“Unstagnating”[sic] Upward Mobility. | GENESIS SPECIAL.

September, Friday 16, 2016. | S16-of-S21.

“In the beginning was the lived-out Word… then there was LIGHT!” YAY or NAY?

Economic equality is beyond equation of power politics by the ballot; it’s goes far into editing out the “extractive foundation” in Democracy.

Tinubu is wrong, and must know it forever: The prosperity of Lagos didn’t come from any adjudged foundation other than the one God has set for this land; one still yet to come because of the masquerade in The Ecclesia. And if it’s yet to come, what claim has God to Lagos’ “mirage-wealth”; which gave rise to Tinubu’s non-explicit praise of a “cryptic foundation”?

Ungratefulness to God or not, this new entrant to my country’s politics (about 20+ years ago) forgotten God’s help so soon such that God, The Harasser of the harasser can be easily ignored and edited out of the picture? This mortal man has got to know that this God who owns the earth can bring down and raise up any tree! Before now, he wasn’t relevant to the nation. If only He knows what God wants to do with him in His lifetime.

It is written: …

“And God said: Prophet Ezekiel set forth a riddle and tell the house of Israel a parable. Say to them, ‘This is what the God, The ALL-MIGHTY says: A great eagle with powerful wings, long feathers and full plumage of varied colors came to Lebanon. Taking hold of the HIGHEST branch of a cedar, he broke it off and carried it away to a land of traffic, where he planted it in a city of merchants. He also took some of the seed of your land and put it in fertile soil. He planted it by great waters and set it as a willow tree…’.

‘This is what the Sovereign LORD means: I, God – The Great Eagle – will by Myself take a branch from the HIGH cedar and plant it; I will break off a tender sprig from its topmost shoots and plant it on a HIGH and lofty mountain. On the mountain [legislative] heights of Israel will I plant it; it will produce branches and bear fruit and become a splendid cedar. Birds of every kind will nest in it; they will find shelter in the shade of its branches. All the trees of the field will know that I the LORD bring down the tall tree and make the low tree grow tall. I dry up the green tree and make the dry tree flourish. I the LORD have spoken, and I will do it!‘”

— Ezekiel 17: 3-5, 22-24.

Ace-The-Case: “The Night of.”

In the heart of the dark stormy rain, the leadership and I had to beat the weather and get to our destination on time for an inner core vigil. “We must be there,” we said. However, en route our adventure was an area we needed go through. And as we went by, suddenly, God showed us in the spirit what the human eye can’t see: We saw a leading witch among his co-witches gathered at a strategic location: a T-Junction/a Bus-Stop. Then God said, “These are the dark powers in-charge of strangling the souls living in this territory.” Thus, another opportunity to hear God, incredibly, whilst on motion, but never left me musing hard. This was past 10pm, Friday under a thundery rain!

Why so early and under such a cruel weather? Were they immune to it? Was their mission so grave to defy the hard weather?

 Every Bus-Stop on earth has been taken over by cryptic foundations upon which their nation is built and that is why there are violence in their streets. I blame Jefferson’s flirtation with Jupiterian ideology for America’s debacle. Henceforth, no more slack should be given satan for his rigged system’s “accidents of birth” in the streets. He’s had enough and must be crushed out!

Satan doesn’t look down on any human. If you were born in a shanty like Ajegunle, satan sees you as a threat the same way if you were born on Banana Island; both in Lagos. And in each territory lies spiritual touch points (i.e., satanic Bus-Stops of darkness), biblically called HIGH PLACES. It is a place where witchcraft powers deliver batch information to satan–their silly master on how they’ve ran families mad via his highly mechanized government on earth: SMK©. For instance, how can a Manhattan banker from a wealthy home continually take cocaine, same way someone in Queens does and isn’t jailed? How can a kid who grew up visiting the Houston Country Club gradually (never suddenly) end up a reckless abomination to his/her family – a shame they hide away in countless rehab or tolerate to one day perform a like father like son recklessness?

These kids are in wealth, yet an accidental birth to a political/economic powerhouse.

Beloved, all these are satanic game theory: Attack the firstborns and his/her siblings; you’ve succeeded in attacking both the wealth of families and the GENESIS dynasty God wants seen again in “the family status”. Liked or not, by this disunity, the individuals in families finds himself/herself tacitly buying-into the social contract of the free market system – which is nowadays a bad joke, but was at the onset a “governmental bondage” in hindsight. Excruciatingly, the masses are just realizing it; NO MORE national prosperity for each class!

Why so to begin with? The free market system is still class driven: one dissolved into the working class, the middle class, and then the political class (i.e., the super-rich class). And like we understood in Part C of “the Hillary Clinton deliverance” series, this unequal classed society is a man-made spiritual construct; a scheme created by the gods/demons in-charge of the spirit and temper of every political “just city” ruling each Age (that is, every empire then nation-states in each Era). Beloved, a firm commitment to smirking, despite this Wisdom is to join the existing confusion seen among big economists and government leaders to argue that income inequality and wealth disparity are the causative effect of a free market ALONE. Indifference to God is a soul suicidal count from satan..

If it were not so, how come their nations are still in dark debt? Why can’t they see that the forces of a free market enterprise is under a force of nature on the order of that cruel weather those witches were dancing in? Can’t they see the start of Democracy was distorted by existential exchange in the dark?

There was darkness… then, “Let there be LIGHT!”

Listen; the free market economics is a universe on its own; indisputable in its intertwined workings as the laws of physics… a fact also shown in the Bible.

Further intel. spiritually given us about that dark community revealed that no matter where they are,  every firstborns there often return choking their family house with their wives and kids or abandon their family into a vagabond life in hot chase for materialistic wealth.

Satanic “debt servitude” is the worst thing that has ever happened after the worst thing happened.

Ace-The-Case: “The Ironclad Rule of.”

I appreciate the brilliant minds that believe that the ironclad serfdom and other iteration of a “rigged system” is the greatest invisible barrier to upward mobility. I’m glad they are learning and making attempt to bring solution to their world. This world desperately needs exponential solutions. Their baby steps, however, are God’s prophecy that these individuals would one day lead their nations to “glory land”. Yet, they are still a million miles short of how to go about it. To be fair, anybody can fall into that bracket. Well for us, after the Paul super-imposition protocol, we extended our physical breadth of unconsciously taking over the “rigged system” and tutoring it to learn God’s order. That’s God’s special grace – His Spirit of Grace.

Here is the Ironclad Rule: We’d taken time out to pray for a ministry partner of ours in a new business opportunity given the family. As we began praying, a serpent appeared before me. This was a business that hasn’t started operation, but a snake had started work appearing to steal their virtue. We smashed it in prayers and it vapourized. Justice was done.


Wait… There is somebody reading this at this moment. I just saw the person’s internal ribs protruding from the person’s stomach showing the person is sick. Now as I began praying, I saw a bag of load hanging off the person.

Right now hear this: …

  1. I CUT off every satanic embargo you’ve been carrying for years NOW, in the name of JESUS!
  2. Every of run around from pillar to post causing leakage in your pocket is loosed from you now! [Tongues…]
  3. I command it to drop! Drop!!!
  4. Fresh wind of God, appear and enter into these dry bones! RECEIVE a surgical transfusion NOW, in the name of JESUS! RECEIVE it!!!!

Shout: …

  • Ancestral evil disease assigned over my life, my life is not your candidate catch FIRE, in the name of JESUS!
  • Strongman over my health, I am not your candidate, fall down by fire!

Thank you JESUS! ….

NOTE: Miracles spreads faster and last longer than every form of seductive imagination distorting your seeing eyes: sex, money, et al. God’s desire is to lace Himself on all the matrix of the fantasy commercial touch-points like tweets, movies, TV, star obsession, blogs, texts, viral Ads, porn and all media subconscious messaging that is drowning Him out of your souls. You are getting bored because you are not connected to your IDENTITY.  People are decaying…. And a decayed person is irrelevant to both heaven and earth – the person is dead whilst alive. But praise God He is not outdated in saving His world. Rather, God is re-imagining these mediums: starting with the writing protocols. Our writing didn’t come with “dos” and “donts” prescriptions we ourselves don’t abide by; they come with signs and wonders stemming from Word practice. By God’s special grace, this ministry has done it and still doing it. One of such is this prophetic touch: Testimony begets testimony. Therefore, if you are the recipient, you would be given an opportunity next [now this] Friday at our Lagos Mainland [Yaba] Tour to share your testimony. God is a Master Strategist: Don’t deny God His scripted victory in your Era and get Him angry.

 Satan is keeping humanity in diabolic debt slavery!

I’ve been to satan’s abyss; his slaughtering dungeon to see all kinds of humans: the rich and the poor, the black and white, etc. There is nothing like class difference.

Everybody is equal; same as the grave. However, you’ve still got to find a SOLUTION to lifting yourself from the lower class this rigged system has placed on your shoulder by “accidental birth”. That is why you must learn to underplay your strength before this conquest. Those that brag big about their “progress” are the most incompetent; don’t be like that… the devil is very good at busting hot air progress- balloon. We still have a long journey ahead. This patience is why I wasn’t surprised by the serpent that was crushed because as told in What could Cripple Buharinomics©, the landed Franchise with coffin buried underneath was exactly where this family planted their business. And true to that vision in that episode, the Government had forcefully collected that vast land believing that it would bring about prosperity to the people they want occupying this land.  I smile… Government can be funny sometimes. You collect lands owned by indigenes to expand your nation’s Franchise and think they won’t do anything about it? Go back to your history. Idolatrous people know they can’t fight their Government but can plant a Pandora’s Box to set off violence at a particular time in the future. Such was what happened: the critical mass of the population living in this land that was forcefully taken from the real owners were diabolically kept in satanic “debt servitude”. Nothing successful ever grows upward there.

And as soon as I said so, virtually the business people that came for the prayers told me this. What about the snake? Of course their spiritual eyes weren’t yet mature to see and SOLVE such issue. On that, the snake was the living beast in-charge of the profit of every business ever done there since inception. Many have closed up. A closer look shows book-keeping and other accounting, managerial and marketing skill couldn’t save the many onetime boisterous businesses that went bankrupt. It’s like a barrack: veteran soldiers go, prospective veteran soldiers come, and the barrack remains.

You would be surprised God told us the kind of business this family should go into to dig their dream out of this the “rigged system” they found themselves by accident in and bringing in God’s order. Beloved, if you are sowing and not praying over your territory, you can’t be exempted in stagnant mobility. There is a local lingual catch phrase: “wa do’gbon si”. [Translation…] “You must find a solution.” It means praying mysterious prayers shown by Heaven helps you to double down on complaining why your tithing and seed faith (i.e., donation) to your church and ministries seems like extortion.

Listen; I heard God telling me one time that the reason why most people’s seed don’t bring a $ROSI© (that is, Return on Seed Investment). This is because they sow seeds to ministers whose voice are not heard in Heaven. Your seed have got to have a Voice Heaven recognizes else you remain with limited opportunities fit for the day – an incremental.

Beloved, protesting and always revolting to show that political power comes from the ballot and bills alone in a bid to have your economic power back is a dog chasing its tail. You will achieve little doing this. A new government can’t save you; much less an inexperienced one. The sad comedy in Democracy is that humans always see the evils in the super-rich concentrating wealth amongst themselves and go on envious rage. Yes, there is “dark money” pumped into politics by vested interests (Citizens United, Super PACs and others) who want to define your life, but nagging and organizing conferences to nag more isn’t going to solve anything. It’s a waste of T.I.M.E©: Time, Information, Money and Energy. You should rather focus on the “ogbon”/the solution most of the political class are not aware they can use.

Is their secret societies alluring or not? No – never! If not what do you use?

Your environment and its governance are too dark not to be amongst the few that concentrates wealth by some spiritual means. Sadly though, serving satan in the occult won’t save these men that have created “accidental birth” for their children’s children. The father openly worships idols/demons; the child does same, but in a more polished way, so long as the economic power remains in the family. Do you want to blame the kids for setting up conglomerates, banks, oil and gas companies, et al using diabolic imaginations? These “exceptional people” in this same landed Franchise don’t just rise in upward mobility to govern their nations by Harvard degree. The Tinubus and the Eleto groups of _________ know better. I only weep for the middle classes’ millennial kids who are tools for violence in the hands of elites.

Beloved, if you love life and upward mobility by wealth accumulation, you would have to be alive to enjoy it. Love life; satan can’t offer you anything! In know satan; I’ve seen satan. Distance yourself… it almost late. There is an expiry date on your head cooked up by witchcraft powers on your head. You are God’s “ark of testimony” – a child of covenant.

You can’t partner with darkness; the Dagon around you won’t survive it — they would collapse.

Listen; you have the propensity to make a nation poor or rich. You are either a blessing or a curse to Dagon; chose the former. You’ve got to be a BLESSING a profit to your country, not a nightmare. Only free men can lead! Do you know as a child of COVENANT, relating with crooks as best buddies would wreck them; God in you would wreck them. You are the reason why there is fraternal war in your clique. It is God in you that are causing satan to be CONFOUNDED. You survived several shots while your mates died because God needs you! [Tongues…] You are God’s eternal Ark of Testimony far beyond a stagnating figurine!

[Tongues…] I just heard you’ve been given 7-days ultimate. You’ve been looking for a way of escape, now, TODAY is your day… Renounce it!


Listen, when God’s wind blows, every living thing, even satan’s garments (his occult messengers) feels it.

Now, THUNDER these out loud and discomfit thy pursuing enemies: …

  1. Oh south wind of the LORD, arise and blow with violence against every evil wind targeted against my life, in the name of JESUS!
  2. Oh south wind of the LORD, arise and blow across the valleys, across the mountains, across every coven, and sweep away by your power my deeply entrenched enemies, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  3. Oh south wind of the LORD, move in your powerful way and put to shame every power of the oppressor fashioned against my life, in the name of JESUS!
  4. Oh south wind of the LORD, arise by your power and your glory and demolish the citadel and stronghold of darkness in the name of JESUS! [You know them, destroy it… Make God famous!]
  5. Every agenda of darkness in my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  6. Every evil word spoken against my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  7. Every power militating against my destiny, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  8. Every incantation and evil word spoken against my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!

There is a Pharaoh that has been contracted on a night and day job to take you. Now, is the time to sink that Pharaoh (an occultic grandmaster) with God’s east wind like Prophet Moses. Your life won’t fulfill his ambition. This army of satanic locust/spies/stubborn pursuers must be crushed.

Shout these: …

  1. Thou east winds of deliverance arise from your abode and scatter the camp of my enemies, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  2. East winds of deliverance arise and blow across the valleys, across the mountains, across every coven, and sweep away by your power my deeply entrenched enemies, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  3. Oh south wind of the LORD, move in your powerful way and put to shame every power of the oppressor fashioned against my life, in the name of JESUS!
  4. Oh south winds of the LORD, arise by your power and your glory and demolish the citadel and stronghold of darkness in the name of JESUS! [You know them, destroy it… Make God famous!]
  5. Every agenda of darkness in my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  6. Every evil word spoken against my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  7. Every power militating against my destiny, be scattered by God’s south winds, in the mighty name of JESUS!
  8. Every incantation and evil word spoken against my life, be scattered by God’s south wind, in the mighty name of JESUS!

Thank you JESUS!

Look at me; you were never born to live in servitude to any system! You parents have hardship already: You can’t have it both way; you either have wealth opportunities given you by being among the few since the rigged system’s “accident of birth” kept you on the lower side of the ladder or you have Democracy’s bad side: the propaganda of fantasy national dream like the American Dream, et al – which you only appear in your dream if alive. Stay alive and be God’s political-king!

Know this for the umpteenth time: Democracy (the Form of Government of this Era) can’t survive if everybody born in satan’s debt slavery aren’t burrowing their way out of his slaughtering dungeon. National lottery and a Welfare State isn’t a burrower either.

I’m not surprised a diverse generation of voters, world over, sees same-sex legalization as their personal victory. It’s simple. If you can leverage on filling up the minds of these diverse generation of voters with deceit through the fantasy commercial touch-points, you’ve won in keeping them in satan’s slaughtering dungeon. That my friend, means we are a long short away from ending terrorism, crime rate, income inequality, high mortality rate student loans, et al.

The funniest thing with voting is that the ballot power does not translate to economic power which is supposed to lifts everybody out of stagnation. Buhari hasn’t delivered; Obama didn’t deliver. Yet, both sold us the idea that they are magicians. [This doesn’t mean I don’t love them… I’m simply not a velvet mouth preacher; I tell THE TRUTH OF THEIR GREAT DESTINY]. For instance, if you don’t use the soap in your bathtub to bathe but only stare at it, you are definitely going to come out stinkier (sic). Ditto, Democracy – the delightful collective wisdom of the majority would stagnate if it isn’t functioning. That is why it is a health concern to think one’s individual – not family – status on social media is one’s political class status [without paying the sacrifice of the blood oath to the gods of the land or enter into COVENANT with JESUS] in the face of glaring deathly crime, terrorism, income inequality, wealth distribution, mortality rates.

In simple term: …

Democracy is jaundice and isn’t functioning: If you don’t find a “spiritual solution” also, you would stagnate, sink and regrettably die in poverty. And that’s satan’s accidental birth plan for you vis-à-vis his overall economic stagnancy of the “upward mobility” of your community and nation.

Do you love your country?

[Praise God we already shattered that in Part C of the Hillary deliverance series and Earth’s Political Ethos – 3Rs©].


At past 10pm these powers weren’t sleeping! That’s alarming. Those powers are festering there because the land is extremely fertile for them. The idea is a diabolic imaginative crippling of the wealth of that community. Considering that these witches should be tired from the busy Lagos traffic and sleeping already, you wonder why such determination and focus at that unholy hour?

The Solution


We went straight into business at vigil. And God made good confirming His power and wisdom by giving us a name. As a matter of fact, He gave us two; about the same meaning. It was an intense one; we saw Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola celebrating us. With his leg crossed and sitting amongst his angels, he gave us a thumb. We knew once again that we are for memorial, certified by Heaven.

Now, #ProblemStopBusStop — one of the names He gave didn’t go well with me. It didn’t have the catchy bite to any name already existing. What sought of name is that. I heard Him yet my brain was asking conventional question. I wanted it to be a brand tagline to main one He gave us but to God wasn’t having any of it. As time went by, however, the idea behind that name became clearer. One of such musing that brought ownership to it was an interesting episode Holy Spirit shed light on to why such quirky name seems appropriate to Heaven at this point in history.

Any Street house that sees its Bus Stop as a threat is certainly going nowhere in life; a social disintegration.

Several years ago, my work experience offered me the opportunity to look at a seemingly difficult situation and proffer SOLUTION. Delightfully, my prophetic gifting often comes into the fray, especially in the area of the macrocosm Corporate Strategy field. What consultants would spend months on gathering data then applying their customized strategic tenets wasn’t my style. The longer you stay on the job, the longer you get paid showing you know your onions. But why waste such time and resources. As for me and my then practice, God’s special grace simply makes me find the real issue of the clientele’s problem down to even the witch in the organization. There was a time I had to spiritually vacate a person in-charge of a strong division in a charter airline – a Client. [By the way, you must always use caps for the first “c” in Customers. They pay your bill].

Also, in the microcosm brand strategy field, I had a bag loads of experience working with the best of the best in the integrated marketing communication field. With international franchise in America’s first few Ad agencies, I had an enabling environment to thrive. Again, this was God’s Spirit of Grace re-routing a Computer Scientist into His compendium of industry best practices. The hands have been dealt with streaks of excellence not because I’m qualified but because I have a task on this. And God made it so! Therefore, I appeal to you, get God and get UPWARD.

At the turn of the century, a colleague of mine needed to fly and wanted me to join her team on a part-time basis… we reviewed her brand guideline. Spectacular! Her company name was odd but the document had every dint of excellence about AVENUE in it. More than a decade passed on and memory would have failed me in remembering the brand but it didn’t. Inspired, I named one of my companies after a never-heard-of STREET. That was all I could say about a cityscape dimension of “a modern urban centre“: Avenue and Street.

But God had another idea that made matters worse in a brand acculturation process lived out. He had to etch in this then alien #ProblemStopBusStop into me by taking me to Heaven: This was in that July 21st Buffer Age start in 2007; after a 1 year, 6-months fast. I went to Heaven with David and saw God’s GOVERNMENT in His just city – Zion City; an idea satan stole to create government in Athens, where he tried to be JESUS as Zeus. Of course, Solomon messed up and brought shame and disgrace to that governance idea giving way for satan to beta-test it with his idolatrous Edomites (in Mount Esau). Their incompetency made satan leave them to go straight to Persia, but Daniel withstood him.

Without Prophet-President Daniel there won’t be Great Britain, America, Russia, China and your nation.

In Daniel Chapter 10 Verses 1, and 13: ….

“In the third year of Cyrus – God’s chosen hand who was the then king of the Persian Empire (I.e., the Middle East); a thing was revealed unto Prophet Daniel… But the prince of Persia withstood Daniel’s Angel for 21-days during his 21-days fasting and prayers personal programme to call forth the long awaited glory of king Cyrus out; one he had studied through the prophetic writings of Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 44: 24-28; 45:1-25.”

Get this; even as a chosen political king, revealed by Prophet Isaiah ahead of time, king Cyrus – who was the king of the Persian Empire (I.e., the Middle East) – was still delayed by the witchcraft spirit and temper of his Age/Era . The Prince of Persia was busy flogging this king and it took God’s servant to defeat him in spiritual conquest of prayer-stamina not just prophecy. Were it not for Daniel in Daniel Chapter 10 Verses 1, and 13, satan would have long created his pseudo just city mirrored after David’s just city in Athens. How?

In verse 20, Angel Gabriel said: “And now, I will return to assist Michael and fight the prince of Persia (that fallen Lucifer, called satan), but when I’m gone [and you too leave this earth], the prince of Grecia (satan re-masked as Zeus) shall come.”

Ditto, same way JESUS is the Prince of Zion City” is the same satan is the prince of your nation. Check their policies. It is an abomination for a prince (who didn’t change his title) mercilessly flog a king yet rule over him. Satan, the prince of earth’s “just cities” in each Bus-Stops/Mountains today, is still doing the injustice he did against Cyrus in nations today. And demonic political [figure head] leaders know this.

It was a lack of Daniel that permitted Socrates, Plato and Aristotle with others before and after them to document a distorted idea of what Government should look like. And that is why America which was never a country but an idea can be easily distorted by satanic brutality in HIGH PLACES (that is satanic mountain were the gods of the land converge to unleash divergent opportunities to the citizenry). To Greece it was Acropolis of Athens were satan governed from. He just wanted what JESUS wanted in Mount Zion; same in Ancient Rome’s “Capitoline Hill” where Jupiter (satan) governed from.

The Dominant Height(?) of Jeffersonian Capitol Hill

The moment the Enlightenment anti-Christian philosophy of Thomas Jefferson stepped in, America ceased to be a Christian nation.

A young Plato-like personality (Jefferson) knew that he who writes/take the minutes of meeting in a meeting [same in your company] wields the greatest power; she/he is indispensable.

As his work was indispensable, so were his ideas. How do you explain someone editing JESUS’ signs and wonders out of the Bible.

Listen; it is not a group of human idea or “the pursuit of happiness” as set forth in the Declaration from Jefferson that can end the demonic foundation in your land. You collected that land and the leadership needed an higher help. It transitioned from [American Indians Hill to] Jenkins Hill to Capitol Hill.

Americans must rise up to thwart the powers underneath their nation’s collapse. You call a place Capitol Hill (one of the heights of Jupiter) and you think God would be there?

With that so began a dearth of God in the American polity.

America lacks JOY today because of this singular concept to chase materialistic happiness above spiritual JOY on a faulty foundation. Happiness has attachment, JOY doesn’t – it’s an eternal tireless energy force. JOY would make you intimidate your enemies. They would see it as an unusual energy which can power a factory. They are wrong; YOUR JOY can power a nation. Should I surprise you…? YOUR JOY can power this earth!

Throwing a bait to get the Franchise is the easiest strategy to dialogue and compromise. If you don’t do that in a group, chances are that you won’t win.

You see, America is never a country, from the onset – it is an idea, but from the Enlightened Jefferson, a distorted one was birthed. Why won’t there be foolish debates over weak ideologies that have cost lives and race when the Capitol Hill is possessed of the god – Jupiter? Seriously, eulogizing satan as a god is disturbing. He’s a demon. You need see him.

Just one document and George Whitfield and the Puritan Quest to build a New Jerusalem – “City upon the Hill” – was thrown into the thrash; just one document, and a nation are suffering today; just one document, and the demonic foundation in-charge of the spirit and temper of America is

If you are incompetent both spiritually you can’t beat his darkened diabolic imaginations that would wreck a nation tomorrow. You’ve got to go beyond pity message to policy formulation SOAKED in Prayer and Faith lest you go into heresy like Whitfield supporting slave purchase because he and his followers suddenly became lazy, or go into grave brain error like Reagan because in a bid to win, his Iran-Contra funding deal brought in crack into America – something alien to the many majority. The blacks suffered from it and MUST NEVER blame any President but their prayerless churches amongst the serious ones.


Listen; the cryptic demonic foundation upon which the Form of Government of an Era is established determines the level of heresy in a non-praying pastor. Prayer; prayer can break the dark cloud set over your head and your nation. You can’t LIFE UP your head in UPWARD MOMENTUM so long as the heaven over your head is brass. That’s why I won’t permit Tinubu to experiment Jeffersonian mistakes in my time.

Light and darkness is an impossible marriage! You must keep your fire burning; especially the closer you get to power. Otherwise, satan packages a terrible scandal for you.

Jefferson’s Capitol Hill was not the envisaged “City upon the Hill” meant for this New England. But the demons in the land baptized his brain to create a tragic chapter in America’s experience till date.

The view of the world is a world divided between superior and inferiors.

You just can’t snapchat diabolic wickedness away from the streets with prophecies all the time; you are no sitting duck waiting for the “one day”. You’ve got to be proactive with God… pray it out in territorial conquest in God’s Mountain – His Bus-Stop!

Satan brings about territorial brutality at bus-stops (that is, High Places in nations) because of the extractive foundation in your nation set as Pandora’s Box to denote someday. The chaos happening in nations today is because of the lack enforced politics of prayer to thwart positioned satanic powers giving batch report to satan’s HQ – that is, the outer space; also called the 2nd heaven – to reign terror on earth.

Metaphorically, every Bus-Stop on earth has been taken over by cryptic foundations upon which their nation is built and that’s why there are violence in the streets. I blame Jefferson’s dalliance for America’s debacle. Therefore, no slack should be given satan for his rigged system’s “accidents of birth” in the streets. He must be crushed out!

It is written: …

“Behold, here is my servant, whom I uphold; my mine elect in whom I delight. I have put my Spirit on him and he will bring justice to the nations. He shall not shout or cry out, or raise his voice in the streets.” — Isaiah 42:1-2

Bus Stops don’t cry! We shine to help the streets.

That was why when God said it twice to take our #EconomicDeliverance’s 2nd tour to Lagos Hinterland in October, after the Lagos Mainland tour at Yaba – a place He first ordained for the tour, I knew God wasn’t confused. Saying it twice is God’s graciousness… this was because if my brain had whiffed on the first voice by Machiavellian positive laws and planning, I wouldn’t have accepted such community. Lagos Mainland is for JESUS! What about the last fortress – Lagos Island? We wait where God pitches His tent in the last tour – November.

As said in S14-of-21 (i.e., Power Is Politics; Politics Is Power. PT A), there are FIVE territorial powers daily flogging world leaders into satanic socio-political crises and economic submission; both of course consequences of demonic policies down the Ages in all Forms of Government: Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny.

If you don’t have ideas, you have no solution(s) in real life.

What is amusing is that: Must mankind live by all these theories as if we don’t have a before GENESIS “identity”? We pay no homage to any power in the land. As a matter of fact, are on a hunt with God for nations where satan has supremacy in. We want to know who is far superior: my God or satan.

God’s plan is to get us all to Him so we get to know Him who created GOVERNMENT. This stuff is as simple as ABC. And talking of a toddler learning, a mentee of mine was sharing a testimony of how her FIRSTBORN – her daughter, now Age 10, saw JESUS come into her room at Age 2. I mean, this kiddo (Gen Z tween) sees JESUS like no man’s business. At Age 2, JESUS – my king, walked into her room with bright light on a night (when there was no electricity), to tell her: “My daughter, the reason why you are having sore on your head is because you are still sulking. Stop sulking and it would go.”

Imagine her becoming darkened….

No medicine; no stress for her parent. You know the number of times this kid has averted accident for her parent at Age 2 because she saw it ahead.

Beloved, God cares even to the sore in your nation. The reason why you and your country have been leaking so much you think your intelligence can tell the Zeuses/Jupiters of this world to please leave you alone us because of the darkened imagination of many of your leaders. What stops from asking JESUS, the one who created GOVERNMENT and planted it through then “king Daud[a]”?

We mustn’t be a Johnny-come-lately to party. And that is why I love my country and those who love her so much. Watch what God wants to do with her.

After I ended that near-death fasting God told me as I walked a slippery street, “Son, never lose your JOY!” I was expecting a billion naira after that agonizing fast and all God could tell me was some phrase I can’t take to the bank? Praise God… when I saw almost a billion, but JOY – not integrity – didn’t make me touch it. My future is too colorful to sell out. JOY! I would have finished that billion and stay in “downward mobility”. That is why when I see pastor steal; I know they still have a long way to go. The proof is in the pudding: No signs and wonders for decades!

With “pursuit of JOY” (now with signs and wonders in the mix), we can crush terrorism in the street (23rd Street or any street); we can crush street violence; we can crush economic boom-burst in the streets;

All in the street!

I emerged on the scene when JESUS opened the DOMINION Portal over eath by sending His Angels on the streets. Ebola was crushed because I saw King David dancing in the Street. My country’s relief and match to prosperity [one a Tinubu should fall in line and obey God] is in the 57th Street, the wealth of the serious Ecclesia as prophesied by God [to be shown later] last year is in this years’s [20] 16 Church Street.

There are streets in Heaven’s Zion City. Golden… I saw them.

I am no friend of any politician. The Streets in Heaven are too great to be SUPER-IMPOSED on a coal-tarred earth’s earths in India, in China, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, in Russia, in England, in Belgium, in France, in Turkey, in Germany, in Brazil, in Argentina, in Cuba, in Mexico, in [wait for it] America! [Tongues…] In Canada, in Egypt, in Liberia, in Togo, in [no I’m not mentioning it] my country, in Zimbabwe in South Africa and in all parts of the world.

Earth’s existence is too important to choose any sides that are cantankerous to humanity. You won’t last. You would simply become a number.

What are we are seeing here? There are safety nets vs. terror nest. It’s about time you become deliberate and serious about ending this satanic debt enslavement. The times would be darker in the streets and you need God’s light at His stops. Bus Stops don’t sleep.

Our train stops once at Yaba for Lagos Mainland this Friday September by 10p (UTC+1/WAT). But before that let me say you are God’s judge in a dark world.

Ace-The-Case: Girl in the dark

It dawned on us that God revealed this nightmare done at that corner because He had one great strength in the bag. The devil was doing his and God was… He gave us three mysteries on the spot:

  1. The Stone of fire
  2. The Stone of Vengeance
  3. The stone of Sword

Listen; You don’t bring a knife to the devil’s gun fight. You are God’s judge; you either give Clemency or Justice if that stranglehold on your Democracy must end.

The leadership were still praying at the vigil for the “upward mobility” of our ministry partners and obeying that instruction on how to end the might of satan in their territories when God made us know that a particular fellow is suffering because this person was a witch who has refused to sacrifice a ….

Healing is band-Aid; deliverance is surgery.

Bring the dead; bring the lame; bring the blind… let the devil come and see  God! Bring them.


This is Prophet Omoaregba. See you at the feet of JESUS – The Profit Mechanic. Thank you and God bless.


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