With JESUS’ joy, DAVID C. OMOAREGBA is “perfectly” painting the beauty of God’s adventure for mankind (for the next 1000 years); as far as a generation can chew.

He is fondly described by teams in organisations he co-founded as:

Friendly, smart and brutally honest strategic business and marketing consultant. Presently at Le Convoyeur Ltd., he knows how to create dynamic growth strategies for brands and organizations by understanding and connecting with their constituencies. Strategic areas include new product innovation, target audience identification, brand positioning and message development. He has a background in Account Service, Market Research and Copywriting, E-banking, and a master of taking seemingly chaotic informations and streamlining them into actionable insights that leads to relevant and useful brand strategies.


Connect to his recent real-time online paintings and share your thoughts on Twitter @DavidOmoaregba.


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