all simply a piece in His game. That’s why my disposition is steady. I won’t celebrate evil because of applause or cheers. Never! I have a responsibility to model the God-kind of love to the world, in His power. God didn’t dispatch me to this earth to waste away the journey of the Body of Christ to “Her person-hood and nationhood” to permeating insecurity in The Ecclessia today. How do I mean?
In the prophetic, beloved, there is what we call “no go areas”… what you could literally call “out-of-bound perimeters” satan has no access to. There are many. One of such is the communication, agreement, and alliance among two or more prophets. Granted this experience, the devil for all his cunning ways at dismissing his greatest dread — The Office of the Prophet and his/her prophetic ministry — knows he can’t come in-between such confederacy among prophets. He knows the price: God would tear him apart. That’s why the devil in his relentlessness can’t dare the company of prophets; he dare not. Now, when one of these prophets out of the satanic evil (jealousy, pride, envy, insecurity/fear… murder) in his/her heart decides to “happily” take the hand of satan and forcefully out of foolishness invite satan into “that mix”, know there’s little choice left for God in remedying the situation than to dis-enfranchise/cut-off the “rogue prophet” from the rest, now, called the remnant.
In the end, the punishment for such prophet who created that disunity is always damnable.
Why such? To God, He often says [if you’re privileged to hear His voice], “Others I can understand… but this person is a prophet so I judged him.” I’ve seen people with dynasties destroyed; I’ve seen people who entered dastardly accidents; I’ve seen God take the prophetic call someone brought from Heaven away from him… I’ve seen… I have seen a lot I can’t state here lest I gloat before God. Then I asked God, “Why are you doing this for me?” He replied. “Because you’ve always been obedient to what I want. But if you go the same way, consistently doing evil, I would chastise you.” We humans often think God isn’t seeing. When your conscience keeps telling you to stop and you refuse, forget it… you are left for the dead; a meat for satan.
Love is a profession.
This is the early part of the 21st century. What we need right now on earth is more love and more kindness; not “caustic love”. It’s that simple. Witches in mainstream ought not to be having a field day controlling the Proletariats (i.e. the masses) with subliminal seductive messaging. If you can’t see or hear God, at least pay attention to the trends. Speculation can’t be your compass… don’t go in circles.
At the heart of this evil play is what get God amused: ‘We who were once nobodies, benefactors of His love, are effortlessly these days acting on the fruit of evil at creation — the nature of satan; not His fruit of good.’
If fallen man is an host to both good and evil natures, must he “profess” on the latter to promote satan? Why state the obvious with evil speculations? Demonic speculation, as we’ve taught is a sign God has left one; the nature of satan is therefore in-charge. A sign of “spiritual dullness”; an abomination as God’s children dispatched in this era to birth His person-hood and nationhood. Think on this.
Listen friends, God won’t take the excuse that your spouse (an entity you simply met on earth) caused you to disobey Him; making you a “false witness.” Keep this in mind always: You alone would stand before Him to answer why such gullibility and “un-principled habit” destructive to His Agenda [because of some “meandering caustic romance”] caused you to tarnish His name. You will answer Him. And yes, your spouse would because of his/her demon-controlled speculation join you in your punishment either by inexplainable plague or often as seen from lessons [if His mercy didn’t step in] … death. Remember Adam and Eve.
Most times, our spouses are a reflection of our philosophy. And suddenly, we start having sudden unintended consequences, and then start asking the question, “Where did this come from?” [Pause]. They simply came from the seed of discord we sowed. For whatever a man sows, he/she would reap. Sow love.
I charge you: Please, be very careful… sitting in one place idling away in suspicion about everybody, causing division. Once you find yourself in that position, detox yourself, quickly.
Do commit this to heart: Fellowship is greater than worship. The former is everyday encounter with God’s “voice”; the latter, occasional by stirring. Saul’s too “many mistakes” made him lose out on both [in leading a “divine franchise” such as Israel). Don’t use your hand to de-value yourself. Observe the several warnings, the cracks.
That is why friends, the more you keep saying ‘no’ by disobeying God’s instructions, God too will keep saying, ‘No!’ to your request(s). This, God audibly concluded with this man’s case, referring to a conversation I had once had with Him.
In the end, dearest beloved, we must always pray against the devil’s greatest brilliance called “the spirit of fear” that replaces us in God’s agenda. It can happen to anyone. For man with his freewill is always unpredictable… unsteady.
Selah. [Think on this].
Dated JUNE 20, 2017; edited intersperse….


  • The Third one goes by the first name Kenneth [Un-needed]

I’ve often thought I’ve left all these people, especially him. Recently, God showed me conducting deliverance in his church in America. Now, this is weird. He doesn’t believe in “deliverance prayer”. Not his fault. His ministerial foundation was built on the old voice of healing days.

He is a Prophet-Evangelist.

God says he is currently at 140 deliverance; 60 prophecy, but that he also came from Heaven with 100:100.

Why this tilt in performance?

If there’s anyone God has shown mercy to, it’s him. I saw it; I just saw a gold ring placed on his finger. Well, God says the idolatrous lies and comfort of his country (Cahion’s idea) has gone a long way to make him often doubt what He is telling him. God says he often second guess His instructions and by that has killed His voice in him.

Any hope?

Healing is always Band-Aid; Deliverance is Surgery.

Band-Aid can’t do what surgery can, but surgery can do what healing can. Don’t be scared.

He should stop listening to hateful divisive talkers so that he achieves all he can before he departs this earth. These toxic talkers don’t matter. God has something in store for them. Their deception can happen to anybody. Had I bought the lies of satan by not being locked-in by God to develop grit, I would have been changing my messages because a tiny messenger of satan is teaching lifeless non-reformatory messages.

I like to see this prophet come back to confirm his work to future generations. Selah.

Friends, God doesn’t intend to make us inadequate in our ministerial offices and giftings. But when you now see someone using his gift to place God’s certificates on your hand, yet you allow internal and external forces to make you, it simply shows you’ve given [the locked up] satan a great control on your mind.

But glory to God, that idolatrous lies in America’s foundation is getting uprooted TONIGHT!

My mission was to make them a symbol of God’s JOYS on earth He created them to be. Somehow, the devil didn’t make it didn’t happen. Well, it’s never too late… I always believe in #NthChances.

My desire as most of you know is to get these men under one roof, on one podium, one strategy table before they live this earth planting God’s GOVERNANCE 2.0 on earth! Why? Because I’m the one with God’s covenant and laws for nations of the earth.

[Oh my God! See what You, God Almighty has done. Hallelujah! Indeed, wisdom is the knitting of success at each ends. Oh my God! [Tongues…]. You had it figured out all these years. Hallelujah!].

Equal Deliverance; Equal Prophecy

God said to me long ago, “If you are not careful, I would keep you at 140:60 percent.” My heart quaked. Why? Because He had long told me I am His 100:100 percent prophet and I had in my earlier years when I used to see Moses, Elijah and others been more of prophecy than deliverance. He continued, “Why did I now put the 100 percent prophecy there if you won’t use it. You are killing My voice.” God needed balance.

I didn’t just apologize; I immediately went from using it sparingly to doing all it takes to efficiently use it in seeing and hearing right within the same seconds.

He then told me that in the 100 percent prophecy that He created me to see (60%) than hearing (which is 40%). Why? He told me that I am His “NOW” deliverance prophet. Because when I’m praying or teaching or chatting, I need to see what and who I’m confronting than hearing so as to know HOW to crush it. Hearing won’t deliver the goods. Seeing, supplemented by my prayers would help who He wants me to help.

I told Him, I wanted more but He replied saying, “It’s little-by-little.”

That is why I rarely do random prayers or reveal generalize mysteries. If I say X is a witch or Z is a saint, I come from deep revelation. I see what and who I’m confronting in the spirit realm. It’s now left for you to pray the prayers or dive into the manifold mysteries.

God then said He created me that way so that nations get their solutions NOW – now tomorrow. Little wonder I’m a “NOW!” person. [Tongues…]. And that is why His Mountain over my ministry is where the world’s problems stop. (Smiles…). Only a David can jail satan!

At this juncture, I like you to get desperate about your life. You’ve been watching your identity played out on others and your envy is not changing the tide. They are not “failing” but redefining the game. If you like pray and fast that they should die, these ones won’t die. They are going from one dimension to another until the MORNING STAR appears on earth to govern this millennium. It has started. What are you now waiting for?

It would be 10 years next year (2017). You grew up in a system of rebelling. At age 17, you left home in a devil-may-care abandon counterculture train and ever since then; you entered into a social contract with the society around you by demonic NEGATIVE “Rs” which took you away from God. In the end, satan made you his accursed mortal. Time to come back home; you’ve pastored enough and hidden behind it. Time to come back home; you’ve argued enough. It’s not working. Time to come back home; your scientific proof has succeeded in making you a lonely old woman living alone with cats. Time to come back home; your debt has reached the roof and no one to pay the bill. Time to come back home; loss of children has created a crack in the wall. Time to come back home; the ancestral spell has marked you for the next family shame and death. It’s time… What would it be?

When God tells you your identity, you begin to wonder… “Why me?” At that moment you know that when the Angels blow the trumpet for rapture, you’ll make Heaven. I’m not ready to go now. God said, I’m not just a prophet, but His DOX prophet created to get the job done and begin His thousand years governance — His GOVERNANCE 2.0.

With my type of special grace, you don’t need too much Word + prayer + prophecy. They must be equal. He calls it the Spirit of Grace. The amounts spent on teaching this Word must be matched by prayer and prophecy!

On equal prophecy, for instance, you hear me you get your reward. Only a made by satan rebellious insecure clergy would remain the way he is for almost 30 years no result. You think it’s me you are disobeying?

I’m your multiplier.

Ace-The-Case: Churned Profit from God’s Capital Asset

The day I met that old mentor of mine was also the day he told me of an unusual event that has never happened to him in all his ministerial years of service. Thinking about him right now simply gives me joy. His openness and humility is unseen of any minister I know. He told me that after a Friday church vigil service that saw everybody leave for their home, except him, he stayed behind then laid his head on his desk to rest awhile. Then an august visitor stepped in, tapped him and he woke up. Lo and behold, it was Apostle Babalola… wearing a pure white glittering raiment with hand-bell on one hand and Bible on the other. He woke up to hear him. Babalola said, “My son, God is about to begin a revival here.” He listened then tried to make sense of what happened only for Babalola disappeared.

Sleep was gone. He quickly grabbed his phone and dialed many ministers he shares ministerial journeys with, telling them what had happened. And when he had to tell me the story, he told me the same thing, and that Babalola’s touch was like the smooth hand of a new born baby [which as expected for one in Heaven]. He said he looked exactly the way I and many people have seen him – as he is on that picture. Puzzling, he wondered how come a man he has no connection with or never adores came to him. The only connection he would say he has is that he is a pastor in the first #G3’s local church network. He was bewildered because he has built altars for God before but how come this one is special.

In a twinkle of an eye God spoke. “Because you took care of My children.”

You are musing which children God was talking about? The answer is Us — This Mountain.

Listen; when I needed a place to build God’s men in prayers at inception, this longtime mentor provided a place for us. Though we never prayed inside the Church, we had an outside environment to pray regardless. I remember each time we gather in prayers we often said: “Lord bring uncommon testimonies and revival to this church for what they’ve done.”

The answer was what he saw. He praised God!

Beloved, we are God’s Capital Asset because we are an equal-equal prophet-above prophets Mountain!

Much Prophecy; Little Deliverance

I saw it; I saw satan with my eyes brought in and chained by one of the Angel of God and I heard behind me a voice saying, “Beat him!” I was telling everybody what I saw, but the finest names ever were given because satan has planted cobwebs on the eyes of the greedy Jupos. (Smiles…).

Within 24-hours, just 24, all the polling data about Hillary’s victory failed. All assumptions were all smashed! We changed the tide! But why? We’ve said it…, we’ve sang it. It’s Christ millennial reign! It was too easy. Cahion had miscalculated because he is never a long range creature. There was already a near success syndrome locked in this Candidate. So, why choose her? ANSWER: Interesting track record. And that’s satan and all who love his NEGATIVE Rs laws.

It’s everyday insight for people to misjudge their good beginning to mean they would have a great end. That’s fatal. There’s nothing like permanent salvation; you’ve got to work it out with awe and trembling before the GREAT God. But to celebrate your middle as an end in itself shows the ignorance of a Jupo. Don’t try it. Stop. You don’t boast at the middle and label others a failure. The sleeping saints in God’s Hall of Faith were of duty-bound men who pressed onward till they got to the end. Get to the end.


I DECREE: You shall not enter shame by the internal witchcraft of stubbornness in you, in JESUS’ name!

You shall from this moment onward as I partner with Christ the more see God’s kind of political leaders who are NOT in secret societies. It means today, there’s none in politics who are of Christ. I look at how people praise these politicians and smile. I can name the society most of them belong to as well as their slogan. So, don’t joke with God. (Smiles…). God told me all these and the terms of most their oaths. Henceforth, please, stop praising these men.

Beloved, listen to me; JESUS is not permitted to come down and reign today until after a thousand years. Even rapture does not mean JESUS would touch earth with His feet. He would be suspended in the air.

Poser: So, how is JESUS supposed to reign with His government of peace for 990+ years if He won’t touch base?

Answer: By His political-kings in all nations of the earths.

They are the Presidents/Prime Ministers, politicians as well as business owners who would bring God down to the general public as of Old (that is, God’s LEARNED ALIGNMENT). JESUS would descend on them as Messiah, and they would become the saviours of their nations. (Laughter…). Hallelujah! When they talk it’s JESUS; think its JESUS! They don’t mince it. Why? Because God says they are 120 percent prophecy and 80 percent deliverance. These are “the Obadiah 1:21 generations” I work and plant DOX for.

Saints of God, listen to me; I am never ever going to be a President of my country. Let’s silence that suspicion for life. God said to me, “Son. You are My Spiritual President; the leader of men in authority over the earth. Presidents and prophets would come to you. You are prophet above prophets. You are to plant My kingdom and watch it grow.”

I am too valuable to God to be President of my country creating national interest’s conflict in each nation I pay visits to. I am the unifier of God’s leaders in the government I plant. I am for the world NOT for my country’s exclusive enjoyment. I am too long sighted to fall victim to applause. My children in ministry (young and old) are to have that mortal praise. The task before us does not demand ease at Zion. “For woe is he/she that is at ease in Zion that trusteth the mountain of the enslaved cahion already governing the nations.” (Amos Chapter 6 verses 1).

YOU are for light; satan is for darkness. Light must swallow darkness.

I am to raise them up as God’s deliverance General so that God births Himself in them as His savior to mankind. He would use them; I am to raise them UP (Laughter…).

Listen, “if I be lifted up,” JESUS said, “I would draw all men unto Me.”

Jesus would be lifted up in them. And when people see Him in them, they would believe in prophecy, prayer and the Word, and begin to gravitate towards them in order to meet JESUS. They would see vision-seeing Presidents and know their God. Hallelujah! (Laughter!).

It takes a man benumbed to praise for God to use him to plant His government on earth. I am to plant God’s government; they are to represent God. They get to global forums in droves from different continents speaking and people are asking, “How come your God ended that dread in security and cleaned that deficit without one military assault and financial bailout, respectively?”

Look at me: I know the Constitutions of Germany and China without ever seeing it or opening one page of it in the physical! I don’t even speak Mandarin language either, yet God gave me a preview. Come on… Stop addiction to fame.

My children… (Smiles…). I fight in spiritual conquest for them, they CONQUER; I destroy the bondage of Hell on mankind, they GOVERN; I stand; they SOAR! They are God’s champion when satan’s policy withstands them. What are we saying… I am Da’vid — God’s confidence on earth; their confidence! I’m too cladded with God’s best servants in Heaven revealing my identity. That is why I’m always putting the spine back into The Ecclesia. I see too much to know too sure. This is the time! God’s duty is all out there, go get it now.

Ace-The-Case: My Partisan Conquest

2014, Calabar; My protégé beating the beast.

The LORD opened me up to a vision that would forever serve as a memorial to raising God’s Generals. I was teaching a set of leaders in my country, which included several foreign leaders. We finished the session, and at the end of the programme, everybody went their way. Then the angel of the LORD appeared before me with a loud shout: “Your disciple is being attacked over the waters.” Somehow, I knew where He spoke of. I got there only to see my partisan being molested by the serpentine demons from the great waters. As soon as I got there, all the demons shrank into fear. I said to the beast,
“This fight is not it,” then did something. I placed my partisan on my shoulder, and quickly, a divine battle axe was handed to me and the beast was defeated! The conquest was gotten; we conquered them! [And the vision ceased].

(Smiles…). Thank You Father; Thank you JESUS! Holy Spirit, I thank You!



Decoding the Elusive “First Resurrection” Mystery

Beloved, now is the time to chew this DOUBLE BOOK mystery that has eluded The Church for more than two thousand years as well as confused our brethren in the Holy Roman Catholic.

It is written: …

And I saw an angel coming down out of Heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. He seized Cahion, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. And threw him into the Abyss, and locked and set a seal upon him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years should be FULFILLED. After that, he must be set free for a short time. I saw DOX thrones on which were seated those “120:80 percent prophets” who had been given authority to judge. And I saw thrones, and the souls of those who had been beheaded and persecuted because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God ON them, and judgment was GIVEN to them. They had not worshiped Cahion or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands from anti-Christ’s demonic philosophies and ideologies. They (the First Century martyrs down to Babalola and others who stood for the full gospel) CAME BACK TO LIFE having taken them out for the purpose of reigning with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead among the saints who weren’t persecuted didn’t come back to life until the thousand years were ended). This is called THE FIRST RESURRECTION of saviours that would judge Cahion’s Franchise. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years. And when the thousand years were expired, Cahion will be released from his prison and shall go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth—the allied Gog and Magog—to gather them for battle. In number they are like the sand on the seashore. They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, Jerusalem which He loves. But fire came down from Heaven and devoured them. And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfuric fire, where the beast and the false prophet/teachers had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.” — Revelations 20: 1-10

You think wicked men would do these abominable revolutionary dalliances with satan for centuries (before 1717 and after) and God would keep quiet? It is His earth! When what I saw in Calabar was said, I looked the foolish part before cynics. See prophecy. (Smiles…).

To be President is their calling. They’ve come to do the works of those that stood in righteousness. They are the unsung heroes of Faith.

Adeyande’s star was diverted to make a dog’s dinner of God’s plan of jailing satan, yet God is not slow; Adeyande’s star was diverted to make a dog’s dinner of God’s jailing satan, yet God is not dead! Satan could not stop God! He is now in prison. [Tongues…].

We are talking about you marrying to bring God’s Generals; you are saying God is too slow. Well, that’s an unfortunate choice. Adeyande was supposed to be the Daniel of his time so that I, David, could plant Christ DOX governance covenant and laws, but no he didn’t. But God’s plan wasn’t delayed. By God’s Spirit of Grace, I, DAVID OMOAREGBA, locked up satan! And now set to do the next part for the next 10 years and beyond.

These ones sleeping saints are already in-town. As such, satan can’t divert these ones.

God said the way others have looked for me is the way the new ones are going to look for me because I am their lawgiver. They are come to do the works of those who served God’s purpose; I am the one with the GRACE to unseal THE DOUBLE BOOK (God’s JOYS law). Thank God my children are one. For this purpose, if you’ve taken a negative journey to marry the wrong person, I adjure you to make a POSITIVE CHANGE now.

A wrong marriage is a square peg in a round hole.

Why do you think the devil wanted my wife and I gone; yet in the same country? Why do you think the saints kept appearing to me to much discomfort? ANSWER: To unseal THE BOOK for the next one thousand years, by having God’s DOUBLE EFFECT from His JOYS law!

Listen to me God’s finest: God took persecuted/martyred saints before and after Babalola to bring them again! [Tongues…]. What?! (Smiles…).

I’m sure you remember that Babalola was jailed in Calabar prison by rumors from witchcraft powers who conspired a lie that went round the colonial authorities who already were looking for an opportunity to jail him. Well, the same satan who orchestrated that plan has now been handed over to the special Angel that imprisoned him on November 8, 2016 by THIS RIGHT HAND of God.

Look at me friends; this satan knows the mystery of re-incarnation.

The Spirit of Grace coming from my obedience to God which empowered me to open the DOUBLE BOOK in Heaven sealed for more than two thousand years says;

… And I saw thrones, and the souls of those who had been beheaded and persecuted because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God ON them, and judgment was GIVEN to them. They had not worshiped Cahion or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands from anti-Christ’s demonic philosophies and ideologies. They (the First Century martyrs down to Babalola and others tested by God) CAME BACK TO LIFE having taken them out for the purpose of reigning with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead among the saints who weren’t persecuted didn’t come back to life until the thousand years were ended). This is called THE FIRST RESURRECTION of saviours that would judge Cahion’s Franchise. Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection: on such, the second death in Lake of fire, not just Hell, has no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him for a thousand years.” — Revelation 20:4-6

The persecuted and obscure Martyred saints by the hands of wicked messengers of satan and the Christian Jupos are coming back!


(Smiles…). Sorry friends; I know how you feel. You’ve long read this scripture to much misunderstanding because God sealed it. Like many before you (Alexander Dewey and Co.) have done to much mistake, you’ve even made it personal in building a dystopian empire. Not to worry; you have a second chance.

Satan is un-original by default setting. He distorted this wisdom of God which ensures God’s martyred (i.e., persecuted) saints come back, by using demonic ideologies. Satan is not clueless: Satan knew what he was doing until #16ChurchStreet, that is, a year 2016 — a year of confounding Cahion’s men and their governance with volatility and uncertainty. He extended his tentacles respectively in both religion and the political science of the State as lord Cahion. He knows this Era was coming and distorted THE DASHBOARD — which is the Word of God so that people become afraid of each of their own God-ordained governance. For instance; demonic ideologies is why most times you think you are original by going left when every saints are going right but in retrospect, you are under satan’s “dark wisdom”. Beloved, please stay under God’s wisdom and He would by Himself open His book before you.

Listen, eschatological prophecy, especially in the books of Isaiah and Revelations are not what you pick to fulfill any “right ears” ambition. Be careful not to be a Jupo using anti-Christ’s demonic philosophies and ideologies.

DOX3000 is why God took them early before 100 years.

OBEDIENCE is reward-able! Don’t ever listen to anyone that says otherwise. A key figure in the counterculture youth experience in the 60s once shifted the tone of the American [once] young hippie demography by insisting their boy-band were more popular than Jesus. In the end, he ended up a wastred life. Demonic influence, friends, has a way of damaging ones brain and making you an enemy of God. You can’t live forever when the one that gives life sees you as a rebel.

Listen, nobody comes to this earth with a default setting in commitment to God. No matter the prophecy, you have a choice to either obey God in even the craziest and unhappiest of instructions or you do your “own success” into failure by pressure/greed.

It is written: …

“Wherefore seeing we also compassed about with so great ‘cloud of witnesses (that is sleeping saints who served God in their Age/dispensation), let us throw away every hindrances, and the sin which does so easily entangle us, and let us run with PATIENCE the race that is set before us by LOOKING unto JESUS as a model — the only Author and Finisher of our FAITH; who for THE JOY that was set before Him endured the martyrdom of the cross, scorning the shame, and is now sat down at the RIGHT HAND of God in GLORY. Therefore, consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. I see you have not, like me, (in your quest for God’s kingdom dominion) resisted unto blood, striving against the law of sin and death. And you have forgotten that word of encouragement that addresses you as sons: “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, and do not lose heart when he rebukes you: For whom the Lord loves He disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son.” Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined (and everyone undergoes discipline), then you are bastards and not true sons. Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby. Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees. Make level paths for your feet, so that your lameness may not remain disabled, but rather healed. Follow peace with ALL men, and HOLINESS, without which no man shall see the Lord. … But you have come to Mount Zion, to the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the living God. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the judge of all men, to the spirits of just men made perfect. And to JESUS the mediator of a new covenant and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.” — Hebrews 12:1-8, 11-14, 22-24

Every tasteful result has a story of toil in sharing the shame of JESUS. If you are not ready for the story, forget the result. Drop your reputation!

I was asking God about Revelation’s FIRST RESURRECTION when God said, “I won’t tell you. There’s something it’s saying and want to show you. Listen to it.”

I went back to it on my knees asking for the help of the Holy Spirit. When I struck gold, I told Him “Is this what You are saying?” He replied, “Yes, that’s what I’m telling You.”

In Verse 23, Paul said, “We are gathered before… the spirits, not souls, of just men made perfect.”

And in Revelation 20: 5-6, after Paul had been persecuted martyred John said: …

“… And I saw thrones, and the souls [not spirits] of those who martyred because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God ON those throne on earth, and judgment was GIVEN to them… and they CAME BACK to reign with Christ a thousand years. (The rest of the dead among the saints who weren’t persecuted didn’t come back to life until the thousand years were ended). This is called THE FIRST RESURRECTION of saviours that would judge Cahion’s Franchise.”


That’s the FIRST RESURRECTION. They won’t come in exact look and feel, but in their power. Satan knew this and called it re-incarnation to distort it, but God calls it THE FIRST RESURRECTION! [Tongues…].

Now, this is what The Church have been looking for for two thousand years. This is the answer! It is called FIRST RESURRECTION, not re-incarnation. Whatever it is they want to be calling their own is there’s. The Bible said FIRST RESURRECTION and that’s what it’s going to be.

Should I shock you? Currently today, God told me they are twelve on earth right now. Three females, nine males! America has two of the twelve. Meaning America’s best days are ahead of them with those two “120:80” prophetic Presidents.

As for the remaining ten, I won’t tell you until we are done with this phase of planting DOX.

Hear me; these breed of saints can’t do 100:100 because they weren’t created to do deliverance. That’s not their call. This Mountain had been chosen to jailed satan for on their behalf do that they lead better than Solomon using God’s divine wisdom like JESUS.

“For a GREATER THAN Solomon IS HERE!” (Matthew Chapter 12 verses 42-45). They are here!

PoserHow are they to govern without joining these occultic political parties while Gog and Magog watch on waiting for our emergence to raise their profiles?

Answer: JESUS’ unshaken DOX-on-earth.

It is written of Apostle Paul: …

See to it that you do not be skeptical of JESUS who speaks today through His Constitution framers. If some of the rebellious the children of Israel did not escape when they refused Moses who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from JESUS who warns us from heaven? At Moses’ time His voice in him shook the earth, but now He has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens with My four horsemen.” The words “once more” signifies the removing of what can be shaken—that is, Cahion’s created governance and intricacies—so that Christ’s DOX that cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be God’s Spirit of Grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. For our God is a consuming fire.” — Hebrew 12:25-29

Do you think they would join the occult Freemasons? (Smiles…). We are saying they speak, it’s JESUS; they act it’s JESUS!

God said to me, “They would all come to you for leadership.” I know two names among these twelve. He told me He can’t tell me more than those for now.

People are raising God’s best; some Jupo ministers are preparing a foundation to put their children and other people’s children into bondage.

Satan knows THE FIRST RESURRECTION more than the busy boastful dry branchless Tree Jupos stating, “I am more successful than you in ministry.” They seriously need help. Instead of weeping how come they are this far from God for 20+ years, they claim they are the finest of success. (Smiles…). Be smart… Think about it: how is someone this favoured by God — The Almighty in a short three years?

It’s a cause for sorrow for Heaven to blank one out for more than decades — not years. No direction from God proves your “cup of secret evils” is already full.

Effective today, I demand the Jupos redefine how they do their internal witchcraft-laden Church ministries otherwise they shall wither away. God is a consuming fire! The Jupos think they can teach these future Presidents? (Laughter…). Can you teach martyred saints [before and after Apostle Babalola]? These ones see more than do deliverance. You can’t even do deliverance and want to teach them? (Smiles…). Wake up!

They are saviours that would govern upon the heap of Cahion’s government. (Obadiah 1:21). Wake up, beloved!

Why do you think the abominable Cahion’s men are resolutely after the unborn using dark laws? The so-called Separation of State from women’s right has taken a ruinous plan to tear the wombs that would carry these ones THE SECOND DEATH HAVE NO POWER OVER. Satan anticipated this day.

Look at me: “Shortermism” [sic] is an enabler of demon-infested ego which blocks God’s REAL glory. Shortermism is what makes most ministers remain low at the rung of God’s power ladder. Shortermism is why the unborn eventually come and overtake those who are not a threat to satan. Satan is sponsoring extreme abortion because he is afraid of the next batch of God’s Generals that would save America and her “imitators” from her decline and we are busy boasting? What ministries are we raising?! Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, and late-term pro-choice ideas must be crushed!


Thank You, JESUS!

I just heard God say that the damaged womb of that woman is giving birth to God’s best.

For your wasted years, you are having triplets until you say no more! Doctors would confirm it.

PROPHETIC INSTRUCTION: Go get a shawl or a baby-backer; a first material to carry your babies, and then dance with it for 7-nights starting this midnight from 3:00am-4:00am and praying with Psalms Chapters 113 and 136. I would be awake at midnights as God made it a habit to seal it. God bless.

[Again, don’t let the devil take away God’s blessing. Share it wherever you can].

And if not the children, satan makes sure the system creates a dysfunctional marriage with reckless divorces so that the homes they are born into doesn’t serve them right.

WAIT. Word of Knowledge: Hallelujah! God just said that before February 25, 2017 divine marriages would be sealed! Dysfunctional homes would be restored! IT HAS HAPPENED!

To be Presidents and national leaders is their calling. They’ve come to do the works of those that stood in righteousness. Unsung obscure ones they were on earth. They are back.

The powers in the hands of cultic men and women would become useless because those that walk with God’s living document in their hands shall eventually plant God’s DOX in their homes and nations! [Tongues…]. A new social contract!

I just heard God said, “Wait till November 19.”

WAIT. God told me what would happen. Three things; I would only tell you one. God says, #16ChurchStreet would be released, and there would be mass enthronement of His children.

(Smiles…). Esu r’ogo! // Satan has seen his bondage turned against him.

P.S. Still go ahead and do a vigil even if it has passed. You are carrying that kingdom.

It is written in Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 7: …

“Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this!”

In Chapter 10 verse 23-27: …

The Lord, the LORD Almighty, will carry out the destruction decreed upon the whole earth. Therefore, this is what the Lord, the LORD God — The Almighty says: “O my people who live in Zion, do not be afraid of the Deists Freemasons and all its associated secret societies, who beat you with a rod and lift up a club against you, as Pharaoh’s Egypt did. Very soon My anger against you will end and my wrath will be directed to their destruction.” And the LORD God — The Almighty will lash them with a whip, as when He struck down Midian at the rock of Oreb; and He shall lift up His rod (JOYS’ law) over the great waters, as He did in Egypt. In that [latter] day their bondage shall be lifted from your shoulders, and their yoke from your neck; the yoke shall be crushed because of THE ANOINTING — His Spirit of Grace!

We’ve said it for years that in the spirit realm that a prophet’s strength is his shoulder! The burden of your shoulder ends by This Mountains strengthened shoulder, in JESUS’ name! We ended the voice of terror.

I asked God for the form of government and He replied, “It would be a government of peace.” He said more, but not to be revealed till perhaps 2017 when you are ready.

Dear chosen priests listen; God cannot contradict His Word! A time would come that mainstream news won’t have terrible news to report. Therefore, it’s about time they start developing right contents.

Then I asked Him the system of His government. Then He SAID…. [This is going to be concealed till the time appointed].

Thank You JESUS!

That 140+ years stay on earth isn’t a counting the days case/scenario. God said He shall give me His strength (JOYS) to carry on because I would live long to see them not mess it up like Solomon. And that they would maintain it according to the law and covenant they have with God. That is my assignment!

God’s favourite, listen: I carry a “better end” grace, that is, I see and know too much of mankind’s nine decades unhampered greatness to enjoy a behind-the-scene stomaching. The Jupos have self-created themselves to never understand. Their thinking is an all-about-me thinking. But thanks be to God you are not like that. As grace would have it, you are having a mental reformation to come to terms that I don’t care about applause. I’m an eschatological prophet; I see better, I know better. I don’t play by the rules of NEGATIVE “Rs”.

I’m too in-tune to understand what we are building. I’m not excited about “ice cream success” of today. They are mere dust in the sands of times! I don’t boast in what man’s hand can’t get. Nations of the world must be blessed and my identity was programmed for that. That’s why it can’t be bought by “natural success”. You can’t bride me. It’s impossible to try. The initiator of such idea would get converted on the spot. I can do all things through Christ because I have the grit to stand as His covenant and law on earth.

They MUST NOT break the law and God’s covenant! That’s my mission. They can’t because its Christ’s millennial reign I, by God’s special grace, initiated! They can’t bow to idols. It can’t happen: Idols are now useless because satan is locked up. Satan is no more a taker… we took him and locked him up. More to the point, I would not allow them to bow to the satanic works of darkness; that is my assignment — that is my testimony. That is my duty! They would neither turn left nor right. They would set their faces like a flint.

How many of you want to become that man? Shout out loud: Oh LORD make me Your political Moses!


I DECREE: The next leader of your nation is coming out of you!

WAIT. Word of Knowledge: God says I should tell a female pastor that that little animosity has got to stop. He says your husband is neutral. That’s the word – neutral, and that he no more has such air around him on another. He said that was a mistake satan planted to destroy His plan for earth. He says your husband is ready but you aren’t; yet you must by listening to your husband. God has a plan for resolving this conflict. He says the last childbirth struggle one of your seed had is the last issue any of your heritage would have if you embrace peace. He says you and your children would no more be attacked again for the error of the head. He says you should let go of suspicion. The last seed, God says, is going to be a great seed to nations. He says the seed would walk in the realm of sounds of joy for Him. Right now, God showed me this seed’s hands on a keyboard, and then God says this last seed would do exploits for Him. Also… [Tongues…], I saw on this seed’s two hands God’s white gloves tightly fitted and worn on the hands. God says the five fingers would produce God’s carrier of His five double graces on earth. Hallelujah! He said this seed’s seed till JESUS comes shall bend bows of darkness punishing the earth with their hands.

P.S. Praise God! I didn’t know what I was saying a few seconds ago until I started seeing them. God took hold of my imagination and began speaking. Now, I was going to delete the above, but God know when not take no for an answer.



Shaking Lord Cahion’s Dominance WRT Crushing Division


Trump is neither a right wing nor left wing politician. In fact, he is not a politician. At least, he’s upfront about where his loyalty lies. As such, if he calls someone a deceitful politician, he knows what he’s saying. He just went there straight without deceit. He broke the code of deceit that marked their secret society in America. With this singular goatish rain dance, his reckless ambition divided Cahion’s kingdom; same way Jupos’s reckless demonic ambition is set to divide The Church. Thank God; this “like Trump-like Jupos witchcraft” won’t happen under my watch.

Pre-Modern Shift from The Living Document

If you are faithful, God—not the clamour of the society—would bring shapers of nations for your way to order in taking over darkness. As such, why not rest in God to get this same influence. Running around to make visions God didn’t send you work so as to stay as Caesar over people won’t get God on your side. That’s not God’s type of heart.

Beloved, searching for the right heart is easy with Him because He (God — The Almighty) knows His heart better than anyone else. If you don’t have this heart, He won’t give/entrust you with GREAT destinies. What you will find yourself leading are praise singers who don’t know anything about God’s global Franchise. You want praise, so you get praise. Now, compare that praise-thirst to ones Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah et al – all men who walked and shaped this earth have for you even before you get to Heaven.

Look, once you get to Heaven nobody praises you over there.

The George Whitefield Case: Collapse of the 1630 “City Upon a Hill”.

If American preachers know some of these right wing politicians they rave about, they would immediately stop praising these discontented men and women.

Once more, “imagination by reason” is the mother of assumption.

Satan doesn’t operate from political platforms; where you term a liberal party a demonic party and the conservative party a righteous platform. (Smiles…). Satan owns all political platforms. There’s no lesser of any two or more evil political parties. All these party had to appeal to a cross-section of the masses philosophy which cries out the most. If you are a conservative, you would have conservative cult-politicians gravitate towards your plight. In the same vein, if you are a liberal, liberal cult-politician would do same. That is why using current political realities to determine the direction of America’s or any nation-state’s politics gives satan a breather. Stop doing that.

I like America for one thing. They have national identity and Christian values. As such, they can integrate immigrant into their heritage. But this Americanism wasn’t supposed to exist had Freemasons won by damaging the Puritan American heritage. Had the Puritans not been in America first, the Deists would have changed this notion of Americanism. That’s why stalwarts of Christian-American thesis are somewhat amusing debating and arguing without God’s wisdom (in a bid to force Christianity on Americans) that the U.S. is a Christian nation. I smile. America isn’t a Christian nation but an idolatrous one founded by servants of lord Cahion’s Freemason! That is why I ask:

  1. How are Cahion’s caged victims (that is, these politicians and their business counterparts) supposed to obey God when American churches don’t get her “imagination” right on what [and who] should constitute “the City upon a Hill”?
  2. How are Cahion’s caged victims (that is, these politicians and their business counterparts) supposed to obey God when the American Church [as you will see in history] couldn’t help the American Revolutionaries win the Crown? [Something Deism’s Enlightenment and radical Whig ideology did with ease].
  3. How are Cahion’s caged victims (that is, these politicians and their business counterparts) supposed to obey God when the American Church, in her almost 400 years of existence, has shown she isn’t more powerful than Cahion?

Listen, recommending policy on the surface without unseating satan in governance is useless.

  1. How are Cahion’s caged victims (that is, these politicians and their business counterparts) supposed to obey God when today’s politicians look back at the successes of Cahion’s dominance in his 240+ years in the U.S. and see that his records would dwarf the wasteful banter of unaware ministers?

These cult men and women want to be saved as well as prosper but no compelling Supernatural Rights case to convince them to dump their Freemasonry which owns everything. (Isaiah Chapter 45 verse 3).

  1. How are Cahion’s caged victims (that is, these politicians and their business counterparts) supposed to obey God when Cahion’s politeia (that is, Aristotlean mixed governance — Electoral College and Democracy’s popular vote) which the American Church exalt is still the one giving them handouts?

Look at me: I can tell you the Freemason politicians and businessmen/women reading this right now who God says are close to being saved as well as those who won’t ever be saved. Shocking…? Yes, and that’s why I’ve on many times disagreed with God on the latter group; telling Him that I would use my Spirit of Grace to go into the seas and deliver them. Because if they won’t be saved, why did He tell me about their eventuality? We should have souls increased in His kingdom to celebrate each #ThanksgivingDay. However, if He warns me, I would stop.

Beloved, in America, extreme patriotism have created radicals in the ecclesiastical authority with zero knowledge of God’s secrets; now bent towards isolationism. And that’s where the problem lies. Xenophobia is racism. There is a bigger fish to fry than fuming over your country’s nationalism. What you don’t know is that your “imagination by reason” is the seed satan needs to finally confuse you into error. And when reason comes in-between you and God, you become blindsided to what He’s really saying about the country you love so much. Watch it.

For instance; that Deist worshippers no more openly stand as the late 17th to Mid-18th century Enlightenment Freethinkers doesn’t mean that they no more exist. That Freemasons succeeded in combining Christianity with their monotheistic occult religion doesn’t mean they are now God’s saints. This is where George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin come into play.

Let’s do a little bit of history.

On December 21, 1620, the Pilgrim’s progress of English Separatist Church (a faction of Puritanism – that is, those that sought to purify the Church of England of scraps of the Roman Catholic “popery”) landed on Plymouth, Massachusetts aboard their Mayflower ship. The journey was long and hard. Their leader — Governor William Bradford, continued their quest to separate from the Church of England rather than to reform it from within. As such, immigrants who had escaped the anti-Puritan persecution of the Stuart monarchs (under the patron of the KJV Bible – King James I) at home to the Netherlands only later to become pilgrims who drafted and signed [a one sided] America’s first framework of government called the Mayflower Compact aboard their ship on November 21, had a place they can call home (i.e., a governance idea) in a place now known as the United States of America.

These 50 or so Puritans were the people who through non-conflict measure formed a peaceful relation with their 90+ warring Wampanoag Indians. Since then, #ThanksgivingDay was birthed. The question to ask is: How did this outnumbered crew survive what the Lost Colony couldn’t survive? Glad to know you said it: God’s protection!

Ten years on, another set of Puritan refugees, 1,000+ in number, led by Governor John Winthrop in 1630 had received a charter a year earlier (1629) from the later executed anti-Puritan King Charles I to plant themselves in the New World. They came to Massachusetts Bay to form a colony. Within that franchise a “limited government” only to “reformed” church members was formed.

The government centered on non-inclusivity. They were free but not free. And here was the mistake. They had no religious toleration in England as such; they saw it as a model for governance: Obey the crown 3000 miles away from England but avoid corruption. By religious in-toleration, I mean no other Christian group or non-Christian was allowed into the colony without meeting their “terms”. They were the genuine item. From their name, they sought a “purified Church” that would guide family, economy, and government by non-living document. The Puritans although not a hierarchical Church as seen in England had a system: Their reformed church members were to integrate the society into their beliefs.

How were they supposed to do this? First off, the key element to this integration was the biblical notion of the covenant. Again, this is where the problem lies: It lacked the 21st century and beyond prophetic grace. Covenant is not a head confession thing but a prophetic agreement between God and man. And to say the priesthood is greater than prophecy shows you have a dark covenant away from God’s covenant. This other mistakes created a room for the devil to later beat them into dust. Why do you think God told me one of the cities I’m to go is Massachusetts? Keep chewing the chord.

Unlike the earlier Plymouth Pilgrims, Winthrop and this Massachusetts Bay’s goal was to create a modeled “City upon a Hill” which would serve as a lighthouse inspiration to every nations of the world. Great dream based on priori deduction, and lacking any prophetic depth and direction. As such, God watched on. Winthrop in his Model of Christian Charity sermon echoed the people’s dream of building a holy commonwealth “New Israel” where anybody that wants to join them must do two things: First, have a covenant with the community by publicly in deeds PROFESS their religious faith, and then secondly, make a covenant with God by written pledge to institute a Christian community in this new colony. Well-structured to the intellectual minds, yet still fraught with many loopholes that would give Cahion the advantage; which eventually did happen.

As said earlier, choosing a New Israel at that time was not the perfect choice for Governor Winthrop and the Puritans. They should have allowed religious pluralism to other Christians as the demographic began changing with new entrants from Europe. And this is why I saw Apostle Paul. He was an inclusive 21st century and beyond thinker. He grew up under the Roman Empire and knew what inclusivity is. He was born in that era to become the Apostle of Inclusivity. Like every errors of The Church in biblically misinterpreting the “times and seasons of God’s calendar”, the Puritan Model of governance was wrong to begin with, and that created discontent and argument from people that thought they knew better. A living document is living not by adjusting to the apostasy in the century it finds itself but by asking God. And if God says “No,” NO is NO, not yes. That’s what a living document looks like — which means: “What is God saying?” It shouldn’t be subjected to second guessing. Imagine for a moment that King JESUS had exhausted His knowledge of how to govern for the 990+ years from Heaven. (Smiles…).

Such no-no made me ask God about the genuineness of this Massachusetts Puritans, and God showed me a faint light on an altar burning with His fire and told me that He was once temporarily with them.

I like you to henceforth meet God right where you are about THE LIVING COVENANT you and your wife must start professing by the prophetic. If you have to pause this reading to do so, kindly do. For God’s divine wisdom on this last destruction of the law of Nature is going to redefine why you are a Christian in this Era, in JESUS’ name!

Enter into George Whitefield

Be that as it may something happened almost 160 years after their settlement [which began collapsing this beautiful dream].


I DECREE: Nothing shall collapse your contract with God in the name of JESUS!

Look at me: I’d met a long time co-Sunday School teacher in the Babalola’s church I’d served. She and her husband were excited to see me. The kids they had have all grown up except for one they’d given birth to after I’d left the ministry. Somehow, this 8-years old kid was packing his school books, among which were a big Oxford Dictionary. I’d noticed it because kids would always be kids. I love them so much. The most beautiful picture on earth is a child’s early morning smile. You would melt. Well, he placed it on his head walking away from us when Holy Spirit told me to call him back. I called this funny kid, then told him to keep the dictionary the way he had it on his head. And then blessed him – making him repeat a few confessions after me that God would make him know more than what’s written in the dictionary. As soon as I finished, I heard God say, “I have answered!”


I don’t know whatever you’ve written in that Bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage, but if it’s God, it would remain eternal, in the name of JESUS!

Not so for the New England Puritans. Under their non-inclusive stubbornness not to accept religious pluralism from other Christians in the late 17th century to mid-18th century, their idea of one church for one place for one people (who would show others a God-kind of nation) began to break down so fast. Unexpected, other Protestant immigrants from Europe like the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists and others began coming into the new world; seeking their own opportunity in the Congregationalist Massachusetts and the existing Anglican Virginia, as well as in the middle colonies of New York (formerly New Amsterdam), New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Their coming brought a brand new form of Christianity the second generation North American Puritans never knew. For the first time, the people had choice and also realized that a shift from institutionalized forms of religion (needed to keep the political economies alive under a parish system) towards a vibrant “religion of the heart” made them experience God with their heart like never before. From there, the individual — not a member of a community [engaged to a document like Ezra’s Israel] was born. This Great Awakening, Ladies and Gentlemen, laid the groundwork for Deism’s Enlightenment intellectual sea of change which guided the masses to believe they can decide for themselves, as free churchmen. Beloved, it would serve you to know that the small occultic English Enlightenment in the new colony that desire that the people use their own “reason” on religious matters like: rejecting traditional external authorities (such as royal majesty or priestly command), throwing off reverence for mystery and the supernatural and the universal sinfulness of humankind amongst others was still a foreign concept disregarded by the True Believers, yet gaining ground. Then something happened: George Whitefield (1714-1770) came to town.

Earlier on in The Great Awakening, men like the English George Whitefield, simply an interesting personality, preached salvation with electrifying and compelling theatrics [with no power] away from the dour dry teaching of parish pastors. The Puritans like the rest Anglican colonies (still loyal to the Church of England) lost control [of THE COVENANT wrt the Puritans]. They couldn’t get enough of the excitement that quenches boredom. Emotion took the day. People could come out and share their salvation experience which roused others to seek God. This effect of preaching outdoor and away from the [later hypocritical] parish churches (who oversaw the interest of the people) began separating the mixed demography from the social hierarchies that once dominated church culture in the colonies. The market, for the first time, had a choice. Better days were ahead… so it seems until George Whitefield decided to dine with satan. Of course, satan.

You will think foreign preaches like Whitefield died from sickness because he preached the most by traversing the colonies up and down in miles to an unseen crowd more than any preacher of his time; not even a feet Jonathan Edwards could do. You are wrong. Many Christian scholars and preachers are still till date wrong. No – Whitefield was killed by God.

I too once thought Whitefield was a servant loved by God until God told me George Whitefield is now in Hell. Of course I was gutted not knowing all these before eulogizing him. But God said the reason was because it wasn’t time to know it. It was until He guided me to jail satan for 990+ years on November 8 He started revealing both this man and several characters here and beyond.


  • I DECREE by the effect of God’s released blessing that your end won’t be damaging, in JESUS; name!
  • No man born of a woman would lure you away from God in JESUS’ name!

Enter into Benjamin Franklin

Satan is very strategic.

The most visible symbol of that new evangelicalism ― The Great Awakening which lasted for just a year (1930-1940) like God’s #2014DOXCalendarYear, was Whitefield; though he didn’t start the revival. He could preach from dawn to dusk and make hard men weep by simply pronouncing the word “Mesopotamia”. Something happened. At first sight, Benjamin Franklin ― a spiritual symbol of the American Dream, a Deist and founder of America’s oldest extant philosophical society (the “Junto club”) in 1727 whose intellectual-theology condemned the doctrine of the Trinity”, “the doctrine of humanity” and “the doctrine of revelation” loved him. He hated his God but loved the man. How was that supposed to happen? Like sugar, every ants of all colour is attracted to it. So was Franklin to Whitefield.

When you are good with God’s work, satan would love to use you. It’s now your choice.

Two symbols with two different ideologies met and became friends, and then remained one until death. And that was the problem.

It was Franklin’s wealth as one of the wealthiest colonists in the north American colonies of the new continent as well as his resources in advertising on all colonial press that made Whitefield’s work spread faster, thus making him the most famous among the Wesleyan evangelicals. Nonetheless, as his fame went down after the Awakening, Franklin a rich famous man in philosophy and electrical experiments proposed Deism to Whitefield. With a compelling “reason” that God can’t govern in the affairs of men as science has proven ever since Christianity existed, Whitefield’s greed accepted Franklin’s offer.

How did I know this? The same God that told me what would happen on your earth told me all these by the prophetic.

My spirit couldn’t rest and I asked God about Whitefield’s involvement in the occult. He replied me in His own Word. “He was once My servant I used.”

Listen, whenever God wants to tell me something different from the deceit peddled by the media on anything, He creates sudden heaviness and discomfort about the person or issue at stakes. And friends, when I break the ice, a floodgate of other information keeps coming.

The ice was broken on Whitefield and He went further: “Men may not call him an occult but I call him an occult.”

“How,” I probed further.

“He joined the occult due to lack of contentment,” He said.

I was clear about Whitefield’s Jupo-like greed then wanted to know more about his association with the Benjamin Franklin I once adored.

“Father, who is Benjamin Franklin to You,” I asked.

He replied, “He is an occult. He is not for Me.”

“What is the name of his occult group,” I needed to be sure.

“The Athletician,” He replied.

“Who are The Athletician,” I asking, becoming more curious.

God said, “The Athletician are the ones in-charge of winning any kinds of war for satan, lord Cahion.”

With this revelation shattering the historical distortion of what really happened on this earth by mere mortals before God ― The Almighty, I knew why Franklin was universally recognized then and now as embodyingthe spirit of the new nation“. By his influence before and after the American Revolution, Franklin was the forerunner of America as a nation operating in the global frontier in the British Empire, which he regarded as “the greatest Political Structure Human Wisdom ever yet erected,” as well as in France during the peace treaty with Britain in 1783.

Wondering why Franklin started this witchcraft in America, I heard God say, “He allowed satan to use his intelligence, and then became key to his work.”

Satan loves intelligent people. Franklin was so good at witchcraft the French gave him a demonic lantern. People regard George Washington as the father of the new nation, but Benjamin Franklin was the ruler of America in the spirit realm. Ask yourself who is the face in the highest bill on the U.S. dollar?

Then God said George Whitefield is currently in Hell for joining one of Deist’s lodges called “The Judiciary”.

In a further inquest, God showed me a big alphabet “A” standing tall, and then told me as I watched on that “The Judiciary” are one of the Top 10 fraternal groups under Cahion’s Freemasons. God says, “The Judiciary are the ones in-charge of the laws, logic, philosophy and science.”

Sad ending!

Poser: How come the confident preacher who often [in the past] upbraided men he regards as Christ-less talkers also telling them, “Go to the grammar school of faith and repentance” ended up an anathema to The Body of Christ?

Answer: Unchecked competition with those that created the way for him with fear of being usurped for “lack of originality”. His image mattered to him.

God sees everything: both the wisdom of men and their foolishness.

Whitefield imagined devilishly that a modern world governed by satan’s law of Nature with Christ in it would make him the pioneer of a new form of Heaven on earth. Guess what… He “reasoned” wrong. His experiment failed! Instead, his latter version of The Awakening which was called “reasonable religion” eventually created a fertile environment for revolutionary witchcraft ideas that inspired the new immigrants who already detested the “Church and King” governing from Britain.

Before long and by the end of the eighteenth century, descendants of the once joyous Christian men and women who founded the colony started pursuing seeable and reasonable “happiness” they could see right now on earth. Alas, the environment was fertile for Enlightenment’s secular spirit for the pursuit of happiness. God died here; partly because of the stubbornness, dead spiritedness, and lazy comfort of the Puritan ecclesiastical authority and to a great extent Whitefield’s Jupo-like devilish ways.

To bare matters on facts, the intellectual-mystic: Jonathan Edward was the one that actually began The Great Awakening revival in Massachusetts in the 1930s, though sometime not clear in his knowledge of Christ’s eschatology because he wasn’t a prophet for this Era you and I now live in. Besides, he towed the epistemology of 12th century [downward] belief system until This Mountain, by the help of God, unraveled the hidden mystery that the End of Days (i.e., this Buffer Age of 1000 years) has come and gone. Unfortunately for The Ecclesia’s priori speculation, satan knew his jailing that precedes the 1000 years reign of Christ hasn’t yet come. Lord Cahion didn’t bother joining The Church’s dead-debate but went ahead to create a new nation with the aid of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison. Of course George Whitefield!

Ever heard of the distorted content like Washington Bible [that the now repenting family’s Patriarch used in his inauguration]? Well, this and more was a reality distortion field in re-scripting prophecy to aid his NEGATIVE “R” governance he’d been chasing for millenniums. God made me know that the American Revolution was a devilish concocted idea won by using Washington’s witchcraft powers. You think the Founding Fathers and the rest Patriots were ordinary…? Today’s America needs a quick return to God. Logic and reason are systemic plans to kill YOUR Maker’s DNA in you — that is, YOUR spirit,

Friends, nobody just appears on the scene for God. What satan distorted as your reality, God wants to re-script. Until you bathe yourself in knowledge very early, fictions sold to you in politics and the rest of the society would remain an entertaining-distortion. God wants to talk to you. I know the difference between satan’s lies over 250+ years ago and God’s truth by the prophetic because I had by media lies had a repository of half-truths on what really happened. Per se, I can now separate it. It was The Myrtle Tree Free Christian Library, I remember… It was there I read up everything on Law, on Christian missions, on business, marketing, politics et al. I was young. No internet or whatsoever. The knowledge absorption was a drilling: Nothing to relive the rigor in an A/C tight hall… You couldn’t be seen visiting the gents often lest you are termed un-serious. We read from morning to closing. I knew marketing and business ever before working with it. Then I look back at God’s majesty at ordering my steps as well as wonder why such female Library owner would run that NGO for free without one single offering. No help today with the hopes of getting praised tomorrow. These ones are the heroes the world needs. Not one single offering or grant and not one boast (like the Jupos) that she’s a success. No strings attached! Each time I asked her why such risk in a tough society that stifles even profit making businesses, she keeps telling me that her destiny was to touch lives. I mean, we had constant A/C! Some people are real angels in human form. I would look for her.

Beloved, you must bathe yourself in facts (alas, a systematic distorted one by lord Cahion’s minions in mainstream) often to see yourself unconsciously pour out God’s acumen in the future. God needs your skills so He rescript it for His own use. Study far and wide, but pray hard: You will meet “mountains of satanic scientific reasons” as you climb ahead.

I don’t read for myself, I read for God. I remember reading Jonathan Edward’s famous message in that Christian library. It was “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” Fact has it that seeing Whitefield’s insanitous in-road to birth an ugly experiment that involves Deism, Edward sharply condemned him, but society buried his voice into oblivion for speaking against the witchcraft of their beloved Whitefield. That they did for more than 150 years labeling him a Hell-fire preacher until in the 1930s [and afterwards] some theologians rediscovered his thoughts. Whether Whitefield succeeded like satan in his devilish occult does not count… Edward dug his heel into the ground of TRUTH! What count is that God took Whitefield away so early for deceiving the religiously stoked minds! God said Whitefield is already in Hell, and we can never save ever him. Jonathan Edwards couldn’t do anything to help the man. I can’t go there; you too can’t go there either. There’s nothing we can do about it. The un-original undisciplined Jupos have also stubbornly chosen this path of frustrating the spirit of humanity with their addiction to New Age contents; a cryptic initiation to serve Cahion. You see why I can’t waste my energy on them so they take a free ride to Hell dragging their constituents along. When God says a Jupo is far from Him, He means a proud, arrogant Jupo is a “cult of reason” greedy Whitefield in the making.

It is written: …

“Though the LORD be high in Heaven, yet has He respect unto the humble to meet them on earth. BUT THE PROUD HE KNOWETH AFAR OFF.” ― Psalms 138:6

Listen, you have so many questions to ask God but satan’s “voice of reason” in you is blocking your left and right ears from hearing Him.

For “The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom” (Proverbs Chapter 10 verse 21).

Ace-The-case: The Whitefields of an Era

No matter the Words of prophecy given, God can never ever contradict the Scripture. Thank God we’ve given solution to the issue of forgiveness. Again, forgiveness is a spiritual work. In spite of this, in God’s kingdom, conflict resolution does not give room for ego; you have to be the first to beg even if you were the one any person offends. That’s just the painful reality. [It’s laughable]. God calls it the Spirit of humility in fear towards Him.

There was this one special occasion God told me that myself and the key character Jupo can’t work together. I asked why. He said, “Our stars don’t rhyme together because he is a man of violence. He sees you as a bad person.” (Laughter…). Welcome to ministry. (Laughter…). For one to see his frontier deliverer in the Household-of-Faith who’d laboured tirelessly and sacrificially for him to be relevant as a bad person because he wants same spot shows the level of wickedness in such Jupo pastor. Therefore, ENTER NOT into alliance with such man of violence!

It is written: …

“Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil [men]. Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and go on your away. For they cannot sleep till they do evil; they are robbed of slumber till they make someone fall. They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence. But the path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.” — Proverbs 4:14-19

You can’t operate with God’s elect and you think God won’t reveal your heart to him/her. (Laughter…). Having this ability to know people’s mind does not afford me the chance to hear what they are saying. (Smiles…). JESUS died for his detractors yet they stabbed him. Therefore, tear such alliances, quickly.

When God said pray for your enemies, he wasn’t talking about witches but cynics. (Matthew Chapter 5 verses 44-48). This part of the scripture has been gravely misinterpreted making people tie their own hands by themselves with demonic philosophies so that witches can feast on them. Look, end such. You pray for cynics to draw closer to God; you don’t hope that your nominal love would change a witch. (Smiles…). Witches respond to the power-of-love: A love that involves showing them the power of God as against the power of their master — satan. Then, they decide. That’s that.

Your STARS does not connect and would never connect. I obeyed the golden law of love for these men, and got stabbed in the back. If you must stab your brother face him. Don’t be a weak Judas! Even the perfect Moses knew this; though he’s been made an evil man by radical weak messenger of the jailed satan. Had Moses began a fight with his Jupo cynics he trained — Dathan and Abiram, God wouldn’t have opened the ground to swallow them. So, avoid them, and let God finish His judgment. If you draw closer to them, chances are you’ll learn their negative ways! Paul spelt that out clearly by both cursing them and calling them anathema.

Prime Minister Joseph’s MERCY: Spiritual Acculturation

When you are condescending, boastful, looking at people as feces, both God and demons see you as nothing. Therefore, you need deliverance of both ears. At this stage of hubris, there’s no how God can make you know the secrets in closed places of these occult men and women

I ask: Has satan appeared as a serpent to bite you when you deliberately went into their kingdom to destroy them whilst beta-testing your spirit of power? You need prayer-fire else you become a casualty.

Listen, my first ever assignment in Calabar was a program on November 9, 2013. You all know my experience on how the kings and gods of the land tried stopping it. Three years later, November 8, 2016, satan was jailed! Same Calendar under Heaven in the month of November.

Get God, get cultured; Get His power and test it for years. That’s God’s spiritual-acculturation. I go into satan’s dark gathering asking them: “How far… what’s going on today?”

Look at me: When you walk with God at that dimension, you don’t look at any religious god. You look at God — The Almighty touching the earth and get His might beyond the spiritual and military powers that exist! You command Heaven, earth and Hell all in unison at the same time. You become Heaven’s Orchestrator. That is the realm that jails satan, and he dreads that. That was why he sent the “ungratefuls” Jupos to distract God. (Smiles…). A mental high-code to orchestrate all three without distraction is what is needed to birth a DOX future for the world. You were benefiting, and you were attacking at the same time so that I fall and you become famous. Well, take that fame so long as you live; since you don’t know anything but being worshiped than God. I don’t want it. I want global DOX.

You can’t afford to be uncultured. This is not the time and place in history. Check how powerless you’ve become in 20+ years of ministry. Is your yesterday better than today? You’ve either never had one or your “un-brokenness” has made it disappeared. Powerlessness does not equate to non-conformity to The Ecclesia’s practice. It means your spirit is dead because demons sit still as a dark chief on your soul remote-controlling you into dividing The Church to gain an advantage.

Friends, God knows you better than the image you’ve made those who society calls the gullible believe — no matter the compendium of their scientific data. In the new colonies, the content that sparked the American Revolution amongst the angry was Cahion’s 1720+ book (The Independent Whig journal) yet, today their master was messed up from This Mountain because we took our time. In France, the content that sparked the French Revolution Cahion’s Philosophes ideas compiled in the Encyclopédie, yet satan was harassed into submission. We’ve rendered their master powerless, next is the uprooting of his dark rooted Tree.

Both 1789 experiments soil/Franchise would shake the “Trees of Wickedness” (politics, economy, et al) into collapse. Why? Because the REAL Owner of the land (God) want to re-work the soil and plant His DOX3000 for humanity.

It is written: …

“Therefore all they that devour you shall be devoured; and all your adversaries, every one of them, shall go into captivity; and they that spoil you shall be a spoil, and all that prey upon you shall I give for a prey. For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds,” says the LORD; ‘because they called you an Outcast, saying, This is Zion whom no man seeketh after’. Thus saith the LORD; “Behold, I will bring again the captivity of Jacob’s ten, and have mercy on his dwelling places; and the Justice city shall be builded upon her own heap, and the palace shall remain after the manner thereof. And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small….” — Jeremiah 30:16-19

God says, “And the Justice city shall be builded upon her OWN HEAP.”

The soil/the Franchise won’t change, but the evil extractive Trees would be uprooted. Let all these Freemasons and the rest occult keep causing natural disasters here-and-there, nothing would set their lord Cahion free from underneath. We’ve locked him up.

That period I strived unto blood locked up in a perimeter in Calabar for 90+days tattered… bearded, drained…, and mocked by the ungrateful Jupos I was doing it for, my feeling asked me if God was with me, yet I stood with Him. I knew He had a better plan… only to know that it was just a dress rehearsal to jail satan. (Smiles…). What happened to humanity?! Where did we get it wrong by adding hatred to The Word of God?! What sought of Christianity is this? I stayed in one place and was travelling round the Federal houses in key countries to know Cahion’s tentacles for this day onward. Oh God! Tell me if I won’t plant God’s DOX.

God once said to me, “Son, do you know I love you?”

I replied Him with my usual smile, “Yes.”

He said, “You can unite the Body of Christ.” What a privilege. And guess what… I bet He loves you more than you think He loves me than you. He loves you un-ending. That’s JOYS un-ending.

Beloved, I see farther and that’s why I can take all insults and still be giving to ensure we plant “DOX-on-earth“. I know where we are going. My heart is large and patient enough to receive any feces from any tiny Jupos. This is just the elementary phase of our journey. Before God’s many Presidents in nations can come, there shall be a falling away of the Jupos because their wickedness only made them an unfruitful dry branchless Tree. They’ve divided The Church enough. And that’s what God said.

Listen, you don’t sniff what you won’t eat. Mercy (i.e. Clemency) and judgment go hand-in-hand at the seat of God’s judgmental outcome. At this stage, no human can help you; God does His judgment. The only person that can help you is the Joseph you withstood hoping he dies. That is why you can’t add populist sentiment to judgment. Guilty or not guilty is the sentence. It was until Joseph’s “term of clemency” for his brothers was meant was when they had mercy. Don’t distort mercy. Clemency and judgment seats in trial.

It is written: …

“… For Cahion has come to an end, and spoiler ceaseth; his men shall be consumed out of the land. And in MERCY (compassion) shall JESUS’ throne be established: and He shall sit upon it in TRUTH in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness.” — Isaiah 16:4b-5

I just gave you one of my daughter’s name (the fourth child [spoken not by Rhema in the sure Word, not by dream and not by teaching but by the audible voice of God and open vision because her father is one of God’s many favourites]. Who says God is dead? (Smiles…). God just made me re-see this in the Word again. Only Him deserves the praise.

Mercy and judgment go hand-in-hand. For instance; if you sleep with somebody’s wife, there’s no mercy for that. Judgment is judgment. Clemency goes hand-in-hand with judgment upon the Hebrew tabernacle of David. So, decide.

It is written: …

“Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned? Can a man walk on hot coals without his feet being burned? So is he who sleeps with another man’s wife; no one who touches her will go unpunished. In the same vein do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy his hunger when he is starving. Yet if he is caught, he MUST pay sevenfold, though it costs him all the wealth of his house. But a man who commits adultery lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself. Blows and disgrace are his lot, and his shame will never be wiped away.” — Proverbs 6:27-33

P.S. The Jupos are not messengers of satan but satan’s determined helpers from the current shameful Body of Christ on a mission to divide The Church. This Age has them majorly as boastful Pastors. For instance, theirs is not a case of trying to do good by breaking the law like stealing; but rather, by getting an advantage over others. They withstood God and He’s going to judge them.

One beautiful day, I asked God, “Father, what do You have for Your son today?” He said, “Keep being obedient and patient.”

I had every chance to be parochial as The Church is by thinking of me and conforming to the wickedness in her during those periods, but I stuck to God’s instruction. Somebody died miserably because he didn’t want to jail satan! When I left the bank in 2012 at His order, I didn’t want go full time into those terrible adventure, but He warned me that He would kill me. This was because all of Heaven’s bets were on me. I was their only hope in such short time. I was preserved from my birth. And when I died in 2013 still serving Him partially and doing business, instead of God picking somebody else He Himself woke me up. Tell me… why I won’t be eternally grateful. You think I live for the applause…? (Smiles…). Can you applaud a resurrected man? As such, being ridiculed was the least thing. I take it on my chin and plant DOX. [However we’re still going to CRUSH DIVISION to make JESUS reign. And I would show you how as you chew on].

You see why I need not curse my enemies out there…. God has already done that. We strive for divine mastery by obeying God’s instruction per time. God’s RIGHT HAND in us teaches us mighty things on how to do CONQUEST in the great waters – a source of joy to God!

In Proverbs Chapter 3 verse 29-34;

“Devise not evil against your neighbour, seeing he lives trustfully near you. Do not accuse/strive with a man FOR NO REASON—when he has done you no harm. Do not envy a violent man or choose any of his ways; for he that is habitually disposed to disobedience and opposition is an abomination to the LORD: but God’s secret is with the righteous. Therefore, the curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but He inhabits the habitation of the just. And He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble. The wise inherit glory: but shame shall be the automatic-promotion of fools.”

The secrets of the LORD are with the righteous but Jupos are an abomination to Him. They are just too disobedient for their stars to connect with yours. Abomination produces abomination; bad influences rob on good people. It means the more the Jupos do evil with what’s available with them, God sees them as Freemasons too, and also groups them in that curse-category. We won’t openly curse. That’s God’s forte.

For, it’s an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: THE THRONE of God is established by RIGHTEOUSNESS. (Proverbs Chapter 16 verse 12). It is at this juncture we state without mincing a word that we’ve never ever been inspired by the Jupos, but the reverse is different – they are too un-original and need a dashboard to be relevant, yet detest the hand that feed them.

Dav’id on the contrary placed a desert curse on his Jupos in Psalms Chapter 28 verses 3-5: …

“Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts. Give them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their endeavors: give them after the work of their hands: render to them their desert. [WHY?] Because they regard neither the works of the LORD, nor the operation of His TWO HANDS. He shall destroy them, and not build them up.”

Your quest for inclusivity is your Achilles heel. There are some things that should have been clear to your eyes but your desire to carry everybody along has made you a scorn. You CAN’T make every human on earth a saint. Your star does not mix, your stars does not mix simple. Light and darkness can’t co-exist.

Listen, in Revelation Chapter 9 verses 20-21, not everybody would be on the same page. It goes on without saying — you are a compassionate savior, but know…, you can’t save everybody. Life has two kinds of people: the divine helpers (which you may belong to) and the human distractors (which you may also belong to). The ground is always shifting. Even supposing, to make the most of your assignment and birth Christ’s peace on earth, you’ll one day eventually trade one for the other. Holding on to the latter is hoping against hope; you might injure yourself. It’s about time you start making God prouder. You don’t need a bunch of keys to open the door of your destiny. You need one key — only one; THE RIGHT ONE. Therefore, thank God for helping you with the right choice. The Jupos neither sleep nor eat till they’ve done wickedness. I give you a clue: Anyone that deliberately by the rule of the game of winning by witchcraft contents so as to undermine you publicly is never your friend; you were simply a testament that his evil tutors were right if some witchcraft rules are applied. You give love, you get love — not hate. Hate is internal witchcraft. And witchcraft doesn’t live by God’s towering code.

Stop tormenting yourself on uniting everybody. Humans by nature like to see proofs. JESUS, even after resurrecting still had to show proof. That’s the damage NEGATIVE “R” did to the human brain. Show success by bringing down the bread and the Pharisees and Sadducees would beg for it.

Far be it; it’s not the “delicious” rejoicing of my enemies that concerns me. That’s a small thing… God always overturns their delicious victory. What riles me up is working for satan consistently for free for more than two years to destroy God’s plan for the earth — which didn’t’ happen, at the expense of people that should have benefited. Many lives have been wasted to his obstruction. Why would a pastor want to be like this? In the end, one needs to ask: What’s the basis of their obstructionism? This is heartless! Yet, they call themselves pastors. The Jupos made a mess of things by working freely for Cahion to continue his reign in all things human. Blind-bitterness is the demons sitting on their laps. If I were their parent, I would reprimand them. Noteworthy, this hands strengthened them into maturity. Most of their un-burnt demonic library obediently read to the letter was written by Cahion’s men, but they wouldn’t know. And even if they know, they won’t burn those books. Why those books? Because to them, the Bible is useless in bringing materialistic wealth as compared to the “juicy” materialism and progressivism laws of Cahion.

Listen, a progressivism that questions God sitting on the tongues of a pastor is both a curse to that pastor and his/her hearers. Cahion’s positive laws contents has so much damaged the Jupos brains that they’ve become more ruthless than before. What’s the sense in a philosophy that for example posits: “If you do 1, 2 and 3, you will game your opponent (a brethren in the Household of Faith) and succeed in a villainy way?” (Smiles…). I’ve read most of these positive laws and can’t see anything meaningfully instructive to please God in it!


I DECREE: The wickedness of any evil imagination against you is terminated today! It becomes a self-destructive weapon, in the name of JESUS!

At a much later inquiry on the detailed outline of one of our programmes ― the last batch of 2016 #EconomicDeliverance when God, to our excitement, told us to shift it till next year at a specified month going on into few days after a key programme ours. He now said, “You will be the one to preach” in long-stretched programme. I now asked Him, seeing this sort of thing is rarely done, except from the ministry of those I received training from, saying, “Who do I invite to come enter into His blessing for us?” He replied, “That minister I told you about.” Which minister? ANSWER: It was that pastor with tendency in filchy and duplicity ― Jupo.

It was a disturbing scene. I shouldn’t have asked. Of all the blessed ministers on earth why such wicked and “dark-star” minister…? Why this very low-level one… There were more beautiful souls and anointed ones I can rack up from my brain. I mean, you inspired someone to be useful …, instead of giving you water to drink like Elisha did to Elijah, he gave you acid. Why would a Jupo want to be this ungrateful, one might wonder. It is interesting that those that tear people’s name are the stealing, divisive and are devilish in heart Jupo ministers. Is God now contradicting Himself? Not at all! It was later I knew why in a good way He brought up such an ugly scenario with this evil-personality. Stay calm. Thus, I told Him, “Can I replace him?” He replied me, “It’s either you do it as planned or you invite him.” I quickly reverted to the former ― which was the original plan.

Beloved of God, listen; if you don’t want wrong answers from God, don’t ask Him when you know you shouldn’t. God knows you can do all things He has empowered you for. Stop trying to be inclusive when He didn’t say so.

It was then He now told me why He came up with His name. He said that He is about bringing an incurable plague to begin the demise of the dryness He has for Jupo; for the many bad things he done, and that no man, no anointing, no fasting and prayer, no confession and cry for mercy would deliver him. And that the essence of letting him face charge for his wickedness was because he was NEVER going to change. As such, stay away.

Learn how to stay away.

First off, remembering his many evil with the constant initiated reconciliatory push from my end, I saw what God meant.

The fellow simply by himself mobilized others to thrash God’s plan He wanted to do with a 69 years old minister that died to sin in 2007 thus extending satan’s many wickedness on earth for 10 more years. To Jupo, his profit far outweighed the lives lost as well as the losses counted. He stood as the chief orchestrator of violence against God. This man and his country were yet to be created when Prophet Adeyande died, yet his puny ambition was more important than God’s.

Secondly, no place for incompetency and foolishness in the peaceful Governance 2.0 task ahead. I won’t tolerate division, stealing, and anything satan! The destiny of mankind’s millennial governance is in our hands. Like Whitefield, these Jupos acted as if they were created for destruction like Pharaoh. Mankind was supposed to start reigning for 1000 years effective July 21, 2007, but we waited till 2014. The day God arrived on scene in 2007. He chose me after He’d told me to go on a 1 year 6-months fast, and then He crashed the global economy into the Great Recession 20-days after. 2014, He stepped on board with the Four Blood Moon, after He resurrected me for trying to run away. Instead of the Jupos to fall in line, their unrestrained devilish greed fought for their fiefs! Insecure as they were, their ungrateful minds were still afraid of an online influence despite their O20 (online-to-offline) business structure and “middle life” big budget. Why would these people be afraid I came to take their popularity? (Smiles…). If they were unfit to contend with satan and his “cult of reason” (whom we jailed), how come they think they can This Mountain? Only a Whitefield-like craving and insecurity could have caused this “irritable disorder”.

Finally, God said, “You will become so successful that his envy against you will increase.” And you’ll remember from our study that jealousy is rage, but envy is murder. God is not in the business of making others’ light to dim to make yours shine. What is happening to Jupo is God’s judgment on him. Watch this: When an un-repented Jupo gets reconciled, your alliance with him only makes him to quietly envy you with certain reasoned questions in his head: “I know when this fellow started. How come he now commands global leaders’ attention? I deserve this spotlight based on experience and skill… let me kill him.” You are doing a mistake integrating such one without letting God humble such person and his sympathizers to know that He is God, Majestic. This is where the scripture cannot be broken where JESUS says you will need to reconcile people over and over again if you want to work with them. Thank God, I’m not yet ready to resuscitate him at the expense of betrayals until he’s regenerated at the fullness of God time. I’ve had a fair share of his Judas act.

Beloved, conflict resolutions without a sealed pureness in man only truncates God’s process (His “refining-judgment”, and make a Jupo more villainy then Hell-bound. God does not want His children to end up like the many “Whitefields”. Once you go to Hell, you don’t come back. In retrospect, the death of that old prophet wasn’t a joke to both God and satan. It cost God. This is why wonder: Why would a onetime nobody stands against God because we feel his puny empire would be upstaged?

Satan—the problem of the world—knew his jailer, the man that would stop him, and killed him. It gave me the creeps. God is scanning and searching the earth to find those whose heart is right before Him. Envy is of the heart; it disqualifies any.

Looking at those Jupos in the same mold as Whitefield, and hoping many don’t become like them before they leave this earth, I asked God about Reverend Billy Graham for two reasons. One: The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (also a Freemason) who was impressed with the then young evangelist’s preaching instructed his papers to “puff Graham”. That initial support helped Evangelist Graham a great deal. Two: The closer I get to planting Christ’s government with God’s divine wisdom and direction, since we jailed satan – that abomination to mankind, I make it a conscious treaty to be careful who I salute in The Ecclesia. For I had praised Graham quite a number of times and needed to know his standing with God considering he had enjoyed close relationships with several American un-holy presidents, from Ike (Dwight Eisenhower) to George W. Bush.

Hear this: Every Presidents, except Ronald Reagan, since her inception belongs to Freemasons’ 455 fraternities. Don’t ever forget this thing if you want to defeat terror and natural disaster created by Cahion’s fraternal orders. And, friends, Reagan suffered for not joining them. You can’t dine with the devil thinking your long spoon would save you.

Look at me: On Reagan, God showed me that he was a silver basin where all the fraternal order members gathered together to wash their hands on. I asked God what this meant, and He replied, “They wiped out his brain, and made his children wasted. Yet, he’s My child.” Noteworthy, Reagan had Alzheimer (a brain disease) till his death.

Whose fault? The American Churches who don’t have God’s JOYS law! These ineffective ministers lack God’s Right Hand. Why do you think Reagan calls those politicians in “The Town” (i.e. in Washington D.C) the fraternal order parties? Instead of being a close friend to those politicians as the most endearing presidential Communicator, he held solace staying close to his wife. President Reagan’s wife was his only friend. He knew he was surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yet, people think you can become a President by success tips and speaking in-tongues or holiness message or healing or confession message?

Christianity is the GREAT PROFESSION! It’s time to be God’s golden basin.

Listen, the day you get stuck on all these motivational and leadership talk by powerless inefficient ministers who condemn deliverance and The Word with proofs is the day you are gone into secret society. It’s YOUR birthright to think of dominating mainstream, but you can’t do it with the opposite of God’s JOYS – which is sorrow. Without God’s strength you’ll become weak before these secret societies. Any REAL preacher can motivate, but to be empowered is far more important that motivation. Stop buying the tales of these weak ministers who end up motivating you to dream big with your only “reason” and leave you for dead in the hand of lions in the streets. And because you need to leave the frustration of not getting to the top and show results to your “motivating-pastor”, you’ll simply find yourself joining these secret societies.

We, The Body of Christ, have not started what ministry in leading these men by God’s standard.

Get God; get His prayer-fire to purge satan’s venom away from your intestine. When you have God’s prayer fire, you won’t teach deceit with all your will and emotions. If you are a man of prayer-fire, you won’t be sickly, overly lax with sleep and fatigued. And the reason your body is often exhausted is because of these kinds of weak works that has NOT caught God’s fire. See, when your system catches God’s fire from His altar, your body, soul and spirit would be in unison, and then automatically reject wrong work(s) by default. You will see yourself raising standards and setting the pace. But if you insist on the demonic positive laws of wickedness, you will lazily be calling God’s on-focused servants as hard-taskmasters. This is why it seems you are not original despite all efforts and resources.

My question to God was, “Is Billy Graham a cultist?”

God replied me by showing Billy Graham on boat, fishing for men in the great waters of the world. Then I heard, “No – He is My servant.”

Thank God for this Age of the Prophets. By SPECIAL Grace in this Era, when you befriend a Richard Nixon or others and go about using your clout (which includes Norman Vincent Pearle) to help him in his political campaign years, a time would come you know that Nixon was in “The Winggers” fraternal order.

Friends, the times have changed: All these guys no more listen to salvation message again; they need proof of God’s Supernatural Rights in YOU. Their might swallowed Whitefield and almost scandalized Graham. They would be looking at you and saying in their mind: “This preacher, what are you saying?” Thank God I can’t preach to a President and he/she still remains a servant of the abominable lord Cahion. It’s never possible! He/she has two choices: You either serve God or serve that phlegm to humanity already jailed by This Mountain. If not, I reveal your occult society to let you know that this God I represent knows all your witchcraft secrets. For instance; God told me that a certain family of Presidents reading this is close to coming to Him but needs a compelling case. Here it is: They belong to the fraternal group called “The Lifestore“. This cult group, God said, are the merciless killer (through senseless wars). God showed me a sword that penetrates the middle of the earth, and told me they are Cahion’s finest blood bank delivery servants.

It doesn’t take God anything to destroy this world in one second. God is the only tenant whose rent on earth does not expire. Whether you and I leave this earth at set date, God would still remain. I can’t ask you to come out to repent, but this revelation is YOUR last chance. For God to show me without asking about you in the first place shows He still loves you. However, this same God says your time is going and Hell is sure for you if you don’t repent. I’m not a Pastor or an Evangelist; I’m an eschatological Prophet ― God’s Capital Asset. And I tell you what you’ve been hiding from these men for decades. It’s time to come back home. Forget all your crimes. You only have few years to meet satan in Hell. Get out from that place! Nobody repents in Hell. Now tell me: Are you wiser than those who have gone down into Hell? Where were you when God created the world? Were YOU born before that time?! YOU know the truth and still scorn Graham’s appeal?

Now, in “one last opportunity”, open your Bible to Isaiah Chapter 14 verses 3-11, 15-20 where God prophesied the jailing of your master – the abominable Cahion on November 8, 2016: …

And it shall come to pass “in the day the LORD” ― November 8, 2016, shall God give you relief from YOUR sorrow and from YOUR fear of the hard taskmaster ― Cahion, and from his hard bondage wherein YOU were forced to serve. And YOU shall take up this taunt against lord Cahion, and say, “How has the oppressor come to his end! His golden just city ceased!” The LORD has broken the rod of the wicked, and the scepter of the rulers. The power behind the fraternal orders who smote the people in wrath with unceasing blows, those that govern the nations in fury and relentless aggression is now jailed by God. The whole earth is at rest and at peace; they break into JOYS. Even the pine trees and the cedars of Lebanon rejoice over your fall and say, “Now that you have been jailed low, no woodsman comes to cut us down.” Hell from beneath is all astir to meet you at your coming; it rouses dead spirits to greet you—all those who were your fraternal order witchcraft leaders in the world; it makes them rise still with exalted respected position whilst on earth political leaders over the nations. They all speak as one saying to you, “Have you also become weak as us? Have you also fallen into Hell and remain here like us?” All your pomp has been brought down to the grave, along with the noise of your harps; maggots are spread out beneath you and worms cover you. … Yet you have been brought down to Hell, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you stare at you, they ponder your fate:

“Is this the lord Cahion who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world the world a satanic wilderness, and destroyed its cities and would not let his prisoners go home?” All the kings of the nations (Washington, et al) lie in state, each in his own tomb. But you are cast out of your tomb like a abominable branch; you are covered with the slain, with those pierced by the sword, those who descend to the stones of the pit. Like a corpse trampled underfoot, you—Cahion shall not join them in burial, for you have destroyed your land and killed your people. The seed of the wicked will never be mentioned again!

GOODNEWS: I’ve been to where you were caged. Tonight is your deliverance! A new song is coming into your mouth, in JESUS’ name!

It’s a brand new day; it’s called God’s “DOX: Inclusive Dominion”. To get to the top of the society and be at the driver’s seat is NO MORE going to be about joining the occult and worshiping idols! Result-less protest is out of the windows. Now is JOYS law hitting the road. Get ready.

Lord Cahion’s “Ambitious Imposition” on the Shift: His Fatal DIVISIVE BLOW on the Puritan Covenant


“Son, Abraham Lincoln didn’t die by man’s hand. I permitted that,” God said.

Rattled… wondering if God was behind those loose cannon that did that evil, I asked Him, “Why?”

He answered me, “He belonged to The Franks society who were tarnishing My image.”

With that, I knew God didn’t tell that fellow to go about it. The hatred in his heart did it.

Listen, you can go ahead and set up commission to do an investigation of such Lockean principle on the perpetrator(s), but would never find any genuine motive as seen in JFK’s adjudged murderer — Lee Harvey Oswald. Demons can’t be investigated. The host being investigated… yes, but not the demons in them. Even after these medically diagnosed mentally ill people or extreme nationalist do it, they end up not knowing the gravity of what they did until told. Thence, regret and sorrow steps in. (Mark Chapter 5 verses 1-15). The Presidents instead, who God could have protected, are left for danger. Thank God for His mercy, His protection saved Ronald Reagan.

According to God, He said that Abraham Lincoln was in the open eulogizing Him with his philosophy but behind-the-scene sponsoring and supporting the damage of His name. Ask God.

Unhindered He went on, “Son, I gave JFK a plague that even satan couldn’t cure, and then took him.”

“Why?” I asked.

He answered, “JFK was in the occult. His order was The General Financial Command. He was tarnishing My image in the dark.”

Listen, God does not have any problem with you as an occultic politician or occultic businessman/woman running errands for satan. It’s normal for Freemasons to reject the divinity of JESUS Christ. Conversely, the moment you allow your uncontrolled ambition to do satan’s darkest bidding of becoming an ideological symbolic “messiah” influencing the luckless masses who needs the “oxygen of hope”, and add behind-the-scene tarnishing to it, God, Himself, steps in.

God said JFK did the worst damage in a short space of time sponsoring more evil.

Be careful!

God always warns these people but they don’t listen. The supposed Grand lodges know what I’m saying. Why is it that they still keep God in their polity? ANSWER: For fear of incurring God’s wrath.

It is written: …

“The secret of the LORD is with them that FEAR Him; and He shall SHOW them His COVENANT in deeds [not just nomenclature].” — Psalm 25:14

In Isaiah Chapter 45 verses 1-3;

Thus says the LORD to His anointed, to David Omoaregba, whose RIGHT HAND He takes hold of to subdue nations before him, “I, Myself, shall loose the loins of occultic kings so as to open before him the two open gates; and the gates shall not be shut day or night. I will go before him, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron: And I will give him the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that he mayest know that I, the LORD, which called him by a new name is the God of Israel.”

Wondering if I should reveal these His secrets, I asked, “Father, should I tell people?”

[Tongues…] He replied, “Why did I tell you… Yes, tell them. I showed you because you are David – My harasser of the harasser. Their heads are like Goliath before you. To others they are powerful but before you, they become powerless. I created you to destroy the dark works of sorrow on earth!”

He went further, “Son, I would give you a new name if you defeat sorrow on earth!”


I was shocked when the name He told me in Calabar was still evoked. I HAVE NOT EXHAUSTED IT, yet He says He would give me a new name.

Look at me beloved: I’ve heard dead spirit Jupos scorn This Mountain each time I call my identity. They waited for specific times when the world were close to getting their deliverance, because they feel they are not the one being celebrated, only to tarnish my image that I’m doing it for self-promotion. I say it again: I am David – God’s Harasser of the harasser! Thank God my Father isn’t confused about my identity. Even Cahion and his followers aren’t. You can reduce my person before the people but the devils know. They also know what God specially calls my dynasty.

Cahion’s Dancers at the Gates of Hell

“Ok, Father, how many are these Freemasons fraternal order societies,” I asked.

He replied “They are four hundred and fifty-five (455) asides the local ones in nations.”

“What are their Top 10 groups,” I asked.

God sat me down and started drilling me on these secrets in a most unforgettable manner.

Number One;The Winggers: I saw that they are the eyeball of lord Cahion (Third Eye) who rule from a particular executive chair hidden inside a dark wing.

Number Two; The Judiciary: I saw alphabet “A”… Then God said they are in-charge of the laws, logic, philosophy and science.

Number Three;The Athletician: These ones are in-charge of winning any wars for lord Cahion

Number Four;The Franks: Their assignment is to tarnish the image of God using religion. However, the moment they become a respected politician, God starts taking them serious.

Number Five;The Spinsal: I saw that they are the fast builders of very strong unbreakable siege/walls (made with heavy beams). These walls are made by seduction inside the “will of the [ignorant] Proletariats”. The end result is to create rebellion among the general public.

Number Six; The Space: I saw that they occupy the entire lands on earth. They are in-charge of properties and the economy.

Number Seven has two contesting lodges:

  • The Oppressors: Terrible. I saw that they are in-charge of putting heavy sacks of bag on the masses head to enslave them by any means
  • The Mild Crooks“: I saw a dry leg with slippers walking on a highway. God says they are in-charge of making people wander all their life with rebellious ideas only to wake up angry with nothing to show for it. They are majorly the one in charge of poverty.

Number Eight;The Zoomen: I saw that they sacrifice to Cahion whenever he needs anything by burning Nature’s progress. They are in charge of all kinds of natural disasters to limit progress whether they support climate change or not

Number Nine;The Judges: I saw that they are in-charge of addiction with entertainment, sports, media and anything in our daily lifestyle that distracts us from our identity as gods over the “great waters” of abundance. [In recent times, their arrogance to even convince people through subconscious messaging that worshiping satan is greater than God is sign of panic, haste, and anger that Christians are frustrating their plans].

Number Ten; “The Top fliers: I saw that they unzip the ground to release dragons to fight tough battles for Cahion.

And …

Number Eleven has two contesting lodges:

  • The Generation Growth: I saw that these ones are in-charge of construction and engineering.
  • The Shailas: These are the gold diggers who favour satan’s economy. They are the ones that look out for opportunities around and take advantage of the masses. Because satan is not original, they take your wisdom and the labour at the edge of breakthrough.

These people think satan is smart because he was able to store the glory of many saints that wasted their anointing on sex, stealing, and evil things. Satan is never original. This is what you don’t know. Satan, much like his children is needy; he would always need humans to ever be relevant! That’s why He can’t ever stand for God’s TRUTH. He can’t; “the father of lies” doesn’t have the capacity for THE TRUTH.

The Angels in Heaven complained before God, seeing the many times we disobey Him, saying, “What is man you made so great and care about?”

Guess what, satan was not among them. Satan is underneath them. And if the [500 of God’s best] Angels that torment satan and defeat him into jailing worship us, why must you in human abomination worship satan/Cahion?

Listen, God — The Confounder of the cofounder says He would bring judgment to the nations that worship idolatry. And the fact that God had to choose within the same pool of people is what riles me up. Why not put the right empowered people there? But no ― our ministries are playing games with God. Case in point: Trump and Hillary.

It is written in Revelation Chapter 5 Verses 1-14: …

Then I saw in the RIGHT HAND of Him (God ― The Almighty) who sat on the THRONE a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the book?” But no man in Heaven or on earth or under the earth (not even the deplorable Cahion) was able to open the book or even look inside it. And I, Apostle John, wept and wept because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look inside. And one of the elders said to me, Weep not! Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, THE ROOT of Da’vid, has prevailed in CONQUEST to open the book, and to open the seven seals over the book. And I beheld, and, lo in the center of the THRONE encircled by four beasts and the twenty-four elders, stood a Lamb (JESUS Christ) looking as if it had been slain. He had seven horns and seven eyes, which are THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD sent out into all the earth. And He came and took the book out of the RIGHT HAND of Him (God) that sat on THE THRONE. And when He had taken the book, the four beasts and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden basin full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song of JOYS to Him saying, You are worthy to take the book and to open its seals: for You were slain, and with Your blood, You purchased humanity for God from every tribe and language and people and nation. And You have made them to be God’s kings and priests: and they SHALL reign on the earth for one thousand years.Then I looked, and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand round about THE THRONE and the four beasts and the elders; singing with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb (JESUS Christ), who was slain, to RECEIVE power and wealth and wisdom and strength, and honor and glory and blessing!” Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing: “To Him (God) who sits on THE THRONE and to the Lamb (JESUS Christ) be blessing and honour and glory and power, forever and ever!” And the four beasts said, “Amen,” and the elders fell down and worshiped Him that liveth forever.

Beloved, I didn’t know this entire thing [and more below] by motivational hot air. JESUS Himself showed me because THE BOOK IS DOUBLE before me! I don’t fish in the waters; I dive into the great waters and crush the hydra-headed python spirit that stops the fishers of men from fishing for souls. Everybody can be fishers of men, I’m not. I go there battle ready. That’s my assignment. (Isaiah Chapter 12 verses 15). What’s yours?

There are so many things God often tells me about the future direction of this country I can’t share because we have a place in showing the world His governance. God chose this land for His purpose. Nations shall run to it. What would happen to the wicked, greedy and divisive Jupos who chose a path of destruction? You shall see.

The hidden riches in that #16ChurchStreet acceptable 2016 watchword year for The Ecclesia won’t come to her until her people dive into the secret places and harass the defeat Cahion’s minions out of their jailed prisons. You think Lincoln, JFK and others aren’t in Cahion’s furious jail whilst governing? They were crying for help but couldn’t leave because God’s saviours weren’t around.

The world leaders want to come to you, but see you as a waste of time in saving them, one, and showing them God’s DOX, two.

The one who THE BOOK IS DOUBLE before him can’t be betrothed to and marry anyhow, raise kids anyhow, and do ministry anyhow. No devils can wash their hands on me; not today, not tomorrow. We are God’s RIGHT HAND. We have a lot to do across the globe — from one nation to the other. We just can’t afford the Jupos a chance to stain our raiment. We matter so much to this country. This country matters to the world. We are talking about a Mountain who God gave the name He ordained to be. The Jupos are temporal citizens in it.

This midnight is dawning… wake up. Now is the time to DESTROY the dark works of sorrow on earth in deep prayers and plant God’s JOYS through the DOX (that is, Inclusive Dominion) of every human on earth!

And God thereafter in a conversation told me that 2017 would be a year of unprecedented JOYS for many, and then told me to open Psalms 97:7-12.

I opened, and it reads: …

“Confounded be all they that serve graven images by ‘negative liberty’, which boast themselves of idols. Therefore, worship Him, all you jailed gods! Zion heard this and rejoices and the villages of Judah are glad because of your judgments, O LORD. For You, O LORD, are the Most High over all the earth; You are exalted far above all gods. You that love the LORD hate evil: He preserveth the souls of His saints; He delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked. Light is sown as seed for the righteous, and JOYS for the upright in heart. Rejoice in the LORD, you who are righteous, and give thanks at at the remembrance of His holiness in an evil world.” — Psalms 97:7-12

I studied David again and realized that he wasn’t a joker that scorns God; he was God’s best commander. He knew the rules he was playing in and the rules the surrounding kingdoms were playing in. Gradually, I got to understand why David keeps appearing to me, and most importantly as at the first time here: innovation21st. The dividing line between God and satan is becoming clearer and the masses upheaval would further reveal it.

For instance; if we don’t end this obsession with NOT lord, but abominable, Cahion and all the occult groups, the current dispensation of founders in the Silicon Valley and tech locations (like Google/Apple/Facebook, et al) would keep using these occult people as a model of success. We’ve got to stop the spread of this stuff. Now time to revamp earth’s political ethos.

On the founder of that social media website—Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg, he is not in any cult; be rest assured. The same can’t be said of most of the heroes he adores, especially that one he grew up seeing dominate his time with technology (using a non-integrated distribution moats). God says that that one is stubbornly [out of greed] in “The Judiciary” . He can lie to men but not God.

God says the reason why He told me about this young man, leading his generation in technology is because He, God, want to make him do His work. And Mark has among his peers been trying to be forthright ever since his initial wrong move/mistake in building his empire. This doesn’t mean God supports a form of stealing that involves you consciously preparing salvation down after that evil. Stealing, be certain, is like murder.

A final word of caution for Zuckerberg: Don’t you ever join these evil men — no matter the enticing offer! Meet God instead. If you ask Him for help no matter your misgivings, and then acknowledge it, He would answer you. He is your Father; He is your Maker.

Friends, the fact that God had to choose within the same pool of politicians and business men/women is what riles me up. Forget the rise of populism. It comes from both the left and the right political wings. That it came from the right in this year’s American election doesn’t mean it’s a Christian plan. They are all the same. Vested interests (The Establishment) don’t unseat saints because they are outsider; they unseat one of their own. It’s this simple. Give the people what they want and later change it. Lord Cahion does not have the fruit of the Spirit to unify the people… as such, he allows them compete. This foolishness is what the Jupos blindly think The Ecclesia is all about. The Jupos refuse to accept that a divided Church is an ugly, disfigured, beastly Body of Christ. Had I wanted to be competitive I wouldn’t have been urging them for almost three years, counting from when I came online — away from when I was offline, to seek the prophetic. I would have overlorded it on them. But because they attempted it and failed at hearing God, they became angry not realizing that it was God who rejected them for the “dark wisdom” inside their blood.

Division, beloved, is the “last big war” The Church must conquer for her to enjoy the already counting millennial reign of Christ (that is DOX3000). The local ministries who refuse unity shall be left behind. The Jupos would be left behind!

And that we are divided means we are playing games with ignorance. Case-in-point: Trump and Hillary already dangling pardon between themselves.

How the Puritan’s Confession Failed

If you Google all these aforesaid groups and names, especially lord Cahion, you won’t find them. What baffles me is that their master has been defeated, yet they still owe allegiance to him? They control the media; you won’t find any. And as you now know, political ideology is not what some motivational talkers believe is speaking flawlessly without a teleprompter. That’s fantasy. To govern, you either ask God or you meet Cahion. Simple!

For instance; the U.S. politics and her economy would decline because Cahion the confidence of the “cult of reason” is gone causing his little boys and girls to be confounded. And that’s why Cahion had to take Trump out. Not only would his presence not grant satan extra 10-years of evil reign that eats into a 1000 years he shouldn’t have had since 2007, Trump is an embodiment of confusion. The more Cahions men are confounded/confused/clueless, the more the sand under them shakes. Hillary would have been a safe-bet, but as The Winggers Trump rightly knows, because she is in The Mild Crooks, it would be a disaster in the end. This is why they call him dangerous.

Yet, the man doesn’t want to accept God’s deliverance because he feels his clique helped him. We shall see when he comes begging God.

Look at me: God always has a backup. There’s no way in my “reason” would I have been gone into years of adventure giving without structure had I not died and rose up. That jolt of reality made me submit myself to God completely. Same goes for my wife. I mean; how can someone in one year (same in 2014) decided not to buy any cloth for herself yet gave out her clothes! What was she managing on? Of course anybody can do it, but I’ve found one — one that doesn’t see it as a concern I wake every midnight teaching and shouting [disturbing the neighbourhood] in prayers so that The Body of Christ would fulfill her assignment in this millennial Buffer reign. If The Church can get governance right, the world can get it peace. That’s my entire make up. Yet, We are living right in the midst of Christ’s millennial reign! And most don’t know it. This is why I can’t be lost in long sleep whilst the united Body of Christ has not reached Her glorious destiny God showed me. For this reason, I sleep sweet. “My son, lie down with My divine wisdom and sleep sweet.” (Proverbs Chapter 3 verses 21-24). Sleeping long doesn’t mean sleeping sweet. Perhaps, the longer you sleep, the enthusiastic the nightmares. Get to work… we’ve got no time. This 10 years is just a purging away of all things NEGATIVE “Rs” starting from The Church. Gain ground. Of course, judgment shall start with the Jupos, and thereafter, shortly, all those evil key figures would pass away.

It is written: …

“Then judgment shall dwell in the wilderness, and righteousness remains in the fruitful field. And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance forever. And My people shall dwell in PEACEBALE habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places. Though hail flattens the forest; and the city is leveled completely in crunch times, how blessed will I make you My children be who send-forth the feet of your DOX constituents to xerox My peaceful reign beside the great waters of the earths.” — Isaiah 32:16-20

Not one shot was fired like all revolutionary ideology does, yet satan was dethroned and jailed! (Smiles…). Say: “DOX political ideology called JOYS law — a spiritual phenomenon.” A kingdom was dethroned…, another set up in spiritual night of combat on November 8 [into 9, local time]. You don’t play in satan’s game to dethrone him — you engage the force of prophetic instruction God gives. [One day you would know this when God says I should say it].

Let’s go back to the ROOT of Democratic ideology in this nation —the U.S—which is now getting drained of God’s great waters.

Alright… Over the course of a century and a half (150+ years) before the Great Awakening, certain ideas were central in shaping some of the neutral North American colonists’ attitude towards the role of religion in the colonies as well as their obedience to the royal monarchy (that was far from them by some 3000 miles across the ocean). I mean, they were questioning their ideas by witchcraft doctrine which would later initiate them to serve Cahion. These “neutrals” were those who later became the Benjamin Franklins and the less famous ones in the Junto Club. This was the 1720s. These ambitious neutrals became the Deists Enlightenment loyal to lord Cahion who sought a nation-state whose identity would be NOT just a separation of God, but a replacement of another God called “Nature’s God”. In ABC terms, it means their mission wasn’t to govern by the famed “tenets of freedom” called law of Nature, but to do so cahion’s witchcraft ideology in politics. Simple! And they won: Witchcraft won the American Revolution for “The Patriots”. How?

From this 1720s period onward, the Puritan’s “Christian commonwealth” idea guided by Calvinist principles, including the idea of God’s blessedness in shaping everything human was revoltingly attacked. Yes — attacked by America’s founding fathers. And that was a deathly greed that invented a Pandora’s Box for America’s decline today. They built a later Roman Empire-like failed nation-state for the future. I now ask: Why not re-imagine the existing “semi-living” Puritan document — that is, your forefather’s covenant? Adding their #ThanksgivingDay celebration to Cahion’s empire doesn’t make America a Christian nation any more than buying stuffs at Macy’s. Why didn’t these men seek the prophetic face of God instead of satan’s beastly face?

Though a one-sided document, the Puritan covenant if built upon by the prophetic grace of God would have created a DOX-on-earth kind of governance. But no — the founding fathers dined with the devil in the face of a hypocritical disillusioned network of governing parish churches that religiously connected their family. And so, when that Jupo-like Whitefield compromised by using his short-lived appeal to weaken the RIGHT HAND of God in the minds with the rick of humanizing colonists with his awful experiment of “reason plus salvation”, many gullible ‘founding fathers’ were ever ready to embrace the English Enlightenment. And embraced they did. Thank George Whitefield for the damage to Christianity. But what first appeared as a simple monotheistic intellectual-theological concept, many later discovered that Whitefield’s idea was a one ticket trip to the slaughtering dungeon of lord Cahion — “the god of the exalted reason”. No way of escape: The Church was both hopeless and diplomatically unfit in governance to save the lost ones and prosper them respectively. DOX was not around. As such, they remained with satan. A mega-mind of a creature, Whitefield seduced the New World descendants; his lure dwarfed his woe [they’ll later see in Isaiah Chapter 45. It was a new governance ― Governance 1.0].

Friends, the reason why you don’t know all these things is because you’ve allowed them to make you suspect God. And that’s why I’ve not held you, but The Church leadership responsible. If you’ve noticed; I’ve been blaming The Church on your behalf because God’s judgment would start in her for all her divisiveness and wickedness, but now, I blame YOU. You also have a part in this quagmire. You’ve got to belt up. And yes again, truth be told, We, The Church, deeply messed up and destroyed the world. Our division created damaged world. We should have long been united. Imagine the many lives that have been wasted in over 240+ years in America alone…? All because we didn’t do the simplest thing of putting the horse before the cart! Alas, we have the Jupos around with the mantle to divide The Church and destroy the world because of their gains.

Ever before the 1720s, when the ecclesiastical old Roman Catholic authority was hypocritically fiddling with the Crown’s governance in a Jupo-like stealing and divisive ways (for hundreds of years), this same satan was busy and smartly reading the mood and discontent of the masses. With help from some witchcraft Elites he’d enticed, he found a solution after it seems the Martin Luther’s Protestantism, especially England’s Anglican Communion (led by the Church of England), was doing the same thing they complained the then strangling Catholic Church had on the State (i.e. England’s monarchy].

What was it?

Listen, We, as a Body, must do everything within our might to end “short-sighted” uncontrollable greed and division in the Household-of-Faith led by the Jupos. Faith worketh by LOVE! (Galatian Chapter 5 verse 6). Anything less is a “loser label” to The Church from an already jailed Cahion. Imagine him taunting the Ecclesia from where he is as losers? Don’t mistake it: You’ve still got his minions causing disasters here and there and putting people in bondage. Our work is undone. I challenge you to give it another 10 to clear the debris. At this reality, the greatest insult The Church can ever have is “losing to an impotent satan.”

Satan is a master of trend; a sleepless strategist. This I know. And it takes not loving sleep to jail satan. This Mountain jailed satan in the dread of the night, GMT+1 and ease the burden off mankind. Then again, a global governing political ethos that encourages violence and citizen assignation of their leader which is as devilish as the “evil imagination” of satan is still in effect today.

The moment The Church couldn’t be trusted was the moment satan’s cursed political ethos of revolution hit the earth and sat still till date. Today, it’s masked as the rebellious leftist idea.

Now you ask: “Where was the place of The Church in blessing the world in that Era?” (Genesis Chapter 12 verse 2).

Journey into History!

It’s time to stop celebrating the English Parliament’s so-called success with the Great Revolution (Revolution of 1688) who took power from the founder of America’s New York [by seizure from the Dutch] James II. Yes, the guy was going insane with governance, as reported, but he wasn’t the maddest king ever known in Britain. Asides extractive rule, his crime was that he tried bringing Roman Catholicism into governance. That was the fear the Whig Party stoked. The criminal here, for history to remember, was The Church. The Anglo-Catholics Vs. anti-Roman Evangelicals clerical infighting (NO ONE in this generation should ever emulate) was according to the grapevine, a result of “deep pride”. Unfortunately, materialism and negative-progressivism has made pride/ego a legal tender. Division, my friends, would take a lot of water to douse before it ends.

There’s a saying in my country: When the Elephants fights the grass suffers. The victims are always the general public. That’s why I thank God [back then] that The Church’s insanity was taken out of governance. For The Ecclesia to return, Her division must be buried. It has started: Judgment shall begin in The Church before a government of everlasting peace by Christ’s saviours is birthed.

Materialism and negative-progressivism has made pride/ego a legal tender

What stops the Anglo-Catholics (or High Churchmen) and anti-Roman Evangelicals (or Low Churchmen) from ironing their differences, bury their hatchet, and let God build upon their inefficiency to later in the future create a PROPHETIC Living Document Apostle Peter spoke of? The fight for who gets the king’s ear is one of the gravest errors The Church has ever made. In the end, satan won! The created divisive controversies of the 1600s England’s power struggle between the Parliament and the crown (dating from the English Civil Wars till 1688) came as a decisive big win for satan, lord Cahion. This guy (satan) finally became the single beneficiary of this quest to make the “authority of reason” superior to the “authority of scripture”.

Excruciatingly, The Church’s short-range deed gave him a “glorious opportunity” he had coming from his law of Nature’s Enlightenment philosophers like the English Francis Bacon (1561–1626) who stress on experience (empiricism) and the French René Descartes (1596–1650) who stressed on reason (rationalism); who prepared the minds of the people to rebel.

Foremost among this rebel was our man earlier discussed: John Locke.

John Locke for all the exposition on his political philosophy thus far can be known as the guy who outlined the system of government adopted by the U.S. Constitution divided into: the executive, the judiciary, and the legislative powers, on the ground that they all obey and not violate the law of Nature. Nothing like God’s JOYS law because The Church was so lost in reckless short-term fiefs!

While other modern scientists like the Chemist Robert Boyle [of the famed Boyle’s law] were busy trying to make science and religion mutually supportive in the defense of Christianity against the mushrooming rise of Cahion’s irreligious and atheistic part of England the society, the young undergrad medical doctor in the making—at Oxford College (later University)—saw the need to chew Descartes’ books on rationalism and Bacon’s works on empiricism as well as other natural philosophers’ demonic thoughts. The result? A cultist was born!

His shift in view from the Two Tracts on Government 1660 is Two Treatises of Government 30 years later — 1690 not only underscore what satan did to the once lover of God, it made him the pioneer of modern coup d’état. At first it seems, Locke’s treatise was encourage-able on all arms of Government not until he permitted the idea of upheaval in his organization of government sub-section. It quotes: …

“… If the executive power fails to provide the conditions under which the people can enjoy their rights under natural law, then the people are entitled to remove him, by force if necessary. Thus, revolution, in extremis, is permissible.”

This sounds like the Jupos “dark tweets”.

I asked God about this fact. He replied me, “Locke is in The Judiciary.”

Reason without God’s SUPERNATURAL ABILITY is “dark wisdom”; an antithesis to a JOYFUL social contract. And WRT social context without God’s JOYS law, reason eventually ends one up in shame and failure.

For instance; Locke‘s political theory WRT his social context came as a result of the Crown’s real danger placed on him and his mentor’s head – the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury. The consistent manhunt which saw them fleeing from England to France, but later to come back, and yet again chased away to Holland broke something in his psyche — a crack in his mind. From then on, this once loyal Christian sympathizer to the idea of Church-and-governance reacted violently to the theory of the state, the position of religious liberty, and personal liberty. He finally embraced the Enlightenment. Reason trumped; his social contract became a violent testament where it is NATURAL to kill anybody that is against your freedom like the Roman Catholic English king – James II did against him and his Deist mentor.

Locke is a child of the Enlightenment Age. His social contract was not centered on God, but on humankind in the natural state of governance through the help of the “Nature’s good god” — satan, lord Cahion. It was here Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence

This path, beloved, of finding the Will of God in your family, economy and nation by putting the violent law of Nature BETWEEN you and God is the greatest evil diversion ever invented by your fellow human. Therefore, reason is not an intellectual dialect; reason is a demonic mind conclusion that grabs your will and make it club down the Will of God for you, your family and your country. If you say, for instance, same-sex legalization is good, the unintended consequences eventually brings satan’s domination in you and your economy. Like America, you decline because satan (lord Cahion) knows he won’t lead that nation forever. He knows he would be one day be jailed for 1000 years. For whatever satan builds always collapse. He did it in Edom, Babylon, Greece, Rome, Venice, Europe, and — as the “god of reason” — shall do it in America.

Here’s the caveat: Satan always meet people at the centre of greed. When you are not confident of your identity but seek “something higher” through the influence of your sponsor/mentor/benefactor, satan gives you a reason to live. That my friend, in the beginning of your end.

Fine…, I don’t care if Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd earl of Shaftesbury (Locke’s host and mentor for decades) initiated him into the occult or not. What I care to hold onto is that for all that Locke is known to say or do on matters of religious liberty (a rightful idea quashed by the mischievous and greedy Ecclesia of that Era) as well as on the separation of God from the State [because of the evil of the ecclesiastical authority], he dared not chase the messianic status men like Lincoln and JFK did. His lungs failed him; he dreaded the God whose authority he bashed. God is indeed magnanimous to allow men soil his omnipotent sovereignty yet has a permanent eternal place in Hell for them if they refuse repentance. There’s no “place in the starry heaven” for them as the cult Immanuel Kant’s tomb purportedly eulogize. To God be the glory from November 8, the likes of him in The Judiciary and other secret societies are already wondering how their master ― lord Cahion is in Hell with them. (Isaiah Chapter 14).

Listen, God is in the proofs. He can’t lie! And what if He lies through His teeth, what would you do? Throughout Britain’s governance since the English Civil War which produced the Bill of Rights until later modern years, you only had the monarchy and the parliament governing the polity.

Poser: Why do you think these politicians listen to these cult philosophers (i.e., men of letters) as if they can’t think on their own?


R is for revolution. And revolution is like sugar. It’s quick. It doesn’t necessarily need to be big to be effective in operation. A small grain can give birth to its desired effect. Case-in-point: Attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan.

What Locke proposed was not a novel idea never before seen in the history of governance. We’ve had ancient cases of coup d’état. [Case-in-point: The fall of Julius Caesar by Brutus and Co.]. Yes, Locke’s idea was different: It birthed the modern nation-states — a “world [dis]order”. According to Lockean doctrine, revolution must precede [leftist or rightist] governance. Latest case-in-point: Fidel Castro’s Cuba. This is where you have to give it to lord Cahion. His ability to unify the left and right in his fraternal order in order to further his ideas in government is genius. Satan might not have the fruit of the spirit but his unity is unmatched even by Us, the Light of the world (that is, The Body of Christ). Different philosophies; different policies: We’ve seen insults here and there among them yet a common ground. I mean, as an opponent you call Obama the son of a whore as well as an illegal President born outside the U.S. yet you both shake hands to worship the same “god” — lord Cahion! You just have to celebrate satan at this inglorious stage. Diverse and different entities with different definitions to the phrase “appetite for success” yet appearing disagreeable on the surface but unified behind-the-scene an unchallenged force that strikes an arrow into the heart of the power of the Christian God. Celebrate his onetime inclusivity.

In view of that, the brightest idea satan has ever brought to the table is NEGATIVE “R” — which is revolution. As a result, now is the time to EDIT that dark wisdom with God’s divine wisdom. And for that wisdom to produce a DOX government of peace, justice and conflict resolution on earth as dictated by the unbreakable more sure Word of King JESUS’ prophecy, there must be reformation. And for the timely part, that seed of reformation is JOYS law. That part we’ve done for humanity by jailing satan. The next step is the prophetic DOX. How will it happen? Live and see (not watch and see).

Satan does not care about any global progress. That dangled “negative-progressivism” isn’t the God-kind of progress. Worth mentioning, in the kingdom of the [not lord but] abominable Cahion, “The Winggers” were the executive, while “The Judiciary” were the men of law (law of Nature/Positive laws, and Advanced law of Nature) and the legislative is where the rest cult groups lies. Only a handful others aren’t The Winggers; yet, they were messed up. It’s therefore saner, by the “voice of reason”, to be a cultist to rise to the top of government or you end up a debater on Newspapers centrespreads. You don’t get these positions by some motivational technical jargon. It’s through “The Judiciary” that lord Cahion passes his ideological concepts so it takes a philosophical bent through their letters and laws. Isn’t it surprising that on the surface, the legal Judiciary looks weakened despite wielding power but in the spirit realm, they all obey satan?

Revolution is satan; Cahion is revolution!

When God says the politeia of America’s governance (polis) is deeply rooted in an idolatrous Tree, extreme patriotic American preachers gets angry without first asking God if what I’m saying is true. You think God is joyful in you constantly chasing one crisis after another, and weeping along with your members for their losses? No! God wants you S-O-L-V-I-N-G their problems and giving them a template to go global with you as an example.

Listen, when God said in 2014 whilst in that 90-days spiritual stay with Him in Calabar, that He has ordained me to crush terrorism, I went full sail thwarting their plans until I had to stop. I realized I can’t be doing ministry like this. So, I went systematically to know their ideological stand and how they gain sympathy with the masses. My research came to a conclusion: You don’t throw the bathwater along with the baby. Had I not done that I would have been non-inclusive. That’s why I believe Muslims and non-Muslim fascinated with their terrorism also need empathy. If ISIL’s Al-Baghdadi repents today, though to be punished for his crime against humanity by the law of the land, God would still forgive him. That’s prophetic DOX; a peace, justice and conflict resolution on earth. Ministry isn’t a chasing of the wind, repeating result-less sameness for decades. Ministry is a living organism by God’s clear divine instructions. As such, re-imagine your ministry template with God. It’s not too late!

On Sir Isaac Newton, I also asked God. He replied me, “He is NOT a cultist. He almost joined them.”

I did my search and found out that he was a close friend of John Locke as well as his colleague in the Royal Society. His star power in scientific discovery of what the “state of Nature” can do in mocking existing scientific assumption mixed with Lockean principles could have crushed Christianity forever had Holy Spirit not helped him to “re-do” his life’s pursuit; something the Jupos are incapable of. Thank God’s “inner voice” dissuaded him. He almost did an unfortunate thing of trying to publish a thesis that there is nothing like Trinity (that is, the Great Commission of Matthew Chapter 28 verse 19). His association with this cultist Locke almost dragged this man to Hell had he not simultaneously later done a priori deductions on both the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Beloved, that still small voice of God causing heart palpitation in you each time you want to continue your theoretical psychopathic evil thesis until you belch into stardom is the voice of God’s Spirit ― His Holy Spirit warning you. You don’t build anything worthwhile destroying others. You are still at “the middle”; you-can-change! You can change for good. Imagine Isaac Newton had succeeded in making the “Great Commission” passage of Matthew 28:19 and the “Spirit of Grace” passage 2 Corinthians 13:14 irrelevant, would we be talking about Apostle Babalola down to Reverend Hagin over and above the year 2017’s episodes of UNENDING PROGRESS for humanity’s DOX? I love science. And for all its probability, my blood drenching willpower and whatever God saw in me could have been sacrificed at Cahion’s altar had God not diverted me — same way He did Newton. Thank God Newton didn’t go anticlerical. He had two choices: Dare it or get crushed by God.

But not so for America’s founding fathers. They instead, chose a path by going along with that fraudulent deceiver called satan. How on earth did Washington, a product of Christian heritage, see Locke’s revolution extremis-addition to the law of Nature as permissible to form of the “byproduct of revolution” called the United States of America?

Welcome to the English Radical Whigism

Radical Whig political ideology gave the founding fathers the testimonial and confidence to form a Roman-like Republicanism.


Enter into Robert Walpole, Leader of the united English Whig Party.

With Satan’s “cult of reason” – The Enlightenment took a European continental outlook under the success of the Glorious Revolution with the emergence of the Bill of Right as a model for, as Cahion’s Jean-Jacques Rousseau, would call it — the general will of the people. Scholars like the earlier mentioned John Locke struck the first blow into the fledgling mixed monarchial governance with his Two Treatises of Government. His devilish-genius in integrating man’s individualism, as The Church slept off, inside the existing construct of the law of Nature posited by Bacon, Descartes and others gave voice to 18th century (1700s) new sets of political actors and men of letters (The Judiciary) who were both Deist at night and Protestants Christians by day. Their agreement had a driving wheel: “Radical Whig political ideology.”

Satan is a far-sighted strategist; that I give him. This brand of “radicalism” (i.e., undertaken radical ideology against the Christian DOX of the saints) pushed forward by the early 1700s English Whig party was a Cahion’s idea fit for environment.

Who are these Whig political Party?

Worth mentioning… in British tongue, Whig means “Horse Thief”.

  • It was the Whig Party that inspired the masses into a systemic revolution called the Bloodless Revolution or the Glorious Revolution in 1688 with a few tenet The corrupt Church of England should have long adopted.
  • It was the Whig Party that that occult ‘Earl of Shaftesbury’ (Locke’s mentor) solidly planted in British parliament to further Cahion’s revolutionary controversy in England’s Mid-1600s Era.
  • It was the Whig Party, that spread warmongering propaganda of James, the Old Pretender (that is, son of the abdicated and dead James II ― creator of America’s New York) taking over England. This gained them recognition in the society. How did they know in advance? ANSWER: Witchcraft.
  • It was the Whig Party, later called the “Junto” Whig party [same name Benjamin Franklin’s occult intellectual society was named after] who in league with their London fraternal mercantile establishment formed the Bank of England in 1694 to fund the national debt incurred from William of Orange Grand Alliance War with France; a much expected war invented by inter-channel territorial witchcraft.

Undone with their political inroad, the “Junto” Whig party did something to establish their ground in the young revolutionary kingdom’s parliament ― a case they had already won by pocketing William II (that is, William of Orange) and Queen Anne in granted favour. And subsequently after the death of these monarchs, the Junto Whigs brought in the puppet German Lutheran prince of Hanoverian ancestry ― Georg Ludwig to govern Britain. Thus King George I was enthroned.

All these and more were inconsequential. What mattered most was the ideology over the course of 40 years of “zero physical war but spiritual harassment of the souls of the Britons”. While satan had no physical war, he began cryptically planting the seed of a spiritual war with God that would define the world till date. Finally, Locke’s witchcraft idea was going to take shape. And that shape landed in the British North American colonies which is today’s U.S. and the rest of the world.

These radicals created “soft revolution” – the sin of witchcraft. How?

From 1710s to 1750s, a “combined Opposition” in the British parliament was created which was on one side a hybrid of radical Whig with the existing Tory party [first] led by the Whig’s mischievous and greedy Robert Walpole against the other side: the so-called moderate Whig who were believed to have the ears of the Hanoverian Lutheran dynasty.

All were calculated stage play from the Junto Whig’s monopolistic party to end the place of the already divided and unimportant Church.

This master-minded division started a pattern for future political conflict in governance. Satan is always in the division. Without division first implanted into any family or society, satan can’t work. Just like the Republicans are seen as anti-Gay/prolife and seen as the defender of the Faith, the Whig were defenders of Protestantism and strong enemy of Roman Catholicism. Why do you think the JFK is the only Catholic President in America….

Back in those days, the policy difference between the commanding Freemason Whig party and the Anglican Tory party were on war and religion. Sharply from history, you would remember that the Whigs were anti-James II, the Roman Catholic king creating a fever that lead to the Glorious Revolution of 1688. This means they had a commanding favour with the masses. As such, the demographic of that English Era was just too receptive to reject anything Catholicism: From the Anglo-Catholics (i.e., the High Churchmen) to the Anglican Tories who became the Jacobites (i.e., supporters of the exiled King James II).

Note: Jacobite is derived from its Latin name: Jacobus. Also note: Contrary to scholastic endeavour to “saintify” Cahion’s men and inspire rebellion, the Glorious Revolution wasn’t a God-ordained revolution. God is not in the JUNTA revolutions ― THE NEGATIVE “R”! He is the God of JOYS – 3Rs: Relief, Recovery, and Reform. When Junto takes a political shape it becomes a violent Junta. Of note, it was during the Hanoverian dynasty, specifically in 1717, that Freemason went political with its first Grand Lodge (an association of lodges), although they’ve existed in another form since the reign of Pharaoh. The shift from Agriculture to industrialization by men’s ingenuity through awarding patent wasn’t a mystery solved by the Junta’s Inglorious Revolution… People already had their ideas locked inside of them but the refusal by the stubborn Crown and the belly-filled Church to grant Democracy was Cahion’s opportunity. Be that as it may, whatever Cahion’s machination, we’ve jailed him – not give him a run for his money. As such, the 1000 years peaceful reign of JESUS is now restored. Unhappily, satan has eaten 10-years out of it.

Keep this as a reminder, always: Your stubbornness not to obey prophecy in following His dynasty for you only helps to further satan’s expansionist kingdom ideas of oppressing humanity. Choose you this day whom you will serve. (Joshua Chapter 24 verse 15).

By and by, the “national hate” (bigotry) invented by these fraternal men of violence in-charge of the Press against the High Churchmen spread like wildfire. The Jacobites quickly powerless. Thus the perfect opportunity to banish both the God of the controlling greedy Catholics and the low self-esteem Protestants — that is, the Low Churchmen, from state forever arose. Smart and timed: Journals from supposed radical Whig writers started influencing this early 18th-century British society. Back then, purchasing news materials was expensive but a display of satan’s backchannel plan had begun to make it cheap. How? Britain by the Junto-led Bank of England was able to pay for war and as such, wealth sprang up. Though a third of the national income in land rents, agricultural produce and industrial profits belonged to only 5 percent of the population, the war funding and repayment showed that Cahion’s new oppressive unequal wealth distribution was quite different from the polarized old British Tudor/Stuarts monarchial society of the rich versus the poor. The demography changed by income; people enjoyed life… Cahion’s carrot was something they’ve never tasted. It became: …

(1) The great, who live profusely;

(2) The rich, who live plentifully;

(3) The middle sort, who live well.

(4) The working trades, who labour hard, but feel no want.

(5) The country people, farmers etc., who fare indifferently.

(6) The poor, who fare hard.

(7) The miserable, which really pinch and suffer want. [Using Daniel Defoe’s data].

With this new social stability created by lord Cahion’s idolatrous men, buying newspapers was the least thing they couldn’t pay for. The “carrot man” threw in more spanner ― scandalous propaganda by the Press against the Anglo-Catholics and the Crown. By their media power, they created a climate that already hated the former for evil reign and both Church factions for bribery. People didn’t just speak against the latter. The Church altogether became phlegm in the mind of the people. Soon, people started deciding to do away with the bad mad Church. Quite the reverse for the established anti-Roman Evangelicals (i.e., Church of England and its associates). On the contrary, the easy to be attacked Anglo-Catholics/High Churchmen were seen as the opportune-object to create their Jupitarian ideology of worshiping satan in government — a better Zion polis (i.e., a political just city).

Poser: Why didn’t these radicals use THE anti-Roman Evangelicals also as hate’s muse?

Answer: Because back then, it was in the Church of England’s network of churches (as the centre of the people’s village social life) that spiritual comfort were provided [now, unfortunately replaced by so many witchcraft contents on social media in the 21st century].

Beloved, when you don’t have a deep relationship with God — YOUR Father, you’ll be walking around arguing about one prejudice and bias. Before you know it, time is gone and you and your family permit satan to make you live in sorrow. God is not in the feeling. Your feeling isn’t what matter when walking with God. Your spirit is what matters. Switch control lest external forces end up controlling everything about your life. For instance, having to know many of God’s top secrets [and more] about Cahion which took my breath away, I was appalled thinking I’ve failed God for not knowing something I should have known from the outset; regardless of my near death services. Immediately, God spoke, “You are on track.”

“Thank you Father,” I said. Then I asked Him, “What is my score,” desiring a measurement of my outcome. He replied, “97.7%.” He then instantaneously told me that He won’t tell me the rest 2.3% until later. I didn’t know when I busted into praise singing this song: “Father, it is me You brought to this earth. What have I done to deserve all these? I am unqualified in more ways than one to represent Heaven, yet Father You did these…!”

Friends, God loves YOU. You just don’t know it. That He didn’t tell you His plan at the expected time doesn’t mean He hates you. You’ve chased Him the hardest without looking at people’s reactions yet you didn’t know His secrets. See, it just wasn’t time to know. You are right on track. Plant God on earth! Those heroes of faith that keeps coming to YOU are telling you the same thing that the Hevaen’s hosts are cheering for you. You are too heavily invested in. Now is not the time to listen to both the voices of religion and reason. God wants to do a great thing on earth through YOU. Therefore, defeat human and ethereal distractions with merciless focus!

It was this voice of religion as well as voice of reason in these bribed pastors that helped Cahion’s radical mere idolatrous Junto mortals to separate God from state. For back then, The Church also served as a place where national ongoing like wars, victories, royal deaths and births were received. As such, the poor, the illiterate, and particularly women received their political news there, much like in the American colonies. This closes the answers to why they didn’t attack the anti-Roman Evangelicals. To attack and weaken the established House-of-Tudor’s Church of England would be a national disaster and suicide for satan’s minions. Bribing and devilish favours started taking advanced meaning.

Friends, there’s a lot to do on this side of the divide.

As my JOYS law custom was, I was led to ask God, “Father, I appreciate all You’ve been doing. What is the thing that could make me lose this hard fought Spirit of Grace?” He said it without mincing: “If you steal.” I felt headache. Stealing is below me. Yet, God wanted me to know that if I do steal, He would make Himself far away from me. Hallelujah! He made sure that my entire make up rejects stealing. That is why if you are stealing and you are around me, your stealing business would suddenly fail. This is not a curse. I am simply God’s presence on earth. I don’t need to fast and pray about it. I am God’s tabernacle – His sanctuary on earth. You think He just told me to avoid the stealing and masquerade Jupos for nothing…? If I near them, their stealing ministries would collapse. What has pastors got to do with assassination? Don’t you know that the moment you steal, you are flying blind… no more under God’s protection. Anything can happen to you. I can understand if Congregants steal, but can’t when a pastor under a supposed covenant, who knows better, does that; I either look at the pastor as ignorant of the bondage in his ancestry/from somewhere or see the pastor as a deliberate thief. When as a pastor you steal, the heaven becomes brass over you.

A key word of caution: As a Jupo pastor, f you want to continue doing what satan wants you to know how to do best (which is stealing, fear and division in The Ecclesia), I appeal, don’t near spiritual warfare. The very moment you go into it, you appear under witchcraft power’s radar. You suddenly become exposed when confronting the enemy. They take you serious. They get you both spiritually and physically. Killing you physically is the easiest means they would employ. Going spiritual on you is simply a hard process; a waste of time. Imagine for instance, a church member telling you ― a pastor’s wife, “Wow… you look beautiful. I want to eat you like Pizza,” then sending you constant romantic text messages. Instead of you to call the person to order you persisted in enjoying it. Well, you’ve opened the gate for sudden witchcraft attack. You can’t be a pastor/a worker and still be sampling all the singles in the church when you know one of them is suffering from HIV/AIDS, yet thinking your condoms would protect you only to contact the disease. That’s setting traps in the full glare of a bird that won’t enter. Be wise; divorce satan’s greed.

Beloved, all these private sins are avoidable by [let’s use the word] “reason”. I want to wake up every morning knowing nobody died due to lack of Medicaid help because an unrepentant stealing pastor stole church money to hack or do whatever he loved selfishly doing. We’ve got to on our part reduce high mortality rate from 2017 onward. The modern Church has lost this message to end the making of another Whitefield. Too late; whether you like it or not, God has begun the sorting in these 990+ years.

Listen, every 7 years, the DOX for these thousand years shall be renewed to complete a cycle of POSITIVE GLOBAL CHANGES to birth un-seen of, un-heard of exponential UNENDING PROGRESS. Any unrepentant corrupt occultic government that nears God’s children would find themselves lose out. We are building something great that the generations to come would live to enjoy. It’s a government of peace! Where I in the Era of England’s [official] first and longest serving Prime Minister ― Robert Walpole, I’m certain his Freemasonry devotion to lord Cahion would be shaken.

And as the reckless, mischievous, and greedy ambition of Walpole was leading the frontline, writers in different Journals were leading the backline with demonic attacks from Locke and others through the help of ignorant ministers who delightfully taught the masses “what’s new“. This attack continued a legacy: He/she that controls the media controls the people. Unperturbed, satan expanded this idea by sending this same bitter pills of hate against the Church to the fertile Colonies whose demography were Congregationalist Puritans, Anglicans, [and now majorly Whitefield’s Baptists] immigrants’ children who hated anything called Church authority owing to their fore-father’s bad experience in England.

That is why a generation of immigrants that hates God would eventually create an idolatrous nation. Same-sex legalization didn’t just come up from the air over the past 9+ years. Our demography was just too ready to embrace all-things Cahion. Now he’s jailed! There must for this reason be acculturation of God’s JOYS on every nations of the earth. This must be the ethos of immigration reform going forward.

Enter into America’s Idol.

Cahion landed in America with his entire might through the now new Junta radical ideology in a Journal called The Independent Whig published in England from 1720-1723, and then republished over and over again for many decades in the new colonies. This new Cahion’s intellectual sea of negative change (away from religion) shaped the young and naive colonists by persuading them to join the different fraternal Enlightenment groups in order to birth Republicanism. As such, Deism’s Freemason blasphemous movement was born in America; initiating the likes of Benjamin Franklin. What Deism couldn’t do with religion in the religious colonies, it succeeded in the polity.

Like a free beer served on the house, the North Americans Christians drank the idea of Republicanism [as seen in Roman times] to stupor. For before Cahion’s Jupitarian ancient idea could be birthed, something that strikes a chord with these constituencies needed to catch the interest of the colonies. He invented what broke the Carmel’s back. Not challenging the Crown [3000 miles away] as seen in England. What tickled the fancy of this new demography into Deism-worship was the writers’ radical context that religious liberty, not just toleration could be done. And so, began a new generation of idealists.

Division is a strategic tool of satan. Why would Christian clerics want to play in that water? You’ve got no depth, strength and satan’s witchcraft network to finish such destructive game, yet you want to be the “lord folly” in such field. Had the Church not remained bloated in comfort with irrelevant sectarian conflict around deadpan sawdust conferences, there won’t be these purported Change Agents with Enlightenment “negative-progressivism”.

To the American colonies, ecclesiastical tyranny was closer to them than the Crown’s bribery manipulation of clerical authorities in England (who now owned the masses) and the Parliament/House of Commons (not lords) who control taxation. They felt it. The “Church and King” hatred which prevailed in Britain as well as the dominance of Cahion’s secular spirit of the Enlightenment was 3000 miles from them. But by these initiating demonic contents that encouraged them to hate God, attacking their Puritan heritage was given a spine. Instead of Freemason’s revolutionary shape shifters who formed the idolatrous U.S. rooted-god called “lord Cahion” to create an European Freemason hostility to America’s Christian heritage (which of was impossible then [and surprisingly now]), they distorted/tarnished the image of God. Result? Deception! Till date, Christian-America authors still patriotically and wrongfully idolize cahion (the Supreme Being/the Creator/Nature’s god/Divine Providence) as the God—The Almighty. Same goes for his men.

  • The Athletician” lodge member ― Benjamin Franklin; signer of the Declaration and the Constitution and almost universally, recognized then and now as embodying the spirit of the new nation.
  • The Winggers” lodge member ― George Washington; the Generalissimo of the Continental Army, President of the Constitutional Convention, and first President of the United States who wrote a “distorted Bible”.
  • The Space” lodge member ― John Adams; the Atlas of independence, author of the Massachusetts constitution, second President of the United States whose family is conjured as a model of Christian piety by their “fraud Christianity” —which is.
  • The General Financial Command” lodge member ― Thomas Jefferson; author of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom and the Declaration of Independence, and third President who is seen as the Creator of America’s Christian government.
  • The Winggers” lodge member ― James Madison; father of the Constitution, author of the Bill of Rights, and fourth President who is regarded as a sympathizer of slaves who resettled many in Liberia.

P.S. “The General Financial Command” are the supervisors of the Grand Lodge. Ask them. I know this because God told me.

It is written: …

As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me, Da’vid. For the strangers shall fade away and be afraid out of their secrets places!” — Psalm 18:44-45

[Tongues…]. You are not the only occupant on this earth. And if you must know governance in its get-the-job-done form, you must know who and what is governing it. Don’t joke with this God and His knowledge of the abominations on His earth! Get close to Him.

To make matters convincing from historical fact, these men never denied their master – lord Cahion’s invented religion. For instance, in a correspondence John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson in 1816 in amazement to what Jefferson had introduced him to, he noted: …

“The ten commandments and the sermon on the Mount contain my religionDeism’s Freemason.”

Friends, evil diversion always takes place in the dark. This is because satan is the master of trends; he creates trends for fun.

The Inquest: This is the 21st century; why would you want to maintain a right-wing ideology when you guys are the same? Why not leave right wing ideology for the ideologist and openly come out that you are Freemason, and stop lying.

The Outcome: There has never been anything like traditional politics. This 21st century’s brightest innovation is to jail their master — un-lord Cahion; thus giving populism a chance to beat the fraudulent traditional politics into zero. Britain’s Cameron is gone; Italy’s Renzi is gone, U.S. Obama is going, France’s Hollande is going, and others are packing. The only person left standing is Germany’s Merkel. Would she remain? When God told me Populism, Racism and poor health was going to swallow the world, Renzi was still in government, and Hollande didn’t say he would not stand for re-election. I didn’t know what populism was in its entirety when God told me this neither was I studying any news. I was on The Mountain in midnights for a month getting His JOYS laws. I didn’t know their visions and plans. [I don’t study news]. Look at them now, they are all looking for a way of escape not reform. Politics has now become a luxury for the “real evil men” to rule on-behalf of Cahion

Look at me God’s JOYS; the same way I don’t follow the news is the same way I didn’t follow rumors and distractions. I’m too in hunt for God’s assignment. I am His Negotiator on earth. There are so many things He tells me that I don’t bother listening to mainstream news and their games. I scan on the go on a few wherever I meet one. I know what is happening beneath to be distracted along with the Proletariat.

At this stage of my step-by-step walk with God’s majesty, I’ve gone beyond some set of cahion’s minions playing game with me in distorted news. We are talking about knowing into thousand years of earth’s existence and the collapse of occultic powers at Armageddon and mainstream news wants to sell lies and fantasy.

Let me surprise you: You will be surprised Vladmir Putin reads this. God told me Putin reads this and made one adjustment; but that Angela Merkel hasn’t read any of my work, but that my prayers in 2015 helped the torment she suffered from. What are you talking about here… to waste valuable time paying homage to Cainism-Jupos so they lead mankind…?

We are ending the demonic reign of Hell on earth!

Listen, satan is very systemic with trends. He tries time and again to find different ways to turn humans against themselves: religion, politics, economy… name it. You don’t want the royal’s serfdom yet you created a supposed liberal system that still had modern debt slavery (which is inequality) tied to it.

Pharaoh’s Third Eye rule made evident by The Wingger’s General George Washington through his “distorted Bible” wasn’t a mistake. For instance, the chapter that narrates the sign and wonder JESUS did by resurrecting Lazarus (that is, John Chapter 11) contains “57 verses” but Washington’s Bible has “67 verses”. Where did he get the remaining verses from? ANSWER: Lord Cahion. (Smiles…). Freemasons have it as evident that when the leader of the “free world”(?) — General Washington died on December 14, 1799, lord Cahion resurrected him four days later (where FOUR is the number of the earth) on December 18 to write the Bible for future covetous politicians to hold as truth, adore and then dislike The Church’s Bible. This is needed for a free world, Cahion believed, if there was a Bible the Roman Catholic Church once had before we all reverted to using before King James I, ruler of Britain, France and Ireland (who granted a Protestant Bible publishing as the King James Bible). The ideas was to make all Americans become idolatrous worshiper of cahion — “the Supreme Being”. Satan’s ideas (also seen in the Jupos) can be amusing.

Satan is smart; He knows if he can give the populace a new demonic content, they would hate God. Thankfully, that demonic Bible though still active, is a DOA (dead on arrival) document. Strangely, the masses didn’t let go of God; a nightmare to satan. His plan died off. He just can’t comprehend it. As such, be careful how you call yourself a Patriot. Be careful, lest you become God’s enemy.

Shaping the trend-line to form headlines is satan’s mind trick. Stop sleeping too early. The reason why most ministries’ Bible translation of the KJV looks irrelevant to politicians is because these ministries’ priori speculations streak of confusion and ignorance about the evil of these men, as well as how to deliver them. I look back and celebrate God for making me to read many Bible versions early in life in that library. I didn’t know why I did that back then… but God knew what He was doing. Who says God isn’t GREAT!



GOOD NEWS: The Church has always won, and satan always lost.

Cainism in the 21st Century: The sorrow with helping Cahion

Cainism in the hands of the Jupos is the manure for Cahion’s minion’s witchcraft mission to divide The Body of Christ. Cainism is an enabler of all forms of evil reign on earth through men. Without humans, evil wouldn’t have existed.

It is written: ….

But Abel brought fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The LORD looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast. Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? 7If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” Instead, Cain envied Abel and hatefully refused God’s instruction and said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.” a And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. The first of any human bloody violence on earth. Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. 12When you work the ground, it will no

longer yield its crops for you. YOU SHALL BE A DRY BRANCHLESS TREE. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.” Cain said to the LORD, “My punishment is more than I can bear. 14Today you are driving me from the land, and I will be hidden from your presence; I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.” But the LORD said to him, “Not so; if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him. So Cain went out from the LORD’s presence and lived in the land of demonic wandering, east of Eden (which is THE HABITATION OF SATAN). — Genesis 4:4-16

God Himself told me I came to continue what Hagin started. I never met him in my life neither saw him. I don’t know his family. I mean, he had already died before I knew who he was proper. He died in 2005; I knew him in 2006. You might not be happy, but gather with your Seer peers and they would tell you what I just said. God said in the Body of Christ, there’s no one doing what He, God, approves of. My offering is acceptable! The proof is there and much more. You can see it. Hagin is not just the Word of Faith; Hagin is God’s son – a Prophet. The Jupos shouldn’t box him to build a brand. Stop such artlessness. We’ve got deep-seated work to do. This is the second part WRT to Hagin and I.

I’ve come to make Freemasons as benchmark for all occultic gathering on earth to stop kidding themselves on their nationalism claim. They are not patriotic! Were it not for the 1600s’Christian America religious pluralists, there won’t be an American identity. Had there not been a demographic, you would have heard them not cryptically hide lord Cahion who governs America (in her dollar and other institutional symbols) to a public declaration like the pluralistic India. Dig deep into these Deist political leaders ungodly domestic and foreign policies. There is nothing God-led ideas there. Time to sit up! Therefore, this is not the time for an integrated Muslim to dwell in America without knowing JESUS as Christ. I say this because tough times are coming, though Islam won’t go away in the next 1000 years. #EconomicDeliverance is what you must now hold on to. For deliverance is a non-materialistic alignment of your spirit, soul and body — never religion. There’s no controversy around it. No matter the healing, some are long term some are short term. We are talking about a long term permanent solution here not healing. You can’t use healing to end nationalistic violence coming. Healing can’t work on what deliverance needs to do. I can only but teach you what I’ve handled, touched, conquered. Do same. Do a spiritual lock down of every satanic encroachment. Violence is a satanic encroachment. Grow your spiritual depth to lock down everything on all sides. You too can represent Heaven. Failure to build grit on all sides keeps you open. Trump can’t save you.

Welcome to Christ.

Every blood spilled from this lung in selfless service to end mankind’s disasters spoke to God.

When God was telling me that He has cursed both the Jupos and the messengers of satan I didn’t understand until later. You resisted His work unto blood and He won’t step in? (Smiles…). We shall see. You know everything we’ve been saying about DOX are now coming to pass…. (Smiles…).

The Church is a living organism; she shall deliver the Fraternal Order members by Christ’s GOVERNANCE 2.0. This shall be the focus of governance for the next 200 years. It will then be from here we start orchestrating how to move and construct a prophesied eternal spotless people into Heaven’s polis. Many shall make Heaven! Currently, on the other hand, nothing has been brought to the table of inclusivity. And that is why UNITY looks like an ecumenical political gathering. You’ve not gathered over delivering Fraternal Order lodge members because you lack the grit and spiritual intelligence to do so. But God is saying in this Age of the DOX (eschatological) Prophets that His LIVING DOCUMENT shall come alive as Peter has prophesied to deliver the people. The obedient non divisive one shall orchestrate the greatness, time and movement of God’s best saviours upon the sea. We shall maneuver their CONQUEST in the great waters across history’s 1000 years duration by God’s Right Hand! I’ve been there.

To get there we must banish the last enemy in The Ecclesia: DIVISION!

Ace-The-case: The Bondage of Division

God — the Almighty know people deeper than their gifts. This is because I had in the past in the “Webosphere” [sic] seen an introverted gentle “preacher” who deliberately and cryptically loves labeling old time churches and their pastors as failures for reason I still find unacceptable. If you want to impose foreign development into your country, must you destroy The Church?! This action is beyond my “imagination”. Besides, most of his stances are New Age concepts. Has he changed? I can’t tell. I can only but tell of what God said of him as been….

Now, as you’ve seen, The Church has not gotten to her GLORIOUS REFORMATIVE DESTINY yet! But what I can remember about this fellow is that he did it for such a long time you finally realize why the Bible said that the heart of men are desperately wicked. This is the evil diversion of reason.

Listen, consistently repeating error and constantly asking for forgiveness, while your audiences have already had a negative idea injected into their blood to justify their wrong philosophy can’t end deep demonic wickedness in your heart. These kinds of folks may not wicked but the “revolutionary” reasons to keep doing wickedness in the face of the lost ground The Church has had makes one wonder when is She going to shake off the loser label mainstreams gives her. If the American churches this Jupo fellow idolizes so much are called the endangered species, what lessons hasn’t he learnt from their “failure”? Even these American churches are now trying to seek God but he wants to destroy The Body of Christ. This deep wickedness at this stage has become a case of demon in the blood that must be removed. Good becomes bad; God’s judgment eventually cries out. Therefore, remove it by brokenness.

From this Jupo’s action and several others, I realized that most, not all, Christian TV and Radio programmes are staged to match the tone and script that would soothe both the smart and easy listeners; same as his sub-conscious preaching on his corrupted altar. We are repeating the foolishness seen in mainstream. Mainstream sees more than we do. I used to think folks like these were holy men, through-and-through by what I saw not until I started seeing their unwarranted division and what God told me was their reason; thus stated.

Keep this to heart: Committing sin with your pastor connects you both to the same judgment. This is why when you see someone being lynched in the public, leave there. Don’t go looking. You are also a partaker of the groups’ sin when God wants to judge. In the same vein, joining your pastor to murder people with your tongue only puts you under a curse as an accomplice. Do you stay there or leave? Search your heart.

A cursed citizen is only a liability to his/her nation, and no success or leadership or faith tips would save that person. You will carry that guilt from your wickedness, and the devil would feed on your regret. That is what is called demon in the blood.

Thank God there’s redemption. Until you severe ties with such association, the judgment would remain. For instance, you may be laughing at holiness, legalism, prayer, faith, prosperity, healing just to come out and make some name yet ignorant of the fact that one your favourite son of yours is in a local cult that worships birds. Still, you don’t know that God has declared that very soon, He would mercilessly deal with him for all his evils. He’s got his years ahead of him if only he repents… as such, I won’t give anybody ideas about this kid. Yet, you wonder if his leader won’t partake of such punishment. We remembered some ministers and wonder what they were doing not to knowing these sought of things about their beloved mentees as well as political friends. THE ANSWER: Incontrollable thirst for praise. Most often, the Jupos keep doing events to have people that would worship them tomorrow. Once you do that, people become dependent on you. They don’t have a mind of their own anymore. They divide because you divide. They do evil because a man of the cloak doing evil means righteousness. I smiles. Well, we shall see.

Listen dearest child of God; God wants to raise kings-priests not docile chanters.

Thank God, ministry is different in this Age. There’s hope for many. This is why there are no way any of my partisans influences would make me quote or celebrate their wicked division when they embrace such.

It is written: …

“My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them… My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths: for their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. How useless to spread a net in full view of all the birds! These men lie in wait for their own blood; they waylay only themselves! Such is the end of all who go after ill-gotten gain; it takes away the lives of those who get it.” — Proverbs 1:10, 15-19

But, I didn’t damage the reputation or join in the lynching, you say. To a great degree, every mentor and mentee who destroy people with their tongue(s), [re]tweets, posts, et al have a common damnable judgment under God. And guess what… you and your pastors/mentors who sit in a “corner” to destroy people are not family, but the moment you do that, you become family by demons in the blood. I adjure you God’s favourite; don’t be used as a failed example tomorrow.

The Jupos don’t know many things because God can’t entrust them with His divine power. That’s why He blanks them. He knows them better than they do themselves. It’s high time you leave the realm of disgrace for decades and become a minister of God-led, not stealing-led, exploits. It was this same Jefferson that created the Capitol[ine] Hill for Cahion (and his serving politicians) to govern. Don’t mistake it: Republicanism’s brand of political representation has always been towards the gods in government as seen in JESUS’s Zion (with David – the creator of Government)…, in Zeus’ Athens…, and in Jupiter’s Ancient Rome.

Entertainingly, Deists’ have had nightmares planting that in the West. Why? The masses have still not been able to worship satan. Praise God! That is why there’s a problem as a Jupo-like church leader when you want people to praise you in hero-worship. You are far behind and not useful to God. Despite not condemning Christianity, these evil Freemason men still failed woefully with their monotheism. They knew its’a capital risk to condemn the Christian demography. For if you condemn the monotheistic (worship of one god) Christian God (the opium of the masses in the West), you risk alienating the people who are to further your cause. However, in my country, African countries, and in India where polytheism (worship of one gods) thrives is where the Jupos have this foolishness to play with. The people were brought up to worship. So, the Jupos feed on that. Don’t they know that the idea of Republicanism was to have gods as representatives of the masses? Enlightenment’s Judiciary fraternal cult members like Jean-Jacques Rousseau who died in disgrace once stated this after getting confused with his “general will of the masses” sided of the social contract. But many, back then and even today didn’t see it.

This was what Apostle Babalola destroyed in my country. I celebrated God when the name of the Nehru and Obafemi Awolowo belong to. Indeed, Babalola is an extension of God’s #ProblemStopBusStop on earth.

He said, “The name of their cult is 50 Centriquatic of nations.

What is that supposed to mean to the human “reason”? And how could such weird name roll out of God’s tongue? The secrets things of this earth are not hidden from His eyes. Everything you do under His universe, He knows, yet He says I am your Father, you are My son/daughter.

For the record, Centriquatic means water. Worshiping water spirit was what “50 Centriquatic of nations” gather together for.

With the Nehruvian system of governance imported into a regional just city (Ibadan) by Awolowo, satan had a gateway to be walking on the streets of my country because of the powerless and extractive colonial churches until Apostle Babalola came on the scene and disgraced satan’s inroad into politics. By planting God’s powerful “dominion portal” with his frontier Aladura Inclusive Movement [that has taken both good and distorted shapes and sizes in local churches today], the political revolution of Awolowo to bring us all into a dark politeia was crushed. Awolowo’s upbringing and environment was just too ripe to make him become a polytheistic worshiper of different Ifa gods/demons. The idea was simple and predictable: Lace our devotion to the gods of the landed Ifa Franchise on education so that the Nehruvian class system would have something to ride on and influence future generation into demanding for Ifa chosen political-king. He himself didn’t disavow it, but declared his devotion to his deity. [You now begin to wonder why Solomon left glory and started worshiping demons].

Jupos are far from God thus ignorant, not just because satan placed cobwebs on their eyes, but because of Cahion’s men contents they deliberately swallowed to manipulate their members. Why not get closer to God and get things done?! I can name politicians God told me are reading this, who claim they fight for Christianity but yet are locked in the enslaved Cahion’s evil lodges. There’s one politician famously called a “liar” for deceiving The Church who is in the lodge called “The Shailas”. What about the other politician mocked as “little”? He is in “The Sniffers. The Sniffers, God told me, though occupying a demeaning role, are the one in-charge of cemeteries and know what’s happening with the spirits. These ones are hard to convince because they commune with their founders’ spirit, not knowing it’s demons they are seeing. Yet, Hell is seen as a beauty. Their position of out 455 fraternal lodges is Number Twenty-Five. They are not much but more than 2200+ in numbers.

Friends, its dawn… time to wake up. You need to stop getting addicted to the news and other reality distortion touch-points in order to unclutter your mind from secondhand goods and hear what God is saying per time. What you have inside you is a battle for God’s attention. The voice of reason is saying something on the right ear, the voice of religion is saying another on the left hear. The time is NOW!

Pained in my heart, I asked God why these evil diversion by these brilliant admirable men. He replied, “They served satan because of lack of contentment.”

Glory to God, He said some are very close to worshiping Him by my gospel. One of them is Hillary. I can tell you her computer mark number. Let’s be serious. I know we shall get the job done. It’s a small thing. My JOYS is to stand before God with my wife and family and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servants. Sit on My RIGHT HAND side and wear these crowns.”

We’ve not started real work for Christ. I’ve not gotten to where I’m going!

Listen, the longer a person stays in darkness before he/she runs to JESUS, the deeper the enemy will work in the person’s life and, sometimes, the longer it would take to clean the person up after he/she had escaped. Unfortunately for the sage of Monticello — the Deist Thomas Jefferson, he stayed too long in the dark with Cahion, and the longer he stayed, they harder it was for God to help him. His intellect was just too good to help construct Freemason. His record should have been impeccable and famed for god-like reverence like my blessed Kenneth E. Hagin of yesterday, but the man died in debt, confusion and scandals, despite serving the now enslaved Cahion.

The lesser of the two evil is to be scandalized whilst alive than to self-promote a perfect image only to be buried with scandals. Everybody, including me, not only the Jupos should learn from this.

God once told about the chief leader of the Jupo. He said, “He is stingy and give only to build his reputation.”

Unity might create a synergistic reaction but we are created for unity. That’s why it’s called The Body of Christ. But when you consider yourself as the leader of the Church with all these petty reputation-building, God won’t talk to you. It means to Him you have a dirty mindset, and have a high penchant to continue in evil. You are risk at this stage.

Look at me, god’s JOYS; considering my earthly age, I should have long had a church integrated into my ministry to perhaps boast like the Jupos, but God said otherwise even when I kept getting their sticks, yet feeding them. The obedience was tough but I had to not knowing He was planning me for a day I would jail satan [prophet Adeyande couldn’t by witchcraft powers]. Hallelujah! My reputation was at stake obeying God. Today; see result: I JAILED SATAN!

To plant DOX is not to plant church. Had I listened to these tiny ones called Jupos that I‘m ready, I would have long planted it frustration in ministry.

What are we talking about here? Disobedience is witchcraft! For three straight years the Jupos did the same evil yet remain in a goat syndrome.

Had I listened to the self-seeking selfish demonic reason-controlled Jupos who posit I’m far too ready to create and own a local church, is the day I stop hearing God since I’m running my own plan. This is why some Jupo-like ministers would be in ministry for 20+ years and not record one single testimony of signs and wonders. God didn’t tell them to go into that direction. As such, what is ministry if there’s no proof to liberate people?!

Listen, God gave them dryness and leanness of soul because they rehearsed abominable disobedience for 20+ years which drew them VERY FAR away from God.

The scripture cannot be broken: It is draw near to Me, and I would draw near to you. Simple. (James Chapter 4 verse 8).

“But I draw near,” you say? But God is saying in Psalms Chapter 119 verse 150: …

“You draw near to Me, yet you follow after mischief: you are far from My JOYS law.”

He knows your HEART!

I laugh. God is humorous. He knows what people and their evil imagination against His elect. He once told me that the Jupo team lead wants me to pay homage to him as mark of humility to him because of his age. I smile. Well, if I can bow for everybody why not him… But he should know this: His blessing for the curse God placed on him for destroying His plans since for 3 years and counting is in my hand. God said I’m the only one on earth who can negotiate His wrath out from His hand by my negotiating grace. I’m talking about the Jupos not the messengers of satan. The latter is already gone. The Jupos should ask anyone if I’m their negotiator or not. Then we know the Joseph that grants mercy. (Proverbs 29 verse 4).

I smile. Most ministries, among which were the Jupos, were going down and the Spirit of Grace resuscitated them yet, the Jupo says, NO… we must bite our benefactor. (Smiles…).

Listen, satan does not have any grace to give. He is the father of all lies. I jailed him. I don’t entertain deceit. My task is to ensure that division ends in the Body of Christ.

It is written: …

“The king’s judgment by God’s Bill of Supernatural Rights establishes Christ’s global Franchise….” — Proverbs 29:4

To end the problems of the earth franchise, discipline the Jupos. In fact, the Jupos — anathemas of a form of Cainism don’t have a place in history more than what is written about them in this epistle. They are under God’s irreversible curse. No man can change it. This is how to show future generation who desire bitterness over joy an example. You mustn’t be bitter and alarmed at your brother’s progress and praying he/she meets failure in hope that it gives you a breathing space to “progress” and boast you are success — albeit a scrawny success. That’s Cainism.

I love you too deep to see YOU (God’s precious soul) live a wasted life like the Jupos. I care; I can’t pretend. If you need more than a paragraph to end your division in this NEW Franchise, you’ve shown you want to remain in the sorrowful bondage erected for your divisive pastor. That’s the enslaved lord Cahion’s script in over 300 years.

I PRAY: May you not be on the other side during this 990+ years of POSITIVE GLOBAL CHANGE and all round UNENDING PROGRESS.

Beloved, you have the ability to be “outside looking” than being parochial in thoughts.Think beyond your mentors’ errors; don’t repeat them. Think Presidential!

Your brand new world of JOYS is here, in JESUS’ name!

THE JOYS: 1000 Years DOX of the “Living Document

One of the seven cities in the U.S. God says I‘m going on mission visit to is President James Adams’s franchise — Massachusetts. In stark contrast to the City Upon a Hill mantra, God said, “That city is too idolatrous. They are against Me. I’m sending you there to deliver them from darkness.”

Thank You, JESUS!

As God’s judge, we have to lay the ground work for this UNENDING PROGRESS by destroying division. I dislike division with perfect disgust. How? Division made a good thing become a bad thing. I just realized from the researched available data that Adeyande’s birthday falls on the day America’s founding forefathers (the Puritan pilgrim) from the Mayflower ship reached the area called Plymouth in John Adams’ Massachusetts. Today, they celebrate it as the Forefathers’ Day. Nothing special about it so long as, as we’ve seen, the divisive attack on the Church by later Deist generations banished God’s light from Massachusetts, and then invited satan to create a dark foundation which collapsed America today. Strikingly, JFK and his father also came from Massachusetts.

Listen, grassroots mobilization for church expansion can’t replace anointing.

Massachusetts and other places didn’t just adopt gay marriage. Divisive rhetoric and ideas from Freemasons like insisting the priesthood is superior to the prophetic only serves to make God useless in the polity of a state or society. Is there any sense in both the tone and the context? Events like this destroyed the Puritans. Why not sit down and talk to God to let Him clarify it than stating concept you aren’t fit to declare as a supposed authority. God talks! He talks. That’s the focus of Christianity else, you will repeat the mistakes of The Church in over 300 years.

Friends, if you listen to Him, you will avoid scandals and controversy.

God has so much invested in you, but nonsensical discourse like the priesthood is greater than the prophetic is why you are not getting God. That’s the voice of religion. Your “imagination by reason” is your problem.


I DECREE: You are coming out of that bondage, in JESUS’ name!



The bondage the world has placed me, FATHER, help me break it!

God is GREAT! He is not wicked. He is best at knowing that you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegars. God is not the God of wrath. He wants to attract YOU with His gifts. You don’t pay for it or get trained on it; He, Himself, wants to give you. So, don’t let the voice of religion destroy the prophetic in you. Remove that “maize-bead”.

Perhaps you are there with a non-visible to the eye mark from birth that is putting you in bondage such that you get oppressed by the devil, hear me: TONIGHT, is your deliverance, in the name of JESUS! The strongman over you in crushed, in the name of JESUS!

Friends, you need help; you need God’s help. You need asking God questions. Without asking God for the direction of your nation’s politics and her Supernatural Rights, you will keep running around seeking alternatives from radical national and global partners – who are now powerless. Until JOYS’ law is seen as an ethos to be embraced, people/government would seek opportunities and still have their cakes.

For instance; my wife, for all her intellectual wit as a PhD holder has a call. I sat down with God and asked Him what is her purpose on earth, and He said, “She is to sing for Me.” I then saw her in a vision bringing great deliverance, healing and prophecy on large crowds seated on chairs. And as I can remember of Hagin’s visit to Heaven one time, his description look like what I saw where the seated people were seen worshiping God up above a glorious throne before a choir. What else do I want? I can’t go to any major revivals in countries without her. Her prophetic songs opens God’s floodgate. The crowds would come wanting to see me, but she’s more important than me, and God more important than anybody. It’s that simple. In ministrations, if there’s no song in prophecy, there won’t be God’s [mass] shekinah glory. Unity! That’s God’s alternative. My wife is a mother of great children who are God’s RIGHT HAND in five continents. That’s prophecy. [Tongues…]. Nothing can change it. Their father jailed satan! What are saying here…? God said, “Your dynasty is My eternal architect for Christ’s peaceful governance.” Why do you think I was engraced to jail satan?

Look at me, if anyone is going to make you divisive, always ask: “To what end is this person’s rhetoric going to lead me on in this 990+ years global Franchise?” Satan has been locked up. To waste time on profitless ideologies, philosophies and gossips only produces a loser in you. Why do you want to become inoperable? Why not win!

Satan is good at pounding people’s brain in mortar because of some oath.

Ace-The-Case: The Evil Grandmother

I saw a young man and God showed that they’ve pounded his brain.

Her grandmother consulted a witchcraft coven on-behalf of her family. They told her to choose one her grandchild – a male, she would use. She selected the child of the son she doesn’t like. The father of the boy was taken out of the way to fulfill their assignment. Yet, his wicked mother was still alive. She cried in her son’s burial ceremony. The powers then went to meet the first son, but because he was lawyer and very strong, they couldn’t pound his brain for the sacrifice. As such, they killed him. That too was a tragedy. Then, the last and only son, that young man, was captured because he wasn’t mature. And because he was easy, they pounded his brain and used it for sacrifice.

Quickly, I gave him my phone number to give her mother, but the woman keeps refusing due to her ignorance. She thought their battle was one brother-in-law (her husband’s brother) that came to cease their property and fight over her husband’s land. Well, we can’t help people beyond their will. God won’t work. Fortuitously, this kind of case would be scary to the Jupos because they don’t want to ever know their identity. They argue and debate from sunrise till sunset that this kind of FREELY given operation is only reserved for a few and that you are putting fear in them. Yet, they preach Faith? (Smiles…). You mean this same Faith we handle? They stubbornly keep attacking it. Why are we now into ministry if we can’t go into witchcraft covens and scatter of all of them and set the captives free? Witchcraft rebellion like this is why they can’t speak of one signs and wonders. Sometimes you begin to wonder if the Jupos are not occultic Enlightenment men who hate God’s signs and wonders.

Friends, ministry is delivering one soul at a time. Nobody must die in your local church without any reasonable circumstances. You must be ruthless on satan and his death plan. Ministry is not just confession alone! You must strive for the FAITH OF OUR FATHERS. And this is what this particular series have been. The 21st century is too terror-laden to be feeding your Congregants with candy, ice cream, cake, and all the sugar philosophy as the devil chew them for fun. Watch; there’s blood in your hand. Sugar-philosophy only causes spiritual diabetes. The Christian message is not positive thinking. Stop that; that’s the devil’s ploy to keep you in fantasy whilst your members keep dying cheaply.

See, we don’t fear nonsense. This is tiny… We use deliverance cases to train my partisans. We are talking about Christ governance in nations, here! If you are not empowered, you can’t handle the aggressive removal coming in occultic government tomorrow. You just heard me. I’m giving you clues for what we’re to reveal later.

So, do you want to win?

[INSERT] On Winning the Battle against Divorce

Divorce is a division — a bondage.

To JESUS divorce is a sin (Mark Chapter 10 verse 2-12); to Paul divorce is not a sin (1 Corinthians 7:12-15).

Which do we accept?

We introduce the person that started this discourse. Prophet Moses. Therefore the three prophets: Moses, JESUS, and Paul have differing views. Interestingly I’ve seen all three.

Genesis Chapter 2 verse 24 establishes the Bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage which is called the eternal contract on marriage.

But in Deuteronomy 24 verse 1, Moses wrote infringing on that eternal covenant by pushing forward a bill (not law) of divorcement. That was were the problem began. But JESUS came to correct it in THE NEW TESTAMENT in verse 9 of Mark Chapter 10: …

“What therefore God has joined together by His bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage, LET NO MAN put asunder.”

Then Paul all of a sudden came again in THE NEW TESTAMENT to re-invoke the OLD TESTAMENT divorcement. Why?

Paul a student of Gamiliel learnt a lot of liberal things under his Pharisee movement. It was influence under this worldview he made the First Century Church to earn salary. By such discretion, but brought salary earning into The Church. As such, he used same interpretation to bring follow the hardline view of Moses in the area of marriage.

In verses 10-11 of 1 Corinthians Chapter 7, Paul spoke JESUS’ stance on divorce—under prophetic ministration: …

“To the married I give this command (not I, Paul, but the Lord JESUS): A wife must not separate from her husband. But if she does, she must remain unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must not divorce his wife.”

But in verse 12, Paul spoke as a Gamaliel student of the Torah written by Moses: …

To the rest post on this matter I say this (I, Paul, speak as a man, not the Lord JESUS): If any brother has a wife who is not a believer and she is willing to live with him, he must not divorce her. And if a woman has a husband who is not a believer and he is willing to live with her, she must not divorce him. For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy. But if the unbeliever leaves, let him do so. A believing man or woman is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace.”

Why did these two prophets – Moses and Paul state this?

First both are not as evil as several messengers of satan have painted to be. Secondly, both are “eschatological (DOX) prophets” [NOT just any prophe] who have the SAME Spirit of Grace to negotiate JESUS’ stance and speak in defense of peace and conflict resolution. Yet, ungrateful satan’s children say there’s nothing like prophets.

Is my JESUS now a devil? No!

My JESUS is the law, not an engraced negotiator of the law like Abraham, Moses, Paul and this humble hand. JESUS is Yes and No, not maybe.

For instance, when Trump was going to die, He presented him before me, and I destroyed that serpentine demon that came to kill him. Also when He said, Trump can’t be saved, I STAND as God’s negotiator again to tell Him that I won’t allow it. My protégés who can see were not happy I saved such an evil man.

The Spirit of Grace Moses and Paul has is what Abraham had!

As saviour, JESUS didn’t want any divorce. JESUS said the moment you break the bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage by the demonic internal wickedness of your heart, you get transferred into another law – which is the bondage law of sin and death. Another law is not God’s JOYS law. Therefore whatsoever God has joined together by His bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage, LET NO MAN put asunder!

I heard God tell me, “I hate divorce. It’s a sin.”

God’s bill of Supernatural Rights on marriage = “And THEY became one flesh.” (Genesis Chapter 2 verse 24).

God is yes and no, not maybe. He is unfit to reverse His law. He can’t go against it. As such, He needs someone He invested His special compassion on to reverse it when people cry. Moses and Paul are

Spirit of Grace divided the Red Sea by the hands of Moses. Spirit of Grace brought fishes from every fishing ports of the earth into the desert to feed an entire nation – not Church, breaking all law protocols. I did similar in recent times. [Keep chewing].

Listen to this: God said to me, “I gave you this negotiating grace because I gave you My compassion.”

I can change God’s RIGHT HAND on earth any day anytime. I am God’s Negotiator when He wants to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Ask any living prophet on earth. You think I am just a prophet-above-prophets for nothing.

Friends, the “law of sin and death” are not the law of Torah, but the law of reason which includes the fences of the law. We clarified that.

What is my stand on divorce? I stand on this Spirit of Grace with the same ability that mocked satan into his Hell, and also a mandate to plant a made-in-Heaven DOX governance saying, “I do not want divorce, but want the divorced.”

This hand has been a destroyer of the satanic spell of divorce sealed under God (whether His will in nuptials or not) from a teenage year till date. Therefore, I come from God’s Mighty Hand that crushes the spell of divorce, as well as this mystery of Heaven and now on what God’s voice said. This message is final. This is my stand.

Listen; the task at hand is a divorce free generation of families. The victims are always the kids. A blended home can’t solve it.

Divorce is a witchcraft policy (a curse) that appeals to the demons in people’s souls. What this mean is that the moment you divorce, you set up a bondage that comes with divorce to your children’s children until the fourth generation arise to quash. And if no one rises up amongst your descendants to end this vicious cycle on or before the fourth generation, it continues. Worse off, if you are a minister who has for personal reasons God only knows divorce, the blessedness that comes with the height of your ministry ceases.

Both Moses and Paul respectively saw this internal witchcraft of man and decided by their Spirit of Grace to tamper with that Bill of marital grace for peace to reign in Israel and for people not to be bound to a contract that could kill them.

Furthermore, Paul permitted divorce for those who are not married to Christian. But as a minister, you are mature and married to a believer… Obey JESUS. He’s the one you obey to avoid complication. Obey Him in who to marry from His perfect will – His JOYS law.

Now, many a people married out of the “imagination of their heart by reason” either before knowing Christ or while in Christ – that is, with full knowledge of their actions. No one should hold it against you. What this only mean is that you would have to daily drink the pain relief tablet of consolation in giving birth… in marital crises… in all things purpose and blessedness that comes for His perfect will. Thus, you are therefore liable to divorce. This does not mean a perfect will cannot have issues. One of my G3 had to wait for 15 years to have his first child despite marriage to a wife God customized for him. From what God told me, He said He himself delayed it for a purpose.

Friends, God honour His plan for you than your plan. God has a plan for Hillary than Cahion’s plan for her to be President, and thwarted it by making This Mountain save Trump from sudden death hours before the U.S. election.

Interestingly Paul and Moses are not alive to watch over their negotiation.

Ace-The-Case: Marrying God

Before you met your spouse, God had a plan for you.

There is this old woman I know. Many years ago, she got saved and started knowing her Maker. As time went by, God made her know her “high calling”. But there was a challenge… her husband. He wasn’t saved and doesn’t want her in any way working for her Father, God ― her Maker. She obeyed, but God keeps telling her that she won’t be needed in the task ahead since she has chosen to maintain status quo; her husband being the head. She then prayed that God should convince the husband. He did but he insisted he won’t allow her. Somehow, the man went into error that allowed satan to take him. No fault of anyone, but one of his decision.

I looked at the case and realized that we all have a choice to serve God, and when you on the contrary know this TRUTH and still go ahead with your “imagination away from The Word” in marriage, business, career ad ministry, you would battle with sorrow. I pray a restored JOYS for YOU and your household, in JESUS name!

I’m glad my wife and I can’t divorce because we are not out of His will. As a couple, we are too on-track for God’s DOX-on-earth — His God’s design for mankind. My father-in-law never would have imagined this for his seed — her last child. I wouldn’t have if anybody had told me these decades ago. Therefore, by THE PROPHETIC we are coming! God’s Global Franchise worldwide is here to mock hell.

But not so for the Jupos.

If Moses and Paul can permit marriage annulled so that there would be peace on earth, how much more those of you that are NOT married but with “different star” as brethren? Why not divorce yourself from such Jupo who publicly insults you? It’s time. If you dare apply sentiment in it, you would end up a tasteful meal on their lips. You have nothing in common under Heaven. The earlier you know you can’t use your love to save everybody, the better. How can you be a full time boastful pastor among the good ones in the Word of Faith and still don’t know these mysteries? (Smiles…). Yet, you claim you are the example of success in The whole Ecclesia. Be normal… try it. Your teachings are not shaking the global sphere. Were I to be a Freethinker positive thinking goat-pastor like a Jupo, I know what I would be.

Friends, goatish disobedience is a blocker. We are not united by law; they bare Jupos and I am God’s servant. As such, there’s no way we can be united.

Beloved, Dav’id was known to unite the divided tribe of Israel because he had a long range goal that permitted JESUS to come down often. Something satan (who is both Zeus and Jupiter) did with the Greek and Roman political thinkers respectively in each Eras. Without his unity, there won’t be “reason”. To be a freethinker is to be a Freemason. If you are not and still claiming some “freethinker” label, you are simply at the distortion consumption stage.

Desiring The Church to be what God says her glorious majesty would be, not what only Brother David would be, I asked God, “Now that I‘ve jailed satan, how do I help Your children’s JOYS to be seeing and hearing clearly even more than me?”

In one of his many quick answers, He responded, “Pray for her unity.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, my heart swelled with excitement. And in my search of the scripture by Rhema, I started praying down Psalms from Psalms Chapters 122 – 129. It became added to my daily prayer.

Listen, a united band of ants can kill snakes. It’s just that simple. God had one time told me in the past that unity would pour more of His anointing. That’s why I’ve been into inclusivity from get go. Of what use is your not seeing/hearing from God to me…? You are my witnesses. I don’t envy any soul. You can say this till JESUS comes and anywhere that: “Brother David does not envy.” It’s so easy because you know it. I want you to have such impeccable record. Why? Because I need you more than you need me. But if you’re always envious, stealing, bitter, and divisive, I can’t have anything to do with you. For at that stage, you are the most dangerous person alive.

Friends, if you can’t see and hear from God, you will resort to cryptically attacking people, and then sweetening it as if people don’t know. Get this: People are way smarter than you think. If you keep attacking w/out God’s fact, not cahion’s men distorted fact, mainstream Press would be glad to interview you and praise you as a “man of violence”, a controversial pastor.

Have a heart after God’s heart. Drop those dark books and let God mend your heart. Until your heart is contrite is when God can send a distant disciple-President to be mentored under you. This is it: When God knows you can take care of His investment tomorrow, without you being a demonized Saul, he would keep them with you, not take them away.

You can do this. You can be loving and not wicked. Your problem is not you but your Natural Rights — another law that worketh in you to do what you don’t want to do. For instance; we as humans, intuitively look out for ourselves. Our Natural Rights is to think of ourselves first. But guess what…, as goatishly stubborn as goats are when before a narrow path on a bridge above a ride, one lies down for the other to crossover. They don’t see it as a walkover but as a safe-bet in a scenario that would definitely fall both of them into the waters.

It is written: …

“And King JESUS made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and God was made in the likeness of men.” — Philipians 2:7

Forget reputation and that over-estimation of yourself. No matter what, humans are not animals! Therefore, change the default setting and put others first, always and see God come your way with REAL leadership.

Don’t be wicked. You need God’s love because satan has made you have none to give? Take mine.

Love is not human rated but God-rated. Humans can’t define God’s kind of love. Only God knows such.

You belong to the living not to the dead. You are God’s sanctuary on earth for the 1000 years, you are needed here!

How? As seen in Revelation Chapter 9, when God wants to bless His earth by ejecting darkness and giving mankind His LIGHT, He does it by His DIVINE CALENDAR through the Right Hand of His Deliverers – His prophets. You don’t need to go back researching the Christian character of early colonial documents (like John Winthrop’s sermon, “A Model of Christian Charity”) to defend God. The Word of God is now and living forever. It cannot die or fail!

And God spoke in verse 15: …

“And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an HOUR, and a DAY, and a MONTH, and a YEAR to edit away Cahion’s extractive capitalism and construct God’s 3Rs.” — Revelation 9:15

Glory to God we are in the Era of UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE CHANGES.

You shall be god over evil men.

For it is written; “All the kings governing the earth shall praise God when they hear the word of God’s prophecy from YOUR mouth!” (Psalms Chapter 138 verse 4).

You are God’s authority on earth. “For there’s not a word of prophecy in your tongue without God’s knowledge.” (Psalms Chapter 139 verse 4). Now, begin to create your DOX3000 political dynasty.

JOY1: YOUR “Year” of All round Progress

If God gives you a theme of the year for His people, and you change it for certain “reasons”, chances are you would limit the Hand of God for His next moves. What you will be seeing is old workings of God. No man can produce God’s wroughting among the people. The next 990+ years is no more in anybody’s hand. It’s business unusual.

I’m blessed! And I would never take God for granted when He gives His instruction.

Thank God I stuck to His three yea plan from 2013 as soon as He woke me up. Not only did we do what a 100 years old man’s ministerial impact would have done were he alive today, God’s grace has ever since that encounter has been on us. I have never had a year that is superior to the other. Why?

It is written: ….

“… And in the third year sow ye, and reap, and plant vineyards, eat the fruit the fruit thereof.” — Isaiah 37:30

To succeed in life in this Age won’t come by witchcraft mental assent, but by simple old school OBEDIENCE.

It might seem to onlookers that this third year is different from the last two years wherein I dug my ground to obey God selflessly in a hard way when it seems illogical to do so in ministry. For in all labour, especially a neck-breaking one, there’s profit. Yet, God wanted a fast-paced recovery of lost grounds satan has taken by the refusal and sudden death of that minister. Satan was not supposed to eat 10 years out of God’s plan.

Friend, obedience is the pathway to distinction. This is why I don’t struggle to shake the heavens and avert curses and dangers. I am God’s negotiator because I obeyed God when it didn’t make “common sense”. Having gone through all these, I know very well why that minister didn’t want to obey God.

Beloved, the giver of the seed-idea is God. And often time, God’s instructions, as seed-ideas, would uproot you from you “tiny empire”. If it doesn’t it isn’t God, especially in this Era.

For instance; aside God handing me my beautiful wife by the prophetic, God has in just 2017 mapped out several events without asking.. God is the sower of ideas.

“My son, the first roundabout in that neigbhourhood is where I would be holding XYZ. Go there.”

For another event: “My son, the largest hall in this city is where I would do the third #EconomicDeliverance from Day A to Day Z next year.”

It’s a weeklong one with detailed instructions I would never do with my senses. Neither did I coy it from anywhere.

For another: “My son by this time next year you shall …”

Friends, divine instructions are not about competition with another. Why would you want to do that? You don’t have competition from humans when God is in-charge. It is where I would be! One single instruction… and it settled every question.


It’s your tune; God shall be in His plans for YOU, in the name of JESUS!

Thank God for the Bible, but God talks to confirm His Word in the Bible. Yes – I saw Calabar in the Bible by deep meditation, but other guidance down to my spouse and my children’s name were Him speaking. For instance; I have some programs lined up into the early year in different location and this God keeps talking. “Son, go to XYZ, the first big hall in that community is where in would be.” This is the amazing God! “Son, the first round-about in this neighbourhood is where you must do that program.” He said. “Sir, do you mean this ABC huge place at the roundabout,” I asked. “Yes.., that’s the place.” He would reply. Yet, they are not in the logos of the Bible. Deducting it with priori speculation (scholastic biblical interpretation) only makes one a controversial American Evangelical.

JOY2: YOUR “Month” of All round Progress

You are getting all back for your obedience. I see, you going from one month to another by God’s living

You are God’s embodiment of His eternal Constitution – His JOYS law. You’ve made Heaven proud. Receive His Right Hand.

There was this one time God told me that I have am one of His servant out to unite The Ecclesia. Uncomfortable about it because referees don’t win prize and I really do not want to enter into anybody’s space, He reminded me of one the many special lined up dates after my birthday. That date is one I value. For God favoured me well when God sat down and showed me the history of His Church’s past, present and future. The date… September 28, 2013; long before I came online.

There’s always something about this 28th day in Ember months

September 28, 2013: God prophetically started recreating the earth through the history of The Ecclesia

October 28, 2014: God prophetically by the Word started raising and sending global political and world economic giants as students to This Mountain’s influence on, even before meeting them. He said, I send for fisher and hunters on This Mountain. For the children whom thou hast lost shall say, “This place is too narrow – too un-global for us”

November 28, 2014: God prophetically told me a heart gripping event that if I say, you could end up a Jupo by envy. Our emergence brought out the dark great envy and devoted-wickedness in the Jupos. And I’m not going to be the one responsible for the mass-production of Jupos. The Jupos have that covered. I may pretend I don’t care how negative you could turn out in this new Era of unending progress when I say it, but that’s not true. I care. It would hurt me if you allow envy push you to the edge of the cliff and fall you off. Let’s keep it at that. I want to see you/hear you rise as I rise.

Nonetheless, its fragments are happening as we now know the evil in secret places.

December 28, 2015: God prophetically revealed the identity of my wonderful “Proverb 31” wife by vision.

When I said in the past that this is not where we are going and that we are going on a global adventure, I said so with command because I wasn’t wishing. God said it as part of His globally delivering DOX Franchise, ours is to believe. See proofs!


I command a day of the LORD on you this month and beyond in JESUS name!

JOY3: YOUR “Week” of All round Progress

When God finally rebuilds this earth after DOX3000 Global Franchise into another earth and heavens beyond our wildest imagination, would God’s reconstruction that edits away Cahion’s existing extractive franchise be acceptable by all?

Here is the trick: If you can make people sympathize in the realm of reason, you’ve created a rebellious clueless mob. This is how satan made the Un-natural law of same-sex marriage a “permanent law”. Same as Roe v Wade abortion rights down to the attempt at removing babies on the 9th month. So, where is the good God in all of this?

Good-reason is NOT God-reason. God is supernatural. God can make and unmake anything. He is all powerful and all wise. As such, when good becomes evil, you ask God: Consolation or a re-route. You don’t sit still on “common sense”. God is not common. He is supernaturally un-common.

The heavier the authority of who is speaking in the realm of the spirit, the heavier the impact. Everywhere we are tainted or taken lightly despite our hard service would be degraded. That’s not a curse. You are simply dealing with God.

We changed the existing law governing earth by incarcerating lord Cahion. We overwrote his existing laws. That’s why This Mountain is engraced with the prophet above prophets’ unction. I fear God. Each time anything – ANYTHING – is called impossible by any minister, I simply overrule it and it happens within seconds.

Ace-The-Case: Your God of 7-days


Few weeks to when we were to organize the second tour of #EconomicDeliverance in a Lagos Hinterland location, God spoke, “Get dressed and go pray in the market of that territory.” It was a dead of the night affair.

I knew what He meant. This was the territory He’d shown me had a coffin buried under it speaking as vengeance against the government for forcefully taking the land from the owner. And as you now know [from present-day accepted reality], the government didn’t only use their intellect, but also used diabolic means. However, with their victory came a consequence. The consequnce? The residents, as declared by the aggrieved land owner, would suffer. How? His powerful(?) charm idolatrous priests with the rest “powers that be” made a pact with this land onwer, before his death, that upon the priest’s death, his coffin should be buried as a medium on the land to keep speaking woe to the land occupants – that is, the home owners (i.e., government civil servants). With an ancient ambiance as the revelation to know this secrets, at first, God further revealed that the people in that Estate would have the following resultant effect from that evil declaration: …

  • The fruits of their labour – which is their children would be dysfunctional.
  • Their firstborn would either have wealth and forget them or go into a life of vagabond. Worse off, some, return to their parent’s home with their spouse and kids into a crowded 2-/3-bedroom flats. This is wickedness of the wicked!

Not looking back at the consequences of their wickedness, these powers cursed the retirees’ little attempt to manage their homes since they still carry the burden of their family into old age; which is petty market ― a little attempt.

These and more….


These divine revelations had reached a boiling effect, I grieved in my spirit-man. This was no time for some service or vigil to gather the crowd. Grieved, I went into the gated market at midnight. I told my team not to worry as I must go there on my own to deal with satan. Had we done a vigil or service there, we could have claimed the testimony but God needed His work done! As such, wearing one of my best native outfit, I came before God’s majesty in that market; God was waiting for me. Got there on time before they could lock the ‘Oja’ market gate. Firmly I stood, demanding Heaven’s attention in long prayers…

Then, the gate-man came wondering if I’d turned the market into a church. But each time he drew closer to tell me to leave, he finds himself going back. Then I heard God speak as usual, “I’ve heard you.” Glory to God! Done, I went back in the dead of the night to my own Estate (away from this one).

What was I praying about? Hear it: …

“Father, send prosperity into this community… Father the certificates on the witchcrafts mats You released when we prayed months ago, give them… Father, start with prospering this market’s shop owners… I command wealth now! I destroy the evil voice of woe on this land… [and many more].”

All in less than an hour!

And within 7-days from that prayer, a squabble between the government and the home owners that had been on ground for more than 20 years suddenly came up. It was the ‘land use agreement’ enacted in the 80s upon purchase. But 20 years ago, the people started breaking a certain clause in the contract by building shops and housing extensions on the space created for gardening. They could have stopped breaking the law but each time the government wants to destroy these building, something stops them. All court subpoenas kept meeting a brick wall.

Then suddenly, something entered into the authorities within that week, and they started making all moves to destroy the structures. Properties worth several hundred of millions of naira in just that community seen as impossible to be destroyed were all destroyed. One after the other, all properties feeding many homes was destroyed without notice. You know of course my heart would always have compassion for people, much more those in a territory I know of. I was feeling pain for the people when God said, “You prayed, and I answered. Why are you sad?”

[If you ask any genuine and secure prophet alive today if God said and did this through this obedient hand, they would tell you exactly what God by Himself said and did].
Guess what: … This impossible judgment was not extended to all the hybrid estates in the state. Only this Estate was punished. Stanger than strange. Be obedient.

I couldn’t get my balance when I heard God utter such. It was later upon observing what had taken place in that Estate was when I started counting all that God had done.
So, is God evil?

Listen to me: God doesn’t play on the level of good; He plays on the level of great. Satan knows how to play good to deceive people. That is why we humans don’t know the difference between good and God. With GREATNESS, God sets Himself apart.

Look at me beloved; when the great God was going to send quails to the children of Israel, through God’s negotiator—Moses—into the desert, didn’t He know it would not be good to empty every fishing ports on earth just to feed one million Israelis in the desert? Until then, there was never a record of fishing in the desert. But the great God of “one week” tampered with the law of Nature and disturbed “good”. God became great for the greater good. Great is where God’s glory is for you… especially in this era.
Serve the great God, not the good “god of reason and nature”!


People, market men and women, who couldn’t earn N500 ($1+) in one week were taking thousands home. Prosperity suddenly hit them, but that is just the beginning for the community as the God of #ProblemStopBusStop liveth!

Women are now having their husbands at home, and no more in any bar. Every crusade ever done have been struggling to end this but they couldn’t. Yet, that is just the beginning for the community. When Spirit of Grace in a prophet from God — The Almighty — operates, all darkness in every business, communities, and nations shuts down!

People were sorrowful that their businesses are gone, but they don’t know that God wants to bless them by first reconstructing the “satanic extractive laws” buried in their franchise by that chief priest and the agrrieved land owner. We are talking about destroying the powers that makes their firstborns live a vagabond life; we are talking about destroying the midnight powers that drink their blood and feast on their flesh; we are talking about destroying the untimely death of these afflicted home owners; we are talking about ending the street cultism; we are talking about ending the lands collected by evil men; we are talking about ending brothels and bars where strange women meet married men to destroy their very homes vice versa. That land has done so much evil… it was time to bring God’s vengeance!

Listen beloved, a demonic coffin was buried there and it be would wrong to talk about good. What is good when evil triumph? Think well beyond “reason”. God is what you need. These folks were diligent with prayers and fasting, in tithe and in seed-sowing as well as working devoted members of churches I respect. But when God’s Spirit of Grace is in town to do God’s mission to crush the extractive spell in their Franchise’s foundation, all spiritual laws Heaven honours bows!

I decree upon the integrity of my call, within the next seven days, you shall plant a tree of renown fruit that would speak into your children, and no man shall take away!
Keep praising God with the fruit of your lips in Pslams, Hymns, and tongues.

Spirit of Grace (not just grace message of committing sin and expecting to be God’s ambassador carrying His RIGHT HAND), if you’ll remember as taught in 2014, has three legs. One of them is the spirit of judgment. That is why when you break the law; judgment falls upon both the righteous and the evil. But someone with God’s negotiating mandate that jailed satan, and must plant God’s governance model (DOX) needed to trigger it.

Since this event, I told myself and the team that I won’t be using God’s Spirit of Grace on the local front. I live that for my partisans. The result is jailing satan! When Spirit of Grace is provoked in a lawless state, many evil people would fall victim. Spirit of Grace is for mandate, a task Heaven wants done. A kind of Grace for the nations. It doesn’t come because it’s 100-100, but because I have an assignment to jail satan (which has been done) and to plant His DOX for 1000 years on earth. And any cataclysmic event I feel is necessary to change, I change it. This is because it’s given me.

Listen, You can’t be defeating powers in your territories when you break the social contract you deliberately entered into with government leaders who are servants of lord Cahion or some local gods. Their laws may look breakable but the people that drafted these laws/Constitutions are followers of a god whose “dead laws” must be broken. Dead, but satan can trigger these [The Judiciary-created] laws anytime, any day. You doubt it? Let me ask you: Why does it seem as if those that steal a pen face a life sentence while those that raided the treasury are granted pardon [by pleading the 5th if in the U.S.], by the supposed fair trial? (Smiles…). They created the law. Good “reason” does not know what is transacted in the spirit realm because the law of Nature killed your spirit man. Be alive! Reason won’t save you; not today, not tomorrow! Wake up to your Supernatural Rights in CONQUEST. Judgment is spiritual. That is why you must be God’s judge in the remaining 990+ years of God’s peaceful governance. I’m living in this reality, don’t be left behind. Everything was triggered in one second but seen in one week.



  • This week, your debt is paid.
  • This week, that dead womb is having an un-miscarriage bouncing baby of your choce
  • This week, your dead business and career are coming alive!
  • This week, foundational bondage into your generation is terminated
  • This week, that strongman, the Goliath, assigned to waste you is wasted
  • This week, death sentences over you and your household is backfired seven-fold to you tormentors!
  • This week, the fraud image of taking people’s effort to maintain an un-original life crushed!

Babalola vacated beast in a barren land, we vacated beast in a supposed fruitful Land!

You shall remember THIS week for the rest of your days on earth!

JOY4: YOUR “Day” of All round Progress

It is in the realm of good Deist Enlightenment freethinkers have defeated God. Good operates on law of Nature. And when a society defines good, God becomes evil; when a society defines good, God becomes the enemy of same-sex marriage; when a society defines removing child from the womb on the 9th month as okay, God is archaic; when a society defines stealing, God becomes a non-ambitious personality.

For instance; we “reasoned” with the humanity in the Jupos for almost two years and even went as far as emailing them, praising them, quoting them and even begged them to stop division, but they didn’t. We did “great works” for them to be useful to their constituencies, but no – their ungratefulness by demonic “good” books got the better of them. Evil is now in their blood. And then, you think God won’t judge what we define as “good”?

Something great would happen on the 19th of this month that would change your story forever! Be expectant and obedient to doing whatever God personally tells you to do.

You too deserve a political dynasty in this 990+ years. Don’t you think so? Revelations Chapter 5 verse 10: “And You have made them to be God’s kings and priests: and they SHALL reign on the earth for one thousand years.”

Some Supernatural saints not ordinary; they are extra-ordinary. They are in a league of their own. They created the game and played in it.

JOY5: YOUR “Now” of All round Progress

Now is a remote controller where if God hears you, you control events.

I like you to get to a point your voice in “selfsame hour” is registered in Heaven. I didn’t pray more than an hour at that market because I have adopted hours of behind-the-scene prayers till forever.

Three times did God open me up to His Word that if there’s anybody that could defeat terror and all things satan, that I’m the one He’d chosen to do it.

The first was on October, 2013 in my first missionary trip to Calabar. I’d gotten to the Tinapa FTZ area for the first time. And whilst on top of the hill I knelt down and opened the Word of God to hear Him, because then I wasn’t this sharp in hearing Him as I do now. But I still trusted everything He said from His Word. It was from His Word I saw Calabar then uprooted my life and profiting business from Lagos to risk my life for Him. I wasn’t a 69 years old man who could hear Him clearly. You know what, God loves me. He looks at me and wonders how I could be so obedient to Him despite no clear voice. Why didn’t He just speak? ANSWER: He was checking my heart. You mean despite raising me from death?

Tinapa, Calabar.

Friends, let’s get it right: Ministry is not as men term it to be (think it, get it, and boast it as “success” over others). Ministry means you are working for God! It’s not the number of years in ministry but the intensity on a consistent basis without breaking.

However, God has so many children but is looking for His favourites. That I pursued. I wanted Him to trust me, so that He can give mankind all of His best, and that He did. I know within me that if you give humanity all of God, terror and sorrow would end. I’m not into making you happy, but make you JOYOUS. Happiness is satan’s tool to toy with your emotion. That is why satan can fiddle it into the red zone creating sociopaths, psychopaths, et al. I’m into giving you JOYS, timely.

You wonder why I speak and it happens… It’s because of this sought of entrustment given me by God. God told, “You can’t fail. I won’t make you. Your dynasty shall remain for Me on earth.” I gave God my all; He gave me is all! He pours Himself; I feed on His divinity. He is my strength; I am His expression of JOYS law. He is God; I am His Right Hand governance. [Tongues…]. We go as commanded. Catch it fast before it goes to another.

And as I knelt down with all of my heart to a God who I’ve obeyed to come to that barren land, satan mightily reign on, I opened to the Word and He gave me Isaiah Chapter 25 verses 6-11. I planted God’s power there and as many would know we did our first ever tour of #TheProfitMechanic in Tinapa, Calabar – November 9, 2013 at zero cost; same day all the gods of the land tried to scatter our gathering. I have served God in the toughest of spiritual conquest – not programmes, and satan finds himself losing.

Satan would always lose because I am God’s DA’VID – My Harasser of the harasser!

Look at me: God said of the Lagos’ last #EconomicDeliverance, “I would be at Lagos Island’s location, but they won’t come. Satan has made them so. Do it next year on this 3-days [dates]…”

Amusing God! Hallelujah! Darkness is in trouble. That which held that territory is getting out. I’m not into programmes. We come to the very centuries long held powers behind the foundations of that territory. God and His Mountain’s 500 best Angels are coming.

Then on my second missionary trip to Calabar in those 90+ days of 2014 in Calabar, God came again, yet I didn’t know then that I was to do what a minister didn’t want do until his painful death by the spirit of seduction. He opened me up to Psalms Chapter 66 verses 7-12, where He said the same thing. Then like Joseph, I said it to bless homes, ministries and nations, but the ungrateful to be Judged by God Jupos orchestrated a sentiment that aided others that I was self-promoting myself. [Laughter…]. We now know who is right. Yet, I didn’t understand why God was doing this. Then finally on Friday, March 20, 2015 after the least teaching hours I had done online between 6pm – 12midnight, God spoke again from the same Isaiah Chapter 25 verses 6-11. This time around, I was hearing a little. I heard Him repeat what I thought were flukes. He said, “I have ordained you to end terror and plant My kingdom.”

It reads [on a normal priori deduction to a normal search]: …

And in This Mountain (The world’s #ProbelmStopBusStop) SHALL the LORD of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wings on lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined. And He shall destroy on This Mountain the face of covering cast over all the people, and the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up harassing death in victory: and the Lord GOD shall wipe away “tears of sorrow” from all faces; and the oppressive terror of “His people” SHALL He “take away from off all the earth”: for the LORD God – The Almighty has spoken it. And it shall be sung in that [latter] DAY (that is, these 990+ years), “Indeed, this is our God; we waited for Him and He saved us NOW: this is the LORD whom we waited for. We will be glad and rejoice in His deliverance.” For in This Mountain SHALL the RIGHT HAND of the LORD rest and lord Cahion with his local gods (i.e., demons) has been CRUSHED under Him, even as a straw is crushed down for the dunghill. For He has spread forth His RIGHT HAND in the midst of their occult governance waters as one that swimmeth spreads his hands to swim: He has brought down their pride together by His Cofounding the cofounder power with spoils (that is, the satanically manipulated wealth and resources) of Freemason’s lodges tiny hands.

Hallelujah! I’m tempted to restating #16ChurchStreet. Wait for that.

To CRUSH TERRORISM, and all things subtle and obvious with terror, the first thing is to jail satan. When you do that, peace comes. I’m stoked about 2017. God said it’s going to be an Era of prophetic governance of UNENDING PROGRESS and POSITIVE CHANGES. I can’t tell you not to make you and your people left behind. But when they realize you didn’t follow God’s watchword for them when others are flowing in it, your ministry would have less of a new Era’s inclusive dominion. But why would you want to operate in “imagination by reason” when God has given a prophetic word for His own created people only to do your own?

God told me something that tithing is not the ultimate means of getting wealth. The treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of the evil secret places come to you when you know God’s CONQUEST might to govern His own earth. Then you can tithe as commanded. Conquest wealth belongs to God.

Listen, Praying from the particular Word of God which reveals your assignment is the most important force ever on earth.

See, I am very careful not to be walking in the imagination of my reason and thinking God sent me. I don’t want to be caught doing ministry and God, seated in the Heaven, watches on looking at my “folly”.

“Lord, I think I should publish my book now,” I said. He replied, “No – next year after all things.” What is “all things”?

Listen, some lives are obstructed not because of what they did or didn’t do, but because of their mandates. Satan knows how to do a permanent filibuster against them. He knows they’ve come to unseat him. He saw their star before birth and would do everything to kill them. He tried and failed. Yet, he won’t give up. Eventually, the harassed became the harasser! Hallelujah! Others would apply little efforts and “succeed” then boast why those that sacrifice for them to have momentum in ministry are standing strong. Satan knows that since he couldn’t destroy them and their family, the only thing is to bring depression. And since they didn’t take the bait he does all he could with the help of pastor Jupos to tarnish their image; which gets untarnished because of God’s Spirit of Grace. Glory to God the enemy of mankind was defeated NOW! [Laughter!]

You’ll remember I said I would not pray for Trump and Hillary. However, when I saw that python – brown one with big horrible designs on it; running at full speed towards Donald Trump to swallow him, I crushed it. I told my team and one of them confirmed it, and then became pissed [that as God had already told me that Trump’s emergence would jail Cahion] would collapse the blue whale (that is, the wealth and resource of America) of America.

It was there God now spoke that Trump used my signature, which provoked the living document – God’s COVENANT upon my Spirit of Grace.

Again, ask any of God’s prophets. They will tell you what I just said. I am God’s walking and living Ark of COVENANT; His tabernacle. Whatever dead thing enters into it comes alive. The almost dead Trump came in and came out alive. Had Trump died, before the first vote casted at the ballot on Election Day, you would think he died of heart attack.

Listen, Cahion wanted extra 10 years into the already eaten 990+ years, as such, Hillary should have won. But Trump was just too stubborn among the other Freemasons. Yet, that’s what satan needs to keep the unity. He needs their ambition – not “amb-vision”. Satan does not have fruit of the Spirit. So, he can’t keep them united as The Bride of Christ/The Ecclesia/The Church. You must do everything to rid out the divisive Jupos from your midst if you want a spot in DOX3000 now eaten into 990+years.

Trump was not supposed to win. That is why they kept saying he is dangerous. It’s time to drop all these arguments around the evil racism and bigotry; those are surface bondages. There are more things stated above you never knew until now. We are talking about “The Oppressors” as well as “The Mild Crooks” in-charge of your bondage, respectively, and you are talking of one surface civil rights or the other… You think we are joking here?

For it is written in Isaiah verse 11 of this same Chapter 25: …

“… For He has brought down their pride together by His Cofounding the cofounder power with spoils (that is, the satanically manipulated wealth and resources) of Freemason’s lodges hands.”

Listen, Trump’s governance would birth chaos for the United States. He and all the Grand lodge members would rally round to foolishly fulfill prophecy.

But why did you influence us to vote for Trump? ANSWER: I preached forgiveness in THE FORGIVENESS CARD because everybody on earth deserves forgiveness and you forgave him; which is needed to uproot the satanic foundation in your 1789 Deist’s Republicanism by the U.S. Constitution. As such, your ballot power (votes) wasn’t the major decider; his soul being rescued from death by God was. No man should claim such victory. I’m not interested in who wins. I don’t care about any party failing and hypocrithical ideologies; I’m concerned about Christ’s peaceful reign on earth through His “saviours” – which is YOU and your family by His Constitution.

If anybody is more excited Hillary didn’t win, I am. God told me she’s more disappointed in the Grand Order who promised her victory, that now, she wants to be closer to Him.

Look at me: I can tell you the mark number of the system she’s browsing from. (Smiles…).

Therefore, thank God Hillary didn’t win. Thank God a soul is going to Heaven. Though her group is Number Seven, she was more useful to the jailed lord Cahion than Trump whose group is (not was) Number One. God told me “Trump is a goat who won’t want to be delivered, because he believes his group helped him.” And that would be the downfall. You dare challenge God with demonic governance when your master is jailed? (Smiles…). Think twice and then join Hillary and the Bush men decisions to be saved by Christ. As for that fellow in The Shailas, I pity you for double-dealing with God. If you are truly a conservative like Reagan you will drop that occult this instance. Success they say brings out the evil in people, watch what Freemasons would do.

When evil’s time has come to end, nothing can buy time for evil. Reason is dead.


The problems have been identified. Do you have the spine to end them?

Shout these mysterious prayers: …

  • FIRE of the Holy Ghost arise burn every venomous liquid spilled on this battle front, in the name of JESUS!
  • Satanic ruler used to measure the limit of my progress, hammer of God, BREAK it pieces, in the name of JESUS!

DECREE: I am for God’s progress… I am unlimited… I am inexhaustible!

Gets set for “Positive Laws”: THE ESTABLISHMENT, and “Advanced Law of Nature”: THE DIPLOMACY


This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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