Fifty Shades of Grey. | FAITH OF OUR FATHERS I.


September, Tuesday 6, 2016. | S6-of-S21

“Critical junctures like income and wealth inequality are products of sins.” “Fever, not malaria, is a spirit not mosquito.” “Spiritual Recession led to the Great Recession.” All myths, you say?  

It’s already Christmas in September; I was at a certain Estate when I somehow surprised myself to see into a building’s room. It wasn’t a vision, but an epiphany.  I couldn’t believe I could see it from far: It was the Christmas lights… it took me away. A million thoughts ran through my mind as I ponder on how we humans grow older in phases. Our childhoods… Good or bad still had Christmas; we all smelt the roses. But, nobody told us that we are going to someday be led by ISIS/Boko-Haram’s violence or co-exist with humans led by their parents/guardians to smell diabolic thorns thus congeal into hell-bent flesh-eating and blood-sucking messengers of satan you can’t plead out their freedom. Nothing like Neverland. [By the way, great job to those few motion pictures crew members keeping humanity sane].

When the Architect of human’s downfall – that is, satan – listens to our big recommendations on geopolitical war on terrorism, he looks away knowing our minds are already defeated in result-less theories. The violence of terrorism and witchcraft speaks the same language: It’s called diabolic magnitude – a satanic imagination; be it in the northern or southern hemisphere or anywhere in the world, violence has roots in diabolic imaginations.  



Ace-The-Case: The Back Row Account

I had gone to the Northern part of my country where there is a certain resistance to ministers. A beloved who was almost getting to age 50 and yet without spouse and zero profit had come before me for deliverance. Already saved, baptized and has a great call, we went straight into business. God helped me to know that his dead step-mother had a covenant with him in the dream, hindering his progress. So intelligent is this fellow you almost covet it, but the spirit of suicide (death and hell) often tries to snatch him. Then with probing, I got to know that know that his debacle came from the fact that his late his polygamous father, who had married four wives, was an idol worshiper. So deep in it, they had to bury a virgin with him. Fast-forward into today, the ancestral debt his father collected is now crying violence on the family; which has already lost some victims. Now, this is a northern Islamic territory. We didn’t stop there because prayer is never enough. Beloved, satan is the ruler of this age. Your religion – Islamism and Christianity – won’t stop him from initiating people into “diabolic magnitude”. All these evil workings are spiritual transactions that start from the mind/soul of a human. What you obsesses on with your soul (emotion, intellect and will) for a prolong time finally possess your soul.

Ace-The-Case: The Front Row Account

I have this minister friend, 50-years or more, who loves inviting me to his church events. He told me on phone he’s inviting to Lagos an old friend of his he’d met in the South. By Spirit of Grace, God opened my eyes to see this unknown guest, his ministration pattern, and weirdly, the ancestral marine/mermaid foundation battling him in the waters till he faded away. Now, I had not seen his poster, neither his face nor his name. He arrived. Then at one point during his ministration, he singled me out of other ministers from where I sat in one quiet place on the altar-seats to come and assist him. As soon as the very long service ended, I found my way to the Mission House, opened his private room, gave him a big smile and pulled him into a bear hug then told him from the bottom of my heart: “I love you.” He didn’t know why I said so until when Holy started making him to confirm how deathly ancestral mermaid spirits battled him for 17 years of his active ministerial duty. So long a detail…. Then I prayed; the very reason I told him I love him earlier. I just couldn’t afford to see God lose this minister-soldier to the devil.The devil and his minions are wicked! Almost 50 years and the devil have taken a large bite out his active years in ministry…. Seeing this, why would someone want to remain with the GREY diabolic magnitude of satan. Worse off, why would the world watch on as the imaginations of evil ideologues of the Enlightenment Age confuse humanity under the witchcraft banner of progressivism and materialism? Don’t we know when the devil and his agents think high in their magnitude, they act it high? Of course, the world then didn’t have effective prayer warriors to confound their powers in high places that led to today’s greedy, destructive and murderous effects in government and society. Infirmity is a “Waster” (sic) of your resources and esp. your faith. The ploy of the enemy is to make you swallow doubt then immediately transfer the ancestral debt of untimely spirit of death and hell into your soul and dreams.


It is written: …

“The LORD has feed me with His divinity and made my beautiful feet like hinds feet so that I walk upon my HIGH PLACES.”

                                                                                                                                              — Habakkuk 3:19

  You are too HIGHLY FAVOURED to walk in low places!

As a minister, it is a risk to walk “lowly” (sic) in the name of some “stagnant progressivism” because you are bent on gaining confidence from devilish contents. That was never Paul! When Apostle Paul appeared to me, he came to spiritually super-impose his 20+ years impact on my first 2 years impact. You can’t get any confirmation than that. This Paul was the very man that innovated on God’s Ancient Landmark victories gotten over satanically generated social contexts called critical junctures. I mean, without Paul, there won’t be Bro. Hagin’sWord-of-Faith, T.L. Osborn’s Gift of Faith, and Apostle Babalola’sSpirit of Faith. Paul defeated the territorial demons/strange gods in Arabia, Syria and Greece such that when the people saw THE CONQUESTS, they started worshiping the God that did it through – JESUS! He made humans worship their fellow human, yet their intelligently suspicious brains didn’t question him. He didn’t conquer hell by some garbage enticing philosophies, ideologies and violent physical wars; he “came” simply DEMONSTRATING the power of his king – King JESUS, and DELIVERING souls!

Paul CONQUERED hell as a Master in Faith by brooding on God’s eternal testimonies/eternal historical records and became God’s Dominion Illuminant, thereafter went to Arabia, Syria and Greece to defeat their strange gods in territorial conquest and by that created the already prophesied “Christianity”. His epistles were not epistles that DENY/LACK the power of God, thereof. Beloved, we are all dispatched Heavenly soldiers on earth sent to better existing works, not re-invent the wheel with satan’s GREY diabolic magnitude. Christ had to dispatch Paul 8 years after he died to do CONQUEST. I mean, JESUS couldn’t get out of his locality despite being the Saviour of the whole world. Now, were it not for the FAITH of Paul, Christ would have remained a failure amongst a few sects called the Nazarene movement in Jerusalem.


Pour this out: …

“My King JESUS, I _____________________________________ shall NOT make you a failure in my lifetime!”

The lustful bid to be “the agent of change” rather than partnering with God to bring CHANGE when JESUS Christ didn’t make you the “star” of the show is why most ministries are quickly entering the hellish realm of diabolic magnitude. Divisive comparison with others, betrayal and nonsensical shaming would be their least counter strategies when they see the GREY shade waiting for them at the end of the spectrum. They are playing with violent witchcraft.

Your place is in God’s HIGH PLACES far above even satanic high places set over nations. You are not in the red zones.

But, most want to be the driver of this Buffer Age’s© CHANGE yet are stagnant without one single miracle from their hands in 20+ years. If you had a staffer whose performance appraisal has always been in the red zone for more than twenty years, what would you do? Why PR-boast the miracles “outsiders” come to do in your ministry? Why make the Congregants “waste” their resources on infirmities for years? Why not become so strong that even your Gateman/security can raise the dead. Now, imagine laying hand on a witch who was sent to suck your “cold anointing”, then automatically inject diabolic anointing into you…. Imagine facing the ancestral strongman that stopped Awolowo from becoming the first President despite his favorite rating….

[P.S. You must have noticed that I’ve not mentioned my country’s name. Well, God has a plan for this DESTINED country. Satan and his minions can’t stop it! I would tell you the name God says she would bear one day].


Shout this mysterious prayer Heaven dramatized in nights of revelation: …

“Alagbara to ba n f’ese r’ale pe mo ni gun esin ogo mi, Oluwa gee ese eni na!”


“You the strongman that has vowed upon your own death then brushing your feet on the floor as sign that I would not ride on my horse of glory, be wasted by your decree, NOW, in the name of JESUS!”

Henceforth, every grey shades in your life turns to Christmas!

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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