September, Tuesday 20, 2016. | S20-of-S21. Watch this space. Prophet Omoaregba  


September, Monday 19, 2016. | S19-of-S21. Watch this space. Prophet Omoaregba  

“Unstagnating”[sic] Upward Mobility. | GENESIS SPECIAL.

September, Friday 16, 2016. | S16-of-S21. “In the beginning was the lived-out Word… then there was LIGHT!” YAY or NAY? Economic equality is beyond equation of power politics by the ballot; it’s goes far into editing out the “extractive foundation” in Democracy. Tinubu is wrong, and must know it forever: The prosperity of Lagos didn’t…

Earth’s Governing Political Ethos – 3Rs.| FAITH OF OUR FATHERS III

Earth’s Governing Political Ethos – 3Rs. | FAITH OF OUR FATHERS III December, Monday 5, 2016. | S10-of-S21. 1717-2017: The “Old” Political Ethos | Glorious Reformation vs. Inglorious Revolution: The Conquest of the “New Order” over the “Old Order”; Lock Her up: The New American Revolution; Inglorious Revolutionary Diversion LAW OF NATURE | THE CAPITOL:…