Prologue: Crushing Pandora’s Box

A divine shift in policy

[7-months before Article 50’s BREXIT trigger].

Now, imagine for a moment God asked you about a social context: “What next for earth after the BREXIT referendum,” what would you clearly say to alley this apocalyptic fear in the minds of the Remain and Exit opponents in this Era’s Pandora’s Box?

The financial and exchange market crashed because economists had no idea on dealing with populist politics (Trump/Boris Johnson/Le Pen, et al) the people desperately want because the “trust gap” between the political elites and the masses have greatly widen. The masses are in rage; they don’t care about financial market volatility.

For some reason, despite teachings in this area last year, conventional political leaders, analysts, policy makers and pundits didn’t just read the mood of their people. For instance, David Cameron’s unintended double message of Remain and Exit during this long negotiation (a huge conundrum to Vladimir Putin) somehow fell on the laps of nationalist’s movement during the referendum and they voted OUT. They didn’t trust him. And the bookmakers and their polls didn’t see it coming. They were confident. In fact, Nigel Farage, leader of the pro-BREXIT (a U.K. Independence Party’s Member of Parliament) movement saw the poll and thought Remain had won; he even gave up, saying it. Now, there is no such thing as a sure certainty.

The new script in this “Buffer Age” is uncertainty is the new bet: People bet heavily on the Remain Votes and went to sleep. It was a 10/1 chance, so they were confident. Suddenly, BREXIT became a reality; the political contagion started a domino effect from populist parties in EU seeking theirs to many events going on in Europe/NATO. Beloved, rampant uncertainties, never before seen in the past 2000 years are now the new normal. Called the enemy of growth and investment, uncertainty is a question the earth now asks the best of minds: the global financial crises, et al. Who wouldn’t hate it?

Even a footballer with broken legs in a major tournament/competition hates uncertainty; s/he is uncertain about the outcome of his/her surgery, especially when his/her influence is critically needed.

Ezekiel, a great prophet, was also uncertain when God placed a social context before him. It’s one thing for earth’s Pandora’s Box to ask you questions and another thing for God to ask you questions; it would put you off balance and burst your bubble.

God: “Ezekiel, now that you are in this valley of [BREXIT] dry bones, can these bones become humans again?”

Musings and questions like these are ways God talks to us. You know, our human mind is used to praying and waiting for instructions from God; which of course is authentic. However, God is multi-faceted; He is The “Most High” in multiple ways you can’t imagine. This because, God asks questions according to His size; and your answer is the measure of how big your impact would be on earth. Know, big works doesn’t mean great work. It’s incomparable. In fact, some big works are nuisance; the Elephant just won’t dance. You’ve got to be nimble at every phase of your life, like Ezekiel; else small would beat you soundly. And yes, you are going to earn as many enemies as friends. Just sit down and answer the question. Like it or not, you’ve been favoured by Heaven and given Exam questions. Therefore, don’t seek to be well liked like that young prophet that fell into the gullibility of a phased-out prophet. Focus on God’s grading. Stop trying to please everybody. Please some, leave some!

Be careful the answer you give God lest He moves to another person who is sensitive to His innovative chequered move! David Cameron is believed to be insensitive to God’s next dynamic move, because of his wicked association, and lost his seat at 10 Downing Street. If he had stayed, he would have presided over a calamitous negotiation for 2 years. Pandora’s Box!

Ezekiel replied: “Only you know [post-BREXIT-like impact in the world].” But he was already writing his exam for the next class: ‘only You know’. The answer should be either True or False, not anything else. What is ‘only You know?’

“Can these bones rise up again, Ezekiel?” God asked.

But thank God for his Spirit-of-Grace. For God’s questions gives you a Message for your Era’s social context (violence like Dallas/ Louisiana/ Minnesota/NATO’s Warsaw summit, and more to come)!

And God smiled: “Go… prophesy to dry bones saying, ‘You shall have BREATHE and rise again!’”

The Panama papers showed almost nobody is fit and “transparent” enough to answer God’s social context questions and get this earth’s job done. Chaos keeps looming large.

And as soon as Ezekiel gave The Message, there was noise, there was shaking, and then the bones came together: bones-to-bones and flesh came upon them, BUT THERE WAS NO BREATHE.

Preaching is bones coming together, bones-to-bones, and flesh covering the bones. To end a footballer’s injury uncertainty, he doesn’t need a band-aid, what he needs is surgical operation. Preaching can’t show you how to end the many valley social contexts in this burdensome Age of apocalyptic fear – an Era of global uncertainties.

And God said, “Ezekiel, you’ve not completed the job… Command, not confess, wind from the four cardinal points of the end to BREATH into these slain.

And it’s written. “I, Ezekiel, prophesied as commanded, and the BREATHE came into them, and they LIVED, and stood up upon their feet AN EXCEEDING GREAT ARMY.

Every incomplete task before you with lack of real How-Tos is a slain project in your hands because you lack the surgical proof-laden teaching to end it. God’s Mandate for your life to end today’s global social contexts gone awry is not visible despite all your efforts because you lack a teaching BREATHE of God! It is noteworthy that a wrong medical surgery can forever end a beautiful career.

Thank God; Today is your day of enlisting in Heaven’s mocker of hell. You are a political dynasty; a force to reckon with on earth. You are the one that can look satan eye-ball to eye-ball and demand hell is shut down. You are a territorial astronaut. You are in the category of those that don’t negotiate with satan! Whatever the name – BREXIT, ISIS, Lone wolf, economic recession, natural disaster, violence, Arms Race, et al – you are The Embodied Message (in soothing band-aid preaching and breakthrough surgical teaching), bones-to-bones, breathe-in-bones!

Look at me; I want all the entities in SMK©’s (powers, principalities, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness) to hold a feast of celebration that Christ calls you home to lay down your sword. You are up for a spiritual surgical operation.

The next three months (Quarter 2) would tear you up and make you a General in God’s army; a god in the midst of men. You are the hill God wants to dwell on forever.

Watch; God also asks himself questions in this prophetic “16-Church-Street” harvest year: “Whom do I bank on?” He’s been asking this with every growing chaos and volatility? The world’s politics and economy is splitting. Political, economic, diplomatic and cultural forces are no more coming to the negotiating table. A peace, justice and conflict resolution Negotiator with God-led grace with proofs is needed. The enthronement of Pacifiers bearing nation-states’ harvest whose destiny is to promote international fellowship is set; your exam is set. Pandora’s Box has opened wider. Would the next violent war be the last?

You can’t write the exams you didn’t read for. This is where “miss-hits” on targets comes from; this is where failure to recalibrate your “stoning” the prostitute to hitting the bull’s eye – Goliath comes from; this is where cheating in exams to crush Pandora’s Box comes from. Your governments and the political elites’ answers can’t help you; don’t cheat them. They don’t have answers to the difficult questions these uncertain economic and political times are asking. Let them “breathe”. You have very few allotted minutes left. The world needs competent leadership; they need you answers.

It‘s a level playing field. A CERN-like inter-dimensional portal has opened in 2014; that is, a “DOX: Inclusive Dominion” portal was opened.

There is a common phrase I used to say then: ‘When the students are ready, the lecturer would come.’ Now, whether you are ready or not, an examination starts immediately the lecturers call it. Exams have started. The nation-states as we know today are suffering from Mazarin’s wrong judgment call.

Let’s READ; Let your journey begin!

For you, Prophet Omoaregba.


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