The Ide[a]s of March: War on Morris


#ThinkPresidential, President Morris.


“… the people that do know their God shall have strength from courage, and do exploits.”

                                                                                                     —  Daniel.

Blessed by God, I was privileged to have Him interrupt my plan to show me a vision about the “crucial theme” for the next 10 months; just an hour before the U.S. President’s address to the joint session of Congress — at exactly 2:00 am , GMT+1/WAT. I had no idea such political Washington rain-dance was scheduled for 3:00am local time/9:00pm ET.

However, had Trump gave same speech in his second year of governance, it would be his State of the Union address.

So, what is God orchestrating behind-the-scene? Would the baby-President be more humble by the gravitas of his role in history side-by-side God’s “critical juncture”?

It’s Ide[a]s of March.

Watch space for update.

Prophet Omoaregba

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