On Dangote, You, and The Franchise. [Full]

Bilderberg - On Dangote, You, and The Franchise. Prophet David Omoaregba

Info-graphic: Bilderberg’s mainstream “Mount Edom”.


”In governing the Franchise, the chase for the billionaire-mark is no more the ‘money-marker’. Re-imagine the Forbes list.”

With a decision to post this piece later at night [on Wednesday, May, 10, 2017] when I get back from office after editing a few typos because I’d, as usual with all my posts, stayed up all night writing in misty eyes, I heard God say, “It would be late by then. Go ahead give them this one.”

[I always write down; waiting for His command to make my writing a blog post or a book. Fortunately, this one made it to the blog-list].

I took to my computer yet again after closing it, and then started editing and adding more rhema (i.e., insight) and prophecy (i.e., foresight) respectively, when abruptly the fuel in my generator which had been working all night finished. Didn’t God factor that scenario before issuing such command? You don’t question Him. But thank God for the gift of provision.

Finally, I closed my laptop and headed out for the busy Lagos traffic. I set my time, during the day, to get it out before 4:00 pm so that local churches world over could have [as my custom is] a message to teach their Congregants that very Mid Week service. On course, one thing led to another and my day went productive in another direction; a direction where God’s “primary divine direction” drowns my plan/direction. At the end of day (E.O.D)… resuming this piece once again, which is centered on creating men the ilk of Aliko Dangote, et al because of God’s ‘special $favour’, I did a few research on-line to make the ‘meat’ of this ground-breaking idea from God understood by even the Hausa ‘Mallam’ on the street.

I did. One post stunned me. It was the 2017 Forbes’ new annual list of billionaires press release of Monday, March 20. Serendipity! There are no divine coincidences, only divine orchestration.

The all seeing eyes of God knew ‘the why’ behind ‘the when’.

20th was yet another [kept secret] ‘critical juncture’ number in my path towards obeying God. How? Late 2016, God clearly told me, “Every 20th day of each month in 2017 is a crucial month for My plan. Take note of it. One of such is your marriage date registered in Heaven.”

POSER: This was May 10. But why was God keen with half the number in the month of May?

ANSWER: The ‘gods of money’ have changed hands [in May]. The spiritual, with God’s mandate to crush darkness knew.

However, God later demanded this finished post be kept for His #StreetDeliverance session. Why?

— To reinforce His words-of-Wisdom/foresight to break mainstream’s dark spell of retrogression, and then push forward His UN-ENDING PROGRESS for man?

— To align the man (i.e., you) and the moment to His mainstream prosperity?

— To re-define the status quo on ‘who’ controls money?

What was it?

[Watch this space].

Prophet Omoaregba

target problems - wealth street deliverance with prophet david omoaregba Dangote Franchise cover INSTAGRAM


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