What could cripple Buharinomics©. | THE COVENANT III.


September, Monday 5, 2016. | S4-of-S21.

Why does Government cost so much money despite “managing” (still not reducing) inflated contracts, incurring extravagant cost with unnecessary government staffers, and shaming “budget padders” (sic)? All as yoked burden on taxpayers. Buhari’s noble intentions are not enough. The good intentions of Ronald Reagan’s economic plan (dubbed Reaganomics) out to rescue The American Dream [most preachers love preaching] met a brick-wall. Today, there is no more American Dream. How? The Golden Age of productivity growth per person (which is GDP) ended in 1970. Since then, economic forecast that the tide would turn has always been missing projected targets. This is no more the Industrialization Age. Of course, the 90s growth in technological innovations, called the Dotcom Era, jumpstarted the economy for a while but its growth couldn’t meet what the U.S. capitalism is built upon – the Industrial Era’s American Dream. You were supposed to work hard and live the dream, but that is over. Instead, most lawyers are now Barbers or tomatoes sellers (not because they love it). The productivity growth generated by the then 99 percentile masses in that Dotcom Era moved up to the upper percentile political class — the one 1% establishment. Thus, the rich became richer, not fairly distributing the wealth. Welcome to inequality. Nowadays, massive innovations naively forecasted to yield returns in 25-years is at it again. It still won’t give double digit GDP result. Kneejerk witchcraft sins won’t permit the brain to yield great fruits. America would eventually decline. She declines the world declines: America sneezes, the world catches cold; America’s GDP goes back to past medieval times’ zero growth, the world’s economy speeds back to Stone Age. Reaganomics’ beautiful charts couldn’t solve this inequality juncture. Reagan banked on the 1% establishment to boost the economy by granting them huge tax cuts. He did the part a noble person who ran for President could do. Guess what… they left him for dead by hoarding the wealth for some “dreadful day” a Democrat’s President would hike corporate tax. That is it ladies and gentlemen. You see, most humans are mostly not evil, but by witchcraft’s manipulation, they can perish the vision and noble intent of their leader.


Witchcraft powers are mysterious wasters.

Government waste” — call it fascinating corruption  then organize a rickety and time-wasting Anti-Corruption Summit or not — is the enemy of Buhari’s government. President Buhari and those politicians (most of whom are hypocritcs away from my Tinubu’s heart ) that won their seats on the platform of the APC [I still don’t like] have got to know that those days of mandating government agencies to waste leftovers millions of naira in a fiscal year on un-needed projects or transferring those “free money” into their accounts is coming to an end. If the U.S. Senators/Reps. are doing such, you mustn’t. Your country is a different country; Your President was prophesied down!

Days before the then President-elect Buhari was to be sworn in; The LORD God showed me a vision concerning His own mercy over the economy of my country. This was in 2015. I was by the Finger-of-God telling Mr. [then] President-elect that his country-your country-my country is going to have ECONOMIC BOOST in 2017 if she has #EconomicDeliverance at her base. That was 2015; 2016 was bypassed by Heaven at that time.

On May 2015, God took me to a Wall Street setting — a financial centre, and then led me to a huge aesthetic Roman building; so overpowering it was. Spiritually, it represents GOVERNANCE. It held the core of that financial hub so much so that its number was the name given to that long endlessly financial prosperous centre. The name: “57th Street”. Then I heard God tell me that in the year of my country’s 57th independence anniversary, she would prosper again if she obeys Him. From that time on, it got the name — Buharinomics©. Beloved, obedience is our task to show and the wise to obey. The wise listens to instructions… Your prayer and fasting ALONE won’t change the tide. Just OBEY God, first.

Buhari’s intentions are not enough; Reagan’s intentions were not enough. Reagan, the co-conqueror of communism, asides Apostle Babalola [before leaving earth] and others, couldn’t conquer Alzheimer and the Iran-contra failings. Powers stronger than him polled him away from historic Presidents. “Paul Buhari” has got to be discerning to the Angelic assistance on his side as President. Presidents learn from history. Buhari’s death knell health is a sign. He mustn’t be dismissive of God’s help lest….

As shown and revealed in the past, Divine Prophets are God’s historians: They know the past, the present and the future.

The LORD is a humorous God. Unsolicited, He showed me the economic boom-bust of an ancient empire. Your ministry office regardless, your relationship with God determines how He comes down or summons you up to open the Heaven over you, your family and ministry. There are so many secrets with Him; He knows history as well as the future. He owns this earth! Can  n you just get Him closer?

He showed me a brewery known to be the key business generator of wealth to an ancient Empire. It was run by a dynasty with ties to monarchs and their “open society”. Then in a swift transition from that period in history through time to present day, I saw the business in wasteland extinction. Beloved, all businesses founded on evil covenants ALWAYS end up in waste! Satan doesn’t give anything free. I know I can’t eulogize this type of institutions most masses love praising. Ignorance must not be seen in your household.

Still in the spirit, I found myself in the house of the Architect behind that building which once housed that famous conglomerate. I saw a casket in his house. Times have passed yet that it’s still there. As long as that casket is left as memorial, the charms buried in that brewery would still be screaming: ‘Waste!!!!’ In a quick take, God showed the new occupant of that landed Franchise. Now owned by Government, not monarchs, the franchise was made a market square. Unfortunately, the place where the Architect planted the charm has witchcraft waste over it. It happens that businesses selling there always pack up, thus destroying government revenue. I can afford to see ignorance in people, but not in Government. No amount of 4Ps of marketing and strategy around the “Forces of work” would avert such heavy waste. Same goes for Aso Rock, the White House, 10 Downing Street, Moscow,  et al.

God is un-changing: We’ve said it before that most government houses, key businesses and most churches in nations are built on demonic altars. Land Franchises are idolatrous. That is why empires crumble; today’s nation-states are the easiest. Your altars are magnetic pull for territorial powers to rein wickedness in your nations. How? God keeps showing us in counseling: No matter how beautiful, well read, and good luck-laden a woman or man is, if the foundation is wasted, the demons in their foundations would make the kingdom blessings over their head brass. (Psalm 11:3). It’s a different ball game. So is defeating corruption – it’s not an intellectual affair. Until you see it as Government’s waste, witchcraft powers are happy to let you keep protesting over “corruption”.

Would you love it if protest(s) cripples this country’s Buharinomics©?

This is Prophet Omoaregba. Thank you and God bless.


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